Priya and Nandita

Bhaskar, the chartered accountant, 40 years old, married and wife also working and the only child left in the creche. He was too busy with the work of his clients attending to their sales tax, incomes tax problems, arranging their accounts and investments etc.

He had four articles clerk under him whom he used to depute for all outside jobs. They were all smart and finalised their studies for the intermediate exam. Bhaskar did not want to trouble them for sundry work. He used to pay them for the work they do and they all liked him.

When two girls, Nandita and Priya applied for articleship under him with proper recommendations, he could not refuse. He has no space in the office to seat all of them. All seniors were moved to a corner and he took both the girls in his own cabin with a separate

table. Both the girls were beautiful and intelligent and he liked some good looking females in the office which otherwise was very drab and dry. Seniior boys were inquisitive and used to take peeps at them.Though both of them were graduated in Commerce,

their knowledge was not adequate to match the requirements of the firm of Chartered Accountants. Bhasker used to advise them to take advantage of the library he built with great pain. Both were clevera and were struggling to come up to the expectations of their boss,

Bhaskar. Suddenly they received a call from the institute allotting them bank statutory audit of three branches which are far away and they cannot commute in the company car. Bhaskar thought of sending the girls for doing the bank audit,

which may take 10 days for each branch and they may have to stay in a hotel. Bhaskar asked them to go and start with the nearest of the branches and that he will come when they finalise to sign the audited balance sheet and several ofther statements regarding certain statutory in

nature regarding their non prerforming assets etc. Nandita was reluctant to go alone and stay in some unknown hotel in some unknown city. Bhaskar said both of you be together and stay together and work together. Finally the girls agreed and they were to go the very next day.

Bhaskar said he will also come and fix them up iin the work and come back.Bhaskar too them to a three star hotel in the nearby city, took a room and got them settled. The room they got was a three bed room of which one was a double bed and another a single bed.

They did not have any room with three independant beds. Bhaskar went to the bank with the girls and checked their cash and it took more time than they planned. He talked to the branch manager and asked him to give all facilities to the two girls sent over there to work and that he

may be coming once in a week to monitor the work progress. While returning from the bank it was late and the girls asked Bhaskar to stay back so that they can have food together. Bhaskar thought ok, let me be the host for today. He left his hand bag and the laptop in the room,

freshened and then they all went to the restaurant. It was too early and there were only a few guests. They selected the best seat in the hall and sat and relaxed. Bhaskar wanted to be informal with the girls to reduce their tension and asked them if they will share some beer with

him. The girls were shocked and reluctant. He insisted and finally they agreed. He ordered for a bottle and all three were served with chilled beer. It would refreshing after the sweltering heat of the day he said and they sat chitchatting.He asked about their boy friends,

their artistic talents and how he used to sing when he was in the college and his own flings with some girls etc. Nandita and Priya thoroughly enjoyed his talk and were surprised to hear that this boss of their was a free lover in his younger days.

Bhaskar talked to his wife and told her that he may be held up for the day becasue of the work. She was not of the complaining nature and she knew about his work and that he used to be away for some days. He observed that the girls were quick in finishing their glasses.

He ordered for another bottle of the best beer with them. The girls did not object but filled their glasses. Bhaskar excused himself and rushed out. Within five minutes he came back changing from his suit to a more relaxing casuals.

He remarked to the girls that theyare about to have a long day. They all laughed in the informal atmosphere. Food was ordered. All of them were non vegetarians and hence there was no problem. Best of the meat and fish items were ordered and Bhaskar noticed that the second

bottle of beer is also over. He quickly asked for the third bottle and thought that these girls were more fast than he anticipated. Food came and they devoured the food since their were hungry and the food also was good.

Bhaskar asked the bearer whether there is anything in the firdge in the room worth drinking. Bearer smiled and told him that there is enough liquor stored in the fridge in the room to conduct a party. Bhaskar settled the bill with his creditcard and paid handsome tips to the bearer and

they all went to the room. Bhaskar was apologetic that there is no privacy for the girls to change and refresh. The girls said uniformly that they will adjust and Sir need not to bother about these things. One by one they went to the bath room and came back clad in nightie.

He noticed that the girls were already tipsy after consuming more than a bottle of beer each. Bhaskar asked the girls to sleep in the double bed and that he will take the single bed. But the girls said no, Sir, you take the double bed and we will adjust in the single bed.

