Seduction of Tamanna ch. 1

Monoj was a smart guy who loves his job as a senior technical staff in a local news channel. He was around 35 years of age, 5’10” high, well-built and married to a lovely wife and a 5 year old kid. He loves his family very much. His wife, Sima was a nice lady. They got married after dating each other for almost 10 long years. And still after 7 years of their marriage, their passion for each other had not lessened a single bit. Monoj always enjoyed passing time with his wife and his son. In short Monoj was a happily married guy.

But that was not entirely true. There was a completely different Monoj hidden behind his smiley face. Nobody around him had any idea about that, even his wife too. He kept that as a top secret for himself. He had a big obsession watching online porn sites. Gradually, his obsession shifted from watching internet porn to observe real sexy women, whom he meets in everyday life. He especially likes women with big ass. Monoj had a crush for big and round ass from his childhood.

It’s not like Monoj was sexually unhappy with his wife. In fact his wife Sima was more aggressive in their love making and they had a steady sex life. Even they enjoyed oral sex too. But still he couldn’t stop himself from ogling those sexy women, especially the ones with a big round ass. But Monoj kept it all to himself. He never actually tried to flirt with any one of them. He was happy to keep his thoughts to himself and seduce them only in his mind.

But everything has changed when he met Tamanna. Tamanna joined as a copy editor in the same channel. She was a very jolly woman and likes to keep on smiling all the time. She was like a livewire around the office. 

Tamanna was also married to Ravi, who was also a well-established actor. She was around 28 years of age, long black hair, nice eyes, full lips, two round boobs and the most liking part for Monoj was her bottom assets. Tamanna had by far the sexiest big round ass Monoj ever saw. Tamanna was a Brahmin girl and because of it, her skin color was quite fair too. She was not too slim like today’s zero figure girls but she was also not that fat. She had a curvy body with right amount of fats at right places. With her average height, all total Tamanna was a goddess in Monoj’s fantasy world. 

Every time he saw her, he felt a strong desire to touch her tempting curvy figure. He just wanted to feel her lovely ass so badly that sometime he found it difficult to control himself. However, Tamanna knew nothing about it at all. 

Monoj always tried to be close to her whenever he got opportunity. Once or twice, he did brushes his hands on her big ass, without making it look like an intentional one. But he never really got the courage to go beyond that, until that fateful day when things started to happen for him.

It was a hot day of summer. Tamanna was wearing a tight KURTA with pants made of very thin materials. The dress makes her look even sexier. It fits into her body perfectly and was revealing her magnificent body curves at full display. The KURTA was of a short one type that ends around her upper thighs. The dress was also a bit tight around her bottom. When she bands herself to pick up something, it stressed to its limits and stuck around her ass like a second skin. That exposed the full roundness of her big melons. Monoj’s mouth went dry when he saw her like that. 

More interestingly when she stood up again, the thin material of her dress stuck between her ass cheeks, exposing her bottom line perfectly. That sparked the fire in his heart for her. At that moment Monoj decided that he should try out his luck on Tamanna. Although it was risky but he decided to took that risk.

So that day when they all gather around for their usual chatting round, Monoj stood besides Tamanna, but a little closer then usual. The conversations start from work to family and so on and on. In between her talking, Tamanna tends to shift her body back and forth and every time she moves back, her ass brushes Monoj’s hand.

Monoj did nothing for few moments. Then when her body moved back again, Monoj pressed his hand lightly on her ass cheeks. His heart started to pound. He didn’t know what will be her reaction. But Tamanna did nothing. She was busy laughing and talking, moving back and forth again and again, brushing her ass on his hand. 

He waited for few seconds. He was enjoying the situation. The little brushing of his hand on her warm skin made him more excited. After some time he gathered all his courage to make his move beyond this little brushing only. This time when she moved back, he lightly cooped her ass. 

Still no reaction from her. Then he got bolder. Monoj again cooped her ass cheek but this time he slightly increased the pressure. 

Suddenly Tamanna stood still. She looked at him from the corner of her eye. Their eyes met, but she didn’t say anything. She turned her head and again got busy chatting with others. That encouraged him to get more adventurous.

Then Monoj started to fondle her ass whenever her body tends to moved back. He kept an eye on her to see her reaction, each time his hand made contact with her soft and firm ass. Tamanna gave him one or two glances, but didn’t try to stop him. She even didn’t shift her position either. That gave Monoj ample hint that she was also enjoying some part of the situation. The sense of her enjoying his act and with no more fear of her complaining made him more valiant and aggressive.

He changed his position a little bit. Tamanna was not watching what he is doing behind her. Now Monoj was standing right behind her. He surveyed her beautiful curves from behind. Monoj could feel the heat coming from her body which was inches away from his own. 

In the meantime, the excitement of touching her ass made his cock hard like a steel rod. A sizable bulge was forming on his trouser which was right behind Tamanna’s round big ass. Then Monoj casually put his arms around Tamanna’s shoulder. Tamanna didn’t mind it as they used to hold each other before too. It was nothing new to her, so she said nothing. She just looked back at him and gave him a smile, and then again got busy with the other colleagues.

But again when her body moved backward, her ass stuck the rocking bulge in Monoj’s trouser. Monoj’s heart was beating fast. He knew she could definitely feel the hard object pocking at her ass. For few seconds, Tamanna remained still. He thought she was going to shout at him. His heart started pounding heavily. 

He stood still there, not knowing what to do. Tamanna stared into his eyes for few seconds. Their eyes met with each other. Monoj’s heart was pounding fast. But then, Tamanna turned her head forward and got busy with her talking.

Monoj took a deep breath of relief. Then Tamanna moved back, and when her ass touched his bulge, she delicately grinded her ass on it. Meantime, Monoj has lost some of his hardness due to the tense situation. But Tamanna’s action made him rock hard again. Monoj got the indication that she was also enjoying the little sexy rubbing of his hard dick on her soft ass.

Then he slowly moved closer to her. He wrapped his arms on her shoulders and pressed himself on her. Tamanna didn’t try to stop him. Now Monoj’s rock hard cock was directly pocking at Tamanna’s soft round ass. Monoj felt like he was in heaven. He slowly started to press his hard dick into her soft ass. 

Tamanna just stood there and let him do his work. After few seconds of rubbing, Monoj’s hard on slides between her puffy ass cheeks. Though they were still clothed, Monoj still could felt the warmth and the softness of Tamanna’s ass on his cock very much. Monoj slowly pushed more of his bulge between her soft ass cheeks. The thin cloth Tamanna was wearing also helped him. He kept his dick firmly planted between her ass crack and slowly started to grind his pelvis on her. Tamanna was also feeling the heat of the situation. He felt her clinching her ass muscles to squeeze his hard cock. The excitement was getting too much for Monoj. He felt like he was going to come right in his pants.

Suddenly Tamanna’s phone started ringing. It was the chief editor who wanted to talk something to her.

Tamanna said, “Ok, I’m coming.”

Then she looked back at Monoj. Monoj released her shoulders. Tamanna gave a final slow push of her ass toward Monoj and then she turned around and excused herself from her friends. When Tamanna left, Monoj pulled out a chair and sat on it to hide his big bulge. Monoj cursed the editor in his mind for interrupting his wild and hot experience with Tamanna. He took out his mobile and started browsing it to hide his emotions.


After an hour or so, Monoj found Tamanna on the parking lot.

Monoj “Hi.”

“Hi,” said Tamanna

“How was that? “Monoj tried to refer to the earlier incident.

“Listen Monoj, I respect you as good friend. What happened there was something unexpected, and I did nothing only not to make a scene for you to get embarrassed. But please, don’t take it other way. I am married and I love my husband very much, and I think same goes to you too. So don’t take it as approval from my side and please don’t try to repeat it again.”

Monoj was taken aback by Tamanna’s comments. But he tried to handle the situation.

“I am sorry if I hurt you, but believe me it was not intentional from my part too. Things just got started and I could not stop myself. And you didn’t object, so I thought you were into it too.” 

Monoj looked at her. Tamanna was looking down, not saying anything. He tried to ease the situation.

“And don’t mind for being straight forward, but your appearance today also helped the cause”

“My what appearance? “Tamanna looked at him.

“I am sorry Tamanna, but when somebody like you wears such a hot dress on such a beautiful figure, men are bound to get attracted to you.”

The word beautiful made Tamanna blush a bit. Her cheeks became red as a smile appeared on her face.

“You naughty, so you were ogling my figure?”

“No ” Monoj replied “I was not ogling, rather I was enjoying the god’s most alluring creation. “


“I swear Tamanna, now you have to agree with me that you do possess an appealing body, by far the best I’ve seen. Seriously, you should be doing modeling.”

Monoj’s words made Tamanna feel a bit proud. After all when will women stop loving praised by men? Monoj saw the changing expression on her face.

” Tamanna, I am sorry if I hurt your feelings today. I really don’t know what happened then. I just could not control myself. It’s your dress, you are looking so dam good in it, I just got carried away.”

