Sakshathi is a homely, fair, good looking dedicated faithful housewife. she belonged to a rich family and also her hubby manish is a very rich man belonged to a respectful family. they had a son in his age **********(edited). sakshathi was very happy and energetic until their son was with them. but they left him in a rich residential college for his higher studies. in her sons absence sakhathi started feeling bored in daily house holds as she didn’t have more work due to the presence of more faithful servants . since they belong to a traditional family she is not used any clubs or any other leisure activities. 
One day morning during breakfast she talked over to her hubby about her loneliness and he also accepted that and told,
“sakhu honey !u know we have just started a new business so u know i cann’t be free and spend more time with you for at least six months. ……….(after a little thinking) why shouldn’t you do some master degree . you have just completed your na?”,and sakhathi replied ,
“ya thats also a better idea . i think i can do MBA, many of my friends did that after marriage and told it was easy. and u know sitting idle made me little bulk too”
,”honey are you sure ,only a little?”,manish asked in a naughty tone, seeing sakshathi daring continued with a giggle,”ok… ok … you yourself select a university and do your MBA from home”. sakshathi smiled and nodded. After a lot of discussion with friends and surfing net sakhathi selected an university and applied for her MBA and got started. everything was going fine ,her hubby was busy in his new business and herself with studies, till the second year. one day again over a breakfast while her hubby was eating,
“honey, yesterday i got a letter from the university about my project this year.”
“they have asked me to go to an industrial visit and study about the factory for about a month and submit my project on it.”
“thats easy honey. u can visit our factory and give the report “
“no way… u know i never take studies easy…”
” hey come on ma. u know i am not yet reveled from my work. so its not easy for me to take care of such things like arranging a industrial visit for you….”
“ i didn’t ask for any help from you . i can take care of it, the university itself have suggested three companies, i think i will select one”
” then thats easy . u can go for it after ten days. as i am also going abroad after ten for about month and our son will also be not available as his exams are nearing, we can meet when we have time is it ok?”
“ya. sure” both finished with a smile.

As planned her hubby boarded after ten days. sending him off , shakshathi drove for the factory she got permission for her visit . it is an international company doing multi businesses . once in the office she met the boss’s secretry who was in early twenties nice looking and fair,
” hai mam. i am sakhathi from — university for my project.”
“ohh! welcome mam. i am mahima.”and showed her hand,
shaking hands with smile shakshathi repllied,”thank you .nice to meet you”
“my pleasure mam. i think you know the company rules you can visit anywhere the company permits without disturbing anyone and one more thing its not easy for anyone to enter our company for iv. since u r from a great university and u have a good score in rank u r permitted specially “
” thank you . i know and i will not overcome any of your rules”
” i think the boss will be free in fifteen minutes so u have wait and have my company”mahimatold ina naughty tone’
“sure with pleasure” shakshathi replied with little laughter.
both were talking in general and shakshathi realized mahima is a energetic and social person. she liked her company. 
as time passed they got a call from the boss and they went to his cabin to meet him.
when sakshathi saw the boss she was in a great shock. the black manly , well built man sitting as the boss is none other than one of her classmate kaarudan which she conformed from the name board in front of him in the table. she never wanted to meet him again in her life, she hated him a lot but fate is always the opposite.when mahima called in a soft tone,”sir..”
kaarudan replied looking at mahima,”ya..”
” sir, this is sakshathi, mba student from ….university for her project”
when kaarudan saw towards sakshathi, his face was about to brightened but finding sakshathi standing with tense understood she didn’t like their meeting so without any reactions told,
“nice to meet you mam, you can carry on with your iv without making any disturbance to work.all the best”
“thank you , sir” sakshathi replied with a dry smile.
and both the ladies left the cabin.once out of the cabin mahima facing sakshathi told,”ok mam, you can come for your project from tomorrow. have a great a day”
“thank u. meet u tomorrow. bye”
sakshathi left with a smile and a lot of confusion.while driving, her mind rolled back to her college days. sakshathi was doing her second year, she had a good jovial friend amirtha who was very active and more broad minded. sakshathi always wondered how she could be happy always. it was their 3rd semesters early days. one day kaarudan joined their class. he had more or less the same manhood at that time itself . he soon become favorite of many girls. but soon there was a rumor that kaarudan is a great playboy and he even have connection with one their young lecturer . atfirst sakshathi too thought it to be, just a rumor . but once when sakshathi came very early to college to finish her labwork in their computer lab which will be mostly deserted in early hours ,she saw that shocking scene.
the door was closed but not shut when she pushed the door a little she heard moans so she silently peeked throught the opening ,she saw kaarudan fucking the specific lecturer. the lecturer had her saree folded till her waist and kaarudan had his pants down but had his shirt, he was standing on the floor and the lecturer on the computer table with her legs around his hips. he was fucking her hard and she was controlling her moans to her limits but soon she moaned a little loud as she cummed and fell over kaarudan shoulders. after a little break he got her to her knees and started throbbing his cock in her mouth, she seemed to enjoy sucking his cock. his cock dark black cock was little huge and long. it was becoming wet with the fair lecturers little mouth. soon with a moan he cummed in her mouth itself. sakshathi had the most shocking scene in her life, she had never seen anything like this before. then they were getting cleaned up sakshathi ran from there to her class.that full day she couldn’t get out of shock, next day she even took leave due to little fever. from that day sakshathi avoided kaarudan completely. but amirtha become more close to him. days passed kaarudan become more popular among girls but not with sakshathi. at times he try to talk to her but she avoided the circumstances. even once they had to work together for a project but she never talked to him a single word other than the project. she was worried about amirtha getting close to him she once even advised her friend
“amir, he is great playboy maa. he even have contact with one of our lecturer. please keep distance with him”, but amirtha replied in a smiling face,
“i know that very well, he is a great playboy but my company he will surely change him.u need not worry ,k?” after that sakshathi stopped advising her.
