Pornstar Sara Tommasi becomes director at Italian football club Marruvium

There are some career paths that make perfect sense and others that are just a bit random.
Sara Tommasi’s professional life certainly falls into the latter category.
Tommassi, 34, has made the bizarre jump from the adult film world to becoming a football director.
Yes, that’s right. Tommasi is now on the board of an Italian football club.
Italian amateur side Marruvium have hired the celebrity at the club, although her exact role is unclear.
Tommasi has been linked several time to football in the past having supposedly dated Mario Balotelli and Ronaldinho, but this is her first job in the game.
She also knows former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi who supposedly predicted her to do great things.
‘He said I had beauty and wit,’ Tommasi said.
‘He said I should get into politics.’
But she spurned a career in politics to pursue her acting dream and now she’s ended up in football.
There was a fairly understated signing ceremony to announce the arrival, while Tommasi has also been pictured with the players and staff.
We’re sure she will do a great job!
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