Pinky sexplosive fuck with brother-in-law Sharad

Few days back suddenly I found this blog and after reading few lustful write ups I am writing down my sexual encounter with someone other than my husband. At that time it was helplessness, and I was somewhat blackmailed to do that, but truly speaking now after months, I am cherishing those moments.
Reason for this change in thinking in me is nothing else other then the difference of desire of sex between me and my husband. Surly I am having a desire of sex at higher end and my husband has little less than average man.
Anyway without wasting anytime in intro and all I will straight away move to the point and before that I would like to tell you that this is first time I am trying to write down anything and I am not very good in this language. Certainly I have no way to make reader’s believe that it’s a real life incident and every word written here is true, even the conversation dialogs I am going to write down are more or less word to word like it happened.
Truly speaking I cannot forget all this till I die, especially after writing down all that, anyway I am leaving this decision on readers whether they felt this true or not. I am Pinky (changed name) a good looking girl with sharp features, not fair rather wheatish complexion with a reasonable height of 5’4”. Physically I am bit over weight for my height and have fleshy body.

Though I have almost flat belly but contain good amount of flesh on my thighs and ass mounds. From the beginning my breasts are point of attraction for males around me as they are much heavier and fortunately in good round shape as compared to the females of my age and body structure,
and truly speaking I have found almost every man staring at them including my father-in-law who is suppose to consider me as her daughter. Anyway this is not about my sexual encounter with my father-in-law, rather the incident I am writing down happened to me because of my mistake made 4-5 years back, but I would like to start it from the day I recollected my that mistake.
It was reception of my marriage and I was standing with my husband on stage, accepting gifts, flowers and good wishes from relatives and friends. Suddenly somebody took my attention, person standing bit far from stage, Sharad was my ex-boss or you can say senior when I was working in some call center.
His presence literary took my breath, I was scared of my life and I did not wanted him to come to stage, I was sure that even after 4-5 years he will recognize me. Unfortunately he came on stage and for me it was biggest shock of my life when my husband introduced me as his cousin brother on maternal side.
As I knew, Sharad recognized me instantly and spoke to me in the same fashion, and told my husband that I have worked under him in XYZ company. I was really very scared; he was someone who could break my marriage then and there.
Actually long time back I was working under him, and like I said having sexual hormones on higher side and lost young female I was little keen to experience sex and in that mental state I knowingly started getting attracted towards Sharad without knowing much about him.
He was our team leader and within 10-15 days he sensed my feelings and I started getting soft welcoming response from him. He often spent 10-15 minutes with me after work concern matter in the office time, while having tea or coffee, and within next two months we started some sort of dating on Friday evenings after office in nearby coffee shop.
After around one month of all this personal talks in coffee shops and late night telephonic conversations he asked me if I can come on Saturday to end up some pending work. I very well knew there was nothing which was pending and when I said so, he smiled while saying, “don’t you know?… something is pending from last 3 months”.
It was more than enough for me to understand what was he talking about and for a fraction I shivered in strange fear and excitement. By the end of Friday night I was really confused whether to go or not to go and finally on Saturday morning my lust took over fear and ethics and I decided to go.
We met in our office; as such there was nobody in the office except one peon who was sitting on gate with watchman. Somehow Sharad was having our senior most boss’s cabin’s key and he took me in that room, he did not wasted even a single minute and asked me that did I know why he has called me today.
I moved my head in yes and within next few seconds we were kissing, while standing next to the crouch. I was wearing jeans and tight t-shirt and as I said earlier from the beginning I was having heavy breasts, which was point of attraction of every man around me, so Sharad was also not an exception, and he cupped my breasts and caressed them gently to make me moan in pleasure.
He was overjoyed getting them in his hands and I was going crazy with first manly touch over my luscious breasts. With In few more seconds I was wearing just BRA on top as t-shirt was taken off by him and we both were kissing while sitting on couch and gradually he made me lie down on that after removing my bra.
Closing my eyes slowly I was getting unconscious in sexual pleasure as Sharad was playing with my milky juggs while sucking them. He was rolling his tongue over my long erect nipples to make me shudder in pleasure. He loved my milks nicely for reasonably good time and gradually I was losing control on myself but I did not lasted in pleasure land for long, something took me out of it.
Sharad got up to take off my jeans and spoke while undoing button of my jeans, “I have spoken to Sandy (senior most boss, name is changed) very soon you will be a team leader” ….and then he spoke again, “bass aisa hi ek Saturday uske saath bhi spend kar lena”. It shook my head and I could not believe what I heard, truly speaking I was not doing this for any professional gains.
I could not decide what to do, I was trapped, I was realizing my mistake, and in that mental state I pushed him and tried to get away. It was not expected for him, he asked me the reason and tried to hold me, rather he hugged me and squeezed my melons nicely while asking me the reason, but I came out of his grip and wearing my clothes came out of that cabin and did not wasted even a single minute to came out of the office premises.
That thing almost ended there, though we had telephonic conversation after that and I told him the reason for my stepping back. He apologized several times and tried to console with me like before but I did not felt like going back and within one month I resigned from the job and changed my professional stream and after some time joined other company. At later stage in that company I met Deepak (Dipu nickname) to whom I was got married.
Back in present day I met Sharad again while having dinner and my husband was detailing him few things addressing him Bhaiya, I too decide to address him Bhaiya which means brother, so that he can understand exactly what I am thinking about our past. More of less throughout the dinner Sharad was just looking at me with a smile and I was feeling as if I am sitting naked in front of him.
Casually he asked Deepak about our honeymoon destination and as he got reply he looked at me again and said “good… enjoy” I was feeling so embarrassed but more than that I was scared. Later in conversation I came to knew that presently Sharad was living in Banglore, working with some multinational company and he was yet not married, and he was flying back next afternoon.
That was bit of sign of relief for me but still I was nervous and could not concentrate on anything, neither on food nor on the subject of conversation which was about my husband’s efforts to make his parents ready for our marriage. Anyway next day early morning we took our flight to our honeymoon destination and gradually this Sharad thing did not lasted much in my mind.
Things changed when suddenly after 7-8 months of my marriage I saw him at my home in the late evening. Though I was not alone at home, my in laws were there and he sat with them for a while. But both of my in-laws were suppose to go somewhere for late night event. Intentionally I did not stayed in living room when he was sitting there and moved to my bedroom after serving him soft drink.
After calling me from my bedroom my in laws excused him for this and insisted him to stay there for dinner. As such I was expecting my husband anytime and I wanted him to come as soon as possible but he was around 30 minutes away from home and finally I landed spending around 20-25 minutes with him in solitude.
He was smiling while looking at me, and just like my reception day I was feeling as if I am standing naked in front of him. “So you are happy?” he asked me with a smile, “hmmmm…” I just hummed to say yes. “I hope you remember everything?” finally he uttered I was afraid off.
I kept on starting him instead of replying, “tell me… yaad hai na?” he asked me again, I was scared and he could see it on my face, “why are you scared, till now I have not said anything to anybody” he spoke again with bit of smile while looking at me. “that day you left me in the middle…. You know…. Kisi ke saath aise nahi karna chahiye…” he spoke again, I was speechless.
“You should get punishment for that….” He continued and my heartbeat started rising, “I very well know ki Mama- Mami ( his maternal uncle and aunt and my in laws) were totally against your marriage……because of cast”… he spoke again after a small pause “What will happen if I will tell them…. Wo sab kuch jo humne kiya tha…?”
“and what if I will tell them even more, jo humne nahi bhi kiya tha….bolne mein kya hai” he paused waited for me to speak and for a fraction I thought about saying that nobody is going to trust him, but I was somewhat choked from my voice. Moreover he was having reply for that as well “I assure you… they will believe me instead of you… certainly…
you must be having that mole there only (mole is black dot known as til in Hindi) on your left breast…..wahan nipple ke pass”, he finished his statement while pointing my nipple and I was feeling as if I will fall down on the floor. “Take some time…. I am here for around 15-20 days… I will call you after a week…
I have your number” Sharad spoke again, and repeated my no. while looking into his mobile to confirm and called my husband in continuation and asked him how far he is from home. He was still 10 minutes away and once again Sharad spoke, “I am not asking much…. Just one night…you have to finish your pending work”……he spoke again
“I promise I will not came on your way, ever again.. trust me”……then he spoke again with an evil smile “you have such a lovely body, ki mera mann baimaan ho gaya”…. Then spoke again to scare me “I think I do not have to tell you ki my statement about your past can break your marriage, and if it will not break… it will never be like this at any cost… think about it,
I can extend my vacation for you…. You have to tell me the day”. He was right, kind of nature my in-laws were having I was sure that if that thing will come out they will get their son divorce from me. Thinking about consequences of all this, I was feeling as if I have lost strength from my legs, and will get nervous breakdown as well.
