Pam's New Year's Celebration Ends

One of my industries biggest suppliers was throwing a large holiday bash on New Year’s Eve at one of the larger, swankier hotels in town. The night of the party my wife was nervous, she didn’t like her dress and she didn’t think her hair was right. Pam said, “Why should I care how I look, with all the big-boobed beauties Carl will have on hand no will ever notice me.” I mentioned in earlier stories that I work in a predominantly male industry and the owner of this supplier was known to throw some raucous rowdy events.
From a women’s perspective I guess I could understand why my wife would think that, although I did not agree: she looked sexy and I told her so. She was wearing a bright red dress that was short enough to show off her athletic legs and low cut in the front which exposed glimpses of her black lace plunge bra. Although small-busted Pam’s breasts were pushed up and shown off with the miracle bra she had discovered. I was turned on by how she looked and started rubbing her shoulders but she scolded me to look but don’t touch, she had makeup to put on.
On the way to the party, I warned Pam there might be some things happening at the party that she would not approve of but to keep an open mind. She sighed and started to say something then stopped and then she said she would enjoy the night for me. When we got to the hotel there were multiple parties and crowds of people everywhere. The party we were attending was in one of the medium size ballrooms with a bar, a band stage and tables setup over a dance floor. It was a nice setup some festive temporary curtains on the side walls and Carl had ten or twelve scantily clad working type girls in festive outfits as hostesses to entertain the guys.

I told my wife I would run over and get us a couple drinks from the bar. Walking there I met a friend from out of town and chatted. I suddenly realized I had left my wife alone for nearly a half hour and hurried back with the drinks. I was relieved to find that my wife had immersed herself talking to a couple guys and was chatting animatedly. However, when I offered her the drink, it was clear that I was in trouble as she snarled at me to “buzz off.” The guys gathered around my wife were from my office; Patrick, Claudio and Kenny. They were single guys that had been to our Christmas party a several years ago seemed to be staying overly close to my wife hoping for a repeat of her slutty activities. Worse they knew my wife’s weakness and were coercing her to drink faster than she normally would.
I went and started talking with other people around the party but every time I looked back my wife seemed to be the center of attention. What started as a couple guys seemed to be growing by one or two each time I looked over and was now a small group. The guys were acting like they thought they were on to a good thing. Patrick, Claudio and Kenny were joined by Ricky from my office and were taking charge of the gathering around my wife, giving her drinks faster than she could finish them. As the evening progressed the tables were cleared from the dance floor the band started playing.
By about 10:30 it seemed as if a lot of couples had left and I sat half drunk by on the edge of the dance floor. The room was still a little crowded and I realized that my wife seemed to be the star of the show, at least for her group of admirers. Pam had always liked the attention from guys and enjoyed flirting and when the dancing started she did not turn down any invitations. She was dancing every dance and with a whole string of different men. The dance floor darkened, the music got slower and the dancing got more intimate as Pam was nestling close in the arms of her partners. It was obvious her petite body was being groped while her partners slowly rubbed themselves against her. I could tell by Pam’s movement that she was falling prey to the alcohol she had been drinking because she was not very stable on her heels
The later it got the more the music seemed to get louder. It also became difficult to keep track of Pam because the lights became dimmer, although I could see she had progressed to locking both hands around the neck of most of her partners. This was clearly giving them opportunity to run their hands over the thin silk dress covering my wife’s bottom. In the far corner of the room there was a small alcove that was almost pitch black because of the lack of lighting and a long draped curtain at the rear that partially block the view from the main floor. It became obvious to me her dance partners were purposely steering her back to that area so their activities would be obscured by the extra darkness and the curtain.
Between songs when my wife passed me as she came off the dance floor, she looked more flushed and fidgety every time I saw her. Although I had expected her to keep the guys at bay they continued to loosen her up by pushing her to drink more and then taking her directly back to the dark corner of the floor. All of her partners held her as close as possible and rubbed themselves against her during the slow numbers. As they were dancing I noticed the guys were beginning to rest a hand on her chest. When I looked closely it appeared they were massaging her tits. All this attention was having an effect because as the evening wore on my wife became more aroused by the activities. She was also still upset at being deserted so to get even she seemed to be purposely giving her partner’s more access to her body. The band played slow numbers and couples on the floor were dancing close with their lips locked together and fondling seemed to be the rule, not the exception.
