Reproductive System Seekha Practically

It was the month of December. Date was 15. I was 16 at that time. My Cousin Sister , Harleen, was coming to stay with my family for about 2 weeks time. It was 7:30 at night when she arrived at our house. She had grown up into a beautiful lady of 23. Her figure was so sexy that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her 36-DD boobs were so beautiful. She was a sex goddess. We welcomed her. At about 8 PM, we all sat to have our dinner as my parents had to wake up early in the morning to go to their office. And my biology paper was on 18. So I had 2 Holidays to prepare my syllabus.
When we had finished with our dinner, my mom told me to hang the washed clothes in the gallery above. So I picked them up and went upstairs. I was busy hanging them when after a minute or two Harleen came up.
“Hey Karan! Kaise ho?”
“Theek hu. Tum kaisi ho?”
“Mai bhi theek hu.”
She started moving here and there. And then she went in my parent’s room ,which was alongside, with her suitcase. She opened up the middle cupboard. I came in to take some hangers to hang some shirts.
“Karan, Ek minute ke liye kya tum bahr chale jaoge? Mujhe Kapre change karne hai.”
“Theek hai. No Problem.”
I came out and she closed the door behind me. I could hear her unzip her pant (as it was quiet enough). She opened up the cupboard again and I heard the sound of something falling down. It was like the sound of a bottle, A plastic bottle. I wanted to peep in through the keyhole but nothing was clear enough to see. Then suddenly, I heard her approaching towards the door. She opened the door and came out in her night suit which was a tight pink top with knee-length pajamas. She was so hot! But Then I observed that her hands were filled with a powder.
“Are ye to tumhari mom ka powder tha cupboard me. Maine thora sa chehre pe laga kar dekha tha.”
But when she brought her hand close enough to show me, it smelled like pee! I assumed that she had applied the powder to her vagina! The thought was making my dick jump up. And soon my assumption changed into surety when I saw her pajamas, from the outline of her vagina, were dirty with the same powder. She tried to cover it with her hands and thought I had not noticed it. After this, she went down and started helping my Mom in the kitchen.
It was 10:30 PM and everyone was ready to go to bed. It was decider that Harleen had to sleep in my room with me (there was renovation work going on in other vacant rooms). Me and her alone! She smiled at this decision but agreed. So I went in the bedroom and cleaned all the sheets and pillows for her. I thought that she would chat with me but she fell asleep as soon as she lied on the bed (I thought that she slept). I was sad but lay down and was fast asleep soon.
It was about a quarter left to 12 when she woke up. She switched on her phone and plugged in the headphones. She starred towards me for a minute watching me snoring. And then She started watching Porn (I was told about this and all the things that happened afterwards later in the early morning)! She then lowered her pajamas and started massaging her pussy over her purple panty. But then I turned over and slapped her boob, still in my sleep. She stopped suddenly and looked towards me. She smiled at my innocent face while sleeping and wanted to give me treat. So she removed her top and pulled down her bra to free her big balls!
She slowly paced my hand on her nipple (And I thought it to be happening in my dream world and started massaging her boobs)! I pinched and pulled and smashed her boobs with my hands in sleep. She started rubbing her panty vigorously. She moaned in between but slowly and then she came so hard that a big dark spot came on her dark purple panty. She brought her wet hand close to my lips and made me lick her dirty fingers. Then she dressed up again and went to sleep. I was still unknown to all the things that had happened to me and to her.
It was 3:30 AM next morning when I Suddenly woke up. I don’t know what made me awake but I felt so sleepy. But as I had woken up, I decided to study for half an hour and then sleep. So I grabbed my dictionary and my biology book and notes from the desk and sat in the comfortable blanket to study. I had just opened the book when my notes flew and fell on Harleen’s chest. I very carefully tried to take them but slipped and pinched her left boob! I was afraid that she will wake up and complain to mom. So I started giving attention to my chapter-The Human Reproductive system. But she woke up with a little cry of pain.
“Ouch! Karan tum ne mere yahan pinck kiya?Kyu?!!”, She said while pointing towards her boobs.
She was a little angry. I decided to tell her.
“Vo mere notes tumhare boo…..tumhare upar gir gaye the.”
“Theek hai. Mujhe laga tum ne intentionally kiya. No Problem.”
She rubbed her eyes and then peeped into my book.
“Reproductive System par rahe ho? Gande bacche!”
“Are mera parso paper hai.”
And then I started to look for ‘Hymen’ in the dictionary.
“Are mujhse pucchlo kucch pucchna hai to.” She said it in a frank mood. No sign of shame or happiness on her face!
