Romantic Love Making With Married Ex-Girlfriend

 I just went to my hometown to meet my Grannies, Grandpaas and other relatives. I was enjoying my holidays in my village, suddenly on that day, I saw my Ex-girlfriend who also came over there for her holidays, she smiled at me. I too responded back but didn’t give much attention to her as she was married to another guy recently and we had break-up a year back.  Later on it was a usual day for me. I was checking my FB account got a notification that its her birthday next day. I thought I will wish her tonight by waking her up. At exact 12 I called her and wished her birthday. She was surprised at my call, asked me how do I remember her birthday and all, I just blushed as we have just broke but I remember our love. Its okay that you have married another guy due to your father, but still I love you. She thanked me for the wishes and remembrance.

I asked her whether her hubby has not wished her. She told he could have wished but he slept I guess but you are the first to wish me. Then she asked me what the gift for her birthday. I could give whatever u need but its really late to buy anything now so I ll give u in morning. What felt her suddenly I didn’t know, she called me to her home as she wanted to meet me immediately. Then I thought at least we have to celebrate her birthday, went into the kitchen saw a bread packet and a jam. Took it and went near her house and climbed the gate. Her room is in first floor, climbed like a thief towards her room. Knocked her balcony door. She opened it. I hugged her and wished her birthday again.
Then I made a birthday cake using the bread and jam. Asked her to cut the cake took some snaps celebrated her birthday. It was a nice day for me and her. Suddenly her hubby called her and wished her birthday. They were making love over phone but she controlled her feelings as I was besides her. Even I felt shy watching this, I sighed her that I ll leave meet her morning. She insisted to stay and wait for 5 min. She left kisses to her hubby, it made my dirty mind get up.  I was in a urge to leave, suddenly during her call she hugged me again and sighed me to stay till the call ends. I lost my control due to hug and my dirty mind started working. She finished her call in another 15 min. She scolded me why you wanna leave so soon and asked me could u sleep here today please. I too accepted her request as I too wanted the same. She liked the way we celebrated her birthday.

Then we had a long talk bout her life after marriage and other stuff(clean talks). Then she suddenly stood up and asked how I look after marriage as u have seen me after 8 months. I told you look some what like a women, little mature in talks. She again asked me bout her structure. I told she put weight, little fat than before and looked good after her marriage. Suddenly she told me u r such a fool saying plain words!!! I asked how my structure transformed after my marriage. I understood her talks before but wanted her dirty mind to wake up. I have kissed her during our love days nothing more. I made up my mind and got up and hugged her tight and kissed her lips. Just got her tight didn’t leave her till 10 min. She too responded as she wanted the same. Then after that, to make her crazy I started towards the door to leave. She became nervous and hugged me tight from behind. She told she wanted to make love with me today. I too was eager for that. Then we kissed for another 20 min. I removed her top. She was wearing a red bra. I made her lie on the bed I kissed her neck, then licked her ear lobes, slowly came down to belly leaving her boobs. Then slowly removed her leggings and she was half nude in her red bra and panties. I licked her thighs, her legs, kissed and licked her toes. She was so aroused was moaning. Then I went up removed her bra made free the melons licked it, bit it, massaged those lovely melons. She was too much frustrated that she wanted me inside her. I went down removed her panty. I saw some amount of bushes there.

It was little bush over her pussy. I finger fucked her pussy made her squirt. She loved it. Then she was little normal after that. We wanted a break before our next session. I asked her do u have shaving set now. She told yes. I asked for that and lifted her to the bathroom. I made her sit on my lap shaved her pussy slowly. She loved the way I did that by making her sit on ma lap with shower on. I became nude and had shower together. We had our first session in shower. Loved the romantic love making shower. Later we came inside room, made each other dry. It was around 3.30 am. After that she came down gave me a nice blowjob, loved it. It took around 20 min. After that I made her lie and applied some jam over her pussy. I licked her to the core tongue fucked her and ate all the jam.

Lastly we had session at 4.30 lasted till 5 am. It was a superb experience we had. Later I made up ma mind to leave her house with heavy heart and left to my house and slept. I woke up by her call saw the clock, it was around 11 am. She told get ready ll go for a movie. Then we went for movie in the noon. Again at night I had to do the same thief job to enjoy the next night with new positions. After the second night I had to depart towards my job in Chennai and she stayed for 3 more days and called me every night as she wanted to make more love session but we had skype sex on the three days.

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