Pumping my lecturer in lab

Hi! Guys this is Raju from Tamil Nadu.I feel very much glad to share my experience to u all through Human Digest.In fact am also a regular visitor of Human Digest. Am doing my computer engg. In a private college in Tamil Nadu.

I would feel very happy if my experience get a place in Human Digest. All ladies staffs in our college must compulsorily wear coat. I think u all know the fact behind this.Ok, coming to the matter there is a staff in our college named Gomathi.

I have great fond for women with long hair and homely look and Gomathi b’long to this category.I cant find words to express his beauty. Gomathi is from EEE department. Infact when I see women with long hair and homely look I would think that I don’t have luck to enjoy them.

I thought the same for Gomathi also.But I won’t think that it would became false and I would get a chance to enjoy her. Gomathi is a Brahmin,somewhat short and colorful full with limited breast.One day it was raining and I went to see her in her staff room

which was inside a eee lab to get sign in my eee lab record.When I went to see her she was not there,she might have gone to handle her class.As we had lab next day it is must for me to get sign in record.

Our college finishes at 4’o clock and all staffs left from the college within 4:15 that day.She came to the room at 4:20 only.I thought that she might conducted a test for class from which she came.I was inside the lab seeing all the eee machines.

She came wet inside the staff room since it was raining and she didn’t notice me as she was in a hurry.she was fully wet and when she removed her coat which she was wearing over her saree,her pin in her shoulder just freed and her mundhaanai

(a portion of the saree which covers the breast above the jacket) dropped down and I was clearly able to see her breast and her abdomen which is lemon in color still then she didn’t noticed me and packing her tiffin box inside her bag as it is too late.

It’s a cycological fact that men get more satisfied with short ladies in sex and I also decided to get satisfied with my Gomathi who is also short. She noticed me only when I came close to her.she was stunned to see me, seeing her body cut in a vigorous way.

I don’t wish to waste the time now………… I came very close to her so that she can feel the warmth of my air. She just bend down her head. I made her to see me. But still she was seeing the Ground. Taking it as her acceptance, I proceeded to the next step.

I put my hands around her shoulder and hugged her tightly and she too co operated me and put her hands around my neck. I took her face in my hands and started kissing it all over except her lips. Finally I came to the red portion of her face (i.e.) her LIPS.

I saw it keeping it very close to my lips. At this stage I expected her co operation and she too got very very hot and she took my lips into hers ooooooooooohhhhhhh what a moment it is…? What a taste it is….????? As Gomathi is a Brahmin she is very soft and easy to handle.

After tasting her lips for a couple of minutes I started massaging her abdomen which is very smooth. And slowly I proceed to the folding of her saree in the abdomen and put my hands inside and when I removed it she made a sound aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

In fact I love such type of sounds and I fully removed her saree and now she is only in her under skirts and jacket oooohhhh what a sight it is to see a lady in such sort of dress combination we can’t express in words.

After making her to full red hot condition I made her lie down inside the staff room since there is no chance for a bed inside a lab. I lie down over her in such a way that she can feel the hardness of my tool via her triangle.

I slowly started to unhook the three pins in her jacket one by one as I am very curious to see the breast of a lady for the first time in my life. She was wearing a black color bra, since she was lemon in color it was very sexy to see her in a black color bra and black under skirts.

I put my hand over her neck and it made a complete wandering over her next and her breast area. Now I slowly unhooked her bra and made her limited sized milky free. Even now I don’t had an intention to squeeze it as thought it would pain

her but made a smooth rub over it with my two hands to give pleasure to the full extent. Now there is only one thing remaining on her lemon body, her under skirts. When I touched the rope of her under skirts for the first time she made a protest to my activity.

I saw her face for a few seconds while thinking what to do and suddenly I kissed on her breasts and this made her laughing due to the pressure she had due to my act and now her weak protest also removed and I proceeded with untying her under skirts

and after succeeding with my effort am very happy to saw her wearing black panties ……. Oh lemony body with black cover. I kept my hand over it and made slight pressure over it she went to peak due to this and said “aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh U R killing me………… boy”

with a slight proud I made a small kiss over her pussy which is covered with the panty and that is wet already. She continued to made sounds due to this. Finally I removed her panty and saw her triangle with hairs that are retaing droplets of her liquid and I asked her ‘shall I remove it?”

she said yes but U do with ur hands. Hearing this I decided to fulfill her wish and rubbed her hot pussy with my hands. After making her nude I asked her to do the same for me. At first she felt very shy but after a few seconds she too recognized my wish.

After removing my shirts and pants I took her hand into my jetti and made it to carry my tool and I asked her to press it and she followed it ………………….. Aaahhhhh what a feeling it is I can’t control my self and hugged her tightly and kissed on her lips

so that my tongue was able to play inside her throat. After enjoying her up to 75% I decided to complete the remaining 25% my lecturer is very fast than me she took my tool in her hand and tried to insert it inside hers she is not successful with out mine

she saw me I understood her intention and with all of my force I inserted mine into hers. At the moment my tool traveled a maximum distance She burst into cries with pleasures…. Made more sounds.

Kissing on her lips I started riding on her until I load her pussy fully with my white jelly. ooohhhhhhhhhhh what a pleasure it is… After finishing all jobs on hers for the second time I dropped her on bus stand in my bike.

She is fully satisfied and gave lip kiss to me before going to her bus and also she made me score above 90 in the EEE practical exams. What a faithful Lecturer she is?

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