“Hooom, so you mean my dress is the main culprit?”

Tamanna asked him. He sensed that her tone was no angrier.

“No Tamanna,I mean,”

“Then what , my figure?”

“No … I mean yes… Well you know… What to say.”

“So you are saying that my dress and figure did this to you?”

“Well Tamanna … I have already said that I am sorry…but you know the answer…don’t you?”

Tamanna blushed again. She looked down for few seconds then looked up straight into his eyes.

“So tell me, am I really that beautiful?”

Now Monoj got the chance to make an impression on her.

“Come on Tamanna, you must have well aware of it from the looks you got from every man you have meet so far.”

“Yes… but no one said so frankly before like you did.”

“Well may be they all afraid as you don’t look like a girl who likes flirting.”

“Really… then how come you talk to me like this?”

“Well… as you see the incident today changed my point of view a bit.”

Tamanna looked down shyly.

“So what do you think of me now?

“That you are also a woman who enjoys some harmless touching…he he he.”

Monoj started laughing to ease the conversation a bit. Tamanna also smiled at him.

“Well that’s it and it’s only for once, don’t think of it again …ok.”

“Ok,” said Monoj” So now you are not angry with me then. Means we are still good friends?”

“As long as you keep your words… yes,”

“So can I give you a hug?”

“Why not”

Monoj hugged Tamanna in a friendly manner. But he could not resist himself from touching her ass lightly for one last time.

“What are you doing Monoj?”

“Just taking the pleasure of the softness your big assets for one last time,”

“You naughty ” said Tamanna and they separated and went to their works.


Things went on as usual after that for about a month. Monoj and Tamanna started working as nothing had happened. Although Monoj did enjoys every now and then the mild brushing of Tamanna’s body whenever they work together. After their last conversation they both became more frank with each other. They used to talk more about their work and family, hobbies etc. Day by day, it became usual for Monoj to hold her when they use to talk about work projects. Although Tamanna reminded Monoj to never cross the line, she also didn’t object to his occasional touching. Sometime when he got opportunity, Monoj did slap her ass friendly manner. Tamanna used to give him a mock angry look, but never really said anything.

Although Tamanna thought that Monoj will keep his word, Monoj still fantasies about her. He thought about her nice round ass, how he would play with them, how he would suck them. He also dreamed about her lovely boobs. How soft they will be, how good it would be to suck her nipple. Monoj also thought about her full lips. He just wanted to put his lips on her juicy lips and suck out all the honey from them. But it was all in his imaginations only. In real, he kept himself satisfied with those occasional brushing and fondling only.


Then came the event, which changed everything forever for Monoj and Tamanna. It was a 5 days tour to a remote village where Tamanna has to go for making an exclusive report. The management decided that some senior assistance would be handy for her, and so they decided to send Monoj with her. Monoj could not believe his luck. The thought of with Tamanna for 5 days alone made him very excited.

So after two days, they were at the remote village where Tamanna was making her report on various local problems. The election was near, so it would reflect the work done by the local MLA. After working the whole day at the village, they returned to the nearby town where they were staying in a hotel. After reaching the hotel, they both went to their rooms. Monoj took a bath then he came to the restaurant. He found her already sitting there.

“Hi,” Monoj said

“Hi, come, sit here. I have ordered wine.”

“You are Brahmin… aren’t you? “Monoj asked Tamanna

“So what…Brahmins don’t get tired or what,”

“Well I am just asking…but I will have a scotch instead,”

Monoj asked the waiter to bring him one black dog with ice. The waiter came back within 5 minute with both of their drinks. Tamanna gulped down her first glass like she didn’t have water all day. Then she poured her another glass. Monoj asked her

“Hey, you don’t drink wine like that,”

“Oh I feel so tired; my whole body is paining from the long walks. I just need some quick relief.” 

“Then why don’t you try a cocktail. It wills soothe you quicker than the wine.”

“No way, I can’t. It will be too strong for me. And besides, Ravi also don’t allow me taking hard drinks.”

“How would he know if you don’t tell him? Anyway, it’s up to you, I am just suggesting it for your benefit. “

Tamanna posed for a moment. Then she said “Ok, ask one for me. But I don’t know about cocktails. So you decide what to order.”

Monoj’s eyes lightened up. He thought about the opportunity presented in front of him. He knew if he can make her a bit drunk, he can take advantage of the situation to fulfill some of his long awaited fantasy. He decided to take the chance.

“Ok” said Monoj and then he went up to the barman and asked him to give a screwdriver. Then Monoj gave him 500 bucks and asked him to put more vodka and sweetness then the original cocktail. The barman got the hint and smiled at him. He made the cocktail as ordered and Monoj brought the glass to Tamanna. 

He took his scotch and said “Cheers”

“Cheers ” said Tamanna as she took her cocktail and took a sip.

“Wow, it’s strong, but tests good too.”

“See, I told you. You will also feel relax pretty soon.”

“Hey is it too strong or what?”


“Nothing, you just said I will feel relaxed pretty soon.”

Monoj felt a bit nervous. Did she notice him giving money to the bartender? Then he looked at the bar area and relieved to find out that it was not visible from their table.

“I just said quicker than the wine. Come on Tamanna, are you doubting me?”

“No no, sorry, I am just joking. But don’t take any advantages if I do get drunk, ha ha ha ha.”

“Ha ha ha ha,” 

Monoj also laughed with her. Then they sipped their drinks quietly for few moments. Monoj kept on checking her. He saw the vodka slowly started to showing its effects. Tamanna’s cheeks and eyes were getting a bit red. He knew the cocktail was having its effect on her.

Suddenly Tamanna’s cell started ringing.

“It’s Ravi, ” said Tamanna. 

Then she got up from the chair and went out to the balcony to talk with her husband. Monoj stared at her back as she walked away toward the balcony. She was wearing a light grey colored sweat pant and a white short top. The pant was a bit tight and it was showing her shaped legs nicely for everyone’s gaze.

Monoj looked around to see that, all the men present at the restaurant were looking at her nice and round ass as she walks on. Her pant was so tight around her bum that he could see her panty lines too. Monoj looked at her chubby ass cheeks swaying rhythmically, as she walked out to the balcony. The sexy movements of her ass made him hornier than ever for her. 

He observed her as she was talking with her husband. Tamanna was walking from one side to another, while she was talking. Monoj noticed that slowly her movements were getting faster. Tamanna was looked a bit tense. She lifted her one hand high in the air between their conversations. From her body movements, Monoj got a fair idea that something was not right. 

Then she came back. Monoj saw her eyes were red and full of tear. Tamanna sat back on her chair and took the cocktail glass and finished it in one gulp. Then she looked at him.

“Please, can you me bring another one of this?”

Monoj couldn’t believe his luck. His prey wanted to step into his trap all by herself. But he wanted to move slowly.

“Sure…but you may get drunk,”

“Just bring me one… I don’t care if I get drunk.”

Monoj looked at her for few moments. The tears in her eyes told him that she had a fierce fight with her husband. It was the right time for him to try and get more close with her.

He went to the barmen and asked him to repeat the same, but with more vodka and sweet. He thought she may not ask him for one more. So, he wanted to make sure that she does get drunk and he can accomplish his mission. When he came back with the drink, he saw her sobbing. He put the glass in front of her and tried to console her.

“Hey, what happen? Why you are crying Tamanna?”

Tamanna looked up at him

“I’m sorry… It’s nothing.”

She wiped off her tears with a tissue and straightened up herself. Then she took the glass and drank half of it. Monoj saw her face contracting and getting red as she gulped down the strong liqur.

“Hey slow down Tamanna. What’s up? Something’s wrong? Come on, we are friends, you can tell me.”

“It’s nothing.”

“Then why are you crying? Don’t tell me you cry for nothing too.”

“Hanh,” Tamanna smiled at Monoj’s jock. Then she kept staring at her glass for a few second. Then she looked up to Monoj.

“It’s Ravi. He is angry because I came here without informing him.”

“What? You didn’t tell Ravi?”

“No, I tried, but he was out of station for his shooting and I couldn’t get his cell too. So I left a message on our table. Today he arrived home and got angry that I didn’t wait for his return.”

“Well that’s not fair, “said Monoj. Tamanna looked at him. Monoj stared into her eyes. He saw some sadness in her eyes. Tamanna looked down and started sobbing again. Monoj couldn’t keep her like that. He needs to take her to her room. He stood up from his chair.

“Come on Tamanna; lets go to your room. Finish up your drink. I will call for dinner later from our room.”

Tamanna looked up to him. Then she wiped her tears and took the remaining drink in one gulp and stood up to leave. But when she got, up she felt her legs were weak. Monoj noticed it. He knew that two strong cocktail were having their effects on her. He swiftly holds her by wrapping his arm around her waist. Then he took her one arm around his shoulder and told her to leave her body weight on him. 

Tamanna was so weak from the fight and the alcohol that she could do nothing but to comply with him. Monoj took her to her room and sat her on the sofa. Then he locked the door. When he returned, he saw her crying again. This time, Tamanna was crying like she has lost everything.

