Reema aunty

e live in Mumbai in a apartment and my parents both are working busy people but nothing wrong since I had all my lively hood, I had a neighbor aunt named Reema, who was a widow and that time she was 35 yr old, and she was the one to take care of me from since childhood in absence of my parents so naturally I had some right or authority to go to her flat often and whenever I feel like and she was also affectionate on me as she didn’t had children and she was really very fond of me. We were that close as family members like mom and son and we didn’t had any hesitation in whatsoever. I had no bad intensions on her, but I was sure I was liking to look at her all the time since she was very pretty, beautiful lady, her all moves were catching my eyes but nothing serious. It was summer vacations after my 11th standard exams in 2005 and as usual my parents kept themselves busy in working and I had good option of my neighbor aunty Reema, so it happened to spend whole day with her by playing some indoor games and helping her in her house work.
Let me describe her beauty, she is a Delhite female settled in Mumbai, she is little flump, fairy lady with a body structure that will blow anyone’s brain and I have caught many guys starring at her even my dad sometimes. She had a good heavy breast and a big butts having good flesh packed at her body so she looks so attractive that no man leave her unattended. She was having some property and was having no problem in getting income to run her life as she was blessed with good wealth that give regular returns to her. She was wearing not very attractive dress, usually salwar kameez or saree but inside home she was in her nighties, naturally she never needed any make up as she was stunning beauty.
One morning as usual I went to her flat, aunt was working in home cleaning the floor and I was watching TV. She finished all the rooms and came to hall to clean, she was cleaning the floor but I felt she is cleaning my mind, as I could see the valley running amidst of two big hills from her nighty, I got my erection but some how controlled but I had to try hard to divert my eyes from those big mountains. After cleaning she went to toilet and got a loud scream from the toilet, I rushed towards there and asked “Kya huwa?” She answered “fisal ke gir padi” I helped her to get up and took her to the sofa and I comforted her to seat on sofa, she was now little tensed by falling down, I asked shall we go to doctor? She said “nai re beta teek hoga” then we watched TV for sometime and then she tried to get up and go for cooking, and it was tuff for her to get up and stand and she fell back on sofa and said “its paining too much I think I have twist in the leg” I again said “That’s why I told you to come to hospital”. She replied “hospital jana hai to muje tho kadna zaroori hai na?” Then I was puzzled and asked her “Kya karenge ab?” She went blank and then said, “acha udar pain balm hai thoda massage kardo teek hogi” I said ok and went to take tha pain balm, bought it and gave it to her. She smiled loud “tu tho buddu ho, kaise mein balm lagavoon jab haath dard hai?” I said ok. And I came front of her and sat on floor, she lifted her leg and kept on tea table, she pulled her nighty till her knee.
I fell in love and unknown pleasure with the first look of hers milky white fleshy leg and a part of her thick things. I regained my consciousness and started to apply balm as well enjoy the feel of touching her soft knee, she was feeling little better now and said “zara upar bhi lagavo” and lifted her night a bit up, I was thrilled and my cock started to gain erection as I could see her part of fleshy thighs I was now gone mad in looking at it and I adjusted to seat on floor comfortably so that I can apply balm and also look at her thighs straight, I was rubbing her knee and lower thigh and I had a good view of her deep thighs it was really great and this time she stopped, said “acha ab kam hogaya hai zara mere kande ko bhi laga do ge kya?” I said I will do, she said “tho mere room mein koi towel lana” I went and bought she took and kept from her shoulder till her waist crossing so I cant have any look at her breast, then she unzipped her nighty, and took off her left hand from her nighty to reveal her right hand shoulder, I went back of her and started to apply balm on her shoulder, she was feeling better now, and as well she said “zara kande ke neeche side mein bhi laga do” I was just running hand from her shoulder she was guiding to come down and all, once she said “wahi massage karo” I took some more balm and started apply balm where she told.
While I was rubbing, accidentally I got a chance to have a touch on a very smooth flesh that rushed blood in my brain and went mind blown I was very happy now to rub there more and more and as accident I was trying to touch her boob from side and she was not giving any response then my animik brain suggested to touch her deeply, I was hesitating but my inner animal was strong and I started to touch her boob sides knowingly at this time also she didn’t got angry or there was no response, I was rubbing her beneath the shoulder and touching her breasts from sides at once I rushed my self and caught hold her heavy breast and started to press it, I think she was also enjoying and never commented after few mins she got realized that I am cupping her breast she screamed once and asked “ye kya kar rahe ho thum?” Now I got my legs started shivering I said sorry to her but she was still angry and she got up and zipped her nighty and rushed towards kitchen I fall behind her and was pleasing and saying stories. At last she calmed down and said, “deko abhi sab bhool javo mein thumare parents ko nai batavoongi waise hi thumbi yeh sab kisi ke saath mat bolna” now I was relived of tension. Later we became same as usual I helped her in cooking meanwhile she said,
“Raj, kuch thumse poonchu, boora math manoge?”