they got their 4th semester holidays, on returning to their 3rd year sakshathi found amirtha missing. after a week, in an evening after class ,sakshathi saw her coming out of the college office with a very dull face. sakshathi got her out to a coffee shop and enquired about her absence and was shocked to hear that amirtha was going to leave the college, when she asked for the reason amirtha was not ready to say first but after a lot of compulsion told in a broken tone,
” ok i will tell you. but you shouldn’t ask for anything more. you know i like kaarudan very much but he cheated me. during holidays me , kaarudan and some more friends were out to a hill station where we had party ,he was drunk and i helped him out to his room where i gave myself to him . but in the morning he told he is not in love with me. after hearing such words i couldn’t be there and left that place. now after a lot consideration came to this conclusion. anyway i miss u da, ma.bye ” . after watching her dear friend leaving with tears sakshathi came to a decision that whatever it takes she should never meet this cruel kaarudan again on any circumstance after college, if it comes to see him ,she will surely revenge him for her friend.considering kaarudan her first enemy ,she continued her college and finished it with the the same thought. on reaching home sakshathi become restless. she had met the one whom she hated the most after a lot of thoughts she called the university professor who arranged her the company for iv,
“sir is this professor …”
“sir , i am sakshathi , ur student . hope u remember..”
“ya sure mam. such an excellent student cann’t be forgot tell me…”
“sir, today i visited kic company for project. i am not comfortable in that surrounding . so can u arrange me some other company…”
the professor in ashocking tone replied” oh. sorry to hear that . but mam u know iv to that company is not so easy to get. due to ur marks and ability i on my own risk sent ur marks and projects to that company and got permission for it. the other two i suggested , are just simple ones. please understand me . once u summit the project the company will surely be ready to place in a high post. so please…”
“no,sir… but….”
” ok mam for ur shake let tell u one thing. u have to work on a company for two month after this project at that time u can change the company. please….”
shakshathi cann’t object him as he is the one who always praise her about her talents and hardwork during special classes and seminors. so replied in a low tone ,
“ok sir”
“thats it thank u ma . u will surely understand my words in time. all the best”
“thank u sir”
shakshathi cut the phone with a sad face now her last chance of avoiding kaarudan’s meeting missed. so after a lot of consolation to herself sakshathi convinced her mind that kaarudan would have changed and could be forgiven. and also she will concentrate only on her project nothing else. with that thought she started visiting the company from the next day, everything was going smooth she saw kaarudan rarely that will also be in seconds . she become more friendly to mahima, as mahima’s home was near hers sakshathi drove her daily to her home though mahima objected first, accepted the drive on sakshathi’s request. she didn’t get anything odd about kaarudan and also she never tried to know about him personally from anyone. in ten days she almost everything she needed for project , one morning ,early to office hours she called mahima over her cell,
“hai mahima,good morning..”
“hai mam good morning.. what mam so early” mahima replied in exhausting tone.
“whats wrong with ur tone u sound perspiring”
“oh nothing… just runing… with files. why mam?”
“so u r in the office?”
” yes… mam…”
“am nearing office lift . yesterday left one of my file in ur table. i need it, as am going to meet my mba professor today…”
“oohh…ok… come to my table i will …wait for u..”
“thank you..”
about two minutes later shakshathi entered the office floor, when she was nearing mahima’s table, saw mahima coming out of the boss room towards her in a hurry and adjusting her saree. nearing her,
“hai mam . good morning…”
and started dearching for the file in her table , finding it handed it to shakshathi.
getting the file and checking it sakshathi told ,”ya this is the one , thank you..”
“u r welcome mam”
“and wt r u doing so early in the office…”
“some personal job in the boss room …”mahima replied in a naughty tone with a wink,”ok mam. bye catch later”
without waiting for sakshathi’s reply started walking towards boss cabin. sakshathi noted that her lips were little bulged and also her bra which was visible in her transparent blouse back was unhooked. sakshakthi understood the situation that mahima should have been having sex with kaarudan in the boss room. her temper went to its limits, returning on the lift she was cursing kaarudan, ” that evil have not changed i should not have thought of forging him. i should look for someway to revenge him badly in such a way he shouldn’t forget that in his life at any cost…”.
that night sakshathi couldn’t sleep revenging kaarudan for what he did to her friend was running through her mind.she thought of many ways but couldn’t get any better idea. though she had collected everything she needed for her project having revenge in mind she visited the company as routine . and also she started avoiding mahima she had stopped the drive with mahima before a couple of days.
On the 19th day evening on returning from the company , her car was stopped by an young lady in chudi, sakshathi droped the window and asked what she wanted,
the young lady replied in a soft tone,” mam i am sapna , i need to talk to you personally”
“y should i accept a stranger’s request” sakshathi replied puzzled,
“please mam something more important just a few words in that coffee shop only . please mam…”the lady toned poor. so considering there will be no harm with a meeting in a coffee shop sakshathi accepted and went to the shop with sapna. sakshathi followed the girl to a corner table in the coffee shop where she saw a very handsome young man in about 25 with very fair colour and good height and also well built body welcoming them with a smile,
“hai, mam i am chintu, nice to meet u.”
and he showed his hand but sakshathi namaskaared him,
“wt u like to have have mam, hot or cold..”
sakshathiinterfered and asked ,”its ok wt u people want from me?”