My wife was following suit as she began to allow her partners to lick her neck, nibble her ears and then to lock their lips to hers. Her excitement mounted as she openly let them slide their hands down her body to caress her small breasts and ass. After each dance she grabbed another drink, joking and flirting with the group. I could tell my wife was tanked from the alcohol and her performance for the group confirmed she was worked up. During the next dance Patrick was molesting Pam’s body without any complaints. My wife came off the floor acting giddily as she appeared to purposely drop her napkin and deliberately turned with her back to the group to bend over to pick it up. Pam kept her legs straight as she slowly bent at the waist causing her short dress to rise up her thighs. As her hands got below her knees my wife was giving the guys a glimpse of her panties riding up her ass and the fabric disappearing up her female slit. Pam was about to reach the napkin when she wobbled forward in her heels and immediately hands groped her body as they pretended to help her straighten up. Claudio was behind my wife and I noticed her pull his hand from between her legs as she fixed her dress and tried to regain her composure.
Pam had worked the group to a frenzied state as she was immediately escorted back to the dance floor. She quickly responded to the searching lips and allowed her partner’s wandering hand to slide into the top of her dress and caress her breasts through her bra. With each new partner my wife got bolder and allowed their hands to ease her bra to the side and caress her nipples. The band announced it was almost midnight and proceeded with the customary countdown. Everybody at the table goaded my wife to take a couple of shots as she downed them to their cheers. The guys lined up as they dimmed the lights on the dance floor again so you could barely see the outlines of the people dancing.
Claudio immediately got Pam on the floor and back to the corner and was able to get both her breasts exposed showing her rock hard nipples. There was little attempt to dance, just sticking his tongue down my wife’s throat and groping her tits. My wife stopped the first of his many attempts to get his hands up her skirt and at the end of the dance she straightened her cloths and returned to the group and her glass. The next song Claudio quickly went to get her to dance again just as a young boy asked her to dance. “That’s tricky,” Pam laughed. “I can’t dance with both of you.” “Why not?” asked the boy who seemed very young and disappointed with her response. They both quickly took a hand and led my wife to the floor. They wasted little time getting her to the dark corner moving her as close to the curtain as they could to obscure the activities from the room. As Pam slipped into Claudio’s embrace the young boy moved in behind her while sliding his hands around her torso. Claudio kissed her passionately, so she responded and clasped her hands around his neck. The boy behind my wife soon had a hand into the plunging neck line of her dress.
I had mingled towards the back of the room for a better view as I noticed my wife’s bra was pushed further down and both of her breasts were exposed. Claudio had one hand gripping each tit, stroking her hard firm nipples. It appeared one of the guys had brought their son to the party, he was very young and inexperienced but was horny enough grab her by the side and pull her body towards his to rub the member straining to form a tent in the front of his pants against my wife’s lower openings through the rear of her dress. The thrill of the kiss, the caresses of her breast, and the movement of the obviously stiff male organ against her female goodies added to her rising excitement. The boy took liberties as Pam allowed him to reach down and massage her female reproductive parts through the front or her dress.
My wife was continually on the defensive trying to fend off the hands groping her from lifting her skirt to put the remainder of her body on exhibit. Suddenly my wife turned her head toward the boy with her eyes wide open and a surprised look on her face, the boy had his hand sliding across the bare flesh of her stomach. From behind her he had found the side zip of her dress slid it open and his hand was quickly caressing her panty covered clit. Pam looked like she was about to say something when her back stiffened. My wife’s surprised look had changed to a look of elation as her arms eased to her side and she slid one foot to the side to open her thighs for the hand massaging her cunt. She rolled her head onto Claudio’s shoulder as the boy must have shifted her panties to find the entrance to her piss slit because my wife’s eyes closed as she writhe her hips with the movement of his hand.
