Rose The Cowgirl

In a distant future humanity has turned into a space colonizing species. Mankind has spared out across the vastness of space, colonizing planet after planet while gaining ever more understanding about the cosmos. It seemed like humanity had finally grown out of its primitive beginnings, that is, until things started to go horribly wrong. Some colonized planets desired independence from the rest of humanity and civil interplanetary war soon followed. Mankind struggled to keep itself together as a union, but failed. After the war several independent solar systems had formed.
This story takes place in one of them, on the main planet called Odin.
The planet Odin was ruled by a charismatic, borderline crazy, cyborg dictator called Peter the Great, who had full control or absolute power. All who did not worship him like a god where summarily executed by his brutal police force.
Peter the Great was an immoral paranoid ruler. He was also a perverse sex addict, with particular taste. That’s why he ordered the creation of a new species of humanoids through genetic engineering. They were to become a sex-slave race, designed to serve the wealthy elite and the dictator himself. This sex-slave race became known as the cow-people.

Because of his fondness of large breasts and his lactation fetish, Peter the Great decided that a mix between dairy cows and humans would be optimal. He was very interested in the project and keen on every little detail. He spent allot of time in the lab with his top scientists asking questions and making requests, to make sure that the new race came out just the way he wanted. The final product set up for massive cloning was truly amazing and really pleased the dictator.
The cow-people females look extremely beautiful with big eyes, a turned up nose, high cheekbones, and small curved horns sticking out of the skull like on a Viking helmet. They also have cow ears sticking out just below the base of the horns. Their skin color is white as snow, with large black spots, just like classical “Holstein breed” of dairy cow. The skin is smooth as silk and cowgirls never grow pubic hair or armpit hair. The head hair color is black as the void. The head hair is also rarely cut and kept long by the masters. However, the most striking feature is the breasts. As soon as the cow girls hit puberty their breasts start to grow rapidly and produce milk, pregnant or not. (The cow people grow much faster than humans, to minimize the time between birth and possible milk production.) At the ripe age of just 5 years, the average cowgirl will be fully developed and have big fat tits, larger then basketballs. As the cowgirl moves, her wobbling, jiggling boobs bounces upon the chest like fleshy, giant watermelons. Even at this impressive size and weight, her tits will appear perky with her small nipples turned up slightly. As mature cowgirls gigantic tits fills up with milk, the strain on their backs becomes enormous because of the heavy load. Therefore, strong muscles are placed in the back to compensate. The breast milk is highly nutritious and very tasty, but it’s also quite addictive due to certain substances in the milk. The rest of her body is also designed to be sexy. The waist is very slim but the hips are wide, giving the cowgirl a curvy hourglass shape. Her belly is small and fit, but her ass is big and heart-shaped. Her big booty is connected to a cow tail and a pair of long sexy legs. The cowgirl’s vagina is small, tucked in and tight, but it has a great ability to stretch if needed. Her vulva is very pleasing to the eye and it also constantly produces a lubricating slime, which gives off a pleasant scent.
The males of the cow-people are big brutes. They are mountains of muscle, twice as tall as a man and four times as heavy. As soon as they are born, a chip is placed in their brain, allowing humans to control these otherwise dangerous creatures. Males of the cow-people, called bull-men, are literally hung like horses. A full grown bull-man will have a penis longer and thicker than a human arm, and a pair of balls as big as musk melons. The testicles of a bull-man will produce enormous amounts of semen, which will drive the bull-man mad, if he is not able to ejaculate often. The bull-men are very popular as sex slaves for rich women, but are mostly used as zombie-like workers. They are also needed for breeding, since cow people and humans cannot interbreed.
A few characteristics are shared by both genders, they are both intellectually at a child’s level, and they are both unable to speak. They can hear and understand what they are told, but cannot respond. All vocals they are capable of producing are grunts and moans. The sex drive of both cowgirls and bull-men are increased to the point where they are always horny or semi horny. They also have short memory, and cannot store more than about one week’s worth of events in their heads. Because of this, they live in the now, with no concept of time to speak of.
Some people on Odin think it’s wrong to use the cow-people as slaves; others say that the cow-people are living in a paradise with no obligations or responsibility’s. They live a life of constant sex, free food and housing. Even if they are oppressed, they are not smart enough to realize it.
One morning, in one of the cubicles, in one of the countless milk plants on the planet Odin, a new cowgirl was born. This story is not about her however, it’s about her mother. The mother licked her daughter clean and quickly brought her to her massive tits. This beautiful mother had skin as white as snow, with black spots and black hair. She was a top of the line cowgirl, with higher milk production and beauty then average. As this mother, named Rose, felt her child suckle she thought to herself, “oh lovely baby, how pretty she is”. She was reacting to the birth as if t was her first. She did not remember the fact that she already was the mother of countless children. She had a baby every four months, and as soon as she was about to give birth again, workers came and removed the baby she currently had. Soon after the removal of her offspring, her short memory would force her to forget her lost child. Rose was completely naked, except for a cowbell that she wore on a chain around her neck. The bell made a soft tinkling sound as she moved.
Her cubical was like a small square room with a single door as the only access point. The walls of the cubical were too high to climb. The floor was covered in hey to provide some comfort for her. A plain metal bucket in the corner functioned as toilet. A large mirror was placed on one of the walls as the only source of entertainment.
When the baby was full from the breastfeeding, it fell asleep. Rose put the baby in one corner of her cubical, where she had put extra hay. Now it was time for Rose to eat. Cow people have to eat a feed that is made up of leftovers from human consumption and raw food materials, mixed with water. This forms a brown, mud-like goo. It’s very nutritious, but tastes horrible. Cow people have such demanding metabolism, that they are always hungry enough to eat whatever they are given.
A human male worker came into her cubical to give her feed. Rose received her feed in a trough on the floor, so she had to kneel down to eat, since she was not allowed to use her hands for sanitation reasons. When she was down on all fours, her huge tits hanged down, reaching the hay covered floor. When she leaned forward and downward to eat, her tits spilled out over the floor like soft dough. She greedily started to eat from the trough like a pig, positioned with her sexy ass sticking up, making pleased grunts as she swallowed. The worker calmly and routinely unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect cock. He then went down on his knees behind her, moved her tail a bit to the side, and pushed the head of penis into her tight wet pussy. The worker then began hammering in and out of her while holding on to her hips, as Roses strong virginal mussels hugged his cock inside her. The young male worker pistoned in an out of her vagina to a faster and faster pace. Rose could feel his scrotum squashing against her each time he thrust into her to the hilt. With each thrust her cowbell gave of its familiar sound. The worker rammed her, fucking her with all his might, thrusting deep and hard. With her mouth full of feed, she looked over her shoulder and saw the fucking worker in the corner of her eye. He had a strained expression on his now red face, so Rose knew he was about to cum. She hugged his penis using her strong mussels inside her pussy in a pulsating rhythmic fashion. She wanted to cum before he did, since the worker only cared about their own satisfaction. Right now however, her sex drive was about as strong as her hunger so she turned back to eating.
