romance with my mother in law

I am Rahul, married, 30, atheletic body (gym freak), with a thick cut 8 inch long manhood. I am from Hyderabad, and into business. This is a story of love and romance with my mother in law (mil) Sunitha. Me and my wife stay away from my in laws. Our houses are around 5 kms away. Coming to my wife, she is quite good looking, has a great figure and is keen on sex too. My wife works in an IT industry and is in a role which demands travel a lot. She used to travel atleast 3-4 times a month, and for a span of 2-3 days each time. Sometimes she also had to go for short 1-2 months duration as a trip to other countries on work reasons. This gave me very little time to have sex with her. We never missed a chance having sex whenever she was with me, and she always wanted me to fuck her since she was missing sex too because of her travel and work. Since she travelled a lot, I told her to buy some sex toys for herself, and she bought quite some when she came back like anal plugs, pussy dildos, vibrators. She used to carry these often with her during her travel, and I was left waiting for her or masturbating in her absence.

During my wife’s travel, sometimes my mil used to come and stay in my house to help me with food and take care of other house hold things. Coming to my mil, let me describe her body (before I saw it fully naked). My Mil is 50 yrs old, wheatish looking lady, great smile, and with an hour glass figure even at this age. She was a 36 28 36 and was always fully covered, only wore cotton sarees, and no other dresses. I have never seen her in chudis or even nighty. When there was a party or get together, she used to wear expensive sarees, and jewellery. In her regular wear, it was always cotton saree, always wore payal (which used to make a nice sound when she walks), loveliest set of earrings (hanging with chain), bangles, and neck chains. She always wore her saree above her navel and I could never see her navel.
Over a period of time, whenever my wife was out of station, I used to spend time with her. Initially there was very little talk, but slowly slowly, I started to know here more. We became close because we had all the time to talk and nothing much to do. Being into business, I used to go to work in the morning and be back by afternoon most of the times. After that I did not have much work, and so I and my mil used to talk a lot (ofcourse if it was my wife, I would have had sex with her during that time). With my mil, we started to get to understand each other and what we liked. My mil liked movies and sometimes we watched movie together at home on tv after I was back from work. 
I used to like the company of my mil and we kinda of became good friends. However, this would not happen always. With my wife going out for a day or two, generally mil would not leave her house and come to my house. Sometimes she would come in morning and leave by evening. We never got a chance to spend a long time together. I dont remember that she ever stayed back at my house anytime.

My wife had received an assignment for 15 days that she had to travel out of country. 15 days was too long a period for us to be separate. So that night, we had sex for a long time and had loads of fun before she travelled. She had requested mil to come and look into the needs of house since she would not be available for 15 days. My Mil Sunitha agreed to it, and she said she will be stay back at my place if needed for a couple of days. I was also happy to hear this since I could get some company with Sunitha. 
The second day after my wife went out of station, my Mil came home. She said she will be staying there for the next two days. During the next two days, we spoke a lot, and I was having a good time. Next day morning, I went to gym and when I came back, I saw my Mil come out from the bathroom after taking her bath. The way she was looking took me by surprise and I was just staring without my knowledge. When she came out, she was in blouse and petticoat, and her towel had wrapped her blouse and body like a saree. She ran into the bedroom quickly to wear her saree. She also noticed that I saw her but dropped her eyes and went inside the room to change, and behaved like nothing happenned. The thought of her in that look made me go crazy. The whole day this was the only thing that was going through in my head. This was the time, I fell for Sunitha. I had never seen so much of my mil before this, and she was looking gorgeous in the way she got out of bathroom. In my house, I used to generally wear only banian and shorts, but Sunitha was always well covered (even never showed navel). But this view of hers was stunning. 

The whole day I spent with Sunitha, I could only think of how she looked in the morning. While even talking to her, I was imagining her in the hot wear. Next day morning, I decided that I will wait for her to finish her bath. So I came back from gym early and was waiting for her. Again the same episode repeated, and this time she was in dark blue blouse and sky blue petticoat. I still could not see her navel but she was amazingly hot. This time she noticed that I was intentionally waiting for her. She just gave a small smile and went inside room to change. I was speechless and did not know what to do. I went into my room, opened my shorts, and started masturbating thinking of her.

