Rashi and Pooja swapping

I am Rashi and my experience revolves around my husband Rohan, my best friend Pooja and her husband Kartik. Certainly names are not true, and I have taken these names from the previous stories of this site.

We belonged to a reasonably big city of India but not metro or cosmopolitan. Pooja and I were very good friends, from our college time and Rohan was also part of our group of friends having few more girls and guys. Even after collegeing, I and Pooja were in good touch, rather we were best friends, we did graduation together and slowly life moved on.

We both were mainly in touch of Rohan even after college and during our whole graduation. Reason was simple, Rohan was attracted towards Pooja, and I was bit towards Rohan. Time moved and during our graduation our friendship grew and became strong. I knew that Rohan likes Pooja, I sensed it easily and many times I talked to Pooja about that,

but Pooja had entirely different perspective for him. She was a daughter of Army man and she needed somebody of that class and style. Many times Rohan asked me about Pooja, whether she likes him or not, but I avoided that conversation knowing that Pooja do not think about him in that way. Time passed like that and we three got closer and closer.

After graduation we three got shifted to nearest metropolitan city to do professional courses of our choices. As expected I and Pooja accommodated together as PG and Rohan took flat on rent, sharing with few of his friends. Rohan joined course of hotel management and on one fine day proposed Pooja, as expected she rejected and Rohan got bit depressed.

Life moved on, still we three were good friends. Pooja’s refusal made bit positive environment for me and me and Rohan got closer. If I will compare myself with Pooja in appearance, then truly speaking Pooja was much more beautiful than me. Although I was fair in color and she was bit dusky.

I had a bit big body skeleton but with a flat belly, I had good amount of flesh on my thighs, and ass mounds with big breasts. She was well in shape and had sharp features, curly hairs, nicely shaped arms and legs with flat slender waist, well shaped ass and medium or bit bigger sized breasts. Apart from appearance, we both were very different in nature, she was much more intelligent than me,

I had a simple perspective for life and Pooja had her own style. She was fond of luxuries and urban culture, and I was bit simple and casual. Amazingly even then we were very good friends. Life moved on like that. After few months, Rohan proposed me, I accepted and gradually everything settled down.

I accepted his proposal even after knowing that he is still attracted towards Pooja, I assumed that time will play rest of the part in our life to make our living normal and consistent. All of us were working in our streams and life moved on, I made sexual relation with Rohan even before getting committed and gradually we were moving towards the consistency of this relation.

Rohan was still attracted towards Pooja, but things were moving in positive direction slowly. I had few open conversations with Pooja on this and she assured me that everything will be on track, when she will get her mate. We thought about marriage and because of our different cast we faced some problem, from my family’s side.

Because we were stuck on our decision, so finally parents agreed and everything got settled and we two got married. In the mean time Pooja came in touch of a guy through on of her family friend who was in CRPF at a very good rank. A love affair took place between them and finally they got married. I liked Kartik as a human, and I was happy for my friend that she has got a very good match.

Unfortunately just after 7-8 months of marriage he was posted to the outskirts of one Indian state where Nexelides were active. I think the direct result of this was that the sex in Pooja’s marriage was infrequent, though excellent when she has it. We both were very free to each other as I said we were best friends, so we discussed our sex life with each other occasionally.

In her own words Kartik, her husband, is a powerful and demanding lover with considerable skill and stamina. He fucks her superbly and she loves it, but she use to get it occasionally. As a person Kartik was really good man, disciplined and reserved, gentle and soft spoken, well educated and well mannered too.

On my side my husband Rohan was fun loving guy, witty and having good and sometimes vulgar sense of humor, with lot of male ego and flirting habits, also good lover but bit extra horny and he use to convince me to try weird things like oral sex in which partners suck and lick each other; I never liked these things at all.

But slowly I started doing it, as I knew that my husband likes it. Altogether my sex life was full of fun, we use to enjoy and life was moving; as far as I know, I don’t remember if I have ever said no to Rohan for sex, whenever he asked for sex we did it, rather sometimes I use to ask him if he needs an oral pleasure before penetrating, although I never liked doing that.