I said “ha, boora nai manoonga”
She asked, “thum aise hi nazar se muje dek tha raha”
I said, “nai, aaj hi aise huwa hai sorry”
She said “koi bath nai, ye batavo kaisa laga?”
I hesitantly said “acha lag raha tha?”
She said “Acha? Tho kisi ladki se ye kiya hai kya?”
I said no
She smiled and said “tho kabhi deka hai?”
I said “teek se nai deka hai”
She said “hmmm tho kiska deka?”
I said “mommy ka aur aaj aap ka”
She said “badmaash, mera teek hai aayinda mommy ka mat deka karo teek hai”
I said, “Ok pata hai, magar aap ko bhi nai dek saktha hoon?”
Then she smiled and asked “kyun?”
I said “App ko mana hai na?”
She laughed loud went from there saying “naha ne ko ja rahi hoon”
I went to hall and sat later I heard aunty calling me. I went she was in her toilet, and said, “jo bi hoga kisi ko mat batavoge to andar avo” I was the happiest and was ready to go inside her bathroom, she was still on her nighty, as I went she took promise that I am not going to tell anything about her outside, I promised then she started to unzip nighty and took off, she was wearing only blue panty inside I got shivers in my legs and my dick started to get erected, to that she took off her panty now she was standing completely nude showing her big milky white melon and clean shaved pussy. She now said “thum bhi kapda nikalo”, I took it as granted and took off my t-shirt and pant and bad luck I was not weared underwear, now I was like in heaven, she said itni hi umr mein itna bada lund? Thum baal shave karo nai tho acha nai lagegi teri biwi ko. I asked “ye nai dike gi na bal hoto kya problem hai?” She said “tho thum tho bacha naikla, dekoge kya hoga?” I said “haan” she asked to get near to her, she kneeled down and poured water on my cock and washed it and was rubbing it and squeezing I got a never before erection and later she kept my cock in her mouth and started to suck my cock I was getting my blood rushing in me all the time and then she let me free and now said ye sab ladki chah thi hai baal hoto irritate hoti hai then I said kal se karoonga and she started to take bath and I helped her she also bathed me, I had taken enough joy by squeezing her breasts, she was also free and enjoying it after we finished she wiped off water on boths body and we came to her room.
She laid on bed and asked me to come to her, I went she carried me and made me to lay on her beautiful body, I was enjoying it like kid, she then kissed me on lips and face, and was whispering ye sab kisi se mat bolna and squeezed her nipple and neared my face to suck her breast I was like a mad kid sucking one breast and cuddling other meanwhile she guided my hand to her pussy and she rubbed her pussy against my hands and was whispering acha lag rahi hai? Aur der karo? I was sucking and rubbing her pussy. Later she aroused I guess so she laughed at me asking “kab tak chochi ko chatega” and she rolled over me and she got down to suck my dick and kept sucking full length of my dick and rubbing my balls, till I got my first spell of my sperms shoots, she licked and swallowed all my cum and then…
She guided me to sit between her leg, now I was looking at her wet clean pussy, then she guided to bend down and she took my dick and guided it into her pussy and she said, “ab chut ko dakka dena” I was doing but I was getting back my full dick when I try to take back, later was finding problem to insert and she was guiding later after some time she locked my waist by her legs and said “ab mar mar ke dakka dena” now I was comfortably doing in and out from her pussy and I was feeling better, after several in and outs she was feeling happy now and was saying “zor zor se dakka dena” and more she was enjoying it saying “kuch saal hogaye iske bina aur marna” and she was moaning sexily, I was trying all hard to give her heavy strokes yet she was asking for more and more and after some times she was whispering “raju acha lag rahi hai aur maro…..mat rukna marthe hi raho” I was doing it and was doing it but at last I was last my strength I was not able to continue as I got my cum shooting in her pussy and she was enjoying all though later I got my cock getting pulled deep and deep in her pussy and fell on her and was breathing heavy she asked “raju thak gaye kya?” I said no and she asked acha laga? I said ya and I asked aap ko kaisa laga? She said acha laga, abhi thume seek na hai, raju ye sab kisi se mat kehna, aur mujse ye kabhi kabhi kartha rahega na? I said mein bhi kisise nai kahoonga, aap chahe tho mein roz karoonga, she said thanks and we were drifted to other topics.
This was the first ever sex for me but later there were so much of time in this two years till now and we both are still keeping it a top secret. And we are enjoying every bit of it. I learnt many things in sex from her as well I taught her many things in sex.

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