There was no difference in her behaviour after she saw me noticing her. She was normal as if she was expecting me to see her when she came out of bathroom. She had to start back home in the evening since she had planned to come for only two days, but I requested her to stay back for one more day hoping that I could see her after she takes her bath the next day. She said she had to leave since she did not have clothes. I requested her to stay back and told her we could plan something out. She agreed. I told Sunitha to look into my wife’s clothes and pick up whatever she wanted. I told her to use the guest bedroom wardrobe and she could keep her clothes there. She took the dresses and put it in the wardrobe. She said she will go and get some vegetables. Once she left, I opened the wardrobe to check what she had selected, and found that she picked up some sarees, blouses and petticoats. I thought she picked up some innerwear as well, but I was wrong. She did not even select a single bra or panty which was felt strange. 

She came back after buying vegetables and went to kitchen to start cooking. My mind was full of her only. She changed into my wife’s saree, and we sat together for dinner. I started to feel different about her for the first time. I started to see a beautiful women in her, a sensual flower, she started to look very cute to me. I was mesmerized by her beauty. By this time, I had started liking her a lot. We had become quite close, and spent a lot of time talking. We started knowing what each other liked. I never felt like I was missing my wife. I had someone to talk to, and be close with. With every talk, we were getting closer to each other. When we watched TV earlier, we used to sit quite far away. Now, we started to sit very close to each other with a gap of just one person between us. She never put on any body spray or perfumes. Sometimes when I was close to her, I could smell her body aroma. I never noticed that earlier but now I started to like it, love it, and crave for the body smell. I was not sure if it was my lonliness or was it her beauty that was driving me crazy. I started noticing every position of her, every body movement of her, how she dresses, and talks, and observed her very closely. All these things were making me mad with love, and I started to develop love feelings for her. We spoke till almost 1 AM at night and then we went to sleep, unfortunately she in her room and me in mine. I was really wishing that night that we could sleep together in one room but I did not ask her. But for my luck, the power went off, and I had the generator available only in my room. So I went to her room and asked her to sleep in my room. She hesitated but I told her that we will split the bed, and move them apart so that she can sleep on one bed, and I can sleep on the other. She said thats not needed and I should not be formal with her, and she came into my bedroom to sleep on the bed. She slept on 
one side of the bed, and I slept on the other. I could not believe that she was on my bed sleeping and wearing my wife’s saree !!!!!!

All these events in the day shocked me, firstly her looking at me in her bathroom attire, then staying back on my request, wearing my wife’s clothes, and now on my bed – where are all these taking me / us – I was deeply confused and excited ?? 

Everything happenned so quickly. I was so damn excited that night, that after sometime when I felt that she slept, I went to the bathroom, removed my underwear, wore just my shorts, and nothing on top, and returned back to bed. I was feeling so HOT thinking of her, I just decided to dream this whole night thinking about her and only her.

Next day, before I got up, she had already woken up. I could not see her next to me on bed. She was in the kitchen, and once I freshened up, she brought me coffee (she was still wearing my wife’s clothes). I was so much wishing this was my wife so that I could really pump my juices into her. Early morning sex is so wonderful, and I was in a great mood this morning. Somehow, Sunitha started to look more beautiful as the time went by. She got ready to go back to her home, and I told her I will drop her. I drove her to her home by car and asked her when she will come again. I was so eager to hear her answer. She caringly said she will be back in two days. I was not sure how the next two days would go since I had already started to miss her. I came back home and started to get ready for office. I went for bath, and my mind was full of Sunitha. I saw that she had left her previous day’s clothes for washing, and forgot to pick them up. I picked up her clothes out of inquisitiveness and found her blouse, saree, and petticoat. I could not find any bra or panty of hers. I smelt her blouse and it was just amazing. I got a slight smell of her body. I smelt the armpit region of the blouse, and the aroma was exquisite. Seeing her clothing and her body smell, I got into mood, and masturbated during my bath. I was frustrated that I could not see her bra and panties, but I guessed that since my wife’s clothes fitted her well, she would have been a 36 size.