After only about one minute of fucking, the worker grunted “Oh yeah, eat that feed while I fuck you! Oh you sow, I’m Cumming!” As he said the words, Rose could feel him ejaculate inside her. He shot his load deep into her. Rose could feel rope after rope of his cum coating the walls inside her vagina. The sensation of that made her cum too. Rose loved to experience an orgasm while eating, double pleasure. He stopped all motion after his orgasm to rest for an instant and savor the moment, before reluctantly withdrawing his penis from her. “Good girl” he said before got up and left. This happened to Rose so often that It had become normal. She was now an expert of making men cum using her cunt, mouth and anus.
The human male workers live at the farm, but do not receive any pay for working. Instead they get limitless sex as payment and breast milk as food. They have to sell everything they own to the milk farm and pay a large sum to get in, but are free to leave at any time. However, since the milk and the sex filled life is addictive; they all stay as long as they can.
Now that Rose had finished her meal, licked her trough clean and the baby was asleep, it was time for her to take care of her next need. It was time for milking, her most favorite thing in the world. She waited for a while, but then, right on time, the milking apparatus was lowered down from the ceiling. It consisted of a long thick rubber hose, which was divided into two at the end. The two ends where each connected to one transparent, funnel-like plastic cup, about the size and shape of a highball glass, designed to suck on the nipples. A cord also extended down from the ceiling attached to a dial with a start button. The milk would be sucked out of the tits via the funnels and then travel via the rubber hose up and away towards the central milk-tank. Since the funnels and some parts of the hose are transparent, Cowgirls can actually see the milk leaving their boobs.
Rose got excited to see the apparatus, as soon as it was low enough; she grabbed it and sat down with her back against the wall. The baby had only consumed a small amount of her milk that morning; not nearly enough to please her overfull udders. The feeling she had in her chest now, just prior to milking can be compared to the feeling of badly needing to pee, combined with a tender, sensitive and bloated sensation in her big fat tits. Cowgirls where at all times forbidden to drain their tits themselves, using their hands and fingers. They must hold out and wait for the milking apparatus every day.
Rose pushed that start button on the dial. The apparatus began to rhythmically suck in air through the transparent plastic funnel-like cups, almost like a vacuum cleaner. She placed both funnels on her nipples. Her nipples and some of her tit flesh got sucked into the funnels. Her milk started to flow out of her tits and Rose felt an amazing feeling of pleasure and release. The apparatus increased its tempo, sucking on her udders harder and faster. Rose started convulsing with an orgasm and was in total in total ecstasy. This was her main purpose in life. Her eyes rolled back as the tempo increased even more. At first she just moaned, but as she was hit by orgasm after orgasm she started to scream with pleasure. Soon the whole milk plant filled up with the sounds of thousands of cow-girls, all having orgasms from milking. Milk from all the plants cowgirls started to flow through pipes into the central milk tank. Worker could monitor exactly how much milk the plant produced, and how much milk each individual cowgirl gave. The information they gathered served as a basis for future production targets. Rose could feel how more and more milk sprayed out of her big boobs, and she could also see it splash into the funnels, and then travel up the hose. Each of her massive breasts will give about 3 gallons of milk per day, so every day, Roses fat udders produces about 6 gallons of milk. After about 15min Rose fainted. This was normal, because the pleasure of the milking will be too great, causing a sensation overload. This is the main reason for why cowgirls have to sit down while being milked.
Rose was woken up by another male worker who had come to inspect the final phase of the milking, among other things. An hour or so had passed while she was passed out, she was still on her knees and her legs had fallen asleep. As soon as she woke up she felt that milk was still being drained from her and she moaned with delight. She felt something warm end wet on her cheek and the side of her mouth, pushing against her. She had been woken up by a rather large erect penis. She quickly realized that the worker wanted oral sex, so she turned her head towards the worker and licked the head of his cock. Du to her short memory, this cock was the biggest one she had any memory of. “Hmm so big” she thought as she grabbed his rock hard cock.
The worker moaned as Rose took his penis into her mouth and began to suck. He grabbed her by her horns to dominate her and stabilize her head. Rose was getting pleasure while sucking him because she was still being sucked on as well, by the milking apparatus. Her milk was still being sucked out of her boobs, but now she had not much left. The worker reached down to caress the upper part of her massive tits, while she sucked him. His hand began to knead the soft tit flesh like dough. As he did this the milk flow increased a bit due to the pressure from his grip.
“That’s it Rose, you keep it up. Mmm… Your tits have got bigger… and I can see that you are giving more and more milk each week… good girl” said the worker with a smirk on his face.
Rose gave a slow and gentle blowjob; her hand softly jerked him into her sucking mouth. After a short period of time, the workers grasp on her tit got harder and he said “Oh, suck me slut!” Suddenly, the worker began to spew cum like a horse. Rose calmly let her mouth fill up with thick sperm as she continued to softly jerk him. She then swallowed and sucked for more, her hand still pumping him back and forth.
Eventually, the flow slowed and then stopped and the worker got shivers all over. Rose continued to suck, trying to get the last few precious drops. He took a deep breath and reluctantly withdrew his penis from Roses hovering mouth, before leaving her. The taste of sperm was better than the taste of her feed, so she did not spill one drop. Sperm was like liquid candy to her, she loved both the taste and the consistency of it.
To Roses disappointment, the milking apparatus suddenly shut down. The funnels dropped from her tits with a pop and the apparatus started to elevate back up towards the ceiling. Rose stood up, feeling rather light and mobile now that her milk had been drained. She was a bit shaky after so many orgasms and with her legs just waking up. She remembered her baby who was still asleep in the corner. As soon as it woke up, Rose fed it again. She was not all out of milk. Rose got bored since the baby just fell asleep again as soon as it was full. “Eating and sleeping are all babies seem to do” thought Rose to herself.
She put the baby back in its corner and stepped in front of her mirror. Her own refection was the most beautiful thing she knew. She turned her body this way and that, getting different angles of views. As she took it all in, Rose had a big smile on her face, a smile of pleasure and pride. She was a sex goddess. Time flew by as she stared at herself. She studied her own beautiful face, her humongous breasts, her feminine shoulders and her small waist. Because of the size of her tits, she could only really see her stomach in the mirror. Every time she saw her own mirror image, she fell in love with it. This is why all cubicles have these mirrors, if left unattended; Rose would stare at herself all day long. She would often masturbate to her mirror image for hours. Due to her weak mind, she would sometimes forget that it’s just a mirror image, and she would then try to kiss the mirror. The workers sometimes walk in on her liking the mirror and that always seems funny to them, funny and hot.
