Right Here…Right Now

It was a cold winter night. I was sitting on a bench inside Sarai Rohilla Railway Station, Delhi. Station was almost empty,as there was no train departing from there till 5:00 AM.

Suddenly I heard a lady’s voice. I saw a beautiful lady talking over cell phone and walking slowly towards me. She was looking gorgeous wearing a multicolored woolen top and blue jeans paired up with black gumboots.

She stopped near me and said, “Excuse me, can I sit here?”

“Of course”, I said looking into her beautiful eyes, while adjusting my luggage lying beside me on the bench, making some space for her to sit.

“Thanks”, she said, and sat beside me. She looked almost of the same age as me, say about 25. She had an enchanting personality. Her boobs were partially visible over her deep-neck top. Her figure was so curvaceous; any man on this planet could fall in love with. What a hot lady sitting next to me in such a cold night. Such a wonderful contrast was enough to arouse sexual desires in any man.As the night was progressing, temperature was dropping even further. Soon, I realized that the lady was shivering from cold.

“Coffee?” I asked the lady.

“Huh?” She looked surprisingly towards me.

“Would you like to have some coffee?” I asked her again.

“It would be so nice of you” she replied, though a little hesitantly.

I rushed towards the coffee stall, and came back grabbing two cups of hot coffee.

“Thanks so much. I needed it badly” she said, grabbing a cup of coffee.

“You’re welcome”, I replied with a warm smile.

“So, what are you doing here so late in the night? As far as I know, there is no train departing till early morning!” I asked her partly because of my curiosity, and partly, to make her feel comfortable. After all, she was sitting with a stranger so late in the night.

“I missed my train to Chandigarh. I inquired that the next train leaving for Chandigarh is at 6 AM. So I decided to wait here. But I guess I was wrong. It’s so cold out here. I should’ve gone back to my hotel” She said.

“So you don’t belong to Delhi?” I asked.

“No. I belong to Chandigarh. I came here yesterday for some official work and had to leave for Chandigarh tonight.”She said in a disappointed tone.

“You know what! The same incident happened with me. I also missed my train to Chandigarh. I got late just by two minutes. I had to be there at any cost tomorrow because of a business meeting to crack an important deal.” I told her smiling; trying to hide my disappointment in the process, because only I knew how important that deal was for me as it was my biggest business deal till then which could change my career.

“So we both were destined to meet!” she said smiling looking towards me, trying to make things lighter.

“You could say so!” I reciprocated with a grin.

Now the ice was broken between the two of us and I could talk to her less formally and more comfortably.

“So you belong to Delhi?” she asked me.

“Yes. I booked my ticket for the morning train and instead of going back home, I preferred to wait here only, because I cannot afford missing that train at any cost”, I replied.

“I see”, she said.

“By the way, here is my visiting card. You can call me anytime. I hope you don’t mind being friends with me”, I said while handing over my visiting card.

“Oh C’mon, It would be my pleasure”, she said looking at my card. She kept it in her purse and continued, “We are friends from now on. By the way, I am Kashish”.

“Beautiful name”, I complemented her
She thanked me blushingly and then looked at her wrist watch. It was quarter to midnight.

“Oh dear! We still have whole night to spend before the train arrives. The chill is going down my spine already”, she said taking a deep breath.

“Would you like to have some more coffee?” I asked her.

“I have a better idea. It’s quite cold out here. Let’s go to some nearby hotel. We can sit together in a cozy room and spend time talking to each other. What do you say?”She asked looking straight into my eyes with a seemingly naughty expression on her face.

I was just astonished at her boldness. By the way she was dressed up, she looked quite sophisticated, but she was ready to spend the whole night in a hotel room with someone, she just met an hour ago! Anyway, how could I refuse such a hot offer being made by a sexy lady?

“I think you are right. Let’s go” I said hiding my excitement.

I was sort of hypnotized by her magical eyes and simply followed her like her slave, out of the station. I was barely able to control my hard on building up beneath my jeans, due to excitement.

