I m 31 years old, married man with one kid. I seldom enjoy sex with my wife, but having sex with someone else outside marriage really gives an adrenalin kick (nasha). I am sure many of my married friends would agree to this.

Now coming to my experience, it was something like a time bomb waiting to explode. All in my 6 years of marriage, I stayed loyal to my wife. Sex was great and we use to do it almost every night and on every opportunity we got. But things started cooling down after my wife got pregnant and after her delivery, there was a complete dry spell.

I have very high libido and so I got accustomed to wanking (masturbating) myself to glory as my wife use to deny me sex. I had wowed myself to stay loyal towards my wife thinking it’s a phase and she would change. Months passed but she got more and more stubborn denying me sex. It was almost a year and was never so celibate in my entire life.

It was very frustrating for me and I use to be quite stressed. So I decided to join a gym thinking that working out would at least help me to relief my stress. I started working out at renowned gym in Seawoods and this is where I met Roshni. Destiny has its own way to bring up things and in my case it happened in such way, even I was left surprised.

One day I got a Facebook Group invite from our gym manager. He had made this FB group for our gym branch and all the members were invited to join. I accepted the invite and was surfing through the other members list. I was surfing through the group and checking out other member’s profile, when one profile picture attracted my attention.

Her name was Roshni (can’t tell u surname), I clicked to see her profile, but she had blocked permission to her other details except for her profile picture. It was self shot picture in which she was wearing a hat and black glasses and boy she looked cute in that picture. That evening I scanned the whole gym for her and even enquired to my trainer friends about her.

But no one had any idea about her. For next few days I use to look for her at gym. She was so itched on my mind that I use to think about her all the time. I waited for her at the gym for a week and finally I left a message her on her profile…..”Never seen you at gym” and waited for her reply.

She replied back that same evening asking who am I and how do I know her. I told her about the Gym ka FB page that I really liked her profile and thought about being friends with her. She out rightly rejected my request. I was heart broken and apologised to her and decided never to disturb her. I was mending my broken heart and working out gym thinking about her.

10-15 days had passed and I got message from Roshni asking me about my gym timing as she dint see me at the gym. I replied telling her I come in the evening and how come she messaged me. She said she thought I was a good person appeared to be a gentle and un-harmful person who respected her denial unlike other people she met online.

We became friends and started talking regularly over messages first and after couple of weeks over the phone. She use to come to gym in the afternoon and I use to go during evening time and hence we never met. We spoke about every thing under this sky and use to flirt occasionally, but never spoke about our personal life.

Our phone conversations use to last for hours. I had found solace in her and use to enjoy talking her. We had actually grown fond of each other over the period of time and were talking and behaving as if we were couple. It was more the 2 and half months now, finally during one conversation she said…. “It’s high time now….we should meet”, I was dying to hear this from her.

We decided to meet on that very coming Saturday. On Saturday evening she asked me to wait for her near Inorbit mall in Vashi. I reached Inorbit and messaged her my car details. My heart was pounding and my palms were sweaty. Since my marriage this was the first time I was actually dating someone.

Finally Roshni called up saying she has reached and was waiting near the car exit next to Vasundhara hotel. I drove toward the exit. I was almost there and I saw her. She is around 28-29 yrs old wearing black Anarkali type salwar, with golden zari work on top. She was very fair like most gujju females with some reddish marks on her face.

She had thin delicate lips, her hair were straight and silky and to top it all she had this flashing smile as I stopped next to her. She got in the car and I greeted her. I was blow away by her beauty. She has a very cute face and enchanting smile.

We drove to a hill top from where we watched the sunset (she had told me once she liked watching sunset) from there we went for dinner and after dinner we had nice drive on Plam beach road. It was a perfect first date and I dropped her home in Nerul. Next day I requested her to change her gym timing to evening so we could spend more time together.

She agreed to it and from Monday onwards she started coming to gym in the evening. I was waiting for her in the cardio section and that’s the first time actually I saw her body curves. She was walking towards me wearing a pink track pant, grey color t shirt and sport shoes. She appeared to be shorter then the other night and I guessed she had worn high heels then.

Her track pant was a perfect fit, had huge boobs which were looking quite prominently even though she was wearing a loose fitting t shirt. I greeted her and hugged me as we were long lost friends. As she hugged me her boobs pressed against me and it send shivers down my spine. We spoke for few minutes and started walking on treadmills.

As she increased the speed of the machine, her boobs started bouncing. I was surprised with their size and got myself thinking how I missed those on our first date. Guessed she had concealed it wisely under the Anarkali dress. I excused myself from my machine as I just could not get my eyes off them.

I got down from my machine and took a walk across the room. I saw every tom dick and harry in the cardio room staring at her. I walked down, Roshni was still walking on the machine. This the first time I checked her ass. She had this perfect round ass and her ass cheeks swayed at bit as she walked.

Fitting of her track pant was so perfect on her ass that when she walked, dimple formed on her ass cheek could be easily seen. I was simply blown off by this nazaara. I stood next to her and started talking to her as she carried on walking. As I spoke to her, I at glanced her and noticed she had tummy and her ass appeared to be smaller because of her huge boobs and due to her short height she looked plump.

