My name is Ranjit and I am married about 3 years back. I enjoyed a very good sex with my wife without problems. My wife is an average looking Indian woman with good features. We were staying in Jaipur. Meanwhile my brother who lived in Delhi also got married 21 months back. I enjoyed a very good relation with my brother. My bothers wife name is Ritu. She is good looking and free moving lady. My parents sometimes lived with me but mostly they stayed with my brother as they liked the weather there.
After the delivery of the child my wife was becoming a little sexy in look due to which I used to enjoy the sex very much. The frequent traveling to Delhi due to compulsion in work made me long for sex when ever I am without my wife. At this time I noticed that my brothers wife has become very sexy too after the delivery with good curves. I did not have any intention of having a sex with her till one fine day it happened. She also used to move very freely with me. With frequent visits to my brothers house Ritu was getting very freely with me. With the passage of time I started to get a feel that she wanted little more intimacy from me.
My parents were on tour to attend some relatives marriage and were expected to return only after a week. My brother had gone to work. It was also raining very heavily outside. Ritu was cooking and was also holding the child in her hands. Suddenly the child started crying. I offered my help to take care of the child till she finishes of the cooking which she readily accepted. While taking the child from her accidentally my hands brushed her well developed breasts. Though it was for a fraction of a second it kindled a big fire in me. I think she also noticed the same since she was trying to avoid talking to me face to face for the next few minutes. After finishing the work she took the child again from me. This time I thought I should do something to judge the her mood. While she was taking the kid from me her right boobs were very close to my hand and with the back of my hand caressed it for a little longer than an accidental touch to make her realise of my intentions. She just smiled shyly and just uttered that I am becoming really naughty. I then became really bold sensing that she was not opposing the idea. In the standing position in the kitchen in the pretext of playing with the kid I just starting touching her on the boobs and belly- sensually arousing her. Since there was no objection to what I was doing I ventured on my next act. She had put the kid to sleep and just came out of the bedroom to kitchen and started to finish our lunch. She was a little tense and so I kept really busy in conversation. She started opening up a little and every now and then giving a side look at me. I was also also helping her in the kitchen. There was a little bit of water on the floor and the spartek tiles made it even more worse. She slipped and I caught her by waist and held her. I did not lose the grip and moved closer to her and embraced her from the back very tightly feeling her back completely and also her heat. She just closed her eyes and was shaking a bit. I did not want this golden oppurtunity to go waste and suddenly started kissing and wetting her neck and ear lobes and also caress one breast while my other hand rested on her belly and tried to explore the privacy. She was getting aroused and suddenly she realised and started telling me that it is wrong. I just held her closely now and turned her face to face and kissed her lightly on her lips and told her to enjoy this little petting and nothing is wrong since we are not having a sex and only just kissing does not dilute her chastity.
A little more talk and she was becoming a bit easy. I increased my pressure on both her breasts and also started to venture her tongue out and started kissing a little vigoursouly. By now she was also very hot and not sure of the next course of action. I kept pressing her boobs, caressing her belly and every now and then touching her pussy with her saree on. I was on my shorts and she was on my chest and falling completely on me. She could not realise me taking her saree off. She was looking gorgeous in pettycoat and blouse. I just looked her from top to bottom and she was looking to me like mumtaz at that moment. She had a goodlooking face, broadshoulders, about 34 size boobs, flat tummy and broadended ass. I was longing to explore her privacy a little more. All along she had closed her eyes and I could not understand whether she was enjoying or just pausing through as a dream. She opened her eyes suddenly and started telling that it was wrong to do all this. I just convinced her that I would stop it the moment she did not enjoy or it hurt her. She seemed to be a little convinced and started to relax a little with my constant cajolling. I lifted her and took her in my arms to the bedroom. I sat on the bed and she was standing such that her left breast was near my mouth. I held her closely with my hands on her ass and my mouth very busy on her left breast wetting her cleavage and nipples though her blouse and bra. The nipples were becoming harder and bigger with the tongue work I was effecting. I removed her blouse and petticoat without even making her realise what was happening. She was looking like a damsel in bra and panties- which were wet in the bottom with plenty of discharge.
