Ratis Story

Its around 10.30 am in the morning. The maid has finished all the household chores and preparing to leave. Rati look at the maid. 

‘she is a bit slow today,- she thinks to herself.

The maid left around 10.45 . Rati closed the doors and slowly move towards the bedroom. She get her laptop from her drawer and kept it on the table. She turned it on. As it turned on she started browsing. But due to some unknown reason the net was not working today. Rati became a bit restless and check for the wireless connection. Its working fine but showing as limited access. May be some issue with the internet line. 

‘Damn. Why its not working now. Let me check with the internet guys’.

She got the number from her diary and call them. They confirmed that there is an issue and ask her to wait for one hour till they fix it. In frastruation she kept the diary in her cupboard and went to lie on the bed. Time is moving slowly. After a while she got up, went to the cupboard and get her old photo album and started to go through her old pics.

Her hand stopped at a particular pics. It was a pic which is 20 years ago. It showed her in a sleevless salwar with some of her friends. This picture remind her what a free spirited girl she was. It was a gift from one of her classmates and she wore it to college that day. 

‘What golden days were those. Wish I can get those days back’

Ratis memories start going backward till she was 16. For the first time she came to know what sex is all about from her married cousin and how good It felt. From that day onwards she started thinking more and more about sex but due to a conservative society and period she was never able to do anything. By the time she is 19 she got married to Abhishek. He became her man of dreams and she enjoyed the initial days a lot. They were like a inseparable couple. Soon she conceived and after a year karthik was in her lap. 

The responsibility of karthik and abhishek kept her busy. Abhsishek was a good husband and he kept her happy. He always satisfied her in normal sex but he was never experimental in bed. With time she suppressed her desires and started to compromise with her fantasies. But as time flew by karthik became more independent and once he started college she became more and more lonely. 
Seven years back they got a computer for household and an internet line. Soon Rati learned the basics of computers and browsing and started spending more of her free time on computer. The introduction of online chating opened a new window for her. Slowly slowly all her fantasies came back to her . She started fulfilling her fantasies with unknown persons through chat and roleplays. But she was always careful not to mix this with her real life. So everytime she deleted all the histories and cache before closing the computer. In this way she started living a dual life. She tried to convey her fantasies to abhishek but he simply joked and laughed about them. Frastruated from his behavior she never discussed these thing with him. She decided to utilize the free time she got from 11-5 for her fantasies and fulfill them online. 

Though Rati loved to became a slut and bitch online she always maintained a real good image in her real life. If needed she doesn’t open her online profile for weeks also. She maintained both the lifes so well that no one ever had any doubt on her. 

Rati looked at the clock hanging from the wall. Its around 11.30. 

‘God I missed almost two hours today’ . Thinking this she went to the kitchen and started having an early lunch. 

After lunch she is back to her laptop. She started the browser to check her mails. 

‘Good that its working now. Let me start my messanger. ‘

As soon she logged to the messanger many messages flashed on her screen. She carefully see the messages .

‘Hmmm, rakesh is online. May be I can have a play with him’

She replied:- “Hi rakesh”

“Hello my bitch , how are you ?”- Flashed the reply. 

“Rakesh , how many times I tell you not to call me a bitch. I am not a bitch darling”- Rati replied. 

“Well honey, you always enjoy when I call you bitch, so why you are acting decent now”

“Rakesh , I enjoy these only when I am excited. Please don’t call me bitch now. 

“Though Rati says all this but being called a bitch excites her. She always loved to tease her partners and want to listen more and more abuses.

“Ok darling”- says rakesh.

‘Idiot guy . Even after months doesn’t know what I want. But he is a good roleplayer and also young. Just 23. I love to be used by him. Hope he uses me well today’ Rati thought with a little bit of disappointment. 

“So what you have for me today darling? Where you want to take your Rati today and how you want to use me?”- Inquired Rati. 

“Well darling here is what I have in my mind…..?” and rajesh continued. 

As rakesh explained the whole scenario Ratis eyes became wide. Her nipples became erect and her cunt moistened with anticipation.

“WOW , what a lovely roleplay darling. Shall we start it right away ?”- Rati asked with excitement. 

“Yes sure what are we waiting for “

As the play progressed Rati became more and more excited. She started taking the pallu off her saree and let it fall aside. With excitement she started pressing her own boobs . 

“Oh rakesh , you are making me so excited “- She moans. 

Soon she freed her boobs from the blouse and bra and start pressing them and licking them. The nipples are erected to its full size and she started to lick them and biting them . The abuses, humiliations aroused her more with every passing minute. 

“wait a min darling” – Said Rati and rushed to the dressing table. She picked the hair brush and came back to the table. 

“Yes darling continue”- she replied back. 

As the play continued she started licking the hair brush handle as if she is licking a cock. She treated it as a real cock by licking and sucking it. She described each and everyway she is sucking the cock. 

Her hands went near her waist and start removing her saree form the petticoat. She looked at the watch. Good its 2 only.

’ I have 2 more hours to play’- sh think to herself as she removed the saree. 
Soon she removed her petticoat and started to play with her cunt in her panties using her fingures . 

‘God this feels so good. I wish Rakesh was here at ths moment doing this’- She wished in her excitement. 

In a swift moment her panties were out of her body and she was butt naked seating in a chair. The cold surface of the chair send a chill on her naked buttocks. She take the hair brush and insert it in her cunt and started fucking herself with it. 
“Oh rakesh, fuck me , fuck me hard. You have made me so excited” – She is geasping for breath as she said all these. Her other hand is typing replies to rakesh with difficulty. He also understood and continued his chating without waiting for her replies. 

As she reach near an orgasm her body started shivering. She continued her motions and after a while had a massive orgasm. She took the hair brush out and lick her cum as she continued chating.

‘This rakesh guy is good and he knows how to make me cum.’

They continued their play and she came thrice more during that play. She looked at the watch as she came for forth time. Its 4 PM. Time to stop the play. 

“Got to go rakesh darling. We will meet tomorrow”

Rakesh was well aware of her timings so he just said bye as Rati started closing the 
mesanger. After she closed the messanger she went ahead and removed the history and cache. 

‘Wow , what a play. He really got my fantasies today and played well,- Thought Rati as she went to the bathroom. 

After having a bath she came out and look at her clothes. She discarded the panties which were wet with her Juices and start wearing her clothes with a new panty. After fully clothed she went to the mirror and look at the hair brush which she has cleaned Just now. By five she is again back to her normal attire and ready to meet her family as a loving and decent housewife. 

At sharp 5.10 the bell rang contineously. Rati knew that her son karthik and Sanay are back from college. She started to walk downstairs with a smile in her face. She opened the door and look at her son karthik and his friend Sanjay.

“Come on guys”- Rati opened the doors as they both move inside.

After coming from college both Sanjay and karthik had their snacks and went off to the play ground. Everything was usual . After their usual things they returned to home. Sanjay was planning to stay at their home for the night. 

After their shower Karthik opened his laptop and started doing his assignment. Sanjay move near the modem and check the device he has placed near the modem. For his final college project he has chosen security as the topic and was developing a program to capture the packets. The device can capture the packets and replay it. For the first time he has connected it in home for testing. He logged into the device and check the packets it stored during the day.

As he starts looking an id catches his eye. “Darkdesireslut”.

‘Darkdesireslut. Who it can be?’- he thinks to himself 

‘Can it be karthik. I know he likes to do these shitty things. Creating gals ids and fooling guys. But the timestamp shoes that the messages are exchanged in daytime only. Who can it be ? Did someone logged into the wireless router and used our internet?’ 

The idea of rani can be such a slut in roleplays doesn’t occur to his mind. After all she is his loving aunty and he has never seen her doing anything indicent. 

‘Whoever it may be there is a bitch living nearby who has lots of desires. Lets findout who it is and make her my own bitch’- she thinks to himself as he note down details of the system. 

“Sanjay , will you be staying here beta ?”- Rati asked.

“Yes aunty I am staying here”- Replied Sanjay.

Sanjay started probing about the id “Darkdesireslut”. As he started probing it shows results of many fetish sites and roleplay blogs. As he started to browse them he came across the most erotic and fetish roleplays he has ever seen posted in the name of darkdesireslut. He came across many discussions where her fantasies were discussed and these things excited him to the core. 

‘what a bitch she is. I wish I could own this bitch’- he thought to herself. 

“Are you guys coming for dinner now or later”- asked Rati from kitchen. 

“We will come in 30 mins mom.”- said karthik 

“ok . tell me when you are ready”- Said Rati 

Rati went to his laptop and started it. She started youtube and searched for some dance videos and they started streaming. Dance is another passion for Rati. She used to be a good dancer but now all she does is watch the videos on youtube. 

As soon as the videos started downloading Sanjay see logs of it matching the computer details. 

‘Hmmm, she is watching youtube now. Lets find out who she is’.

Sanjay jammed the signals for the system. It effected Ratis streaming. 

‘Shit again internet issues.’- she says to herself.

“Karthik is net working fine for you?”-she shouted. 

“yes mom. Any issues with your system?”- he replied back 

“See I was watching youtube and it suddenly stopped. Can you look into it ?”- Rati says in a frastruated tone. ‘damn this internet guys. Initially they create issues in the morning and also now’

As soon as Sanjay heard youtube his head starts spinning. 

‘Can aunty be this darksireslut ? I cant believe that she is the one’- he thought to himself. 

“I am coming aunty”- shouted Sanjay. Karthik is relieved that at least he doesn’t have to leave his things in between. 

Sanjay Started moving to Ratis room which is upstairs. For the formalities he started checking her system but actually he was looking for the information he found on his logs. As he checks that he couldn’t believe his eyes. It’s the same system from where all these logs generated. 

‘Oh god, I cant believe this. Rati aunty is doing all these. Let me see again. I think I am doing a mistake here’- H thought to himself as he checked it again and again. 

Sanjay knew the answer but finding it hard to believe. His loving and caring aunty who is a housewife is a bitch inside. With heavy heart he rose from his place.

“Is everything ok Sanjay”- Rati asked. 

“Hmmm, aunty I think something is wrong. I will fix it tomorrow”-said Sanjay 

“Tomorrow? Cant you fix it now beta?”-Rati said with an anxious voice. ‘Seems 
I will miss all the fun tomorrow’. A thought come to her mind.. 

“Well aunty, I need to go somewhere now. I will fix it first thing in the morning.”- saying this Sanjay started to move. 

“What happened Sanjay”- Rani questioned. ‘Did he found out anything on my laptop.’ – this sheer thought send chills down her spine.

“Nothing aunty. Just got a message from one of my friend. He needs my help in his project”- said sanjay showing her the phone. 

Rati breathed in relief. ‘Thank god he didnt find anything.’

He didn’t say anything to anyone. He just rode his bike to his home. He was too disturbed to talk. Once he is at home he started thinking about it again. He has always loved and respected Rati as her own mother. She is an image of love and purity for him. But now he also know that she has a dark side also. What shall he do ? Shall he talk to her or just ignore the things and pretend as if nothing happened.

The more he try to pretend the more it started disturbing him. May be what she is doing wrong. May be he need to talk to her and take her out of it. He think about it for a while and decide that he has to talk to her and take her out of it. May be that’s what best for all of them.

Sanjay slept for one hour. As soon as he woke up th first thought that came to his mind is that of Rati. He just sit on his home system and logged into her account. He browsed through her mails and chat history. The more he browsed through it the more excited he became. Her fetish has no bound. Sanjay has seen many girls and mature woman in the fetish world but no one has fetish like her. Most of her fetish revolve around in the area of getting used and getting humiliated by young guys. His earlier decision went out of the window as he started reading her chats and mails. 

‘God she has maintained a diary also with her fetish ideas. Looks like I have discovered a real bitch here ’- thought Sanjay.

By the time he has finished all her chats and journals he has changed his mind. Since long he was looking for someone who has all the fetish that he found in her. 

‘I am going to change her from a decent housewife to a real bitch. A bitch who I will own and who will obey everything ,-Sanjay decided.

Within few hours Ratis image has changed in Sanjays mind. He started thinking about her as a bitch rather than his loving aunty and a decent housewife. 

‘I need to collect more evidences. If I confront her now she will easily deny that this account is not her account and I will loose the chance. To confront her I need more evidence than just this chats and histories.’- Sanjay said to himself. 

He planned on how to collect the evidences and a devilish grin appear on his lips . After eating some junk food he went to bed with thoughts of Rati.

Rati wake up early in the morning around 6 am. She was thinking about the last night. As usual Abhishek was tired and slept as soon as he had dinner. They didn’t have any sex since last one month and she has to sleep as a lonely person again. Rati has compromised with her situation and never complained about any of these. After leaving the bed she started working as a dutiful housewife and finish her morning routines and wait for the maid around 9 am. 

Sanjay came around 9 am. As he enters the household he sees Rati wearing a yellow color saree with matching blouse. He takes a closer look at her. For the first time he is seeing her outside of her decent imge. He started to guess the curves in her body and her structure. 

“ Hey what are you looking at ?”- Rati said with a smile.

“Nothing aunty , you are looking beautiful today in this yellow saree”- Said sanjay 

A smile came to Ratis face. Its long since anyone has given any compliment about her looks. She really felt good listening to this compliment from Sanjay. 

“Now stop flaterring me , ok “- She said with a mock anger. 

Sanjay just smiled. “Aunty your laptop was having issues right . Let me see it “ 

Rati was in a mental state that she will miss all the fun today but as soon as Sanjay ask for her laptop her face brightened. “oh yes sanjay . I will get it now “ –saying this she rush towards the bedroom. 

Sanjay worked on her laptop and does some changes. Then he gave the laptop back to her and say 

“It will work perfectly now aunty”.