“I know Dipu (my husband) is going out for 3-4 days, you can utilize one night…..bass ek raat ki to baat hai” I was shocked, Sharad knew everything; certainly my in-laws would have told him. “I promise…. it will be a tender love making and just once…. Never again” he spoke again in assuring tone.
“Why are you doing this….?” Finally I uttered somehow and then spoke again in crying state “aapko kya milega meri shadi tudwa kar?” “Believe me main tumhari shadi nahi tudwana chahta…….I would have done this long back… you are a wonderful girl and I want experience your wonders…just once….”
“believe me I will not ask again…bas mujhe ek baar karna hai tumhare saath.. to get even with you… that’s it… I have no interest in you after that” Sharad spoke shamelessly, then spoke again, “think…. Make your mind… I will call you next week same day…. Or you call me if you will be able to decide before that……” he spoke again,
“think about what excuse you have to make to Mama- Mami, friend ki marriage or anything….don’t worry about privacy…. That is my concern….” He finished and then spoke again “get me some water…. I think we should end up this now… Dipu will be here any moment” he was right just after couple of minutes I heard my husband’s car getting in, in the premises.
Dinner ended with lots and lots of chit chats between my husband and Sharad. To my surprise Sharad was addressing me Bhabhi for which once my husband told him to address me by my name as I was much younger than him but in response he just said, “nahi Bhabhi theek hai” with a smile and only I could feel that it was a naughty smile. I too addressed him Bhaiya while serving him food,
for which he said “I was your sir long time back…. See how things change in life”. That night Sharad took leave around 10 leaving me in a dilemma. After that time flew for me and throughout week I thought about it and could not take decision. But surprisingly I noticed that after thinking for some time about this during day time in solitude, I often started visualizing that thing,
that Sharad is fucking me and found myself reasonably wet in my panties. Finally around mid day I received a massage from Sharad asking if he can call and before I would have wrote no with some lie like I am with mom or something else he called me, and asked me the verdict.
Once again I was speechless and somehow I requested him again by saying “please Bhaiya don’t do this to me” for which he said “just once…..nothing will change, if you will do it once…” and then he spoke again “ tum uss din bhi to karwane hi aai thin a, I would have done it that day only, if you would have stayed….so just think ki tumne ussi din kar liya tha…what is harm in that”
and then he spoke again, “tell you frankly I am dying to get you on bed and…. I can do anything if you will say no…. I will spoil your life……main bahut bura aadmi hun… you know it very well… that is why I don’t want to marry……I want to experience as many females I can and you are next… have to say yes…..” and then he spoke again
“Dipu is leaving on Monday….. you have three nights afterwards… just decide which one…. I have to book a room” “please Bhaiya….I Don’t want to do this….” I requested again, “Fine….. then wait…for me…. You will see change in Dipu from tonight” it was straight forward blackmailing from his side. “please Bhaiya what are you saying…… don’t do this to me”
I tried once again, “I don’t want to do this to you,…. I want to do that to you…. You know what…. Jo mujhe uss dinn karna tha…aur jo tum khud aayi thi karwane…but you just ran” he replied and then asked me again, “tell me….Tuesday, Wednesday ya Thursday…which night?” I did not had any other alternative except excepting his term, even then I tried delaying giving my decision by saying,
“I will let you know”…. “what….. if you are not coming then tell me now and if you want to tell me the day then you have maximum Sunday afternoon…….. After that I will start spoiling your life” he replied shamelessly and then spoke again,
“and try to avoid having sex with your husband….. agar do teen din sex nahi karogi to you will enjoy more” after that he disconnected the line and I had no choice except thinking about the excuse which I have to give to stay out of the home and truly speaking I was thinking about this from last few days.
One of my childhood friends was at her mother’s home after very long time and from last 2 weeks she was asking me if I can come and stay with her for one night, but from the beginning I was not interested in that, even my husband also knew about this that she is inviting me, so I made that excuse to my husband and like I knew he agreed.
I decided it for Wednesday night as my husband was coming on Friday afternoon”. I massaged Sharad for Wednesday, and he replied back with a text “I don’t like hairs, just remove them before coming”.
Unfortunately things went like Sharad asked; somehow I did not got any chance to get intimate with my husband in next few days because of his work stress for preparing his reports before leaving and because of my mental stress as well. This does not mean that because of absence of sex I was starved, I was scared of my life did not wanted to end the day,
but days were passing and as scheduled on Monday afternoon my Husband took leave and I was all alone in my bedroom for two nights. My program was set and my In-laws were also aware of my program. Only I know that I have spent those two sleepless nights, but truly speaking apart from fear I was feeling bit horny as well and could not stop visualizing myself getting fucked by Sharad.
Finally day came and around 6 after serving evening Tea to my In-laws I took a cab for one 3 or 4 star hotel from very far from my house, exactly where room was booked for this and within an hour or so I reached there and called Sharad from lobby. He was waiting for me in the room and I started walking towards the room with really very heavy steps.
I was really very scared while walking in the corridor towards the room, thinking what if someone will see me here. For a fraction I thought about quitting at that time but once again trusting Sharad I made myself understand that it’s just a matter of one night and I have to finish it off for once and for all. Finally I was standing in front of the door and it opened as I knocked.
Finally I entered in the dungeon and it was completely dark, hardly one or two lamps were glowing at the end of the room and I could not even see Sharad’s face completely but I could feel that he was smiling. “Finally tum aa hi gayi…hmmmm… apna wo chhoda hua kaam pura karne” Sharad spoke in soft voice.
I looked at him and from face I could not make out what was he thinking, as a whole I was expecting a romantic dinner and tender sex in that big luxurious room, that’s what he promised but I was wrong. Sharad moved a bit and went behind me and bolted the door and pulled my duppta (stole) while saying with bit of giggle “issko hatta de…. waise to abhi baaki sab bhi khulne hi wala hai fir bhi…”
I went through strange sensation as I realized his words “baaki sab bhi khulne wala hai” he was talking about my all other clothes that soon they will be off as well. Before I would have realized anything Sharad grabbed me from behind and turned me and kissed me on my lips and extending his hands to my bottom squeezed my fleshy ass mounds and spoke again
“Pinky tu to mast karari (crisp) ho gayi hai, bahut mazza aayega teri lene mein”… “mere paas tere liye ek surprise bhi hai” Sharad spoke again while looking into my eyes, I was waiting for him to speak further and he spoke bit loud “Aashish…” and just then door of the toilet opened and another guy entered in the room.
I stepped back tried to get away from his arms and Sharad released me, “Pinky ye Aashish hai… aur Aashish ye Pinky hai” he was introducing me with his friend and spoke again to Aashish “maine tujhe bataya tha na…..? waise relation mein ye meri Bhabhi hai, mere cousin brother ki wife, lekin aaj raat ke liye hum sab kuch bhoolne waale hain”.
I could not see Aashish face properly as there was less light in the room but I could make out that like Sharad he was also having good built. “Pinky ye mera best friend hai.. aur ye bhi raat ko yahin rahega,…. aur hum dono teri lenge” Sharad spoke again this time to me and I was shocked,
I could not think anything I simply tried to get out of the room but Sharad held my wrist and spoke again “kahan jaa rahi hai..?” “Bhaiya please… let me go” I tried to free my wrist from his grip but he held me from my arm and spoke again “Bhaiya…aree aisa sitam kyun karr rahi hai yaar, abhi thodi der main tera saiyan bann ne wala hun” making fun of me as I addressed him Bhaiya which means brother.
“Bhaiya please…. mujhe jaane do… mujhe nahi karna ye sab” I was trying to get away towards the door but I could see t hat he was much more powerful than me and I cannot get away easily. “tujhe kuch nahi karna jo karna hai hum karenge… tu bass taange khol ke letti rahna” Sharad spoke again and pulled me easily in his desired direction.,
I was trying to get away using my full strength and Sharad was holding me with his both the hands taking me towards the big double bed. “chal aaja shuru karte hain… Aashish bahar do not disturb ka tag latka de” Sharad spoke again to me while pulling me to the bed and then to Aashish, told him to put the tag of do not disturb on the door.

Finally I was laying on bed on my back and Sharad was laying on my top, trying to kiss me while crushing my body under his enormous weight, I tried a lot to avoid getting kissed but Sharad was sucking my lips and was not ready to leave them and finally I opened my mouth and he kissed me thoroughly,
licking every corner of my mouth and broke the kiss to ask me something and that question was “Chut (fuckhole in Hindi) ke baal to saaf karke aai hai na? and before I would have understand anything he started finding cord of my salwar(lower) and after tugging it he loosened the salwar and spoke to Aashish while looking back where He was standing, “Kheech Niche”.