The teen did not look for consent as he quickly moved directly behind my wife. Looking closer I realized the boy had already unzipped his pants and had an above average size cock standing at full attention in front of him. My wife was in a daze as the boy slowly bent her forward at the waist. She must have been wet from all the attention she was getting because the boy guided his cock with one hand and the other lifting my wife’s dress and shifting her panties shoved his whole cock in my wife’s cunt to her loud approval. Claudio stepped forward spread Pam’s ass cheeks wide so the group could see my wife’s pussy lips clinging to the young dick sliding in and out of her little furry slit. The group had lined up in front of my wife being fucked so we would not call any more attention to our activities than we already had. As I was checking to make sure we weren’t making a scene I turned back to see two guys with their cocks out pushing my wife’s head down to service their needs. Pam was only sucking the heads of the cocks into her mouth; you could see her tongue swirling around the shaft and the knob pressing against the inside of her cheek. A moan from the teenager brought my attention back to the cock in Pam’s cunt. The boy had only been fucking my wife for a minute as he grabbed her sides tightly as he pounded her quickly, stiffened as he dumped his load and then slumped over Pam’s back as she continued her thrusting against his body for more.
Claudio, who must have been hoping for a repeat of our Christmas party, had figured out that the side wall was actually a folding partition and opened into an adjoining small vacant lounge area. He had opened the partition slightly at the corner and ushered the group into the room which was dimly lit by a couple lights and looked like it was in the middle of a renovation. The area was mostly empty but had a temporary front door to the main hallway, a back door, a couple older couches and tables and a rolled up carpet. As the group finished filtering through the opening and Claudio closed the partition behind us. I counted eleven guys including the boy plus myself and my wife. The group was crowding my wife as she told everyone to stop and she backed up a few feet from the group.
With the sound of the music still playing in the background my wife started swaying to the beat and reached to unzip the rest of her dress. Pam slowly and rhythmically started teasing as the group cheered her on she slowly began lowering her dress. As she got the dress past her chest you could see her nipples were still above her bra. She teased a little more as she got to her waist lowering one side then the other so her red silk panties came to view. As she got the dress to her thighs you could see her panties were wet and discolored in her crotch from the young boy’s cum. As the dress got to the floor she took one step out and then kicked the dress out of the way.
A couple of guys moved toward her but she stuck up one finger and waved it back and forth saying “not so fast” stopping their advance. She was stunning standing there in her heels with nothing but her red panties and her bra, my wife’s nipples exposed above the lace on top. Pam slowly removed her bra and swayed with the music until her back was to the guys. My wife enticed the group to the growing chants as she coaxed her panties down on each side exposing one cheek then the other. Then Pam arched her back to thrust her little panty clad bubble butt to the loud cheers. With one finger on each side of her panties she bent forward and lowered them to the bottom of her cheeks to display her crevice. My wife was still swaying to the music as she pushed her panties lower and her cunt lips started peeking out from the hair between her thighs like a cream filled pastry with boy cream still oozing out. She continued the show for the guys; as her underwear reached the floor my wife’s ass cheeks were now spread which put her tightly closed little puckered anal orifice on display. Pam put one hand on each cheek to spread her ass further and expose the little pink wrinkled button with the slightly darker surrounding ring. My wife then expanded and contracted her sphincter to cause her asshole to wink at the guys. The group was hooting and hollering. My wife rose up she turned back to us she was a beautiful sight with her pert B cup beasts, nipples at attention and her brunette bush already matted at the bottom from the young boys cum.
Pam stopped the guys again and purposely stood there for second looking at the group with a quizzing look, grinned and said “this isn’t fair; I am the only one naked.” It was a blur as twelve guys ripped off our cloths and threw them to the floor. As the guys approached Pam she stopped them again and instructed us to gather in a circle around her. My wife knelt in front of an older guy I did not recognize who had wandered in with the group. She took his hands in each of hers, lowered her head and started licking his nut sack which appeared to be hanging nearly six inches below his cock. Pam took one then the other in her mouth and continued up the bottom side of his shaft. His cock must have been almost eight inches long but drooped over her face from not being fully hard. As my wife got to the head of his cock she caught the pre-cum that oozed from his piss opening with tip of her tongue. The guy must have been close to cumming because he moaned loudly as she took the head of his cock in her mouth. My wife started to quickly swallow over half his shaft you could see his hands clinch hers tighter and he started bucking his ass to shove his cock deeper using her mouth as a fuck hole. His body began to convulse as my wife took him in her throat and swallowed his load without spilling a drop.