“Nahi. Koi baat nahi.”
“Are sharmao mat. Mai bhi to ye sabh par chuki hu. Aur vaise bhi mai medical ki student hu. Abb sharmao mat aur puccho.”
“Theek hai. Hymen kya hota hai?”
“Hymen … hhmm ….Hymen kehte hai vagina ki natural seal ko jo copulation tak band rehti hai. Ise vaginal-knot bhi kehte hai. Aur puccho.” She was enjoying it. I could see a grin on her face.
“OK. Vaginal Lips?”
“Are jaise hamare mooh ke lips horizontal hote hai, vaise hi puss…..vagina ke bhi lips hote hai. Inki 2 layers hoti aur ye vertical hote hai.”
“OK. Hhhmm …..Clit-”
“Clitoris?” She jumped with this name out of excitement.
“Yaar clitoris kaise batau?…..Karan! EK promise kar. Kisi ko mat batana. Pakka?”
“Theek hai par kya?”
“Mai tumhe clitoris bata nahi sakti par…”
“Par dikha sakti hu. To tu kisi ko mat batana. Theek hai?”
There was no bound to my happiness. She lowered her pajamas and then stripped down her stained panty. I asked her about those.
“Yarr maine kal galti se beech mai thora sa kardiya tha. Ye bhi mat batana.” She was lying but I thought it to be true.
And then she lowered her panty. A sexy swollen pussy was in front of me. I was just starring at it.
“Darwaza band hai naa? Kundi lagi hai naa?”
“Haan. Maine Lagai thee.”
“Theek hai. To ise kehte hai Clitoris….(She stretched her pussy with her left hand fingers and then pointed at her clitoris with her right index finger)…Aur ye hai Puss…..sorry, Vaginal-lips….Aur yaha hoti hai hymen. Meri abb toot chuki hai..!”
“Matlab?……OMG!Kya tum ne kisis ke sath sex….!!???”
“……Haan. Par kisi larke ke sath nahi. Meri friend Neha ke sath. Plz Tum kisi ko mat batana. Usne ek Larke ke Lun….Tumhe pata hai na Lun kya hta hai?”
“Haan. mai Larke bolte hi rehte hai.”
“Haan. To usne Ek nakli lun jaisi cheez-Strap on- se meri vagina ki seal tor di.”
“Accha. Matlab tum ek Lesbian ho?!”
“Hm(She was feeling ashamed but was smiling too). ”
“Harleen, Kya mai tumhare clitoris ko chho……?”
“NAHI! Mat karna nahi to mujh se saha nahi jayega. Vaise bhi mai aaj raat ise sehla chuki hu.”
“Baad mai bataungi. Aur puccho.”
“OK. Rectum.”
“Haan….Ye tum chho sakte ho. Par dhyan se.”
She turned around and raised her big ass towards me.
“Abb is me apni beech vali ungali dalo.”
“KYA!!!?? Is me??”
“Are kucch nahi hoga. Ye lo. Ye Lotion laga lo.”
She handed me a Bottle. I squeezed it and a cold lotion came out. I covered my middle finger with it.
“OK. Abb Dheere se ungali andar dalo….. AAHhhh haan abb andar le jao…..aur le jao……(I started exploring her ass with my finger but then I touched a spongy gland)…..Nahi vahan nahi(But she was late. I had already touched her g-spot about 6-7 times and it was enough to arouse her) …..!!”
“Oh sorry(I started pulling my finger out).”
“Nahi. Abb mat nikalo. Tum ne abb ek galti kardi. Abb mujhse raha nahi jayega. Apni ungali vahan par hi tez tez andar bahar karo…(I stared at her in amazement. As she had ordered, I started moving my finger in and out)….Yes yes yes…don’t stop,,,,aahha aahh….Oh baby I’m cumming Cumming Aahhh FFUUUCCKKK !!!!(I saw something dripping from her vagina.)”
“YE kya hua tumhe?”
“Karan! Kya tum mere sath ‘copulate’ karoge abhi? Mujhe pata hai tum bhi ek virgin ho.”
“Haan. Mere paas ao. Tum ne mujhe pagal kar diya hai. Ao mere paas plz.”
She grabbed my face and started kissing me on my lips!
“Muah MMuuaaahh!!”
It was so passionate! We kissed for about 10 minutes.
“Karan! Aj raat maine tumhare sath kucck kiya tha.”
Then she narrated me everything that happened earlier. I was shocked and kissed my hands many times as I had touched her boobs with them.
“Hatho ko kyu chum rahe ho? Directly inhe chuso!”
