Seduction of Tamanna ch. 2

When Monoj woke up, he found himself lying on the bed all alone. He looked around for Tamanna, but didn’t see her. Then he heard the noises, coming from the bathroom. Tamanna was taking her bath. Monoj got up from the bed, and put on his clothes, lying on the floor. Then he walked up to the bathroom, and knocked the door.

“Tamanna, I’m going to my room for bath. Should I order breakfast for you?”


“Fine, then I will see you at the restaurant.”

Then, Monoj left for his room. Tamanna was relieved to know that he left her room. Actually, she didn’t want to face him in her bathrobe. Who knows, he may try to have a go on her again, seeing her in that sexy robe. Tamanna just wanted to forget the whole incident. She needed to focus on her project, rather than thinking about the obscene encounter, she had with Monoj. She stood under the shower, as the cold water run down her body, cleaning up the mess, created by Monoj’s big dick. His thick long dick.

Again, the image of his enormous cock flashed in her mind. Her hands moved to her pussy, remembering how his huge dick filled her pussy up to its limits. She could still feel some soreness in her petite pussy, from the hard fucking of his meaty cock. She thought how different it was from her husband’s average size cock. Monoj’s cock had not only stretched her pussy real wide, but also had invaded the most unexplored depth of her pussy, where her husband’s dick could never reach. She also recalled the images, how her tiny ass hole was violated by his massive cock. Her ass was still burning due to the hard fucking she had received from his thick organ. She thought she doesn’t have to worry about the problem of constipation anymore, as Monoj’s fat cock had stretched her ass hole real wide. She touched her burning ass hole, amazed at how he had managed to push his thick cock buried deep into that tiny hole. She was a bit surprised at her own ability, to be able to accommodate his enormous organ in her ass on her very first try.

The elaborate and illicit thought of his huge cock, awakened her desire again. She inserted her finger into her wet pussy, and began to masturbate herself, thinking about Monoj’s thick long cock. With one hand she was fingering her pussy, and with the other, she was playing with her clit. She rested her back on the bathroom wall, as her legs were getting weak of her growing excitement. Soon she had to slide down, and sate on the floor with her legs spread wide, as she increased her speed of fingering her own pussy, thinking about his big large cock. Then, she had another crushing orgasm.

Tamanna was so lost playing with pussy that, she didn’t know it’s more than half an hour, since she was in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Monoj had his bath, and came to her room. He sat on the sofa, and waited for her to come out from the bathroom. Tamanna, on the other hand, didn’t know this. She hurriedly dried her body, lazily put her bathrobe on, and opened the door. Then she shocked to see him sitting in her room. Tamanna was so dumbfound that, she forget to tie her robe, which exposed her frontal for his pleasure. Monoj looked her naked frontal, fresh from the bath, and gave her a smile.

“Sorry, I thought you are ready.” Monoj said to her. Tamanna, gathered her composer, and tied her bathrobe.

“I’ll, if you give me some time.” Tamanna replied.

“Sure, why not.”

Then Monoj got up from the sofa. Tamanna came out of the bathroom, thinking he will go out from the room. But Monoj was not leaving. The sight of her fresh naked body had made his cock hard again. He thought, why not a quick session, just before starting a long day.

Tamanna put her luggage bag on the bed and opened it to search for her dress. She was not looking at Monoj, who has now moved behind her. Suddenly, Tamanna heard a sound of zipper pulling, and she turned around to see Monoj had his fly open, and had his thick cock, hard as a rock, was out in the open.

“What are you doing?” Tamanna asked him with horror.

But instead of replying her anything, Monoj hold her arms in his strong hands, and pushed her back. Tamanna could not keep up her balance, and she fell back on the bed helplessly. The sudden jolt has opened the lose tie of her robe, and the garment opened up, exposing her naked frontal body for his advantage. 

Monoj took a quick glance of her naked pussy and boobs, fresh from her bath. Then he holds her legs around her knees, and pulled her body, until her ass was hanging at the edge of the bed. Tamanna watched him helplessly, as he spread her legs, moved between them, and placed his bulbous head at her wet slit. Tamanna was so shell-shocked by his swift action, that she could do nothing but laid there, feeling his cock head pocking at her pussy. Then she felt his broad cock head spreading her wet pussy lips, as Monoj pushed his monster again into her tight pussy. The bulbous head stretched her damp pussy walls again, and plunged deeper into her wet hole.

“Auuunngghhh.” Tamanna groaned out loud, as his thick cock slide into her still tight pussy. Monoj keep on shoving his thick cock into her, till his head touched her cervix again. Then he pulls out a bit, and pushed in again. After few slow strokes, he settled into a rhythm, and started to pound her pussy forcefully. The new position was also helping him to fuck her pussy deeper than ever. He holds her legs and placed them on his shoulder. Then he hold her waist with his both hands, and began to ram his thick cock meat fast into her petite pussy hole. The bed was making cracking sound, as he keep on pounding her with great force.

“Aaahhhh, aaahhhh.” Tamanna was screaming and gasping, as he kept banging her pussy with great force.

“Aaahhhh, aaahhhh.”

Suddenly, Tamanna’s cell started ringing. Monoj stopped his fucking, as she picked up the phone, lying on the bed. It’s her husband’s call. She showed the cell to Monoj, and pleaded him to stop. But Monoj had other thing in his mind.

“Pick up the call.” Monoj asked her. Tamanna looked at him confused.

“Go on, answer him. And put it on loudspeaker.” Monoj asked her again. Seeing no respite from him, Tamanna tried to be as cum as possible, switch the phone to loudspeaker mode, and pressed the answer button.

“Hello, Ravi, good morning.”

“Good morning JANU. Sorry for last night. I shouldn’t have talk to you like that. Actually I was tired, and wanted to see you very much.”

“It’s ok.” Tamanna replies in short, as she found it difficult to remain cum, as Monoj, slowly grinded his pelvis on her pussy, rotating his thick cock in her tight pussy. 

“And sorry again, that I didn’t call you back again. I wanted to, but I thought maybe you should call first.”

”Yes you should, you moron,” Tamanna thought. If he had made that call, she doesn’t have to answer his call, lying on her back, with Monoj’s thick cock buried deep in her pussy.

“Ya, maybe I should. But I was also upset.” Tamanna replied fast.

“Never mind. So what are you doing now?” Ravi asked her.

“Nothing, just getting ready for the day’s work.” Tamanna hardly able to control her voice now. She could feel her voice trembling, as the sensation of Monoj’s thick cock grinding her tight pussy was getting too much for her to control.

“What happen JANU? Why are you sounding different?” Ravi asked again. Monoj looked into her eyes as he kept on grinding her pussy with his cock, in a slow steady rhythm. He had a devilish smile, as he watched her struggling to control her voice.

