Office outing

Salman used to work for a government company but the pay was measly. He looked around for a private job and finally found one. The Chairman was one Jim Hogg. He and his wife were a nice amiable couple .Their son George was known to have a philandering eye and there were many rumors that he seduced young wives of employees. However they were just that….rumors that could not be confirmed or denied.

Then one day it was announced that George was getting married. Salman and his wife Sameera were not invited to the wedding but to the evening party. Sameera was lazing around the house when Salman telephoned from the office and told her. Along with him and Sameera, Ajay and Kavita too had been invited. They were Salman’s colleagues and lived in the opposite flat.

Salman felt honored that he was invited but Sameera complained she had nothing to wear to which Salman could only reply that he could not afford to buy her a new outfit, but that she looked lovely in some of the outfits she already had. Sameera sulked a little, but was secretly pleased to be going to such a big prestigious party and was determined to look her best, despite her husbands refusal to pay for something new and special.

The day finally arrived and Sameera spent hours in the hotel bathroom preparing herself, cleaning and pampering herself. Salman was ready, had been ready for an hour and called her to come out and get ready to leave and go down to join the others at the party in the hotel function room.

Sameera emerged topless from the bathroom with a towel draped around her waist. She paused for a while at the door as she wiped her bare feet at the door mat. The henna tattoo that she had recently acquired over her belly button with the image of a rising sun and its rays made it look all the more sexy. In addition to that there was a heart shaped tattoo over her left breast and a dragon shaped one over her right buttock. Salman had teased her about where she had gone to get it but she replied that these were only stickers and could be applied by anyone in the privacy of their homes. While it was possible that the one over the breast and the belly button had been applied by herself surely the one over the buttock could not have been stuck by herself. Salman knew this but he let it pass.

For the evening party today she had taken out a blue lehnga-choli (blouse and a long skirt) set with the blouse being backless tied only with strings behind. She was not very comfortable with the fact that she had to wear it without a bra. But at the same time she was secretly excited that her husband’s colleagues would see her that way. With George married, the risk of him seducing her was also negligible. As it is, it was not possible to wear such revealing dresses during the family functions. She knew that the sight of her marble-perfect fair complexion will drive the men wild.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was Kavita Bhabhi asking whether she had finished dressing-up. Sameera shouted back that she would take at least half an hour more. Sameera cupped her 34C sized breasts and squeezed her globes lightly. She felt a strange tingle passing her entire body. She pinched her chocolate brown thick nipples and they responded immediately. She liked the feeling when her nipples were hard but at the same time was conscious about going further in her self-pleasure due to her conservative and strict upbringing.

She took the blouse and then covered her breasts with it wanting to see how it looked on her. Immediately she knew she had a problem. Who would tie all the strings behind the backless blouse? Thankfully nudity was not an issue with Sameera despite her rather conservative upbringing. She thought of calling Kavita Bhabhi for help but decided to wear her other clothes first.

She wore her white thong panties and checked herself in the mirror. She was always careful about keeping her pussy trimmed so the panty fitted smugly. She checked the reflection of panty-clad ass and blew out a happy whistle. Salman liked (thongs) though she did not like them too much since the string went thorough the crack of the ass. She wore the petticoat slightly below her navel so that her deep bellybutton was clearly visible. Then, she put the blouse carefully on her breasts. She could only manage to tie some strings on the lower part. Thus frustrated, and then she opened the door a little and shouted for Kavita Bhabhi.

Kavita Bhabhi entered the room and helped her tie blouse strings as asked by Sameera. Kavita Bhabhi was three years older than her. She was the wife of Ajay Bhaiya who was Salman’s colleague. She was plain looking but had a dusky charm whereas Sameera was much fairer, had a better figure and a sensuality which made her more attractive and sexy to the other sex. Kavita Bhabhi was very good natured and both the wives used to share many things together. While she was tying the knots of her Sameera’s blouse she could see the mirror reflecting her friend’s proud bosom.

‘Achha, Sameera, tu taiyar ho ja. Main abhi ati hun. Okay, Sameera you get ready. I will just come.’ Kavita said and left the room.

Next came the jewelry and she wanted it to be extra special. She started with items she knew would get the attention of all the men. First she wore her payal (anklets), then the thin gold waist chain with the pendant resting right below the navel. Kavita Bhabhi had insisted that she wear the wedding chain or Mangal Sutra which is the mark of every Indian married woman. She put on her wedding rings on her henna covered hands, and complimented them with dainty toe rings on her henna designed feet. She liked brown nail polish but since Salman liked red or silver she had painted the nails red. She wore matching earrings and put the finishing touches on her outfit by putting on a small decorative Bindi (forehead d?cor) on her forehead, followed by the Teeka (hair pendant) that hung just below her hair line above her Bindi.. She then decided that this looked over done so she removed the Teeka. She then slipped her feet into open toed sandals and went down to mingle with the gathering.

‘Wow!’ Salman said ‘You look gorgeous.’

‘Thanks’ she said.

They went down to the party and Sameera received compliments from everyone and even the groom’s eyes were fixed on her.(That disturbed her a little, pleased her a little too, he was taken of course…but to receive those stares from the ‘leading man’ was flattering as even Sameera had to admit that his bride was beautiful. This made Sameera feel that not only did she fit in but could have the pick of any man there. She told herself to stop daydreaming but giggled at the thought.) The party was nice and enjoyable and as expected she (was flattered by everyone, especially the male guests) which pleased her and fed her slightly flirtatious nature. As they were leaving, George gave Salman an envelope.