We reached a nearby hotel and got a room booked. The room was quite good with a sofa, a double-bed, fancy curtains and a spacious washroom.

We both hit the sofa at once. I was already so thrilled, being with a beautiful lady from past one hour and now, her presence with me in a cozy room was making things even more exciting. 

I somehow managed to control my excitement, but my pulsating dick could not. It was throbbing inside my jeans and was so hard and erect at that time, as if it would come out tearing my jeans apart. I tried to adjust it, but as soon as I looked up, I found the gorgeous lady staring right there with a hot expression on her face.

“I would like to have a Cappuccino. What about you?”Kashish asked me suddenly getting up from the sofa, pretending as if she didn’t see anything.

“Me too” I replied.

“I want to have a hot shower. I’ll be back in ten minutes. Why don’t you order till then?” said Kashish, heading towards the washroom.

I made the order. Thinking it was the right opportunity to adjust my dick; I unzipped my jeans and lowered it along with my boxers. My throbbing dick sprung out and I let out a sigh of relief. It was already wet with some pre cum drops. I was trying to cool it down by distracting my mind to some other thoughts. All of a sudden, washroom door opened and the gorgeous lady came out and saw me in that position. 

Her eyes were stuck on my erect dick that I was holding in my hand and her mouth suddenly opened in disbelief. I also kept standing petrified, as she was wearing only a towel that barely managed to cover her boobs and pussy. I could not take my eyes off her hot milky thighs. I somehow controlled my emotions and feeling embarrassed, pulled up my jeans.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Kashish quickly took out a nightgown out of her luggage and rushed back to the washroom. I opened the room door. Our order had just arrived. Waiter kept our order on the table near the sofa. I gave him some tip and then he left. I bolted the room door.

“Kashish, you can come out if you are done. He has left”, I said knocking the washroom door.

I was expecting her to be wearing her nightgown now, but was thrilled to see her coming out of the washroom, wearing the same towel. She headed straight towards the sofa.

“You didn’t change?” I asked Kashish surprisingly.

“No. Rather, I changed my mind’’, she said seductively.

I just gave her a lustful smile and joined her on the sofa. 

We both started enjoying our Cappuccino. She was looking damn sexy in the towel. I could see her wearing a red lacy panty as the towel had rose up to her waist when she sat down on the sofa.

“You know I respect individuals with a great dedication towards their work, just like you. I myself am a self made woman. I lost my parents in an accident a few years back and since then, I have made myself so busy in my life that I don’t find any time for their disturbing memories. Since then, I am lost only in my profession and I didn’t left any space in my life for anybody’s personal care or affection towards me. I am now quite successful professionally, but am lagging far behind on the personal front. I don’t know why, but I was able to relate with you. Maybe partly, because of your commitment towards your work and maybe partly due to the selfless concern you showed for me”, saying this Kashish started weeping.

“Don’t worry. You will certainly get your share of love in life. Look at the brighter side of life. See, today life gave us an opportunity to be great friends.” I tried to console her.

“I have indeed found a great friend in you,” saying this Kashish hugged me tightly. I could feel her firm breasts pressing over my broad chest. In the blink of an eye, she planted a hot wet kiss on my lips. I could no longer control myself and my hands went over her hot milky thighs and started rubbing them gently. She continued kissing me passionately with her sugary lips and with one hand she threw down the towel she was wearing.

Her big round boobs sprung out. She pushed me a little and looked lustfully into my eyes. My eyes were traveling all over her mesmerizing body. Starting from her slim waist to her hot navel, my eyes got glimpse of her erect pointed nipples on her firm round milky boobs. 

She kept staring into my eyes passionately and unbuttoned top two buttons of my shirt. She slipped her right hand inside my shirt and her fingers began playing seductively with my hairy chest. It all seemed like my wildest fantasy come true. I was feeling elated.