“mam, i am owner of cic hope u would have heard off. the competitor of kic.”
sakshathi understood a little and replied,
“ya tell me..”
“mam , u know the boss of kic mr.kaarudan was once a partner of my father’s, mother company dheenan international..”
“y r u telling me… all these…”
“i am coming mam. that crook kaarudan cheated my father and looted a big ransom from our company and started a new company on his own…”
“so what its ur own problem . i don’t understand y explain all these..”
sapna interrupted and told,” mam the way he cheated matters.”sakshathi saw her with amuse and saw chintu’s face becoming sad and hanging down. sapna continued in a sarrow voice,” mam kaarudan loved chintu’s elder sister and promising her marriage, made her pregnant and blackmailed her to get a big ransom from her father . after getting the amount he left her and started this company and become huge.since chintu was a kid that time he could do nothing and their whole family shifted to us. his father is running a big business their, after years chintu cann’t forgive kaarudan and to take revenge came here and started a new business to finish him”
sakshathi’s heart felt for chintu and replied in a soft voice looking at chintu who was looking,”am sorry for that. but still i cann’t understand y u tell ….”
sapna interfered again and continued , ” we tried all our best to defeat kaarudan but always failure accompany us. so coming to a conclusion that revenge cann’t be made if we follow moral so we have to beat him from inside.hope u understand”
sakshathi in confusion told, “i understand but y u choose me”
sapna told,”mam kaarudan have illegal contact with most of the ladies in his company so no one will help us. but u look kind hope u understand and will help us”
“but y me. and how u think i will help” chintu’s face was still down and his hand wiped tears. sapna continued ,”mam. we r watching u from the very first day. u was close top mahima , but now u avoid her that means u should have found the company’s wrong ways and hate kaarudans too. thats why his favourite become ur dislike.”
sakshathi became more and more confused and replied,
“ya . but…”
“then what mam enemy of an enemy is a friend”
“need not to be in a hurry mam. take ur time . this is my card call me if u change ur mind . if not its ok, but please feel this young man’s sarrow . anyway nice to meet u mam” saying so sapna handed over a card and left with chintu who covered his face with hanky to avoid eye contact with sakshathi.

sakshathi sat there in deep thoughts for sometime left the coffee shop with a lot confusion. sakshathi mind had become restless she couldn’t make any decision, whether to join with chintu to revenge or just leave it and take care of it on her own. after a day of the meeting, she was in the office during noon , when she went to the rest room saw mahima sweeping lone. she was little shocked and when enquired.
“mahima, what happened ?anything wrong?”
hearing her words mahima hugged her and started with weeps,
“mam… i am cheated mam.. that fellow had cheated me… i loved him sincerely and have given me many times to him . but now i have become useless for him, he refuse even to talk to me…..” sakshathi understood that as his work is done , kaarudan should have considered mahima useless . then she tapped mahima’s on back softly with care and affection who was crying and tried to ease her. soon after getting off her shoulder mahima told weeping, “sorry mam. please keep this a secret..” without waiting for sakshathi’s reply mahima left the rest room. sakshathi then took a decision that,” this cruel kaarudan is still spoiling many innocent’s life, unless punished would never change so there is nothing wrong in taking thorn by thorn…”. with that decision coming out of the rest room messaged to sapna’s number ,’shall we meet today?’ and continued her work. in the evening about an hour before her leaving time, got reply ‘sure mam!!! with lots of joy. i will be waiting for u in the same coffee shop for today at 5’
when sakshathi’s car reached the coffee shop sapna was standing outside the coffee shop. on seeing her car sapna showed hand and entered the car and told,”very good evening mam! mam this place is close to ur office so it is not good to meet here regularly lets ride some distance out.please keep driving straight , i will show u the way…”. sakshathi drove the car as sapna directed and they reached a resort outside the city. They went to the dining area of the resort which was in a big open space with lot of plants and started their conversation with tea,
“mam!!! am happy to have u on our side. i could see our victory now itself.”
sakshathi replied only a smile,
“mam, if u don’t mind can u tell me more about u and ur anger to kaarudan”
sakshathi told every detail about herself and her anger towards kaarudan,
“thats the scope mam. people like him are becoming more bold because soft persons like u r keeping calm if everyone comes out like u we can surely get ride of such bastards…’
sakshathi smiled with little proud,
“ok mam. chintu is out of town for two days.and we have more time so we could continue our business conversation tomorrow. lets discuss something more in general,can u tell me more about urself “
with that sakshathi started to tell more about herself, her likes, dislike, how she respect moral values, tradition ,culture and her family name,etc.. from that sapna understood how much innocent and soft sakshathi is and how much faith and love she have for her family and what a truthful life she leads. and also understood she always try to hide her innocence and try out smart.
and sakshathi understood how generous ,modern and open sapna is . she also understood that sapna doesn’t respect culture and tradition as she do. and also understood that this is the first time she is going to by friend such a modern person.

then about a couple of hours later sakshathi told “its getting late . i have to go my hubby would be home soon”
“but mam v have to discuss more…”
after a little thinking sakshathi told,”mmmm….if so, shall v meet again here by morning and discuss more. i can manage till noon..”
“ya sure. mam”
“thank u. will meet u here tomorrow bye”.
with that both left the resort. that night sakshathi felt a lot relief and slept well . next day morning she called mahima and told that she will be there in the after noon. then she messaged sapna that she had started and went to the resort’s dinning area as usual in a neatly starch ironed cotton saree and waited .sappna came within minutes in a transparent green saree with short sleeve and a lot exposure of hips , in short she was sexy. taking her seat sapna started with smile,
“hai mam. good morning..”