‘Open it at home.’ He said giving Salman a wink.

Salman was as stunned as Sameera when they opened the packet together that evening. They were being asked to join a nudist club! The pamphlets showed people playing volley ball, swimming, dancing, and eating, but, everyone was naked! In their wildest dreams, neither could have ever thought of this!

“What do we do?” asked Salman. “I have been told that if I don’t go, the boss does not take to it very nicely.”

“There must be some way to get out of running around naked with a bunch of other people one has never seen.” Sameera exclaimed. “Didn’t he say the other engineers would be there? Ajay Bhaiya and Kavita Bhabhi live in the next building. Call them and ask if we can come over. I’ve talked to her a few times and can’t believe she belongs to this so-called club.”

When Ajay and Kavita heard the problem, both began laughing. “It’s nothing to worry about. Actually, it’s a lot of fun, except with no clothes.” Ajay said. “There’s loads of activities always planned. After awhile, you never even notice the lack of clothing.”

“Well, there is one thing you have to watch out for.” Kavita began. The older men want to sneak a feel whenever they get the chance. Sameera, since you are new and young, you better keep a crowd around you. Don’t get caught alone, especially, with that horny George.”

“I forgot about him.” Ajay said. “He’s got a thing about wide hips, so, Salman keep her in your sight. He never tried anything with Kavita. She’s not his type. Thank God!”

‘But Bhabhi, he must have seen you nude.’ Sameera asked in a surprised tone.

‘Yes, Sameera. I know it sounds strange but when everyone is nude, one does not feel odd. Sach kahun to tukhe ajeeb lagega agar tu kapre pehne hogi. In fact you will feel odd if you are too dressed. And now that he is married, you can take it easy.’

Ajay was saying. “Of course, on your first visit, you don’t have to remove your clothing. That’s a firm and unchanging rule. If you go and don’t like it, leave without showing anything. Remember though, George’s not going to like it. As such he is an okay sort but he does not like it if people let it be known that they don’t like his idea of fun.”

Sameera made the decision for both of them. “Let’s give it a try. If we’re too uncomfortable, we’ll leave and to hell with George, his parents and his company. I can always go back to work.”

Even with directions, it took them almost two hours to find the place Friday afternoon. At the end of a gravel road, they had to show their guest invitation and ID to get past the guard and entrance to the walled compound. People in the reception center were dressed, though casually. Everyone seemed to know this was their first time, and did their best to put Salman and Sameera at ease.

After being shown their cabin, the hostess assured them they needn’t undress until they were comfortable doing so. Today, they were considered club virgins, but, tomorrow when they left the cabin, it was to be au natural.

Looking out the window, Salman observed. “Its really strange. The way these guys, men and women act, you’d swear everyone was fully dressed.”

‘Its amazing. I mean I could never ever imagine we could be in such a place.’ Sameera said.

‘Yeah! Its kind of….. unusual. For people like us.’ Salman said briefly while checking out the topless/nude girls.

‘Will you just keep on ogling at them or even look at me?’ Sameera said with a tone of irritation and then softly ‘ Salman, almost all the females are nude. I… I think I too should undress to some extent.’

‘What?’ Salman almost snapped. ‘You want to strip?’

‘Relax! I am the only female with clothes on and I look out of place. It should have been in your mind that if your job was dear to you and you were prepared to take your wife to such a place well, naturally something like this would happen. If you are not happy, we can go back. Even Kavita Bhabhi was saying that it would seem odd to remain clothed. Aap ke samne hi to kaha tha She had said that in front of you.’

‘Well, don’t mind and perhaps I should not say it but Kavita Bhabhi would not attract much attention even if she was nude!’ Salman grunted.

‘That’s not a nice thing to say.’ Sameera replied.’ I have worn a bikini inside.’

Before Salman could reply she had kicked off her sandals and then the other two items of clothing namely the jeans and T shirt. She had deliberately not worn any undergarments and was looking elegant in the bikini.

‘You look good.’ Salman said grudgingly ‘Happy?’

‘Yes. Very. And what about you. You are happy ogling at other’s wives but are not prepared to let your wife strip.’

Standing next to Salman, Sameera continued. ‘This is …well…a different feeling. How much is your career worth? What kind of perverts do you work with? I don’t understand any of this and what George expects to gain. Does he actually think of seducing me? Is that what this is about?’

‘I don’t know. It does feel shady. But since you were pretty keen to show off your bikini, I guess he had guessed response of people like you correctly. Anyway, everything looks so natural.’

‘We may as well go mingle, but, I’m not undressing completely. I intend to carry on wearing this. So you can carry on ogling. Let’s see what happens.’ Sameera ignored his caustic comments.

After dark, Sameera and Salman were feeling foolish. For over three hours, they had mingled, played a little volley ball, drank in the open air club, and explored the grounds of the club. It was a lot larger than it looked, with many nature and bike paths. There was even a small lake, with canoes and paddle boats. If George or any of Salman’s co-workers were there, they hadn’t seen them.