After my bath, I got ready and went to office. I could not stop thinking about her. Once I reached office, my wife called. Though I was talking to her, my mind was full of MIL. I had already started to miss her. I spent the next two days in planning what to do once Sunitha is back at my home. After two days, I was so excited that she would be back, but I was not sure what time. I could not control my excitement, and I called her asking what time should I pick her up. She was not expecting it, but she said she will be ready by 5 in the evening. I directly went to her house from office to pick her up. She was ready and waiting for me. I spoke to FIL and he mentioned that MIL was saying that she would be staying back for 2-3 days at my home. I was excited to hear that. This would give me a lot of time to talk to her, and be with her. Her companionship gave me such a homely feeling. She was carrying a bag with her clothes packed. Generally she used to bring her dresses in a cover, but surprisingly this time, it was a bag, and looks like she had packed more. I thought she also wanted to stay more at my place. This thought excited me a lot. I had dinner at Sunitha’s home and then drove back to my home with Sunitha. We both were sitting on the front seat of the car, and the feeling was quite romantic. She was a bit shy, and was not talking much. There was a lot of silence in the car, giving me a feeling that I was newly married to Sunitha and was bringing her to my home. She was very elegantly dressed in saree as usual and did not give any glimpses of exposure. 

Sunitha always carried herself very well with her dressing. Her dressing in saree was always exquisite. Her pallu always covered her lovely rack. If someone really needed to see her rack without pallu, he had to bend down and see them, and he could possibly get a glimpse of her cone shaped boobs. It was evident that her boobies were cone shaped by just having a view of Sunitha in a saree. The pallu would very nicely cover her boobs, and a nice tent would form which was so beautifully shaped. If there was a problem in her dressing, it was the fact that she always wore saree above her navel. There was no way someone could see her navel. She always had her pallu pinned to her blouse, and her pallu was usually atleast a couple of layers. Her dressing always reminded me of the lovely saree dressing of airhostesses.

We reached home, and we went to each other’s room to sleep. I was eagerly waiting for the current to go off, but that did not happen. After waiting for sometime, I decided that I will remove the fuse of the house so that Sunitha can sleep in my bedroom. So I went to the mains and removed the fuse, and then nicely I told Sunitha that she can sleep on my bedroom. This time I was sure that she would accompany me, and she did it with a slight smile (as though she was expecting it). This time, I removed my shirt before her. I was in shorts and bare chested on top. She looked at me, smiled, and just slept on her bed. I really wished that she also would remove her top, and sleep with me like the way I was sleeping..  Next day morning, by the time I got up, Sunitha had already woken up and was in the kitchen. Realizing that I got up, she came to my room with coffee. What more could I ask for – someone who cares so much for me, she is there for me all the time, brings me morning coffee, and is homely – is this the person I was looking for? I was now in LOVE with her. Since me and my wife Neelima (Neelu) were both working, our schedules were always tight and we had to get up in the morning, take care of our daily activities, and had very little romantic times as these. Me and my wife had good sex but romance on a daily basis was missing. I guess my time with Sunitha gave me great romantic feelings. I took coffee from her hand, and looked into her eyes with a simple smile. She smiled back and went to kitchen. She was well dressed in saree with payal making nice tingling sound when she walked into the room, and I was in my shorts without anything on top. Guess she was probably keen on seeing me like that since I have a really good muscular body. 
I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with her, and was not able to control myself. I decided to express my love towards her, but was not sure how she would react to it since she was my MIL. The mixed feelings in my head were driving me nuts. My MIL saw me in a confused state. 