She finally got pulled out of her trance in the evening by another male worker, how had come to feed her the last meal of the day.
The worker poured the feed into her trough from a plain metal bucket, which looked the same as her latrine bucket.
Rose got on her hands and knees and started to feast on the feed in a manner that revealed how hungry she was. She greedily ate from the trough as always, making pleased grunts as she swallowed. The anonymous worker routinely unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect cock. He then went down on his knees behind her as usual, but this time, the pulled her tail up and first pushed his cock into her vagina to get it wet, then pressed his penis against her anus. It was a tight fit, but Rose relaxed her butt, allowing the head of his penis to pop into her butt. The worker pulled her tail upward with one hand and held on to her hip with the other, as he watched more and more of his penis disappearing into her ass, as he pushed himself in. Roses bowels also seemed too suck him in, pulling his manhood into her. Soon his entire penis was buried in her ass, all the way to the hilt. Rose moaned, wiggled and bucked her hips, still eating her feed, even with a rock hard cock wedged in her ass. “Who is the boss now, milk machine? Yeah, take my cock up your ass you dirty bitch…” grunted the worker. He then started to pound her, he pulled his cock almost all the way out of her sexy ass, and then he slammed it in all the way, in one thrust. With each thrust her cowbell gave of its familiar sound. He then repeated this motion faster and faster. Rose tightened her hole around the workers shaft to increase his pleasure. In response, he made faster and shorter thrusts, deep inside her. “Oh yes, Oh yes!” he hissed as his penis started to quiver inside her ass. Rose could suddenly feel him emptying his balls into her. She felt his ejaculation splash against her insides. Even after he was done cumming, the worker continued fuck her butt for a while. He was letting her tight ass milk the last drops of cum from his penis before reluctantly withdrawing from her.
After he left and she had licked her trough clean, Rose squatted down and reached behind with one hand to get to her anus. She then started to push the workers sperm out of her ass and into the palm of her hand. When her cupped hand was full of thick sperm, she brought it to her mouth and ate it all. She always did this shameful thing after anal sex. Because of her love for cum eating, Rose preferred oral sex from the workers compared to regular or anal sex.
After this, Rose went to sleep next to her baby. Her day had been typical, much like the day before and the day before that. As far back as she could remember, most of her days were like this.
One morning, after about a week, Rose heard a roar outside her cubical. A worker came in and removed her baby, disregarding Roses protests. Shortly thereafter he came in again with an enormous Bull-man following him. The worker said “I’m going to release this monster from our mind control in your cubical Rose! This is your reward for having the plants biggest set of tits and giving more milk per day then the rest of the cowgirls. Have fun, ha-ha!” The worker left the cubical and closed the door behind him, leaving Rose alone with the bull-man. Rose was terrified; she believed this was her first encounter with a bull-man. She just could not remember all the times she had been fucked by the likes of this monster. Due to her short memory, she had no idea what was about to happen. A loud “BEEP” was heard and the bull-man seemed to wake up from a kind of trance.

The bull-man, confused and disorientated, looked around the room. The first thing he saw was the terrified Rose, standing with her back against the wall, trying to maximize the distance between herself and him. The bull-man smelled the air around him; the sweet scent of Roses sex filled his nose. He was about to do what he was meant to do, what he was born to do, breeding. He was relieved to see Rose, like a hungry man is relieved to see his favorite food. He came into her cubical completely naked, except for a roll duct tape that he held in his hand.
This particular bull-man was called Rocky, and he was special. Since he had superior genetic qualities, he had been selected to breed all his life with cowgirls of comparable genetic quality. His life was pure heaven. When he was not resting or eating, he was emptying his balls into the prettiest girls in the galaxy. Rocky was therefore the father of countless children, but he never realized this fact because of his stupidity and his short memory. In his mind, cowgirls meant sex, sex meant ejaculation, and that meant pleasure and release. Rocky’s testacies had an above average sperm production, even for a bull-man, and today his balls where full to the maximum.
Rocky felt his penis getting bigger and harder as he took to big steps into the cubical, nullifying the distance between him and Rose. He grabbed her under her arms and lifted her into the air easily, as if she had no mass. This would be hard for any normal man, since cowgirls are heavy, but not for Rocky. With her back still against the wall, she had been elevated so that her pussy was aligned with Rocky’s face. Rocky smelled her vagina, and then started to eagerly lick it with his long tongue. Soon his long tongue was entering her vagina. She was very scared, she was shaking and inside, she was panicking. Rose was so scared of this huge monster that she started to pee right in his face, but this had no effect on Rocky. Instead, the taste and smell of her urine only seemed to further excite him. Rocky just continued to eat out her pussy as if nothing had happened. Rose kept peeing until her bladder was empty and Rocky drank most of it. When she was done, her inner panic stopped. “If this monster wants to kill me, he would have done so by now”, she thought to herself. The size and the motion of his tongue soon even got Rose horny and she forgot that she was scared of Rocky. She then willingly spread her legs, and let them rest on his arms, as his tongue pistoned in an out of her vagina. She was really embarrassed that she had just pissed in his face, but since he did not seem to care, she forgot about it. The smell and the taste of her juices really turned Rocky on as he sucked on her pussy while drilling for more juice with is tongue. Rose started to shiver and moan as she came in his mouth. Now Rocky felt that it was his turn to cum.
He put her back down on her feet. Rose then saw his raging erection and was amazed. His erect penis was about 4 feet long, the huge mushroom head was far too big for her mouth, and his swollen balls where the size of Cantaloupes. She had no time to take in this sight, because Rocky was in a hurry to enter her. He turned her around and made her lean forward against the wall. She looked so sexy to him, standing like that, with her ass high in the air and her huge tits hanging down. Since he was twice as tall as her, he had to kneel behind her, to line up his hip with her ass. Rocky grabbed her hips and Rose spread her legs in anticipation. He moved her tail a bit to the side, and then pushed the huge head of penis into her wet pussy. It was almost impossible, but Rose relaxed her cunt, making her vagina much roomier. The head got in. More and more of Rocky’s monster penis slipped inside Rose after that, until no more was possible, with about half of his penis shoved up her vagina. To Rose, this at first felt like giving birth in reverse. Roses Vagina was now so wet that Rocky’s cock was completely slippery, allowing it to slip in and slide out of her. Rocky began to move his hips. He pulled out of her until he could almost see the head of his penis, and then pushed in again until he again had about half of his cock shoved up her vagina. He then repeated this motion to a slow but steady pace. As he fucked her like this, his huge balls gently swung back and forth like two pendulums. Each time he pushed in, his penis hit her inner depth, causing her to bump forward. Her fat tits also reacted to this movement, by swinging back and forth, since they were hanging down freely under her. Rose started to convulse in an orgasm and began so moan like a whore. Simultaneously, her breasts started to spill milk on to the floor, because of the swinging motion and her excitement. The orgasm that hit her lasted for an unusually long amount of time, causing Rose to cry tears of joy as her whole body shivered. Her screams of joy was mixed in with the sound of her cowbell as she stood there, totally speared on his cock.