Sameera couldn’t help the fact that she checked out the men and women. She knew without a doubt her body was as good or better than any woman there. No matter what was said otherwise, she compared the men’s equipment with her husband’s. There were a few smaller than Salman, some about the same, but, most were bigger, even much bigger. She didn’t feel cheated, but, kind of disappointed. She and Salman had a good relationship and he could always satisfy her, but, she couldn’t help wondering what a larger dick would feel like. In her mouth. And pussy. Salman’s ….well, a change always seemed nice and exciting.

Like Sameera, Salman had been sneaking peeks and sidewise looks at the clubs members. He knew his wife had the sexiest body there. Salman had always thought he was well built, but, here there was lots of variety. He somehow did not like the fact that men moved around coolly talking to completely unknown females with their dicks hanging.

Walking back to the pool, they could see it was still occupied. Sitting on a chaise in the dark, Salman whispered. ‘Nobody is watching and it’s kind of dark. Why don’t we leave our clothes here and give it a try?’

Sameera gave Salman a long, hard look and without saying anything, stripped. She immediately jumped into the water. Salman was slower, but soon followed her. Not a soul noticed, or, didn’t appear to. When the pool closed at eleven, Salman and Sameera picked up their skimpy clothes and walked to the cabin. They had taken the plunge into nudity and things were just starting.

Since Sameera was still pissed at Salman, he had to sleep in his own bed and had spent a restless night having nightmares concerning Sameera. Waking up late, he lay in bed and watched Sameera brushing her hair. She was naked as the day she was born. He couldn’t help but admire her large, firm breasts. They were like the halves of two firm grapefruit at the base, but had a cone shape, the almond brown areola ending in a pear shape, topped by two blackberry sized nipples. He knew from experience they were perfect for sucking, and very sensitive to stimulation. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a heart shape with the point ending at the top of her clitoris. Her hips, muscular thighs, and long slim legs made her the sexiest woman he had ever seen. Salman then went outside just to have a look around. As he was returning he saw a guy knocking at their door. He recalled that when he had left Sameera was nude so he quickly hid behind a pillar to see what would happen next.

There was a knock at the door. Sameera thought that it would be Salman so without thinking much she quickly went to the door and opened it widely. There was this strange guy standing there. He went red in the face as he saw Sameera fully nude. He mumbled “room service”, and though Sameera had made up her mind to go out topless she had not reckoned that the first guy to see her this way would be the waiter. She instinctively pulled one hand across her nipples and moved quickly behind the door. The guy started pushing in a cart and Sameera was standing in the way. She did not know what to do. She was all embarrassed, trying clumsily to cover herself up. She mustered up courage and asked him who ordered the breakfast and he said a guy downstairs. She wanted to kill Salman.

This guy was shocked too and didn’t know what to do. Just standing there would mean that anyone passing in the corridor would also see her nude so she closed the door and he took out a piece of paper that needed signing. She had to do it so she bravely just let her hands drop from her breasts and walked up to him, took his pen and noticed herself in the mirror. Along with her whole body, her pussy was visible and he was taking in every glance he could get of it. There was no pubic hair to hind behind, just a smooth pussy, and the design of hair on the mound and here was this man she was seeing for the first time fully dressed and standing barely 3 feet from her. God! What would her mother, mother in law, sisters in law etc think if they were to see this scene?

He was removing the cover from the food when she bent to sign her name and room no on the paper. As she bent she realized that she would give him a good view of her buttocks and asshole. She parted her legs a bit and continued doing it. As she finished signing she turned her head around and saw him quickly turn his head away. She gave the man a smile although she could see that he was staring at her nipples and pussy. Sameera walked right up to him gave him the paper and said ‘Thank you.’

‘Welcome, madam.’ He said ‘ You are very beautiful.’

‘Thank you.’ She again said shyly. As the man was leaving Salman walked in.

‘So…the guy had a good look.’ He said sarcastically. ‘Incidentally the gown is just by the bedside.’

‘Salman, stop behaving in this manner. I opened the door because I thought it was you. Secondly when he had already seen me nude, what purpose would it serve if I wore the gown? Thirdly, this is a nude holiday and you have brought me here. Fourthly, these guys like waiters, maids, beauticians, doctors see everyone nude so what’s the big deal?’

After a so called continental breakfast, Sameera went to the pool and lay on a chaise lounge. Salman pulled one up next to hers and tried to engage her in conversation. Since she had read Salman’s body language that he was not exactly pleased at her total nudity, she had put on her bikini bottom. Salman perhaps expected her to put on her top too but she had nonchalantly walked outside topless. What was the point, Sameera thought when the waiter who was fully dressed had seen her nude, there appeared to be no harm in letting others see her topless at least. And it was not as if they were there only to see her. Even if she and Salman had not come, the party would have carried on.

Once outside she occupied the chaise lying on her stomach. Sameera wasn’t prepared to forgive Salman just yet and ignored him. Looking around, she could see others getting the early morning sun. After awhile, she figured what the hell, and rolled over. Putting on dark sunglasses, she could watch without anyone knowing.

‘I think I will take a walk.’ Salman said as he fiddled aimlessly with a mask that he had got from somewhere.

‘Yeah, that would be nice.’ Sameera said. As he left, Sameera couldn’t help noticing a no of guys and girls wearing masks. Good idea, she thought.

