punjaban housewife

She is 27 years old and works in the same telephone company as myself, I am not going to disclose the name of the company for privacy reasons. But
she earns a descent salary and works pretty honestly. She is quite fair as most punjabans are but the good thing about her is the combination of her
boobs are ass. You must be thinking that every subject in stories like this is very hot, but this story is based on a real person and thats why it 
is important that you realize that I am not lying. Her name is Jasminder. She by no means is thin, but has flesh in right places like Vidya Balan. But
her boobs are ass her way more sexy than Vidya B.

Her boobs will easily measure 36 D and her ass jutts out a bit when she stands. In the office she wears mostly salwar suits and sarees sometimes. I 
would say that her big and in shape boobs are a major chatting point amongst male co workers including me. All the men, even those 50 year old 
officers talk about her because the way her sarees wrapped around tightly, define the contours of her body and how even when her boobs are covered
properly with her pallu, they look as if they will burst out. She does not have a flat stomach, but it is quite close to that. She normally wears
those longer length blouses which hide most of her midriff and expose little. An interesting fact about those blouses is that they always expose 
about 1 – 1 1/2 inches of her fair cleavage, but she always keeps her pallu pinned so not many people have seen the heavenly sight of that milky
cleavage bouncing as she walks. I on the other hand have seen the sight few times in and around the colony and once in an office party. When she 
wears salwar kameez, her kameez is always a bit tight which is very tempting but other than that the whole attire is descent too. I prefer seeing her
in salwar kameez because the share those slightly tighter kameez gives her. She covers her chest using a dupatta but still the shape can be easily
seen and appreciated. I am sure every male hand in my office itches to grab her just once and run all over her body. Even the thought of me doing
that is enough for my dick to go hard. I am sure if anyone gets a chance to actually grab her boobs and ass with masturbate freely for a month. 

Another important thing about this woman is her attitude. She has a lot of it. I have spoken to her sometimes but I have to make sure that I keep my
eyes straight and talk very professionally. She shares a work friend type of relationship with me and nothing more. But I have seen her rebuke people
passing looks and comments. She gets really angry when someone tries to be smart with her in the office and I have noticed that most junior men keep
a safe distance. However, she has to tolerate a bit when some of the senior guys try to steal glances at her boobs and ass as she walks around. She
knows that she cant do much about that. Let me tell you that is also above average in terms of her beautiful face, specially when she does a little 
bit of make up. In the office she wears some basic make up to look attractive. As with most of the women, she knows when people are looking at her
and what their intentions are. It has been almost 1 year since she joined and I have seen her wear sarees or suits only 5 – 6 times that stretched 
anyone’s balls just by looking. Otherwise, she dresses pretty normally. 

She usually takes the bus or the metro to come to work but sometimes her husband drops her to the office in his car too. On those days, I get a ride
to work too. Jasminder calls me up if her husband is dropping her and I gladly go with them. Not only that is a good opportunity to talk to her and her
husband but also get some glances at her body specially her boobs and cleavage when possible. If you talk normally to her without looking at her body
she is really sweet and friendly. Its just that, not many people in the office are able to do so. I have seen some of the older and senior men just
openly stare at her boobs area when they talk to her to look in her direction in meetings etc. I glance at her face sometimes to see if she has noticed
those stares and almost always I feel that she has and her temper is rising. But she has to control because of the seniority of those men and their 
power. Her boss, K Ravindran is usually one of the worst offenders when it comes to lustfully staring and honestly I do not blame that guy. His friends
who are similar high positions as himself often make jealous comments to him about Jasminder. Where as people like me simply make dirty jokes about her 
while each fantasizing about her lustful body. I also get teased sometimes because I am the one who she talks to most in our office. And by most I mean
a few mins before and after lunch. She does have several female friends in the office and she spends her lunch time mostly with them. These ladies 
usually have a lot to talk about it seems, because we see them laughing and chatting in the mess every afternoon.

The combination of her sexy full body and her attitude make her so irresistible for me. I just feel I had the power of hypnotizing so that I make her
my sex slave when I want. I can only imagine touching those heavenly tits and crushing them while she moans slightly. Ah, wishful thinking. But this 
attitude is toned down a bit when she travels using the public transport because even she knows that there is no use picking fights every day with 
men in buses or metros. She usually goes to work around 8:00 am in the morning and I start around 8:30, but sometime we catch the same bus or the same
train. We leave work around the same time but she has company of a female colleague while going back, so I keep my distance. 
This story is about one such day when by sheer luck, I traveled in the same metro train with her in the morning and the same bus with her in the eve.
I am not sure, but I guess she did see me at the metro station in the morning that day but she did not know that I was in the same bus during the 
evening ride. She definitely did not know that I was traveling in the same metro coach as hers in the morning too. 

