neighbours wife Prema

I, Roy, was posted as medical officer in charge of an hospital. The only attraction of that place was that there were two quarters adjacent to the hospital for the occupation of the doctors. One big among them was occupied by me and another by my assistant Dr. Padmanabhan and his wife.

I was recently married and my wife, Liza was carrying third month. for the first six months we did not want any pregnancy and hence we adopted every pregnancy prevention methods. Later we allowed to go unprotected and there she was standing with a baby. My neighbour Padmanabhan’s wife, Prema, was very helpful to Liza and they were very close friends.

During morning sickness, Prema prepared food to suit to the taste of Liza and Liza was very much obliged to her. Even after two years of marriage they did not have any issues and they were very sorry about it. Prema used to chat with Liza to ask her how it happened. Was it the method or the time, or the length of the tool.

She used to persuade poor Liza to explain the entire sex act and Liza used to describe the entire act. When she told me that Prema used to extract infomation about our sexual routine I was furious. What business she has to know how we do it, whether she on top or I on top, or the length of my tool. One day Liza came with a foot scale to measure the length of my tool.

I was furious how much she can invade into our privacy. Once I thought of even shouting at Padmanabhan and ask him to tell his wife to mind her business and not to pock into our business. But Prema was unmoved. Though we dont meet each other face to face, I knew she spends most of her time in my house and she has the complete list of the porno CDs I possessed.

Some women have this uncanny talent of getting information. Prema is one such. Liza’s mother who is working in the local college asked Liza to be sent over for a few days for a change. She found our gynicologist inadequate and have Liza examined by her dear friend another gynicologist. Just for a month let me go, said Liza.

But what about my food, do you think I should go to a hotel for my food, I asked. NO, said Liza, Prema will give you food three times a day, of course vegetarian, but nice. Thank god, I will not die of starvation. What is the arrangement, will she bring it here or am I to go there to take food, I asked.

Dont worry, Prema will take care of everything and we have planned it perfectly. OK,ok, I said meakly. I had an old servant who used to prepare tea in the morning. She can prepare fish nicely, but Liza never used to allow her to cook for the reason that she is not clean. Liza used to bring tea to the bedroom. Having not found anything I went to the kitchen searching for tea.

My servant was preparing for tea and I got my tea. I asked her what are her plans for b/f. Prema aunty had promised to send Idli, sambar and churney for breakfast and asked me not to make anything. Nice soft idlis and hot sambar with coconut churney were very nice and I ate more than my usual quota. I took bath and left for my hospital.

In the noon when I came to my quarters for lunch, the aroma of nice fish curry was drifting in the air. Prema allowed the servant to prepare fish curry and the vegetable partof the food was brught by her. Evening snacks and night supper was all under the supervision of Prema and I had no problem wth my food at all.

On the third day when I went to the kitchen for tea, I saw Prema standng and preparing tea. Seeing her from behind I was shocked and was not dare enough to go and ask for tea. I tiptoed back to the drawing room and sat waiting for the tea to come. Prema had nice body features, raised ass and narrow waist and broad shoulders gave me good impression about her.

I had not seen her from front and hence I dont know her boob size and her facial features etc. Liza gave me a very good opinion about her. Finally Premaji came with tea. I looked at her face and asked what happened to the servant. She is on leave for two days since somebody in the family is sick. Ok I said. and the tea was fantastic.

Prema standing in front of me gave me very good impression. Her face looked like a carefully chiselled statue and her passionate eyes added more beauty to her face. She had a pair of medium boobs. He fair colur andcomplexion made me to look at her face for a long time. I asked her to sit with me and take tea. I said the tea is very good.

She sat in one of the chiars and sipped her tea. When she was sitting in front of me I did not get words to speak to her. After some time Prema seemed to have been reassured. When I was about to say something, she said dont worry. Liza has told me everything abut you and I will take care of everything. and looked into my face for a moment and left with the empty cups.

Usually after lunch I take a nap for about an hour before returning to the hospital. When I came for lunch, I found Prema putting fresh sheets on my bed and arranging articles on my bedroom table. All CDs were lying scattered and she stacked them with taste. All porno CDs she hid inside, other CDs according to the heroine or the hero she stacked.

When I entered she was shocked. She was clad in a nighty and she had kept a fresh pyjama for me to wear. What is this, even Liza does not do this much, I said. Flashing a satisfying smile Prema left the room. Se arranged food on the table and called me to come for lunch. I told her to sit with me and eat. She does not eat Non veg. food she said.

Take vegetarian, I said. Thus Prema came very close to me. She used to take my used undergarments for wash. She came into my bedroom when I am alone there. She sometimes came and stood near me to attend a telephone call etc. Once or twice my hand burshed against her body. Once for swallowing a pill she brought me a glass of water.

I extended the hand to take the glass from her hand. But while bringing water, her right toe got entangled with the border of her nightie and she tripped and was about to fall. I sprang to catch her before she hits the ground. My hand circled her and caught her around her chest and she did not fall. I told her nothing went wrong. Luckily I cought you.

My hands were pressed against her boobs and her body on rising was pressed fast agaisnt my body. I made her to lie down in my bed for relaxation for some time. I sat in the bed near her and watched her closely. Since she did not fall, thee was no fracture or bruice.

The only problem is that my hand which went around her bore her body weight and hence there may be bruises in her breasts. I asked her to show me the breasts just to see whethr there are any bruises. She unbuttoned her nightie and showed me her boobs. The nipples were erect. I touched her boobs and examined whether there are any bruises on them.