“Nothing, just hurrying up, so I don’t get let.” Tamanna replied, looking right into Monoj’s eyes. Then Monoj gave a hard jab at her pussy, pushing his cock deeper, hitting her cervix.

“Auuucchh.” Tamanna couldn’t stop the scream.

“What happen honey?” Ravi asked worriedly. 

“Oh, the tea cup. It’s so hot.” Tamanna replied, looking at Monoj with angry eyes. She pleaded him with her hands, but Monoj gave her a smile, and slowly pulled out the cock, only to push it back again with force. Tamanna bite her lips, to prevent herself from screaming again.

“I told you not be do things in rush. See, now you hurt yourself. Is it too much? Do you have some burnol?” Ravi kept on asking her. But Tamanna couldn’t reply as Monoj was repeatedly ramming her pussy with hard and fast stroke. She left the phone on bed, and grasped the bed sheet, to control her screams.

“Hello, hello, are you there JANU? What happen? Hello, Tamanna, are you still there?” Ravi asked worriedly, as he didn’t heard her voice for a long time. Tamanna looked at Monoj, pleaded him with her eyes. But Monoj fixed his eyes on her, and kept on ramming her pussy with his big dick.

“Hello, Tamanna, are you listening?” Ravi asked again.

“Yes, I can hear you.” Tamanna replied hastily, as she had to control herself from screaming. The fact that, her pussy was rammed by somebody else cock, while she was talking to her husband, who didn’t have any clue, made her even more exited. The heat of the situation got into her, and she could feel her own orgasm building in her.

“Why are you huffing so much?” Ravi asked again.

“Stairs dear, stairs. Ok I’ll call back later, bye.” Tamanna somehow finished the sentence, and cut the call. She now wholeheartedly wanted to enjoy Monoj’s poundings on her tight pussy. She looked right into his eyes, and began to push up her pelvis to meet his powerful thrusts. She lowered her legs from his shoulder, and wrapped them around his buttock, and tried to pull him more into her. Seeing her new mood, Monoj also hold her waist tight, and started his full assault on her juicy pussy. 

“Aaannhhh, yes you bustard, fuck me, fuck me with your big cock.” Tamanna started to scream and talk dirty. She was looking right into his eyes, and bucked up her ass to meet his thrust. Monoj, also stared into her eyes, and clinched his teethes, as he keep pounding her with his big cock. 

“Aannhh, aannhh, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me.” Tamanna screams.

“Onnhh, oonnhh.” Monoj was grunting and fucking her pussy real fast.

“Aannhh, aannhhh,”

“Ooohh, uummhh.”

“Aannhhh, yes, fuck me harder, you bustard.” Tamanna yelled at him, pushing her pussy hard at his thrusts. Monoj was already quite excited by fucking her while she was talking with her husband. And now, her words were encouraging him even more, and he started fuck her pussy with his thick cock like a battering ram. He could feel his cock grow bigger than ever and was going deeper into her pussy. Tamanna also felt his cock getting harder and enlarge in her tight pussy. She heaved her groin to meet his thrust to get his thick meat more into her hot cunt.

The angle of his fucking was also giving Monoj better access to her pussy, as he was able to push more and more of his cock into her tight hole. His cock head was now thudding her cervix consistently, and was trying to push further into her tight cervical sphincter. The newfound tightness of her pussy has increased his excitement further, and he started to push his cock with extreme force.

Tamanna also could feel his hard cock head trying to break into her small narrow passage. That was something she couldn’t imagine ever in her dream. Although it was paining, she was quite amazed by his ability to fuck her pussy so deep. In the heat of the moment, she made up her mind to experience this new adventure of letting him fuck her right up to her womb. She bucked up her crotch, to help him push his cock deeper into her accepting pussy. Monoj also sensed her feelings. He looked into her wide eyes, clinched his teethes, and shoved his cock deeper into her pussy, with short and hard jab, thudding her cervix. With each stroke, his cock head was spreading her cervical sphincter wider and wider. 

“Aaaaa…..” Tamanna screamed, but her words didn’t come out complete. She was looking at him with her big eyes and mouth open wide, as his penis started to spread her insides wide, causing her horrific pain. She howled and bucked her hips. She spread her legs as wide as possible to allow him to thrust deeper into her. Monoj stopped jabbing and just simply pushed forward his thick and swollen bulbous organ head into the deepest part her vagina, with unrelenting forward pressure. 

Tamanna was crying & sobbing with acute pain now. But not caring about her pain, Monoj kept pushing his rock hard penis into her. In the midst of her terrible pain, she could hear her bones creak in protest, as Monoj’s penis spread the muscles of her cervical ring wider and wider apart. The tip of his huge organ head was now actually piercing through her narrowest of openings, spreading her cervical ring far apart, widening it for the massive length behind it.

Tamanna pleaded as the pain become unbearable,” Monoj, you are tearing me apart. Please stop or I shall die with pain now. “

Instead of listening to her pleading, Monoj thrust his cock head into her more forcefully! Tamanna gritted her teeth and stared at him with shock, as she felt her cervix surrender to his invading cock. She exclaimed with shock ” Aaaah ” as his bulbous cock head pushed through her. There was a sudden, slight rendering sound, as her cervical sphincter was forced apart and then his cock head was through it! She gave a shrill cry as the fat head pushed past her cervix, inching its way deep into her womb. Now Monoj was in – all the way! He had realized his dream!

Tamanna stared at Monoj with awe! Despite her terrible pain, she was amazed at his manliness. Amazed at what he had done to her now. She simply was awe-struck that he had managed to thrust his entire cock through her vagina and further through her cervix, so deep – right into her womb. Despite the fact that what he was doing to her, was by force, yet as a woman, she was thrilled at being able accommodate Monoj’s massively monstrous penis, so deep in her womb. 

Monoj was also thrilled at the fact that he actually able to push his cock so deep into her pussy. He looked at her and saw tears rolling down from her eyes. He had conquered her completely. He now had his cock buried deep in her pussy, right into her womb. That was quite an exquisite feeling for him. Then, staring at her tearful eyes, he started to grind his pelvis on her, and fucked her with real short jabs. The new sensation was getting too much for him now. He knows he was going to come pretty soon. He pulled her more toward him, then holds her waist firmly, and began to pound her mercilessly.

Tamanna spreads her legs wide to recieve the pounding of her life. The new feeling of his cock right into her womb make her more excited than ever. She keeps on screaming as Monoj’s big cock was sliding in and out of her wet pussy with great speed. 

“Aaahhh, aahhh, uuuhhh, aaahhh.”