She was done walking on machine and I was in no mood to exercise. We left the gym and started talking standing next to our vehicles. I said…. “damn u have a great body rosh…u did a nice job concealing it on our first date”. She smiled and said “even u noticed it….u guys can’t just ignore when a girl is working out”….. “kaise kar sakte hai….agar wo ladki tumre jaaise ho” I replied with a naughty smile and a pinch on her arm.

She laughed it off and we dove off. That night I masturbated trice thinking about her. I wanted to fuck her now, hook or by crook. We use to meet every evening at the gym, we hardly use to work out but use to spend our time talking and me staring at her hot body. After few days I offered her to pick her up and drop back home from gym so that she don’t have to get her car.

Roshni agreed to it. For couple of days we went regularly to gym and I use to drop her back home. Then one day I said we actually waste our time going to gym, instead I suggested, we go to the hill top and watch the sun go down. Roshni readily agreed to it and soon this became our routine.

We hardly went to gym any more and use to spend our time sitting in the car watching the sunset and talk. I use to change into my gym gear in the car intself as I had go back home saying I came back from gym. I use to change my shirt in front of Roshni but always asked her to step out from the car when I had to change my pants.

This had become our routine and one evening it was raining heavily outside. Due to this I had to change my pants with Roshni sitting on the passenger seat. I wear boxers under my pants and nothing else. I asked Roshni to look the other way outside the window as I removed my pants. I was embraced with this situation but had not other option.

I had to remove my boxers in order to wear supporters and my gym short. As I removed my boxer I dint realise that Roshni could see my reflection on her window. I removed my boxer and was about to wear my supporter when Roshni turned towards me. I was shocked, I was naked with my boxers down and supporters on my knee and my cock out in open.

I said “Rosh plz turn around…I am not done yet”….. “nahi mujhe dekhna hai” she said…”what !!!” I replied….”sshhh” she said as she moved her right hand on my thigh. I knew what was coming, but I was caught off guard so was frozen as she moved her hand up my thigh. She moved her hand up and slowly moved her finger on my clean shaven nut sac.

“AAAhhh…..” It was pleasure feeling, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling, and she slowly moved her finger from my nut sac to my crotch and massaged my crotch with her fingers. Her delicate touch was sending mild currents through me and my cock slowly started to grow. I opened my eyes and saw Roshni had moved closer and her lips were close to my chest.

She lifted my shirt and kissed my nipple and nibbled it with her tongue. “hhhhmmm…” her hair smelled so nice, slowly she started sucking my nipple, she moved her left hand on my dick and started stroking it and removed her other hand from my nut sac. She slowly moved to my right nipple and started sucking it mildly.

OOOhhh boy what a feeling it was, after almost 3 years I was having this moment. She kissed on my nipple and slowly moved her lips between my chest and kissed me. She was partially over me from her seat, I pushed the arm rest behind and made room for her to move more closer. She rested her face on my chest as she stroked my penis.

I moved my left hand under her and cupped her left breast. It was huge and soft. I squeezed it a bit….”AAAhhhh…..” she moaned….i asked to look up and kissed her forehead. She moved her lips close to mine and we kissed. It was soft kiss at first, but soon it turned passionate and we sucked each others lips, moving our heads wildly.

I opened my mouth and she inserted her tongue and explored my mouth, I sucked her tongue, during this she had moved completely over me running both her hands in my hair. I pushed her back and broke our kiss. She was over me and I could see lust in her eyes, she was breathing heavily looking down at me.

I pulled her t shirt up and first time I saw her beautiful boobs nicely wrapped in bra. She had awesome cleavage line. I pulled her near and dug my face into boobs, I was mad with lust and sucked over bra. “uuhhhh….aaram see….” she moaned, I pushed her back and pulled her bra over her boobs, they are milky white with nice light brown nipples.

They hung down as I freed them from the bra. I brought my lips close to her right nipple and kissed it delicately….”hhhmmm…”she moaned. As I did that I moved my right hand on her left boob circling her areola. Her nipples were getting erect and she was getting horny, I was kissing her right nipple and teasing it with my tongue, this was driving her crazy,

I pinched her left nipple…..”ooohhh….baby plz suck them…plz babes..plz”…she moaned….I started sucking her right nipple and was biting it in between…..this was sending shock wave through her body, she to leaned back and grabbed my erect cock with left hand, “yeah baby…thts right baby….suck it…plz suck more…hhhmm”….she responded,

her moans were driving me crazy, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and sucked her boob completely with her areola…”baby plz not so hard….dard ho raha hai….aahhhh”…still I kept sucking till I lost my breath. I looked at her, Roshni had closed her eyes leaning back, she had placed her crotch right over my cock and moving rhythmically over cock and stroking it,

he right boob and nipple had turned red because I my sucking, I moved on to her left nipple and sucked it hard….. “aaaaahh….itna zor se nahi…plz…dard ho raha hai” she said…but lust had take over me I just I continued sucking it hard and squeezing her right boob… “aaahhh….plz leave it..mujhe dard ho raha hai…plz baby…be are hurting me” she cried out loud.

Her cried got me back to my senses and went soft on her. My cock was completely erect and waiting for some action. Roshni has removed her hand and rubbing her crotch over my dick. I moved my hand in behind her and grabbed her ass over her track pant. I moved my hand inside her pants and tried to grab her ass cheeks.