“Hey hey, Tamanna, please don’t cry Tamanna. Come on, people do fights, its nothing big deal.”

She still kept on crying. Monoj stood close to her. He put one hand on her head and pulled her head to him. He caresses her hair.

“Hey, please don’t cry.”

Tamanna looked up to him with her tearful eyes.

“Come on Tamanna, you are a big girl now. Stop crying like small kids.”

Tamanna slowly stopped her cry.

“That’s it. That’s more like my Tamanna. Why do you need to cry for a little fight?”

“It’s not little fight,” Tamanna said ” It’s, why always me?”

“I don’t understand!”

“You see Monoj, you love your wife?”


“She loves you too?”


“You both are always there for each other?”

“Yes, most of the times, except for the time like this when I have to work outstation.”

“I am not talking about everyday. But you see, people need to be get together for in love, right? I mean how can you love someone when he is not there? “

“Well, I am not getting what you want to say!”

“You see Monoj, I love Ravi very much. I just can’t think about somebody else besides him. But he doesn’t understand it. He always gets too busy with his shootings. I know it’s his profession. But he do have to make time for me too.”

“You mean he didn’t give you time?”

“Well what do you say if I saw him after every 10 or 15 days? The worst is, we were together for only two days in last one month. “

Monoj understood what the fight was about. He realized that she was feeling lonely from a long time. She was really in need of some companion. The situation was getting more and more favorable for him. He knew, with some precise and careful moves, he can seduce her to become his submissive slut. Only thing he needed was patience. He tried to get more personal with her.

“I guess that’s makes you feel very alone?”

“Just imagine. You see, I am also a human being.” 

Tamanna started to open up a bit. The vodka has made her mind light. Monoj also noticed that her tongue was getting a bit heavy from the alcohol. 

“So Tamanna, why didn’t you tell this things before? After all we are friends.”

“What’s the point? Now I’m telling you. But what can we do? ” Tamanna looked at him.

“Well you can look forward to make some relationship, which can make you feel good. Making out with other people can reduce your loneliness.”

” Well, that’s why I used to keep chatting around with people. But there’s some things, which can’t be fulfill only by talking. Sorry, what am I saying.”

Tamanna felt embarrassed that she got too personal with Monoj. Her head was heavy and she was not thinking properly. Monoj smiled at her.

” It’s ok Tamanna. Don’t feel sorry. You have to talk to somebody to relieve your tension. Then why not me! After all we are good buddies too. ha ha ha. ” 

Monoj tried to ease up the tension. So far, things were going in his favor. He knew that if he made the right move, he could set his goal tonight.

Tamanna was not saying anything. Her mind was full of thoughts. She didn’t want to be too personal with Monoj, but she also wanted to share her feelings with somebody from a long time. Her conscious mind was saying they should stop the discussion before it goes too far. But the fight with Ravi made her angry too. Why does she always have to be the sufferer?

Monoj watched her changing emotions. He sensed the growing conflict in her mind. He thought it’s time to move the conversation forward.

“So why don’t you try to go out with other people?”

“What do you mean? No way. I can’t break Ravi’s trust.”

“But, what you don’t know, doesn’t breaks your trust too.”


“Means, if Ravi don’t know anything, it won’t break his trust too. And you also don’t have to feel the guilt of being unfaithful.”

Tamanna remained silent for few moments. Then she looked straight into his eyes.

“What exactly you mean by going out with other people? You mean having sex with other people? sorry I can’t do that.”

Tamanna looked a bit angry, but Monoj was in no mood to backing off.

“Who says sex! There are some other ways too. After all you are not only sex starving, are you?”

Monoj’s question kept her quite. He just hit her weakest point. She really needed a good hard fucking. But she was not yet ready to cheat her husband. Monoj watched her keeping quite. He thought he may be going too fast. So he tried to ease the tension.

“Hey hey, sorry sorry, I mean it does not always have to be the S only. There are some other ways too.”

Tamanna looked at him with confused eyes.


“Like talking, means talking and sharing everything. Some time a bit dirty too, ha ha ha ha. And some little harmless touching.”

“Like you did with me whenever you got the chance.”

“Hey, those were friendly ok.”

“So which are sexy?”

Tamanna stopped after saying it. They are going too far now. Monoj sensed her little dilemma. But he was determined to break the ice. He knew she was not fully conscious. He could sense her drowsy condition and didn’t want to let the opportunity go by.

“Well, if you want to, then I can saw you some erotic touches.”

Tamanna remained silent. She was not sure what to say. Monoj thought, may he should go slow on her.

“Ok, no erotic. But what about some shoulder massage? You will feel better too.”

Tamanna thought a bit. After the daylong hard work, she does would like to have that massage. 

“So Tamanna, do you want it or not?”

“I don’t know, what Ravi will think!”

“Come on Tamanna, it’s only a massage. And how would he know if you won’t tell him?”

Tamanna thought for a while. The vodka has already makes her mind quite dizzy. Then the earlier fight with Ravi came to her mind. She thought to hell with Ravi.

“Ok, but only the shoulder massages, nothing else?”

“I promise.”

Monoj’s eyes lit up the moment he heard her yes. He moved around the sofa and got behind it. Then he put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her body to rest on the sofa’s back. Then, he slowly started to massage her shoulder. He slowly rubbed her shoulder blades up to the neck. Monoj did know the art of massaging quite well and soon his fingers started to create magic on her body, which washed away all of her stresses. Tamanna closed her eyes. Her mind was drifting away to another world. She didn’t care about Ravi anymore. All she wanted was relief. Monoj looked down to her. He saw her cleavages popping out of her low cut top. He felt a huge urge to touch those round breasts, but somehow he controlled his hands. 

Tamanna was feeling really wonderful. She was enjoying the lovely touch of his hands. After giving her a good long massage, Monoj stopped and asked her

“So how are you feeling now?”

“That was really wonderful…thanks Monoj.”

“Well if you want to, then I can give the same treatment to your other body parts too. I mean your feet, back.” 

Meanwhile, the alcohol had made her totally inebriated. Her mind was not thinking properly about the situation, where was it heading. She only wanted to enjoy the lovely touch of his hands on her body, aching from the long days work.

“Ok, actually my feet are hurting a lot.”

“Just leave them to my care. Now you have to get up and lay on the bed.”

Tamanna got up from the sofa, but was unable to stand properly. Monoj came around to hold her and took her toward the bed. Monoj was looking at her and smiling. He was pleased that his secret plane was going on exactly as he wanted till now. When they reached the bed, Monoj laid her on her back. She closed her eyes and immediately collapsed into a sleepy condition. 

Monoj sat on the bed near her feet. He admired her for few moments. Then he took her right feet in his lap, and started to rub it from the toe to her fingertips. Tamanna felt very relaxed as if all her pain was gone. After he gave her right feet a good long massage, he started doing the same with her left feet. Monoj also enjoyed touching her soft legs. He closely examined her shaped legs.

Tamanna has a nice pair of legs. Her hips were round and firm. The tight sweat pants exposed the shape of her legs perfectly. Monoj looked up to her groin. He saw a slight bulge around her crotch. The pant was so tight that it revealed her pussy mound too. 

That made him hornier than ever. He decided to get more aggressive. He put down her feet and then he got up and sat a little further up on the bed, around her knees. Then he took her right leg and placed it on his right shoulder. 

The sudden change in posture awakened Tamanna from her trance. She opened her eyes and asked him with her heavy tongue.

“What are you doing?”

“Relax Tamanna. I am just going to massage your legs too, think you need it too!”

Tamanna’s already dizzy mind didn’t found it offensive.

“Ok, if you are so kind to me,” and she closed her eyes again.

Monoj started to massage her leg. He started from her calf muscles. Slowly he moved his hands toward her knee. After some time, Monoj’s hands were on her thigh. Monoj was thrilled by touching her soft round thigh, although she was still in her clothes. Then slowly, he moved his hands towards her upper thigh. Monoj was looking at her face to see any sign of objection. But what he saw was a cheer delight in her face. Although her eyes were closed, Monoj could feel from her expressions that his touch was creating some short of fire in her too. Her long starved body started to like his ministrations of her legs.

Slowly his hands came nearer to her groin area. Monoj lightly brushed the back of his hand to her pussy mound. He waited to see any reaction from her. But Tamanna lay still with her eyes closed. Then Monoj did it again, with a little more pressure on her pussy mound. Still no reaction. Monoj sensed that he was nearing his goal.

Then he put down her right leg and got up from the bed. He came around and sat on the other side of the bed. Then he took her left leg on his left shoulder and started doing the same thing. Pretty soon his hands were at her upper thigh, and then near her groin brushing her pussy mound again. Monoj can’t believe that he was actually rubbing his hands on her pussy mound. He saw her pussy lips were also swelling up a bit. He was sure that in her unconscious mind, Tamanna was also enjoying the little erotic touching. Monoj thought it’s time to move on for further action. 

“Tamanna, please turn around so can I massage your back too.”

