I am 6ft tall and athletic built and 22 years of age. it all started back in the days when I was studying and I was in my first relationship with a girl called Nisha. she was 5 ft 6 inches tall with a figure of 38C-26-36 her breasts were very pert and her nipples would always pierce through her clothes like bullets. her ass was very well defined as she was very fit due to her being very good at running and her legs were also very well toned. looks wise she was absolutely gorgeous not just to me but to every guy that walked past her – she was always being harassed by guys. her eyes were also very sexy and could make any guy go crazy in lust when she made contact. whenever possible we would always try to get each other off as she was absolutely very horny and irresistible. one day she invited me to her house where I also met her three sisters. they were all attractive but I never used to look at them in that way as I was in love with Nisha.

Anyway as I was at Nisha’s house she took me to her bedroom while her sisters were downstairs. Nisha changed her top and put on a very thin black satin top that was very skimpy. I couldn?t resist as I was in her bedroom and grabbed her from behind from her waist slowly my hands worked up the front of her body towards her breasts. I fondled her breast which felt very sexy under the satin material. I felt her nipples getting hard and her breathing get heavier – her body was getting hotter by the second and her top was getting wet around her breasts . she placed her hand on my crotch and start rubbing it hard up and down my length. I pushed my penis into her ass and brought my hands down and then back up inside her top lifting it over her breasts. I then lowered the front of her bra exposing her soft warm breasts. her nipples flicked out all moist urging to be sucked dry. I ran my fingers over her nipples and squeezed them and then removed her top over her head and threw it on the floor. she then turned around and I pulled her bra straps down and unhooked her bra. we started kissing whilst I was squeezing and running my hands over her ass and she was squeezing my penis. I then removed my t-shirt and rubbed my naked upper body against hers. I then turned her around and placed my hand in front of her jeans on her crotch and started rubbing hard and slow up and down – reaching right down between her legs to her anus nearly. then I unbuttoned her jeans and put my hand into her panties and her pussy was absolutely dripping – I started to finger fuck her very hard whilst my other hand rubbed her boobs.

I squeezed her towards me and then turned her back around so that she faced me and then pulled down her jeans and panty?s. she was completely naked with her shaved pussy – I got on my knees and started to suck her pussy – she fell back towards the wall. this allowed me to push my tongue in deeper as she was being crushed between my face and the wall. I then got up and started sucking her tits. Nisha then pulled my pants down and threw me onto the bed. she grabbed hold of my cock and sucked it all the way down. once she was satisfied she got up and sat on my cock and rode it for ten minutes. her body was jumping heavily on my crotch as she tried to suck it into her pussy. ten minutes later she came all over my cock and moved further up my body and placed her pussy on my lips and rubbed all her juice all over my face. I sucked her pussy juice all out and then she got off me. I looked at Nisha and judging by her erect nipples she was still hungry. Nisha got off me and brought her silk panties and placed them around my cock. I was unsure what she was going to do and then she wrapped her hands around her panties and started wanking my penis. it was an amazing experience feeling the silk around my shaft that it increased my penis size even more. after 5 minutes of masturbating my penis I told Nisha I was going to cum and she quickly speeded up and to my surprise placed her panties above my tip as I came all inside them. her panties were so soaked and then after Nisha had licked me clean she put the panties on and showed me. I took it as a compliment and then she took them off. “ill keep these forever” Nisha said and hid them in her drawer. all this time however we had been watched by her sisters through the keyhole. when we had finished I got dressed and walked out.

One week later I got a call from her younger sister Asma saying that she needed help on her economics work and asked if I would help as I had studied it before. she said no one is at home so I went there. when I arrived Asma was alone as Nisha had gone out she told me to go to her room while she got a drink. when I opened the door I saw Nisha?s other younger sister (Sonali) lying naked on the bed. I suddenly turned around so I could walk out when I saw Asma behind me. Asma quickly locked the door and put the key into her panties. they then confessed that they had spied on me the week before and wanted to challenge me sexually. Sonali got up and started rubbing herself against me kissing my body and grabbing my crotch whilst Asma undressed. after some resistance I decided to get naked as i didn?t want to disappoint these two bitches. looking at their face it seemed like they had never seen a man before. i was fully naked as the girls threw me onto the bed and asma started sucking my cock while sonali kissed me all over my face and body. after some time they both swapped positions and asma was on my face. asma had her panties in her hand and rubbed them all over my nose where her pussy had soaked them. “smell my cunt from my panties, you love it don?t you? you want my pussy so much!”. after a few minutes they got up and then got on the bed with their asses in the air. “fuck as hard till we say stop” “we wanna see what you are made of today” they shouted. i spat on both my hands and rubbed their pussies from behind. i then slid my cock into sonali and put my finger in asma. Sonali?s pussy was very tight as she was young but that just made me want to fuck her harder.