The older gentleman had to sit down as my wife moved to the next guy in the circle and started the same process. The second guy did not last much longer only this time as the guy was cumming Pam opened her mouth and jacked his cock so everyone could see the jets of white baby fluid squirted into her mouth, on her face and down her chin. The next guy in line was wanking his cock and came at almost the same time, splashing her tits with a couple jets of cum. The guys were starting to get antsy but she scolded them to stay in place. Pam then stood up and walked in front of the next hard cock in the circle. She took his hands as she stepped close and started kissing him sticking her cum covered tongue in his mouth. She slowly turned her back to him and placed his hands on her tits. My wife then guided the shaft his cock into the moist crevice between her ass cheeks. She arched her back and began a slow undulating movement of her ass up and down the shaft of his cock. The pre-cum was flowing from the open end of his cock as she sped up the grinding on his shaft. The guy was bucking his ass and panting loudly as he started splashing cum over my wife’s back and ass to the loud cheers of the group. Ricky from my office was next as Pam started the same tactic on his cock. My wife was grinding her cum covered ass crack on Ricky’s hard shaft but he was apparently too worked up and could not take the torment any longer. As my wife rode her ass up his pole Ricky wrapped his arms around her and he quickly bent at his knees to position his cock and then jerked forward shoving his throbbing male organ balls deep into her cunt. Pam almost fell over as he pounded her a half dozen times and spasmed as he splashed her insides with more seminal fluid.
My wife must have been frustrated with how quickly Ricky had cum so she had a couple guys roll out the carpet as she lay down with her legs spread wide. With one hand tweaking her nipples the other was sliding one then two and three fingers inside her cunt. You could hear the slurping sound of her fingers going in and out of her soaking pussy as several guys stroking their cocks over my wife started spewing their loads splattering across her chest and face. Pam was oblivious as her moans got louder she started to shake violently causing her naked body to shudder and tremble to a huge orgasm. She was moaning loudly as she squeezed her hand tightly between her thighs and her body quivered and jerked. Pam slowly spread her legs to display the flood of juices all over her hand and had left a large wet spot on the carpeting underneath her. Her pussy lips were swollen from the pleasure she had just given herself and you could see the pinkness of her inner folds. My wife looked up at the group smiling and said, “do I have to do all the work around here?” With that she reached up and began stroking the cock closest to her and placed her mouth over it and ran her tongue up its underside, then all over it. Finally after playing with it she stuck it in her mouth, slowly at first then engulfed all of it. With her free hand she was reaching behind her as she knelt spreading her ass apart and began fingering her asshole.
There were hard cocks surrounding wife but Kenny and Patrick from my office were the most aggressive and obviously intending to plug one or both of her holes. Kenny had moved behind Pam and was rubbing his cock up and down her ass crack while Patrick had slid underneath her and was beginning to suck on her breasts. The attention she was getting now caused her to increase her motion on the cock in her mouth. She was pumping the cock with one hand while sucking on it when it suddenly exploded in her mouth unleashing several large loads of cum down her throat. Pam will try to swallow everything that she can suck out of a cock but looking up at me she purposely took the cock out of her mouth and let it finish shooting its load all over her face and down her breasts.

With my wife still kneeling she spit some of the cum she hadn’t swallowed into her hand, reaching between her legs and rubbing it over her asshole. She continued to rub her back hole inserting one finger into her rectum. Then my wife told Kenny “I want that big cock in my ass.” Leaning forward Pam used both hands to spread her cheeks to expose her glistening little puckered hole. Kenny’s cock was the largest in the room, almost nine inches and as round as a coke can. He kneeled behind my wife and slowly placed the head of his cock against her little opening that looked like an unopened rosebud. Kenny began pushing forward while holding onto her waist. My wife was grunting as her anus opened slowly for the large mushroom tip of his cock to fully dilate her asshole and close around his hefty shaft. Pam let go of her ass and put her hands on his chest to stop him until she got used to the girth stretching her sphincter.