Then, Monoj pushed his cock deep into her pussy, and began to shoot his hot jism right into her womb. Tamanna could feel his thick cock twitching and pulsating in her pussy, as his cock was were pouring his hot semen right into her womb. The sensation and the feeling was also too much for her, and she also had her orgasm with him. She wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him deeper into her, as wave after wave of a massive orgasm hits her body. Monoj could feel her pussy contracting around his cock, as he keep on flooding her womb with his hot sperm.

Then, after shooting his last spurt, Monoj tried to pull out his cock. But the still hard cock head stuck between her cervixes. Monoj tried hard, but was not being able to pull out his cock. He looked at Tamanna, who was staring right into his eyes.

“Looks like my friend likes it to be remain in you.” Monoj said, smiling at her.

“Ye, so why don’t you leave it like that?” Tamanna said with a mock angry voice.

“I would like to, but it’s your project that I’m worried about.”

“Then what to do now?”

“Just wait till my friend got soft.” 

Then Monoj leaned forward on top of her, and kissed on her lips. Tamanna also replied him with a passionate kiss. Then Monoj laid on top her like that for few minute, until his cock become soft. Then he pulled out his limp dick from her pussy, and cleaned it with her bathrobe. Then he put it in his pant, and closed the zipper.

“Ok now, my little whore, you should get up and get ready. I’ll wait for you in the restaurant for breakfast. Hurry up, we are already getting late.” Then he left the room, leaving her lying on her bed with her clothes open, legs spread wide and a dripping cunt, just like an overused whore. 

Tamanna was sitting in her bed, wearing a bath robe, with a cup of coffee in her hand. She just has returned from her field trip and after having a good long bath, she was relaxing on her bed, remembering about the last few days. Days that have changed her life forever. She recalled each and everything about how Monoj took advantage of her drunk condition, took her into bed and filled her hungry pussy with his huge cock and make her completely addicted to his magnificent tool. 

Tamanna remembered how he tricked her and filled her all three holes with his enormous member and treated her like a filthy cook hungry slut. Tamanna still feels a shiver run through her body when she remembered how Monoj treated her like his own personal slave and instead of objecting, she enjoyed every bit of his brutal assault on her body.

Tamanna could feel her pussy and ass was still soaring from the relentless fucking of his huge dick, each and every day of their five day long tour. Tamanna remembered how helpless, she became each time he forced himself on her and fucked her at his will. After every fuck, Tamanna thought it would her last, but just couldn’t stop him from taking her to the bed again. Every time she thought she wouldn’t let him use her again, somehow he tends to find out her one or other weakness and succeeded to ravish her ripe body again and again. All together, Monoj fucked her ten to twelve times in those five days, more than her husband had in last two months. Although it was wrong and illicit, but Tamanna just couldn’t deny the fact that her long deprived mind and body did enjoy each and every moment of Monoj’s huge cock inside her tight pussy. 

Tamanna felt a warm sensation ran through her body as she remembered the wonderful feeling Monoj’s big hard long dick again. The way his meaty cock had stretched and filled her pussy and ass, it was something she will never go to forget in her life. Tamanna felt her pussy moistening up and her body aroused again with the thought of his big fat cock. Unconsciously she spread her legs and moved her hand under her robe, to her wet pussy. She closed her eyes and started to play with her pussy imagining Monoj’s cock in her mind. She put her finger in her wet hole and started to finger her pussy, thinking about Monoj and his big cock.


Tamanna got up from her bed with the sound of the calling bell. She just lost the sense of time and place with Monoj’s cock in her mind. She hurriedly put the coffee cup down and walked out to the front door to see who’s coming. She looked through the eye hole. It was her husband Ravi is standing outside. She removed the lock and opened the door.

“Hi, I thought you were out of town as you left the note on the table.” Tamanna asked him as he entered in. Ravi smiled and hugged her.

“Well, I thought I have given you enough pain so I decided to take a break to be with you for some time.” Ravi replied. Tamanna looked into his eyes and show the truth in his sayings. She smiled and holds his head and put her mouth on his. Ravi hugged her tighter and kissed her passionately. They both were longing for each other’s touch and embraced each other tightly in their grip. Tamanna felt a sense of guilt build in her mind and she couldn’t stop her tears rolling down.

“Hey, what happens, dear. Why are you crying?” Ravi asked her, looking at her crying face.

“It’s nothing. I just felt so lonely without you.” Tamanna lied as she tried to control her emotion.

“Don’t cry. Now I’m with you and you don’t have to feel lonely again.” Ravi hugged her tight and kissed her again. Tamanna just couldn’t stop her tears as she felt more and more guilty of her last few days doing. She was now regretting her cheat on Ravi with Monoj. How could she betrayed her long loved husband. Tamanna holds him tight and kissed him back with more passion and tried to flush out the thoughts of Monoj and his cock from her mind. Now she was with her husband and she’ll never going to betray his trust again.

Ravi was also getting excited with her passionate kissing and his cock was hard now. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He placed her on the bed on her back and climbed on top of her. Tamanna was also horny from her thoughts of Monoj’s cock and she also wanted to have a good fuck. Her robe split open down the lace, exposing her waist down naked. Tamanna spread her thighs and Ravi moved between her open inviting legs. She moved her hands to his belt buckle to open his pants. Ravi was surprised to see her all naked under her bath robe and got more horny at the sight of her pussy, all swelled with excitement. He opened the lace of her robe and exposed her totally naked body. Then he hurriedly removed his T-shirt. Meanwhile, Tamanna managed to open his fly and put her hand into his box and took out his average sized cock, all hard with excitement. Ravi looked into her eyes and lowered his pelvis on her waiting body, between her open wide legs as Tamanna holds his hard member and guided it to her wet opening.

“Wow, you are already wet honey. Were you thinking about me?” Ravi asked her with a smile as his cock head touched her moist opening.

“Yes, dear, I was missing you very badly. Now stop talking and give me your little member.” Tamanna replied with a fake smile. She felt nervous of being got caught. She thought to herself, “This is my beloved husband and I should and will not cheat him again. I’ll never think about Monoj again. Now my love is with me and I should think about him only. From now on, It’ll be his cock that’s going to fulfill my each and every desire. I’ll erase every memory of Monoj and his cock from my head.” 

Then she placed the cock head at her sloppy hole, hoping it can take place on Monoj’s cock and end her all frustration with Ravi once and forever. But all her hope went in vain as Ravi’s average sized dick made its way into her moist pussy, without giving her much feelings. Tamanna’s pussy was pretty stretched by Monoj’s big cock in last five days relentless fucking and Ravi’s cock was going into it like a hot knife into butter. She was also horny of Monoj’s thoughts and that made things worst as her pussy was all flooded with her juices. Ravi also felt the difference but he thought may be it was because of her extra arousal, thinking about him from long time.