I think Aashish was back there around a minute back after putting a “do not disturb” tag on the door and next moment he did what he was said to do. Within a fraction I was just in a panty on my lower half, without wasting a single second Sharad started taking off my Kurta (shirt) and it took him hardly few seconds to get that off from my body and I was just in Bra and Panty in front of two men.
“hum logg bhi kapde uttar lete hain…” Sharad spoke in low voice as we talk to our self, but it was enough for both of us to hear and both Sharad and Aashish started taking off their clothes and before I would have decided to move to get away they climbed bed just in underwear and once again Sharad Pulled me a bit and turned me around and I went on my stomach bit forcibly,
and he unhooked my bra and moved hand on the soft skin of my bare back and rubbed his wet lips there, I went through strange sensation, just then Sharad spoke to Aashish, “Nanga kar saali ko…. niche se bhi” and before I would have realized what he said to his friend, Aashish pulled my panty down and my fleshy ass buns were exposed to them and before I would have thought anything else Sharad spoke again to his friend
“chuttadd(ass mounds) dekh saali ke…….kitne maansal (fleshy) hain”. Sharad was getting wild every passing second, I could make out from the words he was using as gradually they were getting dirtier and dirtier, and he was abusing me. Anyway while saying that he squeezed my ass and slapped my hips 2-3 times as men do in blue movies to the porn stars,
and tried to turn me on my back while saying, “Chal ab apne bowbe(boobs) dikha humen…..” And took off my bra from my arms, it was already unhooked minute back. Sharad squeezed my big milky juggs and spoke again while looking at me, “ye to Char(4) saal(years) mein aur bade ho gaye hain” and then he spoke to his friend
“last time ye sirf apne bowbe chuswa ke chali gayi thi….Chudwane aaj aayi hai char saal baad”. Aashish smiled a bit on that and spoke to his friend “nipple dekh Sali ke kaise kaade(hard) ho gaye hain” and then Sharad spoke again while looking at me “Pinky tu aaj bahut jor (hard) ke Chudne(fuck) waali hai, tere ko to hum raat bhar mein pura khaa jaayenge”.
“Nahi Bhaiya please mujhe jaane do…mujhe nahi karna” somehow I got chance to speak and I requested him again, he laughed on that and spoke “tu pagal hai kya… ? what do you think hum dono Gay hain…jo tujhe jaane deenge aur ek dusre ke saath sex karenge” Aashish giggled on his reply and once again Sharad spoke while looking into my eyes,
“chal abb apni mother dairy se apne jeth (elder brother of husband) ko Doodh(milk) pila” and holding my wrist in hands up posture Sharad leaned over me started sucking my breasts and he was enjoying sucking my hard nipples as if he is getting a milk out of them. I was completely in his control and could not move much and suddenly I felt that Aashish was trying to open my legs.
I blocked them and resisted to open my legs and struggled a bit and that thing broke continuity of Sharad of sucking my milk and he spoke to me in excitement as he saw Aashish trying to open my legs. “Pinky taange khol apni….” and with that he tried to open my thighs holding flesh of it and Aashish pulled apart the other thigh and just then I felt a thumb on my fuck opening and I moaned in excitement.
It was Aashish’s thumb and he was rubbing my fuckhole and I was wet like hell. Everything was happening so fast that I did not realized that I was getting wet, actually I was going through strange mind set from the time I was asked to do this, fear as well as excitement and somewhere excitement was rose in last couple of days and that is why I was wet and next moment I heard Sharad saying what I was feeling,
in his Hindi slang while abusing me, “Saali ki Chut Dekh…. Poori gili(wet) hai… aur nakhre aise kar rahi hai jaise isska rape ho raha hai…hmmm” holding my thigh apart he was looking down to Aashish who was busy in rubbing my fuckhole and by the end of the statement Sharad was looking into my eyes asking me as if he is wrong.
“Bhaiya please let me go….” I requested him again “Ab tu apni Gili chut lekar kahan jaayegi……? Tera pati(husband) to out of town hai…hmmmm” and then he spoke again “raat bhar yahan rahkar humse hi marwa le… by god raat bhar mein tujhe itna Chodenge jitna tujhe tere pati ne tujhe ek saal (year) mein nahi Choda hoga”
Sharad replied in his way to my request and I was feeling continues rubbing on my fuckhole from Aashish. “kitna time ho gaya isski shaadi ko?” this time it was Aashish’s voice, he asked Sharad that from how long I am married. “Hardly ek saal (year) hua hai….” Sharad replied while holding my wrist, “Shaadi se pahle kiya tha kabhi…hmmmm..Pinky ?”
Aashish asked next question to me and Sharad asked me in the same posture “bol shaadi se pahle kiya tha kabhi….hmmmm…?” I replied in no moving my head while moaning as excitement was rising in my body, Aashish was playing with my fuckhole weirdly and I could feel the fresh stream of my cunt juices coming out of it and I heard Aashish saying the same in the same sort of words to his friend
“Teri Bhabhi to mast hokar paani chhod rahi hai……… bahut garmi hai isske andar”….. “teri aur Dipu ki love marriage hai na?” Sharad asked me in continuation of previous question, I moved my head in yes while moaning and puffing in pleasure. “Dipu(my husband) bhi bahut badda chutia hai, usski jagah main hota to… shaadi hone tak tujhko do bachho ki maa banna chuka hota”
Sharad was really getting wild with his words and I could see that it is going to be longest night of my life, as just then I felt Aashish widening my fleshy thighs apart and I saw him rising bit up, Sharad was already looking at him while holding my wrists and he spoke next “Hmmmm…. Chus(suck) saali ki BUR(fuckhole) aur paani chhuda isska…..nikal isski saari garmi bahar”
Suddenly I felt Aashish’s lips over my fuckhole and he started sucking me, I trembled feverishly as this was never done to me and it was really weird, I tried to get away but Sharad held me tight to stop my movements, I was moaning and crying, “muh band kar isska….” Aashish spoke, told him to shut my mouth and then spoke again to suggest him how by saying,
“Apna Lund (Penis) daal de isske muh mein” Sharad held me further tight and spoke again to his friend “tu khol achhe se saali ki taange aur ragadd de, chillati hai to chillane de,……. issko bhi patta chale Chudai (fucking) kya hoti hai”. Aashish was sucking me hard and I could not do anything except moaning,
certainly I was not enjoying all that but truly speaking there was bit of excitement which was rising in my body, current sort of thing was going through my body and I was trembling sexily. Once again I heard Sharad “ Pinky abhi tera dusra bowba (other breast) chusna baaki hai” and with that Sharad leaned over me while holding me in the same way and started sucking my other breast.
Two men were enjoying me at the same time, one was sucking my milky juggs that is my husband’s cousin and second one, his best friend was trying to take out every single drop of my love juices from my fucking cunt, and I was moaning and crying like never before.
As Aashish sucked me further while fisting my cunt, unintentionally my bottom started lurching up and down in rhythm and I started moaning even louder. Excitement in my body was rising and Aashish could make out this and he started sucking me hard while fisting and crushing my fuckhole brutally with his lips and thumb at the same time may be just to hear my cries louder.
“Tu Bhi Neeche aaja, apni Bhabhi ki Chut ka ras nahi taste karega kya, mast paani chhod rahi hai kutia?” Aashish spoke to Sharad and abused me bitch, and invited him down there at my fuckhole to suck my love juices as by now it was flowing like never before, I could feel it.
Sharad looked around and asked for my Duppta (stole) to him and within next two minutes my wrist was tied with my own Duppta and the other end was tied with some small pillar of bed to stop my movement. Both Sharad and his friend Aashish were sucking me and one by one I was feeling two different lips and tongues.
They were playing with my fuck opening and gradually I was reaching to my explosion. It was very difficult to handle that excitement and I could not do anything except moaning and crying and moving my body as far as possible because my lower half was totally in their control and they were trying to jam my every small movement along with sucking and fisting my fuckhole.
“Shuru Karen Chodna?” I heard Aashish asking his friend, “Nahi abhi nahi Chodna issko, thodi der aur kholte hain isski Chut, aur garam karte hain, dekh kitna enjoy kar rahi hai saali” I was dying in pleasure, don’t know how much liquid was already flowed down to them from my fuckhole and how much more they need from it,
and suddenly I felt my climax getting closer and I started crying weirdly and asked them to stop in sobbing fashion while moaning “Aaaaahhhhhh……. Aaaaaahhhhhh……. Please stop……stop….. Bhaiya Aaaaahhhhhh……. Aaaaaahhhhhh……. Please…… please….”