I spotted Jasminder walking pretty fast towards the metro station, it was close to 8:25 and she was late than usual. She was wearing a darkish maroon saree
and the sight of her walking fast in front of me was enough for my dick to feel a twitch. She was more than 10 meters in front of me but I could still
see that ass moving wildly as she hurriedly walked past rikshaw pullers and street hawkers smiling and passing some comments amongst themselves after 
seeing her. Those bastards were lucky because they must have seen the front view with Jasminder almost running, which would have meant that her boobs must
have been out of control. I wish I was standing somewhere in the front of the road too, so that I could capture a mental image for my nightly wet dreams.
I am also sure that she shot them an angry glance as she was walking by those people. I increased my speed so that I could keep to her pace, afterall I 
was not a fool to miss an opportunity to watch her bulging ass. At this time of the day, the crowds are bigger and I guess Jasminder wanted to avoid missing
the 8:30 train at all costs. The next metro at 8:40 is even more crowded. 
I saw her making her way through the crowds to the ticket counter deftly while trying to avoid physical contact with other men and women. But everyone 
knows that it is not entirely possible. Specially for a bomb like her and sure enough while she was getting towards the counter, I saw 2 – 3 people 
brushing her ass and waist while walking by. I have to admit that one of them was truly an accident as the nice gentleman try to swerve away at the last 
moment but could not avoid his knee grazing Jasminder’s right leg. I guess everyone women using the public travel in Delhi does not even flinch when these 
things happen because they know that firstly there are so many people that it is not easy for men to avoid accidentally touching other men lrt alone women.
Secondly, women know that in a crowd, these things happen so fast that there is no way to tell for sure who did it and they keep quiet to avoid the ruckus
and attention. 
Jasminder did not glance back even once as a result of those accidental touches. I fumed inside wishing she did not know me at all or that I those filmy masks
that change the face completely so that I could brush my palms against that ass or her milky navel. I knew that if someone tried to do so in our office
that person will be screamed at instantly followed by an official complaint. And now even a random bloke can touch her for a whole 1 second and she would 
not even look. 
Anyway I kept my gaze on her and I could see her running towards the platform upstairs. She did not even take the escalator because it was too slow and too
crowded. she simply climbed the stairs and she was pretty fast. (Later I was told that she was going out for a conference with her boss to Lodhi Road and 
had to be on time desperately). Even her stair climbing exercise filled my heart with lustful joy as I saw her lifting her saree to her ankles and then
letting those humungous tits bounce freely. My heart almost skipped a beat when I saw that pallu slip to the right and her almost 2 inch cleavage exposed
as she was reaching the top set of stairs. Now I was the one who was staring openly and I swear that a couple of young boys could standing on top could 
not believe the their luck as they saw this bombshell punjaban climbing the stairs pretty fast while letting her tits bounce making that cleavage go from
2 inches to 3 inches. I took the glass elevator on the opposite side of the stairs and therefore was able to catch the front view without any hindrance. 
Jasminder quickly adjusted herself when she got up to the platform, but this scene was enough for me to feel a bulge in my pants. While she was adjusting 
her saree, I noticed something else too. 
I dont know if she did it on purpose because she was going to a big conference, but I noticed that her blouse were not those typical long ones that she
wears regularly, this one was a normal length blouse that stopped about one and half inches from the base of her boobs. The second more surprising thing
for me was the way she had tied that saree, it was sitting an inch below her navel. Even though I saw it for just a couple of seconds, I could not 
believe my eyes. I am use to seeing her dressed conservatively in the office and although there was nothing obscene about her today, a fair skinned bomb
like her showing few inches of extra skin was very arousing for me. Add to that about 3 inches of pure white cleavage that I saw earlier, it was making me 
really horny. 
And I was sure that other men in the office will notice her saree too. I already knew what the topic of conversation will be during lunch today. 