How can it be possible, in the huge double bed I sleep alone and you both cannot lie in the single bed. One of you may have share my bed. Without second thoght Nandita said ok, I will share your bed, Sir. Priya said no, I will share.

Finally it was decided that Nandita will share the bouble bed with Bhaskar and Priya may sleep alone in the double bed. Time was already 11pm and Priya put the TV on. Bhaskar put on his pyjama and kurtha and they all sat to watch the TV.

Priya was in a romantic mood and she searched for the channel which showed adult movies in the night. Bhaskar in the pretext of going through the papers was thinking of his luck to sleep with one of the beautiful girls in his bed and the other waiting in the queue.

He stole a glance at Nandita, who was a voluptuous girl, with erect boobs and her nipple was already erect after watching some scene in the movie. Priya was no less. She too was very beautiful and she helf her nightie so tight that her boobs were very prominent.

Bhaskar thought he will fuck both the girls one by one in the night. He never wore any underwear under the pyjama while sleeping and the new situation already threatened him with an erection. Effect of beer having faded, he got up and opened the firdge and took out the pint bottle of

whisky and poured himself a shot, mixed with water and icecubes. Girls did not notice his new drink as they were busy with the movie. When Bhaskar looked up he saw a hot scene being displayed in the TV. Hero was kissing and squeezing the boobs of a girl may be the heroine.

Bhaskar was in a mood to watch some porno stuff. He opened his laptop and searched for an internet connection in the hotel room. It was there. He switched on the laptop and searched for his favourite porno site. Oh, it was there.

He asked the girls whether they are interested in watching more hotter scenes. Both the girls looked back and saw him with his laptop open and thought he may have some blue film loaded. They both got up, leaving the TV behind and came near him and sat on the bed and were ready

to watch. Bhaskar told them what is being displayed is pure sex and porno. If you have objection I will not open. If you dont mind we may watch for some time before going to sleep. Both the girls were enthusiastically said that they want to watch.

They forgot for a moment that it is their boss who is going to show and that they may have to share the bed with him for the rest of the night. Laptop was switched on. Out came the pure pornography, a girl giving a blow job to a boy.

Great shock was writ on the face of Nandita and Priya. Both of them were sitting very close to Bhaskar. They were sitting on either side of him and their bodies touching his. Close up of the blowjob was great, with the veins running across the cock clearly visible.

The boy cummed into her mouth and she swallowed the entire cum. It was coming in spurts and spread on her face. With her finger she drew it into her mouth and licked the whole thing. The boy lifted her physically and laid her on the cot and opened up her thighs and her cleanshaven

oozing cunt was revealed. He bowed down and licked her cunt greedily and her grunt and his moan was loud. Nandita kept her chin resting on the thighs of Bhaskar and the boobs of Priya were pressed against his back. His cock was fully erect and paining.

He said it is getting late and we can watch this later and was about to close the laptop. Nandita noticed his erect cock pulsating inside his pyjama. Bhaskar extended his hands and caught the boobs of Nandita with his left hand and that of Priya with his right hand.

They both came closer to him to reduce his strain and they both bent their faces and kissed him on his cheeks. He asked Priya, to unplug the laptop and place it on the teapoy and come back. With his both hands he massaged the boobs of Nandita.

Priya came back and was busy untying the pyjama of Bhaskar and took out his 7 inch cock out. When she was about to put it in her mouth Nandita came and pulled it into her mouth. Bhaskar said please dont fight over this.

Just remove your nighties and come we all three will sleep in this bed. Ok, they said and went to remove their clothes. He too removed his kurtha and pyjama and was totally nude in the bed. Nandita came with her medium boobs standing erect and her cunt was trimmed.

Her body was wonderful with a flat stomach. Priya also had nice boobs and she too came to the bed. Bhaskar asked wither both of them had any sexual experience before or are virgins. Nandita said shyly that she is not a virgin since her uncle fucked her when she was just 15 and

a servant fucked her when she was 16 and her boyfriend fucked her when she was 19. Priya said she too was not a virgin since her brother fucked her when she was 14 and then her servant fucked her when she was 17. Bhaskar hugged both the girls together to crush their boobs

on his chest. Kissing them passionately on their cheeks. He said first he will fuck Nandita and then he will fuck Priya. On hearing this Nandita took her position in the bed, with her legs wide apart. Bhaskaer came between her legs and took his cock and rubbed its tip on the clit of

Nandita. Both the girls were terribly horny and hence no foreplay was required. Bhaskar plunged his cock into the cunt of Nandita and it went in with difficulty. In two or three jerks the whole thing went inside. Prya was watching it entering fully.