“Oh thanks Sanjay.” She said as she move towards the kitchen thinking ‘Thanks to this poor kid I will have some fun today’

Sanjay look at her as she goes towards the kitchen swinging her ass. ‘What an ass she has got man. People will go crazy for her’- he thought 

“Sanjay finish your breakfast and go.”- Said rati from the kitchen busy in her work. 

“yeah sure aunty.”- Said Sanjay as he sits in the table. 

Sanjay hugged her goodbye before going to college. But unlike other days its not just a casual hug. He moved his hands all over her back while hugging her . After a while he left her and said “ Bye aunty”- and left for the college. 

Rati felt a difference in his hug. But she was not sure why he was doing it . ‘The way Sanjay hugged me today is a bit different from other days. Is he just dpressed or does he mean anything else? What the hell I am thinking about? He is my son and I am having other thoughts about him. Looks like my virtual relationships are effecting me’. She dismissed the thought as it comes to her mind. 

As usual after the maid leaves she had her lunch and started her laptop. Today it connected to the internet without and issues. Rati logged into her messanger, select a guy and messaged him. Slowly slowly she started her play. 

After four hours Rati is all exhausted and lying on the bed full of sweat. She had never cummed like this in her entire seven years play. ‘What happened to me today? How come I am so excited and aroused today even after hours of play ? Is it something has to do with Sanjays praise and his touches ?’

Though rati likes to be used by younger man the thought of Sanjay makes her feel guilty. ‘Hmmm, he is like my son and what am I thinking ? Am I becoming a sex crazed woman who can do anything ? No no this is wrong , I should stop thinking about him ’.

She dragged herself from the bed and went for the shower. The thoughts of today’s roleplay made her excite again and she again start touching herself and before she knew it she was fingering herself keeping her leg on the commode. 

“Ummmm, yes yes “- she moaned as she cum again. 

‘Its becoming too much for a day’ she thought as she dry herself using her towel. As she sit again in front of the mirror she looked at her body carefully. ‘Am I really beautiful ? Do I still have the body to attract anyone physically’. Her thoughts flow in her mind just like her hair brush flew smoothly in her hairs. 

‘Its time for kids to come’- she told herself and start wearing her clothes. She looked carefully in the mirror. No way her kids can tell anything from her looks. 

The bell rings. ‘Looks like they are back’. She threw the hair brush on the table and walk towards the door. The door bell rings again . 

“Comimg , coming , hold on for a minute “. She opened the door and see both of her kids smiling at her.

As soon as Sanjay Returned from college he went to karthiks room. From there he collected the logging device and keep it in his bag. He then came down to the dining table where Rati was serving food to karthik. He looked at her very carefully.
Rati was wearing a normal saree in a very decent and non glamorous manner. Full sleeve blouse and not an inch of her body was visible apart from her arms, hands and toes. 
‘She has became an expert in living a dual life’ – thought Sanjay to himself. Though he want to touch her and fondle her he restrain himself as it could raise doubt in her mind. It has become a game of chess for him and he doesn’t want to sacrifice her queen in a stupid move. He behaved like a good boy and finishes his food.
“Aunty I am going home.”- said Sanjay to Rati. 
“Its ok Sanjay . will you come for breakfast tomorrow morning beta?”- Asked Rati. Everything is as usual . 
“Not sure aunty. But I will come after college”- said Sanjay and started to leave. 
“Don’t be late for classes. See you tomorrow ‘- Said Karthik. 
“I wont”- said Sanjay and left the room. 
It took him almost an hour to reach his bunglow in the outskirts. This is a bunglow his dad has bought long ago but never used. Sanjay always had the key of this house. He opened the door and switch on the lights and AC. He then get his laptop and his logging device and started analyzing the logs collected on that day. 
Unknown to Rati ,Sanjay has installed a program in her laptop which records her through the webcam without her knowledge. Sanjay collected the recording and it shows a recording of almost 4 hrs. 
‘Hmm. She was on the sytem for a long time’- Thought Sanjay. 
The Screen first shows the room and then Ratis body in yellow Saree. As rati moved a bit far her face is shown in the screen. She was typing something in the keyboard. Slowly slowly she started stripping. Her saree goes down and she started pressing her boobs over her blouse and moaning some names . As the time increase her clothes started disappearing and her expression and monas become loud and clear . Soon it became very intense and her moans turned into screams. 
Involuntarily Sanjays hands went to her dick over his pants and he started massaging it. As ratis play became intense Sanjays massaging also grew propotionaly. He never liked to masturebate. With the amount of money and power he has he used to get all kind of bitches, sluts, whores, escorts for his pleasure but he had never seen anyone playing with herself in such an intensity. Its like as if she is in a complete different world. 
Rati was finguring herself with the hair brush with her eyes closed. She was real vocal about her desires. In that entire duration she has cummed thrice. By the time the tape is over Sanjay has also cummed in his pants. He closed the clip and rush towards the bathroom. 

Sanjay took a shower which relax him a bit. He ordered food and start thinking about his next step 
1) Shall he confront her with all the evidence
2) Shall he allow her to continue and confront her later
3) Shall he follow any other strategy .

Sanjay was thinking his options. For a moment he thought to seduce Rati . But he discarded the idea as seduction wont solve his purpose. He needed a slave bitch not a slut lover. Then he think about confronting her with all the evidences he has already collected. He carefully thought about this option. 

Since his chioldhood Rati has seen her as her son. He knows only the good side of Sanjay. Sanjay has hidden his dark side from everyone very tactfully. He is a member of many BDSM groups in the city and also a regular visitor to the shadow areas of the city. If he confronts Rati now she will never take her seriously. She will never believe that Sanjay can harm her or her family and Sanjay also knew that he couldn’t do that as harming Ratis Family or their reputation may backfire. May be she will agree to have sex with him but she will never unleash her bitchy side in front of him. For her to do that she has to know the dark and controlling side of Sanjay. Then only she will do everything . There has to be a fear of Sanjay in Ratis mind. Fear of the things that Sanjay can do. 

‘But how to create that fear in her mind ?’ – Thought Sanjay . 

The doorbell ring spend a shiver in his body. He was deeply in thought. He came back to the present world and open the door where the delivery boy was there with pizza. Sanjay paid him and turn back. He found his way. He smiled at himself and slowly move inside to have a hearty dinner.

The day started as usual in Rati household. Sanjay came in the morning for breakfast and after breakfast he went to college with karthik. He connected his device and synced it with his mobile so that he can watch the slut in real time in stead of checking her logs in the end of the day. Everything was normal. At 12 rati started her laptop and logged in. 

As soon as Rati logged in Sanjays mobile beeped. He see the message and then opened his application. Soon Ratis chat was seen on his mobile as it progresses. Sanjay knew whats going to happen next and excused himself from the class. He started to Ratis home with an envelope in hand. 

Rati was busy in her roleplay. Her clothes were aside and she was stark naked and pressing her boobs , licking them and biting them. Soon the play became intense and Rati started finguring herself with the help of the hair brush. As she was about to she heard the doorbell. 

‘Oh shit , who is at this moment’- Rati thought. She was in such an excited state that she was unable to stop her fingering or playing with her body. As she was about to concentrate on her pleasure the doorbell rang again, this time continuously. 

‘Oh god. Why is someone disturbing my pleasure. Must be some idiot who want to sell soap or detergent.’ – thought Rati but as the bell started ringing continuously she shouted” Wait a min , coming”. 

Reluctantly she stopped her roleplay and started wearing his clothes. The thought of the roleplay is still making her excited and her nipples are erect as pebbles. She put on her clothes, checked herself in the mirror and started moving towards the door with a heavy heart . As she started descending the stairs of her duplex the though of Savita Bhabhi and Bra salesman came to her mind. 

“What if it’s a Bra salesman like Savita bhabhi comics? Does it happen in real life or in comics only?’- A naughty smile came to her lips as these thoughts strike her mind. 

Sanjay was watching her play on his mobile and he knew that it will take her at least 5-10 mins to dress up and show on her doorstep. When the play didn’t stop at the first bell he started pressing the bell continuously. After a while the play stopped. He left the envelope on her doorstep as the play stopped and went away. 

Rati opened the door and surprised to find no one there. 

‘Whats this ? Is someone playing prank with me ? these kids now a days are going out of control’- she thought to herself as she was closing the door but something on the ground caught her eyes. Its aplain envelope. Rati picked that up and look around to find someone. 

‘How come this envelope is here? There is no one around, who put it here? And whats inside of it’- These thoughts come to her mind as she opned the envelope. 
Indise the envelope it’s just a plain paper. With curiosity Rati opened the latter. 

“Greetings Darkdesireslut. Hope you are having a good day”.

The paper dropped from Ratis hands. She again hurriedly picked it up from the ground and keep it inside her blouse. She started looking fanatically in all directions. 

‘How come someone knows my virtual life id. He even knows my address . How is this possible ? What if he tells abhishek and karthik?’

Thoughts are hitting like bricks on her face. The smile on her face is gone and she has turned pale in a moment. She stepped backwards and close the door. As soon as the door closes she sat on the nearest chair. Fear hit her mind and tears start flowing in her eyes. 

‘What if anyone comes to know about my virtual life? Will they be able to take it normally specially karthik and Sanjay . What will they think of me ?’ 

Rati started crying. The loneliness added to her misery. All kind of bad thoughts came to her mind. Her ruined family, relationships and other thing. 

‘Shall I delete my id ? But if I do I will loose all my 7 years of records or shall I talk to someone ? But who shall I talk to ? I cant talk to my family or friends , what will they think of me ? Anyone here who can help me ?’

Its almost 30 mins since Rati got the envelope. Her mind portrayed several options for her in these 30 mins which ranges from ruined life to suiside. Rati was not able to think properly and reason with anything.

The doorbell struck again. Rati almost jumped from her seat and rushed to the door. She opened the door in a hurry to see what it is again. 

“Hello Aunty”- said Sanjay with a smile. “What happened to you ? You are looking so tense?”.

“Sann..jjjjayyy, how come you are here at this time?”. Rati said with a stammering voice. 

“Oh I had few free periods so I came home early.”- he said as he entered the house took a water bottle from refrigerator and started drinking . 

“hmmmm, where is mmmm, mmmm, where is karthik”- Rati was stammering badly in her tension. 

“Oh he went to basketball practice. By the way what happened to you ? you are not in your senses”

Rati started composing herself quickly. “Oh nothing Sanjay. I was in deep sleep and wake up just now”- Rati tried hard to sound normal. “Would you like to drink anything?”.

“You are not here I think. See I already had water. “- Said Sanjay waving the water bottle in his hand. 

“Well I am asking for tea or coffee”- Rati tried to sound normal. But the sweat on her face and body and her pale face gave up her acting. 

“I will have coffee Aunty”- said Sanjay

“Ok”. Rati rushed to the kitchen. ‘Thank god he didn’t ask many things.’
Sanjay watched as Rati was moving to the kitchen. He show her tensed look and smiled. ‘ I am able to create a fear in her. All I need to do is intensify it.’- he thinks to herself. 

He followed her to the kitchen and sit on the kitchen platform. He watched her closely as she was preparing coffee. She was struggling to do this mundane activity. She prepared the coffee and gave it to him avoiding his looks and acting normal.

“Well aunty I think something is seriously wrong with you”- Said Sanjay . 

“Why Sanjay whats the matter?”. Asked Rati with a sinking heart. ‘Am I looking so terrible that he is pointing at me’.

“Well you actually put tea powder in stead of coffee and gave it to me without filtering”- said Sanjay with a smile. 

“Oh is it ? Let me have a look ?”- she snatched the cup from his hand and was looking for the tea filter.

“Relax aunty , I was only kidding. But you know you surely are tensed today”- Said Sanjay as he took the cup back. He controlled himself from touching her or doing anything stupid which could ruin his plan. 

“Its nothing Sanjay.”- Said Rati . 

“Ok. I think you can handle it “- Said Sanjay as he gave the empty cup to Rati. He didn’t want to dig further to raise any suspicion. 

“I am leaving aunty. Will come tomorrow morning”- Said Sanjay as he start for the door. He was well aware that loneliness will add to her misery only. He could see the effect in her mind.

“Okay Sanjay, bye “- Said rati. 

Rati wanted Sanjay to leave as early as possible. Once he is out she went to her bedroom , lie in the bed and started crying. ‘Who is this guy ? what he wants ’ The more she thought the more she is confused. She didn’t even login back or did anything on her laptop. As the time passed her son and husband joined her and she tried hard to be normal in their presence. But the thought of the envelope was striking her again and again and she lost in her world once abhishek went to sleep.

Rati was not able to sleep properly whole night. Her eyes were swollen by the morning and they form a dark circle under them. She was looking terrible. She avoided questions from both abhishek and karthik saying she was not well. Abhsishek volunteered to stay back and help her but she send him to office saying that she will go to a doctor by herself. 

Once she is alone the thought of the envelope came to her mind. She was not able to decide what to do. Whether to delete all her records or not. 

‘Whoever it is he didn’t made any demands till now. What does he want ? Why he is troubling me?’

Sanjay didn’t see Rati coming online. He anticipated that. He was also prepared for his next move. 

Rati was in her world when the door bell rings. She was too much in her thought to hear it. Sanjay who was not able to see her online knew the risk. But he knew where to hide incase she opens the door quickly. He went to his hiding place but nothing happened for next 10 mins. He was not sure whether she is in the house or not. He decided to call her cell. 

Rati was not able to hear the call also. As the call went unanswered Sanjay grew a bit impatient. He called her again. This time Rati was able to see the call and picked up her cell phone. 

‘Why is Sanjay calling me at this time?’- she thought as she picks the call. 

“Yes Sanjay”

“Aunty karthik was saying you are not well today. What happened ?”