Tamanna clasped her thighs tight around Ravi’s waist and tried to close her legs in an effort to make her pussy a bit tighter. But no matter how hard she tried, Tamanna couldn’t feel much of his cock which was slipping into and her sloppy pussy with ease. She tried hard to convience her mind that its good, its wonderful, but her mind and body rejected her thoughts. Her pussy had tested the deep hard fucking of Monoj’s monster and Ravi’s dick was not giving enough for her hungry cunt. Ravi drove his prick all the way into her cunt, till his balls bounces on her ass. But It was way short of the length of Monoj’s cock. Tamanna felt her pussy was half filled and her body was longing for more.

Ravi was not aware of her feelings as he was busy of his own pleasure. He put his mouth on her and started fucking her hard and fast. Tamanna bucked her ass up to meet his thrust, so that she can take more of cock into her pussy. But she disappointed at the fact that he can’t go any further deep in her pussy. His prick was too short for her now well used pussy. Tamanna crossed her legs behind his back and moved her hands to his ass and tried pull him down harder into her pussy. Ravi got more excited at her action and started to fuck her with great speed. He hold her by her shoulder and pumped his cock hard and fast into her hot wet pussy hole.

Tamanna could feel his breaths getting short and fast and she realized that he didn’t go to last long. She closed her eyes and tried to focus her mind on his cock. She tried to squeeze his cock with her pussy, so she can also come with him. But befor her orgasm started to build up, she hard him grunting and then she felt his cock ejeculating in her pussy. Ravi shot four to five spurts of his semen in her and collapsed on top of her body still burning with desire. Tamanna grabed him hard and bucked up her hips to get her orgasm with his still hard cock. But she didn’t get much time as Ravi’s cock got limp pretty soon and came out of her pussy. Tired and exhausted, Ravi got off her and lay beside her, taking long deep breaths.

Tamanna looked at him. His eyes were closed and he looked very relaxed. Then she looked down to his soft penis, which now look even smaller. Then she got up from the bed and went to the bath room. She was still on fire and wanted to have her orgasm too. She closed the door and sat on the toilet and began to finger her still hot pussy thinking about Monoj’s big cock. And to her surprise, she came within minutes.


For the next three days Ravi stayed at home with her. Tamanna took a break from her work too and they were busy spending some good time after a long period. Tamanna specially tried to take a maximum of the opportunity and have sex with Ravi as much as she can. She thought may be if she spends more time with Ravi, eventually she will forget about Monoj. She tried different trick and poses to improve her satisfaction. She even gave Ravi a good blowjob and also asked him to lick her pussy too. Ravi was all surprised by her sudden change, but did enjoy every bit of their hot and steamy fucking sessions. But Tamanna was getting frustrated after each fuck as Ravi tends to come pretty quick, leaving her unsatisfied and wanting for more. Tamanna sadly realized that Ravi was not capable of fulfilling her body’s new demands. Eventually, her hungry mind and body started to think about Monoj again. Tamanna knew she should put out the thoughts of Monoj from her mind. But harder she tried to forget about Monoj and his huge cock, the more her body misses his huge dick and rough fuckings. 

Then after three days, Ravi got a call from his producer who asked him to return for the shoot as soon as possible. So he packed his things and went on to his work, leaving Tamanna all alone and longing for sex again. She also joined her office as she had to submit the project before the election. When she reached office, she saw Monoj sitting at his desk. He saw her coming and waved at her.


“Hi.” She replied.

“So you joined today?” Monoj asked her.


“Having fun with hubby ha?” Monoj asked her with a quirky smile on his face.

“Yeah, a little bit.” She replied with a faint smile. A sad expression was prominent on her face as Tamanna remembered her unsatisfying sex session with her husband, which didn’t go unnoticed by Monoj. He understood that things are not fine between them again and was happy to see that his fish was still in his hook. 

“What’s up Tamanna? Is there something wrong?”

“No, everything is fine. Ok, enough talking, now lets move to work. We have to submit the report within three days time.” Tamanna shake her head and sat beside him. She didn’t want at that point of time to let him know that her pathetic husband couldn’t fulfill her desires and that she desperately missing the service of his big hard cock which she wanted to buried deep in her pussy. She was not looking directly at him as she feared he may read her mind.

Monoj didn’t ask her any further about her family and opened the project they did last week. He was sure that her husband’s cock was not going to be big enough for her after she tested his nice meaty cock and she must been missing his good long fucks. He was also itching to put his cock in the warm embrace her tight honey pot again, but he also wanted to see her bagging for it. So he stops talking get going with their work. In between their work, he glanced at her few times from the corner of his eyes. He saw her busy with all the data she brought in the report. But then, he caught her once looking at his crotch. Voila, she was thinking about his cock. So her stupid husband was not able to replace his cock and she was now wanting for more. Monoj thought that her husbands cock was smaller than his and now he was proud to find out that fact. So his plan by making her his submissive whore is working fine. Now he was sure that she was starving for his cock and he decided to tease her a bit more.

He slid down in his chair and opened his legs, like he was in a more relaxed position. That made his trouser tightened around his crotch and made his bulge more prominent for her to see. Then Monoj jerked his legs in a way which made his previous go up and down with the rhythm of the legs. Tamanna was writing something, with her body bend over the table. As Monoj turned his chair a bit toward her, his dancing crotch came right under her eyes. Monoj didn’t looked at her directly and pretended as he was busy with his work.

Now, Tamanna couldn’t resist herself from glancing at the big bulge forming in front of his pant. All the time with Ravi she was thinking about it and now it was right under her eyes. She felt her pussy twisting and getting moist at the sight of the outline of that thing which did filled her pussy like never before and awakened the sleeping bitch inside her. She checked Monoj from the corner of her eyes and relieved to see him busy with his work. Then she looked at his crotch again. Tamanna felt a warm wave ran through her body as she remembered how beautiful was the feeling when Monoj put that cock deep in her pussy and fucked her with immense force. She could feel her pussy tingling and her whole body was warming up as the images of his big cock ran in her mind.

Monoj saw her repeatedly glancing at his cock and knew that she wanted to fuck his cock very much. He also wanted to grab her rip body and fuck her juicy cunt right at that moment. But he wanted her to ask him for his cock and beg him to fill her tight cunt with his big dick and fuck her like a bitch. So he kept his patients and let the game go on. Remembering the tight and silky feeling of her taut pussy made him quite horny and his cock started to get hard. Tamanna saw his bulge was swelling bigger right in front of her eyes and she looked up at Monoj to see what his doing. She was surprised to see him still busy with his computer. Monoj was cheking her and he removed his eyes from her moment he saw her raising her head.