Sunitha MIL: Kya hua Rahul, bahut khoye khoye lag rahe ho? 
Me: Kuch nahi Sasuji. Main aapse kuch kehna chahta hoon
Sunitha MIL: haan bolo, fikhar mat karo, jo bhi kehna hain keh do 
Me: Aap mere kitna khayal rakthe ho. Aap ho ghar mein, isliye main apni biwi ko miss nahi kar raha hoon. Sirf aap ki vajah se main khush hoon itne dino se. Aapke aane se life interesting ho gaya hain nahi to Neelu ke bina life main maza nahi aa raha tha.
Sunitha MIL: Thank you Rahul, mujhe bhi aisa hi lag raha hain. Main ghar mein akeli bore ho jati thi, aur kuch maza nahi aata tha. Jab se main tumhare ghar aiyi hoon, main life phir se enjoy kar rahi hoon. Baat karne ke liye koi hain jo mera khayal bhi rakta hain.
Me: Appko kya problem hain Sasuji, ghar mein to FIL hamesha rehte hain na. Neelu to bahut travel karti hain, isliye main bore ho jata hoon
Sunitha MIL: Nahi Rahul, FIL to ghar mein hain lekin woh kuch nahi karte
Me: Kuch nahi karte matlab?
Sunitha MIL: Matlab kuch baat nahi karte. Subah se raat tak tv dekhte rehte hain aur kuch bhi mera khayal nahi karte. 
Me: Aur raat ko (I gave a wicked smile saying this)
Sunitha MIL: Raat ko khana khake so jate hain (she refused to see me in my eyes while saying this)
Me: oh !! aap ko to bahut muskil hoti hogi na
Sunitha MIL: Haan, lekin kya kar sakti hoon. Woh to mujse aajkal baat bhi nahi karte, aur tumhare saat kitna baat karne ko milta hain
Me: Haan, Neelu ke saat bhi yahi problem hain, woh office se tired aati hain, hum raat ko time beetate hain, aur phir so jate hain, humay baatein karna ka time hi nahi milta
Sunitha MIL: Haan, main samaj sakti hoon. Neelu aajkal bahut kaam aur outstation trips mein busy ho gayi hain
Me: Chaliye, hub dono ek doosre ke liye hain. Ek doosre ka khayal rakhte hain aur ek doosre ki company enjoy karte hain. Aaj isi vajah se main aappko dinner pe le jata hoon. Raat ko ready rahiye ga. 
Sunitha MIL: Theek hain Rahul. Lekin pehne ke liye mere paas achi saree nahi hain. Main ghar jaake laa leti hoon.
Me: Aap Neelu ki saree pehen leejiye Sasuji. Woh saree aap ko acha fit karte honge na. 
Sunitha MIL: Theek hain, sochti hoon kya karna hain.

After this discussion, I started to office, and was dreaming about the date with her at night. I could not concentrate at work in the office, and was only waiting for the evening to take Sunitha for date. I had decided that I will tell her atleast that I like her. If the situation permits, then I will propose my love to her. At 7 PM, before starting from office, I called Sunitha at home to inform that I was starting and she should be ready. She said she was getting ready. I really wanted to ask her what she was wearing but could not take the chance so fast. I called Sunitha once I reached home, and asked her to join me in the car. She came out in a gorgeous chiffon printed saree of Neelu. She was wearing a nice matching blouse which was covering her well. I had never seen Neelu wear this saree before. She wore a very pretty matching blouse which was low back behind. Her back was looking amazing, this was the first time I noticed that she had a cleavage on back too. All the blouses Sunitha wore never exposed her back cleavage. This blouse was so well fitting Sunitha’s body, that it was very difficult to make out her bra lining (or even if she was wearing a bra However I was fortunate to see a slight bit of her bra strap during the dinner that night (it was a lovely black strap on her beautiful shoulder). Sunitha looked really gorgeous in the saree. Seeing her, I said, to her – ‘Wooow, you look very beautiful Sasuji’. She felt shy and thanked me. We started to the restaurant in my car. She was seated in the front seat along with me. She did not wear the seat belt in the car, and I took the opportunity to put her the seat belt trying my best to touch her body wherever possible, but it was difficult, and the chance went wasted. In the restaurant, we sat opposite to each other. I started the conversation since my interest was to tell her that I liked her, I loved her. Sitting opposite to her in the restaurant gave me romantic and erotic feelings. I could feel her body aroma, and see directly into her eyes. This was the first time I was sitting so close to her, and talking to her. I started off the conversation after ordering dinner.