After a minute my wife started backing slowly as his shaft disappeared into her bowels. Patrick was impatient and with Kenny’s cock pegged in my wife’s ass had Kenny lift my wife and lay on his back. My wife started grinding her ass against his body with his cock deep in her ass as Patrick laid her back against Ken’s chest. Patrick then positioned himself between Ken’s legs and lifted wife’s legs open to expose the cock in her ass and her vacant cunt. With her legs against his shoulders he slid his cock deep into her cunt. Pam moaned her instant approval and yelled “fuck me hard”. I walked over to her cupping her chin in one of my hands and bent over to kiss her. We stuck our tongues down each other’s throats and I could taste the saltiness of the cum that she had swallowed. Standing back up I placed my cock by her mouth which she began sucking as she bounced between the two cocks using her lower openings.
With all of the attention she was getting I could sense that Pam was going to have her second orgasm of the evening. When my wife climaxed she had a very intense orgasm that caused her whole body to convulse on our cocks causing all three cocks to erupt in unison. Kenny shoved his large cock deep in her ass and bucked as he was shooting loads of cum in her bowels. Patrick’s pulled his cock out of her cunt and shot his load of cum over her stomach. I had pulled my cock from her mouth and sent five or six heavy streams of cum across her forehead and one partially up her nose. With Kenny’s cock still filling her ass she sat up with the sperm dripping from her chin to her chest she said “who’s ready for more?”
I looked around as the group gave a raucous cheer; most of the cocks were ready for more action. Claudio and several others then took my wife by each limb and lifted her off Kenny’s cock. Pam was oozing cum from her anus as they bent her over the back of one of the sofas. Claudio spread my wife’s ass cheeks so everyone could see Kenny had stretched her closed puckered opening. Her anus was open the size of a dime with cum oozing as her sphincter was slowly trying to close. Claudio slowly rubbed his cock in my wife’s ass crack to lube the large head of his cock. My wife turned around to watch over her shoulder but a pair of hands pulled her face back around and a fresh cock was thrust into her mouth. Claudio moved behind my wife on his tiptoes as he maneuvered his dick level with her asshole. Claudio did not have the longest cock at about five inches but the head was the size of a tennis ball. Helped by a couple guys we spread her ass cheeks to display my wife’s little puckered anal orifice had closed. Claudio placed the tennis ball sized tip of his cock against my wife’s closed puckered rosebud and pushed very slowly until her sphincter just started to open and then pulled his cock back out. He did this several times teasing my wife as she moaned in enjoyment. Then he put the large mushroom tip back against her tiny closed hole and very slowly, it seemed like slow motion, pushed until his large cock head completely dilated her anus and her sphincter closed around his shaft. He held it there as she moaned again and then ever so slowly you could see the area around his shaft puff up and her anus open out to expose the underside of his cock head until it plopped out of her ass. My wife was enjoying this treatment so much she had stopped sucking the guy in her mouth so he grabbed her head and started using her mouth for his own pleasure.
The sight of Claudio putting his cock against her anus and pushing again caused one of the guys tugging his cock to release a stream of jism across her back. Claudio must have slowly opened my wife’s asshole with the large helmet on his cock a dozen times to the point her anus was staying open when he pulled out. You could see the beads of sweat on his forehead as it appeared he could not take anymore and he shoved the entire length of his cock in her ass. He was not slow after that as he pounded her ass relentlessly. Soon my wife was moaning between the cocks, one being pushed into her mouth as Claudio fucked her asshole at a brisk pace. He picked up the intensity of his thrusts in her ass as the guy at her mouth was pushing her head to get as deep as her could. With a grunt and two savage thrusts Claudio came in her ass then pulled his cock out to see the cum flow out of her open asshole.
The young boy who had already cum once quickly moved behind my wife with his rock hard fuck stick and put his hands on the back of the sofa to rise above my wife for leverage and aimed his cock down at her asshole. Without any warning he lunged forward and was balls deep in my wife’s ass in one swift move. My wife let out a loud moan as he pounded her ass relentlessly and came in less than two minutes. The two guys working her mouth moved behind my wife as she tugged me in front of her. My wife pulled me down so she was staring me in the eye and began to passionately kiss me, using her tongue to push the cum into my mouth. Suddenly she pushed me away; the tempo of the guy reaming her anal orifice was increasing as he was slamming her almost violently back and forth. The guy in her ass gasped and pushed so hard he moved the sofa as he filled her bowels with more sperm. He pulled out quickly; his dick was dripping cum as the second guy swiftly pushed his cock in her ass and deposited another load.