Rocky was very pleased with himself, making her cum like that. Now, he was getting close to his own orgasm, as he increased his pace. Rose was in total ecstasy with her eyes rolled up, her mouth open wide and her tongue hanging out. A loud grunt escaped Rocky’s lips as he started to shoot his sperm into Rose. Rope after rope of his cum got pumped into her womb, literally filling it, until there was no more room for it in her. The excess cum that did not fit inside her stared to pour out from Rose in a torrent, but Rocky was ready for that. He had been trained stop it. He quickly pulled out of her, then took his roll of duct tape and used it to close Roses vagina. His sperm was now trapped inside her taped-shut pussy.
Even though he just had a huge orgasm, Rocky was not done jet. He was still intoxicated by the beauty of Rose. He turned her around to face him and then pushed her up against the wall. He squatted down a bit so that his penis was lined up with her boobs. Rose realized what he wanted and pressed her tits together as he showed his wet penis in between her tits. Rocky began to fuck her boobs, with full fury. Rose lactated heavily as her breasts got pressured by this. She could feel her milk run down in streams from her nipples, dripping down from the underside of her boobs, on to the floor. Rose leaned forward a bit and almost buried Rocky’s cock between her breasts. The head of his cock bashed into her cowbell with each stroke, forcing Rose to tilt her head upward to avoid a penis-uppercut. The feeling of her soft breast tissue embracing his penis, the repetitive sound of the cowbell and her soft moans was enough to send Rocky over the edge.
Suddenly her chin, cowbell and neck got blasted by a powerful rope of cum. The force of his shot would have sent his thick sperm high into the air, had it not been stopped by Roses chin. Rose reacted fast, and quickly released Rocky’s cock from the valley of her tits and grabbed it, pulling it straight towards her face. The next salvo coated her nose and cheeks in thick cum, her big eyes also instantly got glued-shut by his semen. Rose greedily opened her mouth. The third jet of cum flew into her mouth and some of it splashing against her teeth. Rose then closed her mouth over the end of Rocky’s cock and started pulling him off into her mouth. His next rope of cum filled up her mouth. She tried to eat all of his cum, but it came out to fast and too much. Most of it landed on her tits. Rocky continued to pump about a gallon of sperm onto her and into her, before a loud BEEP was heard again. Rocky then returned to a zombie state and left her cubical. Rose sat down in front of her mirror and started to scoop up the sperm on her face and tits so she could eat it. She ate it all in a trance like feeding frenzy and afterwards she liked her fingers.
Inside her womb, a new life would soon start.

Life continued on the milk plant and the days seemed to go by in a blur. Rose kept having new babies and her milk production was always increasing as well as her breast size. She received more attention by the male workers every day and she seemed to be everyone’s favorite. After having sex with her, the male workers would frequently tell Rose that she was the most beautiful cowgirl they had ever seen. It even got to the point that the other cowgirls got neglected and marginalized. Rose was at the very center of attention.
One day two men wearing white coats suddenly entered Rose’s cubical. Rose looked up with a surprised face. Rose was sitting on her big curvy ass with her back against the wall, masturbating to her own mirror image as usual, when the men entered. Rose usually masturbated by fingering herself while simultaneously caressing one nipple. She had to be careful while caressing her nipple, because she was not allowed to spill precious milk on the floor.
“Stand up” said one of the workers. All her life, Rose had always obeyed every order or command she ever heard. She had been bred to always be submissive and taught to do as she was told. The two men looked Rose up and down and they both seemed to be in complete aw.
“Wow, it’s true, Rose 126C is the best looking of our cowgirls, and what a milk production! Look how much she has grown this year” said one of the workers while the other worker nodded in agreement.
Rose had indeed grown; she was now tall, very tall. At about seven feet tall, she towered over the two men. As she stood up, her full tits where now aligned with the heads of the two men, who had problems taking their eyes of her boobs. Her enormous breasts where now the size of beach balls! Even at this impressive size and weight, her tits still appeared perky with her nipples turned up slightly.
With breasts this size, Rose’s level of youthful tit-perkiness would be impossible for a human. Defying gravity, her boobs had very little sag. Rose’s breasts pushed almost straight out from her torso with only a gentle slope downwards. Her pink areolas and nipples had grown as a reaction to all her lactation. The areolas had grown to the size of tea saucers and had also gained a slight puffiness. The nipple was about half the size of a man’s thumb.
Rose was very horny since she did not get to finish her masturbation session. She hoped that the two men would take her and have their way with her. The two men took measurements of Rose’s body and inspected her for a while until her tempting looks got the better of them. The two men began to gently stroke Rose’s breasts, focusing on one boob each. The kissed and caressed her tits as if they worshiped her, like the sex goddess that she was to them. Rose’s skin was smooth and sensitive. Her flesh was soft and creamy. Rose’s nipples where hard and erect and soon the men started to suck on her them.
As soon as Rose felt the flow of milk being sucked out of her she started to bellow “Moooo!” MOOOO!” The men drank her milk in ecstasy as they both reached down to caress Rose’s vagina. Two hands from two separate men where now eagerly competing for the tight spot between her legs. She spread her legs to accommodate both of them. Rose loved getting her tits sucked more than anything. In fact Rose could easily cum just from having her tits played with. If they got sucked multiple orgasms was guaranteed. Cowgirls where bioengineered that way so that they would enjoy a life of being sexually used by humans. Because of their easy and frequent orgasms, no cowgirl would ever turn down sex. They were made to live out their whole life in a long sexual high. Rose’s life was pretty much a long, drawn out orgasm.
As the two men continued their feeding frenzy, Rose bellowed ones more and came hard. She started to shake a little and clamped her legs around their hands as she came. The men slowly removed their hands, now covered in pussy slime. The men told Rose to sit down as they pulled out their fully erect cocks.