Tamanna didn’t utter a word and turned her body. She was lying on her belly face down. Monoj watched her voluptuous ass, cladded in her tight sweat pants, which exhaustively exposes her round buttock for his pleasure. Monoj felt a strong urge to put his mouth on her beautiful ass, and keep on sucking that soft melon. But, somehow he controlled himself.

He began to rub her back, starting from her waist and gradually move up to her shoulder backs. Tamanna once again lost in his magical touch. Monoj watched her as he kept on rubbing her back. He also sensed her getting lost in his sensual massage. Then he slowly put his fingers under the hem of her top. Slowly he touched her bare skin. Then he started to massage her bare back, moving his hands upward. His hands slowly pulled up her top gradually as his hands moves higher on her back. Soon Tamanna has her top pulled up to expose her necked back to his pleasure. His fingers were feeling so good on her that, she was not aware of the situation at all. 

Monoj was thrilled as his hands touched her soft and smooth skin. His hands were roaming all over her bare back, spreading a titillating pleasure across her body. Monoj also felt her responding to his touches on her necked skin. The sight of her half necked body and her juicy ass in front of his eyes, made him more aroused. His hard member had already formed a big tent in his trouser. He needs to do something about it.

Monoj looked at her. She was in her own pleasure world not bothering about his actions. She was completely lost in the intoxication of the vodka. Monoj noticed her condition and decided to move fast.

Monoj got up on the bed and straddled her around her hips. In that position, Monoj could reach her entire back from her waist to her shoulder. The big bulge in his trouser was just above her big round ass. Tamanna couldn’t see it as, she was laying face down. Monoj again stared to rub her bare waist. Then slowly, he started to move his hands on her silky smooth skin up towards her shoulders. 

When Monoj leaned forward, his big bulge nudged her soft ass. Monoj felt wonderful about it but he also get tensed. He paused to see Tamanna’s reaction. But when he didn’t see any reaction from her, he slowly began to rub his bulge on her plumpy ass with the rhythm of his hands, massaging her back. 

Tamanna, with her dizzy mind also felt the hard cock pocking her ass. She sensed his intention of taking advantages of her situation. But at that moment, all she cares about was the soothing effects of his hands on her long neglected body. Actually she was enjoying the male attention she’s receiving after a long period of time. So she didn’t reacted at all and let the things go on. The alcohol has already washed away all her thoughts about her husband, her family and society. Right now, she wanted his touches more than anything else. She thought Monoj also deserved his share of pleasure as he took care of all her problems so far. And they have done this before too. She thought, what harm in this if Monoj does it again.

Actually, Tamanna was also enjoying the little erotic pleasure. May be for the fact that she didn’t have any sexual activities for last one month, her body was responding to Monoj’s little ministrations. Especially the feeling of his hard cock poking on her ass, made her a bit aroused too. The illicitness of the act made her even hotter. Although they were still clothed, Tamanna felt his hard dick was pushing between her ass cheeks along with the thin material of her sweat pants. Tamanna felt her pussy started to get wet. She was surprise to find the fact that her body has started to acts on its own.

After some moments, she started to push back her ass to Monoj’s cock without even knowing it. Monoj felt the sudden change in her action. He felt her trying to grind her ass into his hardness. He also pushed his bulge with more pressure into her ass. Slowly, he also started to grind his dick on her soft ass. His hands were massaging her back from waist to neck. Then he slowly moved his hands to the side of her body. Soon his fingers lightly touched her bra cladded breast from the sides. 

Tamanna was already in a deep trance. So not finding any objection from her, Monoj slowly started to fondle her soft breasts from both sides. His big bulge was also grinding her hot ass with intense pressure. The whole scene was look like; Monoj was slowly fucking Tamanna in her ass while fondling her breast too. 

Monoj felt her body quivering under him as he intensifies the grinding. Monoj could feel the heat of her soft ass on his hard prick, although both were still on their clothes. Then, he heard a low moan came out of her mouth. He got the signal. Tamanna was hot and ready. 

He removed his hands from her boobs and slides them down to her waist. Then he slowly puts his hands on her lovely ass and squeezes her soft ass cheeks to see her reaction. Tamanna did nothing to stop him. Then he tugged his fingers inside her pant’s waistline and slowly started to pull it down. When he manages to pull it halfway to expose her nice round ass cladded in her white silk panty, the material stuck under her body weight. He need to put more pressure to further pull it down, but he was afraid, that might also wake her up from her semi-conscious state. So he slowly inserted his hands under her belly and tried to turn her around. 

Tamanna still in her sleepy condition turned around and lay on her back. Monoj saw her eyes were closed. He noticed her breathing steady. He was sure that she was totally lost and in a state of unconsciousness. He slowly pulled up her top to expose her bra. Then he put his hands on her beautiful boobs. He felt a small jolt in her body. He waited to see her reaction. Tamanna remained still with her eyes closed. Then he holds her soft boobs in his hands and he slowly started to fondle them. 

His bulge was now touching her swelling pussy mound. He started grind his hard dick on her pussy above her pants along with his hands busy fondling her soft boobs. Although she was still sleepy, Tamanna also liked the feeling of the hard cock pocking at her hot pussy. He saw her responding to his grindings by pushing up her pussy to meet his slow thrust. 

Monoj smiled at his little success of trapping her into his lewd plane. So far everything was working perfectly just as he planned. The way Tamanna’s body was twitching under him, Monoj knew that she was quite hot by now. He also heard low soft moans coming from her mouth. Monoj thought, it’s the right time for him to implement his actual plane.

Monoj slowly removed her bra to exposed her boobs necked for him. He couldn’t stop himself from admiring her beautiful breasts. They were round and perfectly shaped. Not too big, not too small. Her nipples were pink and already erect and pointing upward. He saw her boobs having up and down with her heavy breaths. Monoj slowly took both her breasts in his hands. They felt so soft and firm. Then he slowly started to press her boobs. He looked into her eyes to see any reaction from her. But Tamanna was only breathing heavy with her eyes closed. Then he took her erect nipples between his fingers and slowly started to 

Manipulate them.


Monoj heard a clear moan coming from her mouth. Her eyes were still closed, but she was biting her own lips in a seductive way. Monoj lowered his head towards her chest and very mildly he licked her right nipple. He felt her body shivered under him, but he still didn’t find any objection from her. Then he slowly licked her entire right breast. He heard her moan again.


Then he took the nipple in his mouth and started to suck it. His right hand was fondling her left breast now. Tamanna felt the wetness on her nipple, but she was so lost in her own pleasure that she didn’t bothered to see what was going on. She was only enjoying the long missed touches on her long starved body. At that moment she was not in condition to see that slowly, things were going out of her control.

Monoj was now sucking her breast like a boy sucking milk from his mother. He felt her body was trembling under him. Monoj then left her right breast and started to suck her left one. His hands were traveling downward to her belly. He was sucking her left breast while massaging her belly. His hard cook was now pocking at her pussy mound real hard and Tamanna was also grinding her pussy into his cock. Then Monoj stopped sucking her breast and began to work his way down her body. As he sided down, his hard dick lost contact with her swelled pussy mound. He saw her pushing up her body to feel the touch again. Monoj smiled knowing that she was now totally at his mercy.

Then he planted a kiss in her belly. He felt her trembling with his kiss. His hands were now at her waist, tugging its fingers into her sweat pants. Then, as he work his way further down, licking to her lower belly, his hands slowly pulled down her pants exposing her panty completely. He saw a wet spot on her white silk panty. 

Tamanna’s pussy was flowing like a river. Monoj could smell the sweet nectar came from her pussy. Then he moved his mouth near her pussy above her panty. He felt her body shaking as he kissed her pussy mound.


Monoj heard the loud moan came from Tamanna’s mouth. He couldn’t wait anymore. He holds her panty with his fingers and with one quick tug, pulled it down to expose her necked pussy for him. 

The sudden jolt woke her up. She opened her eyes and looked down to see her pussy was exposed and Monoj’s mouth was inches away from it. Although her head was still muzzy from the drinks, she thought it’s not right. She has to stop him.

Monoj was so busy watching her hot pussy that he was not aware of her watching him. Tamanna was about to say him to stop, but before the words came out of her mouth, Monoj kissed her pussy. The feeling of his hot mouth on her wet pussy was so good that Tamanna lost all her energy and sense of faithfulness to her husband. She closed her eyes and relishes the pleasure of his mouth on her pussy. 

Tamanna never had an oral sex in her life before. Her body was shivering as Monoj was kissing and licking her pussy all over. His mouth was creating an electric jolt in her body. She was breathing heavy. Her breasts were rising up and down with her long breaths. Monoj looked up to her and knew that she was totally into his game.

Then Monoj stopped sucking and inspected her pussy closely. Tamanna had a clean pussy as she shaved it every day. Tamanna’s pussy lips were bigger than his wife, but beautifully shaped. They looked perfect and fresh, like a teenage girl. Although Tamanna was not a teenager anymore, but because she didn’t have regular sex with her husband, that kept her pussy fresh like a virgin girl. Monoj brought his face closer to her pussy and smelled the nice and strong scent coming from it. 