She started pushing back into my cock with all her power – this caused me to take my hand out of Asma?s pussy and grip sonali from her hips. i then pushed sonali deep into the bed and forced all my weight into her from behind. a few minutes later she screamed and screamed until she orgasmed finally she came down. i then told asma to clean her sister up if she wanted the same satisfaction. asma turned sonali over to her front and licked her sisters juice off her body. “there is no way im going to cum before you girls” i said. “you are going to lose this game – i can take much more than you both” i then laid on the bed and asma and sonali both licked my cock simultaneously. i then sucked asmas breasts and laid on top of her she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me towards her pussy – i fucked her very hard but it seemed like she was much tougher and resilient than sonali. after 30 minutes of fucking her i pulled out and shot my sperm which came out in gallons all over her body. sonali pounced and licked it all off her sister. “i beat you” said asma exhausted on the bed “i made you come before me” this meant that i had to do whatever asma wanted and sonali had to do whatever i asked for. “you must fuck my elder sister reshma” said asma.

This made me realise that all these girls were slutty sisters and made me realise that nisha is also one of them. “ok but then sonali must make all you four sisters fuck me in one orgy” they both agreed i met reshma (who i should mention is married) two days later one morning. reshma had the exact same looks as nisha but was slightly heavier. but this is how i liked them her breasts were large and her ass just made for gripping. we met in rahuls car as i had invited my friend and reshma knew what was gooing to happen next. me and my friend (rahul) parked up and joined reshma on the back seat. rahul tied reshmas hands with a scarf and told her to relax. he then start massaging her body through her clothes as reshma began moaning. rahul however did not touch her breasts and vagina and by the looks of it he knew what he was doing, reshma was going crazy, moving her hips up and down as her nipples pierced through her top and her breasts all swollen and hard stuck out reaching for simply anything! “FUCK ME!, FUCK ME YOU BASTARD” OHH!” screamed reshma.i had joined in by this time and received the same abuse. we tortured reshma for half an hour like this not touching any of her private parts. whenever we kissed her neck she would lash out at us with her tongue, but we still moved away avoiding any sexual contact. rahul and i then got into the front seats and drove for sometime while reshma recovered. rahul stopped at a shop and came back with a bag and then we drove back to where we were first. still in our front seats we turned to resham sat in the back and rahul said that he wanted to see her masturbate otherwise we would not fuck her.

In no time reshma had opened her legs and put her hands into her panties as she began to rub and finger herself. rahul joined her at the back and allowed reshma to touch his cock through his pants only. “beg for my cock” rahul said as reshma started replying “please please rahul give me your cock, please fuck me now!”. “you’re such a whore aint you” said rahul. “yes i am a fuckin dirty whore” said reshma. i couldn?t believe what i was seeing and hearing and wanted the back row seat so to speak. i joined them both and as soon as i had sat down reshma had her hand on my cock. rahul grabbed her hand and told her to carry on masturbating. reshma urging for cocks now came quickly and rahul made her swallow all her juice and lick it off her hands. rahul then pulled out a bottle from the bag and emptied it – “PISS INTO HERE FOR ME” reshma at first resistant then put the bottle in front of her hole pissed into the bottle. rahul took a gulp out of the bottle which got reshma excited so much that she took it off him and took a slurp herself. “FUCK ME RAHUL FUCK ME!” she begged. Rahul then undid his fly and his huge cock burst its way out. reshama eyes nearly popped out and as her hand struck at his cock and gripped it. rahul removed her hand and said “on one condition” as reshma licked her lips. rahul then pissed into a bottle and told her to try some to which she didn?t refuse. in no time resham was sucking on his cock taking the term deep throat to a new dimension. i then took my cock out and reshma gripped mine and after sucking rahuls cock to the T, turned her attention to mine. and oh my god could she suck, i felt as though my energy and strength was being sucked out at the same time! i was moaning so much like never before “ohhhhhhh AhhhhhHH”.

