Ratna aunty

n the day of year 1999 when the family of Ratna aunty (with her two kids and husband) moved in to our house ground floor. The age as it would suggest I was all fascinated about sex as all young age guys are and thanks to my college friends, already had access to cheap porno magazines which gave preview about exciting and semi detailed idea about the female body. The various parts which would send men graspin for their scrotches and all the curves which drive men insane, the models of the porn magazines served for the sexual apetite of boys of our age most of the times. Too add whenever lucky, Sridevi’s rain drenched body in the song of Mr. India, with Anil kapoor (all drooly over his future sister in law) did made me shag the my brains out. Being the only son of my workin parents I did had access to TV more often than not and so was regular in shagging on body of Dimple from her rain song of Sagar, and other favourite was drenched Raveena from tip tip barsa pani song (many of the readers would surely agree that those were the shaggin means in those days for most of the youth). Well those were much common things which most of us boys would have done.
Now moving on with the real life event, Ratna aunty as I mentioned earlier was mother of two, aged around 32-34, both her sons were in college by then, elder in fourth and other just joined pre kg. Her husband was related to medical field and had his posting out of city so had to be there for the bulk of the week, and when he use to be back for the weekend, he hardly left for any work outside, the kids though were left most of the times to play with me whenever he was around which was in contrast with the normal happening of they being always home all other days. Slowly the devilish mind of mine caught up to this fact which made me start thinking about Ratna aunty in quite a different manner , a manner in which the wet heavy body of Sridevi would set tickle in my pants. I started to examine (rather eye her assets) her quite closely, she was an Assamese-Bong by origin, fair; height was 5’7 and weigh mostly around 60’s. She was quite curvy with 34c breasts followed by 30-waist and a heavy 36 ass. All of us readers would admit Bengali women in their 30’s re the most attractive curvy female we would generally cum across. And soon Ratna aunty became the living sex goddess whom I started dreaming to worship through my virgin tool (thanks to biology and porno books again). Getting to much more elaborated description of her assets and habits, Ratna aunty mostly use to wear saris and rarely sum western or salwar, which was really logical cause with her height and curves the saree was the thing which would just make all the heads turn towards her and let all the saliva drool of the onlookers. I though use to eagerly wait to explore (through eyes) her milky white body in those chiffon variety of saris which were kinda lit fabric see through types (thanks to all the rain songs I shagged on) which she would sport on few days and one such day I lived a moment which turned my mild feeling of lust for her into a wild rage fire in my head.
As usual that day I got back from college at around 4.30 and was climbing stairs to reach first floor where we were staying as the ground floor was for Ratna aunty and family. As I climbed up the stairs with a haste, suddenly on my front as I looked up was a milky white waist in a transi black sari, with the sari tied low as much as three to four finger breadth below a beautifull round deep whole I could ever imagine of in that age, the navel of Ratna aunty for the first time flashed rite in front of my face just a meter away, so nice was the view I was startled and stood there looking there all stuck at that roundness and don’t know how is it but I felt the dick of mine is hardened in fraction of a nano second (guess in such moments eyes develop direct contact with dick, what say guys?). All these days the navels of my maid or Raveena or Sridevi were the ones which ruled my senses but all failed in front of such a perfect shape, such depth and in the waist such beautifully placed in that nice flawless skin of the lady who is replacing those celluloid queens in my life as my shagging idol. In a moment Raveena lost her spot as the best navel I have recorded seeing, in my mind and the new crowned queen was Ratna aunty, who is looking at me wondering what really happened to this kid, my senses got back to me as I heard my sex goddess calling my name Raj, “Raj, how was college? And running on the stairs like this is not safe Raj”
“Hello aunty” I replied “sorry if I startled you, but I was rushing as I was getting late for my swimming practice.”
“Oh you boys are always in a hurry” she replied (in my mind I was replying don’t you worry aunty if u ask me to lick this navel of yours I will take all the time in this earth to lick of your navel, which just won the best navel award replacing navel queen Raveena)
“Staying fit does has its benefit na aunty” I spoke as I crossed her wishing if I could see that navel one more time now as I was heading towards the loo for shagging out now itself wasting no time to honor such a beautiful creation of god on her sexy body.
She turned on the stair case with my eyes immediately following like a magnet to the round navel of hers as I heard her say, “You are quite a fit guy nice and well built, and seems swimming does keep you in shape”
I smiled as getting a compliment like this, from a lady whose flashing of navel can make any guy her slave and serve her with your tongue as long as she wanted unconditionally, was a great feel, I just added “c ya aunty getting really late now” (rather I must say one minute more and I will spill my cum in my college pant).
As expected I went straight to bathroom and lowered my pants and relieved of my dick of all the tension it was in due to the round deep thing on my sex goddesses waist, not until twice I ejaculated imagining that I am unloading my potent seeds in her deep navel whole I could make my hard tool lower its salute for that beauty I just sited.
Now my mind after that particular incident was just all over  , I wanted more , I just wanted to c more of her fair flesh, I wanted to see the fair flesh of Ratna aunty in front of me while I stroke myself to pleasure. All night I shagged more than twice thinking what I would do if I get to have my hands my tongue on her waist, guess as it was first time that I felt such lust in that age I was not thinking more than her fair waist and round navel. Next day while going off to college I saw her collecting the news paper and milk packet from the door in her night gown, and I could very well appreciate the stuffiness of her breast, but I was disappointed as I wanted her to be in sari flashing her waist. Total disappointed I moved to college, all the time thinking ways to get more glimpse of her flesh. Soon the brain started working and I realized those ventilators of her room can be my access to her privacy inside. And once back from college I started chalking out plans to find out did it work.
To my delight I found access to the ventilators easily thanks to those storage slabs which were there above the windows and doors. So all convinced that I can peep using this option I eagerly waited for parents to leave and it became little dark. And around 7 when the right time came when I was alone and it was dusk, I slowly climbed down and then reached the walls to get up on those storage beams. Once up in their I found to my disappointment that the ventilators had papers sort of blockade done from inside, now I had to tear those papers to peep in, so first I tried to do that in the ventilator in the bed room of Ratna aunty, but I had to be sure that she was not sitting there to catch me doing that. So first I moved around a bit finding where the two children and she is, as the windows were closed it was easy for me to slowly walk around and find out by their voices which room they were in. As I reached the window of the kids room which had one of the beds slated next to the window I could clearly hear Ratna aunties voice teaching the kids, and luckily I found out there was a mild separation in the window joint through which I can peep in.
As I peeped I could see Ratna aunty is sitting rit in front with her back to the window on the bed and teaching the younger kid, she was wearing a blue blouse which was having the hooks behind and it was thin material which made the black bra she was wearing quite evident in the bright light of the tube just above her. As I looked towards her hip I could make out the sari was tied as usual quite down and that made the possibility of viewing the navel quite visible. The very thought of that made me eager and I wanted to see the navel of her flashed out in the sari which was bit transparent. As I felt the urge getting strong every second so quietly I went to their main door and pressed the door bell and stood like an innocent boy, it took couple of moments for my goddess to appear and open the door, she opened and greeted me with her bright killer smile, and asked, “Wat is it Raj?”
Before I could answer my eyes just followed the level at which she has tied the sari & it took mili seconds to locate the peeping round navel of hers which was not covered by the sari as it was not so tidily tucked in, and I just took another second to relish the treat my eyes were onto. Taking my eyes up against all the gravity and lust forced working on them,  I smiled and asked aunty 
“Dad just wanted to know if any courier fellow dropped in some parcel for us.” 