Tamanna could also feel his hot breaths on her pussy. Her body was quivering in anticipation of his kisses on her pussy again. But Monoj had other plane. He wanted to savor the situation a little more. He decided to tease her a bit more. So instead of kissing her pussy lips, Monoj kissed her half exposed thighs. After kissing and lightly biting her milky soft thighs for few minutes, Monoj started to lick his way down on her legs. Along with that, he started to pull her half open trouser and panty down from her thighs. And to his surprise, Tamanna also cooperated by lifting her body. Soon her pants along with her panty were out of her legs and lying down on the floor.

Monoj looked up at her naked body, except for the top hanging around her neck. He couldn’t believe that his dream girl was actually lying naked in front of him. He quickly started to remove his own cloths while enjoying the beautiful sight in front of him. Tamanna couldn’t see it as her eyes were closed. Soon he was out of his cloths, except his boxer which was hardly able to contain his big hard dick. 

Then he approached her from her feet. First he planted a kiss on her feet, and then slowly he started to lick her leg upward with his tongue. Tamanna’s body was twisting like a fish out of water. Her body couldn’t hide the sheer delight anymore. As Monoj’s face was nearing her upper thighs, Tamanna spread her legs involuntarily to allow him better access to her pussy. Monoj smiled at this and then he licked her inner thighs. 

Tamanna’s whole body was shaking. She was having the most pleasurable experience of her life. Her pussy was flooded with her juices. Monoj slowly brought his mouth to her pussy. Tamanna spread her legs wider in anticipation of his mouth on her pussy again. She could feel his hot breaths on her pussy. Then Monoj kissed her pussy lips. 


Tamanna moaned out loud as the feel of his mouth was too exquisite for her. He then took out his tongue and licked her entire labia. Tamanna shudders as his wet tongue plays with her sensitive pussy, awakening her buried passion. She couldn’t stop herself from moaning out loud again.


Monoj slowly licked her pussy lips, making his tongue roam on the wet soft skin around her pussy. He kissed her left pussy lip, and then with his tongue gave that sensitive pussy petal a lazy hard lick. That made Tamanna shudders and cries out as her pussy was on fire. He took her pussy lip between his lips and started sucking on it. He sucked her pussy lips for a few seconds then gave her pussy a long slow lick making her buck her hips for more.

Monoj started licking at her sensitive clit like a hungry cat and Tamanna started shuddering and twisting her head side to side. He puts her clit in his mouth and started sucking on it hard. Tamanna felt like she will die of the pleasure. Then he started to tongue fucks her. His fingers found her clit and started to play with it. 

That was too much for Tamanna. She felt like she was in heaven. She couldn’t hide her feelings anymore. She brought her hands to Monoj’s head and started to pulled him more into her pussy and lifted her pussy up to get more of his tongue in her pussy. Monoj puts his right arm under her soft ass and started to fondle her soft ass cheek while his tongue was giving Tamanna the pleasure of her life. Soon Tamanna was moaning in delight.

“Oonnhhh, oooohhh, yes, oooonnnhhhhh”

She holds his head tightly and pushed up her pussy to his face with more force. Her grip was so tight that Monoj found it difficult to breath, but somehow he managed it. Tamanna was moaning like hell now.

“Ooonnnhhh, oooohhh, ooooonnnnhhhh”

Monoj then moved his hand to her anus and started to rub her ass whole with his thumb. The pleasure was too much for Tamanna to bear and she lets the waves of the biggest orgasm of her life wash over her with a loud scream. 

“Ooonnnhhhh, ooommmm, ooooohhhh, uuunnnhhhhh, oooonnnhhhh, huuummmmm”

Tamanna felt like she was seeing stars all around her head. Her body started to shake violently as waves after waves of her orgasm hits her. Monoj also felt her coming. He started lapping up all the juice that her pussy has produced, licking all around her needy pussy. He kept on sucking her pussy until her orgasm subsides completely. After few moments Tamanna’s breaths become normal and she loosed her grip on his head. She felt totally exhausted after having the most incredible orgasm of her life.

Monoj looked at her lying on her back, breathing heavily, her bra cups were pushed up, showing her erect nipples, legs spread and pussy wet. He smiles knowing he has caused this but he was not finished yet. Now it’s his turn to enjoy. Monoj gave her pussy a last kiss and looked up to her. Tamanna was now lying with her eyes closed taking deep long breath.

Monoj removed his boxer to free his 9” long hard dick to breathe the free air. Then he laid on top her and kissed her belly. Slowly he began to work his way up, kissing her body all along. Tamanna was too tired to stop him from doing anything. Soon his mouth was on her boobs. He took her left nipple between his teethes and bite it lightly while his tongue was licking the entire breast. His left hand was busy playing with her right nipple. He took it between his fingers and started to play with it. 

Tamanna yet not fully recovered from her intense orgasm and was not objecting to any of his action. As he slides upward, his hard thick dick also brushed along her thighs. Tamanna felt the hard cook head pocking inside of her soft tender thighs, which causes her pussy to tingle again. Then Monoj left her boobs to move his way further up and kissed her lips. 

Tamanna had a strange feeling. For the first time she was been kissed by somebody other than her husband Ravi. And yet she was not stopping him. Her long sex starved body started to like it. Soon she started to kiss him back too. She could test her own pussy juices on his lips. 

Monoj started to suck her soft juicy lips like a boy sucking candy. He tried to put his tongue in her mouth which she allowed by opening up her lips. Soon their tongues dueled and danced in her warm watery mouth. Then without breaking his kiss, Monoj moved his hands to her round thighs and wrapped them with his hands. His hard dick was now only inches away from her wet pussy. Then he slowly started to spread her thighs wide and moved between her wide open thighs.

Suddenly Tamanna came to her sense that things were going too far too quick. She realized what he wanted to do. She thought about Ravi. She can’t betray her husband. She had to stop Monoj from ravaging her marriage. She tried to speak, but unable to sound a word as her lips were blocked by his passionate kissing. She tried to push him off with her hands. But her hands were too weak to match with Monoj’s strength. Suddenly she realized the vulnerability of her situation. With her legs spread wide and Monoj on top her; Tamanna knew she had very little chance to stop the inevitable.

Monoj felt her little resistance too, but he knew it’s now or never. If he doesn’t do it now, he may not get the chance again. And he also knew that, once he able to fill her with his big hard dick, she will become addicted to it. And with the kind of pathetic husband she had, he can easily transform her from a faithful wife to a cock loving slut. Then he can use her as his mistress for a long period of time to come.

Monoj further spreads her thighs forcefully and moved himself up till the tip of his 9″ long fat cock touched her pussy lips. Tamanna also felt the bulbous cock head poking at her pussy lips. She tried to close her thighs to stop his advance for one last time, but could do nothing as he holds them firmly with his hands. Then he started to rub his hard cock head along her wet slit to find the opening of her love hole. After rubbing it between her moist pussy lips for few seconds, finally he got his hard mushroom shaped forehead logged at her moist opening. Monoj felt the warmth of her pussy on his cock head. Then he slowly started to Push his thick cock into her warm watery cunt. 

But, despite the fact that Tamanna was married and her pussy was wet from the recent orgasm, Monoj found it real difficult to push his thick cock inside her. He felt like he was fucking a virgin girl. Monoj clinched his teethes and pushed his hard dick with all his force. The thick head parted her pussy lips wide and slowly plopped into her dripping hole. Tamanna felt a sharp pain shoot through her body. Although it’s not her first sex, the girth of his cock was still too much for her married pussy. Monoj also could feel the vice like grip of her pussy walls on his cock head. He remained still for some moments to let her get used to his girth. He was now sure that Ravi doesn’t have a much thicker dick. That made him feels a little proud too that he will be the first one to give her the real fucking of her life. He felt pity about Ravi as he would never be able to satisfy his wife again. 

Monoj started to suck her lovely boobs one by one. He wanted to make her more arouse so she could become more comfortable with his thick cock. Then slowly he started to push more of his thick cock meat into the warm embrace of her already wet and hot pussy. Tamanna screamed as she felt like a hot knife was shoved into her pussy. 


But Monoj was not bothered about her pain anymore. He wanted to ram his hard dick all the way into her sweet pussy. With some short but forceful stroke, Monoj was able to push half his thick cock meat into the warm, watery and tight sheath of her pussy. Tamanna was twisting and writhing under him as she felt the pain was unbearable. Her pussy was stretched like never before. She used to take Ravi’s dick in her without many difficulties. But Monoj’s cock was much thicker than Ravi. When Monoj pushed about one third of his cock in her, Tamanna thought he was 

Completely inside her as he had reached to the point of Ravi’s length. But soon she was surprised as he kept on pushing and his fat cock head plunged deeper into her love whole, entered the virgin territory of her pussy. Tamanna had mixed feelings of both pain and an indescribable pleasure deep inside her. 