She removed her top and the purple bra and once again freed her big boobs. She cupped them and squeezed them and pinched her nipples. I grabbed each one in my hand and started slapping them pinching them and sucking them.
“Yes Karan! Don’t stop! ”
I sucked each one for about 15 minutes. At last, She pressed her areolas and breast milk started dripping from them. She signaled me to taste it and I lashed upon them once again. It was like milk with sugar.
“Karan apne kapre utaro abb. Mai tumhe Male reproductive system use karana dikhati hu.”
I unzipped my Capri and removed my shirt. I was completely naked as she was.
“WOW! Itna barra. Kamse Kam 8 inck ka zaroor hoga. Abb ye dekho. Ise kehte hai handjob(She grabbed my dick in her hand and started moving it up and down)….Maza aa rha hai? Hahaha…….Abb ye dekho. Ise kehte hai blowjob….(She took my 8.5 inch dick in her mouth and started fondling it with her tongue and moved her face up and down)….mmph mmmpph …..!”
“Stop! I am Comming! It is going to come out! Ruko Plz! ”
But she didn’t stop and I came so hard in her mouth. It was the hardest and the most extravagant cum ever!
“Vaah! Bhaut tasty tha! Abb tumhari baari! (She pushed my head down to her pussy and placed my mouth over it)…Lick it clean!”
It smelled great! Like the smell of the cum! The aroma was so strong! I started licking her lips first and then her clit.
“Oh Karan Baby!!What have you done to me?!What have you done to me! Baby don’t stop! Abb chuste chuste apni 2 ungaliyan meri vagina ke hole me dal do..(I pushed my two fingers in)….Aahhh aahh abb andar bahar jaise meri bond ke sath kiya tha….yes yes Oh my God ! Make me your bitch Baby(She was getting vulgar. But I enjoyed it)….Yes baby make me cum Make your fucking sis cum….Aah mai jharne lagi hu….Meri fudi aaahhaahh aur tez aur tez meri choot faar do don’t stop darling! I am cumming !I am cumming! AAAHHAAHH FUUCCKK! Bhenchod!!Karan aah tum ne apni behn chod di!!(She came so hard that my face was filled with her secretion)!!! ”
I took my fingers out.
“Karan! I love you so much! I love you fucking so much !! Abb tum let jao aur ye charha lo (she handed me a condom)….Haan aise hi…..Dekhti hun ki mai tumhara barra lun le sakti hu ke nahi.”
“Tumhe ye condom kha se mili?”
“Meri friend ke paas extra thi. Mai le aai. Mujhe laga ki shayad koi mauka aa jaye.”
She tried to take my dick in her pussy but only the above part (TOPA) would get in.
“Nahi hoga Karan mujh se..(But then, with one blow, I pushed my dick straight into her pussy)… AAAHH AHAHAH AHAH HAHHA!!! Karan! Itni jaldi hai tumhe mujhe chodne ki? Dekho abb to khoon bhi nakalane laga! Chalo abb andar bahar karo…Ah Ah Ah come on you son of a bitch! Make your darling sis cum hard!”
I was feeling so blessed that I matched her jumping tempo and started fucking her with everything I had.
“Tum mat karo Karan nahi to mai mar jaungi! AHA AHA AHA AAH AAAHHH AAAHHH My God!! Karan you Lovely Rascal!!!Your are bringing the hell out of me!! AAH I am cumming!! No, I am Squirting Karan!! You are so big Karan! Mai tumhe bahut chati hun Karan!! PLz dont Stop AAH AAH AAH AAH FFUUUCKK!!! (She squirted everywhere. She screamed so loud that I thought someone might have heard her.)”
“Aah Harleen!!”
I was about to cum when I withdrew my dick!
“Karan! Abb kya!”
I turned her over and removed the condom and covered my dick with lotion. She understood I was going for her ass.
“NO!NO!NO Karan mat karo!”
But I pushed it in completely in 2 pushes.
“AAHHHAAHH!!!!Karan!Karan! Karan!”
I started fucking her ass.
“Harleen! You like it? Ye lo abb!!”
“Karan …. AHH AHH ….. Saale ruk ja apna …… apna barra pahaar bahar nikal ….. nikal ….. AAH AAH FUCCKK!!”
“I am cumming!”
“I am cumming too!”
We both came together. But I didn’t leave her like this. I fucked her pussy again till she came twice.
At last we kissed each other.
” Karan! You are so bad in bed!”
“Wo mujhe experience hai!”
“Matlab tum virgin nahi ho?!”
“Kiske sath!?”
“Parosan Ke sath. Upasana Hai uska naam.”
“Mujhe bhi batao!”
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