To the question came prompt sweet answer, “No Raj, nothing came by post,” 
I just made a disappointed face and said “ok aunty, sorry I disturbed,”
She was all smiles and said “No, Raj nothing of that sort, I was just checking the homework for the kids”
“Ok aunty even it’s my time to study too” saying that I pretended that I was going upstairs, and she closed the door behind me. Moment the door was shut I ran down and reached the window to peep in , and saw her get back and was rewarded seein her sexy navel and waist as she was standing telling I came down to ask for parcel, and she added “Raj is such a nice boy nice and polite in nature”. If at all she would have realized the nice and polite boy is right a meter or so away eyeing (lusting) on her flesh guess those words won’t have came out for me. Slowly she climbed on the bed and guess my stars were so lucky that now she was sitting leaning on a pillow which provided a view of her front and most precisely the valley of her cleavage was rit a meter or so next to me, immediately my hand reached my tool which was hard as ever already and I tried visualizing that dream path between the hidden mountains of my lust goddess. Looking there shagged out in five minutes and sprayed my cum on the wall of the window. That was a great experience, viewing live flesh just few meters near to me and shagging, I climbed upstairs to my room and said no more TV and all to shag, from now on Ratna aunty and her sexy flesh is my means to self pleasure. This window peeping became my regular means of shagging for next few days and I was preparing the ventilator so that I could peep in from there to , that took few days as I could do that work only when she was not at home with the kids.
Soon all the room ventilator papers were having nice access for peeping in. It was weekend and uncle was back, so I chose Saturday evening to get the first view through the ventilators as that time my parents would be away. As the kids were there in our room, busy playing video games, I slowly moved to the bed room ventilator climbing up on the storage slabs. It was around5 in the eve, the windows of their rooms were already shut, and as the sun was setting mild was the light all around. I slowly removed the paper and as I was doing so I heard Ratna aunty giggle and got sure they both are in bed room only, the giggle was coupled with mild moan, and I completed removing the paper as much required to peep in and stuck my eye in the hole.
Slowly my eyes got adapted to the darkness, and I could make outline of two bodies on the bed, Ratna aunty was lying with a messed up sari her waist exposed and Uncle was doing what I am dying and dreaming every day , he got his tongue buried in the deep navel of hers, the feel making Ratna aunty giggle and the pleasure is making her moan too as uncle sucks the navel, when I saw closely, one hand of uncle was rit inside the sari between her thighs and slowly the moans were getting more and more than the giggle. My dick was rock hard, but right at that moment the devilish self in me said I can’t let him have the fun which I am suppose to get, so dropping down from the slab, I ran to the main door pressed the door bell and waited, hoping against all odds if Ratna aunty would appear in a untidy sari giving me view of more of her assets then I use to get through that small window crack, but before the door could open I realized my tent was too big as my tool is still in excited state seeing my goddess enjoying a man’s lust. Moment the fact stuck me I ran up, and while getting up heard the door open with uncle peeping out, as I saw him like a innocent guy said , “Uncle I am going to aunts place can I send the children down, I m leaving now.” 
I could clearly see the disappointment on his face as his tool must be as hard as mine (may be dripping too) as he was using my goddesses flesh but still he managed a smile and said “sure why not Raj” and saying that called his children who were busy video gaming. And I went back upstairs saw the two kids leave and locked the door of my room laid down on bed closed my eyes and started shagging imagining myself in place of uncle getting taste of her navel and felt satisfied once I cummed out, thinking uncle could not get his load out (by then he was the enemy number 1 for me) whereas I moaned Ratna auntys name loudly and did took out my load.
The next day, Sunday afternoon, I knew Ratna aunty’s kids were away to drawing college, so I was eager to peep in and c what really the couple was upto, so slowly once my parents were having afternoon nap I climbed up to the ventilator and peeped in, and felt a electrifying wave pass through me. There on the bed was Ratna aunty hands raised up as she laid and were tied together on the beds wooden plank, and on top of her was uncle banging her like mad, with every jolt one moan was escaping her mouth. Relentlessly uncle was pounding her vigorously and here was me already working on my hard dick and trying hard to glimpse of her naked body but to my dismay, the bed sheet and uncle on top (they were in missionary pose) covered her up fully only I could see are her armpits tied hands and her facial expressions. But the force of the banging she was receiving was really hardcore. Both of us cummed quite simultaneously me & uncle but there was huge difference in the fate of my sperms and his, mine hit the stone hard wall in front of me and were dead instantly whereas his were floating inside the goddesses juicy glory hole.
his was the moment, I guess my lust was getting to new levels, now this shagging seeing Ratna auntys waist-navel was no more enough, I needed more, more than shagging , I wanted to bang her , to own her , she should chant my name as I screw her and be my slave. That night as I lay on the bed after shagging on what I saw, I was stuck by the thought that what a fool I have had been, such a beautiful matured experienced female is there in the house who has sexual lust, loves to get tied down and fuck (which is such a dream) is deprived of sex for all 5 days a week and I like a fool peeping through holes where as a little planning can make me get all the pleasure and in fact more access to her cunt than her husband. I knew it was hard but then I knew she can be won and for that I have to be more interactive with her and have to be breaking the formality barrier. So I decided on the fact that I will chalk out a plan to slowly be interactive and be a regular one to her room so as she opens up with me.
Having made up my mind, I started to think on how to interact more with Ratna aunty, and to be frank few more weeks went off but the development I made was quite less. Though I was spending more time interacting with her and evenings and use to make sure that I do spend some time talking something or other, chit chat with her. We use to talk on different things starting from movies and sports, and one such day while such talking suddenly topic came about my favorite actress and very cleverly I said I like Rekha and Hemamalini, which stunned her, and quickly she asked, “why is it that I don’t like modern actresses?” 
I replied, “The maturity they have isn’t there in the younger ones and more over both of them have attractiveness in them due to their ways of staying in shape and looking attractive in this age”. 
And I added very wittily “now look at you aunty, you are good looking fair and tall and still you speak so down to earth whereas the younger ones with half the beauty of yours will act as if they are sum miss world/universe. Guess maturity brings in lot of sense in gals and that’s attractive attribute”. 
This statement kind of made her smile and I could easily see her blushing on getting complimented like this from a guy half her age. 
I took this as queue and added “did u ever tried or thought of being in the glamour field because I must say you would have surely excelled”. 
She just broke into laughter which stopped me in midst of the lines I was about to add so as to make her blush more. She added with her smile on, “Now you are really making me feel shy Raj, I know how I look and yeah use to do sum plays when I was in college and stuff but glamour and I, are so different things, I just love keeping things normal and sober that’s all so never I would not have survived these kind of work field for sure”
But still I added, “Aunty you don’t know how aptly you would have fitted in the league of Hema and Rekha and I could have said your name in my favorite list.” Hearing that she patted on my head lovingly and said she got to go as she has sum work and I also pushed off, eyeing her sexy hips sway as she walked off. After that evening which I praised Ratna aunty for her looks, I noted a marked change that she use to keep herself little extra attractive of sorts whenever evenings we use to get chance to chit chat, guess the flirtatious praise made some impression cause she seemed to laugh a lot for the silly witty remarks I use to make. But the problem with me was still I was nowhere near her so as to get her to be in bed with me. I was really disappointed with the speed of development I was going with, so I resorted back to those peeping habits for time being before I make it nice and cozy with her in real. 
One such day when I was home on a weekday, I saw her getting back after dropping her younger kid to college, it struck me let’s see if I am lucky enough to see her naked fully as she changes. Having that in mind I climbed up to the ventilator of her bed room but as usual she just untied the sari and went to other side of the room which wasn’t visible from the ventilator peep hole and changed. I was so eager and stuck to the hole that I din’t even hear the house gate open. When I realized no more hope of seeing anything being up there I turned to get down and to my dismay and surprise my college buddy Arjun was standing right there below looking at me with surprise and wicked smile. After I came out of the shock of being discovered by my good friend about my voyerustic behavior both of us went to my room and first thing he asked, “Was it worth the risk you are taking in broad daylight?”