Monoj also could feel the increasing tightness of her pussy. He realized that his was now entering her still untouched places. Tamanna was writhing with agonizing pain as inch by inch, Monoj shoved his thick cock deeper into her love hole. He kept on pushing until their pubic bones meets. His cock head touched her cervix and his balls came to rest on her soft ass. He had buried his entire 9″ long dick inside her warm stretched pussy.

Then Monoj lay still there. He let her pussy get used to the thickness of his monster. He was also enjoying the tight yet velvety grip of her pussy on his hard dick. He just wanted to stay like that forever with his thick cock embedded in her hot tight pussy.

Tamanna was squirming under him as his thick cock causing her immense pain. She felt like a thick hot rod shoved deep into her belly. She was panting heavily and grasped the bed sheet to control her scream. Still she couldn’t stop the groan.

“Aaaannnhhhh, aaannnhhhhh, uuuuhhhh”

Then Monoj slowly withdrew his thick cock meat from her pussy, till only the bulbous head remained in her. That gave her some respite, but only for few seconds as he immediately pushed his thick cock back into the warm captivity of her tight pussy. Tamanna cries out in pain.

“Aaaaannnhhhhh, aaaannnggghhhh”

Monoj pushed his cock deeper into her tight pussy till his head touched her cervix again. Then he withdrew his fat cock almost out of her wet pussy and again slowly pushed into her warm watery sheath. Slowly he settled into a rhythm and fucked her with slow long strokes.

Tamanna felt a new tingle as his cock head hits her cervix every time he shoved his dick deep into her. She never thought that a cock can be as long as the one inside her. Tamanna felt like she was totally filled. By then, she also accepted the fact that she was going to be fucked by Monoj’s big cock and she could do nothing about it. She thought its better she should try to enjoy it. She spreads her legs wider to ease up the pain his thick cock meat was causing her. She also realized that her body was really starved for a good fucking as still after knowing that, the thick cock buried deep into her pussy was not of her husband, instead of feeling any guilt, her mind and body started to like it.

Monoj was slowly moving his cock in and out of her warm pussy. Tamanna moaned loudly, panting and whimpering as his thick hard cock slides deeper in her, stretching her pussy real wide. She spreads her legs as wide as she can to accommodate his girth into her petite pussy. Monoj also savored the tight grip of her velvety pussy walls on his cock. He never expected her to be so tight. The friction of his fat dick on her tight sheath was getting too much for him. Soon he started to increase his speed. He started to pound her tight pussy like a machine. Tamanna’s moans were now became little cries.

“Uuunngghhh, ooommhhh, uuunnngghhh”

Monoj was not bothered about her pain anymore. All he wanted now to fuck her tight pussy real hard. He wanted to fuck her little cunt so hard that her loser husband will never be able to satisfy her in future. He piston her pussy with his hard cock like a steam engine in full swing. 

Tamanna also felt the initial discomfort has gone and now she could feel a sweet pain spread across her body and mind. Every time Monoj pushed his thick cock deep into her pussy, the head stuck her cervix, which gave a jolt to her body. That was a whole new experience for her. She started to enjoy his rough fucking. Her legs were now spread wide and she bucked up her hips to meet his thrusts. His balls were now bouncing on her ass as he was shoving his entire 9″ thick cock meat into her dripping pussy with one long fast stroke. The room was filled with her screams and the slapping sound of his groin touching hers.

“Aaannnnhhh, aaaaannngghhh, ooooommmmhhhh”


“Aaaannnnhhhh, oooommhhhhh, aaannnhhhh, ooommmhhhh”


“Aaaannnnnggghhh, oooohhhh, aaannngghhh, uuunnngghhh”


“Aaaannngghhhh, iissshhhh, ooonnngghhhh, aaaaannhhhhaaaa”

Monoj moved his hands to her ass and cupped her ass cheeks with his both hands. Then he started to pump his cock real hard into her poor accepting pussy. He knew he couldn’t hold himself too long. Tamanna also felt him breathing heavy. She sensed him nearing his orgasm. She could feel his cock expanding more inside her pussy. She was not in pills. So she tried to stop him from coming in her.

“Monoj, please don’t,”

But before she could complete her words, Monoj pushed his cock deep into her for the final time and started to come inside her pussy. Tamanna could feel his cock head stuck to her cervix and pulsating inside her pussy as he shot his hot sperms deep inside her pussy, right into her womb. Spurt after sprat of his hot semen filled up her belly. The sensation was too much for her and she also started have her own orgasm. Monoj could feel her pussy walls squeezing his cock as if she wanted to suck out all of his juices. He kept on shooting his sperm into her till he flooded her pussy with his semen.

Then after depositing the last drop of his seed into her, Monoj laid flat above her. He felt totally spent. He lay on top her until his cock became soft, then he pulled out his limp dick from her pussy and got off from her top and laid beside her. Tamanna felt a huge void inside her as his thick cock slides out of her sloppy pussy. She knew that her pathetic husband’s average dick will never be able to fill the huge vacuum, left by Monoj’s thick cock in her well stretched pussy. 

Tamanna took a deep breath and turned to the other side. Completely exhausted, she closed her eyes and soon falls asleep. Monoj wrapped his hand around her to hold her soft breast. His soft and flaccid cock was nudging her big ass. Monoj thought about fucking her ass, but he knew he had plenty of time to do so. 

He was also pretty tired and soon he fall asleep too.

Next morning when she woke up, Tamanna was surprised to find herself all necked, except for her bra and top hang around her neck. She tried to remember last night’s incidents. She wished she was only dreaming about the whole incident. But Monoj’s hand on her breast brought her to reality, that it was not her dream. She could also feel her pussy soaring, due to the hard fucking by Monoj’s big cock. Slowly the images of last night’s came to her mind. Tamanna remembered, how his thick cock had stretched her pussy. It was really wonderful to feel his thick hard cock deep in her pussy, filling her completely.

Tamanna feel ashamed of her own thoughts. She carefully removed his hand from her boob, and turned around to face him. Monoj was lying on his back, in deep sleep. Then she shifted her gaze down to see his cock, which was now limp and laying on his belly. It was for the first time, she saw his cock in real. Also, it was only the second cock she saw in her real life, after her husband’s average size dick. Suddenly, she got curious to inspect the tool that had transformed 

her from a faithful wife, into a cock loving whore. 

She looked at his face and saw him sleeping sound. Then She got up and moved to sit near his crotch. She observed his thick cock closely. She found that although it was not hard yet, the size could nearly match with her husband’s fully erect cock. She was really surprised to see the girth of his dick. It could be easily beat the size of Ravi, and yet it was not even erect. Tamanna understood why her pussy was soaring so much. The thought of last night’s fucking made her little arouse again. She could feel her pussy moistening up again.

Tamanna was so mesmerized by Monoj’s cock that, she didn’t noticed Monoj woke up and was watching her, looking at his cock. Tamanna’s beautiful face was now only inches away from his manhood. Monoj could feel her hot breaths on his cock. The sight of Tamanna watching his cock with such concentration, made him aroused again. Tamanna saw his cock twisted and she pull back her head with a shock.

“Don’t worry, it won’t bite you.” Said Monoj.

Tamanna turned back and saw him staring right into her eyes. she was really embarrassed of being caught up red-handed, watching his cock with such 

enthusiasm. She lowered her eyes, and cursed herself for being lost so much into watching his cock, that she couldn’t see him woke up. 

“Err, I was just watching, I mean!” Tamanna was not sure what to say. She was so nervous; she didn’t find words to reply.

“So do you like it?” Monoj asked her.

Tamanna looked at him. Monoj had a crooked smile on his face. Tamanna turned her head and looked back at his now fully erect cock. 

“Is it look like Ravi’s one?” Monoj asked her again. Tamanna didn’t reply him. Instead she looked into his thick long dick, jutting up from his belly like a flag pole.

“You can touch it if you want to.” Monoj said. He could see her temptation to feel his hard cock. He too wanted to see his big cock between her soft hands, to feel her soft fingers on his member. Tamanna also wanted to touch it. But she was also hesitating a bit. It’s not like she never touched a cock before. She did masturbate her husband few times, but she never really liked it. But the thick hard cock in front of her eyes was really making her intoxicated toward it. Monoj 

also sensed her dilemma.

“Come on Tamanna, don’t you think my little friend also deserve some favor, after the way I took care of you last night?”

Tamanna looked into his eyes. She thought he was right. He does deserve the little courtesy she can provide. Besides, she was also itching to feel his rock solid cock in her hand. Then she turned her eyes to his throbbing hard cock and holds it in her right hand. Monoj was thrilled, as her soft fingers touched his hard member. Tamanna tried to encircle his fat hard dick with her fingers, but was surprised to see that her fingers didn’t meet. She found that a good gap remained between her fingers. Monoj was like in heaven. He couldn’t believe that Tamanna was actually holding his cock. But he could not see anything, as her head was covering the view. He wanted to see her beautiful face while her soft hand was touching his cock.