“Ummm, nothing Sanjay . Just some headache “

“Ok. Aunty can u please check whether I have left my mobile charger there. I am not able to find it”. 

‘Whats wrong with these kids now a days . Leaving things here and there’. A sudden anger came to Ratis mind out of frastruation. 

“Ok Sanjay, I will have a look, cal me in 10 mins” 

“thanks aunty”- Sanjay disconnected the call as he became sure of her presence at home. He went from his hiding and called someone. 

The bell rings again after 30 mins. Rati rushed to the door and see a small child running away and found another envelope in her doorstep. 

“Hey you come here.What you did . Just dropped the envelope and ran away . You are the one who is doing it right “- Rati charged aggressively towards the kid. 

The kid got scared as she came near him. He froze because of the sudden show of anger by Rati. Rati came near him and said “Answer me , are you the one who is doing it. You did it yesterday also right”

The kid was about to cry. He said “ No , I did it just now only. A uncle gave me a chocolate to drop it here.” He said almost sobbing . 

“Uncle? How old is he? Is he alone or with someone? How did he came, car or bike? Have you ever seen him before?”- She was asking too many questions at once. 

“I have never seen him here aunty. He is having beard and wearing a spectacle.He came in a big bike gave me a chocolate and asked to drop this at your place.”- he stretched his hands to show her how big his bike is. “Can I go ?”. 

“Yes”- said rati as she moved towards her house. She opened the envelope once she is inside. It contained several letters. On the front page its saying – “Staying offline wont help you darkdesireslut. And from next time watch the bell. We don’t want anyone to find your little secret. Do we ?”

Attached with the paper was one of her nastiest roleplays. 

‘God. He knows that I am offline. He must be one in my friendlist and from nearby place only. I need to delete this id as soon as possible’. Rati rushed to her laptop and logged in to her id. 

Sanjay was watching his mobile for her return. He sees her online and was waiting patiently for her to do the next thing. ‘She will delete her id now and create another one’. He was predicting her next move. ‘once someone gets a taste of forbidden fruit its hard to control.’ 

As soon as Rati logged in many messages start popping on her screen. She was not in a mood to play today. She was busy writing her friends who knew was out of her city on a piece of paper. She left the guys who she suspect or was sure that they are from nearby places.She logged off as soon as she has noted down all her friends. She then deleted the id and breathed in relief. 

A smile came to her face. Well its so simple and she was getting tensed unnecessarily. She created another id “Slutqueen” and started adding her friends one by one. He choose a guy named Sameer and messaged him. 

‘Hi sameer’

‘hello who is this ? ‘

“Well its your darkdesireslut”

“What happened to your that id honey”

“Oh someone hacked it and I had to delete it dear”

“Shit these hackers are creating problem everyday”

“Ok forget them honey. I am in a mood for play and feeling horny. Can we forget all these things and play”- replied Rati.

“Sure Honey”. 

They started playing. All that was in Ratis mind was to relax and ths was her outlet to let out her emotions. As she was disturbed since yesterday she was much more aggressive than usual. She was literally biting her nipples and slapping her boobs and begging for more humiliation from her partner. Her partner a skilled roleplayer was providing her the exact thing. After 2 hrs play and several orgasms Rati was breathing heavily. Finally she is free from the jerk and enjoying her life again. 

Sanjay was watching the play. ‘Wow what a play’. He started admiring her partner. ‘Well its time now to shatter her beautiful dream of freedom’ Thought Sanjay. 

Ratis mobile beeped with the indication of an SMS. She was on her bed lying exhausted after the play. She stretched her hand and get her mobile and look at the message. 

Her happiness from the play vanished as she looked at the message. A sudden fear hit her. The message read :- “That was a hot play Slutqueen aka darkdesireslut”. 

The mobile slipped from her hand. ‘ Oh god please save me. This guy not only knows my number but also my new id. Who is this guy? Good that he send me an SMS . Let me call him and threaten him of police action’

Rati looked at the number. She was not able to believe her eyes. ‘How is it possible? Its showing my number in senders address.’ She checked the number again and again. Unmistakably it’s her number only. With every passing moment she felt more and more helpless. ‘Who is this guy and how come he is able to do all these things ? Moreover why is he doing it and what he wants?’

Rati kept the mobile on the bed. The mobile beeped again. A chill went down her spine when she hear the beep. She was too scared to pick the mobile. ‘God knows what message it is now’. She picked the mobile in trembling hands. 

“I have left an envelope at your doorsteps two hours back. Hope it doesn’t fall in wrong hands”

Drops of sweat started to form on Ratis face. She threw the mobile and pulled her saree and started wrapping it around her. She started running towards the door with the wrapped saree. Her heavy breasts were juggling with each of her steps. In a hurry she opened the door. There was nothing there. She froze there for a moment.

‘oh god who has taken it? Is it some mischivious kids who took it or is it someone from my known person. ‘ She started walking towards the gate in that condition. She was sweating all over and the fabric of saree stick with her skin due to the sweat. The outline of her boobs were clearly visible from the fabric of the saree. As she step forward her saree stuck with the door and she became aware of her situation. She turned around and literally run inside the house. 

Once inside she removed the saree and threw it on the floor and started running naked towards her bedroom upstairs. She needed to change her clothes before she can go and search for the envelope. She opened her wardrobe quickly and get a salwar kameez and bra. In a hurry she was wearing it when the mobile beeps again. 

‘What is it at this time? ‘- she was scared as well as frastruated. She opened the message and started reading it. 

“Relax bitch. There was no envelope at the door. I was just kidding.’

Ratis mind became a bit relaxed after reading this. She threw herself on the bed. 
‘What a saddist he is. He is Enjoying making me helpless. What does he really want ?’- asked Rati to herself. She was a bit relieved that her secret is not relieved in her known circle but simultaneously she is scared of these envelopes and messages. 

The biggest problem for her is that she was not able to talk to anyone regarding this. She was too afraid to loose her image and reputation as well as her family. 
The next day she was not online but another message came to her mobile to come online and chat. She was reluctant but she obeyed. She was not enjoying her chats anymore as the constant fear was always there in her mind. 

Days continued like this for almost a week. Every time Rati is alone the thought haunt her and she was always scared. Her ears was always at the bell or mobile though she was chatting online. Every time the bell rings or the mobile beeps a chill went through her spine. She found 2 more envelopes in the week and sometime some kid or salesman received her anger and frustration. 

Sanjay was watching her closely. After a week he saw her body shivering badly when a message beeped in her mobile. A smile come to his face. The second part of her strategy is executed properly. Now its time to execute the final part. 

It’s a week since the first envelope has reached her doorsteps. Ever since the incident , Rati is in constant fear. She was not able to concentrate anything. As per her fear she is coming online but not able to chat properly. 

‘What does he want. It’s a week and he just keep troubling me. No demands or nothing.’- no matter how hard rati thought she couldn’t figure out the motive behind her stalker.

Sanjay was at college. Since last one week he is controlling himself quiet well. He doesn’t want rati to suspect anything before he completely executes the plan. 

‘Time has come for next step’- he thought to himself as he sends a message to Ratis messanger. 

Rati show a message popped up in her chat id. 

‘Who is this now ? Oh seems someone new.’-She was in no mood to answering. She was about to close the chat window when she show it reads –“Hello darkdesireslut”

Immiiately Rati answered him . 

“How come u know my previuos id?’

“Well I know a lot more about you than you think. I know where you live and also your phone number “

“Are you the guy who is leaving envelopes at my door ?”

“You guessed it right”

“Who are you ? what you want ? Why are you troubling me like this “

“Why am I troubling you ? Well I am troubling you because I can. Rest all will be answered in good time.”

‘What you want ? Do you want money ? If you want money I can pay you.”- Typed rati in ahope that he may take some money and leave her alone. 

“I never do anything for money bitch.”

“Then what you want? Why you are trying to spoil my life?”- Rati is becoming impatient with each passing moment. 

“well I want to bring the bitch out. I want you to be the bitch you are in real life”.

“Please sir, I am not a bitch. I am a decent lady. And I don’t want to do anything in real life. I am happy with my present life”- said Rati trying to reson with him. 

“Well you may be but I am not. I need a bitch like you to control in real”

“I don’t want to be controlled in real life. You can control me in roleplays. I can do all you want but not in real.”- said Rati . She was real afraid as she learned his intensions. 

“well we will see . At present I want you to be the real bitch online as you used to be and mind it I can see all yoru chats as you are playing along”

“I cant play. I am afraid of you every moment”

“Well fear creats biggest depressions and depression creates biggest sluts. From now onwards I wil control your every move online. If you disobey you will face the consequences”

“ I cant , I cant , I cant”- replied Rati with some stubbornness

“Do you know what will happen if you say no to me ?”

“I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I want to remain free not controlled by some freak. I am a decent housewife and I want to separate my virtuial life with real one . So whatever you are saying I am saying no “- Typed Rati with anger. 

“Do you know yoru sons maild ids slut”

“Sons, who told you that I have sons? I just have a daughter. “ – Rati tried to deny things . 

Sanjay smiled. ‘She is playing with me. Let me teach her a lesson’.

“So Sanjay and karthik are not your sons. “

Rati didn’t know how to react. ‘God he knows my family details also. What am I going to do now.Let me deny him.’

“Sanjay and karthik, I don’t know them . Who are they ?”typed Rati .

“ Well then you wont have any issues if I send them some of your roleplays with yrou mobile number right. Guess what I send them the mail. May be they get some idea about you once they know what a slut you are. You can check their mails here is the username and password ”

“Hey please don’t do this . How come you know their ids and passwords? Who are you hacker ?”

“Does it matter ?All it matters to you is what I want ? And don’t lie to me ”

“ya.. i agree that karthik and sanjay are my son…i really love them. They shouldn’t know about these chat things.”- Rati is sweating badly as she knew that she is completely trapped.

“Then do as I say. The mails I have forwarded them is encrypted I will send the password if you don’t agree with me.”

“See this is my virtual fun. I don’t want to mix it with my real life. Many guys have give me this offer in past but I denied them all. I cant ruin my family life and my reputation for my fun. Please leave me .”- Rati is begging to this unknown guy to leave her on her condition. 

“Well I can assure two things 1- Your Family life will be protected and second your reputation will never be harmed. That I can assure you.”

‘He is assuring that my family life will be protected and my reputation wont be hampered. That sounds real good. Let me agree to this and know his identity. Then I will trap him and get free forever’- Rati said to herself. 

“Well I can agree with you one condition. I will do it for shorter period. If I don’t think its safe for me you will let me go. Is it ok with you ?”- rati tried to place a bargain with the unknown person. 

“Ok . we will do it for a week . If you like it we will go forward. But if you lie or hide anything you will face the consequences”

“Ok . now tell me what I have to do ?”- Asked Rati. She is real nervous about what next to come. 

Sanjay is happy that she is nearer to her surrender one step more. 

“Well for the time being I want you to be the slut online and play with your partners. You will get yoru instructions soon”. 

Rati has no way but to obey his commands. She pinged one of her friends and started playing her roleplays. The thought of someone watching her excites her more and more. As usual her plays end with multiple orgasms for her and after the play she lay exhausted on the bed waiting for her next instruction.

Nothing happened for next two days. After the second days of play Rati was in a dilemma. 

‘What does he really wants ? Does he really want what he says or he just want to watch me playing the roles? Well I am happy that he didn’t say anything for two days. Five more days and I will be free’.

Rati felt much more relaxed as the thought of freedom came to her mind. Her mobile beeped with a message.

“Come online”.

Rati again logged in her id. As soon as she logged in he see a message from the stranger. 

“Go and buy some condoms. Tomorrow morning prepare a iced dildo using the condoms and use it in stead of the hairbrush while playing. Am I clear bitch ?”.

“I cant prepare a ice dildo. I live with my family “- a sudden fear came to her mind that what if someone knows. 

“DO it or our agreement is over. And you know the consequences of breaking the deal”

Rati trembled with fear when he tell her about the consequences. She had no option but to agree. 

“Ok I will do it “.

“Good bitch now you will get your next instruction tomorrow”.

Rati in her life has never bought any condoms. Abhishek never used any. She tried to remember where she had seen the condoms. Definitely they are available in the chemist shops but going to a chemist shop and buying condoms is out of question for her. Then it strike to her that condoms are also available in super markets. She started wearing a salwar kameez to go to the super market. 

She lock the doors and gave the key to her neighbor. Then she informed Sanjay and karthik that she wont be available for next two hours and went to the supermarket. 

‘I cant just buy condoms. What if someone sees me only with a pack of condoms. What will they think’- thoughts came to ratis mind.

She got a basket and started buying unnecessary things like juice, biscuit and ice cream. Though she was buying all these items her eye was fixed on the place where they have kept the condoms.

‘Why those idiots have kept it near the counter ? Its so embaressing to go there and pick a pack of condoms. ‘

She was waiting for the place to be deserted. After moving for half an hour she went to the shelf and put a pack of condoms in her basket. As soon as she turned around she sees a guy of 25-2 6 smiling at her. 

Rati wished the earth to shatter and absorbed her. She was so embarrassed looking at the guy. She just put her head down and run towards the counter. She emptied her basket at the counter and tried to avoid eye contact with him. The salesman at the counter start making her bill. He looks at the condom packet and then look at her and smiled. The simple smile make Ratis heart sink. She felt humiliated like never before. 

Though she was humiliated many times in her roleplays in various situations, these simple smiles from strangers are making her feel humiliated like never before. She simply ran away after paying the bill hiding from everyone.

Around 2pm next day rati checked the freezer compartment of her refrigerator. With some difficulty she was able to make an iced dildo. Though yesterdays event humiliated her a lot but it excited her at the same time. She was wet when she came home and she excused herself to the bathroom with her favourite hairbrush. 