“It’s time for you to suck us now!” said one of the workers with a big grin. Rose loved to give slow and gentle blowjobs and she loved to eat cum. Rose held one cock in each hand and sucked on them like two popsicles. She knew they would both soon empty their balls. After only a minute of excellent top notch cock sucking the first man came. He had the head of his cock inside Rose’s mouth as he came. Rose eagerly swallowed the sperm. Then ten seconds later came the outer guy. He shoved his dick into Rose’s mouth just in time to blow his load. Rose tasted the spunk like fine wine before she swallowed his load. They both ejaculated copious loads of semen into her mouth and the warm liquid went down her throat and into her hungry belly.
Little did she know, but Rose had been singled out for sale to General Blossom, one of the richest men on the planet. The general was the right hand man of Emperor Peter himself. General Blossom was the commander of Odins armed forces and lived in his own palace. The palace was an enormous complex known for its beauty and extravagant luxuries. According to one popular urban legend, the palace contains a harem. The two men in white coats where talent scouts for the general. Their job was to find the most attractive females on the planet and buy the very best of them. The sale of Rose gave the milk plant a huge amount of money.
Rose was taken out of her cubical for the first time in her life. The two men flanked her as they walked out through a long hallway of cubicals. At first Rose became worried by leaving the comfort of her home.
Rose let out an anxious “Mooo!” But she soon began to move. She walked in her natural way, the way she had been designed to walk. She always walked with her shoulders back and her pelvis rolled forward. She took long steps, putting down her foot directly in front of her other foot as if she was walking on a tightrope. Her booty and her gigantic tits swayed in an alluring manner with each step from her long legs. The cowbell around her neck made a soft tinkling sound as she moved. Rose was led into the back of a van like vehicle with one of the male workers.
During the long drive, the two male workers took turns driving so that one of them could be in the back with Rose during the drive. Rose makes all humans horny and seems to also give them infinite sexual stamina. They had not been driving for more than a minute when the worker suddenly started to caress Rose. He did not stop his sexual assault on her until the van stopped and the other guy wanted his turn. Rose had sex countless times during the long drive. She had lots of cum in her ass, in her stomach and in her vagina when she finally fell asleep.
Rose woke up by a command “stand up”. As she stood up she noticed that the two men were missing, instead a young girl stood before her.
“It’s my job go get you ready” said the young lady as she got Rose on her feet and lead her out of the van and into a great palace. They used a service entrance that lead to a wonderful bathroom. It was a big room which contained a pool of fresh, hot water. It was hot in the room and the air was moist. The girl casually took her clothes off and dropped them on the floor. She was pretty for a human; she had a nice face, perky tits and a good looking booty. Although she looked harmless and nice, she seemed to have a big and powerful presence. The human girl seemed to have a very confident and commanding personality.
The now naked girl pushed Rose forward slightly, and Rose stepped down into the big pool of hot water. Rose had never had a bath before and let out an anxious “Mooo”. She did enter the pool however and the she felt the shock of the hot water against her skin. The pool was not very deep, and for Rose who was very tall the pool seemed even less deep. As Rose stood in the pool, only her thighs were under the surface. But as the young human girl entered the water she got submerged up to her waist. There was a bucket on the side of the pool containing sponges and soap. The girl took them and ordered Rose to fill the empty bucket with water and pour it over Rose’s head. Rose did this a few times.
After that the girl went to work at lathering up Rose’s body. Rose towered over the little human girl, so sometimes she had to bow down so that the human could reach her. First she stood behind Rose, lathering up her back and shoulders, and then she moved to the front and soaped up Rose’s stomach. Then she ran the bar of soap over her large, milk filled tits. Roses nipples where aligned with the face of the girl as she began to work on them. Rose got very horny, since her tits were so sensitive. Rose suddenly wanted sex from the girl. Rose tried to seduce the girl by giving her lewd and lust full looks. It of course worked.
The girl soaped up all of Rose’s huge beach ball-size boobs, running the soap all over them, then rubbing the lather around, getting them nice and slippery with soap. Milk started to ooze from Rose’s nipples as the cleaning put some pressure on her tits. The milk began to mix with the water and the soap, and the smell of it all was very pleasant. The girl now looked sort of hypnotized, like men usually are in Rose’s presence. The eyes of the girl were filled with lust and fascination. She suddenly squeezed each of Rose’s huge jugs as she stood there with her face so close to them. Rose’s nipples squirted milk that splashing onto the girls face and breasts. The girl continued to playfully squeeze Rose’s tits and shots of milk squirted out of her nipples. The harder she squeezed the longer the shots as it splashed into the water.
“Wow, you’re like a milk fountain, you lewd cow!” said the girl in a menacing tone.
Rose replied only with a confused “Moo?”
The girl could not stop herself and began to suck on Rose’s right nipple. As soon as Rose felt the flow of milk being sucked out of her she rolled her eyes started to bellow in her usual feminine sexy way “Moo!” It was like a mix of moo and moan. The girl was grabbing and clutching Rose’s right breast to increase the pressure and milk flow.
Because of her huge tits she could not see it, but she felt the hands of the human girl running the soap along her anus and vagina. As the girl drank the milk from Rose’s ample bosom she simultaneously pushed the bar of soap into Rose’s ass. The soap was large so Rose cried out “Aaah!”
“Just take it and hold it in!” barked the girl. Rose did comply and the big bar of soap stayed in her butt. The girl then closed her lathery soapy hand to a fist and began to press her fist against Rose’s small vagina. Her hand suddenly slipped into Rose. The girl then began to fist fuck Rose as she continued clutching Rose’s right breast.
As Rose felt it all simultaneously, the big bar of soap in her butt, the fucking fist in her pussy and the milk flowing into the girls sucking mouth, it was all too much. Rose came hard. She shivered all over stated panting heavily and then delivered a moaning “Mooo!”
The human girl’s stomach was now filled with fat milk and she could not drink any more. However, her lust was not quenched and her job to clean Rose was not over yet either.
“Lean forward slightly cow!” barked the girl as if she was an army officer giving orders to a soldier. Rose did comply, but it wasn’t easy, since her big breasts where so heavy. Rose had to arch her back and place both hands on her bent knees.
The girl pulled Rose’s Tail upward and said “push the soap out!” Rose was relieved to hear this command because the soap had begun to melt in her butt and it really felt like she needed to release it. The bar of soap popped out of Rose’s ass and into the girl’s hand, which promptly shoved it back up Rose’s butt again.
As soon as it was out it was pushed back in. The soap went in and out of her anus back and forth and Rose’s began to ones again pant heavily and shiver. The girl then suddenly shoved her arm into Rose’s anus, all the way in to her elbow with the soap still inside her. Her rectum squeezed the arm of the girl as Rose came again. The orgasm was so powerful that it overwhelmed her. Rose lost her balance and fell forward into the water with a big splash. The girl laughed as she sat down on the edge of the pool and spread her legs.