She lay down and was shaken out of her slumber by Mrs. Hogg.

‘Hello, dear. Enjoying yourself. I am Mrs. Hogg.’

‘Hello Mrs. Hogg. I am fine. Thank you. And I know you mam so no need to introduce yourself.’

‘My, my. You have got beautiful breasts, dear.’

‘Thank you, Mrs. Hogg.’ Sameera said shyly.

‘I am sure in life you would have got many compliments for them. But why have you not taken your bottom off. Please do so.’

‘I…I don’t think so.’ Sameera blushed ‘ Even this way I am feeling a bit odd.’

‘That’s because you have quaint and weird ideas about fun. Look around. Everyone is having fun and you are looking like a timid and scared mouse.’ Mrs. Hogg said.

‘Come on, peel it off. You are wearing red nail polish.’ Mrs. Hogg said

Seeing the uncertain look on the face of the young wife, she took the liberty of inserting a finger in the elastic of Sameera’s bikini bottom and gave it a tug. It was a string bottom that had been a present and within no time Sameera was completely nude.
You are absolutely impossible.’ Mrs. Hogg said at a furiously blushing Sameera who did not know how to hide her pussy so she just moved to the back of the settee where towels were hanging so that the entire pussy lip would not show. ‘You have the sweetest, cutest, sexiest pussy as compared to all these girls and you literally had to be bullied into showing it. What’s the point in giving it that shape if the only person who gets to see it is your own reflection in the mirror? I am taking it with me so that you don’t get tempted to put it on again. And you are bold, dear, to have put on red nail polish and anklet. I am sure you will enjoy.’

‘No, Mrs. Hogg. Please. You…how to…’ Sameera protested feebly but Mrs. Hogg left. What is this I have got myself into, Sameera thought And why was Mrs. Hogg carrying on about the red nail polish. She looked around. People were enjoying. There were stalls. Some were wearing masks. Some women were getting their faces and breast painted. There were blacks and whites. One young lady wearing a one piece swim suit seemed to be an Asian. Sameera later learnt that she was from Sri Lanka and that it was her first day…soon she would be naked too, she thought.

Sameera marveled at the cocks on display. Never had she imagined that she would be seeing so many. There was sexual tension and yet they seemed to be so nonchalant and casual. What struck her strange was the size which was quite a bit despite the fact that they were not erect.

She wondered what she should do. Perhaps lie on her back. But that would expose her pussy and breasts. She knew that that would happen but not right now. So she decided to lie face down. Yes, her buttocks would be exposed and a bit of pussy too but this appeared to be better. She smiled when she recalled the expression on the face of Mrs. Hogg when she had seen the heart shaped growth of her on her mound whereas the pussy was absolutely clean. She had gone to the parlor to get all the hair removed but had agreed to the suggestion of the girl there to let this shape remain. However when the girl whose name was Lina called another guy to do it since he was a specialist she felt very odd. Just lying in affront of a man she had just seen, totally nude, legs wide open. And why had Mrs. Hogg mentioned the nail polish.

She lay down and must have dozed off when suddenly she heard some sort of a commotion. People were gathering in one corner. She too became curious and despite her nudity mustered up the courage to stand behind the gathering. There was a sort of a stage an announcer was saying ‘Ladies and gentlemen. For this wonderful holiday we have a surprise package for you. We are going to choose the Ms Holiday and the Mr. Holiday. The choice is going to be made on the basis of the personality of the person concerned. Since there has not been any enrollment or anything like that the selection has been made after seeing how feminine the lady is, how sexy, attractive, demure, yet wild. Since this is a clothes free zone, it is not just the private parts that we have paid attention to. Yes, they have been considered but what has also been considered is how much attention the lady or the gentleman has given to his entire body which includes grooming, beautifying it, making it healthier, better, more attractive. All this requires shedding of inhibitions and clearing of mental cobwebs. And I am glad to announce the name of Ms Sameera. Will she please come up on stage?’

Sameera was not sure she had heard right. She!! There was a loud applause and people were waiting expectantly. She found herself walking onto the stage and immediately realized that she could have or rather should have given this a miss. But it was too late. As she walked on the stage the crowd became even more boisterous and she acknowledged the greeting by waiving.

The announcer went on to announce the name of George as the winner. He was just slightly taller than her but had a remarkably long and thick uncut cock. The entire shaft was hairless and despite his nudity there was nothing vulgar about him.

‘Kiss her. Kiss her’ the crowd chanted. Sameera just smiled but did not step back when George approached her for the kiss. ‘ May I?’ he said.

She smiled and moved forward and as he planed his lips on hers she felt her soft breasts pressing into his muscular chest. Her nipples had been erect since long and his erect cock was almost at her pussy lips.

They got down from the stage with George keeping her company as they made small talk.

‘Congratulations. You are of course wife of Salman.’ George asked.

‘Yes, sir.’ She replied. Sameera was finding it quite unusual to walk with the owner’s son and that too fully nude.

‘You have a beautiful body. Very slender. Very feminine.’

‘Thanks, sir. You too…’ she found herself saying. She had wanted to pay a compliment to his beautiful cock but decided against it.

‘It was nice of you to have come to my wedding reception. Even that day you were the prettiest.’ George continued.

‘Thanks again, sir. There were others too who were better. Anyway. Nice of you to say so. Where is Madam, I mean your wife?’