I replied “well not today but yeah I have had my triumphs”
Arjun was one smart ass he realized I have been eying Ratna aunty for long now, but one bad habit he had was to boost bout himself as if he is one Casanova and knows way to more than any other of us boys in the same class. He added “so you have been trying to seduce her for long time now is it? And all you achieved was reaching to peeping level of her room?” “seriously you have long way to grow up yaar, if I were at your place would have wooed her by now and gotten her in bed with me(as if he is humping so many he was preaching me)”. 
With his dialogue I felt as if choked & stabbed, just wished in my heart that I could teach this asshole, gud for nothing, a lesson somehow [ probably my lucky stars were listening at that moment as they helped me in having the best ever revenge for this self boosting creeps lifelong dialoguebaji. Though it took sum years but then I felt that I have had my whole life’s revenge for his negative comments the day when I fucked his mother like a bitch hands and legs tied apart, up her all wholes and cummed in her and took her panty as souvenir for me. Those days every time I use to see his 45+ mother sucking my tool like an obedient slave I felt like I was not fucking his mother but was stuffing many kilo tons of cow shit on Arjuns face, this encounter I will elaborate at a later stage.]
Anyways Arjun preached me for some more time before he left, on the topic how to woo a girl and how to initiate sexual talks with her such that she just falls for the guy. While leaving he saw Ratna aunty and winked at me and said hello to her adding up “Aunty it must so hard for you na to manage all week all alone.” Ratna aunty gave a blank smile thinking while all of sudden this guy is being so sympathetic. After Arjun left I just asked aunty, how she has been and all that. To that she said with little concern, that yesterday she slipped while getting up the stairs and she had stiffness in her right leg, ought to visit a doctor when uncle is back. Hearing that I realized that it’s the rit time to sumhow take her in confidence about the fact that I can be like a friend to her so with a concerned voice I hastily said “Wat aunty u have hurt your leg and now u want till uncle comes back on Saturday, today being Tuesday, you get ready I will come over with you as I am at home today to a doctor and guess a physiotherapist is whom we should visit.”
She was little surprised by my concerning voice which from her face I can tell she was happy about but yet to agree to come with me she told “no Raj its so sweet of to offer to help but I will manage” I but was hell bent on not letting go off this opportunity as Arjun just sum time before had told at times girls tend to say “no” but then they want you to pursue them a bit and they will agree.
Keeping that tip in mind I said “Aunty nothing like that you are cuming with me and we are going now, that’s final after all you are in pain and as nobody there to ask I cnat just let you by yourself so now get ready aunty.”
Arjun’s tip worked or I guess seriously the pain and stiffness was hard for Ratna aunty to bear, so she agreed and said I will be ready in half an hour. I rushed to my room and took bath groomed myself and donned a sporty look with perfuma and all nicely sprayed on me as if I was going for a date with sumeone very very special (now when I am writing about that I feel so funny thinking for getting a elder matured women I was doing flashy things which will work on teen age girls more) 
So in 20minutes I was in my elements and got back to the door of my goddess who was in pain and we started, Ratna aunty was walking a limp and I offered my hand as support to walk and she was giving smile though hesitant she held my hand and I was feeling on top of the world wishing Arjun should be around till now so as to c what development I have made within minutes of his departing. Anyways that didn’t happen we visited the physiotherapist, some lady who was uncles known and I had to wait outside as instructed by aunty. Meanwhile aunty finished the appointment and we got back after getting the required medications and I accompanied aunty first time all alone till her bedroom and made her sit kept medicines and asked what did the doctor said, she took the pain killer immediately as the pain was unbearable as she has told me. Then she told doctor told to rest for couple a days as it seems a bad sprain and apply mild hot pack on the area, later once the pain subsides got to have regular walking to reduce the stiffness.
To that I replied, aunty you have to do all that for sure as the doctor said and do tell me if at all you need any help regarding anything cause u are alone most of the times so its tough but please do tell me, u can just give missed call on our land phone and I ll cum over if anything required. She was very happy hearing that , she added “ raj you are such a nice guy , you always impress me with your maturity and concern thanks I will keep it in mind, now I will talk to my husband and c if he can take leave cause it will be a huge help”
Those last words were ringing in my ear as I climbed back the stiars I realized I got to do something about this, she should feel more lonely and then only she will come closer to me, I thought as I climbed wat can I do when the idea stuck me, I went running to the tools drawer of my dad and then took a wire cutting plier, rushed to our balcony from where the telephone wires of both the floors have entered the house. I isolated our floor wire and with the plier wore of the wire one side which was of Ratna aunty’s floor, I was tensed excited about it, but then I knew I have had to do it. Once done like a innocent I went to my room and hoped that I wasn’t late in disconnecting the line, in five minutes my doubts were clarified when I heard Ratna aunty call my name from downstairs, I went down with a innocent face and asked yes aunty, need any help?. 
She said “please check na if telephone connection of your home is there or not cause my one went dead as I was talking to uncle and was about to tell bout the doctor saying bed rest for me as he took first five minutes telling about some office problem he has.
I was so happy that I was smart enough to correctly do the needful and now uncle won’t be able to share his wives sorrows. I gave a concerning look and ran up loitered in the balcony went and told aunty “our one is also dead guess they are repairing sum fault I will keep a vigil and if I see anyone will tell them u please take rest, and anything you want just let me know”. She was distressed and went inside without the regular smile I use to get, making me felt guilty in the corner of heart as I was being harsh but then the full heart of lust made me feel less guilty as I knew this is my stepping stone towards success.
The next day I had to go to college and tuitions kept me busy still I took some time out and went to Ratna aunty to find out where bouts of the pain she told pain has reduced but stiffnes is still there, and she needs to walk around a bit as well as put hot pack. The next day I bunked college as I had a different plan in mind and went back home, changed and went to see ratna aunty who just got over with cookig and bath and was relaxing on bed. Boy did she look so sexy in her open wet hair and the fragnance was quite a inviting. She was wearing salwar which was lil saddening as no flesh was seen , but still I had better plans in mind, so I started general talks and once wen asked bout leg she said it was still stiff, and she needed to walk which she is not able to , that was the point which iwas waiting for, I added promptly “aunty I spoke to my friends dad who is a sports physiotherapist and he told if we put hot pack and then massage the area followed by tying a crepe bandage in perfect v shape u will able to walk and that will result in relaxing of the muscle.”
Her expressions showed she was interested in the idea and then she asked the obvious question, “it’s alright Raj but it’s tough for me to massage properly all of my own na, and already the kids having to do all by themselves is too much pressure for them I don’t want to tell them to do all this for me.”
I replied quickly “aunty why you worry I am here rite I will do it, let me do now other days I will do it in the evening and you can cum to terrace and walk as I be with you so that you don’t fall and hurt yourself again.”

She was impressed by the idea, as she readily agreed and guess she was so irritated and wanted to become proper as she wasn’t able to do much work or help the children. She told me to get the hot pack after I returned with the crepe bandage I had as she had none, to add to her frustration I simple asked wat bout uncle, is he not coming, to that aunty reacted harshly and said, “men are such waste I am telling him I am struggling and look at him it seems he is stuck for this whole week with work not be able to make it.” I had a wicked smile as I realized this was wat I was waiting for to make my place in her mind. I asked where is the pain aunty to that she showed he right thigh and here was I slowly putting the pack and held it there as she gasped a bit but mostly due to comfort , after ten minutes I removed the pack and said aunty I will massage the area and then tie off the crepe bandage.
