Now when her family members by searching her came to my
house and knocked the door.We both came to know that it was
her family members and we both were totally afraid…
then i quickly made her wear her clothes and by opening the
back window send her out of my house. Then i opened the door
and asked her parents as what happened.They didn’t reply
anything and went out,but my badluck didnot left.That randi
had forget to wear her panty and left it on my bed…
When every one was leaving her mother saw her panty on my bed
and suspected what would have happened…
Then Renu came from the front door near her parents,and after
some arguments the whole matter was solved in between their
family.But her mother had caught her by her walking style..
because when a virgin girl is fucked for the first time she
is unable to walk nicely..Then during the day time,her mother
came to my house with and asked both of us frankly about
every thing,at first we were fully ashamed of us ,but then we
opposed her and refused to accept herwords and by mistake we said
to her that we assume each other as brother and sister…
This was the biggest mistake that we had ever done…
Two days later it was the loving occasion of Raksha Bandhan.
And on that day her brother called me to their house and in
front of every family member she had to tie me the RAKHI.
We both could not oppose it cause it may reveal the truth as what
happened that night.
After this i was like mad,that why this had happened and also
the talking relation between both of us had ended we
want to forget our past..Now even we used to see each other
after an interval on nearly 5-6 days or even more than that.
But now also the heat of the physical relation is there in
both of us…And we both can’t ignore this fact…
Then one day by mistake i again saw her naked bathing video.
And this made me think that wat would happen if i would again
have some sex with her???As because our first relation
was of sex/physical relation and after that,due to some
problems she had to tie me a RAKHI.So i took up courage one day
and again called up to her at night..At first she did not
accect my call for nearly 8-10 times and then lastly she also
could not stop her and picked up my phone call.Now it was a
great relaxation to me to hear from a very low voice of her
After hearing this i said her to meet me at the cinema hall
at the 11 am show.She had bunked her college and came to
meet me.We both went inside and discussed every time as
when do we get time to stay alone and every thing.Then she said
that her mother is having much trust on me,and also as now
she had tied RAKHI to me,her mother will not be having any
suspicion so she can now meet me in the name of study..and
then we both can have some enjoyment..This idea of her worked
and from next day she used to come to my house for studying
and there we used to have our sex game,but that too with much
precautions.Everyday i used to fuck her harder and harder and
that’s too with new angels everyday.Day by day i was gettin
thinner and thinner and she was getting helthier.Now again
my badluck aroused and one day we both were having some sex
after an interval of nearly 1 week.So due to the heatness in
us we both started to fuck each other with out caring of any
one.. and then by a bit mistake we both were caught naked by my
(The story is not finished yet…please comment on this so
that i may know that even some are interested in my life
and want to know what happened after this..
And if anybody think that i should not do this to my sister
than don’t think much as now i am a behenchod..and anybody
who is having a sister like RENU then he is also a big

behenchod.You all can also e-mail me at ““
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