“Tamanna, why don’t you change the position, so we both can be more comfortable?” Monoj asked her pointing towards his legs. Tamanna looked at him confused. Then Monoj spreads his legs wide and told her, how he wanted her to change the position. Tamanna nodded and moved herself between his legs. Monoj watched her, as she positioned herself between his legs, and lay on her belly. Then she got on her elbows holding his cock inches away from her face.

Tamanna was looking at his thick cock like she never saw a cock before. In fact, for the first time she was looking at such a magnificent dick. It was hard, thick and long, definitely bigger then her husband. The color was also darker then her husband. The head was round and pink, and quite large too. She could feel his cock pulsating between her soft fingers. Then she started to slide her hand up and down slowly along the length of his cock. Monoj couldn’t believed the sight, as her soft hand was slowly jerking his cock. He moved his hands to her head and started to caress her hair. Tamanna didn’t look up, but keep on jerking his cock. She put her other hand on his large balls and began to fondle them. That ran a shiver through his body. His hard dick started to lick precum, which flows down from his cock head and smeared into her hand. Soon, his dick was all sinning with his own precum. Tamanna’s hand also got messy with it. She could also smell the strong pungent scent of his juice, which filled her nostrils. 

Monoj watched her sweet innocent face only inches away from his throbbing dick. He could feel her hot breaths on his tool. The contrast of his dark cock in front of her fair face made him more aroused. He now wanted to put his hard dick between her two rosy lips, into her mouth. He slowly started to pull her head, with his both hands toward his cock. Tamanna felt the pressure on her head. She was not sure what to do. She never sucked cock before, not even of her husband’s cock. But Monoj’s cock was something different. She felt a strange urge built inside to test his cock.

She let him pulled her face to his cock until her lips touched the tip of his hard dick. She looked at the girth and knew it won’t be an easy task. Monoj increased his pressure and she parted her soft lips to allow the bulbous cock head enter into her warm watery mouth. She could immediately test his salty precum which filled her entire mouth. Monoj watched as his thick cock slides in between her soft rosy lips. The warmness of her mouth made his dick stiffer and bigger. Tamanna opened her mouth as wide as she could, and slowly lowered her head, taking more of his thick cock meat into her oral captivity. 

Monoj was thrilled by the sight of his dark hard cock disappearing slowly between her soft rosy lips. He increased his pressure on her head, and tried to put more of his cock into her mouth. But at around half way mark, his cock head touched the back of her mouth and she started to gag. Monoj stopped his push and she pulled up her head to release his cock from her mouth. 

“It’s too big, I can’t do it,” she said.

“Yes you can. Just take some time,” Monoj tried to convince her. He didn’t want to let her go, but also not wanted to upset her. He wanted her to get into act willingly. He wanted to make her his willing cock loving slut.

“Come on, let’s do it again,” Monoj said and tried to pull her head to his throbbing dick again.

Tamanna would’ve rejected, if it were her husband. But she was really getting into the lewd game, Monoj was playing with her. Her mind was hesitating, but deep in her heart, she do wanted to suck his mammoth dick, just like she saw in some porn movies.

Tamanna took a deep breath and put her lips back on his cock head. Then, slowly she lowered her head, and took him inside her mouth. Tamanna found it difficult to accommodate his girth in her mouth as she had to open her mouth real wide. She took his dick in her mouth, till the head touched the opening of her throat, which made her gag again. She pulled up her head, leaving only the head inside her mouth. Then she started to bob her head up and down on his cock up to the length she could take inside her mouth without gagging, and started to jerk his remaining length with her one hand. She took hold of his heavy balls with her other hand, and started to fondle them with her soft fingers.

Monoj was like in heaven. He watched as his thick cock meat was going in and out of her lips, stretching them to their limits. He was enjoying her effort to blow him, although, she was able to take only half of his 9″ long fat dick. Tamanna had to open her mouth real wide, to let his girth slide into her oral captivity. He saw saliva flowing out of her mouth into his cock shaft and smeared into her hand, jerking his cock. The sight was something startling for him. Here the girl he was obsessed for so long time, was now lying between his legs, trying to fit his thick cock in her mouth, and fondling his balls with her soft fingers.

Monoj, slowly buck up his hips, pushing his dick into her mouth, while his hands were holding her head in place. When his cock head touched the opening of her throat, he stopped and pulled out a little and again pushed up. Slowly, they both settled into a rhythmic motion of face fucking. Tamanna kept on bobbing her head while, Monoj buck up his hips to push more of his cock into her accepting mouth. Every now and then, Monoj tried to push his cock deeper, into her throat, but she backed away her head, to foil his relentless effort to push his cock deeper into her throat. But Monoj was determined to fuck her deep throat. For that, he had to be in such a position, from where he could take better control of the situation. He also wanted to show his domination over her, in order to make her 

his submissive whore.

Monoj stopped her from sucking his cock, and stood up on the bed. Tamanna looked at him with confused eyes, as he hold out his hand to her, and made her knelt in front of him. Monoj watched her, as she crouched in front him, like an obedient pet, waiting for her master’s command. Her sweet face was just at the level of his stiff cock, glistering with her saliva. Then he hold her head with one hand, and with his other one, he placed his cock at her mouth. Tamanna opened her lips, and took his cock in her mouth, like a devotee accepting PRASAD from her god. By now, she was completely got into the cock sucking act. She was not ashamed to accept the fact, that she was enjoying sucking his big cock. 

Monoj started to fuck her face with slow strokes. He was pleased to see his rigid member going in and out of her accepting mouth. Every time his cock head touched her throat, she gagged, but she didn’t try to pull her head back. After some time, Monoj could feel her getting used to the cock head touching her throat. So, he grabbed her head tightly, and increased his pressure, to push more of his hard cock meat into her warm accepting mouth. When his head logged on her throat opening, Monoj suddenly pulled her head to his groin with force, while pushing his cock head right into her tight throat.

Tamanna tried to free herself from his grip. She couldn’t breathe, as his cock head was choking her. She holds his legs and tried to push him back, but Monoj didn’t let her go. He hold her head real tight and with some short and fast stroke, he kept on pushing his cock, deeper into her tight throat. Then he hold her like that for few second. Tamanna was gagging like hell and was hitting his legs, making a futile attempt to break free from his vise like grip. 

“Ooonnggg, ooonngghh.”

Monoj watched her face gone red, as she was fighting for her breathes. After good few seconds, Monoj loosed his grip on her head and removed his cock from her throat. But he didn’t let her go completely. He kept his cock in her mouth, and let her get some air with her nose. He saw her eyes watering. Her nose walls were bulging as she tried to take more air. Saliva drooling from her mouth to her breasts. After few seconds of respite, Monoj again pushed his cock into her mouth, deep into her throat. Again she gagged, but didn’t back away or tried to resist him. Then he pulled out and again pushed in his stiff cock right into her 


Tamanna was surprised at her own ability of adopting to deep throat him so quickly. May be she was actually a born slut. All she needed was some intimidation like, Monoj was doing right now. She opened up her mouth more and tried to relax her gag muscles, as he shoved his cock into her tight throat. Monoj was enjoying each and every moment of his thick cock engulfed in her tight, sheath-like throat muscles. With short but steady stroke, Monoj was able to push his entire cock into her mouth, deep into her throat. Tamanna’s nose was buried in his groin, and his heavy balls were now hitting her chin.

Tamanna had difficulty in breathing, but she didn’t try to push him off. She tried to breathe through her nose, with his thick cock buried deep in her throat. She was exited with the thought of being used like a filthy cock hungry slut. She could feel her pussy getting damp.

Then, Monoj started to fuck her face with slow long strokes. He hold her head in position, and began to pump his thick cock meat in and out of her accepting mouth, fucking her tight throat. Tamanna hold his legs for support, as he slowly increased his speed of fucking her sweet face.

Monoj looked into her eyes. Tamanna was looking at him, tears running from her eyes, mouth wide open to accommodate his thick cock, going in and out between her soft lips. The sight of his dark cock sliding between her rosy lips, and the sensation of her tight throat muscles, was getting too much for him. Monoj knew he can’t hold it for too long. He hold her head tightly and started to fuck her face with hard and fast strokes. He pushed his cock deeper into her throat and fucked her throat with abandon force.

Tamanna was holding his ass for her dear life, as Monoj was fucking her throat, like he fucked her pussy, the night before. The room was filled with grunting and gagging sound of them both.

“Ohhh, yes, Tamanna, take my cock, suck on it,” Monoj shouted at her. 

“Uungghh, Uungghh.”

As Monoj increased his speed, Tamanna was gagging more and more.

“Yes, yes, suck on it baby, suck my dick,”

“Uungghh, Uungghh.”

“Take it, take it you slut, suck my dick,”

“Uungghh, Uungghh.”

Monoj’s dirty and lewd comments were making her even hornier. Instead of getting offended, Tamanna was rather enjoying being treated like a cock hungry slut. She could feel her pussy getting more and more moist as Monoj pounded her sweet face with his thick cock, like he was fucking a bitch on fire. She could also feel his breaths getting short, an indication that he is nearing his orgasm. But she was not sure about to let him come in her mouth. She thought she will pull out at the last moment, to stop him from coming in her mouth.