“good morning. u wear these types of saree too ah.?”
“ya mam.why not .every one can’t wear these. for my Physique these type of sarees suits a lot and also am not a old granny girl to wear only traditional cotton saree”
sakshathi understood that sapna mentions about herself only. as a matter of fact, though she have a good Physique, she never wear such fancy sarees and she don’t even have those. but she felt insulted about the comment and her mind couldn’t tolerate the word ‘old granny girl’.though her expressions showed her thoughts, she kept calm and she convinced herself that she is not here to for any fashion competition.
then sapna continued,
“ok mam coming to business first. yesterday i discussed with chintu on phone and we came to a conclusion that to finish the company we have to get three things 1st we have to get the company routine like the amount of products daily produced and sold, the workers work schedule , their management, etc… 2nd the company buyers, suppliers and,bank statement, third and the most important the company bank accounts passwords.
after thinking a little sakshathi continued,
“the first thing u asked can be got from my project. the second will be there in mahima’s system i could manage to get it and the third one is not easy to get as it is highly confidential and only kaarudan have that and i think there is no way , i could get it.”
“mmm… ya thats true. but it can be got… if u by friend kaarudan and (in a low tone)get close to him”
sakshathi rose in anger and shouted.” what do u think of me, a cheap crook to do such things , ah?….”
sapna also rose and made sakshathi sit and continued,
“mam. cool y u get short tempered everyone is looking at us…please sit down…”
when sakshathi looked around , felt guilty, sapna murmered but sakshathi could hear .
‘old fashioned crab, not even understanding nothing happens in words’
sakshathi understood the words and felt sorry,
“sorry sapna…. i…”
“its ok mam. it happens and please no sorry between friends”
sakshathi smiled with sorry face,sapna continued,
“mam, water in words never spills and an educated woman never short tempers for words,k?”
sakshathi shook her head and started feeling ashamed of herself and considered never to get anger for anything sapna says as mordern people talk more open. seeing sakshathi keeping calm sapna continued,” its ok mam lets be normal and please note chintu speaks many things like this with no intense as it is his habit don’t get tensed. if he have been in my place, don’t know what would have happened…so please be cautious to him..”
sakshathi started to fear about chintu and decided to do as sapna says.
“ok mam will lets leave that here . lets continue general things .mmmm… can u please give ur beauty secret..”
with that sakshathi shyly laughed and started to fell normal,
then sapna started different topics and they parted after a couple of hours. promising to meet the next day at the same place and time with project notes. next day ,after bath, sakshathi selected a formal cotton saree and when she was about to wear the saree , she remembered sapna mentioning her ‘old granny girl’ and also of herself feeling proud about her structure. so sakshathi decided to show sapna that she could also be modern and how it suits for her nice figure. deciding so she searched the self and found a thick fancy black saree with red embroidery which was transparent only a lot little. after wearing the saree she saw herself in the mirror and felt proud of her figure. when she remembered how sapna wore her saree exposing a lot of her hip, thought to herself,”that sapna thinks only she do have a nice hip ah? let me show her which is better today because today is the last chance for me as chintu will be available from tomorrow…” with that thought she lowered her saree a little but above her navel . she considered it a lot exposure to herself , as she always wear saree above her waist showing only a very little of the upper part of her tummy. when she saw the side view of her visible hip she smiled to herself thinking ,”this will show her who is better”. with that she stareted to the resort. while on drive she got call from sapna,
“hello…ya sapna,i have started, tell me…”
” mam, a small change in plan as we r going to discuss something about business , i don’t think its a good idea to meet in public ,.so y shouldn’t you come to our office?”
after a little thinking replied.
“ok . but is it far?”
“no mam. its not much faraway from your office. let me tell you the address….” with that she told the address and sakshathi started to drive towards it. on reaching the office, when she was about to call sapna, a security guard came to her and asked in a soft tone,
“sakshathi madam ?…”
“mam sapna madam asked me to get you to the meeting hall. shall we… ?…”
“ya. sure”
with that she followed the security gaurd to the meeting hall. the security guard left sakshathi at the meeting halls door steps. when sakshathi was about to push the door , it got pulled inside and chintu stood holding the door. sakshathi was shocked to see him and thought to herself,”oh god! chintu is here and i am wearing some exposing dress. i have never been in such dress, that too never in front of another man….”
chintu interrupted her thought,
“hello man!good morning and welcome to my office.” and he stared her from top to bottom breaking a little in the exposed hip area and commented, “wow !!!u look amazing…”
with that he got her right hand and was about to kiss it as a welcome note, sakshathi who was in shock acted on a sudden and released her hand from him quickly and namaskaared him. chintu replied,
“sorry mam . in england ,we welcome the close and favorite ones with a little kiss in hand.”
“but in india we don’t…”
sakshathi replied in hot tone .sapna interfered,
“its ok mam, leave it and i apologize for him. welcome. have u brought the project report..”
“no , its with the professor i will get it tomorrow but i could explain u what i remember.”