In my perspective Rohan was living sexually satisfied life with me, as I was living with him. Kartik was staying hundreds of mile away from us and use to come occasionally. Many times he tried to convince Pooja to come along with him, but she disagreed. She wanted to live urban life and was carrier oriented.

Many times I had conversation with her on this subject; even I tried to convince her to do what Kartik is saying, but every time she disagreed. Like that few months passed, we all were busy in our rat race. I don’t know when something started between Rohan and Pooja. I was blind and never saw a single thing happening around me in that way.

This fact came in front of me on the day when we all had a plan to go to the movie, which was followed by the dinner. It was Pooja’s birthday. I knew that initially Kartik tried to make it for this day, but later he informed that his leave application has got canceled. So I and Rohan made a plan to cheer her up, so we made this program.

I don’t know fortunately or unfortunately something happened and I got stuck in my office for unknown time, due to some work. I informed Rohan and Pooja, and finally we cancelled movie and continued with a program of Dinner only. Pooja was supposed to come to our place around 8, so was I and from there we have to move it for our dinner.

Suddenly I got free well before expected time and I was about to call Rohan to inform that I am heading towards home, but I received a call from Kartik, unexpectedly he was in town and he wanted to give a surprise to Pooja. He asked my help to buy some gift for her, I agreed and we met in on of the good markets of the town, he bought expensive jewelry for her and we proceeded towards my house.

We were well before expected time almost two hours early and when we reached Pooja’s car was parked in my campus along with Rohan’s car. It surprised me and Kartik too but not much and we took it casually. Intentionally we entered in house silently, with my set of keys. Nobody was there in living room; we heard some laughing noise from my bedroom.

I moved towards room, but my instinct stopped me, my heart beat went high. I don’t know what I thought and why I moved on the backside of our bedroom and took Kartik along. Silently we stood closer to the window of the bed room, and tried to see inside. Fortunately we had clear view as big portion of curtain was off, and widow was opened, in a way that it was unnoticeable from inside.

Scene inside was that Pooja was sitting on bed and Rohan was missing. Door of bathroom was open; noise of shower was clear, I assumed Rohan is in shower, I knew this because he had a habit of getting a shower before getting into bed for sex. We both, me and Kartik were standing silently, rather we did not had anything to talk about everything was almost understood.

Truly speaking I was worried and at that time I was praying to god to don’t let it happen. We three were very good friends and if Pooja was sitting in our bedroom even in my absence with Rohan, then I had nothing to doubt about, and I thought that if they will not do anything then for me there is nothing to worry about.

I don’t know what Kartik was thinking, he was standing just behind me and like me he was waiting for something to happen or something not to happen. With in a minute or two Rohan appeared on the door of bathroom. Pooja smiled gently at Rohan as he stepped out of the bathroom, fresh from a shower, only in a thick white towel wrapped around his waist.

He smiled at her in return. He came closer to her, she also moved now they were very close, their bodies were almost touching. My heart was pumping very high, Kartik was standing behind me, and he was watching every moment of his wife getting closer to get fucked by someone else, as I was watching my husband, with my best friend.

I couldn’t believe on my eyes, I knew that Rohan had a desire for Pooja from a very beginning, but I never expected this, I never expected that Pooja, my closest friend will ever think of doing this, I don’t know how she agreed to do this and decided to deceit me. Silently he took her by her slim waist and pulled her closer.

She slipped her long fingers on his waist under the towel and tugged it to open the knot, slipping the towel off, to his feet. He was wearing nothing underneath. My husband was standing naked in front of my friend, and her husband was standing behind me, watching his wife doing all this.

She went closer to him and felt the size and weight of his penis against her belly, she tilted her face up to his and they looked in each other’s eyes, for a long moment and the fires of her lust danced in their eyes. He bent his head to hers. His lips met hers and she stiffened at the first, electric touch of his lips and then his tongue slid past her lips and met hers in flickering reply.

