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Hot Sexy Neighbour Aunty Hi all guys and girls there here i am sharing my experinece with u all today i was eighteen then and my sis was 22,we had in  she was probably 39(married but divorced) or 40 but was so sexy that i used to masterubate remembering her.at some times she gave me hint of sex but i got afraid. the story begins now. one day aunt called my sis and me to watch a movie and we went there.She asked us about all thing & finally came to boy adn gl friend of me and my sis at that time we both had no friends and me and my sis were very free except sex.when the movie was over it was night and she asked both of us to stay there,she asked both of us to take bath cause it was summer night,when my sister went to bath she asked me about sex i afraid and avoided so she didn’t ask.she came to me and said to go for bath i changed to a towel and went near the toilet i was not aware tht my sis was inside it and taking bath nude,but she had her dresses in aunty’s bed room.i entered into the bath room the scene i saw erected my peny.But se was my sis so i could not do what i wanted .my sis also got tensed.when i trried to come out that aunt closed the door and black mailed that she had a hidden camera in side the bahroom and she wud expose it to every one if we don’t act as she ordered we both had no clues and agreed, then she came to the bath room she ordered me to be naked i hesitated but did it.then she ordered my sis to hold me and we did it i got full erect though it was my own sis after all iam a man.both of us couldn’t control and started enjoying heaven,i got a touch of sis hairy pussy and boobs.we enjoyed it for a while then came she totally naked i got full erect left my sis and grabbed her tities i sucked them at that time sis was enjoying my cock in her mouth.We all came to bed room naked and sis and me went into a 69 position,at that time aunt was also enjoying my cock. i came close to climax but that sexy aunt stopped all and we rested for a while. then i started to fuck aunt fully and my sis was sucking the out side part (balls) of my peny,aftyer some times i came in aunt’s hole,and took out my peny but sis was not satsfied and hold my cock and started licking imy slept peny got erected once but i didn’t fuck sis as she was sis but inserted fingure into her and when we both got climax all of us held each other and took rest all the night in nudeity, morning we enjyed once again and afterr climax we packed up. My wife and I have been married for two years. Like most Indian women Anu is rather prudish and shy in bed. It took me months before I persuaded her to give me a blowjob and even longer to get her to agree to unique sexual positions. Despite this I had always had the feeling that deep down she was a very horny, kinky girl who was dying to unleash her naughty side.Sure enough, as we got comfortable with each other’s bodies she started to get more adventurous. At my pleading she would often wear revealing outfits in public that would display her large breasts and firmly shaped ass. She also enjoyed fucking in many positions while being videotaped for our personal porno collection. She would even voluntarily suck my cock and seemed to enjoy swallowing my cum.Yet none of this shocked or surprised me quite the way that my most recent birthday present did. As a sign on her new found kinkiness she hired a hooker for me on my birthday. What was surprising was not that she let me fuck her all night on our own bed but the show she put on for me before I was allowed to use and abuse the hooker. As a so-called warmup my prudish, straight-laced wife had her first lesbian encounter with a hooker while I watched and taped. I came many times watching the hooker pleasure my wife with her tongue, fingers, dildo and cucumbers.Ever since that day I have been planning her next birthday gift. Fortunately, our birthdays were only two months apart and so I didn’t have to wait long until my opportunity came. On that day, we went out for a normal dinner to celebrate the occasion and enjoyed a nice, quite time together. To finish the night off I suggested that we go play some pool, a game that we both loved to play. She was somewhat surprised that I chose that occasion to try a new pool hall that neither of us has ever been to before (or that’s what she was led to believe.I had obviously been here before to plan this special night).Once at the pool hall we were escorted to the VIP room, which is no more than a separate, sealed off room away from the general public. Once inside the room I ordered some beer for the two of us and started playing. Since we had the room to ourselves for a few hours I started to play around with her. I would spank her ass or fondle her tits every chance I would get. As soon as it seemed like she was comfortable with the surroundings, I proposed that we lace a wager on the game. Believing that we had plenty of privacy, Anu agreed to my bet that the loser of the game had to strip completely.The game ended up being pretty tense since I knew that a loss for me would mean a premature end to my plans. But barring a miracle there was no way that she would win. Sure enough, within ten minutes the game had ended and my beautiful wife was naked in the VIP room of a public pool hall. Now all I needed was for my `supporting cast’ to show up.To kill the time I started kiss her and rub up against her breasts. To get her in the mood I also started to finger her shaved pussy. Within moments she went down to her knees and removed my hard, throbbing cock from my pants. As she started sucking my 7 inch tool the door opened and two guys walked in. Upon hearing the sound of a door opening, Anu immediately jumped up and started running towards her clothes. But before she could get there, Jamal (one of the new men) grabbed her around the waist and held her back. As she started to scream, Pedro (the other man) closed her mouth and pinned her against the wall. “We’re here to wish you a happy birthday sweetheart. There’s no need to