office colleague

This story is about the fantasy of my colleague cum friend, whom I fucked while I was working with her in a company. She is still my best friend and whenever we meet after several years of gap, we ensure that we enjoy each moments as much as we can. Her name is Mrunali and she is a girl with dusky complexion, with 5’ 2” height. Her figure was 32, 26, 34 during those days.

Now a days as she is the mother of a 7 year boy her figure is 34, 30, 38. We both are married separately and have kids, but we enjoy having sex with each other whenever we meet. We have kept our relationship secret from everyone, but when ever we meet we share our stories of any sexual encounters that we had in recent days.

So, not taking much of your time, I will start with my story. After I completed my BE, I joined one MNC in Noida and as I was a fresher I was buddying with an experienced employee who was working with that company for last 1 year. Initially she looked like a very serious girl to me and I was hesitant in talking with her. But, after 2-3 days I started getting friendlier with her.

When I met her first time, I was not sexually attracted to her, as there was another girl who joined with me on the same day in whom I was interested. Her name was Shweta. She was a very modern looking girl with 5’ 5” height, fair, and a perfect figure of 34, 28, 36. But, as she was assigned to other project, I was unable to meet her often.

So gradually, I and Mrunali started getting friendlier with each other. We used to go for lunch together and we played table tennis during spare time. As she was also staying at a PG, she used to go to her PG after office hours as per her convenience. I was staying alone in a 1 BHK flat, so I was a kind of free bird.

One day when I reached office, I saw Mrunali working on a module, but in the corner of Desktop window, a message was popping up again and again and she was trying to ignore it. I told her, Mrunali, why don’t you check who is pinging you. She said, let’s ignore that message. But I was bit more pushy to her and I said, “Is it your boyfriend, that’s why you don’t want to check his message in front of me?”

She was taken aback by my question and said, “it is not like that. I don’t have any boyfriend”. I said “then who is it?”. She did not answer me and got up from her seat and locked her desktop. Then she asked me if I want to join her for tea. I said well, let’s go. Then we went to canteen and during this entire time we did not talk while going to the canteen.

On the way to canteen I met Shweta, and I said: “Hi Shweta! How are you? I have been looking for you since yesterday”. She asked, “if there is anything urgent?”. But I was not sure what to reply, so I said “no it is just a casual information I wanted to share with you”. She asked me: “What is it?” I said: “there is a Rock Music Concert happening after 15 days and I have 2 passes.

Are you interested?” She said, she is not interested in Rock Music, but would give a thought over it and will let me know in 2-3 days. I was pissed off with her reply. But I did not show my reaction and I said, no issues. “I can anytime sell it to someone and make money out of that”. She said! “Whatever you do…but I will only confirm in few days”.

I said no problem. In that mean time Mrunali went a bit ahead and was waiting for me to join her. I said sorry “Mrunali, I was just asking her if she is interested in joining me for a Rock Music Concert”. Mrunali asked me, do you like that girl? I was surprised by her question and I was thinking how did she know that. I have not yet shared this information with anyone.

She said, your face said it all. That you like this girl, but you know what this girl does not likes you. I was not pissed off at Mrunali. I said how can you judge that she doesn’t like me? She said, I am a girl and I know girls better than you. As I was pissed, I did not wanted to continue any discussion on that topic with her. We went to the canteen and we had tea.

Suddenly she said, you know Avinash, I don’t have any boy friend, and the guy who was pinging me is a friend of mine who is serious about our friendship and wants a committed relationship. And I don’t want to get committed to anyone, as I want to enjoy life. I want a good friend who should be open minded and should not restrict me from enjoying my life.

I will get married when the time will come and that too as per my parents wish. I am never interested in any committed relationship. Then she asked me, do you have a girlfriend? I lied to her by saying No! (as a matter of fact I was dating a divorced lady during those years who was also mother of a 3 year girl.) She said, good that you don’t have any girlfriend.

