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Sarvasstri ( sastri) is the daughter in law of my neighbour married just a few days earlier but in the honeymoon itself she came out of the bedroom wiping that her husband has not penis but a neuter gender . All assembled on her cry but many try to console her but in vain . She told it is her life time problem and she has been cheated by her in law family as they showed her a new boy strong and stout and married her with this penis less effeminate . Her mother in law took her to their bedroom and try to console her but it was not possible on her part to calm down. At last her father in law came and try to talk to her but she vehemently refused any other talk except her sexual fulfillment. Her mother in law told she should calm down .She told if his son is not capable to fuck her to her satisfaction she will not be starved for sex as his father in law is a great fucker and he can satisfy her to her heart content .She told how she can fuck with a father in law.Her father in law told it is nothing but get free from starvation and for starvation there is no harm to eat what ever come to the hand.Hearing this she calm down to some extent but sat in sad mood. Morning came and all relatives left .
They took their lunch sitting in one table. Her mother in law told her not to feel otherwise and her desire will be fulfilled. Her husband admit his inefficiency and told her to have patience till the evening and she will be fucked by a big and thick and excessive hard and strong penis . She remain silent and after dinner all went to sleep except her husband and her father in law. Her husband told he has married her and he should show the seed by licking her pussy. Her father in law told her not to shy and show her pussy so that he can lick and lubricate otherwise it is not possible on her part to tolerate his penis.

Though she was not interested still she showed her pussy by lifting her saree upto her chest.Her father in law saw her navel as deep as her cunt and became very glad. Her husband licked her pussy for half an hour and wet her labia and inside like bathing but still his father told him to lubricate with caster oil .He did and his father in law naked and stood before him showing his long nine inches penis standing in ninety degree angle .His son slide his foreskin and lubricated his penis from the tips to the end of the shaft.. But before oiling his father’s penis he sucked and licked for a longtime and oiling his father’s penis he went to his mother . Her father in law was naked but she was yet to remove her saree as she had only lifted upto her chest. Her father in law asked her to hold his penis and enjoy it’s pulsation and tell if this pestle can satisfy your pussy or not .She hold and enjoy the pulsation but smiled and said unless it entered her pussy and stir upto her satisfaction how she can tell it has the capacity . Her father in law asked her if his shaft can entered her tight pussy . She did not reply but naked herself in front of her father in law.He saw her erect boobs and hairy rosy pussy.
Her father in law then en cupped her boobs but as the boobs did not come within her hands due to heavy in size he told one boob in both hands and squeezed. The motion was so speedy and thrilling that she jumped like a shrimp but her father in law rub her pussy and holding a bunch of the pubes dragged and released .Then he repeated several times catching bunch after bunch and dragged the entire pubes in two minutes.Her daughter in law was jumping lime shrimp but he was not in a mood to stop . By this she became nervous and requested him to stop pulling her pubes as she is getting pain but still he continued pulling .She could sit and hold his thickly lubricated penis and started sucking but still he was pulling her pubes more aggressively.Then she also hold his glans in her teeth and started biting as if to detach it from the shaft .Then the man started palpating her and told he will obey her orders and ready to insert his rod and told he is trying his level best to satisfy her sex desire .
He fucked ruthless and his daughter in law go on ejaculating but then they both got sufficient pleasure and the old mane said ” bahu, you are may sex queen and I am your sex king.Take my penis in your hole as much as you can and enjoy the fuck in a happy mood ” . and go on fucking for complete one hour .She was ejaculating but the old man was enjoying rubbing of his shaft inside her pussy wall.Bahu said ” sasur ji, your penis is long thick and strong like a rod .
My pussy was searching such a penis and I will take your penis in my hole daily but how can you fuck ” . The old man said as per your orders my penis will work daily four to five times as you pleases.She told today your penis is able to pump out my juice several times and I want to suck such a strong penis.The old man pull out his penis and handed over her and she sucked complete half an hour but he suck was so exciting that the old man ejaculated in his mouth.She swallowed the spermsand extol him like anything for it’s fragrance and taste.She told she can swallow any amount but the old man told her to wait for the next ejaculation and restarted fucking her.His penis though ejaculated just a minute before still it was hard and he fucked for another one hour as before and the bahu ejaculated as before.The old man also wanted to lick her pussy dry and they made 69 position as per the suggestion of the old man and sucked each other for half an hour .