Me: Sasuji, aap ko mere ghar mein rehna acha lagta hain? 
Sunitha MIL: Haan
Me: Aur mere saath rehna? (gave a naughty smile when I said this).
Sunitha MIL: Tumhare ghar mein to tumhare saat hi hoon na.
Me: Mera matlab, siraf hum dono ek saath rehna?
Sunitha MIL: Siraf hum dono? (she asked innocently but I knew this was not an innocent question, and she was probably hinting me to continue – I took the chance now)
Me: Sasuji, main sachi baat bata deta hoon, mujhe aapke saath akele mein time spend karna bahut zyada acha lagta hain. Aap itne ache ho, aap mera kitna khayal rakte ho. Mujhe to aap ke saath sab kuch share karne ka mann karta hain. Isiliye main pooch raha tha ki kya aapko mere saath rehna acha lagta hain?
Sunitha MIL: Haan (she said feeling shy). 
Me: Acha aap keh rahi thi ki aap apne ghar mein bore ho jate ho? Kyon?
Sunitha MIL: Ab kya bataon meri problem, ghar mein kuch interesting nahi rehta. Bahut akele feel karti hoon. FIL bhi kuch baat nahi karte. 
Me: Phir aap kaise time pass karte ho? 
Sunitha MIL: Kya karu, bahut bore ho jati hoon
Me: Aap mere saath rahiye, bahut time pass hoga. (saying this, I put my hand on her hand on the table). Main aapko kabhi akela feel hone nahi doonga. 
Sunitha MIL: (She shyly smiled and covered my hand with hers and said Thanks Rahul. Tumhare saath mujhe acha lagta hain, bahut baatein kar sakti hoon, aur time ek dam paas ho jata hain. Mujhe hamesha lagta hain ki tum mere saath hi ho.

We were holding hands as long as we could and both of us did not want to leave. Once the dinner was served, we had no option but to let go off the hands. During dinner, I noticed her thick black bra strap which had popped slightly out of her blouse. I was staring madly at it, but Sunitha quietly adjusted her blouse to hide the strap. She did not even look at me while doing it and her eyes were down. We had a good dinner and started back home. I told MIL that this was one of the loveliest times I had and I wanted to have more such times with her. She reciprocated the same and said that she had a wonderufl time too. I could not propose to her today as I thought it was too early to propose to her. I thought I should start making her like me first and then propose so that she agrees. Anyway FIL is not giving her too much fun and she feels lonely at her home, and I thought I will take advantage of this. Once we reached home, I once again told MIL how gorgeous she was looking, and she took the compliment with a smile. I told her that since we are close, she can sleep in my room only daily and does not have to sleep in the other room. I told her that sleeping in the other room might give her the feeling of loneliness and I did not want to give her the feeling of lonelinesss. She agreed to that and said that it is true thatsleeping in the room alone was maddenning her. I had now decided that I will start getting closer by talking more and more intimate stuff irrespective of how Sunitha would take it. She was driving me crazy about her every moment. It was like having a beautiful flower next to me, and wanting to love that flower all by myself. She was so pretty and homely that she would give complex to anyone competing with her. She was never the wild type and she was very soft hearted, and very soft and pleasant in the way she spoke. Anything you ask her, she would respond so softly and nicely, and not like the females who show arrogance in their voice. That softness itself attracted me towards her. 

Once we reached home, we went to our rooms to change to something more comfortable. I was waiting in the bedroom, wearing just my tshirt and shorts with no underwear (earlier I was very careful not to show out my physical feelings on her. I always wanted to take things in a smooth manner but now I felt like I need to take every opportunity to get as close to her as possible). She entered wearing a simple cotton saree looking so homely. I felt like hugging her and feeling her body but I controlled my temptations. We sat together on bed and watched tv for sometime. I was watching tv and looking at her whenever there was a possibility. She was sitting on my left, and I was staring at the sideview of her waist, her boobs which were covered by her saree pallu, her cheeks, her neckline, her thighs. This sideview of all her body parts was extraordinary. I think she guessed that I was looking at her but she never objected. Since we were on bed together watching tv, we were sitting very close to each other but there was certainly some gap between us. We were already feeling close by now but someone had to break the ice. In the tv, there was a scene where the female was in a beautiful tight chudidar. I said to MIL

