I am Shailesh from Bangalore. Today, I am going to narrate an incident about how I got lucky with a Delhi Girl Radhika (name changed) staying in my neighborhood area. Talking about me, I am 23 years old investment banker with 5 ft 6 height and 6 inch dick. I am from Mumbai, and this incident happened when I was pursuing MBA from premier b-college based in Delhi. I use to stay in Vaishali at that time and leave early morning for college and return in evenings.

Coming to the story, I was in my second last trimester of course, when one day; I got a friend request from an unknown girl on Facebook. Her profile name said Radhika and she was doing BBA from a decent commerce college in Delhi. I browsed through her profile and as it looked new, I ignored it considering it as a fake profile for 2 days. On the third day while browsing FB, I added her as a friend out of curiosity. After 2 hours at around 11 PM in the night, I got a message from her thanking me for accepting her friend request. I replied back with a general courteous message. We had a brief conversation that day introducing ourselves and our career. She was genuine person as she accepted that FB is not new for her and this is her second profile because first one got hacked due to which she had to deactivate the account.
We use to regularly chat with each other. As those were my last days in college, there was not much work pressure so I could give her adequate time to chat. During our chat, I got to know that she use to stay in Shahdara which is only 5 km from my college. During conversations, I use to flirt with her sometimes but she never minded that. After talking virtually for 15 days, she gave me her phone number following my request to talk to her. She told me to call only in the afternoons as she is alone at her home at that time. I called her next day and had a small general talk on phone. Same day, I again requested her to come for video call to which she politely declined but after few days and repeated requests she accepted and gave me her Skype ID. I talked to her on video call late night that day. Now we regularly use to do Video chat and after a month I again requested her to meet in person. This time she readily agreed for a meet and we decided to have lunch after 3 days at East Delhi Mall (EDM) in Anand Vihar. I was too excited and anxious that day to meet her. I got properly dressed and left for EDM an hour before with my digicam.
I arrived 30 min before and waited for her. During waiting time, I thought of buying her a small gift, so I went to an Archies shop and bought a keychain with ‘R’ inscribed on it. She arrived 15 min late and was looking everywhere searching for me. I recognized her (because she had uploaded photos on FB) and went near to introduce myself. Introducing her, she is normal girl with wheatish complexion, 5ft 1in height and 34B bra size (which I came to know later). She was wearing a black loose t-shirt with dark blue pants with pink lipstick and a little bit of gloss on her face. She also recognized me and we hugged each other in a friendly manner. As it was already late, we had to take lunch at McD in EDM. We were having friendly talks on what she likes and dislikes. Honestly, she was not so much interested after talking to me. After lunch we sat in mall talking for around 20 min. Then as evening time was approaching she had to leave for home which was around 10 min from mall. We took a walk together till the gates of mall where in between I gave her the small gift I bought for her. She was extremely happy looking at the key chain and hugged me telling that she’s always going to keep it as a token of our first meet with herself. We took some pics on my cam and after she gave me E-mail ID, we left for our homes. I thought this was our first and last meet as she found me boring in my talks.
This time, I waited for initiation of talks from her and fortunately she pinged me on FB after 2 days of our first meet. I was very happy to know that she still wants to keep in touch with me. So again we started video chatting and calling regularly and this time we were closer than before discussing our problems and secrets. After few days, we started planning for a movie but could not decide as her term exams were going on. Finally, we decided to watch movie on last day of her exam. Tickets of only 2 movies were available and none of them was worth watching but still she insisted to watch one so I booked two tickets for us. On the show time, she just reached on time and praised me for reaching before time as usual. That day she was wearing a black netted loose t-shirt with light blue jeans. While we entered the mall, I complimented her but she was searching for washroom and told me to come over with her. I asked her what’s the need for me to come to which she coolly replied that she was actually coming wearing revealing clothes but her father would have stopped her (he was on leave that day) from going anywhere so she came wearing this to raise no suspicion and went into washroom giving me her handbag. I was in a state of small shock and had a naughty thought that something is in store for me today.
She came out wearing a pink tight t-shirt from which I could clearly see her cleavage and bra outline. We went for the movie fast as we were already late. We took our seats and fortunately no people sat in that particular row. She sat on my left side. About 75% of movie hall was empty and rest mostly were couples except some guys who took seats somewhere behind us. The movie started but I was least interested in that. During movie, I told her that she is looking beautiful and I like her. She accepted with gratitude and hold my hand in hers. Then taking an initiative, I removed my hand from the hold and kept it on her shoulder gently pressing it. She gave a smile and saw me for some seconds and then again started watching the movie. I thought it to be the green signal and caressed my left hand on her left shoulder and hand. She was just giving smiles while continuously watching the movie. I first started gently pressing her elbow and moved upwards and accidently touched her under arm hair. I got a shock and removed my hand letting it hang on her shoulder. After no response from her, I again started pressing her at the same area feeling her under arm hair.