To that she was feeling little shy but then she had to bear with that as she was asked to walk by the doctor. I slowly started massaging the thigh just above the knee , a mild moan of pain came out and I asked aunty is it paining too much , to that she said no its better I am feeling comfortable. Helped by the encouragement I was happy and started to be as skillful as possible to relax of the muscle which seriously felt stiff, after sum 15 minutes of massaging with aunty lying quietly and I was restless and cautious that my hand doesn’t get to her cunt. To add to that there was turbulence inside my pants and I was already little drippy wet I could feel it as I my underwear stuck tightly. Still I tried to massage (rather I should say, feel) as much thigh I get to feel in the process. Once done massaging, I asked aunty have to tie the crepe bandage now, to that she said can u tie it off , I added with a smile but aunty u have to tie it inside I mean not over the cloth. She gave a look towards me which showed she was kind of irritated by the sentence. Immediately I managed by saying that’s why what I will do is aunty, I will tie it off and show u how to tie it once I leave u can tie it in same manner inside rit on that muscle area.
The prompt answer made her calm which I can make out from the eyes. And I readily took her leg on my lap and started tying off the bandage in a perfect V. Her feet was quite near to my tool (later I will tell what was her reaction to it) so I acted as if I never noticed that. I finished tying the bandage and said now it’s perfectly alright and you can change it off in the same manner in evening on your thigh and come upstairs with me to walk. She was very happy as she was feeling comfortable and told Raj u have been such a nice boy all this while and looked after me as I were your own aunt not a mere tenant.
To that I asked why you feel so you are not my own aunt, rather I must say you are like my very good friend and I respect that I could be with you when u needed the utmost help . so now c you in the evening aunty, take care, and I left to my room. Went straight to the bathroom and dropped my pants and shagged my dick to relief calling Ratna auntys name imagining her both thighs over my shoulder as I banged her like that day uncle was pounding her
Meanwhile the next day I had different idea, evening I went to the disconnected line and did sum patch up work so that now our home phone and Ratna auntys phone was in parallel connection. After doing that I dialed the self ringer number of Bsnl and both the phones rang together, moment Ratna aunty picked the phone I picked my one as if I called her and said aunty guess they fixed our lines, our phone is working so thought will inform you.(thanks those days land phones din had caller id facility). She sounded excited as evening only she told she could not speak to uncle after that day as she could not go out and all. So I knew now the first thing she will do is to call her hubby. And correctly she did so as I walked past her closed window I heard she talking, I ran upstairs and picked my receiver and here I was listening both of them talk which was quite exciting.
After 5 minutes of regular talks Ratna aunty informed uncle about the fact of spraining her right leg, and immediately complained in a strong voice
“Cause of you only I got this sprain, u came up with this idea of stretching my one leg and tying it to the window grill and u were so forceful in love making that day.”
To that uncle replied “ what to do a sex starved lady like my wife needs that rough only to be satisfied, don’t worry I will make sure I fuck u much harder once I am back next week jaanu” 
“no you wont get anything as u were not here to take care of me so I won’t let u have any pleasure this time” said aunty.
Uncle replied, “oh common I know your sexual urge u will keep urself ready and fit for me I know that and I have to pound u all the more heard wat u say?”
Aunty replied, “now don’t tease like that I am getting wet now itself and need that banana of yours”
They both din knew they have already got a teenager who has been quite influential in their lives, stroking his ‘banana’ on this talks as he was very happy to know how slutty a female he has got his eyes stuck on. I just madly was stoking it hearing my bitch Ratna speak this sexual talks for the first time.
She was telling uncle “why don’t you tell your mom to cum over and we both can Goa for our another honeymoon trip, u wanted to have with me in a beach view bungalow na where I can were those sexy two piece swim suites?”
God that really made me so much hornier I just could not imagine this female here will be such a slut. Just imagining she in bikini made me pour a huge load out spilling on the floor and all. Now I was wild I wanted this slut soon, I want her to be worshipping my ‘banana’
After they ended the conversation as I kept the phone I was liying on the bed thinking one notable point, During the hour long talk not once also Ratna aunty mentioned about me doing so much help for her and all that about doctor and massage and all the other stuffs. That was quite intriguing, there was storm in my head , has she started liking my presence and hiding it from her husband , or rather I am not at all worth a mention for her. I just could not make out what exactly this female was upto. What only she wanted, isn’t she noticing that past one month or so I have been so much caring for her and have been interacting more with her? Is she so blind or she is just keeping it under wraps.
Whole night I was wondering, I restored back the telephone lines cause I wasn’t sure of all the efforts I placed I am gonna get something in return or I will be just like a regular teen age guy who will shag on a female who is in total loyality and lust feel about her husband, who doesn’t even have any botheration about the fact that I exist in her life.
Couple of days went with that sad feel, Arjun as usual noted that sudden sadness in me, but how much ever a asshole he is, he does have all the ideas in him and god knows how he ended up talking so much matured thoughts, he readily caught that my “mission Ratna aunty” wasn’t going on track and he asked wats the progress like, I said I stare at her and she smiles thats bout it, nothing more.
Arjun said ,”dude you are not putting concentration enough on this issue, u have to give attention to gain her attention (as if the ass knew wat all only I have done)
Sulkily I asked him “what you would have done if you were in my shoes?”
Oh cum on man, said he “you have no idea, with the access u have I would have by now used my charming qualities and own her attention”
“I would have asked her to come out with me and made situations where I get to be touchy with her make her comfortable with my touch and stuff, would have gone to movie and praised her more than the actress u c woo her a lot” said Arjun. [the funny part being, all this great ideas only, a few years later, were used by me to get the great ‘Arjun babas’ mother on bed. All the acquintace with me and the outings shoppings made, the 45+ years aged mother of Arjun & Silvy, feel although she was many a miles away from her husband she was being admired so much by her sons closest buddy that she opened up with ease. The very ideas which her son use to preach were implemented on her like being touchy in shopping malls and asked to go for movies and drives in car even if her daughter wasn’t accompanying, gave her the feel of importance and wooed her so much that she went till extent of tasting hard drinks and like a slut opened up each one clothe to get her cunt used by the guy who is best buddy of the asshole who dropped to this world by that very opening of her slutty body]
Suddenly the sound of the TV broke my strings of imagination, madhuri was being abducted and she was shouting in top of the voice, I was not getting courage whether to keep on watching which was seriously a tough thing to do for a habituated shagger on such scenes, but still I tried not to react much keep massaging the thigh which was adding up in fueling the slow hardening of my manhood. Slowly I tried looking towards Ratna aunty and to my surprise I found she was kind off dozing off thanks to afternoon time and massage of my hands I guess, so tha eased the tension on me and it showed on my massaging performance my hands were moving much centrally where the thigh joins with the body, the excitement of the rape scene was adding more to my activity, and I was closely watching the scene as the hands were relentlessly rubbing on the things. Off went Madhuri’s duppatta exposing that famous waist and navel of her for which whole of India would be shagging on & on day and night. I was closely observing the navel of hers and in mind comparing with the goddeses navel whose thighs were getting massaged by me, and guess the goddess won the duel easily. That moment my hand was nearly rubbing the last end of the thigh’s inner aspect may be the side of the hand must have rubbed o the edges of her vaginal entrance, and as she woke with that sudden touch, she saw me literary drowned in the scene where the guy is tearing off Madhuri’s ear ring with his hand as she is naked on a water bath. 
