Seduction by my husband’s cousin

I am a 35-year-old married woman. I am generally good looking and have preserved myself rather well. I exercise and maintain a good figure. I am 5′4, have large breasts, of which I am really proud, and fair skin. My husband is an executive in a multinational company and very handsome. I enjoy a good sex life with him. We have a five-year- old son. A few days back Ravi, a distant cousin of my husband, came to live with us in our flat. He is about 20, good looking but very shy. He was taking some evening course at one of the management institutes and thus was to spend a few months at our place. He mixed with us extremely well, helping me in my domestic chores, playing with my son and helping with his homework, and generally being well- behaved and polite young man.
Everyday, once my son went off to college and husband to the office, I would have a few hours alone at home. Now I had the company of this young man. Ravi was always good to have around, helping me and keeping up some conversation. It was after some days that I noticed that he was paying more than usual attention to my breasts. Being used to living alone I am a little careless about my dress at home and on more than a few occasions I found him peeping and staring at them. At first I thought it must be only my imagination but when I observed and confirmed it, it excited me in a strange way. In order to make sure that it was so I sometimes intentionally let the pallu of my saree fall off while working, or sometimes did not button up my nightie properly so that he would have a good view. Invariably, his eyes would drop off and get fixed on them. I noticed that even while talking to me he couldn’t take his eyes off my succulent breasts. When he noticed me observing him staring like that he would be embarrassed and then try not to look again but it was hopeless for him. His eyes would repeatedly return to my boobs. Just a sex-starved young man, I thought and did not give it much thought.
I usually take a nap in the afternoon a couple of hours before my son comes home so as to be ready to face the latter part of the day. One day, during my siesta I just happened to wake up.
Opening my eyes I found Ravi standing at the foot of my bed. I was a first startled and then scared. However, he did not even seem to have noticed me opening my eyes. His gaze was fixed on my breasts. My saree had fallen off and the mounds were visible to him through the blouse. Of course, I wore a bra and a blouse so he could not see much but still he stood transfixed. It was then that a wicked idea entered my mind. I just pretended to be asleep and watched him with half closed eyes. That day Ravi just stared and after a while went away.I could hardly go through the rest of the day and night. I was now into an exciting and risky game. I couldn’t wait for the next afternoon to come. When the time came I made it point to tell Ravi that I was going for my nap and that I was very tired. Today, however, I intentionally let my saree fall to the side. I had worn an especially low cut blouse and no bra so that his view would be good. True enough, after only a few minutes, Ravi tip-toed into the room. I could notice he got excited as hell upon seeing my state. I just pretended to be fast asleep but internally my heart was racing. The reason was that today Ravi came much nearer and took a much closer look at my 34 inch mounds. My nipples went erect and they too were visible from the thin material of the blouse.
Then he did something I was totally unprepared for. He gently touched the slopes of my breasts and then cupped them with his hands. I was rattled but somehow controlled myself. He pressed them gently and let his hands roam over the smooth skin of my stomach and waist. He did so for a couple of times and went away. I have no doubt he had gone to masturbate after that. But I was absolutely miserable. I did not know what to do.
I knew what I was doing was not right but still couldn’t stop. One part of me wanted to lock myself up inside while the other wanted that I continue to play the seduction game with the young man. The next afternoon, my devilish side was clearly winning. I still went to bed wearing a sheer nightie and left all its buttons open right up to my navel. I slept on my right side so that a portion of the unbuttoned garment fell off, exposing my right breast. Surely, Ravi came in. Stood at a distance to ensure that I was asleep. Then he saw the exposed breast. I guess he too had lost his mind or else he would have surmised it that it can’t be coincidence that I would leave my boobs exposed two days running. This time he did not waist much time. I right away felt his hand touching and cupping my exposed breast. With his other hand he lifted the left side of the nightie and thus both my breasts were exposed to him. He kept on touching and cupping them but I felt he was losing control over himself as his movement became rougher.
