neighbourhood aunty Shalini

It is about 14 years ago when I was only 16 so I forget some conversation during that time and also sorry readers I am so much poor in English so many times I will write in Hindi version.

Therefore mujhe khud bhi yaad nanhi ke kab se main ladkion ke taraf attract hua but I always masturbating to fantasies our neighbor ladies and girls who were elder to me, and where we are staying, there are not so much houses and that area just going constructions and developed and just 4-5 families are there in radius of 1 k.m area… so that all are closely attached like familiar.

In the mean time A new family was came to stay in a new building that are Suresh (35 years-state bank of India employee), Salini (24 years-house wife), and their 2 years daughter… both are very good by nature and in just one month they also attached with all the families and my family is very closely attached with them so always Salini aunty

( name changed) come to our house at 4 p.m with her child and gossip with my mother… but I have no bad intension for her… so I always go to play when she was came because my mother was busy with her…time passed one day my mom says to me to go her home for give some small fish curry that suresh uncle loves small fish curry.

I was gone their home with curry and rang the bell so salini aunty came and open the door in that moment how my eyes goes on her boobs I don’t know and she was wearing white saree and black blouse and no bra for sun rays I can see her boobs through the black blouse and some air passed from my heart because I never see any boobs before physically…

it is not full visible but white something like ball through blouse and in trembling voice I said aunty mom ne uncle keliye fish curry bheja hai…Salini: thik hai andar ajao, Me: mujhe kuchh kam hai main baad mein aunga then I suddenly come back to home and I am very much excited to see the boobs and when I reach home I immediately go to the bathroom and masturbate.

From that day I have developed my wants to c her boobs and when she comes my home at 4 p.m I never goes to play so I play with her daughter at home and want to see her boobs once more but I have no chance… she is very careful about wearing of saree so I failure always…one month passed like this and one day in a Sunday morning my mom said Rahul tumhe ajj raat ko salini aunty ke yanha sone jana hai,

ME: kyun mom, MOM: kyun ke ajj uncle unke native village jane wale hai so aunt akeli hai na, ye sun ker mujhe laga ki bhagwan ne meri sunli lakin wese jhoot moot bola ki main nanhi jaunga mujhe unke ghar nind nanhi ayega…Mom: are ek hi raat ki baat hai…uncle kal aa jayenge,…

ye sun kar main socha nanhi toh chance chala jayega toh ME: toh thik hai main sone keliye chala jaunga… and I thanks to god many times and wait for that night… lakin ye din hai ki khatam hi nanhi hota tha… mujhe laga ki duniya jabse hai ajj sabse bada din hai ki khatam hi nanhi ho raha…

finally raat ho gaya aur 9 p.m main salini aunt ke yanha pahuncha and rang the bell and I saw there is salini aunty in front of me with a colorful saree then she invite me to her bed room where her child is playing with toys and TV is on so I sit on a chair and saw the TV then after 15 min salini aunty comes to room with two full bowl of ice-cream because

this is the time of summer so I gladly accept that and talk casually which is not remember but one thing she said tumhare uncle every Sunday ko unke gaon chale jate hai aur pehele rakesh(another neighbor’s servant) bahar khatia daal ke so jata tha per usne naukri chhod diya then she said Rahul I arranged ur bed in next to my bedroom If u want to c TV

for some time then it’s ok agar nind ayega toh sone chale jana… mujhe thoda nahane janaa hai… in between her daughter goes in deep sleep and salini aunty worked in her kitchen… toh maine TV band kerke paas wale kamre mein chala gaya lakin mujhe nind nanhi aya kyun ke main salini aunty ko dekhna chahata tha after bath…

so I wait for around 10 min then she went to bathroom then I run to bathroom door immediately but there are no hole to see anything and when I just back to move, salini aunty open the door and said what happen ? what do u want? I am getting very nervous and in trembling voice said I want to use toilet…

and now frnds I want to describe salini aunty because now she is in front of me only in one saree and her half naked arm with dropped water body standing in front of me…she is looking fair in complex, slim and black long hair up to hips and 32-28-36 and she is 5′.5″ tall and her lips like red rose patels and her eyes like deer’s eyes and after bath she looks like diamond on a white paper,

after see all this I gonna crazy and went to bathroom and masturbate. then when I came to room I saw she is in front of mirror and spread powder on her neck and back and frnds her bare back is now in front of me and I am going to die now it is looks like plane carom board with plenty of powder and I want to play with my striker then I go to my room and switch of the

light and want to masturbate but my pennies not standing again after 5 min of masturbate so I am rubbed my pennies on bed again and again and finally some water came from my pennies and I relaxed about hours but mujhe nind nanhi aa raha tha then I got up from bed and go to her room and saw dim power light and she sleep deeper and her smooth white body laying

on bed with only one saree looks like koi bhuke bhediye ke samne pura rasoi kiya hua gosh rakh dia ho… ek min keliye meine sochaa ki ab main iski boobs pakad ke choos leta hoon dekha jayega jo hoga lakin I have control on my self and socha agar main aisa kerta hoon wo jaroor mere gahr mein bol degi aur khana khane se pehele maad pad jayegi alag…