“Come here!” she said with a devious grin. Rose walked up to her. “Kneel between my legs and lick my cunt.” barked the girl. Rose did kneel and as she lean forward to lick, she had to press her huge tits against the side of the pool.
Rose brought her mouth very close to the girl’s swollen and leaking pussy. But Rose was not sure what to do next since she had never done this before.
“Gently, lick around the lips,” instructed the girl, as she took hold of Rose’s long horns. Rose gently licked the pussy, tasting the girl curiously. She found the taste appealing and also noticed that she was hungry. Rose sometimes had her own cunt licked by male workers and she remembered what they used to do to her. Rose was lost in thoughts and licking pussy and apparently, Rose was very good at performing oral sex on girls. Because then, the girl began to buck her hips into Rose’s face. She pulled Rose’s head up slightly by her horns, so that her tongue made contact with the girl’s swollen clit.
Rose licked and sucked the girl’s pussy until the girl was about to climax. At that time, the girl pulled the poor cowgirls head hard into her convulsing vagina, almost smothering Rose in the process.
“I’m going to come, inset your tongue!” commanded the girl. Rose pushed her tongue deep into the girls convulsing hole and the slick walls inside her vagina quivered around Rose’s tongue. Rose’s tongue was long and thick and it felt better than any cock the girl had previously had in her. Suddenly, the girl started shuddering and screaming as a tremendous climax hit her. The orgasm seemed to go on and on, but eventually ebbed out. The girl then looked down on Rose with hooded eyes and said “you can release that bar of soap now”.
After the bath the girl lead Rose to a big changing room with lots of clothes on hangers and racks. The girl had picked out an outfit for Rose. First Rose put on a pink thong that was adjusted for her cow tail. The thong barely covered her pussy in the front and it looked like she was naked from the back, because the thong consisted only of pink string there, which disappeared in her butt crack. The girl looked pleased when she saw Rose’s voluptuous ass squeezed into that little thong. Next Rose was handed a one piece dress. It was a tight fitting white dress with a generous cleavage. The girl had to pull the tight thing down over Rose like a condom. The enormous boobs got in the way of the dress, but the dress was made of a rubberlike fabric and was able to stretch around Roses incredible measurements. When it was in place it became clear that the dress was very short, the end of the dress barely covered Rose’s ass. If she leaned over just slightly, her “goods” would show. The dress was so tight it looked like it was painted on her and her boobs looked like they would pop up through the cleavage, since they were mashed together and had nowhere to go.
Rose felt very constrained by her dress and let out a “Mooo!” of discomfort. Since the dress hugged her tits so tightly, a little milk started to ooze from Rose’s nipples, creating two wet spots on her boobs. The moisture made the fabric transparent so that Rose’s pink nipples could be seen through the dress. “Now remember, you are not naked anymore cow. Be mindful of your tail, If you raise you tail it will lift up your dress.”
The girl then put on socks and a pair of cowboy boots on Rose. Then the girl did Rose’s hair. The girl made Rose where her long, thick and black hair down, with layers and curls to add volume. To finish the makeover, the girl put on expensive jewelry on Rose’s fingers, neck and wrists. All the jewelry had messages. The rings on her fingers had the word “slut” and “slave” engraved. Her wrist band consisted of a silver chain with diamond letters that spelled out “cock sucker”. Her necklace was the same, only it said “use me”.
The discomfort that Rose felt disappeared when she saw herself in the mirror. Rose was a huge sex goddess! Rose fell in love with herself all over again. She loved how the dress made her look. The milk that kept oozing from her nipples turned the front of the dress into something like a wet t-shirt. She loved her styled hair and even her jewelry, since she could not read. She took a few sexy steps towards the mirror and then stopped. She spun around and looked over her shoulder. Her big tits could be easily seen from the back and her great ass looked so curvy, barely hidden by the dress.
“Ok Rose, you are ready now. Let’s go to the harem.” said the girl suddenly.
They walked into different rooms and hallways. Everything was beautiful and luxurious as if a god lived there. Soon Rose walked through a big sliding door, as she did, the young girl that had been with her stayed behind. Rose was alone. Rose was now in the huge luxurious harem! The floor was covered in big pillows and soft fabric. Among the pillows laid beautiful girls one prettier then the next, hundreds of them! All the girls in the harem seemed to have two things in common, they all had little or no clothing and they all had big boobs.
It all happened so suddenly. All the girls started to move towards Rose in order to examine her and welcome her into the harem. The harem girls gave Rose devious and lewd looks. They soon swarmed around Rose and overpowered her! Rose got pushed and fell. As laid on her back, every inch of her body got caressed by hands. Rose had never seen so many people at the same time. In all directions she saw naked skin. Rose felt her new cloths being removed from her. When her dress got pulled over her enormous breasts to reveal them, a big gasp was heard in the crowd. Rose was now naked except for her jewelry. The girls where amused as they read out the text on the jewelry aloud.
The girls pulled Rose’s legs apart so as to spread them wide. Rose felt her nipples getting sucked as she realized one of the girls was now sitting on her face. The girl who was sitting on Rose’s face grinded her naked pussy against Rose’s mouth. Rose calmly accepted the situation and started to lick pussy. Rose was a natural at pussy licking and the girl on her face soon came. The girl was sort of riding Rose’s face as if Rose’s tongue was a dildo. Rose felt her hands being guided towards tits and ass. At the same time Rose felt fingers and tongues entering her vagina and asshole. Rose was completely pinned down by all the girls.
The air smelled of sex and it was hot and sweaty in that pile of bodies. Rose was completely soaked in a mix of pussy slime, sweat and breast milk. Rose fingered one girl to orgasm with her right hand and squeezed a big boob with her left hand. At the same time some girl was making out with Rose’s asshole.
The vagina rose was licking suddenly got replaced by a mouth. Rose now had tongues showed into her every orifice. The sexual assault on Rose seemed to go on and on. When one of the girls got tired, she was replaced by a hornier girl who had been waiting for her turn. The orgy lasted for about seven hours and Rose had about one orgasm every minute during that time. Rose had managed to sexually satisfy all the girls in the harem! After the seven hours of sex the harem girls sort of collectively decided to give Rose a rest.  