Then the old man again ride on her and fucked in squatting ,doggy , and lying her flat on the bed and lifting her to his waist and in many other positions as the old man was an expert fucker for another one hour non stop .But when was about to ejaculate he told his bahu ” bahurani,open your mouth and the pipe will give you as much sperms as you like and lunged half a cup in her mouth.She also swallowed happily and asked the man if he can fuck more.He told he may take a cup of tea and start fucking.Then he shouted and his son brought two cup of tea for him and for his bahu.They drink water and tea .While they were drinking his son was sucking both his father’s penis and his wife cunt alternately . Then they fuck another one hour in presence of his son .
Later by five minutes her mother in law came but seeing the aggressive fuck she could not tolerated and naked herself.Her husband means the old man asked her to give her pussy to their bahu to suck.The old man dragged the face of his wife and sucked her tongue while their son was looking as a coward as he had no courage to touch the boobs of his wife means the bahu.The fuck in this position continued another one hour and the old man fucked his bahu for three hours non stop.The could not count her ejaculation but again he ejaculated in her mouth and the bahu drank his sperms and expressed her full satisfaction .From that time onwards the old man her father in law sleep with her all the times and fucked her daily five to seven times giving full satisfaction to his daughter in law.
 In my previous story you have read how my father in law ( sasur) fucked me in place of his son my husband as he was important and a neutral gender male on my dispute . My sasur fucked me daily four to five times even in his early sixties . Our fuck continued months together and I never pregnant . He saw still I am wanting more fuck but as we were remaining like wife husband I told him I like to fuck with our gardener Radhua as I saw his pestle when he was urinating erecting his penis in the backside of a bush when I was roaming in the garden .His penis was not a penis but a big grinder which in my opinion can tear my pussy . My sasur told me to wait for a week as my mother in law and my important husband were to go for a fortnight to visit a festival in the adjacent square (chowk) near the paternal village of my mother in law. I had no other way out.I accepted his proposal.On the day they went I told my sasur and he wanted to fuck me first.He fucked me two hours and asked me how I can tackle our gardener .
I told him to wait and see what is happening. While the gardener was watering the plants I went there to pluck some flowers.There I saw water flowing on the ground but in one place it has become slippery and swampy ground .I was wearing only a saree as if I am making myself for a puja . Intentionally I slipped my legs and fell down .My entire saree became muddy . I fell as if I am out of my control and lifted my legs dragging my saree.My body looks bare as if I am naked . The gardener Radhua rushed to me.He tried to lift me but I did not co operate him and tried to lie . When he failed to lift me holding my arms I told him to lift me holding my buttocks .He try to wrap my clothes to hide my pussy but I told him why he is feeling shy as he has already seen my secret . He could not pull my saree as I had pressed it in my hands on the ground which could not mark. Anyway he lifted me lifting my pelvis but I moved my body as if I was unable to control and as the place was slippery he fell on the mud and I fell on him . I rub my pussy on his penis as he was wearing only a thin lungi . On rubbing his penis responded and started erecting .Then I asked him to adjust and he again lifted me but inserting his hands in between my two thighs .His hands also rub on my pussy and buttocks. Again he felt sexy . I hanged on his neck but rubbed my boobs on his bare chest . Both his chest and my boobs were also bare naked . All these made him horny .
He took me to the bathroom so that we can bath and wash the mud . He was also as muddy as I was . We both stood front to front and opening the shower we bathed using soap .He rub the soap in my body and I rubbed on his body moving my hand on his penis. He became more excited and murmur something. I told him why he is murmuring. If he is interested why he is not holding my boobs and fucking me . He got my permission and fucked me standing holding me on his neck and lifting my buttocks.Then I wanted to be fucked sleeping on the floor . He sat squatting and fucked me very wild.I was enjoying his heavy rod . But when he was fucking me hard I began to scold him why he is fucking me like an animal . He suddenly leave me and he returned home in angry mood.All these were my plans to tease him.My sasur asked me why did so if I am wanting to be fucked by him. I told my sasur to wait till the evening.After dinner we went to his quarter adjecent to the garden . My sasur stood in a bush but I knocked at his door.He opened the door and finding me alone told ” Saali randi you fall in my hand without automatically and I want to see how you escape from my penis.” I told him not to take boost of his indecent penis as it failed to satisfy a calm pussy. He again roar,” saali,randi Bhosadi puid,I will make you bhosda fucking through out the night . I laughed and teased him ” if you have courage try and fuck me”.