then apne apko control kerte hue bahar aya aur again wahi main aur meri laund after some time when I slept I don’t know? when I awake I saw suresh uncle playing with his child then he says good morning and thanks to me in that time aunty give me a cup of coffee then I go to washroom and fresh then come to hall and we all 3 sit on dining and enjoy coffee and with

casual talk like my reading and about her child then I came back to my home and hole days passed think about prev night and I saw her at 4 p.m and we also chatted for some time from that day we used to chat everyday for 5-10 mins then again Sunday came and I go to her home for sleep and again same like prev but chatted for half an hour and after that main aur meri laund…

I used to masturbate almost 2-3 time every Sunday night… sometime with her bra & panty which is in washroom and it will continue for 3-4 month then one Sunday night she said me : Rahul now ur duty is for 7 days because ur uncle going to village for 8 days for dispute about land matters so plz come in every night to sleep, mujhe mano kuchh nasa sa chagaya ab

mujhe laga kuchh hoga then I am very happy in that night and chit chat for some time and want chat about sex but she always avoiding such type of conversation then finally come to my room and in mid night around 3 a.m I went to her room and she was in deep sleep and I saw her figure carefully and arrange courage in me and slowly I touch her boobs on the saree by

one figure and some hot air shrived in my body then I came back to room and kiss my finger for half an hour phir wahi main aur meri laund and sleep then morning I get up and see salini aunty coming from bathroom after bath and in this time her nipple is visible on saree so my manhood going raise so immediately went near wash basin and wash my face then I said to her that I am

going now then she replied today u have to come in night… I said ok bye, then I go back to home and waiting for night then in night I go to her room and chit chat sometime but she never give me any clue for sex topic so I am very disappointed and like this 7 days goes and in 8 days I went to her home and she is wearing a black saree and looks like so pretty and she

invite me to see a movie on national television and movie in romantic then I sat on her bed and she just beside me then lights off because her child to sleep then we watched movie and I slowly moved my hand and touch her butt but she has no reaction first time I touch her when she is awake then slowly I rubbed my hand and moved slowly on her lap but I think she is very

much busy to see the film so she does not react anything then I slowly moved toward her bare belly when I touched her belly she moved her head towards me and get up and said it is too night we have to sleep now and I afraid to see her reaction so immediately I went to my room and switch off the light and pretend like sleep then after 30 mins around she came to my room

and switch on the light but I pretend like sleep and she stands about two or three min then switch off the light and go back to her room but I am sure that now she knows my intension so I am very afraid to think about it what will she do tomorrow when her husband come so after hours I decided to say her sorry for my behavior so I got up and went to her bedroom and this

time I got crazy to see her that in deemed light her boobs visible clear to me and her saree slipped little bit and she is not wearing blouse or bra and I cannot control myself to touch that then slowly I moved my hand and touched her nipple in my one finger and back to come but I never come and think there If she will said to her husband about touch her belly then I never

came again to her home so this is the last opportunity what I will do then I arranged my courage and slowly sit in floor and open my mouth and in the same time my right hand on her left boob and in one time I grabbed her left boob and my mouth on her right boob and suddenly she wake up and said what are you doing Rahul? but I am busy for sucking her boobs and

touched her bare body as much as possible then she stood up and ran to the hall and said to me plz leave me my child is in deep sleep and she awake plz don’t do this plz leave me but I never want to heard anything and I keep her one hand and take to her in my room and bolt the door and she is in one saree only and she praying me again and again plz leave me but I m in

mood to do something today…then I grabed her both hand and hug between my arm closely she still says plz leave me but I am turn into devil so I repeatedly touch her all body anxiously and want to release her saree from her body but she resist as her stamina then I leave her and open my t-shirt and boxer and I am stand nude in front of her and she moved her face to other side….

Now Frnds I am going to describe about me… I am about 5′.6” tall (in that time), fair in complex built up body, wide chest, & fully erect 6 inch long and 2.5 inch thick laund ( now) standing in front of a sexy and beautiful lady… agar aur koi ladki hoti toh abtak mera laund uske munh me hota per usne mudke dekha bhi nanhi…

then I caught her waist and kiss her madly in her neck and she resist me as much her stamina then finally I take her to bed and my mouth on her boob and she beat me as her power but I am busy to do my work then I slowly kiss on her belly and touch her pussy forcefully in my right hand but after some time I fell she also enjoying but now show in her face then she said Rahul plz wait and listen me…

then I stopped and see her eyes…some tears are the corner of her both eyes and she said last time I will say plz leave me, this is too much or u can do as ur like I never tell u anything…I said her plz aunty give me this chance to do and believe me I never tell anyone nor again do it with you…

plz aunty plz this is 1st and last then she said as ur wish u do anything u want but it is not good for you…and she layed there as a wood and I am suck her boobs and kiss all her body part in between just one time I listen her small moan…aaahhh…. then I saw her face kiss her lips madly but she never open her teeth at all…then slowly now my hand on her lap now and want to lift her saree to waist…

then I listen her voice plz don’t do it plz plz plz but I am in heaven when I reached her pussy then I rubbed her pussy gently and whisper in her ear plz anty just give me one chance I never do it again…but she resisted as much her power with big NO…NO…NO… I have no idea what to do so I grabbed her right boob in my teeth and she screamed in pain and open her legs now