She sucked on his tongue, on his lips, met his kiss in measure. His hands were on the nape of her neck, caressing, sliding up and down her slender body, cupping her breasts. He slid the pallu of her sari off her shoulder, and pulled all the plates of her sari at once, It rustle to her feet and he tugged at the draw-cord of her petticoat, letting that, too, drop.

Now she was wearing just panty on her lower half. One by one, he flicked open the hooks of her blouse and she wriggled out of it, finally in her arms, just in bra and panty. By the time Rohan would have drew her panty down to her feet, she herself unhooked her bra and got fully naked. I was going insane watching this, I noticed that Kartik was also getting out of his senses,

he was breathing bit differently may be in anger or embarrassment. I looked behind to see him; he was watching his wife naked in front of someone else. He was looking inside from window without a flick of an eye. Again Rohan took Pooja’s face in his hands and kissed her hungrily, he tongued her ear and sucked and nibbled on her earlobe she moaned nicely when his hands cupped her breasts and they got squeezed properly.

They both were burning with lust and getting hot. Slowly Pooja stepped back and took her finger to her cunt and started rubbing. Rohan knew what she needed, Rohan smiled Shall I lick your slit?” “Mm. Slowly.”. She replied in sexy voice. I could hear as widow was bit open. Pooja laid on bed, closed her eyes, spread her legs wider.

Rohan kneeled down and got to his knees on the floor, looked at her luscious naked fuck hole and in a second he buried his face between her legs. She gasped softly as his tongue rolled over her flesh. Do it! Ohhhhhh uhh yes uhhh ohhh yes oh fuck yes!” She gasped and moaned eagerly under his mouth, she started spreading her legs wider, her hips rocking up and down in increasing urgency,

her body jerking and lurching in pleasure. Rohan entered his finger in her slit and finger fucked her along with sucking her clitoris. She was moaning high in lust and passion, unaware of the fact that her husband is watching her getting sucked by someone else. Abruptly, he slowed, making her groan in frustration. “Oh god Rohan oh god,” she whimpered please…. Rohan don’t stop.

He chuckled “C’mon,” he murmured. “Suck me.” Rohan came on bed on his knees, Pooja was already laying on bed, quickly; Pooja took his cock in her mouth and began sucking it furiously. Rohan groaned and gasped, fucking her mouth rapidly, his hands were on her swollen, pendulous breasts, moving up to her head, rocking it back and forth, caressing her face, and going down to her breasts again.

Pooja increased her speed and started sucking and jerking his cock like a machine. She squeezed his fucking dick to make him cry in pleasure and pain Suck my dick! Suck it harder! Ohhhhhh uhh Pooja Chus aur chus Ahhh… Ah…. Saali Raand…. Ahhh…..No….Oh Shit. Suddenly she paused and Rohan went mad, holding his rod tightly he felled on bed in unbearable pleasure.

Pooja laughed cruelly as if she has succeeded in taking revenge. Rohan took few seconds to get into his senses, then after he simply pulled Pooja’s legs and widen them up to max, and shoved his full cock in one go. Pooja screamed in this sudden attack but swallowed the pain without any trouble. Her legs were pointing roof and Rohan was laying and riding on her furiously.

Rohan’s firm rounded buttocks flexed and unflexed rhythmically. His hips moved hurriedly up and down, back and forth, in a fast, seamless, rocking action. She lay on her back, naked, perspiring slightly, her creamy skin glistening with sweat. She was fully naked laying under my husband having just few ornaments on her body, gold mangalsutra and matching earrings and finger-rings of diamond and gold,

4-5 bangles in both the hands and silver payal on her ankles. Her legs were wrapped around Rohan, and he was pumping her fuck hole continuously. She closed her eyes and moaned softly, her body was jerking gently with his thrusts, her fingers clenching his thickly padded shoulders. Rohan bent further over her on his forearms,

He kept his eyes on her face, fascinated by her sensual loveliness. Her lips were parted and next moment he kissed Pooja and sucked her tongue. Her cunt, hot and wet and tight, convulsed greedily on his pistoning penis, her hips writhing and lurching rhythmically under his. “Yes,” she murmured. “Fuck me,, Rohan… fuck my hole… yes…… ahhhhhh uhh yes… that’s it!”.