He dragged me to his bed but I pretend to resist him .He dragged me more forcefully and naked me . I also pretended as if I am angry and dragged his lungi and naked him.We both lie on the bed naked and he rode on me and fucked very rough and non stop.I enjoyed his penis and suppressed my smile.He went on fucking me and I pretended to get myself released from his clutches.He told ” saali,if you can try and get yourself released but I am fucking you which you would had not got in your life ” . He fucked me without any mercy and I go on ejaculating but after one year he ejaculated but hold my face and gave me a very heavy slap asking me to lick and erect his penis. I did so and in fifteen minutes his penis was as before.
He fucked me in all the positions threatening me to strangulate if I do not do as per his orders but I was enjoying his fuck so much so that I lost my balance and fell on his chest .He fucked me lifting his buttocks asking me to move my buttocks up down . I was doing as if I am obeying his orders. Then he made me doggy and fucked hard.Then again he restarted fucking in all the positions again. In this way he fucked me till seven in the morning when my sasur was looking us through the window .At last I told him to calm down as I have done all these to get his fuck all through the night.He laughed and told me ” saali, why are you telling lie.
I assured him I am telling the truth. If he do not believe me he may consult my sasur as I have planed before him. He got convinced and told me why madam if you liked so you would had told me in a simple way but you are my madam and begged forgiveness. Then he fucked me all the days after my sasur fucked me in the garden in the evening when it is dark . But still I wanted more.My sasur now my original husband saw and understood me and asked me if I like to be fucked by others. I told I want very long and thick penis .He asked the gardener if he can arrange and the gardener told there are several suck big and thick penis in his hands as their business is to fuck sexy woman and earn their livelihood. My sasur told him to bring four to six such penis and the gardener brought six penis so that each of them could fuck two hours and complete the night from six p.m. to six in the morning.
My sasur asked me to confirm if I like to be fucked by them. I told I can say anything if I see their penis .My sasur asked those six to come one by one to my daughter in law and she will examine your penis.Then only your engagement will be confirmed.They came one by one in naked and I suck their penis and erect hard to measure the length . I found each of them not less then eleven inches long and three inches in thick .I selected all of them and in that evening I cooked the food before six and after taking some food we started fucking and my sasur had to warm his food himself and eat .He usually took his dinner by ten p.m. but by that time two persons had already finished fucking me with their eleven inches penis and each time I ejaculated ten times .
Then we all took our dinner and they again fucked me through out the night one by one in all the positions . I can not say how many times I ejaculated but at the end my juice finished and only a very scanty was coming out as if it was nil. Only my inside pussy was getting wet. I got full satisfaction and appreciated my sasur for his full cooperation and asked him to fuck if he so desires as I am obliged to him. He fucked for one hour and the gardener also wanted to fuck.I gave him another one hour . He fucked ruthless . My sasur still asked me if I wanted to be fucked more .I told I am now satisfied but all these six fuckers should keep in touch with me so that I can engage them when I like.He praised me.My father in law (sasur ) fucked me daily and we were enjoying .Time was passing by very pleasant. They wanted to visit their daughter staying in a very distant metro where her husband was serving . My sasur booked ticket for all but just one day before out journey the father of my mother in law met an accident . She went to see him but took her son means my effeminate husband with her leaving me with my sasur as they knew my sasur is fucking me like his wife and if I go with him to their daughter’s house there will not be any problems as he may fuck but as his wife.My sasur also was very much interested to take me with him as we both will go . We climbed the train and was going in usual speed but after two hours of journey the train derailed .Fortunately we escape safe and caught a rented car to reach the nearest town to find an alternative.While our car was moving the driver saw a gathering on the road side and wanted to see what happened and braked the car. There we saw another accident but my sasur saw his childhood friend Adhira and talked to him but he also called the name of my sasur Ashanta and then I could know the name of my sasur.