I find this romantic relationship very annoying. I said why? What is annoying about it? She said you get restricted and restrict each other in exploring new things and enjoying life. I again lied to her saying that, I don’t know I don’t have much idea. Then she asked me that why didn’t I asked her for the free concert passes?

I said that as you know I like that girl whom I met on the way to canteen, I thought I will ask her. You never came across my mind. Then she asked, why? Don’t I look pretty? I hesitatingly said, no you are pretty, but I never thought about you in that way. She asked me which way? I said from attraction point of view.

She suddenly went quiet and after finishing tea, we went back to work. She did not speak much with me that day and we just kept discussing work. After office hours I went to my divorced girlfriend, and found that she was not at home. So, I came back to my flat, watched some porn and shagged few times, had 1 drink and went to sleep.

Next morning I went to office and when I reached my workstation I saw Mrunali. I was so damn surprised to see her. She was wearing a short Black Color Midi upto knee length with a small slit in sides. Her legs were waxed and polished and were looking so smooth. Her dress had a bit deep cut on the back side. My jaws dropped the moment I saw her.

I was unable to control my excitement and I kind of tauntingly asked her, kya baat hai Mrunali, aaj kuchh special hai kya? You are dressed to kill today? Mrunali said, Oh Avinash! I thought you don’t find me pretty. Do I look pretty now? As I was unable to hold my excitement, I said you are not looking just pretty, but very hot and sexy as well. Your skin is shining and looks so smooth.

She blushed and said, this is too much now. I just could not stop myself staring at her bare shiny legs. I was wondering if I would be able to get glimpse of her panty anyhow? Then I logged in my desktop and as she was already working she continued with a smile on her face. I was turning towards her every now and then with some excuse so that I can see her legs or get a glimpse of her panty.

She turned towards me and asked me Avi, can you come here I want to show you one problem with your code. I said ok! As we both sat adjacent to each other, I dragged my chair near her. She moved a bit to accommodate me in her workspace. She started discussing about my code and I was trying to smell her.

She was wearing such a nice perfume as well. I felt as if I will touch her thighs or legs somehow. Suddenly, I felt her feet touching mine. As I mostly wear slip-in shoes, I took my feet out of my shoes and I felt that even she was not wearing her sandals. I hurriedly pulled my feet back thinking that she may have touched me accidentally.

But I found that she was still trying to touch my feet with hers. I then changed my conversation, and I asked ok I am thinking I have found a partner for Rock Music Concert. She asked me: Did that girl agreed? I said, No! I didn’t ask her again. Then said, then who is this new girl? I said it is you Mrunali? Would you like to come with me to this Rock Concert?

She started smiling and said, “achha ji, today I am sexy, today I am hot, and today you are asking me for an outing as well. Sahi hai.” I lied to her saying, it is not like that Mrunali, I saw you in this dress today only, but I made up my mind yesterday. I thought, that since the first day at this company I am with you and spend more time with you. But I have never asked you to join me for Rock Concert.

She said: Aha! so you thought about me as well? That’s nice. She said, fine I can join you. I was damn excited. That whole day she kept touching my feet whenever possible. When we went to the Canteen that day, other employees were staring at her. I felt bit possessive about her by then, thinking that she is my girl, how can anyone look at her.

But I then thought that it was just a juvenile feeling. Then after our shifts ended and we said goodbye to each other, and we went to our home. But after seeing her sexy figure and sexy legs that day I was feeling very horny. So I directly went to my girlfriends home. I saw that door was locked that day as well. So I thought I should call her, as I was feeling very horny.

I called on her mobile number and I was surprised to hear the mobile ringtone coming from the flat. I was like, what the heck. Then she picked my call after 2-3 rings and said Hello! My divorced girlfriends name is Abha. I told, Abha I want to meet you today as, I am feeling very horny. She said she is at her aunt’s place and cannot come. Nobody would be at home.

I said, I am standing outside your flat now and I can hear you talking from inside. Suddenly she went quiet. I told her to open the door. She said she can’t as door is locked from outside. I asked her where is the key, she said that her maid has taken keys with her. I said, I will call her maid and ask her to come and give keys to me. To which she replied angrily.