‘Oh, she could not make it. It would have been great had she been here.’ George said. ‘I hope you are not uncomfortable with all this, I mean nudity.’

‘Well, its just different.’ She replied.

‘You must have been to nude beaches.’ George carried on.

‘Well…not really.’

‘If this is the first time you are nude in public, I must say you are carrying it very well, The body language does not suggest any unease.’

Sameera laughed. ‘What can I say, except thanks again.’

Salman was miserable and didn’t know what to do. Sure, Sameera had been upset with him but then he should not have walked off leaving her alone. He realized this situation was all his fault and was angry with himself, for not having the courage to have Sameera get dressed, so they could leave. In his minds eye, Salman thought she was comparing his size to the other men. Perhaps she wanted to strip fully and was holding herself back just so that he would not disapprove.. He sauntered off towards the club to get a drink.

Sameera and George returned to the chaise and when Sameera lay on her back, her breasts were sticking straight up with the thick nipples erect and her pubic mound was prominently visible. She had a thin sheen of sweat on her breasts and stomach. Through the sides of her sunglasses, he could see her looking around at the other guests.

Looking at her firm breasts and pussy mound made George’s cock twitch. He couldn’t see her eyes, but knew she was watching. He twitched it again for good measure.

‘I…I am sorry but you should not take it otherwise. I mean what is happening to…well…you know is happening only because you are extremely sexy. So its actually a compliment.’

Suddenly, Sameera stood up and dived into the pool. Coming up for air, she said. “It’s too hot laying there. I’m going to swim awhile.”

Not to be outdone, George dived right in next to her. “Good, let’s swim some laps. I need the exercise.”

After (half an hour), Sameera was tired and out of breath, but George was still going strong. No matter, when she left the pool, he was right behind her. To get away from him, Sameera said. “I’m going to look for Salman down by the lake.”

“That’s a good idea. I need to talk to him myself.” George agreed.

Sameera was in a quandary. How was she going to get away from George and that huge cock swinging between his legs? She knew it was not possible, but the inside of her pussy felt slick. She always got wet and slick when she was horny, but couldn’t be now! She didn’t want that monster dick inside her, did she? No!

Casually taking her hand in a firm grip, they strolled through the woods toward the lake. Not seeing Salman, Sameera said. “I’ll walk around the lake. I know he’s here somewhere.” She tried letting go of his hand, but he was still holding on slowly rubbing his finger pads over her long shapely nails.

Silently walking, they heard a noise to one side of the path. Pressing his fingers to his lips for silence, George walked over and looked through a bush. He saw a woman giving a man a blow job and she had her head against his pubic mound. She had swallowed the whole thing. From the back, George thought it was Salman, until he saw the side of his face. Then the man turned his head and from the rear it looked exactly like Salman. This was his chance! Motioning for Sameera to come over, he put his finger on his lips for silence.

Sameera wondered what George was seeing and peeked through the bushes. It was Salman! A woman was sucking his cock. She again looked. The mask looked the same and so did the cock. Before she could concentrate George grabbed her and pushed her back onto the path. Taking her hand, he forcibly led her away from the area. Sameera was squirming and trying to get loose, but his grip was like steel. “Stop it!” George said. “What do you expect to do? Make a scene? Ruin your marriage? If you confront him, your marriage is over. Calm down and let’s think about this. There must be something you can do to get even.”

Coming to the boat rentals, George picked up a blanket to carry along. Sameera was still fuming and not paying attention to her surroundings. George led her through the woods and to a grassy knoll. Spreading out the blanket, he pushed her down on it and sat next to her. She was upset now and when he put his arms around her, she sobbed against his chest. George couldn’t help it, his cock was getting larger and larger. In a few moments, it was going to be hard as granite.

George took one of Sameera’s hands and put it on his cock. He wrapped her fingers around it and they stayed there With her mind elsewhere, she just held on. That was still enough to get him fully erect. He pushed his hand up between their bodies until he was grasping one of her delectable breasts. Still, there was no resistance on her part. She didn’t seem to be aware of what was happening. She would soon enough!

Sameera was in a daze, but slowly coming back to her senses. The first thing she felt was George kneading her breasts. The second was feeling her hand around something hard, yet soft. She could feel it pulsing against her palm. Looking down, she could see the head of George’s huge in her hand. She was holding his cock and he was playing with her tits! How had that happened?

Suddenly, with no warning George standing too close to her, bent down and took her exposed left nipple into his mouth. Sameera was shocked, her nipple was shocked, for she was taken completely by surprise. She gasped. She was not expecting this. She laughed once, more out of astonishment than out of any pleasure, tried to pull her body back and told him sharply to stop. But he held her in place while he continued to suck on her nipple and end of her breast and didn’t stop. She put her hands on his shoulders and urged him away from her with as much strength as she had. But he was bigger and stronger. He kept sucking her nipple. He had his hands on her sides, partially around her back, gripping her tightly, and secured her chest to his mouth. Now she felt her nakedness, so exposed and helpless. She looked around frantically for help. She slapped his arms and shoulders with her hands, but this seemed to have no effect on him. He only licked and sucked the nipple harder. Sameera was in turmoil — her nipple felt so wet and vulnerable, so helpless trapped in his mouth. The man could feel it start to grow harder as he sucked on it.

