Root your android phone in 3 step without pc by feel ।

It’s a common problem with every android user.First you need to know this.Okee you buy a new android phone and you think
now it’s your, you can do every thing with your phone or android system.But in real casa you are just a guest on your android phone. You are not an admin on your phone. Guest user run many Apps on there phone but they can’t run special apps on there android phone like game killer.because they are not admin.
so here I show you only 3 step to root your android phone..
1. Download and install the software in your phone.

2. Select “super SU” and click on “Boromir “
3. Restart…….Done

Friends you can download this software from internet.We can’t put this software link on our website because of our policy. If you want I give you this software you can send me a mail my email address –
I give you all stuff in soon as soon

Now you are admin of your device.You can fully control your can run games killer on your phone. You can run all apps on your phone who want root access.

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