She told me, Avi, I cannot meet you today. I asked but why? During this discussion was going on, I saw a guy who went near her flat’s door and taking keys from behind the letter box. I was shocked. I went and asked that guy who are you? And that guy asked me who are you? In the meantime that guy opened the door and we both went inside.

Abha came hurriedly and started shouting at me asking me to leave her flat. We all three had a very bad argument, during which I even told Abha, that if she wanted she can continue with this guy and have sex with me as well. She got furious at me and she started abusing me in Hindi and English, saying that what do I think of myself and all.

Seeing all this chaos, even that guy got angry on me as well as on Abha and he started abusing Abha. Somehow, he did not dared to abuse me or hit me, but Abha kept on shouting at me. Somehow, I managed myself and went out of her flat and said angrily that I would never like to see her again.

Just few minutes ago, I was horny and now I was very furious as well as angry. I was unable to think what to do. So, I went to a tea shop on the way to my home and while sipping tea, I was scrolling through my phonebook and I saw Mrunali’s contact number in my phone. I could not think anything else and I immediately called her and asked, what is she doing now.

She was surprised by my call and asked me how come did I call her at that time? I told her, I am not feeling good and I need someone with whom I can talk. She asked me what happened, I said I cannot say it on phone. Can she meet me now? She said after 10 pm her PG doors are closed, so I had just 45 minutes to meet and talk with her.

Her PG was 8 Kms from that place, I raced my bike and reached there in 10-15 min. I called on her mobile and she came out in the balcony and said I will be there in 2 minutes. I was still furious about the incident that happened to me, so I just said Hello to her. I saw that she was wearing a Bear Print Night Shorts, Sleeveless T-shirt and a Slipper.

She was also carrying one Stole over her shoulder. But I was not in good mood so, I kind of ignored all these. She asked me what happened? You look so upset? I said Mrunali, I lied to you that I don’t have any girlfriend. I had a girlfriend few minutes ago. I went to her house today and saw that she is dating another guy behind my back. She even kept that guy in dark. I had a very bad fight with her and that guy.

She was very quiet and said..ok, then? Do you love her? I said no yaar, I never had a committed relationship with her, but I never thought that she will hide such things from me. In fact I told her if she wants to continue with that guy and me both at same time, she is free to do that. But instead she started abusing me and shouted at me and even tried to hit me.

I told her she can even enjoy group sex with both of us. I just kept going on and on in front of Mrunali without even thinking that what crap I was talking to her. Suddenly Mrunali held my hand, and told me Avi, I know what you are going through now. Wait, I will be back in few minutes. I said OK! She went to her PG and I sat on my Bullet outside her PG.

I was thinking about what all happened today and suddenly I realized that what a foolish I was to talk about all these sex, group sex and all other crap things in front of Mrunali. May be that’s why she went inside. I was now feeling more stupid and I was thinking if she will come again or not.

I saw the watch and it was already 9:55 pm. I thought she won’t come now and I thought of calling her say sorry for talking all these bullshit in front of her.
I took out my mobile and called her and she disconnected my call. I kind of thought O Shit! She is angry I think, I was thinking that how would I face her in office tomorrow. But then I saw her coming down in a Jeans pant and same T-shirt that she was wearing. She was also carrying one small backpack with her.

I told her sorry Mrunali, I didn’t meant to say all these things in front of you…I know that you may think wrong about me..then suddenly she held my hand and said. Avi Chil! No need to worry about anything. I went to take few clothes of mine and I want to be with you tonight. You are kind of perfect friend for me and now I need to know of you.

I was now more confused and I was thinking what is she saying. She told me, let’s first leave this place, as she did not wanted her PG owner to see her going with some guy. I said ok! I started my Bullet and she sat behind me. As my bullet rear seat was small, she held me very tightly out of fear from falling down.