So Jasminder adjusted herself properly and moved closer to the waiting area of the platform where about a 50 men and women were standing waiting for the next

The metro arrived soon enough, after about a couple of mins of waiting. During this time, I think she glanced around and may have seen me, but I am
not sure about that. 
There is a ladies coach in every metro and depending on how much space it has, around 70% of the ladies try to get in one of those coaches. I guess our lady
had no idea that catching the metro at 8:30 instead of her usual time of 8:00 will mean that the ladies coach was jam packed and only about 10 – 12 ladies 
could even get in. Jasminder got into another coach with a couple other ladies and I had to move quickly to get in the same compartment, although using the 
other door, which was much closer to me. Anyone who has traveled in a general coach of a metro will tell you that there are few ladies in there and most 
of the people are squished together. You know, even as I was stepping inside the compartment, a strange excitement hit me, I knew how people cram in these
coaches and moments ago, I saw a milky booby punjaban who is in lusty fantasies of a lot of men step inside the cauldron probably because she does not know
how bad it gets in there. Maybe she did not even care, after all she had that big conference to attend and she could not get late. I just had to move closer 
to her, there’s no way I will let her ride this metro for the next 20 mins away from my sight and my cock. 
Sure enough, when I managed to get a glimpse, she was standing just in front of the door with no one standing in front and a hoard of people surrounding her. 
It was compulsion, even if they wanted to give her space, they could not. I also saw a few other women in the coach but none of them looked so desirable as
my hot colleague. She was facing the door looking outside holding a file from her left hand and an overhead rail using her right hand. She had her bag strung
on her left shoulder as well. She held her file close to her waist in way that it was covering her side midriff. Then I started noticing things that only I
could see because I had my eyes on her and her surroundings.
I saw that the men who was standing behind her could not believe their luck, they had that look in their eyes. To my astonishment, amongst these men were 
those 2 government college boys, who were probably not more than 16 and definitely bunking their college. There uniforms told me that they did not go to one of
those fancy private colleges. Their shirts were a bit ragged and trousers dirty. They had old shoes and bags were almost torn. But the most important thing, 
they had balls and luck on their side. They saw this hot working lady much older than themselves, displaying some cleavage and skin accidentally and they had the
balls to follow her. That Jasminder was not able to go into the ladies compartment told me that luck was on their side too. The other thing that they had was a 
smile on their faces and they were whispering amongst themselves. I was too far away to hear anything, but I am sure they were talking about their good
fortune. They were looking disheveled and I could tell just my looking at them that they never had any girl friends only fascinate about women by looking at 
porn. They were quite thin too and one of them had a thin mustache to go along with his dark skin colour. The other one had wheatish complexion.
They were carrying their torn college bags on their shoulders and standing about 3 to 4 inches behind her. I was not able to comprehend and my mind was 
starting to wild with imagination. What if these filthy looking college try something with her, what if they try to touch her, what if they are able to get even
closer to her??? how will she react etc etc….my mind was going crazy and again I was cursing myself. Those lucky punks was so damn close to my dream sex slut.
Maybe they were just contend in being close to her…who knows, only time will tell and my heart was beating faster.
Later I realized how lucky I was because Jasminder was standing so close to the glass panel door. I was able to see a faint but clear reflection of hers in one of
the panel. What I saw mesmerized me and made me more jealous of men around her. Because she had raised her right hand to grab the rail, her pallu had shifted a 
little bit but was enough to display her 2 inch cleavage, which was easily more than 3 inches now because of the raised hand. My cock started to twitch again 
I wanted to smell that cleavage badly. I considered myself lucky that I was able to see her like that because of the way she dressed at work. The other thing
was her display of that milky white soft and cushy navel. As I said before, she was not exactly slim and had a bit of cushion around that area which I loved.

As I said before, this was a 20 – 25 min ride and the next stop was to come on the right hand side which meant that the door in front of her was to open soon.
I saw that Jasminder leaned back a little bit to make space for the people who wanted to get out. Two things happened that made a small current ran through my 

As she leaned a bit and stepped back (onre step only) her ass accidentally grazed the front of one of the boys who instantly looked at his friend and 
smiled. The second thing was Jasminder turning back to look who it was to apologize and when she realized it was 2 dirty looking 13 – 14 year old boys, she 
gave them a polite smile too while saying sorry. A smile that said that she thinks those 2 boys were innocent and it was her mistake that she backed up too much.
I could only imagine how Jasminder’s ass would have felt like rubbing against my cock, even through my trousers. Damn those boys!!

