There was a rich zamindar who lived with his illwife who was in bed rest. And he wanted someone to take care of his wife. This zamindar had lust for most of the womens working in his house and in his fields. He had a gardner whose name was ramesh and knew abt his zamindar well. So he executed a plan . His cousins sister daughter was living in another village and thought of bringing her here and work for zamindarHis age is 47. But he had a muscular figure bold sholders and a excellent body. In the begining of his married life he was a nice man who was a sincere husband who luved his wife more than anyone else but has days passed…his sex life was not exciting as his wife was not gud in bed and did not accept his fantasies. So slowly he started visiting prostitutes….Wen his wife finally came to ill..he started luring girls and women who came to work under him..and they easily falled under his prey..because he had a lot of money to make any women to lure in his bed… his wife lakshmi became ill within 2yrs…And was in bed…And didnt knew any of the activities done by her husband she still blindly believed that her husband luved her…The reason zamindar did not,leave her was she had vast amount of property anyone culd think and culd only be obtained if they giv birth to a child. Becos if his wife died the property wuld be given to orphonage…Or if they had child it wuld be in the childs name. But child culd not be born becos due to health probs they were sleeping in separate rooms. And zamindar was waiting for the rite time where he culd enjoy both the property and the bitch who is going to accompany him in coming,days As i said his gardner ramesh had some plans and was eager to execute it. And went to his master and said”sab i knw u r searching a home nurse for our malikin and i hav a gud suggestion if u allow me. I knw,a girl who culd help u. Sab asked “who is it” its my niece renuka. And now description abt renuka. Renuka is a girl where any man wuld fal for. Renuka is 28yrs old and stil not married. Y? bcos she mostly worked in rich household her main job is to seduce the master of the house wherever she worked.And bcos of her most of their marriage life was spoilt. And she was thrown out by their wives.Renukas main aim was to seduce the rich masters and marry them and becom rich and wuld do anything for money…she always wore sari and her petticoat below her waist line exposing her hipfolds and her deep navel
she was fair and her size,was 34 30 36. and little plump and not too fat. Her body was like nayantara in vallavan movie. And the most attractive part was her massive bottocks were so big like 2 huge melons wating for a bite..and it was stiff and a nice view for men who saw her walking and she wuld walk as if she was shaking both her ass for them to view. And she knew very well that most of them wuld die for her ass.And that was her plus point she used to,seduce her masters and they quickly fell for her. And guys i forgot to describe her boobs. She,always,wore blouse very deep neck well, exposing most of her breasts giving a nice view for people to watch. Most of her clevage were out and little,of her boobs were in her blouse.
Her both boobs were big fleshy and round and one hand was not enough to hold her one boob. Eventhough she wore sari seductively. She covered her body properly. And wen right time comes she wuld slip her sari to seduce her clevage and slid her saree in the middle of her boobs exposing her back and enormous waist…In coming updates u wuld see wat she is going to do with her lustful body. wen renuka steps inside the zamindar house lot of actions and new characters r going to com and its going to be exciting
Ramesh: sab if u agree if vl bring my niece here to take care of our malikin. At first zamindar was reluctant but he was so bored fucking the same,whores in his village. As he was a huge fan of big fat ass and no one had those ass whom he used to fuck and he wanted to try.And he said yes. Then sab today itself i vl go and pick up my niece. Zamindar immediately gave him a leave and was waiting for his new slut with evil dreams of fantasy. Ramesh happily left for his village planing how to make both use of his niece and the money they r going to enjoy in the future. Renuka lived in her house alone as both her parents died in a smal age. It was her ramesh mama who brought up her. Ramesh too had developed a lust over renuka which she was unaware of
he reached the door of renuka and knocked but no reply he called several times but no response he knew someone was inside and didnt knw that he knocked.. So he decided to back and see. When he reached back door the kitchen door was shut but not locked…he heard some moaning sounds and he was curious and surprised too becos never fucked in her house anyway he decided to peep through kitchen window on the other side of the house…oh wat he saw a marvelous sight, she was in her blouse and peticoat bending showing her huge panty less naked ass to a 60yr old man. ramesh was shocked to,see him he was a small retail owner named ganesh whom he,knew wel he never thought he wuld be fucking his own neice. She was showning her ass to him and he was spanking her both ass cheeks..Chattt…..chaat and she was moaning aaaaahhhhh…awwwwww aur marro….aaaaaah…ramesh culdnt belive his senses she was begging him to slap her ass
ramesh couldnt control himself and took out,his erect cock frm his dhothi and started stroking.