He fucked her first softly and then with more speed with long strokes. Priya was sucking the nipples of Nandita. Nadita reached her orgasm and her moans ultimately turned into shouts. Bhasker cummed inside fully and withdrew.

Wiping his cock on the nightie of Nadita he asked Priya to suck him to bring back hardness to the cock. priya sucked him and within no time his cock was hard and came back to original position. She was very hot having seen the porno film and a real life fucking,

Priya opened her legs and showed her neatly shaven pussy. Bhasker opened her cunt lips with his fingers and rubbed his cock tip on the clitoris. Priya was moaning and he inserted his cock inside the cunt. It took more time to penetrate and finally when it entered her cunt fully,

Priya was moaning loudly. Bhaskar fucked her softly and slowly and gradually increased his speed and finally banged her with all force with long and hard strokes. Priya was in ecstacy. Finally both of them cummed simultateously.

Bhaskar thanked his stars for getting two beautiful girls to his fold and for having to fuck both of them in the same bed on the same night. All the three totally nude slept in the bed hugging each other and there was no space problem and the single bed remained unoccupied.

The statutory audit of the bank took seven days. Bhaskar did not return home. He stayed with the girls for all the seven days to complete the audit. Besides audit what transpired between them will be narrated in the future posts if you are interested.
Next day when they got up, the girls were shy for having slept nude with their boss in the same cot. They ran to the bath room and got ready. When they came out Bhaskar was still in the bed sleeping in the nude. His overworked cock was limp and was lying on one side.

Namitha and Priya took a closer look at it. It was the source of all the pleasure they got. Namitha felt like kissing it and sucking it. Priya just touched and felt its softness. Bhasker got up suddenly and saw the girls standing around him.

He covered himself up and went to the bath room, wore his pyjama and kurtha, brushed his teeth and came back and rang the bell and asked for three cups of tea. They discussed about their work plan for the day, took tea, rushed over their morning routine,

got dressed and ready for breakfast. Bhaskar shaved, bathed and did his morning prayers and then got dressed and was ready. It was 8.30 am. Nobody talked anything about the happening of the previous night. After breakfast they hurried to the bank for proceeding wtih the work.

Bhaskar went through the securities and the documents etc. when the girls checked all the accounts. They had a hurried lunch and came back and when the completed their day’s work it was 6 pm. The branch manager offered them snacks and tea,

which they took and then they left for the hotel. On reaching their room, they changed into casuals and were relaxing in the room. Bhaskar asked the girls whether they can have some beer. Girls agreed enthusiastically. He ordered for three bottles of beer and three glasses.

He poured for himself a small peg of whiskey and started to sip. He taught the girls how to open the beer bottle and how to pour in the glass. He asked Namitha about how she lost her virginity. After one glass of beer Namitha started to talk.

She said she was to go to her uncle’s place for summer holidays. Uncle came and picked her up and they travelled. This was when she was just 15 and was in the 10th standard in the college. She was asked to explain her physical features.

She said she had fairly big boobs, and golden hair in the public area. She always wore short skirts and a t shirt. This dress pronounced her boobs well and people used to take a second look at her. She noticed that the uncle was also taking glances at her in the sly.

When they reached home it was late and the aunty was waiting for her to come. She bathed and changed and had food and was about to retire. They gave her a guest room to occupy. Uncle and aunty worked and both left in the morning and she was alone in the house with a TV

and a computer at her disposal. Another girl from the neighbourhood used to come to gossip and that girl was much experienced in sex. She used to touch the boobs of Namitha and talk about her own adventures. She claimed that she had fucked half a dozen boys

and she started to explain how each boy behaved when he seees her cunt. She encouraged boys who liked to lick her cunt or suck her boob and nipples, not those who wanted to fuck her. Two or three boys came regularly for combined studies and sit on the floor and insert their head

inside her skirt and go on licking her dripping cunt. She would keep her legs wide apart so that he may proceed with his job effortlessly. She used to press their faces inside her cunt when she is about to cum. They liked and were never tired of licking.

Finally it was only two boys who came regularly daily. They used to help her mother for shopping, help her in the kitchen. Her mother never suspected why they locked up the door when doing the combined study. First she used to allow only one boy at a time.