But my this condition was arousing them, especially Sharad and he was not ready to leave me and suddenly he fisted me somewhere in my fuckhole and I felt as if I am going to die that moment itself as the pleasure was unbearable and I was at the verge of explosion and my body got stiff and I tried to raise my bottom to get it out of their grip,
Sharad continued fisting at that sensitive zone and kept me down to bed forcibly and I just went even crazier; I trembled helplessly like never before, I could not breathe for few seconds, could not even scream and just hummed in a very strange voice, I wanted to close my legs,
press my cunt to tight to prevent the liquid flowing out but both of them were holding me tight and the feeling which was hitting my body was almost same as if I going to die now. After a minute of unbearable volcano eruption inside my body I started getting strange jerks while cumming but still I could not breathe and my moaning voice was really very strange,
and after few jerks pressure got released and I felt some sort of liquid stream flowing down from my cunt to the bed, and I heard Aashish’s voice “Hmmmm…. Teri Bhabhi jhadd rahi hai, ye prem ras tu piyega ya main piyun?” and just then I felt one tongue licking my juices, don’t know who was it, my husband’s brother or his best friend, I think both licked one by one,
I was not in senses to see them, I was totally spent and it took me 4-5 more minutes to regain. It was yet not over for them, I was exhausted but opposite to that both the fuckers of my that night were fully charged and soon Sharad came up and rubbed his cock tip on my erect nipple for a second to further arouse himself and came further up to my mouth and spoke
“Pinky….Chal ab tu ek ek karke hamara Lund chus…”. it was last thing on earth which I could think that I will ever do, I looked at Sharad once again and spoke in requesting fashion, “Bhaiya please…. Mujhe chhod do…..” “Chhod dunga….. I promise Subah chhod dunga… and I will not blackmail you again….” He spoke again….
“Chal ab achhi bachi ki tarah jaldi se apna muhn (mouth) khol aur apne Sharad jeth (elder brother of husband) ki sewa kar” I knew I do not have any choice, still I waited for some time Sharad spoke again “Pinky muh khol aur chus issko achhe se…” Finally I opened my mouth and took Penis of my husband’s elder brother in my mouth.
His cock tip was already wet with bit of pre cum, I sucked it a bit and Sharad moaned a bit in pleasure, “ Hmmmm…ye hue naa baat… ab chus issko achhe se…..” It was so long that I couldn’t take it all in my mouth but still I licked it with a to and fro motion rubbing his foreskin with my soft and pink lips as I use to see in blue movies.
I was moving my tongue all around it and Sharad was at the top of his ecstasy. It was strange feeling, weird and filthy that I have taken a piece of flesh in my mouth and sucking it, although there was no smell and it was tasteless, I continued just moving in and out of my mouth as a task, and Sharad stopped me “Pinky aise Chuso, jaise bachhe lollipop chuste hain”
I started sucking that way I could feel the difference in pleasure which he was getting, after hardly 1 more minute I saw that Sharad is in such a pleasure, that he was making pleasure sounds. After a minute he untied my hands and spoke to Aashish, “ tu bhi aaja” and soon I was sitting on bed and both the men were on their knees,
I was sucking Aashish and Sharad gave me his Penis to hold and jerk, and I must say both of them were monsters in size which were making me nervous as I was thinking about the thing which was going to happen next, that I have to take these monsters in my tiny fuckhole.
Anyway I was sucking one and jerking other at the same time and both the men’s were moaning, Sharad was caressing my hairs in affection and spoke few statement about me in excitement to enhance his sexual pleasure, “hmmm.. ye bahut achhi bachi hai…..meri sabb baat maanti hai…Pinky tujhe main bahut pyar karunga…tere andar tak daalunga”
just then Aashish tried to get my mouth for his Penis and Sharad spoke again “Pinky ye bhi tera Jeth (elder brother of husband) hai… isski bhi achhe se sewa kar” both the men were really excited now as both of them were hard like iron rod and moaning in excitement and I could see that my fucking will get started any time and within one more minute they stopped me from sucking.
I got pushed to bed to lie down and Sharad cleaned my fuckhole using my stole as it was very messed up with my love juices and their saliva, further he inserted his finger covered with a cloth to dry up my cunt from inside, it was strange and I moaned in pleasure for a fraction.
Lust was rising in my body and in my over all behavior and I was puffing in excitement, and at that time I could not realize what Sharad did with me, eventually he dried up lubrication from my fuckhole to hurt me and finally came on my top and wrapped my legs around his waist and took his hard Penis and rubbed it on my fuck opening.
I became very restless and started breathing more heavily, and flow of fresh stream of my love fluid became prominent, I was just few seconds away from getting Sharad monster in my fuckhole, and there was no sign of fear in me, it was really very strange, now I needed him, I was feeling some kind of contractions inside me, my cunt was twitching with a desire of getting penetrated.
With a stroke he pushed himself inside me; my fuckhole was almost dry, it injured me a bit and I cried in pain, it was really big, much bigger than what I use to get it from my husband, and with another push his whole Penis was inside me, and my soft love hole completely gulped Sharad Penis.
Oh.. God he was so big and thick, for a fraction that sudden jolt took my breath and he immediately started riding on me. His monster rod was moving in and out while crushing tiny fuckhole. For me It was mixed feeling of pain and pleasure and I was moaning and crying together.
Aashish lied beside me and started sucking my breasts and once again two men were enjoying my body at the same time. After few in and out movement of Penis I was moaning more in a pleasure and less in a pain, Sharad was fucking me very nicely, trying get in deeper and deeper, his buttocks were rising and falling with speed and he too leaned over me to suck my other melon.
For the first time in my life both of my breasts were getting sucked at the same time and it was really very pleasurable while getting fucked with a throbbing penis like Sharad had. After couple of minutes Sharad stopped and spoke to Aashish, “Aaja…… Daal isske andar aur Chod issko achhe se” Aashish got up and tried to make me get up while talking to his friend,
“Ghodi (doggy) banna saali ko….peeche se daalunga”, they took me on my four and I felt Aashish’s fingers searching my opening and finally he entered his mammoth in me from behind and like his friend started fucking me as he penetrated. Aashish was neither the less in size and I arched my back and raised my head in pain as he squeezed his thick cock tip in my tiny opening with a loud moan.
Now was getting pumped from behind and that is by Aashish. Aashish was holding my waist and he too was fucking me steadily showing no hurry, and I was getting stuffed till the end of my fuckhole again and again because of his powerful fucking strokes. “hmmm…..mazza aa gaya… bahut karari (crisp) hai saali…….issko aaj saari raat Chodna hai”
Aashish spoke in puffing voice from behind while pumping my hole, he was getting excited I could feel it from his fucking strokes as it was getting faster and faster and because of fast strokes I was moaning louder and louder. He stopped at the point where he could control his climax and once again I was given back to Sharad.
“Peeche se daal … bahut mazza aayega….Chuttad(hips) pakad ke pail saali ko achhe se” Aashish spoke to Sharad while giving me back to him and then spoke again, “main aage muhn ke andar daal raha hun” and next moment Aashish was standing on his knees in front of my mouth and spoke again “hmmmm. ……..Pinky Muhn khol aur Chus issko” I opened and just then I got penetrated by Sharad from behind.
Ohh… God what were they doing to me, I was getting fucked like an whore, exactly the way we see in porn movies, Sharad was enjoying my body as I could hear his pleasure moans with every stroke inside my fuckhole from behind and at front Aashish was fucking my mouth and rubbing his cock tip on tongue and I was sucking him and he too was in intense pleasure.
Sharad was fucking me powerfully and was going crazy holding my waist, within few more seconds he was fucking me furiously and I could see that he was reaching closer to his climax with every passing second, He dug his hands into flesh of my buttocks, held my widely spread hips and began to rock me back and forth, jerking my cunt back and forward on his shaft.
Hanh uhhhh ohhhhh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh OHHH uhh OHMA uhhh hanh!” leaving Aashish’s Penis I was crying in intense pleasure. “Yes… UNhhh… Yes! Unhhh… Yes! Unhhhh… Yes! Pinky…….Mazza aagaya ohhhhh…” he was panting joyously while enjoying freshness of my fuckhole.
Within few more seconds he was drilling and pumping me from behind with faster and deeper, skewering thrusts and I was moaning even louder, Aashish was squeezing my big soft pendulous juggs for his pleasure as he could see that I cannot suck him in this condition. Sharad was at the verge of explosion and suddenly he pushed me and came to my mouth and tried to push his Penis in my mouth,
I was not at all expecting this, I tried to avoid but holding my hands he pushed his Penis in my mouth forcibly and spoke in excitement, “Pinky Muhn khol.. aur pi (drink)issko…Ahhhhh…..Muhn khol…jaldi Pinky…..ohhh…Kutia muhn khol” Sharad screamed on me in the end as he was about to cum and I was trying my best to resist so that he cannot cum in my mouth but I failed as next moment Sharad pulled my hairs in anger and spoke again,
“Kutia tujhe main Jaan se maar dungaa…Saali Raand….. muh khol varna…..” I cried in pain and just then Sharad inserted his penis in my mouth and looked into my eyes and spoke again, “Pi jaa issko..hmmmm… Ohhhhh….“ he moaned in heavenly pleasure, I felt him releasing his load with bit of shivering, “good…. Ye hui na baat, Achhe se chus ke saaf kar issko….”
