Round Breasts Of Rich Housewife

I was getting tired of the party. We were in a five star hotel celebrating the success of the movie produced by my husband’s father. It was getting late and I wanted to sleep. There were so many celebrities. I am wearing a silk strap blouse without any bra inside. It was tight on my boobs.
The black blouse and silk shiny saree was making me look as good as those heroines. I am a former model. I thought of becoming an actress but ultimately got married after making some flop films. My husband was enjoying the song and dance. There were some popular singers singing.
I told my husband that I am going home. I told our driver to take me home. I almost slept in the car as we drove over the empty road. I didn’t know that my saree aanchal dropped from my chest exposing big cleavage. When I woke up we were in front of our large bungalow. The driver was looking at my breasts and cleavage. I adjusted myself in embarrassment. I opened the gate with my keys and told him to go back to my husband.
He told me that the party will be over after two hours. He wants to spend some time with me . I was going to call our servants who might be sleeping in the servant’s quarters near the garage but the driver hold my hand and said don’t call them now. Let us enjoy the night.

I said what do you want. He held my fair arms above my elbow and massaged them . You are so fair and beautiful. I was afraid whether our gatekeeper would come any moment. My entire family was in the party. Where are our armed guards who guard the gates?. He was simply staring at my breasts and then he kissed me. I didn’t say anything and just couldn’t think what to do. I turned back and he grabbed my breasts from behind. He pressed my breasts over my blouse. He pinched my nipples hard.
I lost control and pressed his head on my chest. Then lifted my saree and petticoat and brought my panty down. I kept my hands on the wall and asked him to fuck me from behind. He lifted my saree and petticoat and inserted his penis in my vagina from behind. He pushed inside my pussy and fucked me hard. I kept my hands on the wall with my eyes closed. He grabbed and pressed my breasts over the blouse and moved forward and backward.
At that time the two security guards and gatekeeper came out with a mobile camera from the garage. They were filming the entire scene. I wanted to stop but it was too late. The driver filled my pussy with his semen. I told them not to tell anybody about this. They said they have a condition and without their saying I understood what it was. The driver went back to the party.
I didn’t want to awake the servants otherwise they might also want a sexual pleasure with my beautiful body. I took them to the car parking area where it was lonely and no chance of anyone coming. They all became naked with erect penis. The gatekeeper came and opened my shameless exy strap blouse. All of them jumped over me to enjoy my breasts. I asked them to be gentle and come one by one. But it was no use . They just went on pressing and squeezing my breasts. The security guards kissed my breasts. The gatekeeper sucked my nipples. They all kissed my breasts and licked my nipples with their tongue.
They gave gentle bite on my nipples. I moaned aaaaaaaaaannnhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaannnnnhhhhh as they bit my nipples. They pinched my nipples and my nipples became erect . They pulled my erect nipples as I cried aaaannnnnnh annnnnnhhh mera nipple mat khinch aannnnnnnhhhhhhhhh aaaaaannnnnnhhhhhhhhh. They slapped my breasts from two sides and laughed as my breasts shaked with each slap. I said unh unhh aur jor se maar. Now I was enjoying this rough assault on my boobs.
Each one of them pressed my breasts hard with all their strength and made it pointed forward. I enjoyed as they sucked my pointed nipples two at a time. I held their heads as they sucked. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaahh yaaaaaaanh yaaaannnnnnhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnh maza aagaya. Mera sara doddh pi le haramkhoron. Aur jor se choos mera nipple aaaaannnnhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaannnnnhhhhhhhhhhh. They told me to raise my chest with my hands raised behind my head. They asked me shake my chest sideways.
I did as they asked .My naked breasts were red due to constant kissing and sucking. I shaked my chest with my hands behind my head. My breasts were jumping and jiggling. They filmed videos with my mobile camera as it would be safe with me and I allowed them to film my breast movement.I promised them they can see it whenever they want. I told them whats there to see on video when you can see live. You don’t have to blackmail me anymore. I am enjoying your company. But don’t tell these things to your friends that I am fucking a super rich hot housewife who is a former model and actress: they clicked pictures and videos with my costly high definition mobile camera. I made them delete my sex scene with driver from their mobile which was so low quality that nobody would recognize me in the dark.
They were enjoying the dance of my round white breasts.I did that close to their mouth and as my breasts and nipples brushed their face I almost came with my pussy juice.
They pulled my nipples forward and asked me to follow them . I was following the direction of my nipple pull. Then once again I wanted them to slap my breasts hard on both sides as I never did this before. I was mad for breast stimulation. First they slapped with their right hands. I could see the finger marks on my breasts. Then they slapped with their left hands. Each slap made me more and more horny. I just moaned with each slap anh anh aur jor se maar anhhhhhhh.
After that I posed in doggie style on the floor without taking off my saree. They lifted my saree and fucked me in doggie style. One fucked my pussy from below. One fucked my anus from behind and the third came in front and fucked my mouth. All of us came one after another. Then I cleaned my self and went to my room with my keys without waking my servants.
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