But then rahul got out of the back and sat in the driver seat and drove off once more. i myself didn?t understand rahuls game as he stopped at another secluded area. rahul then told me to follow him into the back seat of the car and winked at me just before he got in. this time i didn?t care what rahul wanted to do and i started kissing reshma while rahil caressed her boobs. both of our hands went inside her top and sent an electricity current through us as soon as we touched her tits. they felt great and were just perfect for the male hand to fondle. reshma put her hands on our crotch and rubbed as both. we pulled off her top and threw her bra away. meanwhile me and rahul carried on tweaking at her nipples and oh my god her tits were going to make me cum right there and then. there were huge with nice dark brown nipples. soon after rahuls lips and my mouth both darted to her tits simultaneously. we sucked her for all she was worth and believe me we would never had come off them ever. rahul and i quickly got naked and stripped reshmas remaining clothes violently so much that we tore her panties.

Rahul looked at me and said kya cheez hai ye khoob maza layenge – to which i nodded. we kissed reshma all over her body as she moaned our hands were roaming all over her body and we both inserted our fingers together into her pussy and began fisting her cunt. her pussy was ginormous. we also fingered her ass at the same time. “suck his cock” rahul shouted, reshma leant down on my thigh and sucked me off while rahul spat all over her ass and pussy from behind. we then laid her down and i sucked her tits while rahul sucked her pussy and we did this for an hour swapping places now and again. resham could not take no more and my dick felt like it was going to shoot cum for the rest of my life. rahul then pulled out a cucumber and started fucking reshma pussy and ass with it. reshma was orgasming so loud as her juices were soaking everything around her. rahul then turned to me and he said turn the music on and put it on loud someone might hear her!. i did this and now all anyone around us could only here was the music. we pinned reshma down and rahul fucked her while she sucked my cock we then swapped places. after a while we then agreed to fuck her ass. Reshmas ass felt so tight but really good. rahul then suggested we fuck both her holes at same time.

I laid reshma on top of me with my cock still in her ass while rahul pumped her pussy. reshma screamed but could not be heard for miles and had cum all over the back seat and all her clothes were covered in cum underneath. rahul then tied reshmas hands again and blindfolded her straight after as she could not resist then. The music was still playing and now reshma was completely deaf and blind to the world. all she could sense was touch and taste! rahul got out and came back with 4 guys – they were his friends. i couldn?t believe rahul had planned this. In no time the guys were queuing up to fuck reshmas pussy. reshma was lying on her back as the first man entered her pussy and the second put his cock into her mouth. For the next two hours each guy took their turn in reshmas mouth and pussy. she had sucked the cocks for so long that her mouth was swollen. but every time she didn?t suck, her ass was slapped or her nipples were pinched. one of the guys then put her legs on his shoulders and fucked her ass deeply for 30 minutes. another guy then went on top of her and sucked her tits so hard that they went sore bright red, he then gave her love bites on her thighs and neck as well. resham was screaming with desire and orgasmed so many times oooooooooooooooooooo hhhh a hhhhhhhh hhhhhh hhhh was all that came from her mouth non stop. at one point as she was on all fours she was begging one of the guys to fuck her harder and faster!. the slut was making mincemeat out of us ALL! after another hour we had all shot our cum in her pussy, in her ass, her mouth and all over her body and massaged it in. it was so obvious she had been fucked hard and was all dirty. the guys ran to their vehicle and drove away and we untied reshams hands and took the blindfold off. reshma was completely unaware of what had happened. rahul did not even let her wear her bra and panties and kept them. this made her tits hang loose under her top and her pants wet at the front near the crotch. now the time had arrived i was going to fuck all 4 sisters nisha was unaware what her sisters had planned. i met nisha at her house we were in the kitchen when all of a sudden i pinned her against the work unit and started kissing her neck down to her cleavage.

