Rina modelling for sex

My friend Mani had set up a photo studio. This information I came to know when I came home on leave. His studio was an untra modern stuff, with powerful digital studio. Mani had turned out to be a prof photographer taking stills from film studios and TV studios. Many people came to him for creating albums of portrait photos etc for becoming models.
The demand for models was so high that he used to get frequent calls from Ad agencies. Or they will send some girls for photographs from various angles and moods so that to know whether she or he suits their work. Mani had several studios in his office complex.
One room was exclusively dedicated for taking photos of female models, another for male models, In female model room, he had various dresses and objects to suit to their needs. Same is the case of the room where boys are photographed. Taking photograph of female model takes lot of time and patience, provided the applicant cooperates.
Once the album is created, the girls gets the job, a high pay job. Hence the girls wait and cooperate. Mani explained to me these aspects and asked me to join him, in any capacity, as a partner or as an employees. I said ok. We went to photograph a girls. She was sitting in the room, with her mother.

Mani told the mother to go and wait in the waiting room or to go home and come back in the evening. Mother left. He asked the girls to remove all make up and to appear plain and simple. To remove all clothes and to stand only in bra and panty. He made her to sit different poses and observed.
She was asked to stand in different poses, He took photographs of the girl and had it displayed in a monitor screen. We made her to lie down, lifted her breasts up otherwise they got flattened in the bed. The girl, Rina cooperated and was sportive to give her own suggestions to pose for photographing. There was a phone call for Mani, he left asking me to go ahead with Rina.
Rina was a very beautiful girl, with lot of ambition. She was willing to go to any extent to get her album show her entire potential. She asked me to see her face in different expressions. I was amazed at her capacity. Her body turned and twisted in whichever way we wanted. She was even willing to do nude photograpy for the sake of art. When she came nude, her figure was stunning.
Her boobs were large, 33-26-32, with raised ass, clean shaven pussy. blemishless boy. I took out my mobile camera and took lot of photos of hers in the nude for the sake of an art album. Many photos were taken of the body in different poses, without showing her face or pussy. I gave more importance to the curves of the body and they were superb.
He was surprised that she stook naked. He asked her to put on the bra and the panty and took photos of hers sitting in the chair, leaning, standing, bending over a table etc. These photos are for her modelling professon. If his client approves she will be called on the next day and her job was assured.
He called Rina to come closer and removed her bra and took some close up of her boobs. Then asked her to remove her panties and made her to lie down on the bed and took close up of her pussy. Opening up her pussy, her fuckhole and her clitoris etc. H asked me to get naked and give my cock to her to suck to bring it to erection.
She did what she was asked to do without any hesitation. I placed myself between her legs and placed my cock in her pussy. Mani asked Rina whether she is a virgin, she said no. Mani asked me to insert my 7″ cock slowly inside her cunt. Mani took video of the process of my cock going inside her cunt. He then asked me to continue. I did, I fucked her slowly and Rina was moaning.
I was asked to increase the speed which was being videoed. I leaned forward and fucked her briskly. Rina was moaning and she was squeezing her own boobs and her legs went up in the air. She would her legs around me and jerked her hip uqwards. Perhaps she reached her orgasm. I continued to fuck, she got orgasm again. Mani told me not to stop but go on fucking.
It took me 15 minutes to come to orgasm. I pulled out my cock and spilt my cum into a paper towel. Rina was immensely pleased and she got up and planted a kiss and went to the bathroom. Mani told me that the fild did not show either my face or the face of Rina. But the entire film of about 20 minutes showed the entire process of fucking.
He said such films are in great demand and its commercial value is great. He told me that He will fuck her and I have to take video of the entire process. I said ok. Rina came gracefully and lied down in the bed and was looking at Mani. Without our telling her she knew that Mani will also fuck her. Mani started from giving his cock to her to suck. She did it greedily.
I cannot conceal her face since her expression and the action were very important. Next Mani made her to lie down opened up her cunt and buried his face into her cunt and started to lick her cunt lips and then the clitoris. Rina placed her legs as wide as possible and Mani was licking and licking. He inserted her two fingers into her hole and was finger fucking her.
Rina was moaning heavily. His fingers were rubbing the roof of her vagina. Rina was enjoying her orgasms. She was jerking her hip upwards while pressing the head of Mani down into her pussy. She was expriencing multiple orgasms. Mani got up and took his erect cock and placed it at the entrance of her cunt and pushed it in. I was video filimng the entire show.
Mani had a method of fucking. He inserted his cock slowly and then gradually increased speed. Suddenly he stopped and asked her to climb on him. She willingly did climb on him with her legs on either side of his and started the action.Mani fucked her in all poses, cowboy, reverse cowboy, doggy and scissors etc
When Rina orgasmed in every stage, Mani orgasmed only at the last. Rina’s cunt was drenched of her own fluids. She was so pleased that she came and kissed me on my cheeks and kissed Mani on his cheeks. We three got dressed up and went to a hotel and took a good lunch.
We worked for three days on the album and we created three albums, one art album, another modelling poses, and the third her sex album. We gave her the modelling album. She got a job immediately at a high salary. Rina came and thanked both of us for helping her to get a good job. She promised to come anytime we call. Rina was doing ads for a clothing shop and a jewellery shop.
Her hoarding were seen everywhere. She soon appeared in the TV ads. What more she wants. She became so popular that she flew to Mumbai and Delhi on different assignments. Whenever she is in town she will certainly call us and ask us whether she need to come. We did not say no, we said we will inform you.

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