I could feel that there was good amount of cum which I was holding in my mouth, but Sharad was not ready to take out his Penis from my mouth so that I can spit it out, he knew this very well that I have not gulped it yet and what I have in mind and he spoke again, “Pinky Pee jaa issko…. Ye mera pyar hai tere liye….” and he clipped my nose with hi finger and thumb to stop me breathing and with in couple of seconds I gulped.
Before I would have realized what all has happened to me I felt Aashish coming over me and next moment he was sitting between my spreads and keeping my on leg on his shoulder he penetrated me once again, and started fucking me in good speed from the very first moment.
Aashish was calm initially and he was fucking me nicely while kissing and caressing my fleshy thigh which was closer to his mouth while keeping leg on his shoulder and truly speaking it was pleasurable for me as well. Sharad was sitting beside me, caressing my hairs while talking to his friend about me in his way.
“khol acche se…issko…. Aur last mein tu bhi pila diyo issko… dekhta hun kaise nahi kholti muhn…” “Nahi main andar chhodunga……..iss saali… se apna bacha(child) paida karwana hai” Aashish replied in puffing voice while fucking me hard as now his speed was increased and next moment he took my other leg on his shoulder as well and further leaned over me and started ram fucking me.
I was folded in half and my feet were pointing roof, Aashish’s buttocks were rising and falling rapidly and I was getting fucked like an whore without any mercy, at my end I was gone beyond pleasure, though pressure was at the verge in me as well and I was crying in mixed feeling of pain and pleasure,
uhh OH ma uhhh Oh ma uhh OHhhh mauhh, my gasps and moans were rising and we both were screaming loud in pleasure, I cannot write what I was feeling at that time I was about to cum and I wanted him to stop, but he seemed unstoppable, he was riding me hard and rapidly, my cunt was rising and falling, sliding up and down on the huge length of his penis. I tried to hold him,
did not had any other way to stop him and I tried to grab him in my arms, I could not do anything to my bottom as both of my legs were above his shoulder and by now I was not folded even in half, at last, Aashish shoved down hard with a long, loud cry and his throbbing Penis sank down deep between my fleshy thighs into my cunt, and I just swallowed his penis in my tunnel till the very end.
He fell on me and I held him and immediately grabbed his body tight between my arms and tried to stop his rocking and jerking hips extending my hand. I orgasmed hard, pinwheels exploded in my head and he gasped as he felt the hard spasm of my burning cunt on his penis, as I came in one tidal wave after the other.
My body got rigid with tension, my fuckhole was trembling; I wanted to squeeze my cunt as the orgasm was thundering through my body but my legs were still on his shoulder. He held them tight as I tried to bring them down and felt me quivering in pleasure, and sighed in satisfaction as the heat erupted from his cock and he shivered in few short jerks and spewed deep into my fuck tunnel.
Sharad got up leaving us on bed and went inside the toilet, Aashish also got up to use the toilet as Sharad came out, I lied there for a while, tried to make myself believe that whatever is happening to me is a nightmare.
I did not got much time to rest because as soon as Sharad came out he started wearing clothes and called room service to order Dinner and within next 10 minutes we were sitting wearing all our clothes and watching television.
Both of them were talking about some female model using their slang which I did not bothered to hear and after trying a bit I spoke in between and requested them to let me go by saying “Bhaiya please ab mujhe jaane do…. Aap ek baar to kar hi chuke ho.”
Sharad smiled on that and spoke “abhi to humne snacks hi khaye hain, tera dinner karna to abhi baaki hai……… moreover ab tu yahan se humen apna breakfast karwa ke hi jaayegi”….. and then spoke again “waise bhi we can see ki tu bhi enjoy kar rahi hai…. So stop feeling shy aur khul ke karwa,,, teri aisi Chudai dobara nahi hogi kabhi”.
More or less after that dinner started and for me very soon it ended, I did not had much rather most of the time I was just drinking water. After some time dishes got removed and for few minutes they kept on watching television while sitting on couch.
As they said that was not the end of my fucking I stayed with them till next morning, after dinner there second session started. And I must tell you that second session was more rough and wired and it was something which I could not imagine that it will ever happen to me. Surely I will write that as well, rather most of it is already written, but before posting next half I would like to read comments of wonderful readers of this wonderful blog.

Finally after 10-15 minutes of television Sharad uttered, spoke to Aashish, “le jaa bistar pe issko aur kar achhe se….. sirf ek raat ke liye hi hai hamare paas” Aashish smiled a bit and spoke “tu bhi to chal”, “off course I am coming… you go ahead” Sharad replied, Aashish spoke next to me, “let’s go Pinky” and held my wrist to take me to the bed, I got up and with Aashish,
Sharad also came to us and told me to take of my clothes myself by saying “Pinky ek ek karke apne kapde uttar…..” and with that they started taking off their clothes. I started slowly; they waited for me as they were enjoying my hesitant gesture made made fun of it by saying “itna kya sharma rahi hai….nanga karke ek-ek baar to le hi chuke hain hum dono teri”. I took off my kurta first.
“hmmmmm… Ab salwar(lower) uttar..” Sharad spoke, I got up on the bed and tugged the cord of my salwar and next moment it rushed down to my feet. They took both kurta and salwar and threw them on the couch and once again Sharad spoke “Cha lab bowbe khol apne…”
I followed as I did not have any alternative, next moment once again my heavy breasts were hanging in front of their eyes and next he ordered me to take off my panties by saying “Kachhi uttar…” I followed and took off last cloth from my body. Both came to bed once again, “mujhe sabse pahle apna Lund chuswana hai iss se” Aashish spoke while pulling my wrist down to bed.
“Chuswa le…. Main issko niche se kholta hun” Sharad replied and within few seconds I was laying in sideways posture, while sucking Aashish’s Penis and down there Sharad was sucking my fuckhole. Undoubtedly everything happening to me was without my consent but truly speaking I was somewhat enjoying all that a bit.
Along with fucking my mouth Aashish was squeezing my breasts reasonably well, he was not harsh with them neither it was tender breast play, exactly like female like me I enjoy and down there I was opened like never before by elder brother of my husband, gradually Sharad was getting excited and I could feel it with his sucking intensity.
By now my legs were widely spread and Sharad was holding them apart by my fleshy thighs, he was licking my fuckhole like a dog. Leaving Aashish’s cock sucking I was screaming in pleasure and could not control pressure building inside me to reach to my climax. Sharad was spreading my thighs further apart and Aashish was just looking at my expressions of being in pleasure while holding my wrist to stop my movement.
“Saali ye bhi kam Chudakadd nahi hai….. poore mazze le rahi hai” Aashish spoke as I was trembling in excitement and could not stop my bottom to lurch because of aggressive sucking of my fuckhole. I don’t know it was accident or Sharad knew about the sensitivity of clitoris of a female,
he started sucking upper portion of my cunt and licked my clitoris hungrily and I screamed like anything as now I was exploding and once again I started trembling with sensual tidal waves one after another and started jerking my bottom with jolts while cumming. Sharad stopped and waited for me to cum and enjoyed my orgasmic expression and finally uttered to his friend,
“Le abb saali ki achhe se…. aur aaram se chod issko….koi jaldi nahi hai… pura enjoy kar”. Next moment Aashish climbed over me and folding my thighs he started riding on me and gradually he lied over me leaving his full weight on me and I was getting fucked in proper missionary position while wrapping my thighs around his waist.
Now I was getting properly fucked and Aashish was not at in hurry, he was making steady movements with thrilling control and his long and hard Penis was disappearing in my fuckhole completely again and again. After a minute he got up a bit and looked into my eyes and caressed my hairs and spoke “Pinky… mazza aa gaya…. I wish tu meri wife hoti”
I was already moaning in pleasure and enjoying a real fuck and his words suddenly to me far ahead in excitement. Next moment Aashish tried to kiss me and I opened my mouth, he kissed my thoroughly while pumping my fuckhole down there and in spite of while somewhat getting raped I was delighted with a fucking pleasure.
After few seconds Aashish went bit down and leaned over my luscious melons and started sucking my nipple. He chewed one of them and I moaned even louder, I must say that it was a perfect fuck a female like me could get. I was getting loved like this for the first time in my life and along with Aashish I could see that once again I was also heading towards climax.