But later they both had an understanding and both used to come and when one sucked her nipple the other sucked her clit and cunt.One day her uncle got the idea of the boys locking up in the room. He peeped through the keyhole and found their game out.

He very politely asked the boys not to come and he used to come on the sly and try to fuck her. When Namitha heard this story, she was fascinated and wondered if only she could get one of the boys for licking her cunt she would be enjoying her holidays.

Her friend said she will ask one of the boys to visit her. Next day one boy came and introduced himself. But she asked him to come later. Her friend who came later scolded her for turning him down. That day Namitha’s aunty telephoned to say that she had to go to her sister’s place since

her child was sick and that she may not come home for the night. She said uncle will bring a parcel of food from the hotel for the night and for the breakfast. Namitha waited for the uncle to come. Uncle came with a big parcel of food, sweets, soft drinks and some bottles.

When they sat for supper it was nice biriyani, and lot of chicken dishes he had brought. He had also brought two bottles of beer. Uncle smilingly said that we will try to take some beer which is good for the summer. One full glass of beer make her tipsy and lot of food and further glasses

of beer made her feel drunk. Uncle who went on talking asked her to remove her clothes since it was very warm. Poor Namitha did as he said and they both were nude in no time. He started to suck her virgin nipples and sucked her cunt also.

It was all new sensations for Namitha, pleasurable sensations. Slowly he made her to lie down in the bed and opened up her legs and opened her cunt lips and licked her clit and made her moan loudly. He gave his cock in her hands and she was seeing an adult cock then.

Fully erect and 7 inch sized monster was ready to go inside her. Uncle gave her one more sip of beer which he said will give her more courage. He kept I the cock at the entrance of the cunt and pushed it inside. It was not going in and it pained her very much.

He gave another sip of beer and with a push it went half way through. Another sip of beer and another push his cock was fully inside her. With his cock fully inserted he carried her and danced around the room and made her laugh and forget the pain.

The pain vanished and the pleasurable sensation started. They both shared one glass and he started to fuck her. Namitha said she never regretted her first fuck since it was in lots of beer inside her. They fucked and fucked for the whole night.

Beer was exhausted but who wants beer. Fucking was great thought Namitha. From next day Uncle used to visit her after aunty goes to sleep and fuck her at least once.After the holidays Namitha came back home with the sweet memories of sex with uncle lingering in her memory.

At home there was a man servant who used to do odd jobs for them. He was Shiv, just 25, well built and not much educated. Namitha noticed his stealing glances at her. One day when her parents were away she called for him and asked him to carry some clothes to drywash.

He was collecting all the soiled clothes and suddenly she noticed his sniffing at her used panty. Rascal wants to smell her cunt odour, she thought. In the night she asked him to apply some pain balm on her back since it was paining very much.

The very touch of her body gave him an erection, she noticed. There was a tent formation in his dhothi. She was also wetting her panty. She was lying with her bra hooks undone and his rough hands were throughout the area of the back and he was enjoying her young body.

He was trying to insert his one hand under her body to catch her boob so that he may apply more pressure with the other hand. She knew what he is trying to do. She lifted her body a little so that his groping hand may catch her boob.

He went and bolted the door of the room from inside and came back started the job with more vigor. He caught her both boobs alternatingly and lifted her half skirt to reach her lower back. He noticed her wet panty. He pulled her panty down so that he may rub her lower back.

She allowed him to do whatever he wants. He brought one his hands over her cunt and with the other hand he was rubbing her ass. She said it is ok you may go now. But will that fellow go. He had a bigger and better game. He turned her over and her naked boobs and cunt was visible.

He bent low and licked her cunt. He knew that no girl will resist cunt licking. He pulled both of her legs apart and buried his face inside her cunt and was licking her cunt vigorously. Namitha said she felt she was in heaven and cummed already twice.

Shiv took out his massive cock and inserted it in her cunt and fucked her. It was very tight and enjoyable. After that I had to go to the hostel for my college studies and years went by. Here I am now enjoying my sex with my boss.

Bhaskar and Priya enjoyed hearing her story. Bhaskar was in full erection and Priya was keeping her hand over his cock. Bhaskar untied his pyjama and took out his cock and Priya was quick to take it in her mouth. Namitha was just dreaming about her past sex adventrues, Priya was getting ready for a pre supper fuck.

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