Sameera said more sternly, growing angry, “Stop this, I mean it… what are you doing? Get the hell off of me!”. George ignored her and kept sucking and licking the same nipple. Sameera turned her head to the left and right, highly embarrassed by what was happening, looking for assistance, but still hoping this was a harmless joke, some sort of topless beach initiation prank. But he was really going too far. She got very angry and quietly shouted “OK, that’s enough!”. But she could not get his mouth away from her chest. She made her hands into fists and beat upon the tops of his shoulders, with no real effect. She tried to pull his hair, but it was slippery with perspiration and her hands slipped off. She snarled, “Oh Shit, will you stop?” He kept on assaulting the same nipple, sucking it in deeper and tickling the tip with his tongue. This went on for about a minute.

He then began to pull his mouth back, away from the tight suction on the breast, but still holding her nipple flesh in his lips gently, drawing out her now tender nipple with soft insistence, extending it, teasing it with the tip of his tongue but keeping the very end of the breast distended with his mouth — finally releasing it entirely. He did this repeatedly. She was too dazed to think of anything now but his mouth; she was absorbed in his mouth and its attachment to her body. He let go of the nipple and now began to lick the tender underside of her right breast, then the top, the sides, and then back to her nipple. He did this again and again, so her breast glistened with his saliva. He kissed and licked the sensitive area on the side of her breast where the swell begins. He ran his tongue all around the outside of her breast, making gradually smaller concentric circles with his tongue until he concentrated again on her now acutely sensitive nipple — made even more so by the constant titillation — licking wet circles around the end and then tickling the very tip with his tongue. Whenever he did this, her upper body twitched and her arms clutched about his head more tightly.

She was completely helpless, lost as passionate waves bathed her body. First it had been her left breast; now the all too sensitive right was being methodically besieged, teased and aroused to a fever pitch by this man. Oh, what was he doing to her? She couldn’t remember where she was or even who she was or what Salman was doing. She started involuntarily to move her buttocks slightly up, pressing her vagina against his upper leg. She could feel his erection bumping along her inner thigh and then closer to her, near her opening, the tip of his cock just brushing up gently against her wet labia. She was in torment.

Then he did something she didn’t expect. As her nether lips were so delicately teased with the tip of his cock, exciting her, maddening her with the implication of these touches, he began licking up her nipple with the flat of his tongue. He took her hand in his and pulled her right arm back over her head onto the sand, exposing her smooth, naked underarm. He started his tongue at her right nipple, trailed his tongue slowly up her chest, along her side, to her underarm and began to kiss her and tickle her there with his tongue. It was as if an electric shock ran through her. She tried to pull her arm down to escape this new agony but could not. He held it firmly above her head. He continued to tease and torment her underarm with the tip of his tongue, licking up her arm and then back down to her underarm again. Then back to her nipple and then back to her underarm, again and again and again. She was going wild. No one had ever done this to her before. He made maddening little circles with his tongue as he provoked and teased her into moaning oblivion.

Feeling her move, George lay her back on the blanket, sucking first one breast then the other. When she began to struggle, he kissed her long and hard, exploring her mouth with his tongue. She ceased resisting and kissed him back just as fervently. Now, her hand was stoking his cock. Her fingers couldn’t go around it, but was exciting just the same. She lost hold on her lifeline to reality when he began moving down her body.

After kissing her deeply, he kissed his way back to her firm breasts. Her nipples were stiff with excitement as he sucked and licked her round cone shaped mounds again. For the first time she moaned. He continued down her belly and to the top of her neatly trimmed bush. Positioning himself between her muscled legs, he was licking and kissing her inner thighs, closer and closer to her pussy. Placing his mouth over her delicious hole, he fucked her with his tongue. Then, licking her clit, he fucked her with a stubby finger. She moaned again and held his head to her pussy. Her hips were gyrating above the blanket, trying to get closer to his mouth and finger. She came with a suddenness that surprised him.

“Please stop. It’s too sensitive.” Sameera asked.

George was just getting warmed up and wanted more of her juices, but did as she asked. He worked his way back up her body, kissing and licking every inch of the way.

“I’m sorry things went this far. Please, let’s stop now. I know what Salman was doing, but we’re still married. This isn’t right. Two wrongs don’t make a right.” Sameera begged.

“Easy for you to say. Look between my legs. Are you going to leave me in this condition? You were ready a few minutes ago, but now you got yours, you want to quit.” George growled with mock anger.

Sameera lowered her gaze to his massive cock and knew what she must do. It wasn’t repulsive at all from this perspective. She kneeled between his spread legs, and looking into his eyes, grasped his cock with both hands. She began licking from the base to the top, over and over as she rolled the foreskin back. Occasionally, she stopped to swirl her tongue around the flared head. She could feel the pulsing of the veins with her tongue. Salman was the only one she had ever sucked and didn’t know how she was going to get this monster in her mouth. His dick was throbbing and a steady moan was escaping from his throat. Opening as wide as possible, she took the huge head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the spongy crown, he was losing control. With both hands and her mouth, she was jacking him off. Clenching her long hair, he began jabbing his dick deeper into her throat, fucking her oral cavity furiously. With a loud groan, he began pumping his sperm into her throat. Most went straight down without having to even swallow, but there was till a huge amount filling her mouth and seeping out around his cock. Sameera was swallowing as fast as she possibly could. It was amazing how much was stored in his big balls. Finally, the stream slowed down and she could catch up with the flow.