They were soft and smooth and felt like I was squeezing pillow. I moved my finger in her ass crack and slowly moved it down. Now she had stopped moving as she rested her hands on my shoulders and lifted herself to make room for my finger. I was sucking and kissing her boobs as I moved my finger.

My finger was over her asshole, as I tried to insert it, Roshni cried “Noooo…aaah” digging her nails in my shoulders. I moved down towards her pussy. It was hot inside her panty. She was very wet and her pussy was dripping with her love juice. I moved my middle finger between her pussy lips….“hhhmm….aahhh….mmm…” she moaned, I tried inserting my finger inside her but could not.

She sensed this and pushed herself back. I removed my hand from her back, she moved back and raised herself. I pushed my hand from the front, it was better and easy. I looked at Roshni, she had rested her head on my shoulder and raised her hips to accommodate my hand into her pant. I started moving my finger over her pussy lips and teasing her clitoris in between,

she was loving it, she was nibbling my ear lobes and moaning softly. I inserted my finger inside her pussy…”aaahhh” she moaned loudly. I kept my finger inside her pussy for few second, then began finger fucking her slowly. “hhmmm….aaise he…love u babes” she moaned as she started moving her hips to match my finger stroke.

I was moving my finger inside her pussy trying to explore her pussy walls, this was driving her more crazy as she increased her speed. She started breathing heavily and kissed my lips wildly, moving her fingers through my hair. I started ramming my finger inside her as I knew she was about to come. Roshni arched back and gave out a loud moan as she reached her orgasm.

My finger and palm was drenched with her cum, she rested on my shoulder as I pulled my hand out of her pant. We kept quite for few moments, I kissed her forehead and she kissed me back on my lips.

She got off me and went back to her seat, I looked at her. Roshni looked tired, her boobs still dangling under her bra. They had turned red due to my roughness. Her track pant was pushed below her waist line and could see her blue panty. Her hair were dishevelled and looked like she was in trance. My cock had gone limp and my pre cum dripping from it.

Roshni opened her bra and wore it back caging her boobs again, she pulled her t shirt down and straightened herself. She tied her hair back again. All this while I was looking at her, still naked down under. It had stopped raining and I asked Roshni to step outside so I could wear my shorts. She looked at me and said… “Main kyo bahar jaau, ab kya chupana chahate ho”.

“Kuch reh to nahi gaya hai..but phir bhi” I replied. “Mujhe help karne do tumhari, main tumhe pehnati hu tumhari shorts” she said. She came close to me and got down between the steering wheel and floor to pull my supporter and boxer up. As she did this, her cheek brushed my cock and her hair were touching my cock and nut sacs.

This was arousing to me and my cock started to get hard. She pulled my supporter and shorts over my knees and as she tried to move her head, my erect cock was right in front of her face. It was hard like a steel rod and veins protruding over it. It is 6” long and 2” in diameter with a bigger crown. She just kept staring at my shaft, “Did you like it” I asked, “hhmm” replied.

She moved her hand on my dick and pulled down the foreskin. My pink crown was visible which was glowing due to the pre cum. She stroked it couple if time and squeezed it to release all the pre cum. She wiped off the pre cum and clicked my dick hole with her tongue. “Aaaahhh…..” it was strange sensation. She gently licked the crown and slid her tongue down my shaft to my nut sac.

She licked my nut sac and that send shivers thru my spine. I lifted myself so she could suck my nuts. As she sucked my nut she stoked my dick gently, she was making sucking noises as she sucked on my nut. “oooh yeah babe…that’s right…keep doing it” I moaned with my eyes closed. She left my nuts and licked my cock to its complete length.

She spit on my crown and spread her spit over my crown using her tongue. I had never experienced this in my entire life. She stroked my cock and as she did this she suddenly she took my whole shaft deep inside her mouth. “Aaahhhh…..yessss” I moaned loudly. She increased the speed of the stroke matching them as she moved my cock in and out of her mouth.

I was nearing my orgasms as I pushed her head on my cock. She sensed this and she removed my dick from her mouth and I exploded my cum. Roshni was stroking my dick as I squirted sperm all over my stomach and her hand. I squirted couple of times and Roshni was still holding my dick.

I asked her to lick my cum, but she refused. I dint forced her she cleaned me up using tissues. “Now finally you can wear your shorts” she said with a naughty smile. We had lost track of time. Finally I wore my shorts and started driving. For the first time since we had known each other we dint speak at all.

Roshni moved close to me and wrapped her arms around my left hand and rested her head on my arm. As we reached Nerul she asked for a drive along the plam beach road as she dint wanted to go home. I obliged and she was resting on my arm. I kissed her on head in between. Finally I dropped her back home, it was almost 9:30 at night and I was getting calls from my wife.

I kissed her good night and our kiss lasted for 10 mins. Next day we spoke over phone and planned a long weekend in Lonavala. Guys I hope you liked my experience and please post your comments. I will back with my experience with Roshni in Lonavala where we had 4 days of sex-vacation.
After our first encounter, we had planned a long weekend in lonavala, we had a weeks time before we left. Roshni had started getting quite bold over the phone. We use to have phone sex during the day sitting in our respective offices. All the liking, affection, love was taken over by lust. All we were talking about was, me licking her pussy and she sucking my dick.