Ganesh: ye le kuthiya chattttt… on her rite ass.. aur ye be le cchaaaattttt.. on left ass 
both her ass were shaking vigorously bcos of the spank.
renu: aaaaaaaaahhhhhh.. aaaaaawwweee.oooh u dirtyyyyyy aaaaah
ramesh was unable to bear her sexy voice and he increased his stroking.
there ganesh increased the spanking to hear her voice. and sudenly ganesh grabed her hair and faced her to his front and took out his 8 inch lund “my dirty whore put in ur mouth and drink,all the juice and like a obedient child she started mouthfucking his lund…like this uuummmmmm…ummmmmmmmmmmmmm….
ganesh: kuthiyaaaa s just like that take it more oohhhhhhhh…
and renuka started thrusting more and more in to her mouth…and the old man loaded all his cum on her mouth…seeing this ramesh too reached his climax
After the session ganesh took a 1000 rupee note and gave it to renuka and said “renu u r a hot maal i never seen a randi like u i want to explore more of ur ass later..wen my wife go to her parents house i vl inform u v can enjoy more.
renuka: oh sure ganesh ji…and u r very naughty i enjoyed ur spanks today. eventhough it pained it gave me so much pleasure.
ganesh: s…this is my randi girl.
ramesh who was watching all this culd not believe wat was happening. becos he knew that renuka seduced and fucked many men but y she was behaving like a pros taking many that too at very cheap cost.
When ganesh left he came to the back door and renu was surprised to see him
renuka:oh mama ji wen did u com
ramesh: i came long back wen u were playing with that old man
renuka…Oh mamaji did u see that..u r very naughty
renuka felt embarased but took it very lightly as if nothing had happened. mamaji wt is the matter for ur sudden visit?” “first let me com in beti” “oh sory mama ji i vl bring u water pls sit” 
As he was a village person he sat on the floor. Renuka as usual was in sari wearing deep neck blouse revealing most of her clevage. Renuka came back with the glass of water and placed on the floor. As she was placing it her pallu slipped falled down….Ramesh was having a great view of her clevage. Only sml portion of her boobs was inside her i had said earlier she had a big round boobs with lot of flesh and her blouse were too tight. it luked as if her boobs will fall off frm her blouse. in bending position she asked “mamaji shal i serve u lunch” 
His saged cock again came to erection. Ramesh didnt want to miss the sight so he said “yes beti but after lunch we both r leaving to rampur..but bfore u ask me questions bring the lunch and sit beside me” All these time he was ogling at her massive clevage. Renuka didnt even notice her pallu has falled. And she went back to kitchen adjusting her pallu back in her sholders and came back with the lunch. ramesh with his wicked thoughts “beti u must be feeling discomfort with ur sari y dnt u remove ur saree and sit comfortably on the floor as we both r only here u need not feel shy” He knewed very wel that she had no shy and she wuld be more convinced than ever to expose her body even to her uncle.
“K mamaji myself was feeling very hot” with a cunning smile”i mean the weather thank u for reading my thoughts” saying this standing on the floor facing mamaji she slowly removed her saree as if she was doing a striptease bfore a customer and dropped the saree on the floor.
