Romping with Rajat

After going through my divorce in Delhi, I had moved to Mumbai & was living all alone in the office accomodation provided to me by the company. Back then, I was working in an ad agency & had a very hectic schedule. I would often come home late in the evenings feeling dead tired & would simply collapse in my bed. Apart from the loneliness, the other thing that I missed the most after my divorce was my sex-life. Being a lady, I am not shy to admit that I had a great appetite for sex. I could never understand why a man would be considered more manly if he desired sex while a lady would be considered ’slutty’ if she enjoyed sex. Is the initiation of sex an exclusive male bastion? Are ladies supposed to behave in an asexual manner only to satisfy their other halves?
One of the reasons for my divorce was my feminist attitude & being outspoken about my rights as a woman in a marriage. I just couldn’t allow my husband to treat me as a sex-doll. If he could treat me as a sex doll, I could use him as a dildo as well. If he could crave for sex while away from home, why couldn’t I do the same. I always believed in a level playing field for both men & women & acted likewise. More than my husband, it were my in-laws who hammered the last nail into our marriage. After moving to Mumbai, I had buried my past behind & had begun to start my life afresh. I pursued whatever I wanted, be it money, fame, success, independence or sex. I feel that sex is one of the most basic needs of any individual, which, unfortunately is always blown out of proportions by our society. If we can eat food whenever we are hungry, if we can drink water whenever we are thirsty, then there is no sin in having sex when one is feeling horny.
During my professional career, I came across many men. Some of them were just friends, some were close friends & a few of them were intimate friends. The following incident turned one of my close friends into my intimate friend. It was Rajat – a sweet co-worker with a typical chocolate boy looks who happened to join our team while we were doing an ad assignment for a Lingerie brand. He was an empathetic guy whom you could talk to for hours on end. One could pour her heart out to him & he would always give you a patient hearing. He had joined our team only recently but we had developed such a rapport that it seemed we knew each other since ages. In a short timespan we came so close that we knew each other like the back of our hands. He was a bachelor living all alone like me. During the weekends, someone would drop in at other’s residence for a meal or a movie. Both of us owned home-theatre systems & enjoyed watching movies together while munching on bagfuls of popcorn. We would often go out together for dinner straight from the office . Very soon, there were no secrets remaining between the two of us & we used to discuss everything under the sun including our sex-lives,our likes-dislikes & our fantasies. Through one of our conversations I came to know that sexy lingerie was one of Rajat’s weaknesses.
A few weeks flew by & one day I recalled that Rajat’s birthday was due in a few days. I was having trouble deciding on his birthday present. While finalizing the Lingerie ad assignment a couple of days later, I hit upon a novel idea regarding his birthday present. After the office hours, I went straight to the Lingerie showroom & bought myself a sexy translucent pair of lacy lingerie. I had a naughty plan going on in my mind for his birthday. In a few days, the eventful day arrived. We had a small celebration in the afternoon at the office cafeteria. While at the cafeteria, I invited Rajat to my place for a candle-light dinner in the evening which he graciously accepted.
On reaching home, I soon started preparing for the dinner. While doing all those preparations, I was still wearing my office clothes. It was a white shirt with buttons on the front & a knee-length grey skirt. The turn of events looked quite haphazard on the surface but it was all part of my plan to throw Rajat a big surprise in my own special way. Around an hour later, I was just about finished with my preparations & was waiting for him to arrive when the doorbell rang at 8 p.m. sharp. Rajat was on-time as usual. I went to answer the door. To my surprise, he was also wearing the same clothes which he wore at the office. Rajat switched on the TV in the main hall & was catching up on some news while I went on to set up the dinner-table. Soon, the dinner was ready & both of us went to the table in the lobby which had everything properly placed on it. I started to light-up the candles & after all the candles were set on fire, I switched off the lights. It was a mesmerizing scene with only the table area lighted up & darkness all around. I poured Rajat some soup which we followed up with the main course. While chatting up on the dinner table, both of us were looking straight into each other’s eyes & I felt as if Rajat had read my mind since his conversation started having sexual overtones. We washed down the dinner with some drinks & soon it started to take its effect. I didn’t know if it was my teasing or the effect of the booze but the atmosphere had got sexually charged up. We were chatting on when he suddenly popped up the million dollar question : What about my birthday present? His question acted as a trigger & I stood up from my chair, moved closer to him & started to unbutton my shirt. While I was removing my shirt, I could see his facial expressions turning from a smile into a surprised look. After removing my shirt, I went on to open my skirt & it hit the floor in an instant. There I was, standing in front of Rajat in my new translucent lacy lingerie. The light of the candles was shining on my bare skin & Rajat was literally dumfounded. I told him that I knew about his fascination for sexy lingerie & that my new lingerie was his birthday present.
He simply couldn’t believe his eyes since it was all too good to be true. It looked as if he was in a kind of shock to give any reaction to whatever was happening around him. So I decided to give him some time to come to his senses & to decide if he wished to take what was on offer. I told him that I was going to the bedroom & asked him to come over if he wanted to claim his birthday present. I had just about entered my bedroom when he grabbed me from the behind, turned me around & locked his lips with mine. He hugged me in a tight embrace while his tongue was exploring the inner depths of my mouth. His lips were first latched onto my lower lip & were furiously sucking it followed in quick succesion by my upper lip. I opened my mouth wider to give him more access & our tongues started to collide with each other with our saliva getting mixed-up in our open mouthed wet kiss. While we were having a lip-locked kiss, his hand were busy working on the hook of my translucent bra at my back. My hands were busy squeezing his buttock-cheeks. We unlocked our lips to get rid of our remaining clothes. He quickly removed his shirt & dropped the trousers on the floor while I removed my translucent bra completely. While removing my panties, I could clearly see his shaft making a big tent in his Jockey. As soon as he lowered his Jockey, I grabbed his semi-erect cock in my hand & shoved it up straight into my mouth like a hungry monster. The head of his shaft had turned purple-red due to the increased blood supply. I could feel his cock thumping & enlarging inside my wet mouth while I was hungrily sucking onto it. The odor of his pubic region had its effect on me & I could feel my own pussy salivating.
I continued to suck his cock until his muscles tensed up & he shot stream after stream of his potent hot cream down my throat. I could feel his cock going limp in my mouth but worked it up to another erection soon enough. Now I moved onto my bed on all fours & Rajat mounted me from the behind in a typical doggy-style. He continued rubbing the swollen head of his cock onto my outer pussy-lips till it was completely smeared in my pussy-juices. Then, without any warning, he shoved his cock into my well-lubricated pussy with a powerful thrust that made me scream in pain. Initially, it was painful for me to adjust to his full girth inside my tight pussy but soon enough it had completely impaled my love hole. After pumping in & out for a few minutes, he again tensed up & shot another load inside my wet pussy. I could feel his hot ejaculate swirling inside my womb. We again gathered our energies & resumed our love-making session in two more postures – the spoon & the missionary position. Afterwards, both of us collapsed together on the bed only to wake up all messed up the next morning.
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