Novel Part of Me

It is Sarah who is back again.
Since last time I wrote about me and my lovely man Thomas, it has been a tremendous happy time. After our marriage we have had some very lucky years. Staying at home has been valuable to me. The possibility to return to the university for improving my knowledge in foreign languages has made me feel more confident. Thomas is very supporting to make me feel great in my role as a house wife as well. I think he had made up his mind to try to make me forget the time as an assistant at the construction company. Not at the least my hot feelings for Oscar also.
We have made new friends here in the residential district. In particular we have been together with a neighbor couple. Ruth and Arne lived in the house next to ours. Once a month at least we enjoyed the social life together by eating and talking.
Rather soon I found that Ruth and I had the same interests. We often discussed literature. She also attempted to learn foreign languages. For the moment her favorite was Spanish.
Thomas and Arne acted more as brothers with different interests. Thomas was more of the tranquil and meditative type. Arne was often the one who came out with cracks and got us to laugh. He was easy to get on with.

Up to now the meetings with Ruth and Arne had never got into any sexual relations. However I have recognized that Ruth sometimes made interested eyes for Thomas. But I think it was mostly because she had heard him on radio, discussing social problems.
Ruth and I had come more closer to each other in the last few months. She often came over to me when Thomas was away at the university job. The reason, she said, was to discuss linguistic problems. I doubt that it was the real reason. There was always a feeling of a tension in the air when she looked at me.
One day when we talked about clothes she came close in front of me. She said she liked my new blouse. She touched my shoulders. Her hands slid down searching over the blouse front. I never used a bra. And when Ruth’s hands reached my breasts the movement stopped. Her hands cupped my tits!
“What are you doing?”
She blushed! Still her hands were caressing my tits. “I have always admired your nice body. I’m dreaming to get a view of you released from all clothes. Please, don’t be angry with me.”
First I felt sorry for her. But at the same time there was a satisfaction in having her hands fondling my tits through the blouse fabric.
I looked at her frightened face. “No, I’m not angry! You had made me understand a novel part of me. I like it and perhaps I want more another time.” Then I kissed her lips!
She had got tears in her eyes. “I’m so happy for the way you took it. I have been afraid that you would find me disgusting.”
When Ruth left for home, I came to think on my own words, “Understand a novel part of me”! Who am I?
Standing in front of our full body mirror in the bedroom, I got rid of my clothes.
Completely naked I studied my mirror picture. Still having a rather good shape (at the age of 35). Though my tits were not as large as I once wanted, but my slim waistline above the well-proportioned hips satisfied me. My thighs gave my pussy a good framework accented as it was by my prominent pubic bone. To that came my long, well sculptured legs.
No it wasn’t my body being the novel part of me. It was my attraction to other females. Up to now I had been interested in men only. It seemed to be a quite new world opening to me. It frightened me!
The rest of the week I was very busy. Ruth and I waved to each other on our ways to different commitments. It was, however, since long agreed that Ruth and Arne would come over for dinner on Saturday night.
I hadn’t told Thomas about Ruth’s invitation to me. I thought he would accept it. He was familiar with different sexual minds, also lesbian ones. I had heard him on radio talking to women about their situations.
The Saturday night dinner proceeded as usual. With some assistance of Thomas I had prepared a few vegetarian dishes. Just for once we had some vintage wine to raise the spirits. It seemed to be a happy night.
Arne was in great form. His stories made us laughing. Ruth wanted Thomas to tell us about his experiences from all the people he had interviewed. But he refused. He explained that the intimacies he obtained were of the kind that he had to keep for himself. “Not even Sarah would get knowledge of this,” he said.
Ruth and I had sat down on the sofa in front of the two guys sitting in the armchairs. Talking about life in general, Ruth leaned over to me and kissed my lips. I responded by embracing her.
Arne seemed to be surprised! Thomas looked amused at us and explained that he really liked women making love.
Those words opened Ruth’s and my barriers. I unbuttoned her blouse. Button after button from top and down. Her bra was unclasped and put away together with the blouse. Her thick nipples tempted me to lick them.