To give you a picture, imagine Kim Kardashian’s ass wrapped tightly around a saree and grazing your front while you look on and smile in bliss.
I dont know what the smile did, but the boys felt a bit safe too. I was also looking at some other men around her and a couple of them were easily staring at her boobs and whispering comments amongst them. Man I wish I could stare her too, wish she did not know me. 

The station came after around 2 mins and she stepped aside to let people walk by. 2 smart ones even touched her as they made their way out. I clearly saw at least one hand loosely touching that ass she looked the other way. Again, no reaction from Jasminder. I feel every women goes through this kind of predicament and almost all of them dont react unless the slight touching increases to groping. I am never able to make myself touch another women in buses or any form of public transport, I am always too scared of getting beaten up by people if the woman reacts or shouts. Anyway, now as the door was closing, a few people moved in close to her. Even though Jasminder was still standing pretty close to the door and no one was in front of her, the space around her became a bit more congested. You can imagine how men will react seeing a booby bitch wearing a saree in the general compartment, she was standing out like a oasis in a desert of horny men. 

There was a slightly older lady too who was now standing on the right side of Jasminder. I am sure this congestion gladdened those boys’ heart and made them feel a bit more comfortable. I guess they were ready to take more chances.

And my guess was right. As soon as the doors closed and people settled a bit, the boy whom Jasminder grazed moved closer to her still so that now he was just a couple of inches behind her. I am sure he must have smelt her back from that close. Her blouse had a standard cut from the back like most blouses and he was 
quite close to the bare back skin. 

His was shorter than Jasminder and reached just about her shoulder. Somehow he decided that that was the best time to take a risk and he moved his right hand from his side to the front and let it hang a bit losely almost touching her curvy ass. Since there were more people around her now, Jasminder was leaning on the long vertical rail on her left while holding the overhead rail from the right hand. 

Her butt cheeks were now getting squeezed a bit because of the vertical rail on the left which to my excitement made her ass protrude out just a little more. That scene was crazy for me and was making me all hard. I knew that when I tell my friends at work about the way she was standing they will all jerk off in the toilets afterwards.

Now I concentrated on that boy’s hand again. With every little jerk and with even a hint of turn, he hand started loosely grazing her ass. To my utter disbelief,
she again did not react. I am sure the guy was not able to believe his luck and little fingers must be trembling as they grazed that ass again and again. His 
hand was now hanging lose and he started to lean towards her a bit more. After a minute or so the second guy did something that I could never even muster the 
courage to do. 
As a reaction to the train turning slightly to the right and jerking, he suddenly grabbed the vertical raid Jasminder was leaning on. Since her whole body was
leaning against that rail, there was no space really to hold on to, but he still went for it and grabbed it with his left hand such that his thumb squeezed in
between her waist and the rail while the outer fingers were wrapped around the steel. That bastard went for the only uncovered body area of Jasminder. 
Her waist which was uncovered specially from the sides because she was wearing a saree. This actions resulted in Jasminder almost jolting from her thoughts and 
turning her heard to see what happened. She turned back and saw the face of that young boy, which had a frightened look. He spluttered out a quick “Sorry” and 
tried to explain that it was the sudden turn of the track which made him grab the rail. 
I could not hear properly, but I believe she said, “its fine” and moved to the side one step since his hand was still grabbing the rail. Even though the moment 
lasted for a couple of seconds, that lucky son of a bitch felt her milky creamy waist with his thumb. Jasminder was now not leaning against the rail and shifted
her hands such that her left hand was now holding on the rail on the top and right hand was holding her purse. So now the boy on her left side was holding the 
vertical rail and the second kid was slowly but steadly moving closer to her from her right side. 

The other thing I noticed was that because of this sudden movement and shifting of hands, her saree pallu slid a bit more almost exposing her full cleavage. 
Maybe because she was standing close to the glass door and no one one was in front of her, she was a bit reckless..but otherwise that cleavage is well guarded at
work with pallu pinned up on almost all occasions. Her lifted left hand raised her left boob a bit more than usual and the creamy mound starting to jutt out now.
I could see this erotic scenery in front of me because of the slight reflection on the glass panel and I was thanking god for such a lusty shagging bonus. I 
realized that those boys were probably seeing the same reflection, comparatively better version too, because she was closer to them and their little dicks must
be out of control by now.