Tamanna was getting horny like hell as her mind and body were really craving for a good fuck from the last few days. Now Monoj’s presence right beside her and the sight of his hard prick under her eyes made her hot and burning with desire. She was getting impatient to feel his huge cock back again in her pussy. But she was also hesitant to start the first move. Although he had already fucked her many times, but all of them were initiated by him and she only had let her guard down. She was still not sure and frank enough to ask her colleague to fuck her with his big pole and make her happy. She looked at him again to see if he was looking at her too, but was disappointed to see him still busy with his work. 

Monoj kept his eyes on her secretly and keep teasing her with his big bulge. Tamanna was hot like hell, but still she didn’t have enough courage to take the initiative. Monoj knew she was hesitating to make the first move, but he also knew that it won’t be long befor she’ll kneel before him and begging him for his cock again. He decided to remain patient and enjoy the situation.

Suddenly, Tamanna’s cell started ringing. She picks up the phone, Its the editor again. He asked her to come to his room. Tamanna got up and went to the editor’s office. Mono cursed the editor for interrupting his play again. He stopped for some time and then got busy with the job again. After all they have to finish it in short time. He finished the rough arrangement of the shots before Tamanna returns after half an hour.

“Why did he call you?” Monoj asked her.

“He wants to know how much job we have done so far. I said we’ll finish within three days time.”

“Is he happy?”

“Yes. Listen, I’m a bit hungry and going to eat. Would you like to come?” Tamanna asked him.

“Yes, I’m hungry too. Let’s go and eat something.” Monoj closed the project and they went to the office canteen. After having their lunch, they came back and put their heads back on work. Monoj did wanted to play his little dirty game again, but he also didn’t want to ruin his own reputation of sincere and serious employee in the office. He also knew that her pathetic husband didn’t able to replace the pleasure she received from his big cock and she must been missing his rough and hard fuckings a lot. And from the hungry looks in her eyes told him that its not going to be long before she get on her knees and beg him to fill her juicy pussy again with his thick hard member. He smiled silently and get going with the job.

Time was running fast and the day ended without much further action. They worked till 8pm and after finishing half of their work, they called it a day. Monoj shut down the machine and they both got out of the office to leave for home.

“How will you go home? It’s getting late already.” Monoj asked her when they walked out of the office.

“No problem. I’ll take a cab.” Tamanna replied with a smile.

“No need. Come on, I’ll drop you.”

“Its ok, I can manage. You don’t have to make all the trouble.”

“What trouble? Dropping your home is no trouble at all. Besides, I’ll also have a good company while driving around the boring jammed roads. Come on, lets go to my car.” Monoj asked her and she didn’t objected again at all. They went down to the parking lot and got in his car. Then, Monoj headed the car for Tamanna’s home.

“So Tamanna, how is Ravi?”

“Fine, he went to his work today.”

“So you are alone again?”


“Means boring again?”

“Yeah, a little bit. But these days I’ll be busy with the project. Hope that will help passing the time.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Why? What happen? You are also alone or what?”

“Yes. My wife and kid went to her mother’s home for a week. Now I have to live alone for a week, making food and everything, all by myself.”

All of a sudden, Tamanna found an excuse to invite him to her house where they both can be alone. She knew he was also looking for a opportunity to fuck her again. All she had to do is to create a situation where he’ll have her all alone again. And what’s more he want if she take him home with her. She knew he was also getting horny as his wife was not home and must be longing for a women. It won’t take her must work to entice him to fuck her again. Tamanna got exited at the possibility of having his thick hard cock buried in her pussy again. She felt her pussy getting moist just at the thought of his cock again.

“Well, if you don’t mind you can come and have dinner with me. Besides, I also don’t like to be at home alone too.” Tamanna asked him.

“Why would I mind. Its ok if you have no problem.” Monoj replied.

“Come on Monoj, helping a friend is not a problem at all.” Tamanna smiled at him. Monoj also smiled back, knowing he don’t have to wait long before he could feel her nice curvy figure in his arms again. He pressed the accelerator hard to reach her home as soon as they can. After reaching her home, Tamanna got out of the car and went to the door. Monoj followed her behind. This was for the first time he was visiting her home. He walked after her looking at her luscious body from behind. He was quite fascinated by the thought of fucking her in her own home. Tamanna also knew that he was watching her back. She was wearing a tight pant which was exclusively revealing every detail of her nice round butt. She knew Monoj had a weakness for big ass and so she swayed her hips a bit extra to tempt him more with her sexy body. At the door, she slowly bend herself to let him gaze her big round ass while she pretend to fumble with the keys. Monoj watched her ass and clearly understood her intentions. He smiled himself and stood behind her as Tamanna opened the door and walked in.

“Please come in to our little home.” Tamanna welcomed Monoj. Monoj nodded and walked inside the house. Tamanna was hoping him to jump on her and take her to the bed moment he entered the house. But to her surprise, Monoj did nothing like that. Instead, he walked past her and sat on the sofa in her living room. Monoj looked at her and saw her still standing at the door and staring right at him.

“What?” Monoj asked her. Tamanna looked at him for a few more second and then closed the door.

“Nothing. Would you like to have something now? Like tea or coffee?” Tamanna asked him as walking inside the kitchen.

“Well, I do like to have a red tie. Can you do that?”

“Sure. Just give me a few minutes.” Then Tamanna walked into the kitchen. Monoj looked at her as she walked into the kitchen. He knew she was hoping for him to make the first move, force himself on her like the precious occasions and take her right at that moment. Deep in his heart he was also missing the tight embrace of her silky pussy walls around his cock and wanted to grab her, torn her clothes away and throws her on the floor and fuck her right there. But he was also enjoying his little waiting game. He could see clear disappointment in her face as he did nothing like that. He also knew that she was dying to have his rough and hard fucking and that’s why she invited him for the dinner in her home when she was all alone at home. But he wanted her to see as bitch on his mercy. He wanted her to beg him, pray him to fuck her. He wanted her to break her all hesitance and knelled be for him to give her his thick hard member. He knew she wouldn’t be able to hold her emotion for too long and will surrender pretty soon. Till then, he wanted to enjoy teasing her.

In the kitchen, Tamanna was preparing the tea and thinking, for where to start. She was frustrated like hell with Monoj’s cold behavior so far. She was also a bit confused. She knew Monoj also wanted to have her as bad as she wanted him. But she was not sure why he is still waiting after he has such a golden opportunity like having her all alone in her house. 

“Do you want any help?” Tamanna’s trail of thoughts was interrupted by Monoj’s voice. She turned back and saw him standing at the kitchen door.

“You are taking too long, so I thought maybe you need some help.” Monoj said with a curious smile on his face. Tamanna came back to her senses. She forgot the time while thinking about having sex with him. 