Aashish speed rose and he could sense that the things were getting out of his control and he asked in puffing voice his friend to come and continue fucking by saying “aa jaa.. jaldi…. “ I did not wanted to stop him as I was reaching to climax and that’s what happened Sharad told him to continue and cum inside my fuckhole and let her give birth to you child by saying,
“nahi.. tu chhod de issi ke andar… bhar de achhe se saali ki Chut…. aur paida kar apna baccha”, from his words I could see that Sharad was also excited and I was sure as soon as Aashish will get down he will start riding over me. Soon Aashish got out of control and his hips started moving rapidly and his Penis started getting even deeper in my fuckhole.
I was moaning in my fucking pleasure and within few more deep thrusts Aashish buried his long and thick shaft in my fuckhole completely and spewed out what he had in his balls deep inside my fuckhole. I too cummed with light shivers and both of them evidently saw that I have orgasmed one more time.
As Aashish got up from me Sharad leaned a bit and holding my cheeks with one hand kissed me on my lips, “Saali Raand…… poore mazze le rahi hai… dekha dobara jhadd gayi… (cummed again)” Aashish spoke while getting up. Sharad spoke to me in bit of excitement while holding my cheeks in same fashion,
“bahut mazza aa raha hai na…hmmmm…. tere patti ne kabhi tujhe achhe se Choda hi nahi hai… issko kahte hain Chudai… jo hum karr rahe hain teri, aur issi liye tu baar baar jhadd rahi hai” I was so embarrassed, certainly everything they were doing were without my consent even then I was getting excited in sexual lust.
“Chal jaa khali karke aa…abb main daalunga…..” Sharad spoke again and I got up to clean my fuckhole and came out in couple of minutes after peeing as well. Aashish took me to bed for his friend and he also came on it. Sharad lied over me and started loving me. After kissing me for a while he sucked my melons, he could sense presence of lust in me and that is why he was arousing me with his fore play.
Getting aside he lifted my one thigh apart and spoke to his friend, told him to suck me by saying, “Chus thodi der isski……gili karde achhe se” Aashish obeyed him and started sucking my fuckhole, once again my thighs were apart and Aashish was sucking me to damp my fuckhole for his friend.
And up there at my mouth Sharad was kissing me nicely while playing with my big heavy melons. Once again slowly I was getting into sexual bliss and along with two males I was also enjoying my exploitation. Soon Sharad stopped chewing my nipples and started fisting my fuckhole while laying beside me and spoke to me, “Pinky aur paani chhod apni Chut se…”
I was already wet and his three finger were exploring my fuckhole, and I was puffing in pleasure. “tu jitna paani jayada chhodegi uttna tere liye achha hai” Sharad spoke again in continuation. Once again I was going through flood from my hole as Sharad was trying to arouse me through his words and spoke many statements in his slang for the purpose like
“Pinky….aaj main tera wo haal karunga ki apne patti se Chudwana chhod degi..” I was screaming in delight as Sharad was getting brutal with his hand on my fuckhole and surprisingly I was getting pleasure in that. “bahut… mazza aa raha hai hmmm…. Saali Raand…. Dekh main tera aaj kya haal karta hun….”
He was exploring my fuckhole mercilessly trying to stretch it as much as possible. I could not understand why he was not fucking me and just continuing making me wet. Finally he uttered when he found me enough wet “ Pinky… Dipu ne kabhi teri Gaand nahi maari hogi….. main maarunga….mujhe tere chuttadd chowde karne hain”
and before I would have understand anything he turned me around and tried to insert his soaked finger in my asshole. I was really very aroused and could not understand what all was happening with me. I tried to get away but by then both of my fuckers were in good position to hold me. Aashish held me hard and almost sat down on my upper half,
Sharad was already griping my ass and I could feel his finger getting inside my ass hole. Again and again he was trying to collect juices from my fuckhole and putting them on my ass opening. I was screaming as I was getting penetrated again and again in my ass with his finger. Sharad was making rapid movements of one of his finger in my pot and it was really difficult to bear that pain.
“tube nikal…..jaldi” Sharad spoke to Aashish, I think there wasn’t enough lubrication that is why Sharad was asking for gel to Aashish. Sharad lied over me as Aashish got up to go. I was laying on my stomach bearing Sharad’s whole weight, I could feel that he was hard like rock as his throbbing penis was lying on my ass crack and after experiencing his monster in my fuckhole
I was really scared to get it in my ass. I tried my best to get away at first and after failing in that I requested him to leave me in crying state by saying, “Bhaiya please mujhe chhod do…. Mujhe nahi karna… please Bhaiya main marr jaaungi….”
“nahi tu maregi nahi…. … tu bass chillagi…..ghabraa matt achhe se tel lagga ke maarunga teri Gaand…..bass andar jaate hue dard hoga thoda sa….thodi der andar bahar hone ke baad theek ho jaayega” I was scared of my life, I could not believe all this and thought about getting his monster in my tiny asshole took my breath.
Sharad got aside as Aashish was back with a tube, I somehow turned my neck to see, Aashsih was opening one gel tube and just then Sharad widened my ass and once again I heard…”Daal saali ki Gaand mein, chhed ke oopar rakh kar tube dabba de” and before I would have spoke anything to request them not to do that I felt cold stream over my ass opening.
I could feel the pond of liquid on my asshole, may because it was a thick liquid and my ass opening was very tiny. “dono Chuttadd khol achhe se isske,…. tabhi andar jaayega” Once again I heard Sharad speaking to Aashish. And Aashish widened my hips and I felt thin cold stream of liquid searing into my smallest hole.
“Aur gel daal… aur ungli se Chodd isski ki Gaand sabb andar challa jaayega” I was trying to get away but all my efforts were waste, Sharad could easily handle my movements once gain I started feeling finger getting inserted in my asshole with more of gel and as I could hear it was Aashish was fisting my ass for his friend.
“Bhaiya please leave me… please Bhaiya… mere aage daal lo….” I requested him again in fearful voice. “kyun Gaand kya apne patti se marwaayegi…hmmm….humse marwane mein sharam aati hai….tujhko……” he spoke again, “Saali Raand uss dinn bowbe chuswa ke challi gayi thi……kya soch that bach jaayegi mujhse…”…
Then he spoke again in more excited voice “actually mein teri Gaand pe mera naam likha tha….so mujhe mill gayi….apni Chut marwana jaakar uss Chutiye se”, Sharad was getting excited with every passing second and down there Aashish was fisting my ass very fast, by now it was fully lubricated and I could see that finger was moving in and out with ease.
But it was not a matter of finger, I was afraid of Sharad’s throbbing cock and next moment I heard “bahut tight hai saali ki Gaand….hmmmm….….. easily andar nahi chala jaayega” it was Aashish who was preparing my asshole for his friend, “tight hai to kya hua….raat bhar mein puri tarah khul jaayegi……” Sharad replied “jaldi daal, main munh mein Lund ghussa deta hoon”
once again it was Aashish, he wanted to shut my mouth as I was screaming in pain and fear, “nahi,…..chillane de issko… saali char(4) saal pahle……apni Chut baccha ke bhag gayi thi… taaki mera lowda Gaand mein le sake… hmmmm….Chillane de saali ko……..”
Sharad replied and next moment I felt Sharad monster on my ass crack and once again Aashish parted my hips powerfully after getting instruction from Sharad “khol isske chuttad achhe se”. Sharad pressed his fat penis on my asshole slowly, “Ahhhh…. “ I moaned I was just touched by his cock there,
Aashish lifted my one thigh up along the bed to widen my ass for a better fuck and I went into posture as if I am climbing stair while laying on my front on the bed. I buried my face into the bed very tight in the fear of upcoming pain I was about to get. I could feel that something dreadful is going to happen with me and just then a shrill whimper came out of me.
I cried with hell of pain, made a long moan when Sharad was on his way to rip my asshole. I think within few seconds half of his cock was inside me and I could feel every moment of my asshole getting ripped with a thick iron rod, closing my eyes I was crying in my full volume.
Sharad kept on going in me deeper and deeper in my ass hole very slowly while puffing and I could feel that slowly his whole length was inside my ass. I was crying with broken voice but I could not see any effect of my cries on them. After inserting his rod completely in my ass Sharad stood calm for a while, and came closer to me and spoke closer to my ear,
“Pinky mazza aa raha hai hmmmm?….issko kahte hain Chudai….jo teri ho rahi hai” I was feeling as if hard and thick iron rod is inserted in my ass hole. Next Sharad spoke to Aashish, even though I was crying I could hear him, “bahut mast hai Saali…” Sharad spoke, “Main bhi maarunga ek baar” Aashish spoke, “Haan haan jitni marzi baar maar lena….. apna hi maal hai”
Sharad replied, I was crying and screaming, my eyes were closed and mouth was open. In the next moment Sharad started fucking my shit hole. Ohh… God what was he doing to me, pain was unbearable for me but I could not see that they were even thinking about me. Initially Sharad started with slow fucking strokes as it was a tight hole and he could not move it fast,
but after couple of minutes of steady fucking his cock made his way and apart from that Aashish poured some more gel on my ass. Now Sharad rod was moving with bit of ease and the physical feeling through which I was going cannot be defined in words. Every time Sharad pushed his rod inside my ass hole,
I skipped my beat and as he took it out I shivered in strange sensation that now I will get plunged again, and he continued plunging tightest hole of my body comfortably. My ass was raised up as Sharad was holding me from my waist and fucking me from behind with bit faster strokes and I was screaming in rising pain in my ass. I was feeling as if my ass hole is going to tear off tonight.
