Rhea and Sunita

We had a love marriage, and we love each other very much. The moment any sexual thoughts came to my mind that involved any other woman, it used to make me feel guilty. I shared my situation with my loving wife Rhea.

Surprisingly, she wasn’t shocked or unhappy listening to it. She reassured me that it was quiet natural to have such thoughts for other woman. She gave me an Idea to Chat. This way I could communicate with other woman,

without having a chance to get personal or get stucked in any kind of relationship. Sitting with her, I got my first yahoo chat id. It was fun to explore opportunity of sexual communication with other woman, after my marriage.

As you all know, chat rooms are over loaded with boys and men, wanting to have sex chat, and of course, masturbate at the end of it. It was very difficult to locate a lady of my age, who would indulge in meaningful dialog and later in some seduction and sexual fun.

Few days passed and we were still not in mood of giving up. Just then, a chat window opened. It was Sunita, F, 28, Married, 1 Kid, Staying in Aundh, Pune. Her husband was in International Marketing and was touring most of the time.

Rhea was sitting beside me, she smiled naughtily. Seems, you have just got lucky, she said. I and sunita had a good chat, with Rhea by my side all time, and also prompting me for responses to Sunita.

Sunita, enquired for my photo, I said, I do have a webcam, if she is interested. Rhea moved aside, not to be seen. I switched on my cam and invited Sunita to view it. She accepted the invitation. For few seconds, there was silence.

Then, came a message, wow man, you look hot. I was shocked, Rhea saw my expression and started laughing. I somehow controlled and continued the chat. Suddenly I got invitation from sunita too, to view her cam.

She was sooooooo hot looking sexy lady, draped in yellow transparent saree. My eyes widened looking at her. she noticed the expression on my face and gave me kiss on cam. The kiss turned me on. My cock was hard as rock. Rhea got a naughty idea.

She slid down under the table. She put her hand on my cock. Oh my, that was so electrifying. Two sex goddesses and one me.. lucky me. I reciprocated the kiss on cam with a kiss, and typed, please accept my kiss anywhere

on your body, that needs it most. She did not reply, but just dropped the pallu of her saree and moved the cleavage close to cam. I wish my hands could pass through cam to feel her soft beautiful boobs covered in sexy small yellow blouse.

Down under Rhea opened my zipper and pulled out my hard throbbing cock. She held my testicles in her warm and affectionate hand and started to kiss the top of my cock. She licked my pre-cum. Wow, what a feeling it was.

Sunita was an expert in the art of seduction. She slowly took her hand on her soft boobs, and started massaging them slowly. I typed, my hands would have gone beyond just feeling the blouse cloth. She smiled wide, and slowly opened the hooks of her blouse.

She was wearing a sexy yellow bra. What a site. Rhea, after playing with my cock with her hands and tongue, now took the entire cock in her mouth. She started sucking it. I was on 9th heaven. Just then, sunita too opened her bra

and releaved her sexy soft boobs with those dark pink nipples. She was a stunner, much better than any of the Playmates or Penthouse queens I had ever seen. She got her nipple close to cam, very close. I wanted to suck her nipple, and my mouth opened.

Just then Rhea increased her momentum on my cock. I could not sustain it anymore.. and I exploded. I shot biggest load of cum, in my own history of 10 years. After few more minutes of hot chat, sunita too had her orgasm. She was using her vibrator. We switched off the PC.

Now it was my turn to give something to my sweetheart. Rhea undressed and lied on the bed. I spread her legs wide open, and started kissing her pussy. She was already so turned on that she had her orgasm within couple of minutes.

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