Rohan got up partially and came on his knees, still leaning on Pooja, holding her knee joints, picked up speed effortlessly, rocking his hips swiftly up and down, his buttocks flexing and unflexing powerfully, his enormous penis plunging and pistoning steeply in and out of her cunt. She hissed in pleasure as he rammed his cock into her flesh.

I think it crushed her gorged clitoris in its back and forth, to and fro passage, mashing her cunt-flesh delightfully. Her body lurched and jerked faster and faster under his thrusts, her breasts were jiggling and bouncing, her gold necklace was slithering and tossing. Her head flipped from side to side as she moaned ecstatic obscenities, her tongue arching erotically across her upper lip.

“Mm… ohhhh yes… oh ma uhhhh yes uhhh yes… Rohan…fuck me… fuck me, Rohan… ohhhhhhhh uhhhh yes…ohhh He leaned and kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She sucked it sexily; her hands were roaming up and down on his naked body. Her hands slid down to his buttocks and she squeezed them eagerly, pulling his flesh deeper into her own.

Rohan murmured fuck yes… take it… oh fuck yes Ohhhhhh uhhh yeh, you fucking bitch… saali kutia, le mera lund apni chut main, pura le ….ye le…. ye le take it. with that suddenly, he switched to a violent trip-hammer rhythm, his hips rocking furiously back and forth and up and down, hammering at hers, his buttocks opening and closing with pauses, his cock ramming and plunging and reaming and plundering and slamming into her flesh.

“OH MA UHHH OHHHH UHH SO… UHHH… OHHHHHHHHHM uhh OHHHHHHHHH!” she cried, her head was whipping back, her mouth was tearing open, her body was jerking and lurching and thrashing furiously under his body, her fingers were now holding bed sheet and she pulled and crushed bed cover in ecstasy.

Suddenly Rohan stopped she moaned thickly, delirious with the pleasure. I could see that Pooja orgasmed violently, her cunt was convulsing frantically on his throbbing, swollen penis, her body arched, breath was hissing from her throat in a choking way, she made a big rattling gasp. Rohan groaned loudly, sitting on his knees, leaning on his hands over her, arching his head,

fighting to control himself as the intense heat and suffocating tightness of her cunt enveloped his piston. On a very next moment Rohan also came violently. Sensing his orgasm, Pooja opened her legs under him and took his cock deeper in her flesh, taking the thick, hot, creamy spurts of jizz completely in her fuck hole.

He kept coming and coming and, bent further to kiss her, Pooja embraced him and they hugged each other. Tears were floating in my eyes, I turned to look at Kartik, he was watching every happening, and as I turned he looked into my eyes and uttered just two words, “let’s go”. We walked back silently and he drove my car to the main road and after driving for around 4-5 km,

he stopped near big walking ground. We both were short of words, through out the way we were silent, even when we were sitting in car we were just thinking, and just looked at each other several times and turned our heads down. How often they had done this? When was she here before this? How long had they been lovers? A thousand unanswered questions flooded our mind.

Finally Kartik broke the silence between us, and he told me to call Rohan and inform him that you are coming. I did that. Kartik told me to behave normal, I was not sure that whether I will be able to do it or not, even then I agreed. Around scheduled time I reached home with Kartik and we did what we were supposed to do.

Pooja was pleasantly surprised to see him, and delighted to see her gift but now everything looked artificial, we proceeded for our dinner, many times she hugged Kartik and he behaved naturally, but on every such incident he looked into my eyes and smiled ironically. We knew everything and that is why every single second spent at that time with them seemed like a torture to us.