OMG It was a marvellus site. she was wearing her petticoat on her waist line and most of her clevage out of her blouse. Her mamaji was having a splendid view..his eyes popped out by this wonderful sight. she was standing like a bitch in a street who is waiting to be fucked by strangers
Ramesh was amazed at the stunning beauty of renuka. Renuka was giving a nice view of jer body to her mamaji like a,model exposing all her body parts. Mamaji felt for a moment that her upperbody was almost nude bcos only some of the flesh was covered by her blouse. Her sexy navel and her fleshy hipfolds was a sight to watch.He wanted to go and give a hard bite on her hip felt her like a real randi giving a show. Atlast he came to senses
“Beti come and sit lets hav our lunch”
renuka obeyed mamaji and started eating the lunch “Beti first tel me wt wss going on here in ur house. U never used to bring men here and that too asking very less money for ur body” “oh mamji u knw very well that bcos of my ill reputation no one is giving job in any house and i m not able to seduce any rich man in our village all are afraid of their wives but they secretly admire my beauty and i try to seduce them but not properly and not get the money i always wished for i thought of this plan and it worked very well and u knw that almost all the men are so mad abt my beauty” s beti i knw that very well i hav come here mainly to give a solution for all our probs” renuka understood her mamaji had a cunning idea in his mind”

Again his eyes wandered on the 2 ripe mangoes waiting for a squeeze. He uncontolaby wanted to sucj those 2 erect nipples facing towards him. He wanted to pull it very had and chew and bite those bitchy nipples but he had no other way than to control his feelings as he had never dared to touch his niece body. Though he many times watched his niece fucking and discussed intimate things but never touched her body. He did not knw how his,niece wuld react. and he saved all his fantasies in future to enjoy.
“Tell mamaji wat is it that u came very far to meet me”
“Beti my sab’s wife is very ill and he is searching for a home nurse and i want u to cone with me to my sabs palace”
“oh mamaji is he not a very rich man more than anyone in our village”
“yes beti that was my intention to com here if v bcom success in our plan we can enjoy the palace,money and everything in this world” “but mamaji vl v be able to do execute it”
“sure beti bcoz u dnt knw abt my sab he has made most of the women in the village and the servants in his house as rakeel and his wife dnt even knw abt it. it vl be very easy for us to move our plan bcos his wife is very innocent and wont believe anything abt her husband and beti our sab is a huge fan of big fat bouncing ass and i knw very well that u vl meet those needs of my master.”
“oh mamaji pls dnt flatter me”
“True beti ur ass is so big and fleshy than even grt munis vl fall for u. The way it bounces wen it walk vl make any dick raise”
“oh mamaji chiiii… u r too naughty”
“Beti r u ready to com with me”
“oh sure mamaji how can i say no to such a offer”
“Beti i want u to wear ur petticoat more down and wear a transparent saree becos i want our sab to get excited by the first time sees u” “oh mamaji my petticoat is already below navel how can i wear more down”
“first stand up beti let me see”
renuka like a obedient slut got up again on the floor. Her petticoat was already wel down the navel. Her hipline can b clearly seen. The old man was again enjoying a beautiful sight.
“Beti now wear more below the hipline” renuka was shocked “oh mamji it vl be luking very dirty its already very revealing”
Actually renuka was pleased to wear but just teasing her mamaji “oh beti i want our sab to be mesmerized by seeing ur beauty in this attire”
renuka slightly wore more down till her little of her pubic hair was visible and wore a transparent saree. By which both her front and back luked as if she was naked. There was only little dress covering her body.
“Beti if my sab sees u in this he vl straight away take to his bed. But just seduce him and dnt indulge in sex quickly”
“mamaji dnt wory u knw abt me how i take all this men in my hand”
They both started their jouney back to Rampur.
Back in rampur zamindar veerpratap was waiting for his new slut queen. But there was one person in the palace who didnt like the new slut who is going to take her place. Her name was sunitha she took care of the kitchen and cleaning of the palace. Her age was 25yrs and size 32 28 34 and she grew jealous of this new slut who is going to take her position not in kitchen but in the heart of our zamindar After fucking many women sunita was his last lust, he had a special liking for her bcos she had a vunerable ass and a gud cock sucker and she easily turned him on by her looks. But frm the time she heard abt this new maid who is going to accompany the palace sunita had doubts whether she vl b neglected. Her marriage was also ruined due to her sex relationship with her master. She was dreaming all these thoughts wen suddenly someone slapped her right butt “chattttt”. It was a hard slap. “Oouchhhh” moaned sunita rubbing her ass. Wen she turned back it was her zamindar veerpratap. “Oh sab was it u i got frightned” “sunita who vl dare to slap ur sexy ass than me.” He hugged her and started massaging her round ass frm behind. She started playing her trick. With a sexy move she kept her head against his chest and started playing the buttons of his chest with her fingers and in a sexy voice said “sab nowadays u r not at all showing intrest on me i think u dnt luv me any more” all these time zamindar was rubbing her ass vigorasly. ” My sweet angel u vl always b my favorite and u knw that u r my best slut in the whole of village” “but sab i heard one women is going to com to luk after our malikin i fear u vl leave me and go after her.” Zamindar tightly holded her ass and said “suni u knw very well how much i m mad abt ur huge ass and in our village no one has like u” but he didnt knw that the women who is going to come has got a double ass than sunita which vl bounce with a slightest shake.