As it was a routine for us to meet every evening, where we use to speak for hours had actually changed now. I use to pick her up from her home and instead of driving up to the hill we use to go for long drives on Uran JNPT road. Where I use to park my car at a schedule spot, where she gave me blow job and I sucked her lovely boobs.

I was getting quite impatient as I wanted to feel my dick inside her, wanted to kiss her pussy lips and taste it. Sucking boobs was not really filling me anymore now and I wanted the real thing. 

Finally it was the Wednesday morning I was waiting for. I was not able to sleep the whole night before and all I was thinking was about all the different ways I could get to fuck Roshni. I was up early and got ready to leave. I left at around 7 in the morning. I had to pick Roshni from Nerul station as she did not wanted me to come near her building.

I reached good 30 mins before our scheduled time. I was waiting in my car all excited, imagining next 4 days to come. We had finalised a resort at the outskirt of Lonavala on the old Bombay Pune highway. I had book an independent villa with attached swimming pool. It looked awesome online and I had planned great ways to use the pool. (If you understand what I mean :D).

I was in my dreams when my phone rang. It was Roshni “I have left now will be there in few mins…have you reached”….“Yes dear…I am waiting for you” I replied. After few mins a rickshaw came and stopped in front of my car. Roshni got off it carrying a huge bag. I got down and helped her with her bag. She got into the car as I loaded her bag in the back.

As I got back to my seat, Roshni kissed me hard on my lips and said “Good morning”. I was taken back with that kiss, because I was not expecting it. I knew this was one of the many to come.

We started driving and as soon as we left Nerul, Roshni pushed her arm rest behind and wrapped her arms around left hand. I could feel her lovely boobs on my arm and I moved my arm squeeze them. I was enjoying rubbing my elbow over her boobs. Roshni had closed her eyes, as if she was sleeping. We got on the express high way and I stopped my car.

I looked at her; Roshni still had her eyes closed. I kissed on her forehead, she smiled but dint say anything or react. I understood that she was not sleeping but in-fact she was enjoying my touch. Just this mere thought of naughtiness got my dick’s attention. I started feeling horny and my dick began to get stiff. I decided to play along with her and started driving again.

As I was driving, I tried moving my elbow over her boob to find her nipple. To my surprise she let loose my hand and made enough space to move my elbow. I was massaging her boobs using my elbow trying to find her erect nipple, I was not able to do that but Roshni was enjoying it. She was moving her face on my arm and giving out soft moan.

I continued massaging her and the she whispered “Pull over” and bit my ear lobe. As I pulled over, even before I could brake and stop, Roshni was over me kissing me passionately. I pulled her over me and kissed back hard. I took my hands inside her T shirt and pinched her over the waist. She bit my lips as I pinched and continued kissing me back.

I moved my hand up and to my surprise she was not wearing her bra. She just had a slip inside her T shirt. I moved my one hand in the front and cupped her right breast. Her nipple was erect and I teased it with my thumb. I pinched her nipple and squeezed her boob.

“Aaaahhhh……babyyy” she moaned and continued sucking my lips. I moved my tongue over her lips and she opened her mouth for me. She sucked and kissed my tongue the tried pushing it back with hers. We were quite intense and dint care about cars passing us. We broke our kiss after about 10 mins and she got back to her place. She was resting her head on my arm as I started driving.

“You have all the ways surprise me dear” I said, “What did I do? “ Roshni asked. “No bra honey…” I said…. “We have to reach the resort by 12…how many times you expect to me wear my bra after you undo it”…she replied with a naughty smile. I realised we were going to have a very long drive to Lonavala. She stayed like at for some time then moved her right arm over my lap.

I was wearing cargo shorts. She moved her hand over my thigh and the moved further down to my knee. She was moving her fingers over my knee and it was passing some strange sensation through my leg. She slowly moved her hand inside my short over the thighs but was not able to go further. She removed her hand and grabbed my cock over my shorts.

My dick was already stiff, she felt it and slid her finger over the entire length of my cock. Roshni was in a very uncomfortable position, she tried stroking my cock but was able to do it properly. She got up and removed my hand rest. She lied down on her stomach over the seats, this gave me an awesome view of her sexy round ass. Her head was between the steering wheel and my lap.

I rested my left hand on her back and allowed her to make moves. She undid my shorts button and stretched it open. She pulled my boxer down and kissed me below my navel. Her kisses send shock waves up my spine. I pushed my seat behind to make more room for her. She continued kissing and rolled her tongue in between.

She moved further down pushing my short as down as she could. By now my cock was hard like a rod, trying to burst his way out. She sensed it, but she continued what she was doing ignoring my discomfort, maybe she wanted to tease me more. She tried pushing my shorts further down, but was not able to that so she undid my fly buttons and pulled my boxer down.

My dick sprung out like the jack in box. Roshni looked at it, but ignored it royally and continued kissing my underbelly. She was teasing me and it was driving me crazy. She kissed me at the base of my dick and then licked it with tip of her tongue. I had freshly shaved my pubic hair just last night and the tip of her tongue was sending shock ways and strange sensations through my entire body.

She continued with her kisses and licks, all this while she made sure not to touch my dick. I was loosing it and her behaviour was driving me crazy. It was getting hard for me to drive and I slowed down my speed. I took my hand inside her T shirt and caressed her back. I moved my fingers slowly and delicately over her spine.