“ok mam. since u have arrived lets discuss about it a little today “. they sat around a glass table which had three chairs, in such a way that chintu was in the middle and both ladies
were on his both sides. sakshathi started to explain about the company details. while sakshathi was explaining, chintu started to admire her body and he focused on her visible hip area which was white and silky and looked more fair on the black fabric. in a while sakshathi noted him daring at her and when she got where he dares, she got little tensed but slowly brought forward her hanging pallu to the front and covered her hip. sapna too noted it it. once the hip was covered chintu started daring at her face and focused on her lips which seemed soft in rose colour , when sakhathi noted that she become uncomfortable, but chintu didn’t care it and kept staring. 
all of a sudden chintus phone started to ring and he left the table excusing himself. sakshathi felt relieved. she quickly leaned forward towards sapna and told in a husky and shivering voice ,
“sapna did u note how chintu …” but sapna broke in and told
“mam,please excuse me . i have to use the rest room. will be back in a minute.”
and she started to walk towards the front right corner of the room. chintu returned in a while and asked,
“where is sapna?”
with a little shivering and hesitation sakshathi replied'”restroom…”
“mm…” with that sakshathi took her phone out of her bag in the table and acted to play with it.but soon realized chintu has started to examine her body again, feeling uncomfortable and tensed sakshathi excused herself and left to the restroom to complain to sapna.
when she entered the rest room sapna was inside , one of the two toilets but her voice was perceptible,
“hey u know whats happening now . that chintu whom i have been trying to attract towards me but never focus on me. today started daring at that old fashioned granny girl. he looks at her like that he would eat her. i can’t understand what she has, that i don’t. though am about 5 to 6 years younger than her that chintu is attracted to her only. i think her little exposure should have attracted him. though there is nothing wrong in just seeing , i couldn’t get myself lost before her beauty so i have decided to expose more of myself by wearing the saree below my navel exposing more of my curvey hip. let me show him who is better? ok its getting late they will wait for me bye.”when sakshathi heard a flushing sound, went out and entered in again like she is entering just then. when sapna came out of the toilet with her mobile in hand, sakshathi could see that sapna’s saree have been lowered and her hip was more visible and looked sexy. when sapna saw sakshathi ,she smiled towards her but her eyes showed little angry and a message that ,”lets see now.” with that sapna washed her hand and left the rest room. sakshathi was left lone in the rest room and she decided that sapna should have been talking to one of her female friends or co worker. now sakshathi’s mind which was in anger changed, forgetting everything she started feeling a lot proud of herself .she felt sapna’s words as compliments and praise to her beauty. she thought to herself that , “though its not wise and honorable to let another man admire at me, who is a faithful married mother, but there is nothing wrong in it too and as sapna mentioned ‘there is nothing wrong in just seeing’ and am not going to expose myself to attract him towards me but just ,not going to hide it. now to answer her eyes let me see who is better an over exposed junior or a little exposed senior. with that thought she left the restroom and got back on her seat. sakshathi started to explain again with no tense. while explaining she noted chintu’s eyes but it was glancing at sapna’s hips which was flat and little folded but exposed a lot till her navel through the glass table and didn’t turn towards her. when she saw sapna , she could see her feeling proud of her victory and gave a message that,”won ,na?” with that sakshathi felt defeat and couldn’t tolerate that. so finished the explanation soon and told them as she have some work so have to leave now and will be back tomorrow with the project note.that night sakshathi forget everything and all she was thinking was about her defeat to sapna and finally beyond the try of convincing herself decided that she will get her victory the next day for sure. next day sakshathi wore a dark maroon saree in usual way and saw herself in front of the mirror. she found herself attractive and remembering sapna , decided to reveal more. she slowly lowere her her saree below navel and when she saw herself again , saw her dark round navel very attractive. this is the first time she ever wear a saree revealing navel on a casual day. she do only wear saree below navel for occasions in silk sarees to get shape and in that too will be more careful to not to reveal her navel at anyway. so she felt something disturbing and was confused whether to hide her navel or not. with lot of thoughts in mind she drew to chintu’s office but before getting out of the car thought to herself,” its not wise to expose myself to another man just for sapna ,y shouldn’t i forget that incident and go on with the revenge alone”
deciding so , she drew her saree up and hid her navel and walked to the conference hall. sapna welcomed her at the door with morning wish and smile. sapna glanced sakshathi from top to bottom and gave a look meaning,’thats it, accepted defeat na?don’t try anything like yesterday again’. and sakshathi followed sapna, but her mind couldn’t accept sapna’s mind voice easy, ‘how could this little chick boost about herself , how could i digest that nasty smile of hers easy, i should not,…’ with that fixed her mind to the old idea and took her seat right to chintu who was in the middle of the three chairs laid before the green board. nearing the green board sapna told ” mam,since today we have to discuss a little more in detail please use this board and marker if come over and begin the seminar, thank you” sapna finished with a broad smile, bending forward a little like honouring,
sakshathi saw the visible hip lines with folds of sapna ,showing that she is wearing her saree a lot below her navel and also didn’t miss to catch chintu pending his head a little to his right to see more of sapna’s exposed tummy.
and sakshathi stood up intaking her tummy and lowered her saree like she was adjusting casually. now her cute round navel poked out of the saree waist line. while crossing sapna, sakshathi made a look at her meaning, ‘ now see you little girl’. sakshathi started to explain about the company details casually but was watching both chintu and sapna carefully. from the moment , sakshathi went near the board chintu didn’t take his look out of her body. sakshathi was aware of it but giving less importance to chintu , watched sapna more , continuing on her explanation and could see sapna getting tensed on chitu’s action. inorder to get chintu’s vision towards her, sapna moved her saree, covering her tummy. now her tummy with many folds and her little navel hidden in the folds was completely open. sakshathi was shocked at the sight but hiding it, saw chintu who was still glancing at her. sapna after giving a look with meaning,’now look’, gave a sound like clearing her throat to get chintu’s attention. chintu slowly turned his sight towards sapna and saw sapna watching the the explanations and also her open stomach. when sapna saw chintu without his knowledge, was shocked to see him ignore her and moving his lips to his left meaning,’ahh,,, waste…’ and placed his view back on sakshathi. and sapna’s face become small and dropped her head in shame.