Finally celebration came to an end and we reached home. I tried to behave normal and talked to Rohan as much was required. Next morning we continued our routine, my mental state was not good at all rather I was going through hell, I don’t know what Kartik was thinking. Soon I received a call from Kartik. He wanted to meet me, so I packed up little early.

We met; he was very depressed and reluctant to talk about that. We could not think of any solution of this, moreover we didn’t had courage to face this truth. He had a plan to stay for a week, but he was leaving that night only. We had coffee together, saying good luck to each other, as we moved, I asked him to call. He smiled and just said OK and we both took our way.

Life was otherwise on track, but I was very uneasy. My behavior towards my husband changed, and he sensed that. I never asked for sex, because I never felt like doing it, and whenever he asked I made excuse every time. Many times he tried to talk to me about that, but I ignored. Many times I saw few changes and things in house when I came back from work and those changes reflected that Pooja was here and they had a fuck.

Life was moving like that, and bit of tension was building up between me and my husband. I was getting frustted with life, at one time I had Pooja as a friend but now I had nobody with whom I would have shared my pain. I never thought about talking to my parents, because it was my decision and from the very beginning they were not ready for this marriage.

Life was otherwise on track, as far as surface things were concerned. After around two weeks I received a call from some unknown number, it was Kartik. I was pleasantly surprised and happy to talk to him, although we just asked about each other and about our lives. Although we both knew the bitter fact of our life, even then we said that we are alright.

He told me that from the day he has reached back, he was very busy in his working schedule, so he never got time to call me, and later he said that he was very disturbed too and unwilling to talk to anybody in last few days. I took number of his guest house, where he was staying and where I can call him after certain time.

Finally before putting the phone down, with some hesitation he asked me that whether they have done it again, I spoke the truth, that I have got the hint 2-3 times, that Pooja was here at my house in my absence. He just replied with ok and our conversation came to an end. Few more weeks passed like that, and now I was getting use to of this life style, living with a person,

without any physical relation with whom I was in love at one time. From my side I never tried to give him or her any kind of clue, showing that I know everything running between them but I think from my behavior Rohan understood that I got a hint of his immoral character, but he was not at all sure that I know the complete thing and many times he told Pooja to ask me,

but I avoided talking to her on this subject but sensibly reflected normal behavior with her. Few more days passed, life moved. Somewhere I was getting starved for sex and physical love, but not for a fraction of a second I thought about reconciling with Rohan, until he accepts his mistake. May be it was my ego who was holding me back.

For my sexual satisfaction, I started watching xxx movies, which we had, on my laptop, and use to masturbate with my finger, sometimes on bed and sometimes in shower. In the beginning I used this way more frequently to satisfy myself sexually and it worked well but slowly this formula, I mean masturbating and watching movie stooped working, as I was getting bored of that, so I use to do it very occasionally.

Life was moving like that only. One day I was alone at home at the dinner time, as Rohan was supposed to attend a party in his office. Couple of times he insisted me to come along but I refused, so he went alone. I had dinner alone and came to bed with my laptop and watched one xxx movie and slept after masturbating. Somewhere past to midnight I heard some noise, it was him.

Rohan entered in house using his set of keys. I was half asleep, so I remained in my posture pretending myself in deep sleep. He came on bed beside me, I was laying facing away from him. He tried to turn me with force, I turned. He was drunk and tried to came on me, I resisted but he tried forcefully, I pushed him, he started pulling my clothes and ragged them partially,

I was half naked on bed struggling with my own husband. He slapped me and abused me by saying “aaj nahi chhodunga tujhe, saali kutia kya samjhti hai apne aap ko”. It was really shocking for me, to get it slapped by whom I was in love few days back. I tried to push him and screamed on him by saying “go to that bitch with whom you are sleeping, from months”.

My sentence stunned him or may be he was pretending that he is shocked, because first time this matter was opened between us. He screamed and tried to convince me that he is innocent by dominating through his voice. But I had no doubt in my mind, so without listening his excuses I tried to move and entered in toilet.