I could make out she was enjoying it as she left out soft moan, she got her one hand on my dick and with other she tried to remove my nut sac from my short. She massaged my balls gently. “Wank it baby…” I moaned…she was just holding my dick and massaging my balls. “Plz rosh plz….wank it…hillao…I can’t take it more”…I pleaded but she continued what she was doing, I guess Roshni was enjoying my helplessness.

I removed my hand from her back and moved it into her leggings. I dint not bother feeling her panty or her ass chicks and moved further down her ass crack. Roshni was driving me crazy and decided it was time for payback. I moved my finger in her ass crack and felt her asshole. I just pushed over it, “AAAhhhh….” Roshni moaned…..I moved further and reached her love hole.

It was already wet…..actually saying it wet would be undermining it…it was actually flooded. I moved my middle finger over its entire length, Roshni gripped my cock hard in pleasure, hurting me. I continued moving my finger over her pussy but made sure I did not insert it inside. This was driving her crazy as her kisses were turning into mild bytes.

She was holding my dick in a tight grip and with every move of my finger over her pussy lips she was stroking my dick. I continued doing this for few more minutes and Roshni moans were getting louder. I inserted my finger a bit inside her pussy…”Yeahhh….baby…more inside” she pleaded. I was exploring her inner walls with this mild insertion.

Roshni moved her waist so I could finger her pussy. My dick was oozing pre cum of his own and Roshni pussy was getting hotter and wet with each passing moment. It was getting tough for me to control anymore, I inserted my finger inside her pussy in one go, Roshni screamed “AAAhhhhh……uuufff”.

I rested my finger inside her pussy for few seconds and slowly started finger fucking her. Roshni was moving her hips and stroking my dick trying to match the rhythm of my finger. Roshni licked the entire length in my dick and licked all my pre cum. I was leaning on her side, finger fucking her with one hand and my other hand on the steering wheel.

Roshni pulled down my sink and exposed my dicks crown; she licked it like lolly pop and rolled her tongue over it. She rested her lips over the crown and teased my dick hole with her tongue and stroking my cock as she did that. I tried to force my dick inside her mouth but she resisted. I was going crazy I was going to explode any moment.

“Take inside baby…I need to feel your mouth around it…take it inside before I cum” I moaned. Roshni stopped stroking my dick and just played with my dick. I was moving my finger inside her pussy, when Roshni took my dick inside her mouth. I almost lost my control over my car when she did that. She kept it inside her mouth and sucked it hard.

“OOOhhhhhhhh…..yyeaaahhh” I moaned loudly, She kept on sucking it for few minutes and started stroking it vigorously. I just could not control my car and I pulled over. I removed my hand from the steering wheel her caught her with hair and pushed it hard on my dick. I began fingering her wildly and giving out loud moans. Roshni raised her hip as I fingered her.

I could feel her pussy muscles contracting and she removed my dick from her mouth and moaned…”aaahh….haan baby…..zor se….plz…aur under dalloo….plz….fuck me deeper….i am about to cum….ruko maat….plz plz…aaahh” her moans were driving me crazy and I pushed her mouth over my cock as I was nearing ejaculation…she began sucking it and stroking it…”

I am cumin sandeep…I am cummin….” She moaned, I pushed back my dick inside her mouth and exploded inside her mouth. Roshni hurriedly removed my dick from her mouth, she left out a moan and she came all over my finger. It was like a flood of cum. We stayed like that for some moment. I had gone loose and felt light footed.

I was completely drained with all the play and tease I received from Roshni. Roshni lied down some while, but had turned over. She looked at me and smiled, she still had naughtiness in her eyes. “Where have we reached…” she asked… “We have left lonavala exit long back and almost near the Pune end toll plaza” I replied. I looked at the watch and it was almost 11 in morning.

I could not believe it took almost 3 hrs to reach Pune side toll. We reached toll booth and Roshni got back to her seat. We got back on the Expressway now on driving towards Mumbai. We paid toll and Roshni laid back on my lap. It was hardly 30 minutes drive from Toll booth to Lonavala. But it took us almost close to 90 minutes to reach there. I need not get into those details.

Finally around 1 in the afternoon we had reached our resort. We were already tried due to the extra long drive. We checked in and went to our private villa. 
It was a very cosy space and the lonavala weather made it more romantic. It had a huge room with a king size bed and a big bathroom.

The bathroom had closet area with a sunken bathtub and a shower head right in the centre the bath tub. It had a patio which had a common running pool they called lagoon from where one could enjoy the weather and view.

I was exhausted so just kept my bag and laid on the bed. Roshni unpacked her stuff and went to change in the bathroom. Bathroom was next to the bed with sliding doors. I was lying on the bed surfing thru TV channels when Roshni opened the bathroom doors. Looked like she had shower and she was drying her hair with towel standing in front of the mirror.

I could see her back and her refection in the mirror. She was wearing black short wrap around and long black T shirt. She turned around and saw me watching her. She came out and opened the curtains covering the patio door, she looked fresh like a morning mist. Her wet flicks were around her face which made her look sexier.