I was feeling her boobs on my back and suddenly all my tension due to whatever happened in the evening with Abha started vanishing. My cocky brain started reacting to her touch. I was riding my Bullet slow and then she spoke, you know Avi, whatever you said today made one thing very clear to me. I said what? She said: I have been looking for a guy friend like you.

I said what do you mean? Then Mrunali said, whatever you have gone through is OK! We are friends now and you don’t need to worry too much. I said OK! While I was driving back to my flat, she asked me stop at some wine shop. I said, don’t worry I have enough drinks at my home and today I really want to drink and forget all that happened in the evening.

She said, today you will drink to enjoy your life, and I will drink with you have a new friend like you. All the way she kept holding me tight and was occasionally touching my thighs and was rubbing her boobs on my back. We reached home and went to my flat. She entered in my flat and said, Wow Avi! You don’t live like a bachelor at all. Your flat is so organized.

I said, yes I keep my flat neat and clean so that I can bring my girlfriends and have a nice time with them. Then she immediately asked me. Girlfriends? How many girlfriends do you have? About one you just said 30 min ago? How many you still have?. I said, Mrunali – I lied to you, I have had few relationships in past, and even Abha and we were having fuck friendship.

But somehow we both continued for more than a year. But I don’t usually have any girlfriend for long time as then there are chances of getting emotional in that relationship and either of us may look for a committed relationship.

Mrunali said: Wow man! you are a champ. I thought you just passed out of college, so you would be a seedha-sadhaa guy who is looking for serious relationship. I said, no yaar, I have been fucking since I was 17 years. She said… are just like me. I too started getting fucked at the age of 16 years. We started laughing on this and I said, then we are really friends made for each other.

But this time, I was full horny and she could read my eyes staring at her boobs. But she said, ok let’s drink a little bit first, today even I am tensed. I asked her why? She said, that guy who was pinging me in office that day called me today evening, and was arguing with me that why I don’t meet her, and why is she not serious about him..and blah..blah.

I said, sala aaj din hi kuch bakwas hai. Let’s forget all these crap and drink. She told me to make the drink and by that time she would change her clothes. She took out her shorts from the backpack and went inside the bathroom. In the meantime, I also took off my Jeans and shirt and wore Boxer shorts and a basketball vest.

After changing clothes I switched on the TV and went to kitchen to make the drink. In the mean time she came from back and hugged me. I was immediately excited, and I turned towards Mrunali. She left me and took few steps back and said wow Avi, your shoulders are very broad and your body is good. I like men with good physique. And she again came and hugged me.

Her boobs were rubbing against my chest. I lifted her face and kissed her lips and during that kiss I was first holding her waist. But, then slowly our kiss turned into a smooch and also I took my hands to her buttocks. Her buttocks were so soft to touch.

I told her that her bums are like a baby’s bums. They are so soft. She giggled on that..and then I felt her pushing her belly area over my boxer shorts. By that time my penis started becoming hard. She then kissed me and told me, let’s go to the living room and relax a bit. We will first take few sips of this drink and then we can continue. I said ok.

Then I picked the glasses and went towards the living room area. She was following me..and she started giggling. I asked her what happened? She said, she never thought that we both will bed together. I said, even I never thought..but let’s see how it goes.

Then I sat down on the couch and she sat next to me. We said cheers to our friendship and started taking small sip. In the mean time, I looked at her and I found that she is really a hot looking girl. In that dim light, her skin was glowing and was giving a very sexy and smooth feel of her legs. I touched her legs and said, you know today in the office I felt like touching your legs.

They are so smooth. She said, I knew that. I read that from your face. But I wanted you to initiate. Then I lightly pulled her towards me and said, can I again kiss you. She said, I am all yours now Avi. We kept our glasses on the table and started smooching. I started rubbing her boobs over her T-shirt, and then slowly I took my hand inside her T-shirt.

She said, you can take off my T-shirt as this is bit tight and I will be more comfortable without it. I said ok and I took off her T-shirt and she was just in her Teddy print shorts and a Spaghetti top. I saw her nipples were growing big and they were protruding out. I slightly bend and took her nipples over the top and lightly bit her. Mrunali trembled in excitement and looked directly in my eyes.