“Nothing. Just give me five more minutes.” She replied and opened the high cupboard to take out the tea packet. Monoj watched her as she stretched her body to reach the packet which was deep inside the cupboard. Her movement causes her small top to rise up, reveling her nice waist line. As she stretched her body upward, her tight pant clings to her round buttock like a second skin, which made a Monoj’s cock jump in his pants. Tamanna was on her toes, but yet couldn’t reach the pack. Monoj watched her futile attempts for a few moments and then moved closer to her.

“Are you sure you don’t need my help?” He asked her smiling. Tamanna looked back at him and smiled too. Then Monoj moved closer behind her and reached for the tea pack with his hands. As he tried to grab the packet, his body lunged forward and meet her body from behind. Monoj’s crotch was right in her ass and he intentionally pressed it hard on her soft ass cheeks. Tamanna also felt his hard bulge on her bottom and she was thrilled with its touch. Monoj deliberately took time to take the packet, all the while rubbing and poking her ass with his hard cock. Tamanna just stood there, feeling his big hard cock in her ass. She also pushed her ass back to him and slowly ground her bottom on his hard member. She thought, “Now he is going to take me.” She was trembling with desire and her pussy was on fire and flooded with her juices at the thought of feeling his big hard pole in her tight pussy again. And then, when she thought the action has begun, Monoj stopped rubbing his crotch on her ass and stepped back, taking out the tea pack in his hand.

“Here, take it. Now make a good cup of tea and bring it to me.” And then he went out of the kitchen, leaving her frustrated again. Monoj came back to the living room and sat on the sofa again. His cock was rock hard after rubbing it on her soft ass after a long time. He just somehow manages to stop himself from ripping her pants down and fucking her right there from behind. He sat on the sofa, taking long breaths and waited for her to come out from the kitchen. He knew he had ignited the fire and she can’t bare it for long.

Tamanna stood at the kitchen, thinking what to do. By now, she also makes a fair idea of Monoj’s intentions. She figures out that he wants her to admit that she want his cock. Tamanna knew that so far she has some dignity left as she never approached Monoj from her side to have sex with him. So far she has the consolation that it was all because of the circumstances and Monoj’s wicked tricks that led her to commit adultery. But now if she asked him have sex with her, she won’t leave any excuses for herself. Tamanna was in dual mind. Her inner self was saying don’t do it. But her hungry body and mind was forcing her to go forward with it. And eventually, her sexually frustrated mind and body wins the battle. She put the tea packet down and rushed to the living room and stood right in front of him.


Monoj looked up to her, “Yes Tamanna.”

“Monoj, you know that why I wanted you to come to my house.” 

Monoj knew, but he saw no reaction.

“Yes, to make a good dinner for me.”

“Yes, but before that I also want something for you.”

“What Tamanna? You want me to peal some veggie for you?”

” No. You know it Monoj what I’m saying.”

“No, I don’t know about what you are saying.”

“Please Monoj, You know what I want from you. Please, I really want it badly.”

“Well, if you don’t say it, how can I know what you want from me.”

Tamanna looked at him. He was looking at her with his cool eyes. She understood that he is not going to let her without saying those words. She took a deep breath and got ready to say the most difficult words of her life.

“I want you to fuck me.” Finally Tamanna spoke those words.


“You heard it.”

“No No. I didn’t get what you said.” Monoj pretend as if he didn’t get her line. He just wanted her to say those words again. Tamanna have no other choice but to ask him again.

“I want you to have your big dick buried deep in my pussy and want you to fuck me hard like you did in our last tour.” Tamanna said, looking straight into his eyes. Her desire for his big cock has flushed out all her hesitations. Now she was not shy of saying that she wanted his cock.

“Well, if you want it, then you have to say it properly. Kneel in front of me and beg for my cock.” Monoj replied her with a smile in his face. He knew she was now totally under his control. Tamanna like a slut, knelled in front of him and pleaded him with her folded hands.

“Please Monoj, I beg you to fuck me with your cock.”

“No, address me as master.” Monoj asked her again. Tamanna gave him a mock angry look.

“Please master, fill my pussy with your dick and make me complete again.”

“Ok. But first, you have to please my dick to fuck your pussy with it.” Monoj said and spread his legs for her. Tamanna didn’t need a second order as she understood what he wanted from her. She crawled between his legs and moved her hands to his belt buckles. She opened his belt and zipper in a hurry as she was getting impatient to feel his huge dick again in her hands. Monoj helped her to open his pants by lifting his ass from the sofa. As his pants and underwear slide down, his hard prick sprung up in front of her face like a cobra came out of his captivity. Tamanna removed his shoes and pulled out the pants completely from his legs. Monoj spreads his muscular thighs for her easy access to his big hard throbbing dick between his legs. Tamanna took hold of the big shaft and watched the fine piece of meat that has changed her perception of sex forever. She moved her mouth closer to the hard prick and sniffed the strong familiar smell of his sex. 

She pulls down the foreskin to expose his bulbous cock head, which was already wet with his precum. She took out her tongue and licked the precum from the tip of the cock. Monoj took a deep breath as her tongue sends a jolt through his body. Tamanna smiled at his reaction and put her lips on his cock head. She put some small kisses on the tip, which made Monoj shiver with pleasure. Then Tamanna parted her lips and opened her mouth wide to take the big mushroom head into the her warm watery mouth. Monoj groaned as she took the bulbous head into her mouth and started to suck on the thick cock head. She licked the tip with her tongue while her lips were busy sucking the head. Her hands were holding the shaft and were jerking it up and down. Monoj looked at her as she was busy serving his cock with both her hands and mouth. After sucking the head for few times, Tamanna opened her mouth wider and lowered her head on his cock, taking more of his hard shaft into her warm oral captivity. Monoj was thrilled as inch by inch, slowly she took his entire cock deep into her throat in one go and her nose was at his pubic. Tamanna kept it like that for a few moments as she was breathing through her nose. Monoj was hot like hell as he feels her tight throat muscles squeezing his cock hard and groaned with unbelievable pleasure.

“Ooogghhhh yes. Yes Tamanna, like that. Suck my cock you bitch. Suck my big dick in your pretty mouth.” He holds her head and bucked his hips to fuck her face with his cock. Tamanna just let him use her as he pleased. Then, Monoj got up from the sofa and stood in front of her with his cock still buried in her throat. He grabbed her head by her hairs and started to fuck her sweet face with tremendous pace. Tamanna was gagging and was having difficulty in keeping up with his pace. But she didn’t try to resist his action. Instead, she was enjoying his rough handling and her pussy was all wet as he kept fucking her deep throat. She holds his legs for support and opened her mouth wide to let him pound her sweet face with his big hard prick mercilessly.