The sudden jerk of her withdrawing her leg and a strong voice saying, “Raj, it would be better if you leave now” got me back to the stark reality and it didn’t take much time to realize that I have spilled cold water on all the ground I made all this days with the hard work I put and all the planning stops here. My touch while massaging and drooling perverted look on female depicted like getting brutally raped has made her realize my real nature that my caring and respectful nature is nothing but a cover up for my perverted mind. Still like a shameless I tried looking at her, being taken by surprise at her reaction, but her strong angry face showing literally disgust sipped out all courage of me and I just held my head down in shame and walked out, while climbing the stairs heard a loud thud of the door shutting behind me. Just an announcement that I am no more welcome in that floor. I walked to my room and just did not know what to do, how I will face Ratna aunty again, leave apart the fact of any intimacy. Everything just vanished in a flash of show of lust from my part.
Night was such hard to spend and all the failure was chasing me all night. Next morning I got up and went to college didn’t even look towards the door of Ratna aunty’s door. After getting back from college just felt for once to go and meet Ratna aunty but her door was closed, so could not dare to ring the door bell. The next day I took leave from college and I waited with baited breadth around 10 to have a glimpse of Ratna aunty leaving to drop her kid for college, once she left I felt that tickle in stomach, I wanted to go and find the albums of hers so that I could get a pic of her to shag my heart out probably the one of her below that waterfall. But the thought was little risky still I knew this is what I am gonna get nothing more than this. So slowly I went to our store room and climbed up the partition which separated our store room from their kitchen and landed in Ratna aunty’s kitchen space. From there I got to her bedroom, and first thing I noticed was her inner garment on the bed next to the night wear she wears to sleep. Quickly I flicked both the bra and panty in my pocket. Next I opened her wardrobe to find those albums, and got hold of three albums too, sat there and started quickly jutting through the pages, to quickly find the desired pic or at least something showing her assets. Finished two albums but there was no luck except for all the pics of kids birthdays and all sum family pics. The third album had one single pic of hers in a nice transparent sari and I quickly took that in my pocket and as I did that I heard lock of the main door open. My brain just got a jolt, and I didn’t knew what to do here I was standing in the bed room with those albums as the door was getting opened. Quickly I stuffed the albums inside and shut the door and ran into the next room so that I could rush out by climbing the partition but by then the door was open and Ratna aunty was in the drawing room. Now I was stuck, with her walking towards the bed room, I had to decide fast and so I did , I had no hope that I could cross and climb up the partition, so I decided to cross the room and go out by service door which was the best way out. I waited till ratna aunty came into bedroom and started to change he r saree and as she did I crossed the room to kitchen but my bad luck as ratna aunty was standing opposite to the mirror she saw the shadow and turned the back of me making the run, I rushed and opened the bolt of service door, when I heard Ratna aunty shouting “who is it?”, “who is there?”
Before she could come hastily as she was in her petticoat and blouse I was off the door climbed the boundary wall and from there jumped onto our floor window siding and then to our balcony. As I thought I just had narrow escape I could hear Ratna aunty shut the service door and then within next 5 minutes she was at our door calling my name “Raj are you there? Please come out”
I had stuffed the undergarments below the pillow of my bed by then but the pic was still in my pocket, I slowly walked out, there was Ratna aunty all red in anger and tesion staring at me, she was clad in a transparent thin saree with a V cut blouse exposing bit of her cleavage and lots of her waist and navel. I was staring at those and like a bullet came the question out of her mouth, “Raj what were you doing in my bedroom just now?”
I answered like a nerd “what are you talking aunty, why I will go there and moreover you were not there too, so how I would enter?”
“So you knew the fact that I was not there at home and that’s why u went there” shouted Ratna aunty 
I had never seen her in this angry manner, I just said “aunty you got it all wrong I didn’t go there and have no reason to go there, I don’t know what making you say so I added up in little high voice. Ratna aunty said “Shut up you I have caught u , you entered through your store and in haste you have left the door open, I thought you will admit and I could have overlooked the fact but here you are acting smart, so now I will talk to your parents”
That very sentence sent a chill through my spine and I as I saw her turning away and going I just said aunty, “I had went to keep this back aunty, telling this I slowly pulled out the picture of aunty in sari.” Ratna aunty turned and saw the pic in my hand and the next moment I felt a hard SLAP on my cheek and the pic fell from my hand, I knew I have made a mess of everything and thought being little truth full can save my ass at least with my parents if not with her. I was ready to lose the relation I built with her through hard work but not get these things in ears of my parents. She turned and was about to go , I just blurted out “aunty I am very much attracted to you, you just make me crazy and I am being frank with you I just can’t be lying any more, the curves of yours just drive me crazy aunty I go crazy seeing your waist and even right now my eyes are stuck there on your navel, she stopped , and I was all prepared for another couple of hard slaps this time on both cheeks and I just realized there wasn’t any other way out.
She turned and walked straight to me and the hand came out straight up. All this long I have been looking straight to her eyes but as the hand came up I was ready for more slaps but instead I felt the hand on my chest and strong push backwards stuffed me against the wall of my room entrance and next the thing happened which was the least ever I would have thought at that moment,(though dreamt a lot about it) Ratna aunty’s lips were on mine , those soft lips of her were nibbling on mine, and before I could touch her I felt the push of her tongue in my lips and I opened the lips and with a push her tongue was into my mouth. It was no more a mystery that she has fallen and I have to take control of her this is it, this is the moment I have been planning waiting and dreaming about. My hands were already on her curvy hips over the sari, and we both are now entangling our tongues licking each other’s lips and saliva was splashing from her to my mouth as we kissed and not even single sign to let go of each other. My right hand reached her hair, and with a thrust I shifted positions with her against the wall now and I was pushing her as I kissed and my hands were squeezing the hips relentlessly. Her breathe was getting heavier and heavier and she was literary panting, my wild lust was making me so high that I bite of lip a much harder that made her moan with pain and she pushed me, I just got pushed away from her, and she was gasping for air, and telling, “no, Raj it’s not right we should indulge in such things.”
I was already wild with passion after being kissed so lustily by a female so much matured and so hot as her, there was no stopping me, before she could make another move I was again glued to her now holding her both hands above her head against the wall with my left hand and the right hand was squeezing on the exposed mid riff of hers. My lips were on hers and now I was pushing my tongue on her lips to let in her mouth, she was hesitating but her hormones were flowing too and she again indulged herself in French kissing me, I could feel the rush of blood in my head I knew I have her now and was prepared to not let go of this situation I got her in, cause if she walked away from here I won’t get her back as for the guilt she will feel. So I decided I have to better than anything she would have experienced till now, and as I was thinking all this in my mind I realized Ratna auntie’s right hand was pushing me, she was giving a last try whatsoever to get me of her.
This evoked the lust in me to wild extent, and I did something which could have made the situation worst for me, without thinking anything, with the fear of losing the prey I have now in my grip, I slapped hard on Ratna aunties cheek and said, “Wat the fuck you think you are pushing me away for?.” The hand thudded on her fair cheek which turned red in a flash, she was stunned by that act of mine I held her hair and dragged her in my bed room heel kicked the door behind me, and next moment she was on the bed with her duppata falling down and I literary climbed on her and squeezed her cheek as I smooched her, she was still in a trance.