Removing his hands from her hair, she was able to let his dick flop from her mouth. Licking her lips and then licking the last drop from his still turgid cock, she cleaned him with her tongue. Sameera knew she had drank enough protein to last her a week. She actually felt proud for having satisfied George and a cock this size. What was more amazing was the fact that she had swallowed at all. Salman had always tried to pull out, when he did not, she had swallowed his cum too.

Without thinking, she lazily stroked his still massive organ. Smiling, George pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately. Tasting his cum on her lips and inside her mouth, knowing he wasn’t finished with this innocent young wife, felt his cock come to life again. His cock was on her mass of wet pubic curls, sliding up and down, slowly spreading her pussy lips.

Sameera, finally realizing what was beginning to happen, tried to twist away from his cock. ‘Sir, Please, stop now. I did what you wanted. Please don’t try and fuck me. Please!’ Sameera begged. ‘I love my husband and I would not want him to think that I was unfaithful.”

‘Why do you think in these terms? He was having a good time and so should you.’ George asked. ‘Just let me feel your pussy around the head of my cock for a few minutes. That’s all I’m asking.’

‘Sir, I don’t trust you to stop with just that.’ Sameera said hesitantly, but she stopped trying to get away and tried to will the fire in her stomach to go out.

‘Look Sameera. I am as married as you are. You have more of a justification for doing this since your husband was up to all this. I am doing this just for you despite the fact that my wife doesn’t know this.’
George got his knees under him without losing contact with her pussy. He placed his hands under her knees and bent them toward her shoulders. This curled her ass and thighs into the air, giving him a straight shot at her tight pussy.

‘Remember, just the head for a few minutes. You promised.’ whimpered Sameera.

“I’ll go slow and be careful. Trust me.” said George. After moments of stroking her pussy with the head and shaft of his now hard cock, he pressed the bulbous head against the tight opening. She was so slick and ready to be fucked, not much pressure was needed to pop the head inside. He rocked back and forth, gaining a little more penetration with each thrust. It took patience and perseverance to keep from ramming his cock all the way to the hilt.

Sameera was starting to go crazy under him from his short forceful thrusts. “Please! You’re too big! Take it out now! Please!’ Sameera moaned. While begging him to stop, her ass was still twitching under him trying to get more. In this position, she was helpless to prevent him from fucking her if he so desired.

‘Just a little longer. It feels too good to stop right now.’ George whispered in her ear. Kissing her to stop any further protests, he continued his short strokes, opening her tight pussy to accommodate his huge cock. He knew he had more than half inside her already.

Sameera was moaning and groaning as he slid his big cock in and out of her wet hole. She panted and gasped as she felt him completely filling places that had never been touched before. She had known better than to trust him, but it was too late now to complain. Finally, his big potent balls came to rest on her ass. She was stuffed to the hilt with a giant dick other than her husband’s and she loved it.

Her ass wriggled and writhed as he fucked her with longer and faster strokes. She seemed to have an orgasm with each and every long stroke. Electrical sparks were shooting to all parts of her body. The fire in her belly had turned into a raging inferno. Something had to give or she was going to be consumed with the pleasure pain emanating deep inside her pussy.

She was on her back, her legs were folded, George was holding both her ankles, as his cock continued to move in and out of her pussy. Sameera herself was surprised that not only had her pussy accommodated his massive dick, she was also enjoying herself. George knew that she had started enjoying herself so he started withdrawing the cock fully and then again putting it in watching as it smoothly slid into a warm velvety grip. He smiled when he deliberately delayed for a moment and noticed Sameera moving her pelvis for his cock again.

George was starting to yield to her tight cunt. His movement became erratic and he plunged as deep as he could into her womb. With a loud grunt, he shot his seed into her cervix. Load after load splashed against her womb, and began the short swim to the seed waiting for them.

When Sameera felt him shoot his first load in her pussy, that was the catalyst needed to trigger the largest orgasm of her young life. She screamed into his mouth and jerked as though she was having a fit. For a moment, she thought the intense feeling was going to kill her. She collapsed as if she had run a marathon.

George continued to shudder and finally collapsed on top of Sameera. Their lips were still joined and his spent rod was still connected to her dripping pussy. They stayed this way, until she tried to move.

Removing his heavy cock caused her pussy to gush sperm like an artesian well. There was cum all over her ass, pussy, thighs, and the blanket. Sameera couldn’t see it, but her pussy lips were swollen as they always were after a good fuck.

Finally, able to sit up and come to her senses, Sameera reasoned what she had let happen to her. She had known better than believe George’s lies. It was as much her fault for putting herself in the position to let it happen. Until now, she hadn’t even thought about him cumming inside her. My God! What if she got pregnant?

George watched the emotions cross Sameera’s face. He knew what she was going through for he had seen the same thing before. He also knew, when she got over this feeling of betrayal, she was going to want his cock again.

Leaving the blanket, they walked back to the camp together without talking. Anyone meeting them would know what had been going on. There was dried cum all over her legs and thighs. Her hair was mussed and her nipples were red and swollen.

