New Side of My Wife Jaya

A little background first. Hi! I am Ajay. As is common in India, I got married at an early age of 22. It was an arranged marriage to a girl (my wife) named Jaya. Being virgins, both Jaya and I were fairly ill informed about sex. With my knowledge coming from watching porn and hers…well hers was no existent.
Since we got married in 2007, we were a bit prudish in department the sex knowledge or so i think. Though we did have sex, it was not on the first night (as I would have liked). Jaya was a bit shy and wanted some time to get comfortable first. So as it happens, the first time we had sex, it was during our honeymoon in Maldives.
As time passed we did learn quite a few things and soon it was enjoyable for the both of us. Also soon after the honeymoon we got pregnant and were blessed with the most amazing little thing on Earth; named Natasha. This led to Jaya being a housewife and looking after the kid. I on the other hand, being a proprietor of an international company had to frequently travel. Now we were based in Kolkata, with our families back in Rajasthan, so as our daughter grew up we started going out to parties on occasion.

Now let me tell you about Jaya. She was 21 when we married and was a simple stunner. She did like to keep herself fit so got back in shape real quick. She maintains an hour glass figure of 36 28 36. We often went to social parties and on occasion to the night clubs. Almost every time we found company with Archit. Archit is my college buddy. We are like brothers. Soon after our marriage, Jaya also took liking for him and got along well. We even had get together at each other’s places and stuff like that. Both Archit and Jaya were also becoming great friends and casual flirting, pecks on the cheek were pretty normal.
Last November we had to go to Udaipur for one of my cousin’s marriage. It was big fat indian wedding. Any ways when we were leaving, Natasha our daughter, wanted to spen more time with her grandparents and vice versa. So we decided to leave her with my parents for a couple of weeks. While heading back, when we were in Delhi, a thought occurred to me. Since we didn’t have Natasha to take care off, we could go on a short little weekend second honeymoon of sorts. When I told this to Jaya, she was game. We decided to head to Goa for three days. Immediately we booked a flight to Panjim were in Goa in a matter of hours. We were booked in a nice hotel at the Baga beach. While checking in, I ran into Archit. He was there with some of his office buddies for fun. Even though Jaya and I had thought of a little time together, we were delighted to meet him. Eventually as it turned out, Archit dropped all his plans with his friends, and partied with us.
The first place we hit was Tito’s. a very popular club in Goa. Drinks were flowing and all of us were having a good time. A couple of hours into the night, I was tired of dancing so Jaya being all enthusiastic of her dancing went onto the floor with Archit, while I sat at the bar. After a couple of dances, they returned and had more drinks and went straight back to dancing. A couple of songs later came a slow number. Immediately they were in an embrace and dancing like a couple. I have to admit I was a bit jealous, but let it continue as I thought it was harmless fun. With both of the drunk, the inhibitions were low, and Jaya just let it all go. Archit’s hands were roaming all over her ass, an she had her hands all over his back. When a fast track came on, he turned Jaya and held her ass at hiss crotch and was literally grinding her. At this point I thought that my wife would defiantly object and stop him. But to my utter surprise, she just arched her back and enjoyed. I was about to intervene but thought of letting it continue as I was confused, angry but at the same time horny. They didn’t leave the dance floor for another fifteen minutes, and when they were back I suggested that continue the party back at our plcace as the club was about to close. I thought that this would stop them, but I was wrong.
Just as were about to leave, Jaya tucked my arm and took me a quiet corner. There she told me what had happened, and that she was sorry. I told her that I knew as I saw it all and was glad that she told me. Being relieved I jokingly asked her if she did have a good time. To which she replied yes, and while looking down asked me if she could have a bit more fun. She promised that it will be only frisky dancing and nothing else. I looked into her eyes and saw that she was serious. So I agreed.