sakshathi who didn’t miss this , become more happy and started to feel proud of her victory. but soon her pride faded when she realized that, chintu was observing her from top to bottom and every single movement of her body. he should have seen her navel and her blouse covered side boobs, from her side view. as she guessed chintu was enjoying that scene a lot, a little plumpy white tummy with a dark navel in its center and stiff blouse covered little big boobs and his body started to heat up. only then she realized the blunder she made, she had become a exibishionist to a handsome young man who’s eyes have started to shower lust from eyes. so feeling guilt and uncomfortable , finished her explanation soon stating she have to move on. feeling her goodbye , chintu become normal ,stood up and told “mam thanks for the explanation will return your project notes tomorrow after copying it.ok?”
“ya.sure.”sakshathi replied with little shivering. chintu continued ‘
“ok mam. please try to get the account and transaction details from the office computer which you mentioned yesterday.”
then sapna came near sakshathi with dull face and blabbered in a husky voice,”so you won ah ?”though her voice was too low, sakshathi could hear that clearly. those words filled her thoughts with joy . but hiding her pride enquired,”what?”
“…oh… nothing… just asked … mm…just asked so you will ah? meaning you will get the details soon ah?”sapna stumbled,
sakshathi replied with a look meaning,’i know what u meant’ “ya sure . as soon as possible …bye” with that sakshathi left for kaarudan’s office.
while on drive thought to herself ,”that little bitch have learnt a lesson. but i have moved a little from my moral values.its ok ! every one do mistakes and i am not going to repeat it again at any cost”. but sakshathi couldn’t sleep and was restless at night. she was worrying to herself in bed as,
“what a cheaper act i have made ? i have paid my morals for my ego. how could i face the society ? though no one knows , my mind will be echoing my acts. but…. but…. is it what i have done, is done, against and without my will? or…. or…. did i… like it? not to hide the fact some where deep inside i… liked it and i was starting to arose at chintu’s view .ohhh…. you dirty mind what are you thinking about? you are making my mistake a plunder by thinking about it again . now stop thinking anything let it be finished here. none of that ugly thoughts again.”
with that sakshathi took a strong decision to not to repeat and went to sleep.
next day in kaarudan’s office , the office was free only with little staffs , when sakshathi enquired about it to mahima, who was sitting in her computer ,” mam, we usually do a little auditing on our own , regarding the company transaction details once a month and only important peoples will be present for it. only you have got exemption from boss” .
sakshathi thought to herself,”that crook is trying to attract me ahh… CHEAP BASTARD…” but soon got brightened and thought ,”ah hah… he had fallen to his own net. by giving me exemption , he had given me the best opperchunity to get the transaction details . with that in mind she asked mahima,
“mahima, shall i have a look at the transaction details . ,which will be more useful for my project”
“ya, sure mam…” replying, mahima moved out of her chair.
“take as much as time you want but till then your mobile will be with me to play. deal…?” mahima asked with giggle, sakshathi took the seat and replied with a smile ,”sure”
“ok , mam will be back in ten minutes with your mobile k?”
“ok.” with that mahima left the place. and sakshathi thought to herself,”this is my best chance.” with that in mind sakshathi took off a pen drive from her handbag and started copying the transaction details to it. when mahima returned sakshathi had completed her work and had kept the pen drive back. and after a little chitchat with mahima, sakshathi left the office with great joy. on driving sakshathi called sapna and in an excitement tone,
“hello!sapna… great news! i have got the transaction details on my pen drive now”
“wow…superb mam. you did it. very happy about it and chintu will also feel the same…”
“where are you now ? where shall we me meet?”
“oh…mam. am little out of town and will be back by night only. where are you, now mam?”
when sakshathi defined the spot , sapna in an excitement tone replied,
“its superb again because chintu is in the star hotel near your spot. will ask him whether he is available and call you…k?”
without waiting for sakshathi’s reply sapna cut the phone.when sakshathi heard chintu’s name she become little shocked and thought,
“whats this am trying to avoid him but situation cheats me…”, her thoughts was interrupted by her mobile ringtone. when she answered , she was in more shock to hear chintu’s voice,
“hello mam… just now sapna called and told everything…congrats for your victory. and am in the same hotel only can you come over here , i will be waiting for you in the parking lot…”
“ya…” sakshathi toned inconvenience. while on her drive to the hotel thought to herself, “ohhh… how am i going to face him…k… anyway it have to be completed and this is the last time am going to meet him personally as my job with him is almost done ,once i hand over him the pendrive and moreover a parking lot is more public and safe…” with thoughts sakshathi reached the hotel’s parking lot. searching for chintu’s car , sakshathi called him. when it was answered in a strumbling tone asked,
“hello… chintu, am in the parking lot only…”
“oh mam, please walk straight and take your right , you will find the vip car parking lot…”
when sakshathi reached the place , was little shock to find only chintu’s car there. with the accompany of fear , sakshathi went near the car and saw chintu who was in the driver seat through the window glass. chintu signaled her to come in and sakshathi with rise in heart beat entered the car and sat on the passenger seat. chintu started with a welcome smile,
“hai mam…congrats for your victory…sorry to meet you here because one inside the hotel, i will be given my room and will be there till tomorrow night . thats why … sorry..”
“its ok here. this is the pendrive…”
“thank you mam. its a great job…”
chintu got the pendrive and took out his laptop to check it while the laptop was booting up , chintu enquired,
“why you look tensed mam, shall i increase the a/c…?”