I stood up in front of Ruth who took the opportunity to undone my pants. My hipster went the same way. My bottom was facing our husbands. And when I bent forward to kiss Ruth, my pussy was quite viewable to the spectators. I heard them give a groan.
Ruth got hold of my jumper and pulled it away over my head. As I never make use of a bra I was completely stripped of my clothes. I turned around facing two exhilarated men. I had never seen such wistful eyes.
I got Ruth lying down on the sofa. With my hands on her thighs I pushed her short skirt upwards. Reaching her thong I noticed that the crotch was soaked. My fingers followed the slit between her wet pussy lips. I managed to slowly slide the thong down her legs. A well-manicured bush came to light.
A murmur went through the room when I spread Ruth’s legs. Her pussy was creamy and I sucked it with pleasure. My tongue played with her clit. She moaned and started to buck against me.
As I stood on the floor bent against Ruth the guys had a delightful view of my pussy. All the more since my legs were somewhat spread not to lose my balance.
Still encircling her clit with my tongue I forced two fingers inside her vagina. She cried out of delight! “Oh, more and deeper!”
I tried to use three fingers, four…! Obviously she still asked for more. I pushed my closed hand into her flooding vagina! “Ooh, just so! Don’t stop it! Go on,” she shouted.
There was a curious sound of smack every time my hand left. After only a few strokes her orgasm arrived. Her body bowed and twisted. Her breathing seemed to cease. She lay there lifeless.
I looked at Arne. He had stood up from the chair. His trousers and boxers hanged at knee level. His cock gave a clear evidence of having cum. A wet string was to be seen in front of him.
Thomas smiled and thanked us for the best show in his life. I was confused that he hasn’t reacted like Arne. Did he lack a normal sexuality?
Ruth revived. I followed her to the bathroom. She thanked me for the best orgasm she had ever had. She promised to repay in the near future.
Washed and with some make-up we returned fully dressed to the guys. Arne had fixed his clothes. There was no reminiscence of his actions. Everyone seemed to have had a happy night.
When our guests had left, Thomas and I made love as never before. Obviously he had been very excited of what he had witnessed. He said he had saved up to give all the same to me as I had given Ruth.
My body was already in a prepared condition when he cuddled and fondled me. Licking my wet pussy and caressing my clit like I had done to Ruth made me close to orgasm. He used his fingers in my vagina. But only two of them! By forcing his small but thick dick into me he made me complete satisfied. And when his sperm jet hit inside me, both of us came.
Some days later Ruth proposed to me to visit a masseuse to obtain a stress relief treatment. She thought I had to strengthen my self-confidence. She had been there before and said it made wonders to the body and soul. She wanted me to follow her next time.
I discussed the matter with Thomas. He was of the opinion that if I thought it to be good I had to try. His only doubt was if it really was a masseuse and not a masseur. If the last thing was true he wasn’t happy. But it was all up to myself to decide.
An afternoon Ruth and I got away to the massage parlor. A masseuse welcomed us and explained the aim of the treatment. She favored a type of a complete body massage. “It will give you a feeling of relief and a demand for further development of your life,” she said.
True to say, I didn’t understood what she meant but decided to get on with the treatment she proposed. Ruth had no objections. I supposed she already knew what to come.
We were asked to take off all our clothes. We got a gown to hide our nude bodies. After a toilet visit we were led into the massage room. The atmosphere was pleasantly quiet with a dim lightning accentuated by some candles on the shelf along one of the walls. The main piece of furniture was a massage table in the middle of the room.
The masseuse looked at us and said that she only could take care of one person at a time. Since Ruth was familiar with the procedure the masseuse thought it good to start with me. Perhaps Ruth could be to her assistance.
I got rid of the gown. Lying on my face at the table the masseuse started with a soft massage of my shoulders. She instructed Ruth to give my feet a similar treatment. She raised my leg and rubbed each toe, then the sole and up the calf. Thereafter the same procedure of the other leg. Obviously she was more experienced in the matter than I had understood.
Oh what a pleasure it was to be treated that way by two persons simultaneously.