After the seven hour orgy the harem girls started to settle down. Rose was still completely soaked in a mix of pussy slime, sweat and breast milk from the orgy. Rose was lying on her back in the midst of all the harem girls with her huge and surprisingly firm tits standing up like mountains. The harem girls started to cuddle up to Rose in a snug and cozy manner. The girls talked to each other for a while about Rose and how sexy she is and what great sex they had with her. They talked over Rose, like adults talk over children. They giggled when she tried to approve of their comments with soft cute “mooos”. They all knew that she was just a cow girl and could not join in the conversation. Rose was physically much larger than the other girls but mentally smaller. It was obvious that the harem girls had all fallen madly in love with Rose because of her divine beauty and sex appeal. They all stared at her; they looked into her big eyes or stared at her amazing curves. After a short break the orgy continued. Without saying anything one girl just leaned forward and took Rose´s left nipple into her mouth and began to suck. That action inspired another girl to do the same to her right nipple. So the two beautiful busty girls began to nurse from Rose´s huge tits. Rose gave milk easy; the nursing girls just had to apply gentle suction. Rose felt the tug on her nipples in their mouths and felt her milk spray into them.
While the two girls kept nursing, another girl gently sat down on Rose´s face, pushing her cunt against Rose´s mouth. All that Rose could now smell and see was this woman’s vagina. Realizing that this woman wanted oral sex, Rose started to lick pussy. Rose soon pushed her long, soft and smooth cowgirl tongue into the pussy of the girl who began to buck her hips in response. The girl came after only a minute of riding Rose´s tongue like a dildo. As this went on more and more girls joined in. Rose felt hands caressing every part of her body. Rose felt an anonymous stiff tongue enter her vagina. Someone’s fingers also invaded Roses asshole. This orgy or gang rape didn’t last as long as the first but was equally intense. The harem girls would have kept this up forever if they had the energy. After many kisses and loving hugs the girls finally fell asleep together. Rose drifted off into sleep slightly frustrated because even though she made many girls reach orgasm, she did not cum herself.
Rose woke up a few hours later because she was thirsty, horny and hungry. It was kind of dark in the room, but Rose could still see. The air still smelled of sweet sex and it was hot and sweaty in that pile of sleeping bodies. Rose managed to stand up without waking up any off the girls. Rose carefully stepped over sleeping girls as she walked towards a table in the corner of the room. She walked in her natural way, the way she had been designed to walk. She always walked with her shoulders back and her pelvis rolled forward. She took long steps, putting down her foot directly in front of her other foot as if she was walking on a tightrope. Her booty and her gigantic tits swayed in an alluring manner with each step from her long legs. She could hardly see in the gloom but it looked like there was food and water on the table. She was right; a great feast was laid out on the table. Rose started to eat and drink and it was all delicious, she didn’t know what she was eating but it was real people food! Much better than the cowgirl feed that she was used to eating. As she gorged herself in a manner that was not very lady like she decided that this harem was her new favorite place. She placed her gigantic tits on the table as she bent over the table to get closer to the food. The table then helped her carry the massive weight of her giant boobs. Rose was always a bit nervous at night because she was afraid of the dark.
As Rose was bent over the table, stuffing her face with both hands like the animal she was, she felt someone gently hugging her from behind. Rose was surprised and froze up. The voice of a young woman named Sophia whispered gently “guess who”. Sophia started to plant kisses along Roses back, down towards her big butt; this had a relaxing effect on the cowgirl. Rose could then feel Sophia’s breath on her naked ass cheeks. When Sophia got down to roses ass and vagina, the scent of Rose hit her like a sledgehammer. Sophia could smell that Rose had a strong scent coming from her vagina and ass, the scent was genetically engineered to be very powerful and alluring. The scent of Roses anus was particularly enthralling and irresistible to Sophia. It smelled of ripe fruit, honey, raw sex and something else that it impossible to describe. Rose arched her back and raised her tail up. Rose heard Sophia whisper to her. She turned her cow ears backward to hear the girl better. “Your asshole is so pretty and it smells sooo nice” said the girl and Rose now recognized her voice. It was the pretty young dominant girl who had given her the bath and dressed her earlier. Sophia had not felt her scent the day before, because when Rose came to her she was so dirty from living on the milk-plant mega farm. “Just relax, it’s just me” said Sophia as she started to lick ass. Sophia just had to taste that ass to see if it tasted as good as it smelled. Rose felt the girl’s soft tongue gently lick her anus and Rose did start to relax. Rose spread her legs apart slightly. The gentle licks started to soften up Rose and made her anus looser. Sophia then pushed her tongue inside Roses ass and started to “make out” with her ass. The taste was now all over the young girls tongue ant it tasted even better then it smelled.
Rose responded to this by reaching back and with one arm to press Sophia’s pretty face gently into her bottom. Rose also started to finger herself with her other hand. That tongue in her ass felt extremely good so Rose just had to masturbate to amplify the sensation. This was possible because the table supported her giant tits. Her massive tits spilled out over the table like soft dough. If it were not for the table, Rose would fall forward. After about a minute of ass licking Rose became so excited that she started to lactate from her beach-ball sized tits. Growing puddles of milk formed under her breasts. And so the girl drilled Roses’s lovely pink asshole with her tongue as Rose fingered herself. At the same time Sophia was also masturbating. As it happened they both came at the same time.
“Moooo!” Rose finally bellowed as she felt the sensations of orgasm run through her, the tongue in her ass adding immeasurably to the masturbation. Rose just loved having that beautiful ass of hers licked and eaten. To have a woman’s tongue deep in her asshole at the moment of orgasm was a wonderful new experience for Rose.
Sophia reluctantly pulled her tongue out of Roses asshole and gave it one last gentle lick and a kiss. Sophia could not believe what she had just done, jet her mouth was full of the taste that proved it. Normally she was sexually dominant; she would never do something so submissive as to lick ass. That big ass just looked so good and smelled so nice that Sophia just couldn’t resist it. Ever since her passionate meeting with Rose the day before, she could not stop thinking about the cowgirl. Maybe it was love she was feeling towards Rose. In that moment Sophia felt that if she could spend the rest of her life licking Roses pussy and ass, then that would be her personal paradise.
After that Sophia explained that she had to leave before morning. Sophia was not allowed in the harem and could get in trouble if she got caught. She told Rose that she would try to meet with her as much as she could in secrete. After telling Rose all that Sophia snuck out of the harem like a thief in the night. Rose stood up strait and yawned; she was still a bit tired. She found a free spot on the floor and slept there.
Rose woke up the next morning because she felt hands all over her. The harem girls had awoken before her and they could not resist the urge to touch Rose. One of the harem girls who seemed to be some sort of leader spoke to Rose. “Get up and get ready, you have been given the honor of waking up our master”.