“no its ok… am in a little hurry thats why…”sakshathi little strumbled,
“oh…sorry !!! just spare me a little moment…mam did you see two photos anywhere in the pc ?…”
“ya… saw two male photos in it along with the transaction details…”
“wow great… mam, tomorrow party is for business people meet and those two are the most important, new clients arriving here for the party in the eveing. it will be more helpful for me if join me to the party tomorrow and pin point them to me…” sakshathi in a hurry replied ,
“no.. i cann’t… i…”
“its ok mam no probs! get the photos some other day. k…here the laptop started…”
with that, chintu browsed the files and exclaimed.
“ooohhhh….. haaa…great…great…great… you have done a splendid job mam. thank you… thanks a lot….”
sakshathi could feel his joy and felt little ease. 
then calming down chintu slowly asked , 
“mam i want to celebrate this now…”
sakshathi asked with a puzzling smile,
“its so simple mam. whenever i feel happy i will just visit one of nature spot and will admire the beauty i love….but…”
chintu continued in a husky voice,
“but as i couldn’t visit anywhere i …. i want u to help me…”
sakshathi started melting in his tone and asked,
“mam you are a lot great than those views. soo….”
sakshathi could understand his praise for her beauty and liked it,
“so, with your permission. shall i admire your beauty for …a while..”
“please mam don’t hesitate as you know there is nothing wrong in just admiring and also beauty is for admiring only… please…”
sakshathi become proud and pleased by his praises and pleases. with that thought to herself,’what he say is right’ 
and with little hesitation and shy, shook her head as acceptance, chintu told in a husky voice,
“thank you mam…”
with that started to admire her with a seductive look, from her fore head, passing through her flittering round eyes to her drying red lips and her swallowing throat…and continued down ,sakshathi aware of his sight, feeling shy crossed her right hand to her shoulder and turned her face from his face to the window glass. chintu smiled a bit crossed her saree covered boobs and stopped at her midriff.
chintu came little nearer to sakshathi and in a seductive low voice asked
“mam’ i want to see what you showed me yesterday, sakshathi turned with puzzle and straight to his seductive eyes, chintu continued ,
“ya mam i want to see your uncovered midriff…”
sakshathi with shock and hesitation replied …
“but… i not such a type and i have not done anything like that before…”
“its ok mam there is always a start for everything. have you ever been a exibitionist as yesterday before?”
sakshathi shook her head as “no”
“then what mam. let this be the beginning. please show…me that fair beautiful midriff…”
feeling ashame of being caught red handed for her exibitionist act and also melted on his words,
sakshathi turning her face again to the window , slowly moved her saree. her fair midriff bocome visible but her navel was hidden under her saree waist line.
chintu moved a little closer and in a low pitch seductive tone,
“mam its simply superb but i want to see more of it ….please let that cute little navel out… please…”
sakshathi with hesitation remained silent but chintu moved more farther,
sakshathi’s hesitation started fading and she slowly rose up from the seat and slowly moved her saree down below her navel and when she sat back,
chintu could see the fair little plumply tummy with more folds and her cute round navel in little plugge of her tummy muscle in the center. chintu stared feeling more hot and sakshathi also started feeling arousal inside her .
chintu slowly lowered his face more closer to her tummy and looked up and found sakshathi face toward the glass. chintu couldn’t control anymore, in a sudden caught her waist roughly and bit her midriff hard ,clenching her navel. sakshathi shocked by his act , jumped in pain and pushed him away hard. her eyes were red in anger and pain and she slapped him hard. chintu too got anger and rose hishand to beat her but contolling himself ,stopped and shouted,
“you foolish woman beat me aaahhh…. youuu… idiot …here take your pendrive and get out i don’t want to work with such a stupid lady. i will look after my own way , i don’t want your help anymore. a silly women who cann’t adjust with people, go get out you fool….”
with that chintu turned his face away, sakshathi crying in pain and fear, got her pendrive and got out off the car running with sweep. while driving home still tears flowing, sakshathi got call from her hubby,controlling her weeps ,sakshathi answered the call, 
in a hurry tone her husband told,
“hello sakshu… am going to meet some important people today so will be late home, so please don’t wait for me ah? and am in a hurry bye…..”
without waiting for her reply the phone cutoff since sakshathi too needed loneliness felt relieved by the message.on reaching home by 7.30pm sakshathi went straight to her bed and falling with sound cry ,started to weep thinking feeling a shame ,of what she had let chintu to do to her and didn’t realize when she slept.
in the morning she woke up by her mobile ringing tone. it was her hubby again ,
“hai , honey. good morning. sorry again for i have to leave early and u was in deep sleep, so left without informing you. today am leaving town out of business….äfter mentioning the place he was going, continued,”will be back by tomorrow only. and u looked too tired, so take care and take rest.bye.”
“bye…”sakshathi cut the phone in a dull tone and face. then she realised that her cries should have made soo tired that she didn’t realise her hubby’s arrival and leaving.
carrying on with her morning duties in dull face and guilty mind,sakshathi thought to herself.,
í should stop it here and its not safe anymore to continue with chintu so i should call sapna and tell that i have done my job and lets not meet agian…’ her thoughts were interuppted by her mobile. it was sapna.,
“hello sakshathi madam…”sapna toned hurry and tension.
” ya sapna tell me…”
with little aloud ,sapna continued,
” mam! what have u done? what did u tell chintu yesterday in the evening?”