She started her play with the iced dildo by her side. Soon she get herself relieved from all her clothes and touch her nipples with the artificial cock. The touch of ice on her nipples send a chill to her spine but it excited her also like never before. Her nipples start to get erected. Soon they are hard like never before. 

Rati took the dildo near her cunt. The touch was a special one as its made of ice and cold. By the time she touch the dildo in her cunt she was all wet with anticipation. She slowly shoved it into her cunt. The ice started to melt within her warm cunt and she started moving her hand very rapidly. She was so excited that she almost fell from the chair while fucking her cunt with the iced dildo. She came massively on that day. 

Rati knew that her stalker was watching her plays. After she came she was just waiting for the stranger to message her. 

“how was your experience slut? You can call me master.”

“Well master it was both humiliating and exciting. I was never humiliated like this before. “

“You always enjoyed humiliation didn’t you bitch.”

“Yes master, the humiliation turned me more and more and I came home and fucked myself with the hair brush. IT was a great experience master”- Said rati with excitement.

‘I wish I could have him in my life before. I have missed so much fun for my silly fears”- she tells to herself. 

“Good that you enjoyed. Here is your next task……”

Rati waited with anxiety for her next task. 

“You will go to the mall and masturbate in any of the garment shops changing room. Choose yoru time and place wisely so that you can perform it. After masturbation you will leave your panty there and come home”.

“What ? masturbation in a changing room. I cant do it. I am not that cheap” – A sudden anger came to Ratis mind. 

“Well you know the consequences of your disobedience slut. Your family life and reputation Is in ur hands. I want the task to be executed by tomorrow. So you have time till tomorrow to execute it.”

The message stopped there …..

Rati was too tensed after getting the message.

‘What does he mean by masturbating in the garment shop changing room? How can one even think about it ? As if they kept a separate room with label masturbating room. I can’t do this. It’s not possible by me.’

She was not online the next day. She knew if she came online he will definitely know that she is home. So she just went to the nearest mall and roam around. The big garment showrooms caught her eye and she went and checked the trial rooms there. Some has a stool or chair in it and spacious. Though the idea of masturbating in such a trial room excites her but she didn’t have the courage to execute it. What of someone hears her moans or catches her in the act. She also had rumors that these trial rooms have two way mirrors in which they monitor the activity of girls. This doesn’t seem safe to her and she decided to lie to her master rather than executing the task. 

She came home and as soon as she came home she went online. Sanjay was waiting for her to come online. As soon as he saw her he send a message . 

“Hello my bitch. Did you execute the task?”.

“uMMM, yes master I did it.”- Rati lied to her master. 

“Well how was the experience and where you executed the task.”

“Well master I went to this showroom XXX and found an empty trial room. I took some of the clothes with me for trial. I put them there and masturbated in the trial room master. I was scared and excited at the same time. But I enjoyed the moment master”- rati was saying all this from a similar roleplay she executed where her partner fucked her in an imaginary bars toilet. 

“Good. Now that you are being a good slut I want to reward you”

‘Reward? What reward he can give me. Its an online thing. Anyway let me see what he says. May be he can free me.’- Ratis heart beat increased when she heard of the reward. 

“Well , I have just rewarded you bitch. I sent your roleplays with your mobile number to your sons”

“What ?”- rati jumped from her seat. “Why you did that . I obeyed whatever you said and you sent all those details to my sons. Why are you doing this ? what will they think about me? You ruined my life “

“Stop acting you fucking lying bitch. I know you didn’t execute my task. Don’t you think I am keeping an eye on you? You went to the mall but you never masturebated in the trial room. This is yoru punishment for lying whore. “

‘How come he knew what I did? Is he following me ? He says that he is keeping an eye on me. That means he must be following me. Oh god , what have he done. How come I ever be free ffrom him ?’-Sudden fear grabbed Rati. 

“Master I am telling you the trust. Please believe me I did exactly what you said. Please don’t ruin my life”-Rati begged. 

“Again lie bitch. I don’t like liars. So go and fuck yourself”

Rati knew there is no other way to confess .

“master I couldn’t do it. I was too scared. Please forgive me , please give me a chance again. I will do it master, Plese forgive this lying bitch”- she typed in desperession. 

Sanjay calculated his options. He need to give her a chance but he also need to teach her a lesson. He was thinking on how to do it. 

“master please. Please let me give another chance. I will do anything you say “- Rati begged.

Sanjay smiled. She is surrendering slowly. 

“Here is what you have to do. You have to execute the task again in the same showroom tomorrow and as per now get yoru fucking hair brush and hit your boobs 25 times each and send me a pic of it in this mail id xxxxx@xxxxx.com

“But master I cant send a nude pic of me. I am afraid”

“I am not asking your face pics you dumb whore. I am asking for the pics of your boobs. Send it or else our deal is off. I am giving you 30 mins. I am deleting the mails from yoru sons ids and if I don’t get the picture in 30 mins I am sending the mail again.”

Rati was scared.Is someone following her everywhere she goes. That must be the case or else how did he know all the details. She felt like more trapped in his plan. Reluctantly she removed her saree from her pallu and let it fall. Rati always enjoys being a bitch but not a pain slut. She cant tolerate much pain. But he had left him with no option. Rati couldn’t dare to disobey him. After taking off the blouse and bra she took the hair brush in hand and looked at her heavy breasts. 

“Aeeeeeeeee”- the sound came from Ratis mouth as the brush hit her left boob. Its much more painful then she has anticipated. Her hands started to tremble before the next blow. 

‘Shall I just send a pic like this of my boobs.’ 

But she is also afraid that he will know the truth as the single hit has put a red mark on her fair colored boob. Without marks he will clearly know that she is lying. 

With much reluctance Rati raise the hair brush again and put blow after blow to her boobs. Tears start rolling from her eyes with each blow. Her boobs are in immense pain. She bite her lips to bear the pain. After 15 mins both of her boobs were red and tears was flowing constantly from her eyes. 

She took a picture of her boobs and send it to the mentioned mail id. Now she is waiting anxiously for the message from her master. 

The pain made her cry but it made her wet also. Rati couldn’t believe to herself that with each blow she was getting more and more excited and wet. 

‘Is it the pain that’s making me excited or is it my helplessness?’- Rati was not able to decide which was her driving force. 

“Well done slut. I am happy with you. Now execute the task tomorrow and report”

Rati took a breath of relief. Somewhere deep down a happiness spread over her heart as she was able to make his master happy. She was too tired to do anything for the moment and lied down on the bed exhausted. Her eyes and body were tired and in no time she fall into a deep sleep.

Rati left home around 11am. The garment showroom was 30 mins drive. She was driving the car at a speed of 30 kms/hr. The words from her unknown master is still fresh in her mind. 

‘Don’t you think I am keeping an eye on you?’

Every other second she was looking in the rearview mirror to find whether anyone is following her or not. But she was not able to see any suspicious activities. She reached the mall and drove her car to the parking. She just sit inside her car for 15 mins to see if anyone has followed her. But no one was at sight. Three cars pulled up in the parking lot after her but the occupants just left for the mall as soon as they park the car. With a heavy heart she get down and went near the lift. 

As soon as she reach near the lift a guy in his early thirties come and stood behind her. Rati turned her head and he smiled at her.

‘Is he the guy I am looking for? ‘- a sudden thought come to her mind.

He turned again and look at him carefully. He again smiled at him. 

‘Why is he smiling so much looking at me ?’- she thought to herself. Then she had an sudden realization. 

‘If he is the guy then he must have known why I am here. May be that’s why he is laughing at me.’ 

Rati felt deeply humiliated with his smiles. The lift door opens and she was in a dilemma whether to go in the lift with that guy or not. Thinking for a second she just gave him the way. The guy went to the lift and looked at her with questioning eyes .

“Are you coming madam?”- He asked. 

“ummm, no I have some work. You please carry on”. 
The guy again smiled at him and press the lift button. The lift door closed and he disappeared from her view. 

‘Thank god. Its not him. Its just my imagination’-thought Rati. 

She took the next lift and went to the showroom. Today she was afraid of anyone who is looking at her and even a small smile from anyone is humiliating her. She was not able to identify anyone who is keeping track of her so she is suspecting everyone and scared of them.

She reached the showroom and entered inside. She straight went to the womens casual section. She knew she had to take something with her if she had to enter the trial room. Being a working day and that too 12 am there are too few people in the showroom. So eachand every salesman and salesgirls eyes were on her. She felt like a thief who has entered in a shop and all the guys are checking on her. 

She took 3-4 tee shirts and start looking for a trial room. The raw of trial rooms in the corner look safer to her. She went inside a cabin and locked it . She checked the lock thrice to make sure its locked properly. 

Rati looked at the locked cabin carefully. It’s a small tiral room around 3*3 feet and it had a small stool at the corner. 

‘Good they had something on which I can sit’ 

Rati started to undress her saree. She doesn’t want any signs on her saree. She removes the saree and put it in the hanger. She sat silently on the stool. 

‘How can I masturbate when I am so tense and scared?’

But the thought of someone might have an eye on her and the consequences of not doing the task force her to think otherwise. She slowly started lifting her petticoat. She get her hands under the petticoat and down her panties till her knees. 

She slowly started touching her pussy thinking about some roleplays. As she start thinking about it she can feel the wetness in her cunt. The fear is slowly getiing replaced by excitement and pleasure. She opened her blouse and bra and was pressing her boobs as one hand was working on her pussy. She started moaning slowly.

All of a sudden there is a sudden loud noise and Rati literally jumped from her stool. She lost her balance and fell down in that small trial room. Someone was trying to open the door.

“oh god please no , not at this moment’-she prayed fanatically.

The person tried to open the door for sometime but as its locked he went to the next vacant cabin. 

Rati breathed a sigh of relief. This incident frightened her very much. She lift her petticoat and sit on the stool. She can feel the cold metal on her bare ass. Her breathing slowly became normal. 

Rati was seating like a statue. With fear she can feel the excitement also. The thought of someone catching her masturbating in a trial room makes her more excited and wet and she started touching her pussy and boobs again. Soon she was lost in her pleasure and cum heavily in that small trial room. 

As soon as she cum, she started wearing her dresses properly. She left her panty below the stool and get the clothes she bring their for trial. After checking herself she opened the door of the trial room and start to walking slowly towards the exit. 

As she was walking from the trial room she saw a guy entering the trial room. 

‘Oh god , my panty is still there with all my cum. If he sees it what will he think?’

Her pace increased and she started walking rapidly towards the door. She can see a salesgirl talking over the phone and looking at her and smiling. 

‘Is she reporting about me?’ .This mere thought made her feel very small and cheap in front of the salesgirl. She avoided eye contact with her and moved past her with some quick steps. 

Rati was seating in her car in the parking lot. She recalled all the events that happened in the store. She thought of the guy discovering her panty and imagined his reaction. This brought smile on her face as she start the car.

The incident played in Ratis mind as if it was a recorded video. She was seating in front of her laptop in the comfort of her house. Every time she thought about the incident she became more and more wet. 

‘Wow what an adventure.’- She thought to herself. 

‘Whoever this gguy is he knows how to control and excite me. May be my all chat histories have given him that idea.’-She thought. 

She was excited like a teenager who experienced something new and was eagerly waiting for the message. Around 3 pm the message came.

“Hello bitch, did you executed the task”

Ratis joy had no bound as she saw the message. With al excitement she typed.

“Yes master. I did it”

“Well explain in detail”

Rati started describing the events starting from her leaving the house till she is back in detail. As she was typing her hands went to her cunt which was leaking like anything. The satisfaction of obeying the orders to the core and doing something humiliating in public has aroused her to her maximum. As she finished explaining her events she started to cumm.

“Well done. I am proud of you my bitch”

“Thank you master”- said Rati. 

“Ummmm, master one request.”

“Yes , go on”.

“Master I will execute all your tasks but please don’t let anyone follow me. I am in constant fear that someone is watching me and following me”

“Well no one was following you. I didn’t appoint anyone to keep an eye on you “

This information was shocking to Rati. 

“Then how you know that I was lying yesterday”

“Well its from your explanation. The way you describe things. Anyway I have given you commitment that I wont reveal your identity to anyone and I am keeping my commitment. Till now no one knows who you are except me”

Rati doesn’t know how to react to this sentence. At one hand she was relieved that he didn’t tell anyone about her and on the other hand she was thinking about her fear of every unknown person. Slowly she starts to respect the unknown guy. 

‘This guy seems to be committed to keep my identity secret. I think its safe to make him my master’- She said to herself. 

“Ummmm, Master can I say something “- Typed rati.

“yes you can “

“Master you have given me seven days to decide about surrendering to you. Today is the fifth day and I have made my decision”

“Ok . That’s nice. What is the decision”

“Master I want to surrender to you, but please don’t reveal my identity to anyone”

“I am glad that you have decided to surrender. Don’t tell me my responsibility . As a master its my responsibility to protect your family life and your reputation, provided you do as you are told”

“Yes master I am ready and I will do anything you say”- Says Rati. 

The assurance of protecting her identity has opened many possibilities in Ratis mind. She started thinking how wonderful it will be leaving her fetishes and fantasies. Little does she know what Sanjay has in mind for her. 

Sanjay disconnected the chat with a satisfactory smile. His plan was working perfectly. He had brought Rati to a point where she is ready to surrender to his master. The basketball hit his face as he was keeping the phone in his pocket. 

‘Hey you lazy asshole. Come to the court”- Shouted Karthik. 

“I will show you who the real lazy asshole is “- Sanjay shouted back as he jumped to the court with the basketball in hand.