Several others were getting impatient and moved in to pick up my wife and lay her onto a table. They laid Pam on her back with one guy holding each leg by the ankle raised her legs and spread them wide. They pulled my wife’s ankles until her toes almost touched the table which lifted her ass up to fully expose her female reproductive opening and her rear exit hole. She was laid across the short side of the table so her head tilted over the edge on the other side of the table. The group started lining up on both ends as the two guys held her legs allow access to both lower openings. The sight was lustful as the first guy in line aimed his cock at her gooey asshole and filled her rectum. The meat lips on her cunt were stretched open and you could see her insides move with the cock pumping in and out of her ass. But the view on the other side was really so stimulating I almost blew my load just watching. With my wife’s head tilted over the edge of the table Patrick started using her mouth for his gratification. If you looked closely at my wife’s lower jaw when he shoved his cock in her mouth you could see his cock head expanding her throat. After just a couple minutes Patrick had started a frantic pace as he rhythmically drove his cock in her mouth with his nut sack slapping her nose. Patrick began to spasm as her grabbed my wife’s arms and pushed his cock as deep as he could. You could see the outline of his cock head almost an inch down her throat as his body twitched while he dumped his load down her throat. My wife gagged on his cock as he softened in her mouth she turned her head and the cum was running out of her mouth and some even appeared to be coming out of her nostril.
I lost count of how many times my wife came and I know everybody in the room had left a deposit in one of her holes, but there were at least eight guys still waiting another go. My wife was in a lucid state as they positioned her over the arm of the sofa with her face down on the seat of the sofa so her rear end was at the edge; positioned wide open for entry. Ricky was at the front of the line and was not easy. He spread her ass cheeks as wide as he could to expose her open anus. Without letting go of her ass he aimed his cock at the brown hole and shoved half his cock up her ass to her grunt of approval. Ricky pulled his cock all the way out and then drove his butt plug as deep as he could almost losing his balance but not letting go of her ass. Ricky sped up his anal drilling occasionally slamming her cunt by accident. He let out a couple “oh god, oh god” groans as he fell forward over her back and his ass twitched and clinched with each spurt into her bowels.
The next guy in line was older guy my wife sucked off first. He was a stranger nobody seemed to know who had tagged along with the activities. After my wife had sucked him dry he had been sitting on the sofa just watching and stroking a thick semi-hard eight inch cock for over an hour. He was tall, probably 6-3″ and thin as he moved behind my wife. He looked like he was mounting a horse as he straddled her body and bowed his legs to get his cock head at my wife’s asshole. Even with her back passage staying open he had to use both hands to keep his shaft straight as he fed the full eight inches of cock up her ass. He leaned over her back and started slowly humping her ass. The young boy was in line again and I guess he saw an opening because he moved forward and stuck the tip of his cock in Pam’s cunt. After he got started he didn’t even seem to notice the guy in her ass. My wife was now moaning and pushing against the two cocks. The boy didn’t last long again as he pulled out and sprayed cum over the older guys ass. This did not slow the stranger down as he was picking up the pace humping her ass. I guess Kenny could not wait either because he filled her vacant cunt his big cock and both her lower openings were filled again.
My cock was about to burst as I went to the back of the sofa and grabbed my wife’s head and shoved my cock as deep as I could in her mouth. My wife was getting close to another orgasm as the older stranger whimpered and came in her ass. Kenny pushed the guy out of the way as he started pumping all nine inches in her cunt. My wife started to shake as she was having another orgasm. Kenny was close behind as he filled her cunt with another load. Pam was gagging on my cock but I was so close I did not care and pushed even harder. My wife was choking as I filled her throat with several streams of spunk, it was one of the most intense orgasms I ever had. The other guys began crowding my wife but since she has only has three holes it was a little bit like Musical Chairs.

The group that was left fucked her every way they could think of. As it was winding down they got my wife to sit sideways on a chair with her head on the table and her ass hanging off the side of the chair. Her gaping asshole was fully exposed as three guys in quick succession got on their knees behind her to fuck her ass and deposit more goo. There was a pause now and Pam was left resting on the chair. Her ass was gaping, there was a slow stream of cum dripping from her rectum, cum was dripping down her legs and her body was matted with it.