After a few minutes I let out a moan and he immediately came to his senses and fled from the room thinking I was waking up. I noticed that in these days he had become very reserved and did not even speak to me much. By third day, I too was ready to take this madness to the extreme. I again went to bed in a saree. Today I did not expose myself but just waited for my kill. Ravi too had grown impatient and entered almost soon afterwards. He came to the foot of the bed and was disappointed that the goodies were not on view. Just then I opened my eyes and called him by his name. He was taken aback but could not run away. “Come,” I said in a kind voice, “What do you want?” Clearly flustered he looked around and said he had just come to fetch a magazine or something. “Doesn’t matter,” I told him, “even I couldn’t sleep. Why don’t you come and sit here for a while. We can just chat.” He had no option. He meekly obeyed and sat at a corner of the bed. Now I felt fully in control. His eyes were lowered and he didn’t speak a word. I got up and stood before him. And then dropped the pallu of my saree so that waist upwards I was wearing only my sexiest blouse.
“Look here, young man,” I now said trying to remain as calm as possible, “I know why you came here and what you have been up to all these days.” He lifted his head and had the look as if he wanted to die at that very moment. He couldn’t even utter a sorry. I loved it. “But,” I continued, “I am not angry.” He again looked up, a little surprised. “Instead, I am going to give you what you want. This time I will not pretend that I am asleep.” The look in his eyes changed to utter astonishment. As I spoke, I slowly began opening the front buttons of my blouse. My breasts had been exposed by the time I completed the sentence. I then stepped forward so that I was now directly in front of him. His head was about the level of my chest. I took my left breast in my hand and bent forward a little. With my other hand I lifted his chin and offered a nipple to his mouth. “Isn’t this what you want,” I teased as I thrust my breast against his lips. He could do little except open his mouth and accept the nipple. “Suck it,” I commanded.
He did so, tentatively at first and then a little more firmly. A couple of minutes later he was doing fine. I had good suckable nipples after the birth of my son and I knew they drove my husband wild. This was just an inexperienced young man. As he sucked I removed my one breast from his mouth and offered him another. This time he took it without a whimper and sucked on it eagerly, even using his hand to knead my other breast, now wet with his earlier sucking. I had grown restless too. I used the time to unbutton his shirt and then pull out his vest. I let my hands roam over the hard athletic body of this young man. He reminded me of my husband of ten years ago. Then I removed myself from him and went for his trousers. I slid down the trousers along with his undies in one stroke. I had a marvelous young cock in front of me. It stood fully erect. I wanted to give him the works. I sat down in front of him and held his throbbing hot rod in my hand.
As I pushed back the skin, the raw smells hit my nostrils. Soon the smell of his sex filled the air. It was irresistible. I lowered my mouth and took the head of his cock inside my mouth. I licked it up and down to make it wet. With my tongue I devoured the white cock scum that had gathered under the skin. I then took its entire length into my mouth and began sucking it in right earnest. Alas, Ravi could not last much. In moments, he came spilling his seed into my mouth, my cheek, and my shoulders. He was young and ejaculated huge amount of semen. He tasted fresh and I tried to lick off as much as I could. Still a lot of squirts went otherways. He then went limp. But I was far from done. I spread his cum on my body all over so that I was now smelling of his sex. I now wanted him inside me. I ordered him to the bed and then got rid of my petticoat too.
I went and lay next to him. We were now both totally naked. I had a wet cunt oozing with juices and desperate for a cock. It did not take much to get Ravi’s back to life. Just a couple of minutes of sucking on my breasts and he was erect again. This time I asked him to lie on his back. He did so with his 7 inch cock swinging in the air. I sat astride him and let my wet cunt slowly slide up and down his throbbing male hardness. I then lifted it up and impaled it inside me. I could feel it slowly enter my depths. This was the first time a cock other than my husband’s had gone in there. I felt shameless. I began riding on him gently but rhythmically. As I made thrusts with my pelvis, I lowered my chest to his head so that he could still suck one of my nipples, my favourite position for a fuck.
It did not take long for me to come as well. I had a huge orgasm on him. My juices flowed out and created a huge smear on the bedsheet. I then rolled over and got Ravi over me. I asked him to keep making deep thrusts which he learnt to do after some difficulty. Soon though he was fucking me smoothly and then came inside me, depositing the remainder of his semen deep inside my cunt. Exhausted, we just lay on the bed for sometime. Then got up, dressed, and I sent him away. I showered and changed the bedsheet and after half an hour, I emerged from the bedroom as if nothing had happened. But we both knew that the next few months were going to be very exciting indeed. I like to have more lesbian touch.
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