The day passed quickly and the family members gather all around Rati. She was very happy today and humming her favorite songs. Sanjay mark these minute changes in her and knew that she is really happy as she found a way to fulfill her fantasies. Even abhishek marked the changes and asked about it. Rati just blushed and diverted the topic as eh doesn’t want anyone to dig deep about it.

‘The time has come to confront the bitch’- Sanjay thought to himself and made a plan for tomorrows activities. 

Rati sat on front of her laptop dressed in just in her blouse and petticoat. She has removed the saree and blouse and waiting in anticipation for her next instruction. 

The door bell rang. 

‘May be another envelope with instructions’- Rati thought to herself as she ran towards the door. 

She was about to open the door suddenly one thought came to her mind. She looked through the door hole and saw Sanjay standing there. Automatically her hands went to hiding her boobs over blouse and she ran inside to get dressed properly. 

Sanjay was hitting the bell continuously. It took Rati 10 mins to come and open the door. 

“Where were you aunty? I was hitting the bell continuously”- Said Sanjay as he move past her and went inside. 

“Umm , I was having my bath Sanjay “- said Rati . She was clearly disaapointed with him as he invaded her private time. 

“how come you are here Sanjay? Don’t you have any classes today ?”- asked Rati.

“Well I don’t like the classes so just came and also I had something to show you “- said Sanjay as he was busy connecting the TV to his laptop. 

“What is this now Sanjay? What you have to show me ?”- said Rati a little Irritated.
‘maybe some stupid bike race from you tube video he has downloaded . I am missing my plays today ‘

Rati sat on the sofa and started watching the video. Sanjay started playing the video he has captured using her hacked webcam. Rati sees the video of her room . 

“When did you took it Sanjay. And the camera angel also looks funny.Why don’t you show me later I am having a headache and want to sleep.”- Says Rati as she looks her room in the video. ‘once I am in room at least I can have some roleplays.’-she thought to herself 

“Wait aunty the fun part will begin.”- says sanjay and he fast forward the video to a certain point. 

What rati saw next hit her like a 1000 volt current. She was sitting in the chair naked and masturebating using her hair brush. Her jaw dropped and her head started to spin. 

‘God he has recorded me secretly and sent the video to sanjay. Who else did he send it ? Did he send it to karthik and abhishek also ?’- thoughts come to her mind

“Sanjay Please stop it. From where you got this video? Please stop it Sanjay , I cant see it’- shouted Rati. 

“well it looks like fun isn’t it aunty or shall I call darkdesireslut or slutqueen?’- said Sanjay without loosing his cool.

‘God he knows about my ids also. That basatard had sent everything to him and I was about to surrender to him. May he rot in hell’ Rati thought to herself. 

“What are you saying Sanjay, darkdesireslut and slutqueen , what are they ? From where you get these things ?’-said Rati to Sanjay. 

“I know all about you darkdesireslut and you are still not able to understand . It was me who was controlling you online . Your online master .”- Sanjay said.

This was another shock for Rati. She never imagined in her dreams that Sanjay was controlling her and made her do stuffs. 

Tears start rolling down her cheeks continuously. 

‘Shit I am caught by Sanjay doing all the stuff. What a shame.” Her heart was beating rapidly and she started running towards her bed and lie on it and start crying.

Sanjay followed her to her bedroom. She sat besides her . 

“well why are you crying slut ? You always enjoyed being a slut , isn’t it ?”

Rati started weeping more. “No Sanjay please don’t talk to me like that. I am like your mom , and you are my sweet son. Please don’t be rude to me. Is it a sin to have some fun online beta”.

“Don’t give me logic slut. I know you have enjoyed doing things outside of home also. You even masturbated in a garment showroom and enjoyed it like anything. You are a slut in housewife clothes. My deal still holds good. Obey me or you will face the consequences.”

‘Face the consequence. Well he is surely talking like him. He is the same guy ‘ – rati started to believe that Sanjay is her online controller but the shame of being 
controlled and doing humiliating stuffs for a guy who he consider as son is killing her . The decent lady is taking in charge and denying all the things. 

“Please forgive me Sanjay , I will not do anything like this in future. Please leave me I am like your mom , I cant be what you want me to be and also you promised me that you will not ruin my family life.”- said rati crying. 

“Well I am still true to my word. Your family life is still intact. The secret is between you and me only “

“Well beta you are also a part of this family na. I never differentiated between you and karthik, did I ? I really did a big sin please forgive me and forget it beta”.

“Well Every sin has a price and for this sin you will pay a price which you are gonna enjoy. Now its your decision whether to be a homely lady for all and a bitch for or be next internet sensation. By the way I will modify the video and send it to uncle, karthik and all your friends with you moaning my name while in heat . Then it will be really fun to see how you explain it to uncle and karthik.” Sanjays voice was as cold as ice and his face was total emotionless. 

Ratis eyes widened as she heard what Sanjay said. ‘Can he do it ?’-she thought to herself. ‘Well the things he did already I think he can do anything’. She got on her knees and started begging. 

“Please beta, please forgive me don’t ruin our family life. It will effect you also beta”

“Effect me ? in your dreams. I have already booked a ticket for USA. The plan is to stay there for a week but if you become an internet sensation I will request dad to extend my stay. With your family going to gutter I am sure he will accept my request. So its only you bitch not me. And you on your knees is a perfect position for a slave before her master”

Ratis sobbing increased. She again try to told him the same thing. 

“Beta please forgive me and forget it . I am like your mom and I cant do this”

Sanjay got angry. “Stop playing the same record again and again. I am offering you a deal and you either take it or leave it.”

Rati continued sobbing. She cant imagine herself submitting to someone of her sons age. She said weakly –“please beta , please forgive me”

“Fine . be ready to be the next internet sensation bitch.you have no idea what I am capable of doing. See your golden life ruining in bits and pieces one by one”- saying this Sanjay start moving towards the door. He collected his laptop and put it in his bag. 

Rati was in a dilemma. She was not sure what to do ? ‘ What if Sanjay did what he says. Her complete life will be ruined and with his fathers money he can easily settle in USA . He is not bluffing. He has trapped me from all directions’ .Rati get up from his knees and run towards Sanjay. She hold his hands. 

“What is it this time now. You are again here to repeat your old record. Well in that case I am not interested”-said Sanjay. 

“Don’t be this rude Sanjay. Tell me the deal again and tell me what to do”- said Rati with a trembling voice. Sanjay has closed all options for her. What will happen if her son and hubby knew that she is fantasizing about Sanjay. Will they believe the video is fake ? Well she cant take that risk. 

“Well , the deal is same as I told you . You will obey everything I say and I will protect yoru family life and reputation. We will try it for a week and if you don’t like we will part our ways . Anyways my ticket is after 10 days.”- said Sanjay.

“I cant decide immediately Sanjay. I need some time.”- said rati. 

“Well I can give you time till tomorrow. I will come tomorrow at 3pm. You have to decide by then whether it’s a yes or no. Your whole family reputation is in your hand so choose wildly”- Sanjay said as he close the zip of his laptop bag.

Rati just nodded. She was not able to say anything. Leaving her like this Sanjay went on his way.

Rati collapsed into the bed after Sanjay left. She started crying thinking about all the events over last two-three weeks. Sanjay has trapped him from all directions. She thought about the consequences and wrost things come to her mind. Slowly slowly she started to believe that there is no other way apart from accepting Sanjays proposal. 

The slut in her started to console her. ‘May be I can live my fantasies if I agree to his things. I know that Sanjay will take good care of me. There is no harm in giving it a try’.

Rati was ashamed of her thought. ‘how can I think like this. He is like my son. How can I be a slut bitch for someone who I consider as son’.

Rati was in a moral dilemma. Whether she should accept sanjays proposal or not. 

‘Can he really do what he is threatening?’ rati asked herself. 

Rati remembered a time when he saw Sanjay angry. He was totally out of control and he simply didn’t care about anyone at that moment. 

‘No , I cant take that risk. Even if he executes some of his threats my family will be destroyed and besides what most can he do. Maybe he just want to have sex with me. He is excited seeing my role plays and maybe he just want to play along. I have to sacrifice this much to save my family’-decides Rati.

As per his promise Sanjay came exactly at 1pm and ring the bell. 

Ratis heart started beating as she move towards the door slowly. She looked from the eye piece, surely it was him. She opened the door. She couldn’t look in his eyes. She just looked down as he entered the house. 

“Close the door and come here”- Said Sanjay as he sits on the sofa. 

Rati dregged her body and stood in front of him. She is still looking down. 

“So what s your decision”- Sanjay asked in a very firm tone. 

Rati was not able to speak. She just continued looking at the floor. 

“Well I am asking you. Did you made your decision?”

Rati was still silent. How can she tell her decision to be someones bitch who she considered as her own son till yesterday? The women in her was dying with shame and guilt. 

“Well I didn’t come here to play games darkdesireslut. I will take your silent as no. Have a screwed up life”- Sanjay said with irritation while getting up from the sofa. 

“Sanjay please listen to me”- said Rati with a very weak voice.

“What should I listen? Another emotional bullshit drama. Well I don’t have time for that. I simply asked you a yes or a no to my deal. I can see you have not yet decided or decided against it . So there is nothing more to say or discuss.”- Said Sanjay as he started moving towards the door. 

“No no Sanjay its not like that “- said Rati with a panicking voice. Though she had her decision she was really ashamed to say it to Sanjay. 

“See , I told you. You will start another emotional drama now saying how good and decent you are. How you always did your duties to your family and loved once blah blah blah. Well slut I don’t have time for that. You can say those things to others when they question your character. “- Sanjay was almost at the doors as he said all these. 

“Well Sanjay it’s a yes”- said Rati drawing circles in the ground with her leg. 

“Yes for what ? yes for my deal or yes for the emotional drama you are about to begin”

‘How can he be so rude to me? How easily he was able to forget all the things I have did to him.’-thought Rati as Sanjay was opening the door. ‘I have to act quickly or else it will all be gone’.

“Well Sanjay it’s a yes for your deal”- Said rati still looking at the ground. 

Sanjays hands stopped and he closed the door. He looked back at Rati who was standing there as a statue. He comes back to her.

“So you are saying that you will be my bitch”- asked Sanjay.

“Please Sanjay don’t call me that. I am not a bitch . You only used to say that I am like a goddess for you”- said Rati. Though the women in her didn’t like the word bitch from Sanjays mouth , the slut inside her was a bit delighted. Unknown to her a small part in her is getting excited with the prospective of being Sanjays bitch. 

“Well from now onwards we will have some dual identity. In front of everyone you will still be my loving and caring aunt, but when we are away from the known group you will be my bitch and I am yoru master”- Said Sanjay as he lift her face and touch her cheeks. 

Rati felt the difference in his touch. This is much more different then he used to touch her in the past. He even touched her boobs sometimes by mistake and she never felt this way. This touch was much more different than other ones. Its more masculine and the slut inside her started to melt with this touch. She can feel a small sensation in her pussy.

‘Have I started accepting her as my master?’- Wondered Rati. 

“We will work on each and everything one by one. Now lets go to your bedroom”- Said Sanjay and moved to her bedroom.

Rati looked at him as he was moving to the bedroom. The slut in her is a little bit disappointed.

‘All he wants is to bang me and then leave me in the house. I think all he wants from me is to be his keep. I had much more anticipations from him. Well I cant blame him, all guys at ther age wants the same.

Rati was moving slowly towards her bedroom. The woman in her was much happier.
‘Thank god , all he wants from me is sex. Let him have his way with me. He will be bored in few days and leave me’- she was much more glad that all the sacrifice she has to made is to have sex with him.

Rati reached at the bedroom door and looked at Sanjay. He was sitting on the bed. 

‘So this is all it going to be. He wants to fuck me in the same bed I sleep with my hubby. That’s one of my kink’- the slut inside her said. 

Sanjay looked at her and said.”Come here Rati”.

Rati was still looking down. 

‘How easily he is calling me by name, as if he has forgot all our relationships. Hmm well I cant argue with him now. Let me show him the pleasure he had never seen before and then I will make him my slave’.

With these thoughts Rati entered the bedroom and stand next to him. Little does she know what Sanjay has for her in his mind…….

Rati has decided to seduce Sanjay and make him her slave.’ Thats the only way I can get rid of his idiotic idea of owning me’-she thought to herself.

The inner slut in rati took over. She raised her head and smiled at Sanjay and wait for his instructions. 

Sanjay looked at her. Even he is a bit amused the way rati smiled at her . 

“remove your clothes bitch”- said Sanjay.

Rati was anticipating this. But the way he said it took her with shock. She was expecting a bit smooth talks in the bedroom. Her mind started working rapidly. 
Her plays had taught her what a man likes. Though she doesn’t have any practical knowledge of seducing anyone her discussion with guys had taught her a lot. She started smiling seductively. Her hands went to her pallu and she started getting it off from her shoulders slowly.

Sanjay looked at her smile. She was looking like a sex diva with that smile. 

Rati let the pallu fall on the floor. She seductively move her hands over the blouse and get it till the petticoat . She remove the saree from the petticoat. She move her hands in the side of petticoat and then lower it a bit so that her navel is visible. She then move her hands on her stomach biting her lips and took them over her boobs. She massaged her boobs over her blouse and start remobing the buttons. She was looking at Sanjay very cautiously to see his reaction. He was smiling. Rati thought this as a message of her effect on the youngstar and started seducing him with double enthuasim.

‘Master my foot. By the time this is over you will be in my feet begging me for more asshole’-she thought to herself. 

Rati removed her blouse and throw it on Sanjay. It landed on his face. Sanjay also get excited to see her boobs in her bra. It was like two huge melons desperately want to be free. Though he has seen her naked in cam but this is something different. His dick started to rise.

Rati looked at Sanjays rising dick. She smiled at herself for her ability to seduce him. She pressed her boobs over her bra and maoned in a sexy voice. She removed her bra and throw it on Sanjay. 