Then suddenly, I just rotated my wrist in opposite direction of her hand and kept my left hand on her left boob over her t-shirt. I let it there for around 5 min and then gently pressed it. I had never felt such soft thing before. She let out a blushing smile on my face and then continued watching the movie. For most of the time in movie, I was pressing her left boob and finally I went below towards her abdomen. As I was pressing her abdomen, I got hold of an end of her t-shirt. I tried entering into her t-shirt but as soon as I touched her naked skin, she removed my hand from her t-shirt and told me that I can do anything to her except going inside her clothes. I thought to wait some more time as I knew that one day she will surrender to my temptation. After the movie we had some light snacks before leaving.
It had been 4 months since I met Radhika and now it was time when I had return back to Mumbai as my MBA was over. I told her this and requested her to meet last time. She agreed to meet up at EDM but I refused this time. I told her that for my last visit I would like to meet you at your home. She refused at first but she reluctantly agreed after my repeated requests and agreed to meet 3 days before I left. I thought that this is the last opportunity to do something with her. So on that day, I bought a packet of condoms on the way (and kept it in my wallet) along with a bouquet of roses to gift her. I rang the bell two times after which she opened the door and welcomed me in. I presented her the bouquet which she accepted with a big smile on her face. She was wearing a yellow loose t-shirt and white Capri. We had a general talk on when I will be returning and about my future plans.
While talking, we were sitting on the same sofa and I purposely brought in the movie incident during conversation. She agreed that she was attracted towards me the first time we met but was too afraid to tell me and go this far. I said then let’s finish it up but she refused that saying she is a virgin and cannot cross her limits. I was praising my luck at that time as I was going to deflower a girl. I requested her to at least let me do one sexual activity with her as it was our last meet and I wanted it to be special. After many requests, she agreed to it and
I told that I will licking her navel and abdomen area.
Following that, she took me her bedroom and slept on the bed rising her t-shirt up to certain level where I cannot see her bra. I first inserted a finger and cleaned up the navel and then started licking her in and around navel area. She was blushing at all this and started giving soft moans. I had just played a gamble by asking for her navel licking without knowing that she gets aroused by it so could not believe my luck.
While her moans got louder after some time, I started gently pressing her both boobs with both of my hands. She first removed my hands but I concentrated my efforts on her navel which led to decreased resistance. The second time, rather than pressing it from above, I inserted my right hand inside her loose t-shirt smoothly and gently pressed her left boob. She kept her left hand over her t-shirt just to find that this time I am pressing from inside and before she could insert her hand inside, I inserted my other hand into her t-shirt and gently pressed the other boob. Now, her moans got louder and I knew that today she is going to be mine.
I was simultaneously licking her navel and pressing her boobs over her bra due to which she was moaning with ecstasy. Then, while licking I moved downwards and opened up the button of her capri. As capri was loose and she was already too excited to understand, she did not get a wink of this idea. I started pressing right boob vigorously and slowly removed my left hand to unzip the chain of her capri. I slowly unzipped her chain without making much noise and pulled her capri somewhat down without her knowledge to reveal her white panties. Then again I started pressing the boobs but this time I came on the bed lying beside her and brought her sideways giving my hands access to bra hook on her back. I brought my right hand on her back and caressed her back while searching for the hook. As soon as I got the grip on hook, I opened it up leaving her bra dangled inside her t-shirt. Quickly, I brought my right hand back to position and now started pressing her naked breast with full force. She started moaning more in ecstasy and then suddenly I lifted her t-shirt and bra with the help of my hands which were thrown upside covering her face.
I saw her melons for the first time in the act but t-shirt on her face probably got her to some senses and started mumbling erotically, ‘No, please don’t do this’ but I was in no mood to listen and vigorously pressed her boobs to which she moaned and then I knew, she is ready for the other part. I removed my hands from over her boobs and quickly removed her capri and pushed the panties down up to knee level. I saw her pink rosy pussy leaking with fluids and before she could say anything I kept my tongue over there licking her pussy and titillating her clitoris. She started screaming ‘Please Shailesh, Please, please make me yours. I submit myself to you, please fuck me.’ While licking her pussy I gradually removed my clothes and liberated my erect dick from the cage. I removed t-shirt and bra from her face and body and kept my dick in front of her mouth. She requested me to not let her do this as this is her first time and she wants it direct.
I obliged and took out a condom from my wallet. She asked me whether I keep those in my wallet always to which I replied ‘These are only for you, my darling.’ She gave a smile and helped me wearing it. After that, we lay in the missionary position and I inserted my dick in to her pussy. My dickhead entered but something was obstructing it and I knew it’s her hymen so in beginning I gave her light strokes and then brought myself nearer to her and pushed my dick in to her breaking her hymen. I saw her face, tears were flowing from her eyes. I kissed her for 5 min so that she does not scream. This was our first kiss and during that I did not fuck her but just kept my dick in her pussy. After she became normal, I started it again with slow strokes and gradually increased the speed. The most erotic sight during the fuck was each pump she use to jiggle and with that her large boobs were also jiggling. I fucked her for around 15 min and then she came as I got to know from the pressure her vaginal walls were exerting on my hard rock dick. Soon after, I came and then we both rested besides each other. After some time, she gave me a kiss of gratitude for deflowering her and then we rested for a while. Finally, I left in the evening giving her a prolonged French good bye kiss and promised to meet her again whenever I come to Delhi.
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