Me: Kya lovely chudidar hain na Sasuji
Sunitha MIL: Ya, bahut khoobsoorat hain
Me: Kya aap chudidar nahi pehente ho? Maine aapko kabhi chudidar main nahi dekha hain
Sunitha MIL: Nahi Rahul
Me: Kyon Sasuji?
Sunitha MIL: Main pehle pehenti thi, abhi 20 saal se nahi pehenti hoon. Tumhare sasurji ko saree pasand hain.
Me: Oh, lekin aapko pehen na chahiye, aap ko bahut suit karega. 
Sunitha MIL: Hmm, dekte hain. Waise bhi mere paas koi chudidar nahi hain. Aur tumhare sasurji ko chudidar pasand nahi.
Me: Aap ko main itni ache dinner pe leke gaya hoon, aap mere liye pehen lijiye na (i said smilingly). 
Sunitha MIL: Theek hain, dekhti hoon agar Neelima ka koi chudidar mujhe fit hota hain. Lekin main kab chudidar pehnoongi, yeh main nahi bata sakti. Woh toh surprise rahega. 
Me: Theek hain Sasuji, jaisa aap chahe. Aaj shaam ko restaurant main, aap Saree main kitni achi dikh rahi thi. (I said with a naughty smile).
Sunitha MIL: Kya main itni achi dikh rahi thi aaj shaam ko?
Me: Haan Sasuji, koi bhi aapko dekh ke madhosh ho jata.
Sunitha MIL: Dhat, jhoot mat bolo Rahul.
Me: Sachi Sasuji.
Sunitha MIL: Acha, kyaa acha laga tumhe?
Me: Ab main bataonga to aap sharma jaoge Sasuji
Sunitha MIL: hmm….
Me: Aapka saree pehen ne ka style, aapka blouse, aapka chalna, mujhe yeh sab bahut acha laga. Jis tarah se aapka pallu aapko cover kar raha tha, woh bahut khoobsoorat tha !!! Aap mein mujhe har ek cheez achi lagi.

She started blushing by listening to this, and did not say anything. She was quiet for a while.

Me: Aap next time saree jab pehnengi, to aap high heels peheniye ga. Aaapko acha suit karega Sasuji.
Sunitha MIL: Lekin maine kabhi heels try nahi kiya hain.
Me: Roz peheniye ga, aap kafi jaldi adjust ho jayengi. Aapke body structure ko kafi suit karega. Aur bahut sare cheez hain jo aapko aur bhi khoobsoorat bana dengi. Acha yeh bataiye Sasurji ko aur kaunse dresses pasand hain.
Sunitha MIL: Siraf Saree. Kyon pooch rahe ho – kya tum mujhe alag dresses mein dekhna chahte hoon ? (she said with a naughty smile). 
Me: Haan Sasuji, Main janta hoon aap sabhi dresses main bhi achi dikhengi.
Sunitha MIL: Neelima to pehenti hogi na alag dresses. Main uski wardrobe check kar rahi thi aur bahut sare dresses hain uske paas. 
Me: Haan Sasuji. Uske paas bahut dresses hain, aur kafi variety bhi hain.
Sunitha MIL: Tab to tumhe koi shikayat nahi hoga baaki dresses ke baare mein.
Me: Neelima to saare dresses pehenti hain, aur mujhe acha bhi lagta hain. Aap bhi try keejiye Neelu ke dresses. Aapko suit karenge.
Sunitha MIL: Nahi nahi, woh to sab bahut chote hain, aur kafi kuch dikhate hain. Main nahi pehen sakti unhe Rahul.
Me: Theek hain, lekin aap uski sarees to use kar sakti hain na.
Sunitha MIL: Haan sarees main koi problem nahi hain.
Me: Sarees aur blouses bhi !!!
Sunitha MIL: Blouses tho pata nahi Rahul. Neelu ki blouses kafi designer type hain aur maine aise blouses pehle nahi pehni. Aur phir, woh bahut dikhati hain blouses. Na na main blouses select kar loongi.
Me: Acha theek hain, kal main aap ke liye select karta hoon
Sunitha MIL: Kal bhi hum kahi baahar jayenge kya.
Me: Sasuji, aap to parso apne ghar chali jayengi. Main bore ho jaonga. Kal main office chutti leta hoon aur hum dono time spend kar sakte hain. Aap ko bhi bore nahi lagega.
Sunitha MIL: Theek hain Rahul

After this conversation, we slept on the bed but unfortunately not together as one. I really wished that we could become one. This was the start of my romance with Sunitha, and I was hoping it to blossom going forward.

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