My examination went a little further than is necessary. My cock was already erect. Prema closing her eyes was ecstactic. Having set the ball rolling now the ball has to settle somewhere. I just took away my hands and was lying at a distance from her in the same bed watching her. She just closing her eyes waited for something to happen.

When nothing happened she opened her eyes and saw the situation. Her bare breasts and me watching her and both of us lying in the same bed was a very funny situation. What all doubts you have which you could not get clarified from Liza? I asked. She looked at me and then out of shyness covered her face with her hands.

I pulled back her hands and asked what about Padmanabhan, is he in staiton. She said no, he has gone to Madurai.When is he expected to come, I asked her. Only day after tomorrow, she said. Then come down in the evening and I will find answers to all your problems. But keep it secret and dont tell anybody.

After my nap I went to the hospital. Since there was not much crowd, I came away early. went to the quarters, bathed and put on the kurtha and pyjama. I saw Prema coming out of her quarters. Nicely made up in simple clothes, she looked elegant and beautiful. As she entered my drawing room I asked her to go to the bedroom and lydown.

I just thought for a while and went inside. She was there flat on my bed. I sat near her and asked what is the problem. She said she wants to get pregnant. What about Padmanabhan I asked. He cannot give me a child, she said. Why, I asked. He cannot satisfy me sexually. He still thinks that the god will give the child.

But unless the man and woman copulate the child will ever be born. OK, why this deficiency of Padmanabhan, did he ever get it examined, I asked. She said it is erectile dysfuction and then count of spermatoza is poor. Ok ok. why then he does not discuss it with me. He is shy, she said. What do you want, I asked. I want you to give me a child, she said bluntly.

Will I not be disloyal to my wife Liza, I asked. She said she had spoked to Liza and got permisson. Ok let me first examine you. I examined her abdoman and found that the uterus is in correct position. Overies also. I inserted my finger inside her vagina (pv) and her cervix was ok and healty. She had undressed completely and was lying totally nude in my bed.

Her pussy was recently shaved and was glistening in the evening light. Slowly I undressed under her careful eye. I removed my kurtha and then the vest and hung them in the hanger. I removed my pyjama and brief and hung them in the hanger. My cock was limp. I could sense her careful scrutiny of my cock. I went near her and sat on the bed while she was lying there.

I placed my hands on her boobs and gave them a small squeeze. I could see ghoosepimples all over her body. I lowered my face and kissed her on her cheeks and then placed my lips on hers. She was passive. I pulled her lower lip with mine and gave her a wet kiss. I kissed her on her neck and on her chest and then on her boobs and finally on her nipples.

She was moaning softly. I tingled her nipples with my tongue. I felt her hand going in search of my cock. She had lots of discussion with my wife Liza about the size of my cock. Her husband did not have a sizeable size and its girth also was small. Prema pulled at mine and was impressed by my size. She lifted her head and looked at it.

She got up and placed her head on my lap and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck with all force. Knowing her tastes, I just softly fucked into her mouth. My cock went deeply into her mouth and was tightly held by her by her lips and her tongue played with my cock inside her mouth. I kept my hand on her cunt and inserted my middle finger inside.

I searched for her clit and then went deep inside her hole. Entry of my finger inside her gave her new sensations and she opened her mouth widely to give out a cry. I got up and went and stood between her legs, pulled her legs to circle around me and then kept my erect cock on her cunt. There was no need for any foreplay since her cunt was wet and oozing.

She was sufficiently aroused and I have just do the act thats all. I asked her shall I insert inside your cunt. She said yes, but be careful, dont be too fast. I said dont worry. I inserted my cock inside her cunt and pushed it in. There was difficulty in the entry. It was like an unmarried girl having for the first time. There as resistance from all the vaginal muscles.

I told her to relax and I pulled back my cock and inserted fresh and by jerks I try to put in. It took more than 15 minutes to make a full entry. In the meantime I stimulated her clit, kissed her on her boobs, and finally my entire cock was inside her cunt. I fucked her in slow shots, Every time my cock entered she gave out a cry of pleasure. I slowly increased the speed.

The thrust was fast and powerful. She was on the throngs of a powerful orgasm. Her face contorted and she pulled me unto herself and hugged me tightly. Her boobs pressed tightly against my hairly chest and my hip fucking her furiously. Finally to coincide with hers I too had my orgasm. My cum was shot inside her in powerful sprouts.

She closing her eyes was moaning loudly. I continued to pump her and brought her to a second orgasm. She kissed me on my mouth and all over my body. Finally I got up and wiped my cock on her towel. She got up and ran to the bath room to clean herself. She then came back and then relaxed on the bed. I too waited for hearing her comments.

She said she never had so much of sex in one act. She never had so much of an orgasm, Kissing me on my cock, she said it is source of all pleasure and needs to be thanked. Embracing me she said she is thankful for giving very valuable moments in her life.etc. Laughingly I told her that she had cheated on her husband and I cheated on my wife.

The remaining days were full of sex. She came prepared for sex. We started the day fucking and then during the day time we fucked and in the night time also we fucked. When my cock refuses to get erect she cajols it by sucking. This went on for 3 weeks till my wife came. I did not tell my wife anything about what happed with Prema. It seems she had told everything.

Liza in the evening took a serious face and asked me how dare you fucked my best friend. I was taken aback. I was fumbling to find a suitable answer. Liza burst out laughing and consoled me that what I had done is good. Prema was extremely happy and expect to bear your child. In the noon Perma came and Liza and Prema entered my bed room and wanted to have a joint session.

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