After they had finished I noticed the room had pretty much cleared out except for Claudio who had already cum at least three times but was trying to get his dick hard again for one more go. I did a double take as I noticed several young black kids peeking thru the back door. They were wearing uniforms and must have been the kitchen staff or party servers and they seemed to be rubbing their crotches. I’m not sure why but in my drunken stupor I waved for them to come in. They were a little skittish at first but slowly five young black kids wandered thru the door, the shortest one looked to be six foot tall.
My wife was naked with her head on the table and cum all over her and she turned her head looking at the boys and said “what are you waiting for?” Within seconds, a dark, shiny whopper sprung from the fly on one boy’s pants as he moved forward to stuff Pam’s mouth. “Oh, by the way, my name’s Amaad,” he said with a smile. “Nice to mmmmmpphhhh,” my wife replied as the cock filled her mouth. As I looked at the rest of the boys in line I was dumbfounded, they all had dropped their uniform pants not even bothering to take off their tops. But what amazed me was even though Amaad’s cock was over 7 inches long and thick his cock was the smallest of the group. Each boy was tugging on what looked like salami that a butcher would be proud to hang in the deli window. Then I noticed the last boy in line, I had to do a double take. He wasn’t even tugging his uncut cock but semi hard it hung almost to his knees and was already as thick a can of soda. My wife must have been having an effect on him because the bulbous head of his cock was beginning to peek out of the sheath and his snakelike monster must have been a foot long.
With her mouth full with Amaad’s cock another boy who had what appeared to be a nearly 9 inch cock kneed behind my wife’s exposed anus and quickly slid his big piece of meat in her ass. ALL the way to the hilt, balls deep in her ass. If it weren’t for Amaad filling her throat, I’m sure my wife’s scream of pleasure would have broken windows for three blocks in all directions. Pam was immediately convulsing from another big orgasm. When my wife finished she was getting uncomfortable so she turned to straddle the boy without removing the cock from her ass. Wrapping her arms around the boy in her ass she asked him to lie on the floor. The boy lifted my wife and maneuvered both of them to the floor without pulling his cock out of her back door. They shifted my wife so her back was to the boy on the floor and she was riding the cock in her ass. Amaad got a mischievous look on his face and I didn’t have to wonder what he was thinking for long. He kneeled in front of my wife held his big black cock tightly and pressed it against my wife’s sphincter as if he thought he could fit it next to the other huge skewer in her ass. He made several attempts and my wife had in fact been able to handle that once before, but never two cocks the girth and length of these two boys.
Pam freed the cock using her mouth looked up suddenly and told Amaad “I can’t take you both up there!” “I think,” Amaad answered quietly “that you are the exactly the kind of slut who not only can take us both up your shit hole, but you will enjoy it more than anything else tonight.” Amaad then stuck his cock up her pee slit as the third boy went back to work on her mouth. Pam was sucking on the boy in her mouth so hard that he had his eyes squeezed shut and his jaw clenched, trying valiantly not to cum yet. “Damn, damn” he said loudly. “Damn!” he repeated, even louder, “I can’t even open my eyes and look at you. You’re too sexy, I’d cum right away. Damn, damn, damn!” as it was too much for him.
The boy was like a camel as he pumped his steaming sperm down my wife’s throat. My wife couldn’t keep up with the flood he produced and began to choke and sputter, but that only made her more excited as cum flowed out of her mouth onto her chest. Without her realizing, Amaad had pulled his cock out of her pussy and had the hard fat head of his cook pressing against my wife’s sphincter and the other cock in her ass again. She opened her eyes and her mouth gaped open as the black dick began to slide gradually through the tight opening. My wife now had two black kids sticking their unbelievably enormous cocks up her ass simultaneously. The stretching, the sluttiness, the sheer, raunchy, immensely thrilling filthiness of what she was allowing them to do had her in a frenzy.

It took the boys slowly pumping her ass a little while but eventually they both worked almost a foot and a half of cock completely up her rear entrance. Their pubic hair was pressed roughly against her clit when Amaad started sliding in and out with piston like strokes against her clit while the other boy’s motions were longer and slower to work the entire length of his cock in and out of her ass. I have never seen my wife so out of control. She climaxed so intensely she erupted like a volcano squirting and spraying lava-hot cum in all directions. Her legs flew up in the air and waved convulsively while her sharp fingernails gouged Amaad’s well muscled back. She told me later the boys unloaded their reproductive fluid so far up her ass that she was shitting cum for the next three days.