“Raj, yeh thik nahi hai Raj, please mai tumse itni badi hun,” she was uttering the words but wasn’t able to stop her lips responding to my kisses. I kissed and my hand was making its way on her exposed mid riff where for months I have been gazing and dreaming. “ Badi ho toh kya hua , tumhe kya feelings nahi ho sakte? Akeli rehti ho, tumhe iccha nahi ho sakta to be loved all the time?” said me as I ceased the kiss and my right hand was on her navel, fingering inside I slowly moved towards her mid riff. Here was the fair flesh with the magic whole which was the triggering factor of all the lust I got on her, and I had full access to it. I didn’t wanted to hurry I wanted to relish the moment. Slowly I licked with my tongue the endmost point of her blouse on the waist area licking the borders I reached the sides of her waist. As I my tongue drew a line of saliva down she was jerking and moaning, I went slowly to the level where the sari was tied and licking the skin on the border of their I moved centrally towards the most desired eyed part of her till now. As I reached just below the navel her waist was jerking like anything she was panting, I slowed my tongue all the more and now my fingers were playing on the sides of breast over the blouse and she was holding my hair tight. Slowly I reached the edges of her deep round navel, and then I started to slowly circle it with my tongue not going inside but on the sides of the navel she was pushing my head and jerkin shivering as never before. I saw goosebumps cuming on her skin I made quite many circles wetting the skin around quite a bit and then slowly pushed the tongue inside that sexy navel of my navel queen. “Aaahhh” she sounded with a moan, “Raj kya kar rahe ho, mai pagal ho jayungi” “aaahhh ohhhhhh…… Rraaajjj,” as I licked and caressed her navel with my tongue she was getting intoxicated, not moving, where was my fingers has reached the hooks of her blouse and off went one by one all three hooks.
Her black blouse was untied and inside was the black bra, a nice padded sort of, which were holding the breasts in such a way that a nice cleavage was seen in the V cut blouse. Made me realize she is one fashionable slut of a female. Her navel was wet totally with my saliva, now I shifted my gaze towards her breasts and whatever portion was exposed outside the bra, the cleavage started licking them slowly, her hands were all the time in my hair caressing them, for the first time now I felt her one hand pushing inside my tshirt on my back , her hands made me feel wild and I was all the more licking lustily on her exposed part of the breasts.as she was getting licked she moaned my name, “Raaj aur nahi raaaj baas karo, aur kitna aise mujhse kheloge Raaj”
I said “Aunty abhi toh maine apko pyaar karna shuru bhi nahi kiya, aise toh bina pyar kiye nahi chhod sakta na apko” her eyes lit up on hearing my words and she was tryiig to get up but as if she wasn’t left with any strength, by then I started to feel the saree of hers was too much a hindrance so with a pull I disrobed the tucked in saree and pushed in down with my leg, she was in petticoat and opened blouse. And now I wanted to see those heavy breasts of her for the first time and unleash my lust on them so I again indulged in kissing her as I pushed the blouse towards her hand but she was bit reluctant not letting me take it off so easily.
To that I just said “Ratna kya kar rahi hai , chalo nakhre mat dikhao,” hearing that aunt looked at me quite stunned , what has gotten into this boy has he gone crazy, before she could get over her stunned feel, I had pushed her blouse off , pulled out both breasts and put the bra strings down. Now I didn’t wanted to keep any more this fabrics on her so her petticoat also got robbed from her, now the only things on her were her bra which was of no use as breasts were out of it and the panty wich anyways was transparent lingerie type giving gud view of her shaved pussy walls. Once the breasts were realized from the bra they were waiting to serve my lust, and I started with soft licking of the areola which was mild brown in color topped by the lovely 5 rupee coin sized nipple, but I look time to lick the areola to which Ratna was continuously responding with moans of my name I loved that I wanted her to moan it all the time and she should obey my every order. Slowly I moved my tongue towards her nipple tip and meanwhile my fingers were rubbing once on her waist fingering her navel and slowly moving over her cunt on top of the panty. Slowly with one hand I squeezed one breast I took her pinkish brown nipple in my lip and holding with both the lips I started licking the tip of it with my tongue slowly and followed by sucking like a kid, by then my fingers were slowly encroaching the skin of her pussy by the sides of her panty. As I was sucking the other breast and nipples I could feel her hands were continuously moving on my bare back inside the t-shirt, I just separated a bit and took of my t-shirt and took one hand of hers and pushed it into my shorts I was wearing, first she was slow but once she reached my prick, she just gripped and with other hand held my head and started smooching me, as we smooched she withdraw her lips and feebly said “Raj kya yeh thik ho raha hai” , I knew she was totally in mood now this was simple formality question and I cleverly said, “Ratna tumhe agar jana hai ja sakti ho lekin abhi rukogi toh trust me, I will make you feel what I definitely know you won’t have experienced.” She looked towards me with questionable eyes, “tum mujhe naam se bula rahe ho Raaj,” I kissed her already red and swollen lips and said “kyu nahi aaj se I own you, u c. aab hath me leke rakhogi ya phir mere taraste lund ka kuch karogi bhi?”
To my surprise as if she was waiting for such and encouragement Ratna went rite on in between my legs pulled down my pant and undie in one pull and there appeared my hard long tool standing like qutub minar waiting to find its attention from Ratna my slut.
As Ratna got her first site on my well matured dick, I expected her to be little surprised and taken a back, but rather she like a slut said, “As I expected the dick of yours is exactly of those dimensions” to that I reacted “kya matlab? wat you mean you expected? “(so was she dreaming of things and ideas which I was wondering about all these days?)
The sluttiness of Ratna was surfacing slowly, “ You can’t hide a tent when you have a tool like that Raj” she said as she laid her head with her hot breath falling on my balls next to my dick and slowly caressing the foreskin, she added more “first day while you were massaging my leg I felt the hardness and was wondering if it was really that big so only wanted to be sure and so a day back I asked you to massage again and acted as if I was asleep to see your intentions, I felt very well your tool throbbing as your eyes were on Madhuri on hands on my thighs, kitne kamine ho tum mujhe tabhi pata chal gaya. Par chhti thi ke mai aone lust ke haton majboor hoke tumhe aisa mauka du, lekin tumne mera kya hall kar diya hai , chahke ke bhi control nahi ho raha”
Saying that the slut elements of Ratna aunty were on display as I laid she held my hard dick and spit some saliva right on the tip she let the saliva drip and followed with more spits, as she was caressing the saliva rolled all the way down to the base making my tool slippery and then came Ratna’s tongue first rit on the tip of my dick , fist time in my life I just felt a females tongue on my dick (the first of countless blow jobs I was to get as years passed), the feel was making me shiver as Ratna slowly pushed my dick rite up her mouth and her lips rounded and clutched quite near to the base of my cock. As she did that with other hand she was tightly gripping the base of the dick and slowly stroking the dick moved in and out of the mouth, and to my surpise her left hand slowly reached near my asshole and she was finger caressing their too, never I have felt such and I was exploding with precum which Ratna was gulping and sum was flushing out by the sides, soon I was in her control, I realized what a whore she is , she is gonna make my fisrt cum end up in her mouth, and I will surely do it at the speed and force with which she was sucking. As I moaned out “chuss randi Sali bahut tarpayi hai mujhe tuu chuss, tere sare cheedh aaj mai marunga, tu chickhe gi aaj mere bistar pe Sali randiyo ki raani” to that she smiled, and said pehle apna lund ka jharna toh rok kutte, and seriously she was rite with a jerk I felt my body was giving off I was about to cum for which Ratna wanted to take the dick out of her mouth, but I held her hair and thrust the dick way up nearly choking her and blasted my first load for a female all up her throat.As I unloaded all the cum and whatever was coming out Ratna my newly obtained slut was cleaning off, as if it were some yumm icecream. I like the view but I was far from already being done with my mast randi raani. I held her hair and got her to the pillow kissed her lips, and then went down and stripped of her panty, as I looked up Ratna was busy removing her bra, and seeing that I knew this bitch has mileage, she can take a lot, and now she is total slutty as she knows I can really own her and use her, but still I had lots to prove. So I got to work and moreover I wanted to unveil few truths out this bitch. So as I removed the panty which I felt was wet already I smelled a odour which was quite intoxicating, the smell of a juice dripping cunt, yes Ratna was already wet and wet like a pig, she was oozing, immediately I got my tongue to work, slowly separating those pussy cheeks, nibbling in them and Ratna marked her enjoyment with spreading her legs apart as I licked and licked more , the moans were getting loader and soon she was full of sounds and now I got my fingers to join this pussy quest, first one then two and followed by third the last to enter was my little finger in that sluts cunt with only my thumb left out, and I was busy with the tongue playing on the cunt, her heavy body was jerking she was moaning at top of the voice asking more and more, she was all lost in pleasure I was producing as I increased the space Ratna lifted up her hips in the air from bed and to my utter surprise a force of piss came gushing out with Ratna screaming “Raaaaaajjjjjjjjj oohhhh my cunttt…. Ohhh bharwe kutte chutiyyeee aaahhhh luut meri izzat aaj tu loot bol kya karu sale teri kuttiyaa hun mai , bandh ke raakh mujhe”
She squirted like one bitch and as she lifted her ass up to squirt out my dick was already bak to a hard on, and now is the moment with Ratna all ready to dance on my orders, I positioned myself between her legs and separated those thighs around my broad shoulders and with one thrust was into that juicy wet cunt of my bitch, my hard work has paid off, I am here losing my virginity with the women I lusted and that too who is double of my age, ohh what a feel I was thuddering against Ratnas hips and she was releasing one moan with every thud, begging me “aur jorse Raaj aur jorse kar mujhe bharwe, mat ruuk” . As I thumped hearing those appeals to be harsher I was enjoying it, and I asked Ratna, “toh saali tu mujhse jhut boli na ke tu stairs se gir gayi thi?”