Her T shirt was too long and loosely fitted still I could make out she was not wearing any bra inside. She came and sat on the bed all the time watching and smiling at me. “Jaao aur tum bhi fresh ho kar aa jaao” she said…”Energy he nahi hai ke uthkar shower ke liye jaau” I replied with a naughty smile. I was under the blanket and already my dick was already semi erect.

Roshni came next to me and we spoke for some time. As we spoke she moved her head on my shoulder. Her hair smelled lovely. I kissed on her fore head couple of times while she was talking. I turned side ways and so did she. She put her hand around me and dint uttered a single word. I looked at Roshni, she had her eyes closed. I kissed her forehead, her eyes and her lips.

She dint open her eyes and I continued kissing her on lips. She began kissing me back and tried getting under the blanket. As she got under the blanket, she hugged me tightly and we continued kissing. This was the first time we were actually on a bed together. I got on top for her and broke our kiss. I looked at Roshni, she still had her eyes closed but was smiling.

I stayed there doing nothing just looking at her. She opened her eyes “Kya hua…what are you looking at”…”you baby….you look more stunning on bed” I replied. She pulled me back and hugged me. “I love you” she whispered in my ear. I hugged her back and kissed her behind her ear. I continued kissing behind her ear and started moving down her neck.

I pecked her delicately as I moved my lips on her neck. Roshni was enjoying it as she was moving her head and giving out soft moans. I kissed her earlobes and teased it with my tongue. I pulled her hair behind and started kissing all over her neck and collar bone. She was moving her hands all over my body and tried pulling out my shirt.

I raised myself to help her remove my shirt. I broke my kiss and removed my shirt and threw it away. Roshni was looking at my bare chest. She moved her hands over my chest and rolled her fingers on my nipple. Her touch was sending mild current through my body. I closed my eyes and started enjoying it….”Are you loving it baby” Roshni asked…I just nodded my head.

Roshni had got up and sat on bed. Now I was in front of her on my knees with my eyes closed. She kissed me between my collar bone and started moving her lips delicately over my bare chest. Her wet lips and warm breath were arousing to the core. She licked my right nipple with the tip of her tongue and continued doing it for sometime.

As she did this, she was moving her fingers over my chest and back. She tried sucking my nipples but could not, so she continued licking it with the tip of her tongue. I was moving my fingers in her hair enjoying every bit of pleasure Roshni was giving me. I just dint wanted her to stop. Roshni undid my shorts and pulled it down to my knees.

I moved my hand over her breast and could feel her erect nipples over her T shirt. I knew she was not wearing any bra, I squeezed her boob gently…”aahhh….” Roshni gave out a soft moan. Roshni moved her tongue from my nipples and started moving it all over my bare front. Her moist lips and wet tongue were creating strange sensations.

I continued moving my hands over her boobs slowly pulling her T shirt over the breast. Her boobs were fully exposed and touching my bare thighs. Roshni raised her hands to help me remove her top. That’s the first time opened my eyes and I looked down. Roshni was topless in front of me all I could he was her bare shoulders and bare back. I could feel her boobs and erect nipple on my thighs. It was the most awesome sight I had ever seen.

My hands were moving all over Roshni back and shoulder. My erection was hurting me inside my boxers and was crying out loud to break free. I could feel my dick touching her neck as she continued kissing me. Roshni moved her hand inside my boxer and squeezed my butt cheeks. She moved her hand all over my butt cheeks and pulled down my boxer from behind.

Now my ass was open but my dick was still inside. I liked how Roshni was teasing me. I had never experienced this before. She continued moving her fingers delicately over my butt and at the back of my thighs. She looked at me and said….”How you feeling….baby”….” Awesome…never experienced this before” I replied looking down it her.

I pulled my boxer down, my dick sprang out. ”This is the forth time we are doing it since morning and you are still so hard” Roshni asked looking at it in amazement. I just smiled back at her and moved my dick over her mouth. She grabbed my dick and pushed its skin back exposing my crown.

She slowing moved her lips over my crown as if she was applying lip stick and took my whole dick deep in her throat in a single go “oohh baabbyyy” I moaned loudly as I choked a bit. I was surprised by her move. She kept it in throat till she gagged and the removed from her mouth. I leaned back resting on my hands behind giving her clear access to my dick.

Roshni started stroking my dick. She cleaned all her saliva from my dick and started licking my shaft. She again swallowed my dick as she kept stroking it. I just closed my eyes and started enjoying her mouth and tongue. “yeah baby….you doing it great…aaahh….” I moaned softly. Roshin was moving her hands on my ass and massaging my nut sac.

I moved my hips trying to match her stroke. I opened my eyes and looked down at Roshni, she looked beautiful with her hair falling in front of her and the sight my dick going in and coming out of her month made me feel hornier. I got back up and made her lay on her back. I was already between her legs.

She wrap around was already over her thighs and I could see her striped panty covering her pussy. I undid her wrap around but dint remove her panty. I placed my dick over her pussy and started stroking over it gently over her pussy…”hhmmm…” Roshni gave out a soft moan. Her panty was already soaked with her pre cum. I took her right leg and placed it on my shoulder.

I rubbed my face against her ankle and kissed it softly. I moved my lips from her ankle to her calf and kept pecking in between. I saw Roshni, she had closed her eyes and was enjoying what I was doing. As I kissed her leg, I kept stroking my dick over her pussy. I kissed at the back of her knee and rolled my tongue over it as I kissed.