Amaad gave her a sweet little kiss on her forehead, zipped up his fly and hurried out thru the back door. I’m pretty sure they all told her all their names, but she wasn’t really much interested in that. Pam just jumped from one hard, black slab of monster meat to another. Between fucking the boys she stood up and spread her legs wide-splayed with cum oozing from every orifice. Two boys walked up for more and their appendages seemed more enormous than the last. The tall boy pulled my wife down straddling his beef stick with her chest facing him while the shorter boy who had a cock which was not as long, but was actually thicker than any she had ever seen before got behind her. He positioned himself behind my wife but instead of shoving his huge cock up her ass, he started squeezing it into her pussy right beside the cunt stretcher already filling her hole.
At first it didn’t seem like they would both fit as my wife was making guttural noises of bliss. The boy behind her kept at it, pulling back a little and then forcing it harder until her meat lips started parting and the head of his cock started to enter her genital slit. Little by little he stretched her female receptacle and worked tip of his cock in her cunt. The boy underneath was beginning to help by slowly thrusting his big prick all the way in her dirty hole. The two cocks moving around to stretch the walls of her vagina even more and by the time the big cock from behind was wedged halfway into her cunt she looked like she almost passed out. My wife’s mouth hung slackly open, saliva drooling from the corners her eyes rolled back into my head. Her arms and legs quivered spastically as she groaned and grunted in passion.
Just as the shorter boy’s double-wide finally got all the way in she had a leg-waving, head-spinning orgasm and then something happened that had never happened before. She couldn’t stop cumming. Wave after wave of intense and unrelenting orgasm swept over her for several minutes causing one boy to lose his load. They paused for five or ten seconds then the thick-cocked boy pulled out and laid my wife face down on the sofa with her knees on the floor. Then he lined up his coke can thick cock with her gaping asshole and shoved his black behemoth up her back door.
“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she yowled, as he sank it all the way in, right to the balls. Suddenly, Pam was ready for more, real ready. She looked up at the boy and said “Do it hard. Real hard. Fuck me good. I need it now.” A smile spread slowly across his broad face.”Fuck!” he exclaimed and slammed my wife hard enough to make her earrings jingle.”Uuuughh,” she rasped, and then added, “Harder!” “Fuck yeah!” he shouted as he slammed his cock in her ass so hard her body caused the sofa to move. “Uuuunnnghh,” she responded to his fucking and quickly yelled “Good, but harder.” Several boys gripped her shoulders tightly so she wouldn’t be pushed off of his cock.
The boy then said “Take that bitch!”as he pounded her ass harder and Pam yelled back “Uuuunnnnnnnnnnnghh, harder,”  

“Fucking bitch!” he barked, thrusting so hard her knees left the floor.
“Uuuughh….. Faster!”
“Oh fuck I’m cumming!” as the boy shoved his cock as deep in my wife’s ass as he could go and his body spasmed as her unloaded more cum deep in my wife’s bowels.
The boy pulled out of her ass and the group all hooting it up as they left out the back door. My wife was exhausted as she laid on the sofa with her ass hanging over the edge. Her anus was wide open and cum was dripping on the floor and running down her legs. She tried to figure out how many orgasms had been packed into roughly four straight hours of fucking. Her best estimate was that 16 guys plus her husband had cum a total of nearly 50 times.
I found her dress and shoes and tried to wipe her face a little before putting on her dress and carrying her shoes. The material clung to her body and her face and hair were covered with cum. She limped across the dance floor as we walked out the door and to the entrance. The looks she got as we exited made me excited and I gave her a kiss as we left to thank her for a great night
When I awoke next morning, Pam was already awake; she was smiling but definitely looked worst for ware. Her tits were covered in small bruises and nip marks, her hair was matted with dried cum and she smelt so strong of sex. “I don’t know if I regret last night yet but my even thinking about it is making me wet” she said. This was only her third group experiment and she noted she could never attempt to plan another; things would just have to be right.
Pam Rings in the New Year with 15 instruments to Bang

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