” no its not my fault…. i…” interupting sapna continued,
” mam i don’t want to know what happened? and who is right? just now chintu called And told me,” sapna give sakshathi back all the details she gave us about the company and lets take care of the revenge on our own. we don’t need any help from narrow minded persons like her” with that he cut off the phone…”
” but…i…its…”, sapna again interuppted,
” no mam. whatever you say, its not that easy. if we return u all, that means we quit. we, for sure could do nothing without your details and all your work go waste without us. so we should not part now, so please convince chintu or else, what happened to your friend and chintu’s sister have to be left free and that cruelity will be continued on many other innocent women. you want that ahh…?”
sapna’s words started confusing sakshathi, she for sure want to revenge kaarudan for her friend and now for mahima too. but that doesn’t mean to plunder her honor. both were silent fora while and sakshathi started,
” but sapna.. what chintu did yesterday was not easy to take… he…”
” ohhh! come on mam, i know chintu very well, he for sure would not have done anything against u . he was grown up in a high rich and western society and its not easy for loc..”
sakshathi know sapna have cut the word local,
” indian cultured people like you to take him as such ,but mam you are well educated you could understand so please… stop acting like old granny girl.” sakshathi keeping silence started confusing herself . considering herself wrong ,felt ashamed of letting sapna call her old granny girl and local by her acts. she wanted to prove her she is not narrow mineded . she thought to herself, ‘ ya she is right its not wise to complian chintu alone, it all started because of my ego to sapna. only i tried to get chintu’s attention by showning him my navel and its men nature to lose control on arosal…’
” mam… are you there…”
” ya sapna….” sakshathi toned awaken,
” so please mam.only you could convince him.please act as per he wish, for your friend and other innocents sake.please…”
” but sapna . i am not brought up so jovial . how could i…”
” oh come on mam where you taught to revenge on someone with others. it all comes on life. we have to change a little and convince ourself depending on our need and please…”
sakshathi considered sapna’s point correct and got convinced. her anger against chintu had been completely faded and her mind started to think of revenge,for her friend. she decided to convince chintu and befriend him again but be careful this time. sakshathi took in a decided breath and asked,
” ok sapna what do u want me to do?”
” thats it mam. i could understand your love for friend. but mam…”
sapna told in a exited tone but in a hesitation tone continued,
” mam its not easy to convince chintu, he never lets down his anger easy so its all in your hand…”
now sakshathi started to fear about convincing chintu. thought to herself,óh what shall i do now? how could i easy chintu’
sapna continued ,” ok mam lets try our level best. as chintu have switched off his mobile you meet him inperson. chintu is room no.202 in the same hotel , where you met him yesterday. so please go as soon as possible and cool him. “
” ok” sakshathi toned little hesitation and confusion ” ok mam all the best bye…”
cutting the call sapna looked at chintu ,who was sitting nude in the middle of the huge bed with mobile in his hand recording his nude secretary who is sitting in the edge of the same cot nude with her mobile in her hand. 
sapna started in a naughty tone, 
“hey, u little boss what are you doing? “
“recording my beautiful secretary’s natural beauty. “
“didn’t u hear me mentioning ur mobile switched off. what if she calls now”
” don’t worry the battery is about to dry and will be off soon . why shouldn’t u dry myself also dry so that I won’t cum soon , when I start with that fresh homely house wife…” chintu toned evil.
moving towards her boss kneeling sapna continued, 
“so u want to completely satisfy ur new upcoming partner ah ?”
with that sapna’s right hand reached for his erect cock and started rubbing it up and down. ,
“oh come on sapna don’t be jealous .its only ur plan na , to bed that innocent beauty so that her guilt will make her surrender to us completely and we could do her whatever we want and even make her bed with kaarudan to get the passwords and other secrets from him easily.
Because as per our spy, kaarudan throw veiws only on this cutey …oh oh the phone is dead”
“now lets kill ur snake too ah… “
with a naughty laughter sapna bent down and started sucking chintu’s cock furiously and took his cum out on her mouth.
“oh that’s great…”
chintu fell back on bed like fainting ,with his secretary. standing in front of the hotel room with a lot confussion and tension ,sakshathi pressed the door bell.
she taken back and started feeling uneasy on seeing chintu on shorts and bare body. he was not well built but had good physic. chintu without saying a word went inside and sat on the edge of the cot . sakshathi followed him inside , halfway and stood still and started feeling nervous. the door closed on its own and chintu started, 
“mam, well there is nothing to say. and am sorry for that day. a well matured man should not have acted in such a way…. “
sakshathi could understand that chintu means to say that she is not enough matured like him. 
“ok mam lets stop here . I know you are here for the apology and there’s no no need for it. thanks for all that you did. You can leave now… bye” chintu toned little anger and depressed. 
sakshathi was totally confused , she was not able to make any decision on her next move. and with hesitation started with stumbling words,
“chintu … you know. .. am not from a jovial society as yours…. I have never been with people like you…. so being close to you is not easy for me…”
“then there is no need mam… we can work on our own.”chintu toned a lot anger. 
“no… but … I…”
“am I from your society? …didn’t I maintain my manners early on the way you like? … that day in a little joy , I was unable to control myself. that’s not my fault. its your beauty that made me lose myself. ..”
sakshathi started feeling easy and fear. … both were silent for a while and chintu continued,
“don’t you know that,only people of same thoughts and behaviour could be friends or co workers for long and get success….we have same type thoughts, but not the other… i can not act on the way, you like, anymore so lets stop it all …. you take care of your friends revenge on your own” with that chintu turned his face to the opposite. 
sakshathi felt like crying on hearing those words. she know chintu is her only chance for revenge. she started stumbling in both mind and body. she don’t know what to say and act. with lot confusion and hurry took that decision.

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