Monoj looked down at her as she kneels there, with her mouth open wide for his thick cock to enter her tight throat with ease. The sight of his dick going in and out of her sweet face heightened his excitement even more. He clinched his teeth and holds her head tight and then bend his knees a bit to support his weight, as he increased his pace of fucking her face. Tamanna was gagging uncontrollably as Monoj was pounding her throat violently. His cock was buried deep in her throat and his balls were hitting her chin with his every thrust. Tamanna’s mouth was full of her salivas and tears roll down from her eyes as she found it difficult to cope with his menacing pace of fucking her face. But she was quite surprised to find out that she was actually enjoying his rough handling of her. Tamanna moved her one hand to her wet pussy and started to finger herself while Monoj keep thwacking her face with his hard dong.

Monoj was fucking her face like a maniac. He was also longing to fuck her from quite a long time and was at his height of excitement as he pounded her tight throat with his hard prick. Monoj was so aroused that it took him only a few more strokes of fucking her throat to reach his orgasm. He pulled her head hard to his belly with her lips and nose buried in his crotch and started to come deep in her throat. Tamanna gulped down his secretion fast, as his cock shot spurt after spurt of hot jism right into her belly. Monoj keep it like that until he discharged his last drop of semen and then he released her head and pulled out his still hard cock from her mouth. Tamanna sat back on her ass and took long, deep breaths with her mouth. Monoj smiled at her and caressed her head like a master caressing his pet. Then he steps back and sat on the sofa and pulled her between his spread legs and asked her to clean his cock. Tamanna took the sloppy shaft in her hand and licked it from base to tip to clean up their mix juices from his cock. Monoj watched her as she licked and sucked his spent dick like a hungry slut and smiled. He caressed her hairs and Tamanna looked up to him.

“Did you like the starter?” Monoj asked her. Tamanna smiled at him with his cock between her lips. She nodded her head and sucked his cock head like a small girl licking a lollipop. She was still hot and in need of a good fuck. For that she needs to have him hard again. Tamanna remembered how Monoj use to regain his hardness pretty quick and she put her all effort helping him do so again. She holds his semi hard cock in her hands and sucked the entire shaft with her tongue from the top to the bottom. Then she holds the cock in her one hand and with her other she hold out his cum filled balls and started to suck them one by one. 

Monoj looked at her as she was busy sucking his balls in her mouth. The sight of her pretty face under his cock and the warm feel of her mouth on his balls made his cock hard again. Now he wants to put his cock in her sweet tight pussy he was missing from so long. He can’t wait anymore to feel the tight but soft embrace of her pussy walls around his thick cock again. He patted on her head to stop sucking and stood up from the sofa. He holds her hands and made stand too. Then he holds her warm body in his tight embrace and put his lips on her and began to kiss her passionately. Tamanna also welcomed him by opening her mouth for him and let him put his tongue inside her mouth. She felt his hard prick poking at her belly and hold it with her one hand and keep jerking it while she hold him tight with her other. Monoj slide his hands to her boobs and fondled them above her clothes. Then he moved his hands down to hold the hem of her top and pulled up the garment to expose her top. Tamanna helped him by lifting her hands as Monoj swiftly removed her top. Then he got his hands on her back and unfastens the bra hook and let the tiny piece of cloth fall down, reveling her full blossom for him. Tamanna closed her eyes as Monoj lowered his head and took one of her soft breasts in his mouth and started to suck them like a baby. 

Tamanna holds him with her both hands for support as she was unable to keep her feet straight with the growing desire in her body. She was literally shaking as Monoj’s mouth was busy sucking, her boobs, one by one. Between his sucking, Monoj moved his hands down to her pants and opened the front. Then he slid the zipper down and moved his hands inside her pants, forcing the garment to slide down to her thighs. Then he holds her panty with his fingers and pulled it down along with her pants. Within seconds, he had her pants and panty at her ankles. Then he lowered himself to remove the garment completely from her legs. Tamanna helped him by lifting her legs, one by one as Monoj removed the clothes from her, making her stark naked in front of him. Seeing her full ripe naked body make his cock jump with excitement and he got impatient to fuck her hard again.

He stood up and picked her in his hands and asked her,” Now where is your bedroom?” Tamanna showed him the way and Monoj carried her towards the room. He took her to the king size bed in the room, the very marital bed Tamanna has shared with her beloved husband and dropped her on the bed on her back. Just for a second Tamanna felt a guilt as she recon that Monoj was going to fuck her in her own house, in her own bed. But as she looked at his huge cock dangling between his legs, all her shame gone. Now the only thing she wanted was to have that huge pole buried deep in her pussy. 

Tamanna looked at Monoj as he hurriedly removed his remaining clothes and then claimed on the bed. She spreads her legs open wide and Monoj got on top her. Monoj looked at her as she took hold of his rigid member and placed the bulbous head at her between her wet pussy lips. Monoj ground his hips and rubbed the tip between her wet slit to lubricate the head for the smooth entry into her tight hole. Tamanna shivered as she felt his thick cock head nudging at her opening. She was longing to have the cock in her pussy and bucked her hips to get him inside her. Monoj didn’t disappoint her and lodged the tip at her tight opening and push the bulbous head into her tight warm pussy hole.

“Aauuunnhhhhh.” Tamanna cried with both a little pain and pleasure, as Monoj keep pushing his thick cock meat into her tight pussy, stretching it to its limits. Tamanna moaned with ascetic pleasure as mono drilled her pussy with his huge member in a steady, slow push until his head hit her cervix and his balls were resting on her ass. In one long, slow stroke, Monoj put his entire 9″ long thick hard dick in her tight hole and stuffed her wet cunt. Then, he lay on top her like that, enjoying the exquisite feel of her soft, velvety pussy walls clasping tightly around his cock. Tamanna closed her eyes and hold him tight as a wonderful feel of completeness spread across her body. She wrapped her legs around his waist and lifted her ass high, trying to get more of his cock in her pussy. She was so aroused that she couldn’t wait any longer and began to buck her hips to fuck his coke from below. Monoj saw her eagerness and began to slowly fuck her pussy with his big hard pole. Soon, they got settled into a nice rhythm of fucking. Slowly, Monoj pick up his speed and soon he was pounding her like a bull on fire. He was fucking her sweet pussy with long hard strokes. With every stroke, Monoj pushed his cock deep into her pussy till his head hits her cervix and then he pulls out till only the head remain inside her. He was enjoying the tight vice like grip of her pussy on his cock and got more and more excited. In the result, his fucking become more and more rough and hard which left Tamanna all shouting and moaning with pain and pleasure.