She came closer to me and started kissing on the back of my neck with her tender soft lips. I let her lips play with my neck and in the meantime, removed my shirt. She parted her lips from my neck and allowed her hands to relieve me of my vest in one go. My naked chest was craving to get a touch of her bare hot boobs.Before I could hug her, she unzipped my jeans and slipped her hand inside my boxers and starting running her fingers over my erect tool.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh” I let out a moan out of sheer pleasure. My hands traveled to her boobs, and I began circling her nipples with my fingertips. She was moaning softly in pleasure with her eyes closed as she was enjoying my touch. Her nipples were getting stiffer with every circular motion of my fingers around them. She was still playing with my shaft and balls beneath my boxers.

I parted her legs, and pulled down her red lacy panty to expose her clean shaven cunt. I placed my hand on her moist cunt and began titillating it .Her body was quivering with sheer excitement as I gently massaged her clit. She parted her hand from my tool and pulled down my jeans and boxers desperately.

Now we both were completely naked. She lay down on the sofa, parted her legs and started stroking her wet cunt, with her eyes constantly hovering hungrily over my thick erect penis. She took hold of me and pulled me over her. My hairy chest came into contact with her firm round boobs and the tip of my dick was touching her moist cunt.

She kept her left hand on my back hugging me tightly while moving her right hand on my dick and began making gentle circular motion on its tip with her fingers. I was biting her ear all this while. She was completely lost in her world of joy. 

She then got hold of my dick and madly started stroking it over her cunt. My penis could feel the wetness of her cunt, each time it came in contact with it. My pre-cum was getting mixed with the wet juices flowing out of her cunt and the room was filled with the sexy aroma of our love juices mixed together.

“Bed is feeling lonely without us”, she whispered into my ear, biting it gently.

We both moved towards the bed. As soon as we reached there, she pushed me forcefully, making me fall on the bed. She then jumped on me in a way, that we formed a “69” position. She started by planting a kiss on the tip of my dick .I was going completely insane. I parted her pussy lips and inserted my tongue into it. She started moaning in extreme pleasure as I was busy twirling my tongue inside the depths of her pussy, savoring the sweet taste. She started licking my tool up and down. 

Once she was satisfied of having licked my dick from every possible nook and corner, she held her boobs and guided my manhood inside the cleavage of her boobs and started pounding her body to and fro making me breast-fuck her. I was having an out of the world sensation. After a while, she guided my dick into her mouth and started giving me a fierce blowjob, occasionally, licking its tip with her tongue.I was feeling ecstatic and was busy exploring her cunt with my tongue and rubbing her smooth upper thighs with my hands.

Suddenly, an intense sensation overtook her body. Both her hands grasped the bed sheet tightly, her back arched and her pussy lips tightened around my tongue as she let out an intense orgasm with a loud moan. I enjoyed the feast of her flowing love juices on my face.

After recovering from the orgasm, she got down from me and lay beside me with a satisfied smile. I embraced her, and started rubbing her waist gently. She reciprocated by kissing my cheeks. We both lay down momentarily just like that in each others arms.

When she regained her breath completely, she opened her eyes and said, “C’mon fuck me badly”.

She threw both her legs up in the air spreading them wildly. Wasting no time, I jumped on her and guided my hard penis into her wet cunt already lubricated with her love juices. My penis went half inside her in one thrust. She spread out her legs little more and I gave one more solid thrust pushing my remaining tool into her silky wet cunt.Now my dick was fully enveloped inside her hot cunt.

“Oohhhhhhhhhhh…Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”she moaned loudly with pleasure and wrapped her creamy thighs tightly around my waist. I continued thrusting my dick into her pussy, exquisitely feeling its wetness all around my tool. Her breath got intense and heavier with ecstasy. I bent down on her, held her boobs and started licking her hard nipples, occasionally biting them gently.