Sanjay smelled her bra. It was smelling nice. Ratis huge and firm boobs were standing proud with erect nipples. Rati saw him smelling her bra. She got a bit excited. She moaned as her hands press her boobs. 

‘its going to be much easier than I have thought’- she is now smiling anticipating a victory.

She bend to show Sanjay that her boobs are not shaggy. Even at this age they are real firm. 

She then make herself straight and seductively move her hands in her hair placing them in the back . Her hands went to her petticoat and she removed its knot. It fell to the floor. She takes two step forward and get herself out of her petticoat. She can clearly see the bulge in Sanjays pant. 

‘Well little boy, looks like momma is in charge’-she said to herself. 

Her hands went to her panty and she play with the panty liners moving her fingers along with it. Even she is excited. Sanjay can see a wet spot on her panty. Doing these things in real in front of another guy makes her really excited. As her hands move in her panty her breath is becoming heavier. 

She move around and bend. She took her hands and spank her ass with a loud moan and look at Sanjay moving her head with a smile. Her experience in roleplays taught her that many guys get really excited. She expect the same effect on Sanjay and she was not wrong in one way.

Sanjay was getting excited seeing her doing all these. 

Rati stand facing away from him and start removing her panties swinging her ass. 

‘You messed with the wrong lady kid. I am a submissive but I can also use a pet like you. A rich pet who will dance on my signs. Just wait and see what I am going to do with you’. Rati hold the panties in her hand and start playing with it. She looked at Sanjay turning around and sniff her own panties. She is trying everything to make Sanjay intoxicant. 

The events has a visible effect on Sanjay. He is finding it hard to control. He looks vulnerable in front of this experienced lady. After sniffing her own panties she threw it on Sanjay and move seductively towards him.

Sanjay was sitting on the edge of the bed. Rati stand in front of him and swiftly pushed him. He fall on his back and rati starts moving all over him. She kissed her dick over his pant and slowly move her seductive lips upwards. Going all over through his body she stopped near his lips. 

Sanjay looked deep in her eyes and smiled. 

Ratis heart filled with joy. She knew what things will follow next. She was so happy that her plan worked. In a fraction of second her mind make many stories on how to use Sanjay for her benefit. He will definitely use her for sex but Rati knew that he will be his slave forever. 

‘Look at the wimp who calls himself master. Came here to make me my bitch but never anticipated that I will turn the tables against him’- smiled Rati as her lips went near his lips. 

Sanjay hold her hair and raise her head a little. ‘Wants to be rough with mummy. Well Mommy enjoys roughness you pathetic master’-thought Rati. She knew what will follow. He will start kissing her madly and deeply and move his hands all over her body. 

‘I am too good to resist asshole’. Rati felt proud on her body. Her eyes get closed slowly with the anticipation of Sanjays lips on her lips.

Thwat. A solid slap on her face brought her back to reality. Sanjay was holding her hair so tight that she couldn’t move her face. Another slap followed within seconds. 
Rati was still in a dreaming state. Before she can understand anything her cheeks start burning from the tight slaps she has received. Sanjay hold her hair and threw her on the floor.

‘What just had happended?’- Ratis head starts rolling . Tears start falling from her eyes. She couldn’t believe what Sanjay did. Her hands went to her burning cheeks and massage them. Sanjay was standing in front of her and visibly upset. 

‘What went wrong?’.She looked at Sanjay with teary eyes and start to wonder what will come next …

What were you trying to do bitch “- Sanjay said with a very rude tone. 

Rati was still massaging her cheeks. The blows were real hard. 

“Well , isn’t this what you want Sanju. To have sex with me ?”- Said Rati.

“Who gave you this fucking idea bitch ? Why you think I want to have sex with you ? and what were you trying to do?”- Said sanjay bringing his face near to hers .

“Well Sanjay you asked me to strip and I think you might be interested for that ?”. 

Rati was still confuse like why he ordered her to strip If he doesn’t want to fuck her. 

“From where you get this idea ?”. 

“Well Sanjay in all my roleplays all masters used to do this”- Rati said massaging her cheeks slowly.

“Well they are sexually frastruated perverts. All they want form you is sex. I am introducing you to a new lifestyle. There is a difference. Now stand straight so that I can examine your body “- Said Sanjay.

‘Examine my body? Am I a showpiece to be examined?’- Thought Rati to herself as she rose slowly. She was never humiliated and rejected like this in her whole life. 
Sanjay came near Rati and start examining her body. He move his hands from her head till neck. Then backward till her waist. Rati started moaning as his hands start exploring her body and also she felt a tingling sensation all along. It Was hard for her to stand still. She started to shake her body as her hands touch it. 

Sanjay spanked her naked ass hard. 

“Ahhhhhhhhh”- Rati almost screamed with the spank. 

“Don’t behave like a bitch in heat. Stand still”- Said Sanjay as he move his body alone with her body. 

His remark hit her more sharper than his hand on her ass. She felt humiliated at the hand of the youngster. Without moving she tried t stand still. 

Sanjay get her hands on her boobs and press them as if he was examining them. 
Rati got turned on with his touch but he was doing it without any expression on his face as if he was examining some piece of furniture. 

“move your legs apart”- Sanjay ordered. Rati was already humiliated and she doesn’t have any more resistance left. She moved her legs. Sanjay soon finish his examination. 

“Show me your wordrobe”-said Sanjay. 

Rati went ahead and show him sarees one by one. Sanjay was not pleased seeing her sarees. He definitely has something in his mind. 

“None of these are good”- Said Sanjay.

‘Hmmm, he used to say I look like a goddess in these Saris”- Thought rati.

“Show me your blouses and lingerie”- Said sanjay 

“But Sanjay how can i…….”- Ratis sentence was left in mid way with the stern look 
of Sanjay. She reluctantly moved to her wardrobe and show him her blouse and lingerie. 

“We need to get some sleevless blouses for you”

“Sleevless”- Rati panicked before Sanjay can finish his sentence. “Sanjay you know 
Abhishek doesn’t allow me to wear sleeveless. I cant wear them”

“Don’t worry , we will find a way to handle abhishek and karthik “- said Sanjay.
‘Abhishek? He used to call him uncle and all of a sudden he started saying his name ‘.

Sanjay look at all her lingerie. And throw them aside.

“All these are useless. You need to get something else”

“Shall I buy some new bras Sanjay.”- Said Rati

“Yes , new and designer ones and one size small”

“One size small ? but it will be hard to breath in them Sanjay”

“That’s what you need to learn bitch, even surrendering your breath to your master. 
Are you getting it or not ?”

‘Master ?’- Rati gulped. “Yes getting Sanjay”- Said rati.

“Good, now dress up , we need to go out. I am waiting in the drawing room. Come there in 15 mins fully prepared”- Said Sanjay as he start to move towards the door. 

“But where are we going Sanjay ?”- Rati said with fear .

“How does it matter? You have to accompany me wherever I ask you to”- said Sanjay and went down. 

Rati picked up her clothes. She was sweating like a pig out of fear. Using a towel she wash out all her sweats and then started to dress. She was in a shock over the incidents happened there and was terrified in seeing the role of Sanjay. She just sit in front of the mirror brushing her hair. 

‘Hope he wont do anything which will ruin my image or family’- said Rati to herself. 
Rati looked at the clock . Its almost 3pm. She gave a final touch up to her makeup and came down. She went to Sanjay stand there with her head down. 

“Well you prepared yourself well aunty”- said Sanjay. “now lets go “

Rati was a bit amused. He was calling her a bitch just 15 mins ago and now he is 
saying her aunty. She was a bit confused as what the new relationship has turned up. But there is no time to think about those things. She was afraid of the consequences of she didn’t follow his instructions. 

With lots of reluctance and fear Rati set her foot out of her home to begin a new journey with his master Sanjay.

Sanjay get Rati out of her home. Rati was wearing a white saree. 

“How long will it take Sanjay? Karthik and abhishek will come soon”- said Rati.

“Well give the keys in neighbors house so that you don’t have to worry about them “- Said Sanjay. 

‘Whats in his mind ? The way he is asking me I don’t think I can get home anytime soon’-thought Rati.

But she doesn’t have any other way but to obey. So reluctantly she went to her neighbor and give them the keys , come near Sanjay and stand there with her head down. 

Sanjay started the bike and ask Rati to sit. Rati sit carefully on the bike lifting her saree a little. She was very careful as not to touch Sanjay. Sanjay looked at her reluctance and just smiled and started his bike. 

Soon the bike started to move and the known areas of Rati was leaving behind. After around 45 mins ride Sanjay brought her to an area which is really shady and congested. It seemed like a red light area to Rati but she was too afraid to ask . After moving through some bylanes they entered in a small and narrow lane. 

‘I can easily get lost in these lanes’-thought Rati. As Sanjay stopped the bike she get down from the back seat. 

“Where are you taking me Sanjay ?”- said Rati with a panic in her voice .

“Well does it make a difference if I tell the place and name. just follow me like a good bitch “- said Sanjay . 

‘Why she is so rude to me?’-thought Rati, still not able to get over from Sanjays previous image.

Without saying anything Rati started following Sanjay. They come to a door and Sanjay knocked on it. A guy with a bread and skullcap opened the door. He looks as if he is in his mid 40s. He looked at Sanjay and said with a smile –“Oh Sanjay sir, come in. Looks like you have some work for me” 

“Yes master ji. You know I can trust you only in these matters”

“But of course, come in , come in “

Rati Follwed Sanjay to the house. It’s a tailor shop with two guys sitting and doing their work. The guy who greet them at the door get behind his machine and put the tape in his neck. 

“Rati meet master Imran . He is specialized in all kinds of clothes I want my girls to wear”- Said Sanjay. 

“hello master “- said Rati. ‘What kind of clothes does he stitch? And ummm sanjay said girls. How many girls he has apart from me’

“Master ji show some good pieces to her so that she can choose”

Imran came with clothes and show it to Rati. He also show her some designs from a torn out book. All the blouse designs are deep cut and sleevless. 

‘Let me choose some decent ones’- thinks Rati. 

“masterji , don’t you have any decent ones”- asked rati. 

“Well these are the most decent things we have and if you want we can see you more sexy ones like backless and blouses which cover just 1/4th of your boobs”- said imran with a smile showing his red teeth.

“Well I can war these in home. My son and hubby wont allow me”- Said Rati. 

“we will deal with that later rati”- said Sanjay.” And masterji make her the frame also”

“What frame “- panicked rati. 

“Well it’s a metal frame to hold yoru boobs so that when you wear backless and strapless dress your boobs will be in place”- said Imran.

“no no , I cant wear them . sanjay please you know I have never wear such dresses and clothes’- begged rati. 

“well you have no choice now. It will be decided by me “- Said Sanjay. ”masterji , make the frame also”

“Well for that I need to know her measurements”- said Imran. “Whats your size”.
Rati felt humiliated as he asked this question. She had to tell her bra size in front of four men. She just stood silent drawing circles with her leg. 

“Well Rati tell what he asks or better drop your pallu so that he can take proper measurement”

“What ? Drop my pallu? No way I am doing this Sanjay. Not in front of these guys ‘- Said Rati. Slowly rati is turning pale. 

“Well then tell him what he wants to know “- Said Sanjay.

“Well its around 38”- Said Rati in a very low tone. 

“Cup size ?”- asked Imran.

“Hmm, may be c or d”

“Well guess work wont work here. These Metal frames need to be fit perfectly. I cant make it unless I know exact size”- Said Imran. 

“Well then check it. Open your pallu and blouse rati, let him check it by himself’.

Rati panicked. How can she let herself be half naked in front of 4 men? 

“Sanjay, you told me that you will do these things in private and that’s why I agreed to your conditions. Now don’t let me do this in front of others “- begged Rati.

“Well your definition of privacy has changed Rati. When you are with me and my friends I will decide whats private for you”- Said Sanjay.

“Well , I am going out of here. I wont do what you say “- Saying this rati started to move towards the door. 

“ Think about the consequences of leaving bitch. This video will reach yoru hubby and son before you can reach them”- Said sanjay showing his mobile to Rati.

Ratis foot stopped at the door. She thought about the consequences of disobeying and slowly turned inside. The bitch has no other option but to follow her master . Rati knew she had no option but to obey. Bust still in the back of mind she thought that if she plead Sanjay may be he will let him go. 

“Please Sanjay , don’t let me do it in front of others. I am a respectful lady , I cant do it “-pleaded Rati.

“Well your world is going to change bitch , now the more quickly you do it the sooner we leave from here”- Said Sanjay.

Rati knew she had no option. Even if Sanjay let her go she cant find her way back to home. She tried to remember the shady areas and lanes using which sanjay came. She shivered as she remembered the bylanes and its sorroundings. She remembered clearly that everyone was looking at her with lust in those lanes. 

‘Its better I obey him so that we can go from here’-thought Rati . 

Rati removed her pallu quietly. She looked at the guys present there . They are looking at her with lustful eyes.

‘How bad it is ? even in my roleplays I don’t do these things’-she thought.

Her hands went to her blouse and she removed and put it aside and stand there with her head down. Only bra remained in her upper body.

Rati couldn’t believe that a guy of 20 is controlling a lady of 40 like this. She is feeling deeply humiliated standing like this in front of 4 guys. The guys left their work and moving towards her. 

‘Why are they coming towards me ‘- thought rati and looked at Sanjay with helplessness.

‘Please stop them sanjay ‘- prayed Rati in her mind. 

“Remove your bra also”- The masters voice echoed in the room.

“What ? cant you take measurement like this masterji”- Said rati.

“Well obey him slut. If he asks then he must be asking for a reason”- Said Sanjay.