Keeping her eyes straight ahead and ignoring everyone, Sameera walked stiffly toward the cabin. It was dark so for a minute she sat at the pool, putting her feet in water and cleaning herself of the cum. Feeling apprehensive, she entered and the first thing she saw was Salman sleeping on the bed. Sneaking past, she entered the shower, and washed herself clean.

Being composed when Salman awoke, she wasn’t prepared for his next statement.

“I’m sorry for leaving you alone, but when you wouldn’t talk to me, I had a couple of drinks in the club, then came here and crashed. I never slept well last night and was worn out.” Salman explained.

“You never went down to the lake?” Sameera asked almost aghast.

“No. I’m sorry if you were looking and couldn’t find me.”

Sameera believed him and pondered over what she had done. Thinking back, she knew it wasn’t Salman getting a blow job and that guy George had not let her think about it coolly. Even before she could react he was squeezing her boobs. It had looked like him, but that’s not unusual when everyone’s naked. Her eyes saw what George suggested. Could George have known the truth? Was he that low? Yes, in a heartbeat!

“Let’s get dressed and go home. We don’t need this place.” Sameera suggested.

‘I’m with you one hundred percent. I can be ready in five minutes. As it is you are one who is nude.’

She smiled at Salman’s wry sense of humor. He was right. She looked around for her clothes, and quickly got dressed.

George watched them drive away, angry he wouldn’t be fucking Sameera again this weekend. Maybe, this was best. He’d give her a week before knocking on her door and inviting himself in. Didn’t someone say anticipation was better than conquest?

‘The resort was nice and you did show a lot of spunk in going out topless. I guess after the waiter had seen you nude, you must have felt kind of emboldened.’ Salman said while driving.

‘Yes.’ Sameera said shortly.

‘I was thinking that you might just walk out fully nude. After all, the previous evening, we did strip when we went into the pool. But it was night. Being fully nude in public during the day you too would feel odd. Am I right?’

Sameera was in a dilemma. What to tell Salman and what not to tell him. Should she tell him that at Mrs. Hogg’s insistence she became fully naked. He might retort by saying that you are not a kid, you could have refused. It was unlikely that George would tell Salman that he had fucked her. She decided that it was best to agree with Salman and hope that he did not come to know that she had won that title. After all, tomorrow was another day.

So it was largely uneventful. Did you see anyone else?’ Salman asked.

‘Yes, your boss son George.’ Sameera replied blandly.

‘George. My God! His reputation is that he is such a womanizer. You were…topless? God. And how was he? Naked, I am sure. Now I think it was not such a good idea for you to saunter around alone and topless.’

“Relax, Salman. Yes, I was topless but I was wearing a mask so he would not have known whose breasts he was seeing. And I had got them painted also slightly.’

‘Thank God that while he saw your boobs, he did not see your face. We might call him over for dinner and you would feel odd if you knew that this guy had seen your bare tits. I must say you were having a ball. You walked to the paint guy topless and sat while he painted them. Cool!! And was he nude?’

‘Salman, if you have so many problems with toplessness and nudity why did you bring me?’ she sounded exasperated.

‘Just concern, nothing else. Anyway, lets talk about something else. By the way, you were comfortable with being topless. Any past experience?’ he tried to tease her.

Sameera just smiled and soon they were home.

Back at home the next morning, Sameera showered and felt much better. Salman had left for the office and she felt like just lazing around the house. She was still in her nightie when the doorbell rang. It was Kavita.

‘Oh hello Bhabhi. How are you?’ she greeted Kavita.

‘I am fine. Tu suna You say. How was your trip?’

‘Theek tha. It was okay.’ Sameera smiled. Then Kavita noticed the red nail polish on Sameera’s bare feet and the anklet in the right ankle. She suddenly sat up

‘Sameera, tu pairon mein laal nail polish laga ke gai thee? You had gone with red nail polish on your toes?’

‘Yes.’ Sameera replied.

‘Aur payal sirf ek pair pe kyun?’ And why is the anklet only in one ankle?’

‘Because the hook of the other had broken. Why?’ Sameera replied.

‘Sameera, tu ne pamphlet nai parha? Sameera, you did not read the pamphlet?’

‘You are scaring me. Tell me clearly what happened?’ Sameera was besides herself with curiosity.

‘Wait. I think I have the pamphlet in my purse here. Tu dekh. You see.’

Sameera saw the following narrative

While all efforts will be made to ensure an individual’s choices, there will be certain clues which a lady can use to project what she wants.

If she is not wearing any nail polish on either hands/toes, she is not interested in any erotic activity

If she wears silver color nail polish on hands/toes it means she is prepared for some fun but with keep on wearing shorts, swim suit.

If she is wearing red nail polish on hands/toes it means she is prepared for much more fun and is prepared to go topless/strip.

If she is wearing red nail polish on hands/toes along with a single anklet in right ankle it means she is prepared for all the fun that can be available and is not unwilling should a sexual encounter take place.

‘Sach bata Sameera Tell me the truth Sameera. Did he fuck you? And did you not read the pamphlet?’

‘Kya baat karti ho Bhabhi. What are you saying? Nothing like this happened. Why would I allow him to fuck me? And I did not read the pamphlet because it was not in the envelope. As it is the envelope was open. It may have fallen. ‘ Sameera parried the question and wondered what future had in store for her if her husband continued to work for George and his company.

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