Next instant my hands reached to her waist and I started pulling her shorts down. Just in few seconds, her shorts were down her knees. She again looked in my eyes and said are you in any kind of hurry? I said yes Mrunali, I just want to fuck you hard today. I have been missing good sex since yesterday.

You know that girl Abha, she is so….suddenly she kept her hands over my mouth and told me, don’t think of her. You are with me now. I am all yours. I said I would love to fuck you in front of her. What she thinks only she can have all the fun and I can’t…

Then again said not to say not to say anything and she started smooching me. Mrunali pushed her tongue deep inside my mouth and I could taste the whiskey in her mouth. It was an amazing feeling. We both departed for few seconds, took 2 big sips to finish our glasses and then again started smooching.

By this time Mrunali took off my Basketball vest and she was rubbing my penis lightly over the top of my boxer shorts with one hand and with another hand she was feeling my chest. My penis was growing big and hard and was now ready to fuck her lovehole. Even Mrunali took off her top and I was amazed to see her beautiful boobs and dark brown nipples. They were amazing.

Her boobs were perfectly round shaped and were very tightly hanging even without a bra. I loved those boobs and nipples. These boobs were far better than Abha’s. I took my hand to her pussy and started inserting my middle finger in Mrunali’s pussy. I realized that how hot she was and when I inserted my finger, she gasped and moaned with pleasure.

She said Avi, I want you to fuck me hard. I said I will baby…don’t worry. I sensed that she was flooding and all her wetness was kind of pouring out of her pussy. I asked her to lie down on her back so that I can lick her pussy.

She laid down and spreaded her legs wide. I placed my mouth between her legs and I started licking her pussy like a dog. I was literally making slurping sound like a dog while licking her pussy. She was loosing her breath and was breathing very heavily. I raised my head and saw that her eyes were closed and she was clenching her teeth.

Also, she was squeezing her right boobs with one hand. I again went back to what I was enjoying and started licking her pussy hole. Occasionally I was tongue fucking her and I was trying to insert my tongue deep in her pussy. I was also feeling her small dot (clitoris) which was visible by spreading her labia. Her pussy was looking amazing.

Suddenly she started shivering and started stretching her legs..she was shivering very hard and I could sense more liquid coming out of her pussy hole. Mrunali held my hair tight and blabbered saying “Avi mera chhootne wala hai, mein behne wali hoon,…..please zor se chuso. I started licking her pussy very fast as I did not wanted to waste even a single drop.

Then I saw some white thick liquid coming out of her pussyhole. It was very thick and sticky..and I saw that even Mrunali was shivering very hard. She was literally trembling with excitement. She left my hair and stayed in that position for a minute or so. I just lied down next to her and I was kissing her boobs was feeling her nipples as well.

After a minute she turned towards me, and said not it is my turn. She took my penis in her mouth in one go and started moving her head in up and down motion. She was tightening her mouth’s grip around my penis and was also massaging my balls and occasionally she was biting my penis.

As I was already so excited, I could not control much, I shouted, Mrunali mera bhi behne wala hai..she said, don’t worry come in my mouth. I said ahh….I came very hard and my sperm sprayed inside her mouth. She tried to swallow it quickly, but she got choked because of my second sperm spurt.

She started coughing, but again started sucking my sperm. She licked and sucked all the sperm that I ejaculated. I told her, Mrunali, tujhe pata hai, aaj tak kabhi bhi Abha ne mera sperm swallow nahi kiya hai. She said, tujhe badi yaad aa rahi hai Abha ki? I said yaar sach bataun, tera pussy lick karne ke time pe I was fantasizing if I can fuck you both at the same time.

Mrunali said: Arre wah!…even I would also like to have this kind of experience, but we have to accept the fact that she won’t be ever in your life again. Maine kaha, Mrunali let’s forget all these and fuck each other tonight. She said “haan yaar, but pehle 1-1 Whiskey ki shots laga lete hain. Peene ke baad sex karne mein jyada mazaa ataa hai”. I said “sahi kaha”.