“Auunhhhh, ooh, aaannhhh.” Tamanna keeps shouting and moaning as she was also enjoying his rough fucking after so long time. All the day she was thinking about his cock and now that she had his thick cock inside her, she couldn’t hold her emotions for long and started to have the biggest orgasm of her life. She bucked her hips violently and feel like seeing stars as wave after wave of her orgasm pass through her body. 

Monoj could feel her coming too, as her shaking under him and her pussy walls contracting around his cock. He kept on pounding her till her orgasm subsides. Tamanna felt a huge weight got off her as she came so hard after a long time. All her frustrations build up of unsatisfied sex sessions with Ravi was washed away with her orgasm and she felt quite relieved. She closed her eyes and lay flat under Monoj and let him have his fun with her pussy.

Monoj just had come once and was no where near his orgasm. Besides, he wants to enjoy her sweet pussy for long as he knew he have the entire night with him. He slowed down his speed of shoving his huge dick in her pussy and started to fuck her in a nice and easy rhythm. Tamanna just didn’t leave any energy to do anything but lay there with her legs spread wide and let him use her as he please. After fucking her sloppy, but still firm pussy for some time, Monoj also got a bit tired. But he still doesn’t want to come yet. He had been, yet not ready to let go the wonderful feeling of his thick cock embedded between warm and creamy walls of her pussy. So he pushed his cock deep in her pussy till the head touches her cervix and stopped his fucking. Then he put his mouth on her and kissed her soft lips. Tamanna also kissed him back and they locked their mouth like some long time lovers. Monoj put his tongue inside her and played with her tongue. Between his kisses, Monoj ground his pelvis at her, rotating his hard cock inside her pussy. Then he pulls out an inch or two of his dick and pushed in with a hard jab, hitting her cervix again. Then he again ground his pelvis on her, keeping his cock buried deep in her. After some time, he again pulls out a bit and pushed in again hard, thudding her cervix again. Monoj keep on repeating the same for some time and slowly he gained some momentum of rotation and fucking her pussy again.

Every time his cock head hits her cervix, Tamanna felt a new sensation ran through her body. As Monoj increases his speed, his cock head also hits the cervix with more and more pressure. With every passing moment, his jabs on her pussy become more intense and hard, resulting his head thudding her cervix harder and harder. That’s spreads a feeling of sweet pain across her body. Tamanna remembered how Monoj was able to push his cock beyond her cervix and she was amazed with his ability to fuck her so deep. She also feels proud of herself that she too managed to accommodate such a huge cock in her pussy. Tamanna slowly regained her strength and started to buck her hips again to receive his pounding on her pussy.

Monoj saw her getting back in action and increased his speed more. He holds her legs and push them higher towards her chest to lift her pussy for his full assault. Tamanna helped him by holding her own legs with her hands and kept them in position for him. Then Monoj hold her thighs with his hands and began to fuck her real fast. He was putting his entire cock in and out of her pussy with one long fast stroke and was fucking her like a madman.

“Aannhhh, aannhhh, aannhh.”

Tamanna was moaning and shouting again as his huge cock was pounding her pussy like a battering ram. She was in some discomfort because of his 

menacing speed and the position she had to remain in. She tried to lower her legs, but Monoj’s hands on her thighs kept them pressed against her chest. Monoj was not bothered about her pain or discomfort now. He was at the heights of his excitement and wanted to have his own orgasm. He holds her thighs hard and kept thrashing her pussy with hard and fast strokes. Tamanna kept shouting as he keeps on pounding her real hard and fast. The whole room was filled with the noise of her screams and his balls slapping on her ass.

“Aaannhh, uh, aannnhhhh.”

Slap, slap, slap.

“Aannnhhh, oh god, ooomhhh, uunnhh.”

Slap, slap, slap.

Monoj was fucking her like hell. But yet not near his orgasm. On the other hand, Tamanna started to have a series of mini orgasm with his hard fucking on her pussy. Her pussy was flooded with her juices, some of which flows down from it to her ass and down to the bed. After fucking her like for about five minutes like that, Monoj let her legs go and lay on her body. He put his hands down to her ass and cupped her ass with his 

hands and kept pounding her pussy with cock. Tamanna wrapped her legs around his back and keep bucking her ass up to meet his thrusts. Then Monoj put his one finger in her ass hole, which was already wet with her juices and put it inside. Tamanna got excited like hell as she got fucked her both holes with his cock and finger and immediately she came hard on him. She holds him tight and squeezed his cock hard with her pussy as wave after wave of her second orgasm hit her again. The tight squeeze of her pussy walls on his cock also caught Monoj and he couldn’t stop himself from coming too. He pushed his cock for one last time in her and started to shoot his spunk deep in her pussy. Tamanna lifted her ass to take him more in her as she felt him spurting his hot jism in her pussy. 

Then after he spent his last drop, Monoj laid on top her like that with his cock still inside her pussy. He was pretty tired after having the most intense orgasm of his life again. He was also happy that he was on top his most beloved woman with cock still in her pussy. Tamanna was having a bit difficulty with his weight on her, but she didn’t complain as she felt so completely and secure with him on top of her. Monoj put his mouth on her and they engaged in a slow kissing again.

Then, when his cock becomes totally soft, Monoj gait of her body and pulls out the limp dick from her pussy. Tamanna looked at the thing, all wet with their mix juices. Although it was not hard, but Tamanna can clearly see that it looks bigger than Ravi’s cock. Monoj saw her staring at his cock and said,”Now who’s going to clean up all this mess?” Tamanna got his hint and smiled at him.

“Come, let me take care of it.”

Monoj crawled up to her body and squatted around her chest. He holds his limp cock in his hand and presented it to her waiting mouth. Tamanna sucked and licked his cock like a slut until she cleared each and every drop of their come of it. Then she took the shaft in her hand and put a kiss at its tip and looked up to Monoj.

“There you go master, all clean and shiny.” Monoj smiled at her too. Then he got off her and sat on the bed.

“Ok, now you had your meal twice, can I have my dinner too?” He asked her with a smile. Tamanna smiled and got up from the bed too. Then she put a kiss on his lips and said. “Just give me half an hour.” Then she took a top from the closet and walked out to the bathroom. Monoj looked her from behind as the short top was barely hiding her ass and exposing her entire legs for him. Her big round ass made his cock jump up again, but he dropped the idea as he was quite hungry for the food now. He knew he had the whole night with him to take her as many ways as he likes.

That night, Monoj didn’t go home and fucked her till late into the night. He also fucked her pucker hole, which this time Tamanna also enjoyed. That night when Monoj got tired and slept after filling her all three holes with his come again, Tamanna also slept beside him, with his cock in her hand. The cock that transformed her from a nice loving wife to a cock hungry slut.

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