I am in between her both legs and my manhood ready to starve and she mummer plz mujhe chod do plz rahul aisa mat karo but I decided to do it so I touch her pussy and try to push my laund in her pussy but it slid all the times then finally I picked her both leg like vase and open her clit in my both index and thumb the put my laund there and press as per my stamina and

a loud voice came from our both mouth…and I screaming with pain and took my laund back and saw that blood is flowing from my peniss so I afraid…actually I am virgin but at that time I do not know about it and its paining so much and she stand there and see to me and said achha hua aisa hi hona chahiye tha main usse request kiya plz aunty plz help me then she

take me to bathroom and said to wash my pennis and she go to the kitchen and give me some warm water and told to wash with warm water and gave me some water for drink and it is almost going to morning so I am afraid of for my behavior so I went to that room and wear my clothes and said to open the door and she did what I say and lastly she said me it is not to

worry u lost ur virginity today and take care but tumne ajj jo kiya main tumhe itni asani se nanhi chhodungi…tumko iska saja jaroor milegi…but my mind is at my peniss and I am also afraid for my behavior so I went to my uncles house from morning and came at evening before go to home I send one of the my good frnd for searching the situation of my home then he

came back and said everything is all right then I went to home and feel the situation that usne kuchh bhi kaha nanhi lakin mera laund ka dard gaya nanhi tha so mene mom se kaha ki plz mom mujhe thoda garam pani chahiye aur apne laund ko achhi tarah se saaf kiya aur khana khake so gaya ….uske agle din 4 p.m wo nanhi ayi main chhupke intazzar kerta raha…

per wo nanhi ayi…and she did not came for 3 days and on 4ht day my mummy said me to go salini aunty home and see what happened ? why she does not come ? I am scared to hear it and said plz u go n ask her I am going to play…then after 5 minute I saw my mummy went to her house and I am getting afraid and hide myself…

after half an hour I saw my mummy and salini aunty (with her baby) both came towards our home … but frnds really I am feeling fever to see them both, till that time I am hiding myself nearby tree and some sweat out from my fore head then I fell after sometime that everything is normal and usne abhi tak mummy ko kuchh bhi kaha nanhi hai…and in that night I asked mummy what happened?

Why salini aunty does not came? Mummy said she had getting fever and now it is ok… then I fell she never tell anyone for that night … anyhow Sunday is came and in night mummy said to me kya tu abhi tak nanhi gaya hai … it is around 10 p.m …then I prepared myself to say sorry her for my behavior and walk towards her house and I reached there and rang the bell and after

one minute she came and open the door but she does not said me anything and go to her bed room and locked the door from inside and in guilty heart I gone to the room where I was slept. But after around 1 hour I am felling sleepy then the door is opened of my room and I saw salini aunty is there at door and she came to my bed and take a chair and sat near to bed and in my boxer

I sat on bed with head down and she asked me … tumne mere saath aisa kyun kiya? U have to tell rahul ? maine kya bigada tha tumhra … this questions bring the courage in me and I said her maine job hi appke saath kiya hai uss keliye main bahat sarminda hoon per aunty mujhe nazane apse kaise pyar ho gaya main nanhi janta aur app jo bhi mere bare mein sochte hai

mujhe usse koi fark nanhi padta aur ajj bhi apko keheta hoon ke main app se bahat pyar kerta hoon…itne mein wo rone lagi… aur main daar gaya and unke dono haton ko pakad ke bola plz aunty mat royiye mujhse jo galti go gayi usse bhul jayiye aisa kabhi bhi dobara nanhi hoga and iss tarah se mene unko mere paas khinch liya and now she is on the bed and dhire se main

unke ankon se asu pochhne laga and some time I touched her lips intentionally but she is still crying then I take her face in my both hand and kissed on her lips and she does not resist me anymore and finally I fell she also smooching my lips passionately and after some time she broke the kiss and hug me tightly and crying then I said her to sit on the bed and go to the

fridge and give some water then asked her what happen why she is crying…then she started her sad story how she is lonely? what feelings I gave her? and about her marital life and about her husband’s kept… then I know why her husband goes to her village every Sunday because for her kept and I astonished to listen everything from her then I kissed her lips

and she hug me again tightly and said thanks and love you… when I heard love you from her mouth I was in heaven and after how we are engaged in our sex game I will write shortly…. so readers plz excuse me for my behavior and mistakes in story and give me courage to post my 2nd part story…thank you…From:-Rahul.

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