“Aaahhh aahhhaaaa haaaan aahh hhaaa Haan I did … aaahhhh ooohhhh aaahhhhh uuuiii maaaaa aahhhh” was Ratna’s reply.
“Kya kiya tere pati ne tere sath haan ke teri jhang khich gayi? bandh diya tere ko?” I said, Ratna was little surprised and while getting drilled she was giving that questionable look that how I knew?
I said , “soch rahi hogi na mujhe kaise pata chala, saali, tere telephone ko maine hi chod diya tha, I said with hard thumps which literary were making her like fainting her hands and all were all energy less, “tere ko tere harramkhor pati se dur jo karna tha” Hearing that Ratna gave a stare, which I didn’t like that she is still trying be the sati savitri types, with the harsh thumps I planted two solid slaps on her cheeks again and said “ Saali madarchod kutti dekhti kya hai, tere pati se jyada aaraam mai dunga tujhe samjhi, bol ke accha kiya ke mera phone ka line cut diya tunne”
Ratna moaned and uttered aaccha kiya tune mera phone line disconnect karke as like nursery rhyme, she was fully in my control now. I stated pumping her nice and hard, ratna in her moans slwly asked,“condom nahi pehna hai andar mat dalna Raaajj ahh ahhh ahhba hhaaa”
Faattt came another slap, “Kiyu saali mere baccho ki maa nahi banna tere ko , apne patti ke hi legi sirf randijaat” Ratna moaning replied “ aahhha hhaaa nahi please mujhe aahh aaah nahi ma nahii banna aurr ahh ahb bass apni rakhel banake chood please aahhh aahh pleas Rajjj kutre,maachod,,,, maat daal aahh ahhh ahhh”Her face had that expression of immense pain as she had her eyes shut tight and eyebrows arched and moaning at top of her voice and again came a jet of squirt wetting my dick and spraying sum out on us too, I increased my tempo now, my long hard dick was going in and out slutty Ratna’s cunt now and froth was oozing out of her vagina and making my dick appear slimy with white substance, that was thick juice from her cunt. Ratna’s eyes were now wide open and she was moaning in a low voice as if begging to be shown sum mercy, 5-10 more mins passed, I started giving jerks to her, Ratna’s moans now became short cries begging “aahh poohhh ohh haannaahh cchodd de Raajjj aurr nahi hotta chhod baas karr ahhh ahh ahh phh Raaaj tere raandi banke rahungi jaise ahhhh ahh tu bole karungi ohhhh god.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh baass kaarrr Raaaj”
Suddenly she started moaning loudly and jerked her hips involuntarily, she was at her climax and her body was giving off falling apart she started biting my chest and licking my nipples hard as I humped her and her nails were driven right on my flesh of the shoulder and running them down putting scratch marks on my back and loud moan escaped as she cumed. A few minutes more and I with loud moans pushed my dick way in and after 4-5 pushes I pressed my entire hip against Ratnas & I spilled all my seeds into Ratnas vagina it was like she was marked as my slave for life, as while doing that last thrusting I planted a rough bite on her breast marking my teeth marks on her breast.
As I laid over her body which was motionless only her fast heart bit, she slowly uttered, “yeh kya kia Raaj itna sara andar hi dall diya, mujhe pata tak nahi ajj mere kya dates hai,” she was being sober, I caressed her hair as it fell in her face , said Ratna we made love with each other and it was all out of control, so we will see what happens , don’t worry I will be with you. Saying that smooched her deep and long. And then moving aside I turned her on side and slowly started licking her back biting slowly nibbling the back, then came at the sides of the waist and started smooching hard so much that red bite marks were there on the sides and gave about 3 -4 around the navel. Then moving down I reached to the round heavy as which was devoid of attention till now, but as I licked and smooched there too Ratna was moaning with pleasure, last I slowly moved licking to her feet. As I was licking separating the feet one by one I realized her asshole was quite wider than usual I would see in the porno models, it was like opened up maybe it’s a reflex due to so much pounding her cunt got. Ratna was all naked and getting worshipped by my tongue and slowly stroking my dick which already had discharged twice and now was paining literary as she lay naked. I looked at the watch, it was hitting 2.30. I remembered Ratna coming at around 10.45 or so, I was kind of surprised for last 3 and half hours or so I pounded this slutty bitch clueless of time.We both were tired and exhausted by then, so slowly ratna aunty got up dressing herself and asked me what are my plans for lunch? I said we can have together and on that she smiled, “well you are one smart fucker Raaj”. We had our lunch together and were talking less, when suddenly I asked Ratna aunty, “do you mind being my girl friend, aunty?” she broke into laughter on that question, she said, “you seem quite matured in bed but in social ways you are still a kid Raj, asking aged female to be your girl friend, and what I do being that?”
“We love each other as like boy-girl friend do,” and she said on hearing that, you mean to say, we have sex haan? “As u want to think ratna aunty, but I want us be together”. Done with lunch it was time for me to push off to my floor as anytime parents would return. I held Ratna aunty from back on her waist and kissed her and said “will catch you soon my hoty”.
All evening I was reliving those afternoon moments, the picture I had flicked I kept in my personal diary, as night fell, I was in bed but not getting sleep, my dick was itching for more of Ratna aunty, her mouth her cunt to serve me. I wanted more and more, I restlessly got up slowly went to drawing room to the phone dialed her number. It was night so I could hear the faint ring of the phone in her room, after some rings she picked up,
“Hello,” she said.
“Hello Ratna aunty, me Raaj,”
“What are doing Raaj calling me from your room on phone, what’s wrong? You know you scared me with ring so late its nearly 11,”
“Whatever time it is I need you right now darling”
She was stunned by my demand, slowly telling “what are you telling Raaj how it is possible your parents at home, my kids sleeping” 
I don’t know, I want to have you now and that means right now, so now you tell me where you want to get eaten by me?