Then I made 2 shots of Whiskey and we finished that in one gulp. We kept our glasses on the table and before she could turn towards me, I lifted her in my arms and threw her on the sofa. She was looking scared with excitement and said, “kya kar rahe ho”? I said “ Mrunali aaj mein tujhe zoron se chodunga” and I spread her legs.

I climbed on the sofa and kept my penis on her pussyhole opening. I felt that her pussy was very hot and she was still very wet. I said, ready ho ja meri jaan, yeh gaya mera lund teri choot mein. She gasped and said aane do…I pushed my penis hard in her pussy. Her pussy was so wet that my penis just went inside her easily she moaned loudly.

After a pause I took my penis out and pushed inside again and then she open her eyes, and said “Yaar Avi, tumhara lund to bohot hi mota aur bada hai.” I said hmmmm….and then I increased my speed. She was also trying to match the motion with me, and was lifting her bums whenever I was pushing my penis inside her.

I was plunging my penis deep inside her lovehole and I lifted her legs on my shoulder. I started fucking her very hard and very fast. With my each thrust, she was making a grunting sound..uunnngghhh…and was closing her eyes. Her boobs were jiggling and I was pinching her left nipple with my right hand. She was just moaning hard and was breathing heavily.

In that position she was not able to lift her bums, so she was just enjoying with her eyes closed. Within 5 minutes, she started clenching her fist and suddenly she held my shoulder tightly. She opened her eyes and started grunting even more louder holding my shoulder very tight. I also increased my speed and along with that, I started fucking her more deeply.

Every time I was taking my penis out of her pussy (but just keeping the penis head inside her pussy) and then again thrusting hard deep inside her. Her grunting noise was becoming more stronger and she started shivering hard. I too felt that I will ejaculate any moment now and so I started fucking her more faster.

Suddenly I felt that I was about to come and I told Mrunali, “mera chhootne wala hai”. She did not responded anything as she was lost in her orgasm. I felt some liquid coming out of her lovehole as well she arched her back steeply holding my shoulder very tight.

I also gave a last hard thrust and fell on her belly. I released her thighs and laid down on her, I was spurting out my sperm very hard and even my legs were shivering. She was still having her orgasm and shuddering with excitement and also she was holding me very tight. She was making strange sound which was a mix of cry, grunt, and moans. I liked that moaning sound of her.

Then, slowly she relaxed her body and I too relaxed my body and lied down next to her. She turned towards me sideways and I hugged her tight. She also hugged me and gave me a nice kiss. I said Mrunali, It was really amazing, I am feeling better now but I am now feeling hungry. She said even I am feeling hungry.

I said, ruko dekhta hoon ghar mein kya hai but first let’s see what is the time now. I saw on the wall clock it was showing 12:30 am. I said oh god, we have been having sex for almost 1 hour. She was also amazed that when we started having drinks then it was approx 10:45 or so. I said we can’t cook anything now. We have to eat whatever is ready to cook.

I did not bother myself wearing any shorts and went to the kitchen. She was still laying on the sofa. I said Mrunali, we have only Bread, Butter and Jam. She said, yeah that is fine. We can eat that also. So, I got the Bread, Butter and Jam to the living room and I said I will prepare it for you. She said: ok dear, in the meantime I will go and clean myself.

She went to the bathroom to clean herself and I started applying Butter and Jam on the bread slices. She came back in few minutes and we both started eating. We were both smiling and looking at each other, and not talking much but occasionally kissing each other.

Suddenly door bell rang…and I looked at her with a surprised look. She asked me, were you expecting anyone at this time? I said no, I don’t know who is it. I told her, let me see who it is. I did not switched on the main light and just tried to see through the view class in the door. There was a lady, but her face was not so clearly visible as she had facing against the door.

I just waited for few seconds, and I saw her turning towards the door. I was shocked to death, it was Abha. Next part of the story will come soon my friends. Please do let me know if you liked my story or not.

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