My one hand was holding her leg and the other was moving over her stomach encircling her navel. I gave her a love byte behind her knees and continued kissing her leg for few more minutes. I went over Roshni and kissed her on her lips. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me over her. I started dry humping her and kissing her back wildly.

I squeezed her one boob and was sucking the other vigorously. I increased humping my speed…”Aaahhh…baby….fuck me….do it…Hhhmmm” Roshni moaned. She began moving her hips as she moaned. I realised Roshni was about to cum so I tried taking my hand inside her panty but she had hugged me so tightly, that I couldn’t.

I kept dry humping her and pressed my dick hard against her pussy. “Aaaahhhhh….baby…I am cumin” she moaned as she reached her orgasm. Gradually her grip got loose around me. Roshni had kept her eyes closed, she was still trembling at her waist, looked like she was still cumming. I moved my hand under her head and made her rest on my shoulder.

She turned over and hugged me back keeping her eyes closed. She pulled the blanket over us. Even I closed my eyes and began contemplating about making my next move (as I still had a boner under the blanket) or wait for some more time for her to recover.

I laid there thinking with my eyes closed, when Roshni moved up and kissed me on my lips. It was a soft and delicate kiss at first, but soon we were sucking and biting each other lips passionately. Our tongues wangled with each other and explored each others mouth. Roshni moved her hand over my dick and started stroking it inside the blanket.

I broke our kiss and went down on her. Roshni has huge boobs which snagged a bit to the side as I made her lay on her back. I kissed her nipple gently and moved my fingers delicately over stomach and on her side. I started teasing her left nipple with the tip my tongue and moved my finger softly around her areola of her right nipple. “HHmmm baby…” Roshni began moaning softly.

I continued teasing her nipples until they were erect like darts. I made her suck my fingers, took saliva from her mouth and rubbed her gently over erect nipple. “Suck it baby…muh main lo…” Roshni moaned. I got on top of her and started teasing her right nipple with my tongue. “Aaahhhh….” She moaned as I pinched her other nipple gently.

“Suck it no baby….please….stop teasing” Roshni pleaded. I ignored her and continued teasing her. Roshni just couldn’t handle that and pressed my head hard over her boobs. I grabbed her left boob with my hand and squeezed it and bit the other nipple. “Aaaahhhh….” Roshni moaned loudly. I kept sucking her nipple and pinching other.

Roshni had raised her leg and had adjusted her crotch against my erect dick. She started moving her crotch, I could feel her wetness over my dick. I grabbed her both legs and took them in front of my elbows. Roshni knees ever almost over her shoulders now. I gave a hard stroke on her pussy.

“Oooouucchhh….be gentle honey” she said with heavy voice and dry humped her in this position for few mintues. I let off her legs and kissed her on stomach. I kissed her navel and bit her gently on her sides. Roshni was enjoying this as she was caressing my hair. I inserted my tongue in her navel…”ooohhh…baby…hhmmm….” She moaned softly.

I sucked her navel hole and teased it with my tongue. I moved my hand over her panty to feel her pussy. Her panty was soaked with her cum and pre cum. It looked like she had cum couple of times. Roshni raised her hips and removed her panty. I moved my finger over her love hole. It was and leaking with her cum and pre cum.

I gently pushed my finger over her pussy and started moving that its length. I moved my finger over her pussy lips, they were wet and slimy. I inserted my finger just a bit inside and explored her clitoris. “ooohh yeahh….aahhh….hhmmm… it baby….I am loving it” Roshni moaned. I kept sucking on her navel and kept teasing her clitoris with my finger.

Roshni began moving her hips and kept moaning softly. After few minutes she was moving her hips wildly and was trying to take my finger inside her pussy. I began sucking her nipple and inserted my finger inside her pussy. “Oooohhuucchhh….” Roshni cried loudly. I began fucking her pussy with my middle finger and kissed her on her lips.

Roshni grabbed me my hair and began kissing me back passionately. As I finger fucked her, I used my thump to tease her clitoris. As soon as I did that, Roshni arched back and she had an orgasm. I could feel all her warm juice on my finger. I removed my finger and licked her cum. Roshni was looking at me in amazement.

The taste of her cum made me go wild, I just couldn’t take it anymore and I pushed Roshni on her back and pulled her by her waist. I placed a pillow under her ass and pushed her legs behind. This was the first time I was seeing her pussy. It was gleaming due to her cum which was dripping from her pussy which had reached her asshole. I got down, spread her legs and licked her cum.

At first, I licked her pussy hard from bottom to her clitoris. Roshni gave out loud moan, just as I did that. I parted her pussy lips and licked it clean with the tip of my tongue one by one. This was sending shivers through Roshni’s body as she kept moaning. I buried my tongue inside her pussy and dragged it up to her clitoris….”Yeah baby….i love u….hmmm…..karte raho…” Roshni moaned loudly.

“hhhmmm….baby…yes….you are doing great…I love u honey…” she kept moaning as I licked her pussy. I was flickering my tongue over her clitoris, this was driving her crazy. Roshni was moaning loudly and wildly, pushing her pussy against my tongue. I was squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipple. I made her suck my fingers occasionally.