Sharad kept on fucking me and I was crying in husky voice like “Aahhhh maaaaa… aaaaaaah….assssshhhhhh …” as my throat was getting dry. “Bol bhaag ke kahan jaayegi…..hmmmm…..aa gayi na wapas mere paas apni Gaand marwane” while saying that suddenly Sharad’s speed increased and he started fucking me vigorously and now I was going through worst part of my life which I cannot forget till my death,
it was a pain I could not bear at all and for a fraction I felt that I am going to die right now. I loudly cried and begged them to leave me, “ahhhh….ahhh…. dard ho raha hai, ple….please…ohhhhh” hearing my moan this time Sharad stopped and took out his Penis. He was also puffing but he was yet not over, I was relieved but not for a long.
I heard Sharad saying, “aaja daal saali ki Gaand mein” he was talking to Aashish, telling him to continue fucking my ass. I tried to run but I was almost dead, so they caught me and swapped their positions and this time my waist was held by Aashish and next moment Aashish’s cock went inside my ass hole tearing it off one more time.
Once again I was crying, it was paining like hell but I could see that now pain was little less than before. My ass hole was ripped and it was getting adjusted with pain. Instead of raising my ass with his hands Aashish preferred laying on my top after putting a pillow under my belly.
I was laying on my stomach totally flat and spread and Aashish was riding on me while trying stretching my thighs further apart with his legs, he was fucking my ass steadily and like before I was screaming like hell. After couple of minutes Aashish stopped, and got up and once again Sharad took his place and like Aashish,
Sharad started fucking me and this time he started fucking me straight away with fast strokes and I continued screaming. My painful cries were arousing them and I could feel that Sharad’s speed increased tremendously and my cries got shriller. “ahhh……. Dheeree’’ “dheeree Bhai aaahhh…
“somehow I was requesting them for mercy but by then I did not had strength to scream much, moreover it was making opposite effect on Sharad he spoke again “Dheere….hmmmmm….ye le… aur le…..” in aggression Sharad was fucking me with sudden jolts which were going deeper in my ass and I was losing my breath.
“Pinky main teri Gaand raat bhar mein itni chowdi kar dunga ki sabko samajh aa jaayega ki tu kahin se isse marwa ke aayi hai”, and from very next moment he rode vigorously over my ass for hardly a minute and stopped and got up and rolled on one side, while saying, “daal de Jaldi” Sharad got aside and I think he cummed on bed, I could feel that he was about to blast,
but before I would have sensed anything, my other fucker was laying on me, drilling my ass hole further and once again I was getting ripped in my heavy pot without any break. Aashish also started fucking me instantly with fast and deep thrusts and I was at my worst in crying….”mazza aa gaya…..bahut tight hai saali ka chhed…”
Aashish was puffing while saying that and fortunately he did not lasted for long after that and exploded his load in my ass itself. I was crying without voice as I was almost dead and both of my fucker were also totally exhausted, one was laying on my top, and may be his limping cock was still inside me and other was beside me, on the same bed.
After few minutes both got up to use the toilet and came back. Sharad pulled me from my leg and bought me down and spoke “Pinky ooth… aur saaf karke aa…. jo Aashish ne daala hai tere andar….” I was still sobbing in shock and pain, but he had a smile on face, “uss din agar Chut marwa leti to aaj teri Gaand bach jaati…” Sharad spoke again.
He went to couch after saying that and joined his friend for television and I slowly got up and used the toilet, came back and wore my clothes and lied on a bed like a dead body.
I was awake for very long time just recalling whatever happened within me, finally after around half an hour my consciousness surrendered and I went into sleep, but I could feel that even in sleep I was conscious and I got up with every little noise.
After some time both came on bed, it was dark I could not see their faces but I could make out that who is Sharad and who is Aashish and slowly both took me in the center of the bed and lied on my left and right. Sharad was on my right and Aashish went behind me came on my left as I was laying sideways.
Next Sharad took me in his arm and placed my head on his shoulder and somewhat hugged me sideways. He was just in his underwear I could feel his naked body, he caressed my cheek and hairs and kissed me on my lips and sucked my mouth and just then I felt Aashish’s body touching me from behind, he too was just in underwear, I could feel his naked body as well.
Once again I was laying between two men in almost dark room, totally depending on there mercy. Aashish brushed his lips on my neck which was uncovered from the dress. “Pinky…. I love you?” Aashish spoke in pleasure voice along with that Aashish was searching cord of my salwar and soon he pulled that. I did not moved and remained as it is.
“pahli baar to dard hota hi hai” this time Sharad spoke and then again after a small pause he spoke again, “abb nahi hoga”. Behind me Aashish was touching and enjoying my body with his hands in the dark and now he was caressing my bare thighs as my salwar was bought down to my feet, he then lifted my kurta and Sharad helped him to take it off from my upper half,
I could sense that they now once again I am going to get fucked by them, and I was some what co-operating with them as I did not had any option, I was lifting my body so that they can take off my clothes and soon I was just in bra and panty. Once again Aashish rubbed his hands from my back till my hips and this time his hands went inside my panty and somewhat rubbed my fleshy ass mounds.
Sharad pulled me a bit and unhooked my bra and took it off completely and started sucking my milks. I tried to get away slowly while saying, “nahi bhaiya, please aur matt kariye, mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai” but Sharad held me in his arm and spoke, “Abhi Aashish daalega, lekin abb tumhe dard nahi hoga, jo dard hona tha ho chukka” and I realized that Aashish hands were on my Panty and he was trying to take it off from behind.
I tried to resist a bit saying, “nahi please matt kariye”. But Aashish was on his way to take off my panty and just then Sharad pulled my one leg on his thighs keeping one straight. I was laying in Sharad arm keeping one leg on his thighs and other straight and like that my hips were open for Aashish, and his hands were already caressing my hips.
Once again Sharad spoke in dark in soft voice, “Aashish gel lagga ke tumhare peechhe daalega Gaand mein.., aur dheere dheere karega, hmmmmm….” Then again he spoke, “thoda sa dard hoga I am sure tum easily bear kar logi”. Once again Aashish was going to insert his cock inside me from behind in my asshole, I requested again “nahi please bhaiya…wahan matt daaliye”…
“daalna to wahin hai issne, aaram se karwa legi to theek rahega, nahi to fir se waise hi karna padega” Sharad spoke calmly, as he knew that I do not have any choice. And then once again he spoke, this time to Aashish, “gel lagga” and I felt Aashish’s hands searching my ass hole in dark and soon one of his finger invaded my tiny hole and I moaned in pain as he inserted it bit quickly and second time he was having gel on his finger,
as now he knew the exact place where to enter. Aashish inserted his finger many times and filled my asshole with lot of gel and now from his body movement I could sense that he was taking off his underwear, may be after applying gel on his Penis too, he touched my ass crack with his rod and I shivered in fear of getting ripped in my ass once again.
Sharad held my thigh in his hand which was kept on his legs and tried to stretch it further to open my ass hole as much as possible and spoke to Aashish, “dheere dheere daal, aaram se andar challa jaayega…..Pinky bass abhi ho jaayega… hmmmmm…” I griped Sharad hard to prepare my self to get Aashish’s rod in my ass one more time.
Sharad took my lips in his mouth and kissed me and Aashish came closer to me from behind and I felt his chest touching my back, holding my waist he came closer to my bottom, I moaned and eased my body leaving myself on his mercy and my moan changed into a sharp gasp as his rod parted my anal walls and entered into my narrow asshole stretching all my anal muscles once again.
He grunted on the tight clamp of my asshole. With in couple of minutes he dipped his rod completely in my anus and waited. I was crying but not like before, it was painful but not that mush as it was earlier. Sharad was holding me firm and caressing my cheeks and kissing my lips in between.
Aashish pulled bit of his rod slowly from my tight tunnel, and pushed back deep inside. I cried in enormous pain. He did that again and rejoiced while murmuring “Yes… yes” I was crying, “OHHHhhh anh unhhh anh!” He moved slowly at first, rocking back and forth with slow and deep thrusts, I was going through less pain as compared to the previous ram fucking of my asshole.