But Monoj had other idea. He wanted to make her feel degraded and humiliated. He moved swiftly catching her unaware. His hands moved to the back of her head and powerfully pulled her to his groin, pushing his cock deep into her throat. And then his cock twitched and jerked in her throat as he started pump his hot sperm right into her belly. Tamanna had no other way but to gulp down his secretions to prevent herself from choking. She tried to gulp down fast, but could not keep up with the pace of his spurting, and she coughed, resulting some sperms coming out from her nose. Then, Monoj loosen his grip on her, only to remove his cock from her throat and spurt few more shot of his hot jizz in her mouth. Tamanna’s mouth was fill with his gooey and salty spunk, which she tried to gulp down quickly. Then Monoj released her completely to pull out his dick from her mouth, and sprayed last few shots on her beautiful face. Tamanna just knelt there dumbstucked, as his hot semen covered her eyes, cheeks and hairs.

After spending his last drop, Monoj looked at her face, covered with his sperms all over. Then he hold her head again, and pressed his cum covered cock head between her lips and pushed into her mouth. Tamanna, still recovering from the situation, started to suck him again, as if she was programmed to do so. She licked the last drop of jism from his cock and sucked on, till it become clean.

Monoj watched her, as she was busy cleaning his dick with her mouth. The sight of her face covered with his jizz, and licking his cock all over, made him hard again. He patted her head to stop, and removed his cock from her mouth. Then he took a towel and cleaned the mess of her face. He knelt before her, hold her face in his hands and kissed her lips. He could test his own cum in her lips. Tamanna was already on fire from the cock sucking act. She immediately responded by kissing him back passionately.

Then he laid her back on the bed and mounted her like a bull. Tamanna, like a submissive whore, opened up her legs to accommodate him better position. Monoj hold her legs, and pushed them up toward her chest, to open up her wet pussy for his now fully erect cock. Tamanna, like a bitch, grabbed his hard cock, and positioned the tip at the opening of her dripping wet pussy. Monoj had a smile on his face, as she was aching to have his dick in her. Then, with one hard push, he rammed his entire length into her hot wet whole.

“Aaiigghhh,” Tamanna shouted, as his thick cock invaded into her still tight pussy, and hit her cervix. Monoj, not bother about her shout, started to pound her pussy like a stallion. It didn’t took Tamanna long to come, as she was already on fire from a long time. Only few hard stroke from Monoj’s rigid member, and she had the second largest orgasm of her life. 

Monoj could feel her coming too, as her pussy wall contracted around his thick cock. But he was not done yet. He stopped his pounding, as she laid there closing her eyes, totally exhausted. After giving her few moments of respite, Monoj slowly started to push his cock in and out of her sloppy pussy again. 

Tamanna just didn’t have the strength to do anything, but to let him fuck her as he pleased. Then he brought his one hand to her ass and started to fondle her plumpy cheeks. Tamanna’s pussy was oozing with juice, which flows down from her dripping pussy and drenched her anal hole. Monoj, with his thumb, smeared the fluid on her ass hole, and then pushed into her tight ass hole. Tamanna was too tired to do or say anything to him. She thought, maybe he was trying to arouse her again.

But Monoj had other things in mind. Now he wanted to take her anal virginity. He was sure that, she never had anal sex before. He was really eager to put his thick hard cock buried deep into her pucker hole. But he knew he had to make her ready for his anal invasion. So, he gathered more and more juice from her pussy, and smeared on her ass hole, to lubricate the tiny hole for his rigid member. He slowly pushed his thumb deeper into her tight hole. When he succeeded to push his whole thumb into her ass, he slowly began to finger fuck her ass, while his meaty cock was still fucking her pussy. 

That was something new for Tamanna. She never had anal sex. The sensation of his thick cock in her pussy, and his thumb on her ass made her aroused again. And pretty soon she had her second orgasm of the morning. Monoj keep on fingering her ass, as she huffed and puffed under him, exhausted from two back to back orgasm. Her pussy was oozing like a river. More and more juices flowed from her pussy, and Monoj keep on smearing her ass hole with it, making it more and more slippery.

After some time, when he thought it’s enough, he pulled out his cock from her pussy, and placed the hard tip at her sloppy ass hole. His cock was already soaked with her pussy juices. And, before Tamanna got any idea, with a forceful thrust, Monoj able to push the bulbous head in her tight ass hole.

“Aaannhhh,” Tamanna screamed, as a sharp pain shot through her body. She tried to break free from his grip, but he was holding her in such a position that, she could do nothing, except screaming.

But, Monoj was not concern about her scream or pain. He holds her legs tight, band them and pushed toward her chest, lifting her ass high up, as he positioned himself to fill her last remaining hole. Then, he began to shove his rock hard cock into her tight anal hole with short and hard thrusts. Inch by inch, his thick cock invaded her anal captivity, stretching her tiny hole and made her scream with agonizing pain.

“Aaannhhh, please Monoj, stop it, aaannhh, its hurting, aaannnhhhh,” Tamanna pleaded him as she was helpless to stop him. She felt a burning pain, as his thick cock, which was big enough for her pussy alone, was moving deeper into her tiny ass hole. She was writhing and twisting her head and begging him to stop.

“Aaannhhh, Monoj, please stop it, you are too big.”

But, Monoj was not listening to her plead. He was determined to make her completely submissive to him. For that, he had to break her last dignity, by taking her ass. He was also craving to fulfill his long desired fantasy of fucking her juicy ass. So, he was not worry about her pain anymore. At the moment, all he cared about, was the pleasure of pushing his cock deeper into her tight ass hole. He clinched his teethes, and thrust harder to shove his remaining length into her tight warm pucker hole. And, after few hard push, he had his entire dick buried ball deep into her ass.

Monoj paused for few moments to enjoy the tight grip of her anal captivity. Tamanna was panting heavily with great pain. Monoj had a smile. Finally, he had conquest each and every hole of the girl, he was dreaming of, from such a long time. He just couldn’t believed his luck, that within 24 hours, he actually had his cock buried in her tight ass hole. He just wanted to savor the moment of feeling the tight grip of her ass hole on his thick cock.

Then he pulled out his thick cock meat from her tight hole, giving her a short respite, only to follow by a sharp pain, as he pushed back in. Then, slowly he settled into a rhythm, fucking her tight ass hole with his big cock. He looked down to see his thick cock going in and out of her tiny hole, stretching it to its limit. 

“Aaannhhh, aannhh.” Tamanna was screaming, as he was pounding her ass with his thick cock. Slowly, he increased his speed, and soon he was fucking her ass hole with long hard strokes. He was pushing his entire cock ball deep into her ass, and fucking her like a bull riding a cow.

“Aaannggg, aaannhhh,” Tamanna was shouting and screaming helplessly, as she could do nothing, but to endure his brutal assault on her ass. Tamanna felt like his thick cock was going to tear apart her tiny ass hole, as he ruthlessly rammed her petite hole with his hard dick.




Tamanna was crying with pain, but Monoj keep on pounding her ass mercilessly. He was like in heaven. The friction of her tight anal wall was getting too much for him. After banging her tight ass for few more time, Monoj pushed his cock deep into her, and pumped his hot sperm in her ass. Then he pulled out his still hard cock from her ass hurriedly, got up and squatted around her chest, to shoot the last few spurt of his hot semen into her face. Tamanna closed her eyes as his gooey secretion covered all over her face, for the second time of the morning. She was surprised to see the amount of sperm he was producing.

After shooting his last drop, Monoj hold his cock, and smeared his cum all over her face with it. Then, he pushed the head, soaked with his cum into her mouth, and make her lick it clean again. Tamanna, like a filthy slut, sucked and swallowed the remaining cum from his cock, and lick it to clean up again. She already had enough cum in her belly. Monoj was satisfied, as he had filled her all three hole with his potent sperm.

Suddenly, Monoj got a crooked idea. He could use this opportunity to seal her fate forever, as his sex slave. He grabbed his cell lying on the bed, and took a picture of his cock in her mouth. Tamanna heard the click, and opened her eyes.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, just a souvenir of our good times.”

“Please Monoj, it’ll be a disaster if somebody, especially Ravi sees it.”

“Don’t worry dear, it’ll be a secret, as long as you want it.”

“What do you Mean?”

“Means, if you can keep me, and my little friend happy all the time, nobody will see this ever.” Monoj told her, pointing toward his dick.

Tamanna realized the actual consequence of her illicit desire. She knew, she was totally trapped in his dirty plan, and had no other option, but to accept Monoj’s demand, to save her marriage.

“So Tamanna, we do have an agreement then?” Monoj asked her. She didn’t say anything, but nodded her head in approval. Monoj smiled and wiped his cum from her face with a towel, gave her a kiss, and lay beside her. From now on, he can use her anytime, anywhere, and in any way, just like he wanted. But right now, they both needed rest.

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