Sunita: aaaaah… sab i knw but I luv u so much and dnt want to lose ur luv sunita desparetly wanted to seduce her sab. “Sab pls go to ur room i m coming with beeda. I hav just gave medicine to malikin and she is sleeping soundly” veerpratap at this hour always had routine of eating beeda after lunch. Already it was 2.30 and zamindar was waiting in his room for his lustful queen. at this hour he always had sex encounter with sunita. while sunita had a special blouse she used to wear wenever going to sabs room. the blouse was too deep showing gud amt of clevage and very tight and her back had only a very thin strap showing all her back. It was just like a bra in the shape of blouse. Wearing her petticoat wel below the waistline she approached the room of her sab. Before proceeding further intro of another character jinesh babu. He was personal assistant of sab who took care of all his activities house business of everything. He was abt 50 yrs old and was a honest and sincere employee of his sab. He knew this hour and he was waiting to peep thr window to watch this encounter. sunita with her beeda plate entered the room. Sab was lying on the bed resting his hand on his head. she came slowly and placed the plate on the table near the bed. And sat near her sab on the bed. Now most of her pallu has fallen down and she was sitting in her small choli and revealing her sexy waist facing her sab. “Sab today i m going to feed this beeda in a different way. Before i used to place it on my mouth and u used it suck it but today i m going to place in between my boobs” veerpratap got excited by this bcos he never tried this. Her blouse was alredy smal and most of the clevage were popping out giving a big bulge in frnt. She slowly inserted the beeda in between her boobs. sab waisted no time and started sucking the beeda frm her boobs and gave a small bite on her flesh.
“Aaaahhhhhhwweee….. Sab slowly aaawwwwe. Again and again she inserted the beeda in her boobs and sab while sucking beeda frm her boobs was biting and sucking all her clevage. Becos of this only her nipple is insde the blouse and all her big boobs was stepping outside the blouse. Jinesh was watching all these with lot of excitiment and was stroking his crotch. Sunita was making all kind of naughty voices. “Aaaawwwww aaaaaaaaaw….. U r cho naughty.” Finaly sab was on top of her rubbing his face on the smooth flesh of her clevage sucking and biting it. It was a delightful scene to watch as her nipple was only inside her blouse and looked like a real randi. “Oh sab eat me and fuck me and take all my boobs in ur mouth..aaaaaaaaw aah yess” sab was already in the verge of ex ploding…..but he wanted to enjoy more… He quickly unbottened her blouse and her two ballons filled with water came out dancing out. For both jinesh and sab was unbearable to watch the 2 nipple pointing erect facing him. Wasting no time he sucked the right nipple and started chewing and biting hardly. “Aaaaaaaahhhhh awwwwwwww ohhhhhaaaah these were the only voice coming frm her mouth…. He was twisting and pinching the other nipple…. This was enough for jinesh to explode. But our zamindar had grt stamina he iwanted more. He tuk the nipple frm his mouth and and pulled both the nipples by his fingers. “Saaab aaaaaaaah ohhhhhmaaaaaa awwwwwwwww aaaaaaaaa….Pul it more harderrrr aaaaah.” The more she moaned more he streched her nipple. She was moaning just lije a bitch which excited her sab more. He caught both the nipples by his fingers and was shaking it vigourasly. Her both boobs were shaking and dancing on the air. It was a exotic view to watch.
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