On the walk back to the hotel, Jaya had completely forgotten about me and was walking hand in hand with Archit. On reaching our room, Archit opened a bottle of wine, while Jaya started a romantic number. After gulping there drinks they were back in each other’s arms and were swaying to the music. I wasn’t even offered a drink. I just sat back and watched. Within minutes their hands were all over each other and groping each other shamelessly. His hands were now cupping her breasts and her ass. She was feeling his back and clutching his hair. He was nibbling at her ears and was approaching her mouth. With the blink of an eye, they were engaged in a deep smooch. Tongues rolling. All this while I was getting hornier by the moment. After about 5 minutes when they finally broke off, his hand went to her dress zipper. Jaya looked at me pleadingly, and I simply nodded. I wanted this to continue. With that she went wild, and passionately kissed him. Archit getting confident, unzipped her dress and let it fall, revealing her magnificent tits. He started mauling them, and Jaya was pushed in ecstasy as this was all very new to her, with her being only with me before. Now he started kissing her nipples and also slipped her thong down. My wife was now naked in front of my best friend. He just stood back and admired her for a couple of minutes. Saying how he wanted to see her naked from the first day he saw her…how incredible she was…and that he didn’t care whose wife she was, he would fuck her wild and how she was all his. To my utter shock, my wife said “oh yess…I am all yours…fuck me…fuck me in front of my husband…” with that he threw his pants away and thrust his 10′ cock in my wife’s pussy. She was stunned, and cried in pain at first, and pushed him out. She told him to go slow as she was not accustomed to a cock bigger than a mere 5′. While saying this she pointed at me, increasing my humiliation. With that she took hold of his cock, got on her knees, and started giving him head. After about a while of playing with his balls and giving him a blow job, Jaya stood up and led Archit towards the bed. Her nicely shaved pussy looked incredibly sexy and inviting. She lay on her back and pulled her thighs apart while offering herself to him. Even in the soft light of the room I could see that she was incredibly wet and her juices glistened around her horny cunt. Archit got on the bed with her and knelt between her thighs facing her. After admiring her cunt for a moment, he proceeded with his fingers leaned forward and spread her cunt lips exposing her swollen clitoris to his gaze and finger fucked her. I was rocked by the strange but erotic sight of my best friend exploring my wife’s pussy with his fingers for the first time. I remember the delicious shock that went through me as I watched him lower his face to her cunt and he began to eat her. She could finally stand it no longer straddled his cock and let it slip easily into her. She was so wet and ready that he penetrated her pussy without any difficulty this time. She gasped and moaned, riding him slowly with her hot pussy gripping his long cock. He licked and pinched her nipples extracting more moans. She move up and down on his monster of a cock, sliding easily as the head touched her G-spot with every thrust. All this while, she was so excited that she was screaming with pleasure. By this time my cock was out and I was wanking myself at the sight of mu wife getting fucked. When she looked at me, she exclaimed ” look that prick Archit so small…he has never filled me so much…gosh I love your cock….FUCK ME…HARDERR…HAAARDER…”. I knew she was about to come. Right on cue she yelled “oh I am cumming….cum in me…fill me with your sum…I want your cum in me…”. She came quickly after that with jolts of electricity running throughout her body. He spurted his cum deep inside of her still shaking pussy and they both collapsed together. All this while, I hadn’t thought of Archit riding her bare back.
After this they kissed like a passionate couple and Archit got dressed and left after thanking me. When I went to enjoy my sloppy second, my wife was passed out. I just wanked off and went to sleep.
The next morning when I woke up, jaya was already awake and was sitting in the balcony sipping coffee. When I approached her, she started sobbing uncontrollably and profusely apologized. I soothed her and told her it was fine and that I enjoyed it too. That calmed her down a bit and I went to have a shower. I was pondering over things to come, about our future, and about my friendship with Archit. When I came back, jaya asked me sit down with her and told me that she would like to continue. I agreed, as I enjoyed it as much as her. As soon as agreed she squealed with joy, and told me that from now on we had to lay ground rules.
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