New Neighbours

Nitin was trying hard to concentrate on his laptop, but the noise outside his door was just too distracting. He was a freelancing programmer who worked from home, while his wife went to office everyday. Being one’s own boss had a lot of advantages; You could keep your own timetable, you could work in your pajamas, and usually most apartment complexes are quite in the day time; But not today. People were shouting in an inderterminate langugae, and there was noises of heavy things being moved. He reaslised that he wasn’t going to get any work done, so he decided to go to the door and investigate.

As he opend his door, he saw that the opposite flat, flat #309, which had been closed for a long time, was open, and a few people were milling around moving luggage and furniture. There was a medium height man, with stout features and a beard giving orders. He looked to be the new owner of the flat. Nitin raised his hand and waved to him. That man waved back, and then came towards the door. As he moved, Nitin saw a woman in a burkha behind him, standing by the large french window.

Her positions was such that the sun was shining right behind her, and the light passed through her burkha, making it almost transparent. She hadn’t realised it, nor had anyone else, since it was visible only from an specific angle, and Nitin just happend to be standing there. Her burkha was basically useless. He could make out her curvy figure, as well as see that she had wide hips, and a slim waist. This was topped off by her round juicy boobs. Unfortuently, he couldn’t make out her face. All of this took just a single glance.

He didn’t want to be caught in an compromising position, and hence looked at the man, and made eye contact. “Hi, I’m Nitin, and I live in that flat” he said to that man, while pointing towards to his own door. “As salamalekum, I’m Abdul, and we’ll be moving in soon”. Nitin continued making small talk to Abdul, as he continuesly stole glances towards the burkha clad beauty by the window. He asked Abdul, as to who all would be moving in, and abdul told him, that only Abdul, his Mother, and Nushrat, his wife would be moving in. Abdul pointed to the burkha clad lady when he mentioned Nushrat. He took leave of abdul, and told him that he could contact him, if he needed any help. Just before leaving, he galnced back at her, and this time he saw the faint outline of a smile on her face. He felt that she noticed him checking her out.

Late in the afternoon, Nitin went to his Gym, where he exercised religiously every day. While coming back, he took the stairs. The buidling was so strangly built, then when you came up the stares, you could see into the open duct, and all the kitchen windows too opened up in the same duct. He was on his floor, and he looked into the window of Abdul’s Kicthen. He saw Nushrat working there, but this time without a burkha.

She was wearing a tight floral Slawar Kameez, and her long hair was open, down upto her round ass. She had a nice sweet face which was almost babyish. She couldn’t have been more than 22 years of age. He didn’t know how long he had stood there stairing at her, but soon she realised that someone was watching her and she looked straight into his eyes. He could see her start blushing, and her cheeks turned red. But he could also see her smile. She shyly turned down her face, and moved away from the window.

Nitin quickly got into his house, and realised that his cock was rock hard. Something about that woman was very hot. Maybe it was her innocence, maybe it was the taboo of checking out a burkha clad woman, or maybe it was just some novelty. All he was sure about, was that he needed to fuck Nushrat badly.

He wasn’t sure how he would do it, but he knew that he needed to get to know this family well, before he made his move. And for that, his wife would be the perfect person.

When his wife, Sangeetha, came in the evening, he just casually mentioned to her that they have new neighbours. He told her that their names were Abdul and Nushrat, and nothing further. Her womanly curiosity was aroused, and she wanted to know more. He used this opportunity to egg her on, to go and meet them. Once a Woman’s curiosity is aroused, it has to be satisfied, and both of them went out, and rang the doorbell of Flat #309.

Abdul opened the door, and took a second to recognize Nitin. Nitin said: “Namaste, this is my wife Sangeetha, and she wanted to talk to your wife and welcome her to our building” Before he could invite them in, Sangeetha, marched in straight to the kitchen, leaving the two men standing. They made more small talk, and ased each other what they did for a leaving. Nitin explained how he got client over the internet, and made websites and app for them while sitting at Home. Abdul was involved in import-export, and most of his clients were in Saudi Arabia. He often went there for long periods of time. He made a request to Nitin: “Bhaijan, me do-do mahino ke liye saudi jaata hu. Ghar pe koi Mard nahi hai. Meri maa budhi hai, aur usko sunayee-dikhaye nahi deta. Aap please ghar kha aur Nushrat ka khayal rakhna”. “Mein Nushrat ka bahut hi acha khayal rakhunga!!” Nitin thought to himself.

By that time Sangeetha had come out of the kicthen, similing and gigling with Nushrat. She was wearing the same salwar kameez from the afternoon. Abdul told her: “Koi bhi jaaroot pade to bhaijaan ke paas jaane se mat katrana. Woh to din bhar ghar pe his hote hai”

When Nitin and sangeetha, reached their house, she badly wanted to explain all the gossip and information that she had learnt. Abdul’s Mother was mostly bed ridden and was blind and deaf. Abdul’s marriage with Nushrat was over two years old, but they didn’t have a cild. Nushrat was evasive and was embarrased about why they hadn’t had children. And the biggest shocker was this : “Did you see how she was looking at you? I Think she has a crush on you. She also told me that aapke paati bahut his handome and well bulit hai. What magic have you done on her? ” Sangeetha humourously told Nitin.