Now I was anxiously waiting to see what happens next, she was already a target of those two young boys and was also giving a busty eye treat to a few other men
who noticed and were able to see her standing with her cleavage exposed. I was one of the lucky ones too. After a short while the next station was about to come
and it was announced that the doors on Jasminder’s front will open to let passengers in. I already made some adjustments so that I do not lose that pinjabi
meatloaf in the crowd. I could see that after listening to the announcement, Jasminder also shifted so as to make way for passengers who were starting to line up
around her to get out of the compartment. But in all the rush and lack of time, she simply shifted to the left side vertical rail, leaning against it a bit and 
in the process, squeezing the hand of the boy who gladly held onto the rail. But as soon as she leaned against it, I saw that she kind of jerked a bit and then
readjusted herself. I did not know the reason for that and I was trying really hard to focus on her body language to figure out what had happened. But she look
pretty unflustered after the jerk and was back to her relaxed self. 

I would never know that the reason she jerked as soon as she leaned against that left side vertical rail was because while she was shifting to the left the boy
had quickly slipped his hand about 4 – 5 inches up the rail so that when she leaned on the rail accidentally, his thumb got crushed between the rail and Jasminder’s
left side boob. The impact caused Jasminder to reflex back away from the rail instantly. She also gave a glance to see whos hand was it but that boy kept looking 
away nonchalantly, as if he did not even realize what happened. This kind of relaxed her a bit and she moved to the side this time close but not touching the rail
before the doors opened. Even if it was for 2 secs, but that lucky dog’s thumb caressed and felft up what 200 men in our office only dream of getting close too. 
But I would never know that, I would never even see that boy winking and giving his friend a brief twinkly smile. I assume Jasminder was calm because she was the 
one who moved to the left and obviously did not see the hand move up the rail. Also, those boys were not too old, which was fooled Jasminder into a false sense of 
security. It was all the more tantalizing for me because it was I who had seen them ogling when Jasminder was adjusting her pallu on the station exposing more that
what most men in her office have seen for 2 years. It was I who knew that these street kids were following her secretly and then took positions behind her when they
saw her getting into the general coach. Damn those lucky kids!!

Jasminder was now slightly cramped as she could not lean against the rail and still had to make way for the doors to open as the station approached. She just kind 
of squeezed her shoulders together and moved towards the vertical rail a little bit with one hand still holding the horizontal rail above. For a few seconds I got 
a view of the lifetime as the shoulder squeeze propped up her cleavage by a couple of inches. So atleast 3 people (although I am sure quite a few eyes must have
been on this booby bombshell) were able to see around 5 – 6 inches of pure creamy milky and soft cleavage, which by now was exposing about 20% of her boobs. This 
was surely the most anyone had seen in my office. And poor Jasminder must have been thinking that she could be a little bit careless because she was facing the 
door. That day I thanked the designer of metro coached who put glass panels as part of the doors. 

Anyway, the train reached the station and after a little jerk, the doors opened. This little jerk was enough for that second kid who was standing behind her right
side to graze Jasminder’s ass with his one hand, quick thinking, I almost smiled looking at that myself. As expected, people started rushing out as about 30 – 40
people patiently waited to get in. While walking out of the crowded coach, quite a few hands touched Jasminder’s ass with some belonging to those regular miscreants
who use public transport as a venue for groping. A couple of folks even grazed their shoulders with her, which was bound to happen in a crowded place, its just that
I was not able to make out if this was done on purpose or not. I am guessing, it was not.
But almost everyone who wanted to get out was already out when one of these shoulders jabs were a bit harder and pushed her right shoulder and her hand which was 
holding the rail above. I was sure that this was not done on purpose because it was a lady who quickly turned back and said, ‘oops sorry ji’ and left in a haste. 
But this hard jab did two things that according to me were really important in deciding the course of events to occur in the next few minutes.