scream,” Pedro snickered. “All we want to do is turn you into our little slut for the next hour.”With horror in her eyes, my poor wife looked at me and noticed a wry smile forming in her face. Immediately she shot me an angry look. Under normal circumstances I would have hesitated after a look like that but I knew that once this night was over she would be anything but angry. As I got my camera ready Pedro and Jamal had already placed her on the table. Pedro attacker her tits with his mouth while Jamal started caressing her pussy. Slowly but surely the anger in her face was being replaced by pleasure. She realized that even though this was supposed to be her gift, the real beneficiary was me. I had always fantasized about seeing my wife being fucked like a dirty slut and tonight that was going to happen.Once she realized that she was supposed to put on a show, Anu’s behavior changed completely. Suddenly she started to moan loudly. She even started talking dirty. “Fuck me with your big, black cock,” she pleaded. “My pussy is aching for a good fucking.” With that Jamal lay on top of her and started to insert his immense cock into her wet cunt. While Jamal entered Anu Pedro backed off and let the two enjoy themselves. As the two started to enter into a rhythm Anu continued the dirty talk. “You fuck like a little sissy girl. Pound me like a real man,” she commanded. With the surprising insult Jamal started to enter Anu with unbelievable ferocity. I couldn’t imagine whether Anu was gasping with pleasure or pain. The combination of her moaning and dirty talk had gotten me so horny, however, that I didn’t want them to stop even if she was in pain. Within minutes of the intense fucking Anu shuddered with a tremendous orgasm. Sensing his time to unload, Jamal quickly pulled out of my wife’s cunt and placed his cock above her face. He then started to stroke his shaft until his cum started shooting onto her face.As soon as Jamal was done Pedro replaced him on the table. He immediately lifted her legs and placed it above her shoulders. As she lay there rolled into a little ball Pedro inserted his cock with one push forcing a loud “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” from my wife. He then started matching Jamal’s earlier ferocity. “Oh yeah, that cock feels so good! Oh God, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she screamed. “Yeah man, fuck this bitch up. Fuck this little dirty slut,” encouraged Jamal. Within moments Anu had another orgasm and was rewarded again with a fresh load of cum on her face.By this time Jamal was ready to go again. This time though he placed Anu on her knees and hands and entered her from the back. While Jamal started fucking her doggy style, Pedro placed his limp dick in front of her face. “C’mon whore, suck me back into shape,” he ordered. Anu promptly obeyed his command. As I watched my wife getting pounded from both sides I could feel myself getting ready to explode. But I knew that I had to save it for the `night cap’. As Anu gagged on Pedro’s cock her hips moved rhythmically with Jamal’s thrusts. Eventually, as both men approached their climaxes, they laid her on the table and shot their loads on her face. By this time her entire face was covered with cum. Some fresh and oozing and the rest was crusty. How beautiful my wife’s face looked covered in semen! And I had it all on tape.As the two men dressed and left – satisfied with the job that they had done – I started undressing myself. I turned my exhausted wife around and made her lie on her stomach. I removed a tube of lubricant from my pocket and placed some of it on my fingers. I then probed her anus with my fingers and spread the lubricant as much as I could. “I think its time for you to give me your virgin ass,” I said. With a look of apprehension on her face Anu glanced at me and said, “please be slow and gentle, don’t hurt me.” With that I placed the tip of my cock on her asshole. I started entering her inch by inch, resting each time an inch went in. Soon I had most of my cock inside her ass. At first she started whimpering with pain. But eventually she fell quiet and then started moaning. Using that as encouragement I started fucking her ass, slowly at first but then increasing my intensity. As my thrusts became more intense her moans became louder. “Yeah baby, stick it deep into my ass. Oh God! I love it in the ass.” The combination of her tight ass and her dirty talk made me reach my climax a little earlier than I had wanted. Fortunately for me, she was already cumming hard and reached her orgasm before I was ready to unload. As soon as she was done I turned her around and placed my cock in her mouth. “Suck me dry sweety,” I ordered. I watched as she swallowed every drop of cum she could, with some of it dribbling down her face. When she was done she rolled her head to the side and closed her eyes. Even though she was exhausted she still had enough energy to smile and say “thank you babe. I love you.”As she lay there I quickly put on my clothes and gathered hers in my hand and ran to the car. The entire pool hall was empty except for the two waitresses cleaning up and the bouncer counting the money. After locking her clothes into the car I ran back to the VIP room and lifted her on her feet. “Where are my clothes,” she asked.“I placed them in the car,” I said.“Why?”“Because I wanted you to walk to the car naked.” I replied. “There’s nobody outside and plus I’ll pull the car to the front,” I added.With her reluctant agreement I walked to the car and pulled it to the front of the pool hall. Within a minute out walked my beautiful, completely naked wife. She entered on the passenger side and sat heavily on the chair. She looked at me and said, “take me home and fuck me again like a dirty whore.” This night had turned out better than I could have dreamed about. Nervously, she looks around the small, locked room …. cinderblock walls painted a horrible green and furnished with only a scarred wooden table and two heavy wooden chairs. Behind her, the heavy metal door opens with a mighty creak and in strides a man, huge by anyone’s standards, her Interrogator. She keeps her dark eyes lowered, knowing he’ll see the fear in them if she looks at him. He asks her, in a soft but cold voice, ‘You know why you’re in here, now don’t you want to tell me all about it and go the easy route?’ Slowly, without looking up nor opening her mouth, she shakes her head, her long silky golden hair dancing side to side and curtains her face from view. Her heart leaps suddenly into overdrive as he grabs her by her thin silk slip dress, tossing her easily across the room and into the cement block wall. She hits heavily, her mind whirling in terror and confusion, but he gives her no time to react as he lands against her, his chest knocking the air from her lungs in a gusty groan. Painfully, he mashes her lush tits with his broad chest, holding her in place with his size, and leans down to whisper coldly into her face: ‘Tell me, bitch .. or I’ll hurt you….. bad.’She groans almost as much from fear as from pain and whimpers, ‘I … I don’t know anything .. please.. don’t hurt me.’ She whimpers as she sees the cold, evil smile quirk the corner of his mouth, tangled in her own thoughts she thinks how she would have wanted to kiss that mouth in another time and place … then a blazing realization… he’s enjoying this .. she won’t be spared! He sees the realization in her eyes and laughs, a frightening sound, and backhands her, speaking softly in a cold voice .. ‘no safe words in prison, slut. Tell me or I’ll hurt you bad and I won’t stop till I’m good and ready.’As if to emphasize his words, his big hand reaches into the bodice of her chemise tearing it from her as if it were a gossamer thin cobweb. Frightened dark forest green eyes widen and leap up to meet his, gasping as she tries to cover her nudity from the hulking Interrogator. He leans down, keeping her body pressed harshly against the cold cement brick of the walls, his lips come nearer and nearer, her body reacts as if in a dream, her lush red lips parting, begging a kiss. He laughs as he sees her reaction and veers off, sinking his teeth into the curve of her neck. Biting the tender flesh viscously, his own body reacts to her scent, the fear flowing from her in waves, the salty taste as he draws blood, and he pushes closer. But her only reaction is self preservation and she bites him back, sinking her own pearly teeth into his shoulder, unsuccessfully trying to hurt him thru the heavy material of his uniform.Gasping for air like a fish out of water, as he pulls back fixing her to the wall with a cold stare, his hand flashing out like lightning backhanding her across her lovely face. Her ears ring and knees go to jelly and she slowly slides down the wall, unaware of the rough scrapes to the silken flesh of her bare back. Brutally, he grabs her hair dragging her across the room and throwing her face down on the scarred table. Her bare ass and back are illuminated under the harsh light of the lamp… soft, white and so vulnerable.She pants wildly, desperately trying to clear her head and get her breath back, but freezes, her whole body tightening, as she hears the soft sound of a zipper coming down. Suddenly his big hands grab the cheeks of her ass, long strong fingers digging in to the soft skin and then the terrible burning as his cocks violates her cherry ass… tearing her open .. filling her with hard thick shaft and the pain that makes her writhe and scream!She screams hoarsely as his cock pounds into her, his thighs smacking against her pale flesh, the feel of his balls as the slap harshly against her labia. Each time he pulls back, his big hands come down in an incredibly meaty slap, forcing her air out in a grunt even as he drives deep inside her again, wrenching another satisfying grunt. She sobs, tears of humiliation roll down her cheeks as she can’t catch her breath and feels her body betraying her. Her cunt starts to ache with a familiar feel that matches the brutal thrusts, her belly tightens as she feels her pussy dripping. His cock moves with painful ease in and out of her ass. Her cunt clenches even as one of his hands slips down to toy with her clit and she hears his voice laughing coldly in her ear: ‘You’re cunt wants me, you expensive whore …you like it rough don’t you? This what you want? This why you’re keeping it from me?’ Each word punctuated by a stinging slap and another burning thrust deep into her ass.She sobs, her long golden hair tangled about her face, feeling his other hand wrap into it… pulling her back …. his cock still buried harshly in her throbbing ass and his hot breath in her ear: ‘tell me slut .. tell me what you know or you’ll think this is a party… I’ll bring all the rest of my buddies in…. they’ll take you in turn… you’ll be screaming your secrets and we won’t stop whore .. tell me!’.Sobbing out her secrets, hating herself for being so weak, so frightened of him… the big Interrogator. His cock starts to move again, still burning .. hurting, but a bit gentler as he begins to take his pleasure, working her. One hand toying with her now dripping cunt as the other tugs her back into a bowed position, laughing in her ear: ‘… you caved slut … you gave all you have .. now I’ll take more!’He pummels her ass, using her hard, moving on her faster … harder… till finally he groans with a harsh voice and floods her ass with his hot cum. All the while, his fingers toy with her clit. He pulls her up by her hair one final time, and grates out: ‘..cum whore… give it to me!’ And she does… screaming and bucking under him … her pain and humiliation making it the most intense orgasm she’s ever had.Shaken to her core, she sobs softly, her tears puddling onto the harsh scarred wood of the table as she hears the soft zip of his pants. He moves away from her, speaking with a voice filled with soft mocking laughter… “thanks slut…just what I needed! I’ll be back again soon for more of your secrets.” and the heavy metal door to the room shuts with a deep hollow boom.
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