“Fuck me now honey…please fuck me….I can’t take it anymore” she kept saying softly. I inserted my finger inside her pussy and sucked on her pussy lips. “AAaaahhh….please sandy…remove your finger….I want your dick…take me” she moaned. Her moans and pleads were making me go wild. I liked teasing her and wanted to continue but my dick was dying to feel her pussy.

I got up and placed my dick on her pussy, her pussy was already wet with her cum and my saliva. I pushed Roshni’s legs behind and rested my hands on the thighs. Her pussy was wide open for me in this position. I rubbed my dick between her pussy lips making sure I do not insert. “Hhhmmm….daldo please” Roshni said softly.

I continued rubbing my dick on her entire pussy length and teased her clitoris with my thump. Roshni was going wild, she was squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples. I pressed my thump on her clitoris and started moving it in a circular motion. “Do it…fuck me…I need you inside me” Roshni moaned while continued pinching her own nipples.

I removed my hand from her clitoris and cupped her left breast and took her nipple in my mouth. I sucked it hard, Roshni yelled out in pain. “Aaahhh….Not so hard baby…” she said. I sucked on her nipple and rubbed my dicks crown on her clitoris. Roshni was swirling her waist trying to take my dick inside her.

She tried doing that for few more minutes, “take me….I am going to cum…I want to cum with you inside” she whispered in my ears as she took her hand down. She began stroking my dick and placed it on her love hole. She pussy was so wet that with a gentle stoke my entire dick went into her pussy. “Mamaaa……….” Roshni shrieked in pain digging her nails in my forearms.

I rested inside her for few minutes hugging her. “Are you ok” I asked. Roshni had pinched her eyes closed and was biting her own lips to control the pain. I kissed her on her forehead and pulled back my dick gently. Roshni was at ease and opened her eyes. My crown was still inside her, “Aaaram se honey….bahot dard ho raha hai” she replied.

I began stroking gently, Roshni was giving of soft moans and had started enjoying the fuck. I could see my dick going in and coming out of her pussy. I leaned on her and kissed passionately on her lips. I fondled her breast and sucked her nipple. Roshni had wrapped her legs around me and was moving her hands all over my back.

She broke our kiss and bit my ear lobe, she used her tongue to tickle it and sucked it for few minutes. She was moaning softly as I fucked her pussy steadily. Roshni began swirling her hips, I unwrapped her legs around me and placed them on my shoulder. I was on my knees and removed my dick from her pussy. I rubbed my dick on her clitoris and over her pussy lips.

I made Roshni suck my fingers and caressed her breast as inserted my dick inside. “Aaahhhh…..babyy….” she moaned. I wrapped my arms around Roshni’s and hugged her tightly. Her knees were almost touching her shoulders, I began fucking her gently with longer strokes. Roshni was giving out loud moans, she digged her nails in my back, she moved her hands from my back and tried grabbing butt cheeks.

Roshni’s legs were on my shoulders, I pushed myself further over her and stretched my legs behind. My legs were resting on my toes and her ass was in the air, it allowed me to her fuck deeper. I increased my speed and with each stroke I as was digging deep inside her pussy. “aaahhh….hhmmm…yes baby….keep doing” Roshni moaned as our thighs made clapping noise.

Her moans were getting louder and I was nearing my orgasm. I increased my speed as I pushed my weight completely on Roshni. “fuck me baby….hhmm…” she kept moaning. I sucked hard on her nipple as Roshni bit me on my shoulder. I could feel her pussy muscle contracting around my dick as she hugged me back tightly.

Couple of stroke latter Roshni had a thundering orgasm, she dint allowed me to move for few minutes and made me rest my dick inside her pussy. I could feel her love juice on my shaft. After few minutes I began stroking hard, “AAahhhh…baby….maar jaaungi…jaldi karo…please cum….I can’t take it anymore” Roshni moaned loudly digging her nails in me,

“Aaaaaahhhhh…..yeahhhh honey” I moaned chokingly as I came exploding inside her pussy. I kept squirting my cum inside her pussy as I fell on her. Roshni was still hugging me, I kissed her on her forehead and hugged her back. I removed my dick from her pussy and laid next to her.

Roshni rolled over and put her arm around my chest. She rested her head over my shoulder and fell asleep. I kissed her on her head and even I never realised when I went to sleep. After few hours I woke up, as was feeling hungry and weak, I saw Roshni was not in bed. That’s the first time I looked around the room.

The room was in complete mess, the bed cover, pillows and our cloths were all over the place. Their was a wet spot on the bed where Roshni was sleeping, I realised it was due our cum. I was still naked on the bed, I got out and looked around for a towel. My flaccid dick was in some pain, I slid open the bathroom door. Roshni was inside the sunken bath tub and was having shower.

She had her back towards me and dint realised I was seeing her. I smiled at the situation and joined her in the shower. We had nice hot water shower together, she massaged my dick when I told her it is in pain. It was evening by now. We order some breakfast and got ready to go out. We did some look around in lonavala had a romantic dinner in Fariyas and returned to our room.

For the remaining day of our vacations, we hardly came out of our room. We had sex all over the place and in various potions. Our extra marital affair brought back the flame that was missing our respective married lives. Me and Roshni still enjoy each others company and are still together. I hope you enjoyed my story and looking forward for your comments. Your friend always Sandeep.

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