“Raaj don’t be childish please, I can’t come now, please”
“I know Ratna you are equally feeling the urge so only you are also awake till now, and I m now going to terrace, will wait till you come up, rest is your wish” 
I kept the phone & slowly opened the main door lock and after relocking it from outside I went to the terrace, waiting. 15 minutes passed but there was no sign of Ratna aunty, I was thinking guess I was expecting too much as she ain’t so much mad or horny that she will take such risk, still I was hopeful about her coming. Another 5 minutes passed, I waited with bated breath and I suddenly heard someone coming to the terrace door, and to my delight it was my queen Ratna and she was clad in a sari, I rushed to Ratna aunty and hugged her, she was scared ans whishpered it aint safe here Raj, please try to understand and before she could tell anything more I locked my lips on her, she though hesitant returned the kiss and we were back again tasting each other’s mouth under the moon in the terrace. I was so horny my hands quickly slid in her bra and to my surprise there wasn’t any bra, which was such a gud feel to realize that Ratna aunty is equally excited. She was really excited as her hands were already in my boxers holding y dick in tight grip and she was give mild strokes.I literary ripped of the hooks of the blouse and released of the breasts, oh how sexy they looked under the moon, and I stuffed one in my mouth as Ratna aunty exhaled a moan. She said “plz Raaj plz lets go to my room, I ve prepared a bed on the floor on the drawing room u can have me there but please let’s move from here.” There was logic in her talks and thus we both tiptoed to her room which was already locked from inside to keep away the kids and as we entered there was no stopping each other, stripping of the clothes of our bodies. I stripped all from her body but by then Ratna was on her knees already my dick was in her mouth and now I was getting it she is was equally feeling lusty and horny as me. She was sucking now much harder and my dick was all wet, suddenly I realized if she goes at this speed I will cum again in her mouth rather I wanted to last. So I held her hair and made her crawl to the edge of nearby sofa. She was sitting on the floor and I made her lean her head on the sofa edge and then putting my both legs on both sides of her body, I instructed her to open her mouth and stuffed the dick of mine in her mouth and started mouth fucking her. She was helpless and getting choked with saliva drooling with each stroke in, flowing wetting her round boobs. Did that for sum 5 minutes and after that got her on the floor, started licking her cunt after spitting nicely and with my hands slowly caressed the thighs, and then it struck me the image of extra wide ass hole she has, slowly I started rimming her asshole borders. She jumped as like electric shock stuck. I slowly licked and rimmed the asshole as she turned on her waist after sum moments, then held her hair tight, made her on both hands and knees like a dog and with one jolt pushed in my dick onto her cunt. As I thrust my hard dick into her a mild awe came out of her mouth, I pulled her hair tight and pulled her towards me all the more and started humping. In response of the hard thump she was pushing her ass all the more against me. I released her hair once she was pushing her ass back and held her breasts for getting more thrusting grip and started pounding hard, which led her moan in a continuous trail, the whole room was filled with sounds of humping and “ahh ahh ahhh ahh ahh ahha hha aah aah ahh” moans. As I looked down her asshole was getting wide with every thump, I looked right down and spitted some saliva on the hole, and slowly started rimming the borders with my left hand thumb, and as Ratna moaned with pleasure with slow movement pushed my thumb in to the asshole.
She Was moaning quite hard now, she was in lot of pleasure, I spit more on her asshole area as my thumb was going smooth now, I slowly took the thumb little out at the borders and now pressed my right hand thumb at the border of the asshole and tried pushing that in too. She was screaming and I heard in midst of all moans, “Raaj gaand me mat kuch karo, kabhi nahi liya waha pe honeymoon ke bad, plzzz.”I replied “kutti, saali raandiyo ki raani, jhut kya bolti hai haaan, tera gaand ka chedd itna bada hai aur tu bolti hai liya nahi,” telling that I spanked hard on her ass, she shrilled with moan and cry. She knew there was no stopping me still she tried pushing me out of her cunt so that I stop fingering, moment I realized she is acting smart I pushed her head all the way down to the pillow, pulled her hands one after another to the back and as her ass was held high up due to the posture, her cunt was getting more pounding than usual. Once both the hands were back I reached for her fancy blouse which was nearby on the floor, and next moment her both hands were tied tightly behind her back with that, she tried telling something and I was not mood of hearing so her panty was put to use as I stuffed it in her mouth, with hands tied behind she could not resist neither she had any way to stop the drill which was going on her cunt, more or less she realized now she is gonna be used for my pleasure like a helpless whore and her ass hole is what going to be centre of all the pounding.
But I needed to expand the asshole more so I spit nicely on my index and middle finger of right hand and off they slid right into her ass, with stuffed panty also she sounded a heavy moan, she was trying to push the panty out with her tongue, but till the time she could tell anything third finger also entered her ass. All the outlet was getting frothy with saliva and mucous, I knew its expanded now, so out came my hard rod of her wet cunt and immediately I realized Ratna has urinated as water splashed on my thighs behind. And in no time one tight push and first half then another hard push made my dick enter substantially inside her tight ass.
“Kutte suuar, madarchod behenchod, harramkhorr…… ahhhhhhhh marrr gayiiiiii maaiiii haaramii ke pille,” the stuffed panty was out, she was in immense pain due to the forced entry, Randi Ratna was in her realy slutty avvtar, I knew no use putting the panty back instead, I held the arms of her tied hand and lifted her front body in air and the pounding of Ratna my slutty bitches ass started with sound of moist mucous and saliva rubbing against my dick and her ass skin. I said “sunn harramkhor raandi, basshya ki paidiash, aaj tera gaand mere itne dino ke joo pyas me tarsa hu usko mitayega, aab toh pregnanat hone ka dar bhi nahi, gaand toh arram se bhar sakta hun mere cum se.”Ratna was losing her sense, she murmured “Raaj mai teri hun, tu mujhe jaise chahe chod numyish karr, mai teri kutti slave hun, tu mera malik hai, baas mere lund ke bhuk ko mita te rehna, aahh ahhh ahh mere hosh kho rahi hun mai.” I pounded her ass for fifteen more minutes and poured the entire load in her ass, which rolled out as I took my dick out. Ratna layed like a tormented piece of flesh with hands tied behind and dripping sperms of her ass, she lay on her own wet piss, ( I really like to see a female like that, sply matured females) she was not moving I got up all sweaty, pushed her motionless body with my feet, she rolled on her back. Her eyes were closed saliva was drooling by sides. I sat on the adjacent sofa next to the bed on the floor which was makeshift molestation pit for my beloved Ratna aunty for past hour or so, I slow pushed my big toe finger in her mouth and without anything said she was sucking it and with other leg I was stamping on her breast and waist, pushing my fingers on her navel. I have conquered the first female body that too of this matured slut and here she lay obeying me like my pet bitch. What a feel ran through my spine, I am no more a virgin ongler teenage boy I am atleast better than arjun who preaches and here i have practically got this female double my age licking my feet like a obedient slave. I wished this scene Arjun could have seen (little did I knew, I will have much worse of a moment for Arjun to be associated with thanks to his dearest mother, when a few years down the lane she will be another feather to my hat as a HEAR BREAK KID, lying as like today Ratna the whore is right now.)
As I ordered Ratna to lick my feet all over which she slowly crawled up to do, I asked her, “Hopefully I need not motivate you to entertain me like this in further days as long as your cunt is usable.” All Ratna could do was nod her head in acceptance. That night two more times I screwed her and she cummed more than thrice in addition to the piss she did to wet her bed mattress, like her sons must be doing.
Ratna remained total enslaved entertainment for my dick for next two years in my hometown. She was one obedient bitch and did make me quite experienced about female body needs and reactions. Last one year she was a regular fuck for me as her husband had no chances to cum home (only once and twice a month) thanks to his transfer. After 2 years I had to move out for higher studies, Ratna moved for another rented house before two months I left my native for a decade or so to encounter many more sexual adventures. Thanks to regular ass pounding her heavy 36 ass went to measure of 38 and she always credits me for that. What I feel Ratna is the most obedient matured slave a teen age guy could get for losing his virginity and I was lucky to have her as first female body to entertain myself cause she boosted my confidence to such a level that there was no turning back.

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