She was getting insane. She suddenly kept her hands on my shoulders and forcefully, swirled her body in a way that our positions reversed. Now, she was on my top clinging to me, my dick still inside her moist clit. She started riding my dick fiercely by pounding her pussy lips on my dick intensely. I was quite surprised by this act, but simply loved it. She showered a flurry of wild kisses on my neck, mouth and chest randomly while moving her cunt intensely up and down on my dick. I was holding her round buttocks firmly and also thrusting myself from below to add to the overall pleasure.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh”She let out a loud scream in pleasure, so did I. We both were quivering with pleasure from tip to toe of our body as we had an intense orgasm together. My dick burst out a huge load of cum into her cunt and I could feel her love juices overflowing down my thighs. She fell on my chest and kissed it. We closed our eyes and kept lying on the bed completely satisfied and exhausted, with our bodies entwined in each other’s arms.

When I opened my eyes after some time, Kashish was no where to be seen. I looked at my wrist watch and was terrified to know that the time was 9:00 AM. The train had already departed three hours ago, and I was still in the hotel room. I was cursing myself.

Suddenly, I heard someone opening the room door. I was taken by surprise and pulled the sheet over my naked body.

It was Kashish…

“Oh you woke up! I just went outside to take printout of some important documents” she said calmly.

“You look so calm and relaxed. Don’t you realize we missed our train again?” I almost yelled at her.

But the expression on her face was ice cool and she kept smiling.

I quickly got up, refreshed myself and began wearing my clothes.

“Are you going somewhere?” Kashish asked me innocently.

“As if you don’t know”, I yelled at her.

“You know, I woke up at 5:00 AM. But I wanted to spend some more time with you, so I decided to miss my train and also let you sleep.”She said smiling.

“What! How can you ruin somebody’s career just for your physical satisfaction? I will just make a call to the company’s owner and make a request to delay the meeting by few hours. I will go there by the earliest bus available”, I shouted on her and hurriedly picked up my cellphone and rushed to the balcony.

I made a call to the company’s owner.

“Yes?” A voice came from the other end.

I tried my best to convince the owner to delay the meeting by a few hours. But the owner seemed rigid.

“No need to come now. The contract has already been given”, the owner said.

“But how could you do this? You awarded contract to someone else even before our scheduled meeting time!”I asked.

“But the contract has been awarded to you!”I almost jumped in ecstasy on hearing this from the other end.

“How… Miss Aashima…?” I continued speaking.

I was interrupted from the other end, “Now stop questioning me. Please leave the balcony and enter the room.”

Bewildered, I entered the room and saw Kashish holding some papers and engaged in her cellphone.She noticed me entering the room.

“Sign this business contract. Right here…Right now…!”,Kashish was saying these words on her cellphone which I could hear through the earpiece of my cellphone.

I was completely taken by surprise and stood there petrified, with mixed feelings of shock and excitement. 

“What a pleasant surprise! So you are Aashima, the owner of that company, where I was going for the meeting?” I asked her curiously.

“Yeah.When I saw yours and your company’s name on your visiting card, I made out instantly that you were going to Chandigarh for a meeting scheduled with me. So I thought, why not finish the job here only. I concealed my real identity from you and brought you here. I had no intentions of indulging sexually. I just wanted to surprise you but may be, this was destined to happen between us. But you know, I enjoyed each and every moment spent with you” Aashima said with her face beaming with delight.

I signed the contract excitedly and thanked Aashima, “Thanks so much for giving a new life to my career”

“Rather, I should be thankful to you for adding a wow factor to my dull life”, Aashima said and hugged me tightly.

“So when are you leaving for Chandigarh?” asked Aashima trying to tease me. 

“Now, I am ready to miss as many trains as you want.” I reciprocated to which, we both laughed together. 

“So when can I expect first consignment of your material?” Aashima asked me, giving me an inviting look and removing her top instantly.

I unzipped my jeans and replied, “Right here…Right now…!

We both burst out laughing together. I ran behind her as she ran towards the washroom.

We both were geared up for our morning fuck session in the hot shower..

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