Ruth and the masseuse changed place. Standing behind my head Ruth kneaded my back along the spine. Reaching the lower end, she proceeded between my buttocks. I gasped when she put her thumb into my ass hole.
“Nice?” she asked.
The masseuse worked on my legs from the calves and up along the thighs. Stopped just in front of my crotch. Up and down in a slow soft manner. For every time she passed the thighs her hands came closer and closer to my pussy. Instinctively I spread my legs a little. I supposed she understood that she was allowed all the way in between my pussy lips.
Ruth had moved to stay beside me. Now she massaged my buttocks in such a way that the cleavage opened and closed alternately. When opened her fingers were inserted in my anal orifice. Every time I groaned loudly!
The masseuse asked me to turn around and lie on my back. In this position I found to my surprise that Ruth as well as the masseuse were completely nude. Ruth’s well shaped body with DD tits and well-manicured bush I knew since before. But the body of the masseuse was really something to remember.
Her enormous tits protruded in a defiant way with hard, rather long nipples. Below the slim waist line the hip-measurement added to her alluring attitude. Standing with her legs apart the pubic bone gave a sharp borderline just as more as it was decorated with a small ruddy bush. Her outer pussy lips gave free space for the brownish inner lips insisting to give away for further findings.
The masseuse obviously registered my curiously hungry eyes.
She told Ruth to straddle my face. Ruth took her position above my face with a smile in her eyes. I got a nice view of her wide spread pussy lips. She fondled my tiny tits and lowered her crotch so that I was able to lick her pussy. It was already quite juicy. My tongue reached her clit. I heard her moaning when being treated by my tongue.
The masseuse immediately spread my legs quite wide. She forced them to be almost in a straight line with each other in the same plane as the rest of my body. It hurt and I gave a groan. My pussy was wide opened and she brought her face in between the pussy lips. I felt her tongue sliding up and down from my ass hole to the clit. Each time she gave the clit a soft snap with her lips. My clit was erected in such a way that I thought only the man’s dick could be. It was hard and stood out between the pussy lips.
Now her tongue encircled my clit. At the same time I felt her fingers inside my vagina. They searched and found the G point. First the movements were slowly going in and out in a soft manner. Then the frequency got higher and higher just as the force got stronger for each time the fingers were pushed inwards.
“Oh,” I gasped! It was so nice and an orgasm came closer. I forgot to satisfy Ruth’s demands. She forced her pussy still closer against my face. Finally it covered my mouth completely. My nose was caught inside her ass hole. I couldn’t breath! At the same time as I felt an immerse satisfaction a terrific horror went through my brain. My hands groped after something in a hesitant attempt to get free from Ruth.
Suddenly Ruth stepped down to the floor. The masseuse asked her to stand between my wide spread legs. The masseuse entered the massage table, straddled my tummy. Her back was facing my head. She took hold of my feet and bent my legs behind her back.
The lower part of my body was raised such that my pussy and bottom were in an upward direction. I felt a finger being forced inside my ass hole. A hand softly amused my clit. Other fingers shot inside my juicy vagina.
Again a feeling of orgasm was built up. “Oooh, keep on! Don’t stop! Harder,” I shouted! The number of fingers inside my ass increased. The orifice was stretched wide. My vagina was treated in the same way.
My erected clit was more sensitive than ever. A soft touch would be enough to make me come. I groaned! The fingers shot a long way inside my ass now. It felt as they were squeezing my uterus from inside. Together with a full hand introduced in the vagina I got a tremendous feeling of satisfaction.
Finally I came! A heavenly orgasm! All my body tried to curve and twist only prevented by the masseuse, placed as she was on my tummy. The orgasm made me pee! The jet spouted from between my wide spread pussy lips and hit Ruth! I shouted and cried of satisfaction!
Then I must have been passed out. When I became conscious again I found Ruth and the masseuse laying together on a mattress on the floor below the massage table. From the loud sounds of lucky noise I understood that they made each other happy.
All three of us were together in the shower room. Laughing and joking we washed each other.
It was really a delightful afternoon!
I returned home and gave Thomas a detailed report from the massage parlor. I told him that such an adventure you would never be able to have!
He merely stated that he never could make women out!
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