I laid her on my top to feel her heat and started to caress from breasts to toe and touching her pussy through the silken panties. That sent shockwaves inside her. Now was the time to get relieve of the brassier which also was sidelined shortly and now she was only in her panties. I was all over her now and she could clearly feel the bulge inside my shorts touching her pussy. I removed my short and underwear in one shot exposing my manhood proudly to her and she was too shy to see that directly. Understanding her shyness I took her hand and made her to touch my penis. She was a little tense and I could understand that since this was somebody other than her hubby. I started touching her pussy with my penis with her panties still on. She was getting very groovy. I started rubbing her belly and regions closer to her pussy with private hair. I slipped my hand slowly inside her panties and touched her pussy and caressed her private hair. She could just moan and do nothing to restrict any of my advances. Taking advantage of this I removed her panties in one stroke and inserted my index finger rubbed her vagina. I thought she would not open up. But to my surprise saw her widening her legs a little and putting her pussy fully before me. She was out of control and wriggled vigourously. I was also impatient and touched her vagina with penis and she was excited and started to hold me tightly by hips just indicating me to go in for the intimate touch with penis and penetrate. I penetrated her in one stroke and she was very tight but all along she has been cumming and that gave her immense pleasure. I started riding slowly up and down, my cock was fully inside her. Suddenly she told that we should stop since she was not protected. I just gave a deep kiss and assured that I would take care. I always carry condoms with me. I picked one and was ready again. I sat on the bed and took her fully on me and inserted my penis inside her and started to move up and down. My mouth was very busy licking her breasts and hands were circling on the ass. I could see clearly that she had just reached her climax. I kept going and took my penis out and started again to kneadle with her breasts and pressing. While my finger was busy in locating and rubbing her clit – she was ready for the second assault. This time I made her to lie on her back, opened her legs widely and inserted my penis and started moving to and fro. In five minutes both climaxed and we cleaned ourselves and she got on to her nightie while I moved on to shorts.
She wanted to take bath and was getting the change dress. I still wanted more and was wondering if any advance again she would be upset and ruin my chances further. I decided to give a try. She went inside the bathroom with dress and closed the door. Within two minutes the kid started crying and she heard the voice and asked me pick him. I made him sleep again. Since there sound either from me or the kid she peeped outside the door and enquired what happened. I came out of the room and assured that the kid us asleep. I could see she had draped the towel and a better part of breasts and major part of the silky white legs were visible. Again I got into mood seeing this and patted on her chin every thing is and now we can take shower. She yelled oh no! I did not wait for her answer and instead just took her along with me and took my shorts and underwear fully nude before her opening the shower. She was still with her towel on. I took the towel out and embraced her and took her inside the shower. Both of us were wet in couple of minutes and I started fondling her breasts, kissing her lips and even fingering pussy. I closed the shower and lathered her with soap and she too did the same to me. I concentrated more on her pussy and cleaned her nicely. She dried up completely and was about to get in to the dress when I lifted her completely laid her on the bed.
What are you doing?
MM just keep enjoying baby.
I sat down on the floor and started to lick her clitoris. She kept her hands on my head and was pressing while hands were caressing the breasts. In a couple of minutes she was full of cum inside and tasted nicely. She wriggled in escatsy and was fully exhausted and lay their still for sometime. She went in the bathroom to clean up. I also entered bathroom while she was putting on the panties. As I was about to put my underwear she had other ideas and wanted to give me the same pleasure she had just experienced – she went on her knees and pulled the underwear down took the penis – now only in semi erect stage completes in her mouth. Her hands were very busy in balling and holing the cock while her tongue was giving the head of the cock a good bashing. I had not experienced any such encounter till date since this was my extramarital affair and my wife had not done this to me. Within couple of minutes I was too excited to hold and cummed fully in her mouth which she gleefully swallowed.
We both were so exhausted that we took one more shower to refresh ourselves, dried ourselves, ate the lunch with only undergarments on. We lay in each others hand and slept that way till the kid woke her up almost an hour later.
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