The Master was General Blossom, the commander of the imperial armed forces and one of the richest men on the planet. The general was the right hand man of Emperor Peter himself. Much like the emperor General Blossom had turned himself into a superman to improve himself in every conceivable way. He was fast, strong and smart. His body was bio enhanced to be superior and impervious to harm. He looked more like a Greek god, with the body of a young muscular man, despite the fact that he was actually really old. The general had also bio-improved his massive penis, he had always been well hung and he had also enhanced his genitalia with drugs. He spent all his free time in his harem so he needed his penis to be a superior specimen. He only slept for one night every week and he liked to get a blowjob in the morning after that night to wake him up. Every week a new girl was given the honor to do this. It was an honor because it meant that the selected girl was the general’s favorite. And so now it was Roses turn.
Rose was led by the harem girls to a great luxurious bedroom with a massive bed. The general was sleeping naked on his back with his legs quite far apart. He was not covered by any comforter or blanket. The girls giggled as they gently shoved Rose onward towards the large bed. The girls whispered to Rose “Go on, suck his dick.” Rose had no problem obeying that order because she was a huge slut and loved cock sucking and cum eating, her brain was engineered to love it. To call Rose a slut is really unfair in a way, because it implies that Rose had fallen from grace to become a debauched woman. Rose never became a sex crazy slut, she was born that way.
As she moved in between his legs she saw his huge penis and gasped. It was as large as a big cucumber even then, in its flaccid state. His balls were the size of grapefruits. Rose felt a lustful, animal like need to touch it. She took the soft, smooth cock in her hand and gently pulled back the foreskin to reveal the large mushroom shaped head. Her touch dragged the general out of his dreams and he opened his eyes. The penis soon started to react to her touch by becoming semi-erect. The general remembered that today he was going to get his dick sucked by a cowgirl who just might be the sexiest creature in the galaxy. Rose felt like she had to smell the head of the huge penis and as she sniffed it the scent of sex filled her nose. After smelling it she had to taste it. As she started to lick the head, the penis got harder as it became fully erect and doubled in size. Rose had to shift position so that she was now on her keens between the generals legs. She did this so that she could keep sucking the huge cock without bending it down. In this position the cock had to slide in between her massive tits. Rose had not intended to titty-fuck him, her tits was just so big that the blowjob turned into a titty-fuck/blowjob.
Rose used her hands to press her tits tightly together as she moved her body up and down. In this way she could stroke his cock with her soft tits as she also kept the head of the giant penis going in and out of her mouth. At that point the general was completely awake. He spread his legs a bit more and muttered “Suck my dick bitch”. Rose was amazed that the General lasted as long as he did. Normally guys would cum really fast during sex with Rose. Rose now had eye contact with the general as his dick was between her tits and in her mouth. The general stared into her big anime-like eyes as Rose slobbered all over the head of his dick.
As he got closer and closer to orgasm, the general started to caress her breasts. Her soft smooth tit flesh felt like dough in his hands. He shifted his gaze from her dreamy eyes to her amazing tits. He kept his hands on her boobs as he gently bucked his hips. He gave her nipples a tweak and a pinch that made her spray some milk, before finally bringing his hands together on her head to grab her horns at their base.
The general now had two hands stabilizing her head by her cow horns, and he knew he was seconds away from shooting his wad into her sucking mouth. He pushed down on her head, forcing his dick to stay inside her mouth. He bucked his hips while trying to hold her head in place. He fucked her tits and her mouth at the same time while he started to pant heavily.
“Oh yes, I’m cumming, drink it you cow!” exclaimed the General
The general started to cum like a stallion, but Rose was ready for it. She closed her moth over his dick. Rose felt her whole mouth fill up with cum instantly so she quickly swallowed. Right after her huge gulp of seed his penis gave her another mouthful of sperm. Rose swallowed again only to feel another blast of thick cum hit the back of her throat. The general pumped cum into Rose and she swallowed it all without spilling. It was a massive load. After his orgasm was over, Rose kept the last mouthful of cum in her mouth to properly taste it before she swallowed. Rose moaned as she tasted and swallowed the last salty mouthful of warm cum.
“That takes care of your breakfast, now I shall have my breakfast!” Said the general as he took Rose by her arms and dragged her forward over his body so that she was on top of him. He instructed her to stand on all fours so that her huge tits would hang down over his face. Even though she had her arms strait and her back ached, her giant tits could not hang free. They were just too big for that. Being the size of large beach balls, her boobs spilled out over the bed and covered the general’s face. The general found a nipple and began to suck. At the same time he grabbed her ass and guided his rock hard cock into her vagina.
“Moooh, Moooh!” The excitement had rose bellowing. Being milked was Roses favorite thing, getting fucked was her second most favorite thing. Putting the two together was pure bliss. Rose moved her hips up and down. She was now a cowgirl riding dick cowgirl style! The general had just had an orgasm so he would last longer this time. He kept drinking milk directly from Roses nipple and kept thrusting his hips up and down as he fucked her. He sucked on her nipple until his mouth was full, then he swallowed. The General moaned loudly, but the sound was muffled by Roses tit flesh. The thick warm milk he was drinking tasted wonderful, and his dick was in the best place it had ever been in. Rose´s vagina was special; it was like a bioengineered cock sleeve designed to maximize pleasure for men. It had the ability to suck, squeeze and massage the invading penis in a way that normal women can’t do.
The general kept sliding his giant rigid dick up and down within her snug pussy. Rose was riding him with her eyes rolled back and her mouth open. Rose could not contain her pleasure so she panted and let her cow bellowing escape her lips. “Moooh, Moooh!” Rose was really enjoying herself, with every thrust she felt the head of his dick pound her womb. His penis reached amazingly deep into her. The general’s huge cock was sliding roughly in and out of Rose´s, slippery, slurping and sucking love-tunnel. Rose came again and again. Each time she came Rose would bellow “mooh!” and her pussy would flutter and quiver. Soon the general was full and could not drink anymore of her milk. After all Roses breast milk was thick like pancake batter. He pushed her up into a leaned back sitting position so that he could watch and caress her tits while he kept fucking her. His eyes and hands explored her huge breasts, feeling them, grabbing them and pulling her nipples. With every thrust Rose´s tits would giggle and bounce. Rose loved to have her boobs manhandled. When he squeezed her puffy nipples she gave him a lovely shower of milk. For about an hour he did this to Rose. Her giant tits sprayed thick milk all over the general, and painted him white as well as most of the bed. Rose came five times before the general needed to spew cum again.
This time his thick cum got shot straight up her pussy, filling up her womb. Blast after blast of cum spewed into her welcoming vagina. The general shrived in trance as he pumped cum into Rose. It was the best orgasm he had ever had. Rose loved the feeling of getting filled up with cum, and she was also happy that she had made him cum again. She looked down on him with a pleased smile on her face as her pussy greedily accepted all his sperm.

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