As a result of that jab, Jasminder’s hand, which was holding the rail above, slipped off the rail with a jerk and her pallu dropped off exposing her chest with 
completely. Since the door was open I was not able to see the heavenly dick blowing view but I noticed her quickly trying to readjust as a new set of passengers 
started rushing in the compartment. I cannot even imagine what the view must have been like from the front. As it is due to the travails of the journey, about 20% 
boobs were out of the saree blouse, but to see them hanging without a pallu will make even an old cock jump with delight. This view was seen and enjoyed by quite a
few men who were standing on the platform waiting to get in. Some of them even smiled. 
The other thing that happened was the during those few seconds when she was trying to readjust the pallu, a 50 something pot bellied, part bald man holding a 
briefcase stepped up right in front of Jasminder and turned his back to her in turn facing the door himself. Since she was busy hiding her modesty, she was not able 
to hold that spot in the front anymore and soon after she was done, realized that a large fat middle aged govt employee was in front of her standing so close that 
if she stood straight, her boobs will touch his back. I am pretty sure this man placed himself right in front of her because he knew he will not get a chance to be
so close to a high class sex oozing bombshell like this ever again. I am also sure that he caught that little hanging tits display earlier which must have jolted both
his mind and dick out of the daily monotony. 
He had the look of a typical sarkari babu, with skin darkened by the heat of Delhi and a thick mustache which was unkempt. He also sported ear hair growth aka Lalu
and was carrying his samosa and chicken induced obesity with a rugged look on his face. A man like this standing within a breathing distance of a busty and now a bit
uncomfortable punjaban wrapped tightly around in a saree was a scene that was very hard for me to contemplate. That was the only moment in the entire train journey 
I though I would say hi to Jasminder so as to make her move from there towards me, but somehow I resisted the urge. 
Somehow, I wanted to see her in that position, somehow I wanted her to suffer a bit, like we have suffered for the last 2 years lusting for her untouchable body.

The train doors were about to close and she quickly took half a step back so as to avoid colliding with this sarkari gentleman. She did this as a 
reflex but as a result bumped her ample ass into the waiting groin area of that first kid who was standing very close to her. This came out of 
blue for him and for a couple of seconds, Jasminder’s ass was grinding his groin and my cock just shot up straight seeing that. That kid was kind
of surprised but a credit to his intentions and guts, did not move an inch and let her ass rest on his groin for what seemed like an eternity but
was only a couple of secs. The other guy was not so lucky as she did not lean towards the vertical rail. 
Jasminder realized that she had bumped into someone and turned back quickly to say “Sorry” and she did too. She apologized, gave that kid an 
embarrassed smile and then immediately looked around to see if she could move to left or right. At this point, she was a couple of inches in front
of that boy’s dick and a couple of inches behind that fatso. 

On her left stood the vertical rail and arm of that second boy was placed on it in a way which sort of encircled her left side even though it was 
not touching her. On her right stood a family of 3 with a 6 – 7 year old kid quite close to her holding his mother’s hand. So she tried moving to
her right side a bit was cramped and then I realized that the buxom bitch was trapped. She could not turn around and asked the boys to move 2 steps
behind as there was no space at all. My heart was overjoyed and jealous at the same time because I knew that she thinks that this is a mere 
coincidence or her bad luck that she is in this position. She shook her head slightly thinking that there’s nothing these people can do and they 
are standing there because there was no where else to go. Poor Jasminder did not realize that both those kids and the fat man in her front did this
on purpose and wanted to be close to that scintillating boobs and ass combo with milky white skin and a beautiful face with an attitude. They knew 
that in such a crowd, they can possibly take some liberties and risks. Risks that I was dying to take too as by now my heart was beating faster and

I had moved conveniently to the right side so that I could get a better view. There were 2 rows of people between me and those kids so there was no
way she could see me even if she turned back. I was still not sure why she did not ask one of those boys to move so that she could go behind them, 
but I guess that was too much of a hassle for her specially now that she was only holding the rail above her head and will not have had much support
if she decided to move around in the coach. The other reason was that the next station was just 2 minutes away. 
I wish I could get two mins so close to her in a cramped compartment like that, I was willing to do anything to exchange position specially with the 
boy who was close to her right ass cheek. Again, I so desperately wished that she did not know me so that I could try to get close to her. Anyway, 
now I was able to see that the Jasminder was having a hard time managing this distance carefully. She had to be extra cautious with every small jerk
and with every small swaying motion of the train as the track turned. Her left hand was hanging loosely as she did not have any rail to grab even if 
she wanted. She was trying to make sure that hand does not touch the gentleman in the front even slightly. Her right hand was still securely holding 
on to the rail abobe her leaving her boobs unprotected by any body part. 