That night I slept in drawing room and I was very depressed, I cried in night and in morning tried to divert my mind with my work. It was a normal day in office and that day again Rohan was late, I don’t know why. I never asked him and he never bothered to inform me. I had light dinner and came to bed with one book. I was very frustrated from last night’s incident and was in bit crying state.

I had nobody with whom I would have shared my feelings. Suddenly my phone ranged, it was Kartik, I tried to pretend normal, but my voice was choked. He asked me where is Rohan, I spoke the truth, that I don’t know, then he asked me that how am I, I said ok, but I think anybody would have guessed, that I was not ok from my voice.

He asked me the reason of sounding low, I was hesitant to tell him, but he forced me to speak up. I explained him, whatever happened last night. He was really bothered about me and suggested me to go to my parents. But it was clear in my mind I cannot involve any of our parents, as my mother was neuro patient and father had a BP problem,

moreover my father was very short tempered and I was sure that if I will involve my parents then my father will have a fight with his parents and Rohan’s parents were very nice and they always took me as their daughter, besides even they were not medically fit. I talked to him about this, he suggested me few more things and from his way of conversation it was clear that he was worried about me.

I asked him about his life, he said that he has drowned himself in work; even then he is suffering and cannot stop thinking about what his wife has done with him. Although he was pretending perfectly normal with his wife, Pooja and he was totally in her touch. He told me that just before calling me he called Pooja,

and from her way of conversation he felt that she was not alone and that is why he asked about Rohan as a first thing. After few more minutes our conversation ended and before that he promised me that now he will call me more often. I was feeling better after talking to him, and somehow slept that night.

Kartik kept his promise, after that day he started calling me more often and sometimes I called him in the night. Couple of times we had long conversations, our conversations were very casual, sometimes about his tours in interiors and sometimes about my work culture. I was still living with my husband, cooking for him and doing household works,

we use to talk to each other when required, use to watch TV and matches together, everything was moving as usual except the sex part. I was living as if I am living in hostel and Rohan never dared to force me again because he knew that if I will take our parents between us, then he lose his standing,

as he was not sure that how I came to knew about his sexual relation with other woman and up to what extent I know the truth. Worst part was that after knowing the fact that I know the truth, complete or incomplete, he never tried to reconcile by accepting his mistake. Truly speaking if he would have done that, I would have forgotten everything, but at that time his male ego was driving him.

Gradually I started sharing all these views and major portion of my life happenings and my feelings with Kartik on phone and with in few weeks he became part of my life. I was in much better mental state after I got in regular touch of Kartik, he reached somewhere closer to me as a friend. I was falling bit by bit for his nature.

He always liked to listen to me when I keep on talking, which was totally opposite from Rohan. Slowly we further explored each other’s mind and we admitted to each other that we both feel good after talking to each other. Gradually we got closer and closer as time moved. I shared my so many things with him, my likings, disliking, few of my life incidents and lovely time spent on honeymoon with Rohan.

Also this fact that initially Rohan proposed Pooja first, and she refused. Kartik knew this fact. He was also getting free with me, and he too started sharing and told me about few of his incidents and happenings with Pooja. Slowly we got so addicted of each other that we started talking almost daily in night,

I was feeling that my life was changing and to some extent we kept our problem and life partners out of the way, I feel at that time he was at the place where Pooja was at one time, obviously within limits. Truly speaking our conversations were very casual and Kartik never tried to talk to me about sex intentionally, but someway that topic came in conversation and ended immediately.

I shared something, which any woman share it either with her husband or close friend, it was about my period dates. It happened in a way, that on the first day of my menses, I was feeling very tired and sleepy, and in night when Kartik called, I was not in condition to talk to him, I was sounding very low and in that tone I asked him, if we can talk tomorrow.

He couldn’t guess the actual reason and asked me about the matter, I tried to avoid, but he was worried. He assumed that Rohan has assaulted me again physically or sexually, and he forced me to speak up. I had to tell him, he immediately said sorry and told me to take rest and eat nutritious food.

