seductive woman

My name is Nadeem, which is absolutely real instead of fake as others do. I am 27 & I am from the great city Lahore-Pakistan. I start here to share my experience with you. A year ago I went to my friend’s (Zafar) house at Muslim Town on weekend night to play cards and see some movies. After spending few hours enjoying cards and a movie I wanted to come back home as it was very late in the night (12:00). I came out of his home and felt sorry that there was no conveyance available due to delay. I waited for half n hour at bus stop and finally started walking so I could get something from main road. I bough two cigarettes from a Pan shop and lit one of them and started walking again towards my home which was around 5 kilo meters. As I was walking while smoking as I realized that a motor car is coming behind me slowly but not crossing me as it should. Suddenly I heard low horn from that car. I saw toward at that car on my back and there was a lady smiling at me. She was very beautiful and smart woman of 30 or 31. She said something from her mouth to me. I stopped and her car reached to me. I went to her and asked her the reason. She asked me that she can drop me to main road as I would not get any ride from here. I first hesitated as I was quite afraid but on her polite request I jumped into her car and I was seated with her.
She asked me that if I have any spare cigarettes as she wanted to smoke too. I at once provide her as I have on with me. I lit it for her and we touched each other’s hands first time. Before the main road comes and I get out of her car she did something strange unexpectedly as I could not even imagine. She suddenly put her left hand on my thigh and she saw at me with strange eyes. I was so astonished with her act as I felt something strange in my whole body. I did not have courage to put her hand away from my body part. She simply than ask me that she likes me and wants to have friendship with me. I was so nervous as I was already so late from home and it was around 1 AM in the morning. She was a very sexy and gorgeous woman and I was also looking for one for long and it seemed that my dream has come true. She told me that her husband works abroad in Dubai and he visited her once in the year for 3 or 4 weeks. She said that she lives alone only her sister comes to visit her in day times every other day. She offered me to go her home with her without any fear. I agreed her and I made a call at my home that I will come home in the morning.
We went to a KFC and she bought meal and we went towards here home. She lives in Allama Iqbal Town, which was not so far from Muslim Town. She had a large house. She opened that gate and parked the car inside. I entered in her house first time as I have been there many times before. It was cool and nothing to worry about. We ate together and then she took me to her bedroom. I sat beside her on bed, she has long hair and was very beautiful and sexy figured with a nice smile on her face. She had perfect figures 36-26-36j & I always had a dream to fuck suck type of women and she was just her name was Seema. She immediately asked me that will he like to have sex with me. She told me to promise me that I will never tell all these to any one, and I made the promise. Now we were very eager to have sex and we stopped conversations.
Then she told me to sit for the minute she will be right back after changing the her cloth. When she come back after few minute, I was really surprised to see her that she was in a transparent nightgown in which her boobs and her panties were clearly visible. I was very much excited after looking at her, and I immediately hold her and kissed her pink lips with a French kiss and she was also cooperating me at a same time, and I was playing with her nice boobs. I then sucked her whole tongue and she liked that very much and started moaning and caressing me. After she told me to sit on the bed and then she made me undressed by taking off my pant and my underwear and she was really happy to see my cock. She must have been watching those hard core movies. The touch of her tongue on my penis was very ticklish at first but as my mind slowly accepted the fact that its in a gorgeous woman’s mouth, It grew harder and harder. She sucked onto it for a while and then got up and with steamy eyes as looked at me. I was really very much excited and I was enjoying the act as well. Than she touched the tip of my cock with her soft pink lips and slowly she took my cock inside her mouth and with her tongue she was licking it from up to down and I was moaning with pleasure.
After few minutes I could not hold it up and I told her I am about to cum. She put out my cock from her mouth and started back & forth with both her hands and I cum. We started kissing again after few minutes. I was pressing her boobs at the same time. Than I removed her gown and now she was only in her bra and panties and she was really sexy. I removed her bra and for the first time in my life I have touched the boobs of any women. Her boobs were very fairy and immediately I started to lick her firm boobs and she was moaning with pleasure saying that Oh Nadeem ‘fuck me pleas fuck me”, but I kept on doing oral sex first. After some times her nipples were hard & erection can obviously seen. I asked her to remove her panties, she immediately removed and I was really surprise to see that she did not had any hair on her small pussy she had shaved it and her pussy was pink & inviting that one can hardly wait to go ahead. I put one of my fingers into her vagina, and than I tried to put my other finger inside her but the second one did not go completely inside as her pussy whole was not big enough and she was just newly married a year ago and was fucked rarely by her husband.
While I was moving my finger in and out her vagina touching her labia she was moaning and making sweet noises. But she also could not hold much and finally she cum and her juices came out of her pussy After some while we again started playing with other’s sensual body parts & she start sucking my cock and after few minutes I got erection. She was sucking my manhood again so beautifully and perfectly that I was feeling in heaven. She told me that she want my penis inside her pussy this time. As her pussy was well lubricated I did not apply any further oil, and I made her lay on the bed and she asked me to put one of pillows under her bums. I was acting as she was asking me being less experienced. She than asked me to enter my penis inside her pussy but at the first stroke it could not go as her pussy was tight enough, at the second stroke I pushed harder inside her pussy and now it was moving in & out her vulva and she was making noise ah ouch ah uuh. She told me that nadeem “keeping fucking me & do it faster now, faster put ur penis fully inside my pussy”.
I was really enjoying the moment and after fucking her for 5 minute I could not hold and I told her that I was going to cum, she told me she want me not to cum inside her pussy so after few strokes I cum out around her thighs. She was smiling and pressing my chest softly showing that she enjoyed my fucking very much but she told me that she wants some more actions. I lit two cigarettes one for her and one for myself & started conversation. For few minutes I lay beside her and after that she touched my penis with her tongue and took whole in her mouth again it was erected completely. We were in the opposite directions and I was fingering her at the same time & feeling the grip of her vulva around my fingers. She asked me that she want to have the doggie style. I have heard that women feel more pleasure and ecstasy in this position so I agreed to please her as much as I could.
So now she was on the doggie style and I was entering my penis from the back and she was now really enjoying the pleasure and moaning much louder than before. I entered my penis as it was enough lubricated with her mouth and she was also pushing it from back so that my penis will fully went inside her, Inserting my penis in her pussy I was pressing her boobs and nipples same time which she was enjoying very much. I kept on fucking her in this position for more than 20 minutes and she discharged thrice. I cleaned her pussy with few tissue papers. After that I lay down and she came up and took my whole rod again inside and started up and down. Believe me guys & girls I enjoyed fucking in this position very much. In this style I enjoyed more than in any style. Again she came twice and finally after 10 or more minutes I cummed inside here that she did not mind. She was fully satisfied so was I.
But we enjoyed fucking four times that night very much. We slept for two hours at 7 AM pressing kissing & intertwine with each other. She told me that she had never enjoyed sex this much in her life and her husband was very slow in sex. Then she asked me that how was my experience as it was first time for me, I answered her that it was wonderful and now I will come whenever she asked me to quench her womanish thirst. I was so excited to have sex with her. I gave her my office number where she called me & picked me from a decided spot and took me her home to fucking her. We always spent weekend together eating in hotels and than making love at her home for whole night. From more then eight months we enjoyed fucking together very much 4 to 6 times a week. She loved me very much and made me happy in every way. Alas! Her husband took her with him Dubai for a year ago and I am alone again. Now since I have job and I hardly go out so it is difficult for me to go out and find. I am desperate again to have sexual engagement with someone here. I wish I could have one so I together we both quench each other’s sexual thirst and satisfy.
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