Nisha tried to resist as my hand went under her skirt and pulled it up. i then managed to free my cock and slide her panties out of the way. nisha was trapped between me and the unit as i lifted her and inserted my cock all the way up. she wrapped her legs around my waist and opened her shirt to release her boobs. i sucked them at the same time. nisha had her hands behind her on the unit and used the leverage to grind her pussy to take my cock deep inside. 5 minutes later nisha came all over my cock with a large groan. when right on cue her sisters appeared. “what are you doing here?” nisha was shocked and angry. i then carried nisha as she screamed to the bedroom “what are you doing?”. asma locked the door as all sisters stripped right before my eyes. asma stayed in her underwear. “your boyfriend thinks he is a sexgod and we want to prove him wrong” said sonali. then all of a sudden the girls stripped me and threw me onto the bed. next thing i knew my hands were tied to the headboard as reshma sat on me “im going to get revenge for what you did to me” she began to suck my cock whilst i ate soanlis young pussy. reshma then rode my cock as hard as she could while sonali masturbated her own pussy by rubbing it on my face. 10 minutes later reshma orgasmed and came and she and sonali swapped positions. sonali enjoyed my cock and i bit at reshmas pussy. just before sonali was about to cum she jumped off and pushed reshma away. sonali put her pussy astride my face and masturbated herself with a dildo until she came all over my face.

I licked what i cud from my lips it tasted sweet. then to my surprise reshma had nishas silk panties in her hand which she pulled from under the bed. “remember these she asked these panties have all your cum on them”. nisha called reshma a fucking bitch as she also realised that reshma had seen where she put them. reshma then put the panties on my nose and rubbed them all over my face. “you fuckin bitch you will pay for this” i screamed. the girls wanted to see how much more i could take as i had not cum. asma then grabbed hold of my erect cock and masturbated it slowly as i watched sonali held nisha down while reshma licked and sucked nishas tits and pussys. nisha was groaning so much that sonali passed her dildo to reshma who stuck itg up her sisters wet cunt. nisha came and this made me cum as asma masturbated me. it was unbelievable there was so much spunk that had been reserved it looked like gallons of cream all over me the girls could not believe what they saw as i constantly ejaculated all over my body. they all rushed to lick it all up each one pushing the other away. after they had licked me clean nisha, sonali and reshma went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. asma however still unsatisfied that day sat astride my cock with her silky red bra and panties still on. she was teasing me so much by making slow and deliberate moves up and down my cock and lowering her tits just above my lips so i could just get a glance of her nipples from her bra. my dick was growing by the second as asma pulled her bra straps down whilst her bra was still hooked. “i heard what you and your friend did to reshma and began raking her nails on my chest very hard and kept doing it until she had drawn some blood. the pain was so intense i felt like screaming but at the same time increasing my sexual frustration. asma then began biting my nipples really hard and on my chest and gave love bites on my neck.

By now Asma’s panties were so wet from her pussy juice that i could feel her pussy folds on my cock as she slid up and down it. what she did next was unbelievable, asma pulled her panties aside revealing her pussy lips and forced herself to release some piss on my mouth. some managed to pass into my mouth as i opened my lips to catch some oxygen. asma then with her pussy still showing and very wet after her piss lowered it onto my cock and began riding very slowly. she was teasing me as she made slow moves up and down and pinched her nipples at the same time. i was fuelling inside with sexual rage at this point that suddenly i pulled at the headboard and freed my hands. i got up – asma was horrified as i grabbed her and threw her down and laid on top of her. with one hand i pinned her wrists above her head and with the other i ripped her bra off and tore her panties. “let go of me you bastard” she shouted as i drove my cock inside her. asma continued swearing which i couldn?t take so i then turned her on to her stomach and pushed her face into the mattress “that?s it you fuckin whore im going to teach you a lesson” and spat all over her asshole and pushed my cock inside – i rode her like an untamed horse as she screamed with pleasure “ohhhh ohhh harder harder faster” she ordered.

I was fuckin her so fast letting all my frustration out, after 20 minutes of fuckin her ass i pulled out and turned her over. i parted her legs fully and pushed my cock into her love hole ohhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhh asma was loving it especially as i had fucked her ass. her legs were in the air and her body was off the bed as she arched her crotch into mine. asma was lifting and pushing her pelvic up so high and fast that it was smacking me so hard. i speeded my thrusts and tightened my balls – all my body mind and soul was into fucking asma. asmas boobs were flopping round so hard as she screamed she was cumin i carried on at the same speed aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhh asma had multiple orgasms as her juice burst out. the pressure was so much it pushed my whole body away and my penis out of her. her juice squirted all over my crotch and stomach and all over asmas body. but before she was about to come down i inserted my penis in again and fucked her so hard for 5 minutes that she was screaming in pain swearing at me shouting help but her sisters didn?t hear her – deep down i knew it was pleasure that caused this. she loved my cock and soon after i pulled out and released all my sperm all over her face, her hair and in her mouth – her face was a mess as i rubbed it into her nose, eyes and cheeks!!!!! 

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