‘I know the reason. The Bastard want to touch and fondle and Sanjay is also supporting him’-thought Rati. 

“Please Sanjay , don’t humiliate me more. Ask him to do like this”- said Rati. 

“Well the more time you take the more horny they become. Then it will be difficult to handle them”- whispered Sanjay in her ears. 

Rati couldn’t imagine what would happen if they become more horny. So without any argument she removed her bra and stand there dying slowly with shame. 

“You got a nice bitch this time Sanjay”- Said Imran”firm boobs of 38 c I think”

He get his hands and start touching and fondling her boobs. Rati felt deeply humiliated as some stranger played with her boobs and that also in full view of three guys who are of her sons age. The workers are around 18-19 years of age but looking at her hungrily as if they would eat her if given a chance. 

Imran pressed her boobs and pinched her nipples . 

‘Ahh’- a low moan escaped Ratis mouth. 

‘What are you doing Sanjay ? Why you are allowing an old man to touch and fondle my breasts?’

Ratis nipples started to erect as he touch and fondle her breasts .

“Are you enjoying this bitch ?” – asked Sanjay in her ears.

Though Rati was enjoying it she didn’t want to show in front of Sanjay. She shook her head in negative and say slowly “please ask him to stop”. 

Imran was enjoying pressing her boobs and playing with her nipples. He tried to get his mouth near them.

“Master did you know the size ?”- asked Sanjay.

“yes Sanjay “-said imran leaving Ratis boobs in disappointment. 

‘This bitch has got nice pair of boobs’-he thought .

“When can we accept the goods”- asked Sanjay . 

“In three weeks Sanjay”- said imran as he took some other measurement of Rani also.

“Ask him to deliver soon.”- whispered Sanjay in Ratis ears. 

“Master can you please deliver it soon”- asked Rati in a seductive tone. She knew that acting like a decent lady will put him in more trouble. 

“Looks like you are in a hurry to be his bitch”- Said Imran. “I will deliver it in a week”

The comment made Rati really uncomfortable. She never thought she will be listening this from a low class stranger. She looks at Sanjay fro approval of time. Sanjay nods in a yes. 

She was trying hard to hide from the hungry eyes of the two teenagers.

‘When will he allow me to wear my clothes’- She thought to herself.

“Rati , master Imran is putting extra effort to stitch your clothes within a week 
rather than three. You need to thank him for that ‘- said Sanjay

“thank you master “_said rati.

“Well not like this . The rules are different on our world. You need to give him a handjob to thank him “- said Sanjay.

“what ? handjob “- rati said as if she heard something absurd.

“Yes handjob you know. Using your hands to make him cumm”- said Sanjay.

“But Sanjay I cant do this “- said Rati.

“well you can and I know you will. Now the longer you take the more difficult it becomes”-Said Sanjay.

Rati knew all she had to do is obey. She reluctantly look at the guy in pathani suit and her eyes fixed at his crotch area. ‘how will this guy show his dick in front of his subordinated”- thought Rati.

Slowly Rati get down to her knee and moved towards the master on her knees. She hold his legs with both her hands and started lifting the kameez upward. He tied it in his waist and then started removing his salwar. As she removed his salwar she can see his unclean dick with a thick bush. Reluctantly Rati took the dick in her hand and started caressing it.

“ahhhh”- he moaned. “You got a good bitch this time Sanjay “-said imran as Ratis hand engulfed his dick. 

‘MMm, its hot ‘-thought rati as she started moving his dick to and fro between her hands. 

‘My first extra marital dick’-she thought.

She started moving her hands rapidly like an expert. Imran is moaning loudly from her actions. 

‘Sanjay is very nasty. He is making me to do things to others’-thought Rati . His moans and groans are making her excited. She is looking in his eyes as she is shaking his dick violently. 

“Take his cum on yoru boobs slut”-ordered Sanjay.

After shaking his dick for few mins Rati knew he is going to cumm as his moans grow louder and louder. She is completely aroused now by his moans and groans. As he is about to cumm rati moved her body ahead to get his cumm on her boobs. 

‘uff , hot cumm spileed all over my boobs. My first extra marital cum’- Rati thought as imran cumm on her boobs with loud moans. She squeezed his dick and give some more jerks to make him empty on her boobs. 

“Don’t clean it Rati”- said sanjay. 

Rati stood with a smile in her face. Her boobs open. She is so aroused that she forgot her place as a housewife. She didn’t even try to wear her bra and blouse. 

“Rati , these two guys will also do extra effort. You need to thank them also “- Said Sanjay.

Rati looked at Sanjay and smiled and move towards the boys and get on her knees beside them. She knew what exactly she has to do. She looked at them being on her knees and smiled ……

The guys come and stood in front of Rati. Rati eagerly took his hand and try to touch their dicks over their suit. A hand hit her head with lil force. Rati moved her head to see Sanjay tapping her head . 

“What are you doing bitch ?”- asked Sanjay

Rati was aroused to mind the language. “Well master I am going to thank them the way I thanked masterji”-she said.

“They are assistants bitch. You need to give thank them another way. Now get up and stand there”- Said Sanjay. 

Rati reluctantly stood up. She was enjoying giving handjob and wanted to do it more but Sanjay stopped him. 

“Well , ask them to rub their masters cum in your boobs slut”-said Sanjay.

Rati looked at them seductively and said “Come on boys. Please rub the cumm on my boobs”

The guys obeyed. They come in front of Rati and start poressing her heavy boobs . Rati started moaning in ecstasy. She closed her eyes as they press her boobs and play with her nipples. She was enjoying the young hands on her boobs. 

“Kiss them “- Said Sanjay 

“Kiss them where Sanjay ?”- asked Rati like a dumb girl.

“Kiss them on their lips bitch “- said Sanjay.

“I never kissed your uncle on lips Sanjay , please don’t ask me that”- said rati.

“Well there is first time for everything bitch. You gave yoru first handjob few minutes back and after that you were attacking their dicks like a cock hungry slut”

Rati was ashamed as Sanjay show her how she was behaving. In the morning she was a clean housewife and now she is enjoying like a slut. She knew there is no point in arguing so she moved her head forward and started kissing them one by one.

The guys get excited by her kiss . They responded wildly as if they are going to eat her. They started biting her lips and sucking them. They press her close to their bodies and was moving their hand all over her naked skin. 

‘hmmm. The kisses of the boys are so good ‘-thought rati and she pressed them with her body as they kiss them wildly. ‘why are they kissing so wildly. As if they have never kissed a woman before. But they are doing good and its so much better than roleplays. They are making me soaking wet ‘ 

A hand touched her panties and rati jerked to see who it is. Sanjay has raised her saree to her hips and now touching her panties.

“God slut, You are so dripping wet. Looks like the boys are working good on you”- Said Sanjay.

Rati didn’t say anything. ‘He is too clever. He is able to know my condition from my reactions’-thought Rati.

They guys were becoming aggressive. They started removing her saree and petticoat. In no time rati was in her panties only kissing them wildly. 

One of them ripped apart her panty and started finguring her . Rati starts to moan wildly and hold them tighter to her body indicating that she is enjoing her act. They were not leaving any single part of her body. They were kissing pressing fondling as one of their hand started to fingure her cunt. 

Ratis body shaked as she experienced an orgasm during the finguring. They hold her tight and she started to cum. Even after she cum they keep finguring her and rati was dying for more relief. 

“Do you need a cock in yrou cunt slut “- asked Sanjay.

Rati just nodded in agreement. She called Sanjay and hold his head with both her hands and kissed him passionately. Sanjay didn’t expected this but he also responded. 

“Sanjay I want you to be the first one to enter me after yoru uncle. Please don’t let any other guy enter my cunt. I want you to take me alone and fuck not with others . please do this for me”- Said rati . 

Sanjay smiled . he looked at the bitch who has surrendered herself to him. He ask the guys to leave her. They were also too excited to do it. So he came forward and snatch her from them. 

The master and his ordinates were afraid of Sanjay. They knew what he is capable of doing and also due to him they were able to get many girls. So they didn’t dare to oppose him. 

Sanjay asked Imran the key to the adjacent room. Without saying anything he gave it to him. Sanjay hold Ratis hand and took her inside.

Once inside Sanjay asked Rati to get on her knees. She obeyed faithfully and immediately get on her knees. 

“now tell me what you want bitch”-asked Sanjay.

“Sanjay I want you to fuck me. Take me and make me your bitch Sanjay”- said Rati

“Well from now onwards you will call me master when we are alone, is it clear bitch “

“hmmm, yes Sanjjj…Master”

“Now suck me and I don’t want you to use your hands Use only your mouth”- ordered Sanjay.

Rati was not sure how she can do it. She put her hands on her thighs and get her mouth near his pant. She opend the Zip of the jeans using her teeth. Sanjay unbutton his jeans and let it fall . She then started removing her underwear using her teeth . Soon Sanjays dick was standing in front of her. Its fully erect and was standing proud. The way the guys were using Rati has made him excited. 

Rati approached to his dick shivering. She started licking the top of the cock with her tounge and then lick his dick from the top to the bottom. 

‘hmmm, its smelling nice. I used to do this virtually and for thr first time I am sucking a dick in my life and that also of a guy who is like my son. ‘-thought rati as her tounge started working around his shaft. 

“Ahh . you are doing good slut”- said Sanjay as he moans. Whats more arousing for him is the power he posses over rati. 

Rati took the whole dick in her mouth and started to suck without using her hands. Her whole body was moving to and fro as she work on his dick. His dick became hard and he was moaning in pleasure. 

“part your legs wide bitch “- ordered Sanjay as he was enjoying her suck. 

Rati was wondering what he has in his mind. But anyway she parted her legs a bit wide. Sanjay hold her head and started playing with her cunt using his toes. 

“Hmmm,ahhh sannn..Master” – moaned rati as sanjays toes touch her cunt. The toe movement in her cumt made her to suck him faster. 

After sometime sanjay hold her head and said “Time to enter your juicy cunt bitch . now het on your all fours”

Rati immediately went to the position. She raised her already juicy and wet cunt for her master. 

Sanjay came behind her and spanked her ass hard.

“Ahhhh”-screamed Rati as his hard hands leave a mark on her soft butt.

“You have a nice ass whore “- Said Sanjay. “Did you ever get fucked in your ass bitch “- said Sanjay as he spanked her ass few times. 

“Master its paining. No master I have never been fucked in my ass”- Said rati 
Sanjay got his dick and rub it in her wet cunt. A chill went in her spine as his dick touch his cunt. She felt the hot dick in her cunt entrance and moved her hip backwards to take it in . 

“Tell how much you want masters dick and how much you want to surrender yourself to master bitch”- said Sanjay still rubbing his dick in her cunt entrance.

“master I want it badly and I want to surrender to you completely. I don’t need a weeks time to decide I am deciding now and submitting myself to you”- said rati. Her breathing was much heavier with her arousal. 

‘What am I talking to my sons friend. He is like my son only and I am begging him to fuck me’-thought Rati. “Ahhhhhhhh….”she screamed as Sanjays dick went inside her wet cunt. 

“You are too tight for yoru age bitch “- said Sanjay.

“master its never been used properly “she replied. ‘oh god. Finally I am getting a dick after months. Its so much good than the virtual things’-the slut inside her responded to the entrance of the dick.

Sanjay was holding her waist and started fucking her with hard and steady strokes. With every thrust she was moving forward and a small scream was coming out of her mouth. 

“Yes master fuck me like this . Use your bitch master”- rati was at top of her arousal. She was enjoying Sanjays dick in her cunt like anything. 

“You will be used properly if you obey bitch and will be punished if you disobey”- said Sanjay.

“Master I will always obey you ‘- said Rati in between her moans.

Sanjay grabbed her hairs as pulled them as he started fucking her roughly. The pain and roughness was too much for rati and her body experienced another orgasm. 

“yess yesss yess master , I am cummiiiinnngggggggg”- she screamed in pleasure .
Sanjay keep fucking her like this and she cummed 3 times more during the fuck. The kink of getting used by her sons friend and his roughness was too much for her to handle. 

After fucking her for a while Sanjay cummed in her cunt. 

‘oh , he is cumming in my pussy. God its getting filled after so many days’-she thought. 

He get his dick out of her cunt and took it to her face. She understood what he wants and licked it slowly and cleaned it. She looked straight in his eyes after she cleaned it .

“master “


“master did you enjoy it ?”- she asked

“yes I enjoyed your body rati. You have a nice body. What about you ? did you enjoy your virtual plays becoming real “- said Sanjay.

“yes master I enjoyed it “- said Rati 

Sanjay made her stand and kissed her passionately. He Licked her lips and played with her tounge. 

Rati closed her eyes and hold him dearly. She wanted to stay in those strong arms forever. 

‘God he is romantic also . Any girl will be lucky to get him as husband’

Sanjay broke the kiss and started wearing his clothes. 

“lets move from here now “- he said as he started wearing his clothes

Rati entered the workshop fully nude . sanjay came behind her and said.-

“Rati you need to thank these guys for arousing you . thank them and promise them that you will take care of their dicks while you come for collecting your deliveries”.

Rati moved to the guys with a smile. She kissed them in turn and promised to take care of their dicks in next visit. 

She collected her clothes. She discarded her panty as its completely torn. Took her bra , blouse , petticoat and start to wear them. She tied her saree neatly and looked at Sanjay with a smile. 

They left the place slowly. Rati was walking much closer to Sanjay. Sanjay started his bike and asked Rati to sit. Rati sat very close to Sanjay. She pressed her boobs on his back and hugged him tightly as they move. She felt secured and complete with him……

Sanjay was driving with Rati sitting closely with him. She is hugging her from behind and talking continuously absurd things. She was overjoyed as her desires are coming to life with the help of Sanjay. 