But I knew that he will not fuck me like this for long, I tried to release my leg from Sharad’s hands to tighten my ass opening but he held it tight and stretched it further and just then Aashish started gaining pace and began pumping his hips in fast and steady rhythm, driving his hard cock in and out of my butt.
His balls got pressed several times with my buttocks as he was diving deep in my ass till the root of his rod and at that time my pain always touched the peak. “Maar achhe se isski, ye dobara nahi milegi” Sharad spoke to Aashish. Gradually his speed increased further and fucking strokes got shorter. I was still unable to move much as Sharad was holding me tight.
Aashish further held me from my shoulders and pace increased even more, My cries got shriller like “ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh OHHH uhh OHMA” “hmmmm……pail Saali ko” Sharad spoke again while widening my thighs further apart. Aashish was getting closer to his burst and I was feeling that I will be tored off in two from my asshole.
I was crying, screaming and trying everything to get free but Sharad continued parting my hips holding my thigh to give better access of my ass hole to his friend. Finally after few seconds pushed himself deep inside me and buried his rod completely in my asshole till the hilt of his cock and moaned loud in triumph, “Ohhhhhuhhh Yes… ohhh god yes yes yes!”
and hugged me hard from behind. I was screaming without breathing as I was feeling enormous pain. I could feel Aashish’s rod’s shivering in my butt while hollowing his balls and finally felt bit of hot liquid getting injected inside my pot. After a minute Aashish took off his limping cock from my ass and got away, I was still in shock over whatever happened and could did not had strength to get up.
Sharad helped me to get up and took me to the toilet and told me to clean my ass hole by saying, “chal peeche Paani daal kar achhe se saaf kar hmmmm….maine bhi Daalna hai” “Bhaiya please mujhe jaane do…. Mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai” I requested him once again, “subah chali jaana….. hmmmm…..” with that he further pushed me in the toilet to clean my asshole from Aashish’s spewed junk.
“Bhaiya please… mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai….” I spoke again “ok… chal aakar fir mera Lund chus de thodi der..hmmmm…. jaldi aaja saaf karke” Sharad spoke. I cleaned my asshole and came back to bed, Sharad was sitting on bed resting his back with pillow against the support and as he saw me he took off his underwear and called me raising his hand while saying,
“jaldi aaja chus issko” Finally I was laying on bed almost on my front and Sharad was sitting, I was sucking his rod and I could see that gradually he was getting aroused. By now I was not feeling any hesitation in sucking his meat, moreover I was now not afraid of his cumming in my mouth as it was any day better that getting injected in asshole.
And that is why I was sucking him nicely to give him lot of pleasure so that he can cum, but that was not my day and after couple of minutes I heard him saying “Gel daal isski Gaand mein…” he spoke to his friend. Aashish moved a bit and held me from my waist lightly, I moved a bit to get away but Sharad spoke again,
“Pinky daalne de ussko gel aur aaram se karwa le…… nahi to zabardasti karni padegi” I stayed realizing that there is no way to run and I spoke again, same thing “Bhaiya please mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai”… “abb Gaand mein jaayega to dard to hoga hi na….iss mein main kya kar sakta hun…” Sharad replied… at my bottom I was feeling things happening,
Aashish was opening up my asshole and once again he poured stream of gel in my pot and fucked my asshole with his finger to make it flow inside till the end of my pot. “aaja daal le,…. bhar diya hai achhe se andar tak” Aashish spoke to his friend, “Bhaiya please…. Aage daal lo….mujhe peeche bahut dard ho raha hai” I requested one more time…
“haan haan…..aage bhi daalenge….pahle jee bhar ke teri Gaand to khol dein…. Jaldi kya hai?….tune aaj raat bhar Chudna hai” Aashish spoke from behind and Sharad giggled a bit on that and spoke to me. “cha lab ghodi bann ja….good girl.jaldi ooth” I obeyed, got up and came on my four and Sharad went behind me and just after a second once again I got plunged in my ass.
Ohh… god I shivered strangely in pain as Sharad went deep inside me in one stroke. Once again I was moaning in pain as from the very beginning Sharad was moving fast. Though it was paining, even then I could feel that by now my asshole was fairly opened to get that plunging easily.
“Hmmmm….. Pinky aaj to mazza aagya…..teri Gaand ka…tujhe sabak sikhana bahut zaruri tha” Holding my waist Sharad was humming in pleasure while pumping my ass and more or less I was crying in pain. Ohma! uh! Ahhhhhhhhh uhh aohhhhhhhh uhhh OHHHHH!” Again and again his monster was surging inward, widening my tiny rear opening, crushing everything in passage.
My cry ranged out in the room even louder as Sharad tried going further inside my pot. “Bhaiya please bahut dard ho raha hai” I spoke in pain, Sharad paused for a fraction and further parted my hips, spoke “bahut dard ho raha hai….hmmmmm…., ye le” and with a quick jerk, he ran his hips back, then drove them brutally forward again.
“OHHHHHH uhh ah uhh ah uh ahohuhhahmauhhh OHHHHH!” I cried again and it was shriller whimper than the previous one because Sharad’s rod went deeper into me and my hole was stretched even more. Sharad grunted on the tightness of my ass hole and began to fuck me with quick sudden skewering thrusts to get deeper and deeper inside my ass.
Sharad was gasping silently and plunged me again and yet again “OHHHHHH uhh ah uhh ah uh ahohuhhahmauhhh OHH HHH!” excitement was rising and I could see that Sharad was getting to his climax and suddenly he got up on his feet and started pulling me from my waist even faster on the length of his penis.
“oh god oh god ohma uhh ohma, dheere…. Dheere Please Ahhhhh… Bhaiya Ahhhhh….” I was dying in pain and Sharad was riding me like a horse. With few more very powerful strokes Sharad stood still and buried his rod till the hilt of it in my ass hole.
My thighs started trembling, I could feel that I will not be able to hold myself any more and finally I collapsed on bed and felt Sharad fell on me and squeezed his hips two three times inwards to release his load in my pot. I felt every small shivering of his throbbing penis while he was hollowing his balls in my heavy ass and finally he also got aside and lied on the same bed.
Once again I was ripped in my ass and could not believe whatever was happening to me. I was dead again and I really don’t know when I got up and wore my clothes after using the toilet and slept. I remember when early morning I found somebody caressing my hairs, it was none other than Sharad. “Good morning” I did not replied to him, he leaned over me and kissed me,
I responded to his kiss and very soon I found his hands over my melons over the clothes. I realized Aashish was also awake once again his hands were searching for the cord of my salwar from behind and soon process of taking off my clothes started again and gradually they took off everything from my body.
Sharad was enjoying my body from front by sucking my luscious milks and chewing my nipples and Aashish was enjoying softness of my back, from shoulders till my widely spread ass mounds and further my fleshy thighs. I was co-operating with them, somewhat enjoying their tender love making but knowing them from last night I was afraid that this tenderness will not last for much time.
After plenty of sucking Sharad turned me to Aashish and spoke, “Aashish ko bhi doodh pila apna” I turned and now Aashish was enjoying my melons and Sharad was brushing his lips over my back and the way he was playing with my bottom I could see that soon he is going to fuck me. He tried to lift my one thigh and bought his bottom closer, “Bhaiya please… wahan matt daaliye”
I spoke in puffing voice, “hmmm…. Aage daal raha hun… teri Chut mein” and next moment he was rubbing my fuckhole and once again lifted my thigh bit higher and adjusted hid cock head over my opening and went inside. I was laying sideways and and Sharad was fucking me in spoons position, but it did not lasted for long as he was not that comfortable,
Aashish placed pillows under my belly and Sharad took me from behind comfortably and kept on increasing his speed till he was at the verge of explosion and just before that he spoke to me that I have to take his load in my mouth by saying “Pinky main tere muhn mein chhodunga” I opened my mouth as he reached to release his load,
it was just few drops which I took and gulped while cleaning his Penis with my mouth. Surprisingly it was not awkward for me now. Anyway by the time Sharad ended Aashish started and keeping once leg on his shoulder he started moving back and forward and spoke “main tere andar hi chhodunga…
Tujh se bachha jo paida karwana hai apna” Soon Aashish also seemed to reach to his climax and finally he started fucking me in missionary and sank inside me in few more minutes. Even he did not had much to release, just a few drops. That was the end of my dreadful night which truly speaking make me damp when I cherish in my memories. Sharad flew back after that.
After this incidence I met him in one family get together, but he never tried to blackmail me again, even he did not spoke to me when I was alone standing with him, he was just smiling while looking at me which was really very embarrassing for me. Anyway that what I had to tell you friends, would love to read your comments, did I bored you? Just let me know.

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