And this is exactly what that fat middle aged man liked about the situation he was in. I think he could almost feel her breath on the back of his neck.
Jasminder was trying very hard to make sure that her hands stay away from that man in front, but she could not avoid her boobs to brush his back once
in a while when the track turned. I am sure at this point, the man was in heaven, afterall his plan is working perfectly. I could not imagine his damn
luck. Meanwhile the boys standing on her back were way more close now than before. Now the boy on the right did not even have to use his hand to graze 
that bubble ass, he just let his groin do so. With every jerk, Jasminder’s body would move either towards the back or the front and every time she 
moved back, her ass was greeted by a graze of one of the boy’s groin. I am sure by now, both their small dicks must have erected a small tent in their
shorts. An interesting thing was that they were taking turns in grazing her ass using their shorts covered dicks. They were sharing her perfectly. 
Since the guy on the right was a bit taller, his cock would graze her right ass nicely while the shorter one’s dick grazed the bottom of her left ass 
cheek. They were being careful in using the jerks of the metro coach and turns of the track to disguise their intentions and I must say they were doing
a great job. Jasminder was not even reacting. I guess she was too worried about the rotund gentleman in the front. And she also knew that the boys 
were pretty young and so probably thought that they are less likely to cause any trouble.

This whole scene was so exciting that my hand wanted to make way towards my pants, I wanted to jerk off so bad. I was glad that the compartment was so
crowded, otherwise my bulging cock would have been noticed easily. The urge was uncontrollable, to see the office attitude queen getting used from both
sides and her taking it like a dumb bitch was too much for me to handle. If only she knew that those boys had seen her deep cleavage on the metro
station and had placed themselves to enjoy her. If only she knew that the fat ass she was trying to avoid had already seen her plunging creamy cleavage
when she was adjusting her pallu.

As I said, the next station was just about to come and there were a few folks who wanted to get out, this was a small station and I was not sure which
side’s doors will open. I was kind of hoping that the door on Jasminder’s side opens because I wanted more people in so that there is less space for 
her to move. But that did not happen. It was announced that the other side door will open and people started to move in that direction. It was about 45
seconds to the next station when I saw that man in front of her shifting his briefcase from his left hand to right. I knew that bastard did this on 
purpose because in this process his elbow poked Jasminder’s slightly fleshy but delicious looking navel right in the middle. She jerked a little bit as
he turned around instantly and said, “Oh Sorry madam, maine dekha nahi ki aap peche khadi hain..lagi toh nahi (I did not see that you were standing 
behind me, are you hurt)”. He almost said it with a smirk on his face. Jasminder was not even able to reply as she was still trying to balance herself.
Because of the jerk, she got pushed herself back as a reflex which meant that her ass pressed against both boys’ crotches simultaneously as if she was 
grinding them in a nightclub. The movement from her was sudden and both of them just stood still on without retreating back. I guess they wanted to 
savor the moment and their good luck. 

The scene was such that her bubble ass wrapped tightly in a saree like a candy was getting grinded by two 12 – 13 year old filthy govt college boys. Even
if this was for a few seconds, it was too much for me and I instinctively rubbed my cock one stroke from the outside of my pants making sure that no one 
else saw. Meanwhile Jasminder steadied herself and ignored the ass grind because her mind was diverted due to the question. She replied back,”Nahi, main
theek hun (No, I am fine)”. I could judge by the tone and her volume that she had an inkling that this was done on purpose, but she did not show any
anger or frustration. At least not yet. She almost moved into the previous position of being precariously half a step behind that man and half a step
ahead of those boys. But I noticed something surprising.
The boy on the left who had his hand on the vertical rail very close to her, crept up even closer to her ass. Now he was almost poking her ass with his
cock covered with his thin shorts. And he was not moving back and forth, he just stood there with his groin touching her ass slightly. My eyes almost 
popped out seeing that and the more surprising part was the bitch Jasminder did not even budge. This guy was the taller of the two, so his groin, and 
by now I was sure his erected dick, was touching her left ass cheek flush in the middle. I was pretty sure the contact was very slight, but still that
asshole was almost protruding his groin and touching her ass..and he did it for almost 10 – 15 secs, before the next station came. 
I dont know if it was because her mind was still occupied with the navel grazing incident a minute ago or she chose to ignore this because the station
was almost coming. I am sure she must have felt something but I was not able to make out if she was uncomfortable because of it or not. 

My mind was racing and I wanted to literally take my cock out at this point.

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