‘He is the first guy who got me after abhishek. Am I his first girl? But imran was saying that he used to bring girls,- thought Rati. 

“Master ,can I ask something ?”- Rati said as her curiosity get over her. 

“Yes whats it ?”- Asked Sanjay. 

“YoU are my first man after abhishek. Similarly am I the first for you?”-asked Rati.

“My first bitch”- Said sanjay 

“ummm, yes master “

“No you are not the first but I can see that you will be my best”-said Sanjay.

Rati hugged him even more tightly as she said the best word which described her. She completely fall on his body holding him tightly. 

Sanjay stopped the bike at a junction. He turned around and kissed her on the cheeks. Rati started looking around as he kissed her.

“Don’t worry Rati. This is one of the most shady areas of the town. Here no one knows us and everything is open here. So even if I kiss and fondle you here and do everything no one will say anything”- Said Sanajy looking at Ratis dilemma. 

‘Then why don’t you take me again darling. I am dying to be used by you’-thought Rati.

“Master “-Said Rati 

“Yes Rati”- Sanjay looked back at her 

“Well master if everything is ok here then why don’t you use me here master. I am so thirsty to be used by you again”- said Rati .

Sanjay looked at her and gave her his cell. “Well call uncle and said that some relative of your friend died suddenly and you have to leave with me. You will return home after 2 days “

Rati took the cell from Sanjays hand with a smile. She informed abhishek about the same and got his approval . he return the cell to him and was looking at him.
Sanjay parked the bike and take her to a narrow lane which was full of small dimly lit shops. He pinned her to a wall in between two shops. Ratis body started shivering in anticipation. She has enjoyed her humiliation very much and wanted sanjay to humiliate her again. 

Sanjay pressed her boobs above her saree and the moved back. 

“I think you will look good in a skirt and top Rati”- Said Sanjay.

Rati always wanted to wea short skirts and tops specially in her plays so that plenty of her skin will be visible. But listening this from Sanjays mouth sound odd to her. She immediately came to her defense. 

“But master I don’t have skirts and tops and I don’t know where to buy them. Can we please live it for other day”.

Sanjay Smiled. “Well you have underestimated these shopd Rati. Here you will get everything starting from skirt and tops to sex toys.So go and buy one for you. The shortest skirt and top”

Though Rati wanted to be a bitch for him but she doesn’t want to be dressed like a whore. She again came up with a quick excuse “I don’t have money master”

Sanjay slapped her ass hard. “Ahhhh”- scremed rati with the sudden assult. 

“Well go any buy . I will pay for it and bargain well”

Rubbing her burning ass Rati moved towards the shop. There were three guys at the shop. The shopkeeper and two of his helpers. He looked at the shopkeeper. He was around 45 and the guys were around 20-22 , same age as that of sanjay.

“I need a short skirt and top’- Said Rati.

“Well what kind of skirt and top you need ? and who is going to pay “- asked the shopkeeper. He has clearly thought of Rati as a whore. 

“What do you mean by who will pay ?”- asked Rati.
“Well who will pay ? you or your pimp or your customer “- asked the shopkeeper. 

All hell broke loose for Rati. She started shouting at the shopkeeper. 

“Mind you language you bloody idiot. I am not a whore and who will pay is none of your business . Just show me some”- shouted Rati. 

The shopkeeper was taken aback by her reaction. None of the girls of that area never talked to him like this. He was about to say something when he see Sanjay standing besides her and came to a conclusion thAt he must be her customer and he is going to pay. So not to miss the business he started showing her the pieces. 
Rati choose some of the skirts and showed to Sanjay. Sanjay choose a skirt which is around 6 inches high from her knees and a white tight top. Rati took the money and paid it to the shopkeeper and prepared t leave the shop. 

“Well I need you to change into these “- Said Sanjay. 

Rati goes back to the shopkeeper and asked him where she can change. 

“Well we don’t have a trial room. We are too small a shop”- Said the shopkeeper.
Rati looked at Sanjay. He didn’t support her . She knew she had to change the clothes or else he will make her do it on the street. 

She looked at the shopkeeper and said-“Please is there any place where I can change”.

“Well we havea small room where we keep the stock but we don’t allow customers there”-what he mean to say is that he doesn’t allow whores there. 

“Please let me use that or else I will be in trouble”-said Rati.

The shopkeeper hasn’t forgotten the way Rati shouted at him. He looked at her and said –“No I cant allow that”

Rati looked at Sanjay helplessly. Sanjay smiled at him and said-“Well you can change here. What you say ?”

Though the street was not crowded but still there was visible crowd and once they know that a lady is changing clothes in full viw everyone will come to see the drama. Rati calculated her options and said to the shopkeeper-“please let me change I will do anything for that”

“You will do anything ?”-asked the shopkeeper.

“Yes I will do anything”- said Rati.

“Well then I will fuck you in that room “- said the shopkeeper. 

Rati was humiliated again as the shopkeeper has told him this.’How cheap I have become that an idiot shopkeeper is asking to fuck me’-she thought. Then she started to bargain. 

“Well I cant let you fuck me just for using the room. That’s too much. I will let you see me undress”- Says Rati. 

“Well I have seen many undressing . whats the big deal”- said the shopkeeper. 

“Well I can give you a kiss”-Rati bargained.

“NO , I at least want a blowjob “- said the guy. 

“A blowjob for a place to change. Forget it . maximum I can give you is a handjob and that’s all “- said Rati. She was ashamed and surprised as she was bargaining for these things in stead of vegetables and clothes. 

“No . Either a Blowjo or you go “- said the shopkeeper. 

“well in that case I will change in the street. Let all of them see me “-said Rati.

The shopkeeper is in the losing side. If this whore does what she says he wil not get anything. More than the blowjob and handjon he wanted to humiliate her. 

“Ok , handjob for me and my workers. That’s final or you can go and change in the street”- he said.

Rati was not happy as giving handjob for three means she will waste her time. But she agreed as she show it as a good deal. 

The shopkeeper guided her to a small room . Which has hardly and place fo two persons to stand. 

“How can I give a handjob here “- asked Rati. 

“Well you go on your knees and we will stand near the door . You can do it like this way. And don’t spill the cum on floor. I don’t want my shop dirty”- said the shopkeeper. 

Rati nodded in agreement and slowly started to unbutton her blouse and bra. She let her aree fall from the pallu. ‘This will make them excited and they wil cum quickly’-thought Rati. 

AS she sat on her knees the youngest of the worker came , stood besides her and get her dick from her pants. Rati hold it in her hands and started jerking it. The business of the shop didn’t stop and Rati can hear the customers buying and bargaining with the shopkeeper. The door was open and anyone who can see inside can understand something fishy as the guy is moaning and moving his hips as if he is fucking someone. 

After 10 mins he came in her boobs and the second guy took his place. Same thing continued. After he cummed Rati was waiting for the customer. 

“tell the randi I will be there in 10 mins”- said the shopkeeper. 

Rati don’t know what to react to them. Even Sanjay was not at her sight. He was standing nearby the shop coolly after making the payment.’How dare this bastard called me like that. He is just a cheap shopkeeper and calling me whore’-thoughts come in ratis mind. 

“From where you get her? She is looking like a perfect whore”- commented a street girl who came to the shop to buy condoms. Rati has forgotten to close the door and she can be seen on her knees from anyone who look inside the shop. 

Listening whore from a whores mouth was too much for Rati. She started to cry out of humilaitaion and try to come out of the place but as she stand her clothes fall off and she was nude from her waist above. She immediately went inside and closed the door. 

The shopkeeper soon came and open the door and looked at her with a winning smile. He was able to humiliate her without much effort. Without saying anything he just get his dick out and stand in front of rati. 

Rati started giving him handjob to the shopkeeper. Soon he also came on her boobs like her assistants and leave the place. Rati was deeply humiliated by now and get the skirt and top and started to change. 

She emerged from the small room after10 mins. They guys looked at her with hungry eyes. With these clothes Rati was looking like a professional sex worker. They just looked at him without saying anything. 

Rati came out of the shop and met Sanjay. Sanjay looked at her sad face. He knew what all happened there but didn’t intervene. He just looked at her and said .
“I knew you will be my best bitch Rati. You look so good in this attire’- said Sanjay as she guide her to the mainroad. 

A faint smile came in Ratis face. Though she was humiliated but Sanjays remarks make her heart jump of Joy. She tried to forget her humiliation and concentrated on Sanjay. 

“Hmmm, one thing remained Rati”- said sanjay.

“whats that Sanjay”- asked Rati. ‘please don’t let me to go there again , please’-she thought. 

“Well for that I need a marker”- said sanjay 

“Why you need a marker ?”-she was looking at him with questioning eyes. 

“Well just go and get it from the stationary shop across the street. I am standing here”- Said sanjay.

Rati started to go to the shop with reluctance. ‘God how much more humiliation I have to stand today’- she said. 

She looked at the shop and can see a salesgirl.

‘thank god I am saved’-She thought. 

She goes to the girl and stand there for a while. She looks very young , around 20 and have a face like an angel .Then she raised her voice and said 

“excuse me “

“Yes”- said the girl raising her eyes to look at Rati. Kajal looked at Rani. Her attire doesn’t go with the flat sandals she was wearing. 

‘may be this whore doesn’t have a fashion scnse. ‘-thought kajal. ‘Why I have to deal with these whores all day ? The smell from her body is showing that she is fucked freshly and came here directly’.

“Yes what you want ?”- she asked Rati.

“I want a marker pen”-said Rati.

“What kind of marker”- asked kajal.

Kajal was wondering why she need a marker. ‘may be to keep a count on her body of number of dicks she take’- She thought to herself.

“what kind all you have?”

“white board marker , permannet marker we have two types. Which one you want. And can you be quick othere are also waiting”- She asked with a bit of irritation. 
‘The sooner she leaves the place the better’

Rati was a bit surprised with her tone. “if you are in urgency.. you help them and come to me”.

‘What a bitch she is. Doesn’t even know how to talk to a customer’-thought Rati.

“decide quick . here you have a permanent red marker and a red white board marker . You choose i will get back to you”-said kajal impatiently as she put both the markers in front of her. 

“I need a board to test them”- said Rati. ‘Let me give more work to the bitch’-she thought.

“these come in seal packs cant be tested. here is a sample test it. dont test the permanent one on the board that cant be erased. That you can test on this paper”- She put all the things befoe her. ‘Fucking whore, did you ever test a dick before taking it in yoru holes. Showing me attitude idiot”- she thought as she move to next customer. 

“i want to test that on the borad. Cant I ? And why you are so rude to me? Shall I complain to your manager”- said Rati. She is getting angry with the girl with every passing moment. 

“better you complain to your pimp. We will deal with him directly”- said Kajal to get rid of her.

“mind your words you slut..else will push the marker in your cunt”- shouted Rati. 

‘how dare she call me a whore?’-she is fuming with anger now. 

“listen whore i am not taking any insult from a cheap whore like you. either you take the marker or get lost”- She is also getting angry with Rati. 

“mind your words.. you are only looking like a whore”-Rati is not ready to take any insult from this girl. She is fighting back with all she had. 

“look who is talking. don’t you even have any shame to dress like this and come here fully in cum. how many dicks you fucked bitch ? 10 or 20”. The cat fight is getting more intense with both hurling abuses to each other.

“i am also wearing same dress as you. i did not fuck any.. you only fucked inside i hope”- said Rati but inside her she thought ‘How does she know that I fucked someone’.

“well bitch the cum smell tells a different story. now if youw ant tthe marker thn take it or leave. now if youw ant tthe marker thn take it or leave”- said Kajal with Rage. 

Rati is not going to loose this bettle so easily.The customers in the shop has gathered around them and their fight attracted a small crowd. Sanjay looked at the crowd and moved towards it. 

‘What happened ? is she any trouble’- he thought as he made his way through the crowd to the shop. 

“cum smell is from your cunt.. mine is pure… you are cheapest whore i have seen. standing like this in shop. you wanted customers for stationary or to fuck”

As Rati finished her sentence both the shopkeeper and Sanjay walked in to the scene. The shopkeeper looked at Rati and said 

“Whats your problem? If you want take the thing or go”- he is also rude to Rati .
Sanjay walked in and come near Rati. 

“Whats the issue Rati?’- he asked her. 

“see sanjay.. she is calling with bad words”- Rati started sobbing as she sees Sanjay.

“well i used teh right words for her . look at her . she is a whore and here is her
customer or pimp…..” Kajal looked at Sanjays face and stopped her sentence. 
“Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt”-roared Sanjay with anger. He looked at her closely and tried to remember where he had seen her but was not able to. Well it doesn’t matter at this moment.

“she is my girl and you dont have any rights to insult her”- said Sanjay.

“sanjay.. we need to punish her.. tell her manager and make it happen. i wanna see that”- sobbed Rati. 

Sanjay shouted at the crowd and they slowly dissolved as he started shouting at them clearly disappointed of missing the show. He then looked at the girl and shopkeeper. 

“Do you know who I am and what I am capable opf doing in this area”- he asked them both.

The girl was the one who spoke first .

“yes sir I know”. And he whispers something in the owners ear. He seemed visibly scared after he listened to her.

“Close the shop”- he ordered the shopkeeper. 

“Sir , please let it go . She didn’t know this. “- the shopkeeper requested.

“well are you going to close the shop or shall I make some calls”- threatened Sanjay. 

The owner reluctantly closes the shutter down. 

Rati was too happy that Sanjay stood by her side. She took this as a sign of Sanjay returning to his previous self of a loving and caring guy. Little does she know that he is doing this as a part of his responsibility which is to take care of his girls. 

“We will punish this little cunt together’- Said Sanjay.

This brings a smile on Ratis face and she looked at Kajal. Her face has already became pale in the fear and uncertainty ………

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