They talked for a few minutes and we wanted to go but that man told my sasur that he is all alone and it is very costly for him to take a room . He asked my sasur to keep him with us. My sasur could not reply as he was his childhood friend but said yes .We reached the hotel and I wanted to bath as it was around four p.m. and I was sweating. As my sasur was my real husband I do not feel to change my dress in their front.But my saree slipped from my body and I became naked . That man saw my pulpy boobs and rosy pussy. Suddenly he told my sasur ” Ashanta, your daughter in law is very beautiful and fit to be fucked .”.My sasur tried to stop him but he further asked ” why you are avoiding.Beautiful is beautiful.Please tell me if you have ridden on her or not “.My sasur further avoided but that man further told ” if you do not like it,please, allow me to fuck her “.My sasur wanted to stop him from talking like this .But I interfered and told to my sasur ” Father in law, he is pretty senior to me but if he is interested in me ,allow him to fulfill his desire .That man became very happy and appreciated me to be very considerate and shrewd. My sasur remain silent .
I asked him to come to me as I was sitting in the extreme end of the bed and they were sitting in the other end of the bed.That man immediately came to me and lie on my right side. His penis remain too near to my hands .He slide his lungi both side and exposed his erected penis. I saw it was also not smaller than my sasur but more thick and strong. I hold in my hand and played with his foreskin moving up down .His glans glistened like a pink bulb.I masturbated him and his penis became more hard and strong. That was snoozing . I sucked and excited him . He bite his teeth and dragged me to his penis .I sat inserting it in my hole .It goes smooth as my sasur had made my pussy so loose.
But he told the pussy even in her young age is too loose means the penis of her husband is too big and thick and strong and he must have been fucking too frequently making her pussy too loose.I laughed but he considered my laughing as my consent and fucked me very rough .But due to my young age I go on ejaculating as his so thick penis rub on my pussy wall thrilling my body.My juice made a stream but when he saw the stream in the mirror he exclaimed what a juicy woman I am and he liked juicy woman like me.He licked my juice and I licked his juice coated penis in 69 position and my sasur was observing us . He made me doggy and fucked.He made me to climb to his waist and hanged me in his neck and fucked standing swinging me in his arms.
In this way he fucked me more than a hour and told how pleasant my rosy pussy is. He told to my sasur in despising words how effeminate idiot stupid he is as he has not yet tasted such a sweet honey hives.He told many humiliating words despising his penis as useless.My sasur listened to him with patience smiling all the while and he took it as his foolishness.In this way he accused my sasur as an inactive useless and it is better to commit suicide .On listening this my sasur told him ” you stupid without knowing anything how you are talking so big which is nothing but his foolishness that to the most wretched fool.”.He asked how?Now he could pamper and fuck me and it is his greatness as a fucking master.
My sasur told ” now you admitted that her pussy is too loose.But I am telling you my son is a neutral gender having no penis at all and her pussy is loose means she is being fucked by somebody and it is no other person than me.She is now my daughter in law but in total I am her real husband and I fucked her daily four to five times and made her pussy so loose as my penis is also as big as your’s and I am able to fuck her minimum three hours and now I will fuck her in your front.Then he naked himself and I sucked his penis as usual without his orders . He fucked me as usual and the fuck continued for hours together and he fucked for the first one hour non stop .I ejaculated as before .
After completing two hours he ejaculated in my mouth and I swallowed his sperms but sucked his penis non stop till it again erect and he fucked me another one hour.Thus our fuck continued three hours and that man gawp at us in surprise as neither my sasur nor I became tired .My sasur told him if is so desires I will fuck my daughter in law ( my present day real wife ) for another dose of two hours but that man bow down his head in shame and indicated him to stop fucking any further. Then we slept in one bed and they both slept in my both side .When one was fondling my boobs the other man was rubbing my pubes pulling in small patches.
One hour passed but I saw the penis of my sasur was standing in pride .I asked him to ride on me and fuck me lying on my body .He fucked me another two hours sucking my nipples and reposing his head on my one boob and was changing his position to the other boob in every five minute when I was ejaculating . The other man was winking at our fuck but at the end when I swallowed the sperms of my sasur the other man prayed him folding his hands to give him a chance for one hour but on the consent of my sasur he fucked me but not one hour but two hours as to compete my sasur .I derived pleasure of the both penis through out the night .
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