Slowly boundaries of our conversations were getting wider, but we never crossed limits and whole talk always remained elegant and neat. I don’t know about Kartik, that what he use to think about me, but slowly I was getting attracted towards him and somewhere desire of seeing him or spending time with him started rising in me. I was very much starved for physical love and sexual pleasure,

and slowly my feelings, my thoughts and my desires were getting out of my control. While watching xxx movies and masturbating, I thought about Kartik, and surprisingly I realized that I felt that it pleasured me more. I tried this couple of times again, and it was amazing, I was getting good pleasure. I recalled that when I use to masturbate thinking about my husband,

I use to do it very less, sometimes not even after ten days, because I never got that level of pleasure which satisfied me much, but now I started doing it almost daily or maximum with a gap of a day. It was something sinful for me, I knew, but the thing was that I was getting pleasure from this, and I continued doing it.

Every time I masturbated thinking about Kartik, I felt guilty and promised myself that I will not do it again, but again next time I did same and continued like that several times, for few weeks, but truthfully I never thought about making these fantasies real, I never thought about cheating my husband. I don’t know what Kartik had in his mind about me, what I felt that he cares for me, as a friend.

My telephonic conversations with Kartik continued and now while talking to him I started thinking about him differently, something more than a friend. Once while talking to me on phone Kartik asked me about my plan of future, as things between me and Rohan were getting complicated due to lack of conversation.

He told me to talk to Rohan clearly, but I knew that he will never talk to me about this and will never accept his mistake. He was most egoistic creature ever came in my touch. He had a superiority complex of being a man, and somewhere I was also stuck with my ego that I will not reconcile, until he will say sorry for what he did.

Things were moving like that and slowly I was falling week in absence of love and sexual pleasure, I was unable to talk to Kartik from almost a week, because he was on tour, far away from his base. Things were accumulating inside me and I was bit frustrated and during this my birthday came, highly emotional day for me.

It was my second birthday after marriage, and I don’t know why I was hoping this that today differences between me and Rohan will be resolved. I assumed on my own that today he will reconcile and will take me in his arms. But since morning I was alone, he never bothered to talk to me properly.

My parents, and my in-laws called me to wish, Pooja called me to say happy birthday but Rohan never thought about wishing me, actually that day I was expecting a lot from him, even after mornings disappointment, I was hoping that he will surprise me in evening, I prepared few good dishes in dinner which we use to have on such occasions, but around 8 he massaged that he will not come home tonight.

I was totally alone, with nobody around me to celebrate, with lot of good food, prepared with lot of efforts and feelings. I was so depressed and controlling myself from crying. Kartik called in the night, I was unable to utter a single word, and I just started crying. He didn’t had a knowledge that it was my birthday, he just called me because he use to call me on regular intervals.

After listening my weeping, he tried to ask me that what has happened, but I was unable to say anything, I was just crying and sniffing. He just got scared, assuming that something terrible has happened to me, he was asking me again and again that what has happened. I was unable to sense that scared tone of his questions to me,

I uttered few words that was, “please come if it is possible” while crying, and he replied “ok I am coming, but tell me that what has happened”, he held the line till I gained some senses, I realized that I have terrified him, I said sorry to him for that and explained him everything. After I was finished he felt relieved that I am ok and nothing dreadful has happened between me and Rohan.

Then I again said sorry to him for what I did and told him not to come in hurry, as I was perfectly alright. He said ok to that and wished me happy birthday. We talked to each other casually and he told me about the adventures things happened during his tour.

After some time we finished and seriously once again I felt that I am feeling much better after talking to him. Don’t know what was that, but I was losing control on myself, my thoughts and desires.

I thought that if I would have at the place of Pooja, then I would have gone with him, no matter where he stays, in village or forest. A thought of being Kartik’s wife made me so happy that I started day dreaming, few days passed like that, and I was enjoying living in dreams.

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