Nitin ignored her sarcastic barbs, while a plan was forming in his mind. He knew how he would get Nushrat in his bed, and he had all the time in the world to do it.

Nitin was busy with work for a few days with his clients and projects, and the thought of Nushrat didn’t even pop into his mind. It was four or five days, on a Sunday evening, when the door bell rang. Abdul was standing out the door, with a smile on his face. Gone were his rough and dirty pathani. He was wearing a smart looking suit, and looked like he was going off somewhere.

“Mujhe Bhai Sahab se baat karni hai” he told Sangeetha, who had opened the door. Nitin welcomed him in, and he sat on the big leather sofa in front of him. Nitin reduced the sound of the FootBall match he was watching, so that they could talk. “Aap to ekdam Smart lag rahe ho aaj! Ky baat hai! Kahi jaa rahe ho?” “Haan! Riyaad se aaj hi ek bada order aya hai. Sheekh sahab ne milne ke liye bulaya hai. To agle teen mahino mein wahi rehna padega”. 

‘Aa things were falling into place!’ Nitin though. “Mere se kuch kaam ho to batna” he said. “No…No! Just remeber what I had told you about my house. Don’t mind if Nushrat comes and troubles you in the day time. Please uski madat kar dene” Abdul Replied. Nitin smilied, and gladly explained to him, that he had been called Bhi-jaan by Abdul, and would look after his house like a brother. 

The next morning, Nitin was still thinking about how to aproach this, when he needed some coffee. It was almost 10:30 in the morning, and without his coffee, he couldn’t think. He started to make coffee, when he saw that the sugar was over. While wondering what to do, a flash of genius stuck him. He picked up a bowl, and went and pressed the the bell of Flat #309

With the bowl in his hand, he walked over to that apartment, and rang the bell. his heart was beating, and he wasn’t quite sure how long he waited, but it took quite a bit of time before the door was opened. Nushrat was standing there, this time in a black & blue gown, and an hastily tied Hijab. Her initial expression was worried, but once she recognised Nitin, it eased, and a small smile crept up on her lips. 

“I’m sorry I took so long. I was in the bathroom, and I had trouble opening the door.” That’s when he realised that her hair was still wet, and her face was clean, and clear of all makeup. A freshly bathed woman if one of nature’s greatest beauty, one of its more purest, and definitely the most innocent. “Sab theek to hai na?” He asked. “Yes, Sort of. The door latch of the bathroom gets stuck sometimes. ” “Do you want me to have a look at that?” And without waiting for the answer, he marched into the house. She didn’t even hesitate, and just moved aside and pointed him towards the bedroom door, which was joined with the bathroom in question. As he walked into the bathroom, he saw that her bra and panties were still hanging inside. He quickly glanced at them, and was quite surprised. They were neither plain nor simple. They were quite ornate, and lacy, and probably very pricey. He certainly wasn’t expecting that she would be wearing such sexy lingerie. He closed the door from inside while she was outside. He could see that the latch was partly rusted, and just needed some lubrication. “Bhabhi, Bathroom mein tel hai kya?” He shouted. “Yes. It’s right there on the counter in the corner”. He stretched his hand, and got it. “Got it. Give me a minute.” He poured a little of that oil on the latch, and he needed to wait for some time for the oil to go inside the latch.

He decided to use this time to touch the Bra & Panty. He pull them off the hook, and smelt them. They were fresh, not yet worn. That mean that She was outside the door bra-less and without panties. This turned him on even more, and he put them back quickly. He now moved the latch, and this time it moved with ease. He moved it back and forth a couple of time to spread the oil, and then walked out into the room. She was standing away, near the big mirror, and his eyes went to her body. Even though the gown was shapeless, he could sort of make out her pointy tits through the dress. “Accha hua aapne mujhe bataya, warna agle time aap under fus jaati”.
She thanked him profusely, and they both walked out into the hall. He was behind her, and just wished that he could ram his rock hard cock up her backside. He told himself that this was a long game, and just needed some patience. As he was about to exit the main door, he remembered why he had come. The bowl was still on the table by the door, and he picked it up. “I had actually come to borrow some sugar. I was just about to make some coffee, and we have run out.” He said with a sheepish green. 

What all women find irresistible is to take care of a man. “See how Stupid I am. I didn’t offer anything to you, even though you were so helpful. I was just about to make some coffee, why don’t you sit and have some with me? ” He wasn’t sure whether she was really this innocent, and felt ok having Coffee alone with a strange man. So he decided to push her to the limit and see what happens. “No. No. It doesn’t look good. What will your ma-in-law think about having a strange man sitting in your living room talking to you?” He could see her face fall, and her smile dimmed away. Seeing this, he saw his chance, and continued: “I’ll tell you what. I’ll go back home. You make your coffee and get it over to my home. No one will know.” He smile brightened, and she said, “Yes that’s a good idea. I’ll come in 10 mins”

Nitin couldn’t believe his luck. Either she was really innocent, ignorant of the rules of society, or she also wanted something. Either way he was getting her in his net without much efforts.

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