neighbouring lady Savitha

My experience has been shocking as regards a woman is concerned. Her sexual apetite is very important to her and if her husband is not able to fulfil her desires fully, she will go elsewhere in search of fulfilment. Depending upon her urge and urgency, she will go to any extreme to seek sexual gratification. Here is an example.

In the housing complex where I lived there lived a lady just two flat ahead of mine on the same floor. She was happily married, with a handsome husband and a son aged about 7 years. I used to watch them from my balconey, very affectionate family. They did not seem to be having any financial difficulty.

Savitha, let us call her, about 25 years of age, very beautiful, well disposed off in her physical features, must have got up early in the morning to finish off her household chores, sent her son to the college in the college bus when it comes in front of the complex, She sent her husband at 8.30 am to his office with all endearing words.

Withing 15 minutes she gets dressed up with a carrybag in her hand, looking as if she is going to do some shopping in the mall, she comes out rushes out. She comes back only by about 12.30 or 1.00. There was a mystery shrouded around her. She recognized me as a neighbor and smiled at me when meet, never talked.

I stayed alone in my company flat, had flexible timings and can go and work for 8 hours and return. I am Mani (concealing my real name) 25, did my BTech and MBA. they pay me a five digit salary, flat with a car. I am not married and just enjoy being available in the matrimonial market, with occasional swings with my colleagues and their friends.

But Savitha with all mystery shrouded around her kept my attention. Sometime, she wore her thin cotton blouse without any bra and her boobs gave a wonderful look with all their hardness. Similarly she just wore her pettycoat without any panty and saree carelessly wound around her ass.

I decided to follow her one day and went after her outing to her shopping trip.. She boarded the metro travelled two statiions, got down and came back by bus and the went to another housing complex and travelled in the lift and entered an apartment. I got friendly with the watchman and asked him who stays in the apartment into which Savitha went.

Watchman said it is Mr. Thomas stays alone and is having night duty on most of the days and sleeps during day time. I thanked him and came away andwaited for Savithaji come back. After two hours she came down, did not see me, went to the bus stand and boarded the bus and went to the farther metro station boarded a train and reached home. I had to run to keep pace with her.

She bought some vegetable from the street vender and carried home. I waited for some time and went to her house and knocked her door and rang the bell. She must have been surprised at the unusual caller. She shouted from inside her house, “WHO”. She came and opened the door with wet towel around her head and with her dress very carelessly thrown over her.

Seeing me she was shocked. I just pushed the door and went inside and sat in the sofa and looked at her. She sat opposite to me and asked me what isthe matter. I told her, Savitaji, my name is Mani, and I stay in the company sponsored flat in this floor just two flats ahead this.

I am unmarried and have great taste for beautiful ladies. I found you to be very fascinating both in the facial beauty and physical beauty. I have been trying to get in touch with you for the past two months, but was successful only today. I know you have lot of friends in the city and you visited your friend in another part of the city just now.

I am not here to pass judgements about your action, but only put up my case and request you to take me into your close circle of friends. Either I can come to your flat when your husband goes away for work or you are free to come to my flat to come to my house. She was looking at me in great surprise. how you have collected so much information about me, do you want to blackmail me.

I said no,no, please dont think so. If you decline me I will go to some other pastures without carrying any grudge against you. Once just once please give me a chance to meet you in my bedroom or in your bedroom, I will certainly prove my worth. I gave her my phone no. and collected hers. She said she will think about it and call me.

She asked me to go back to my flat as her work woman is expected shortly. I went back. Afternoon she called me and asked me whether she may come to my flat. She came and without much introduction I took her to my bedroom and slowly I undressed her. She wore only a nightie and nothing underneath. I too had only a lungi.

I pushed her to my bed and I lied near her and started to kiss her cheeks and smoched her neck and behind ears. Her boobs were standing erect it was a pleasure to knead them softly. My cock was in full erection. She asked me why you were spying on me. I said you were my dream girl and I wanted to get to know you, hug you and fuck you. I want to lick your entire body, shall I.

She smiled and said yes, I got up, licked her face, neck and breasts, nipples, abdomen, belly button, her pussy was clean shaven, I licked her entire pussy and then dug my tongue tip deep into her pussy and searched for her clitoris. Savita was overwhelmed and was moaning and hissing. I licked her clitoris and slowly pulled it with my lips and sucked it softly.

Savita went crazy and was pressing my head into her pussy and asking for more. I then licked her thighs. Savita said you are a divine lover. What amount of pleasure you give. How about your husband and lover. She said my husband is too busy to find time to fuck me. I dont have any lovers. I went there to meet a class mate of mine from whom I had borrowed some money.

Come on let us continue, otherwise the heat will be lost. She took my cock in her hand and said this is too big. She kissed it, licked it and opened her mouth wide and tried to take it in. But her mouth was small and even it could not accommodate a fraction of my cock. Her cunt fluids were flowing freely and made my thighs wet.

I asked her to straddle me and fuck me from top She said no, she has no experience. She will lie down and I have to fuck her from her top. She lied down and opened her legs wide. It was indeed a beautiful scene, a beautiful girl, with big boobs and big ass, legs open and her cunt is also open. I told her to open her cunt lips with her fingers.

I got on her and put my cock at the entrance of her fuckhole. She held it with her hand and put it in the proper place so that I may move it in. Her hole was tight and my cock went in with great difficulty. I did not want to make haste and finish the fuck faster. After ten or twelve strokes, I rolled over and made her to come on top. Her boobs were pressed against my chest.

She got up with my cock fully embedded inside her with her either legs on my either side. I asked just to lie down on me and make a swimming motion. Her body moved forward and backwards. My cock came out pressing against her clitoris and went back into her hole. Savita was moaning an shouting with pleasure.

But before I could reach climax, her cunt was pulsating with a massive climax and she was panting. I fucked her from bottom to top with strong stokes and I too came to my climax soon. My jizm sprayed into her hole in strong spurts, enhanced her pleasure.

She kissed me on my cheeks and then got up to go to the bathroom and told me that this is the maximum pleasure she ever gotin sex. She stayed back in my house for one more hour and we fucked again. She got dressed and went back promising that she will come back in the night. There was a gentle knock on my door at 11 pm and Savitha was there.

Putting her husband and son to sleep she came again seeking sexual pleasure. She then told me that one of her friends wanted to have sex with me whether I am agreeable for that. She said her friend is staying alone in the same complex and her husband is abroad.

She wanted to have sex with somebody who is trustworthy. Savita said she will come on the following day in the morning to my flat and I can talk to her. I agreed. My next sex experience in my next post.

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