Neighbourhood aunty Kajal Sinha

Story is lengthy, as I need to tell you each and everything in detail that took place in my life. This is definitely sexual occasion and exciting for you all but for me it is my love story rather than just sexual experience. Let me start with introduction, myself Arjun(name changed for obvious reason) mechanical engineer in shipyard and have been drawing handsome salary.

28 years old and engaged 4 years back and going to marry in February this year itself. Shipbuilding industry had selected me in campus interview during my course, as a production engineer before completing my engineering. I had to go to Mumbai, as it was a Mumbai based shipyard. It was my first job so I was quite excited and went to Mumbai.

My whole family came to railway station to see me off as I hail from small city of Gujarat. I reported in my office and passed whole day in office to be familiar with all colleagues. There was no accommodation arrangement for my staying, as company had not provided me any lodging. I had to stay in cheap guesthouse, as I do not know how long I had to stay in guesthouse; I do not how to arrange accommodation for myself.

After office hours, I stated searching for rented house and luckily, after a week I was successful to get my rent house at Thane in Mira road with help of broker. It was 1BHK on third floor. Each floor has four apartments. My apartment number was 304. There was three other family staying in same floor. I was never keen for knowing which families are there.

I shifted my baggage in flat from guesthouse. There is a restaurant next to my flat and I was going there for dinner every night. After two days or so when I was at my flat in the evening and having my drink, let me tell you, I was having drink everyday as I came from dry state so for me it was awesome to get and have drink so simply.

It was around 8 o’clock and someone knocked at door, I was scared and wondered who was there? Hurriedly I hide my drink and bottle too as I was thinking there might be my proprietor comes to meet me. I opened a door and there was woman standing there. I said hello to her and asked what I can do for you as I am knew to here and no one knows me.

She introduced herself to me and informed that she is my neighbor. She told me that there is only one water connection working between two apartments and it was mine as she has a problem with her connection and had been using my water connection for her daily use as both the apartments belongs from the same owner and she had my key with her till I shifted to my flat.

Our apartments were adjacent. She was living in 303. I said her, I have no problem and you can use it until you got your own connection repaired. She thanked me and requested me to give my key to her when I go to office. I said okay and she went to her house.

Let me tell you about her, as she is the queen of the story. Her name is kajal sinha (real name) she originally hails from Bengal. A bit of details about her. She is rather short, but has a gorgeous body. Her measurements were 38-25-38. She was 49 years old living alone beside my residence with her two kids.

She took divorce from her alcoholic husband who abused and bitted her daily, which I came to know later. She has a daughter and a son 25 years and 23 years old respectively. Her son was doing odd job to support his family and her daughter studying in CA final year. She (Kajal sinha) was also doing a job in orthopedic hospital as assistance and the hospital was in our society at the end of the corner.

Actually this was the main reason why she worked in orthopedic hospital as an assistance with very low salary because she can visit her home whenever requires as her daughter was most of the time at home after her college. Family was very simple and sober.

I used to give my key to her when I go to office so she can use my water connection. I knock her door when I come to home from office and her daughter (Disha name changed) used to give me my key back. That was routine, I did not see her after first incident and never wanted to see her again as I was busy in my scheduled.

My office time was 9 am to 5 pm after office hours I used to spend time at home as I had no friends in new city rather I was not keen to make new friends. Days were passing normally and I settled with my first job and was very happy the way life was going on. After about 15 days, I saw her at general provision store as I went there to purchase magi.

Magi are the ultimate food for bachelor. I ignored her but she said hello and I replied with same way and we parted away. I went into restaurant and had my dinner, which was just next to my flat but at ground floor and provision store situated near restaurant. Again, after few days, we met in the same situation she was at store to purchase food grain and I was there for magi.

There were many people and very crowed so I had to wait for my turn and it for her. She smiled at me and asked me, are you having magi everyday (kya roj tum magi hi khate ho?) I smiled back and replied no but I used to keep it with me because sometimes I become hungry in middle of the night and magi would be survivor for me.

She asked few questions about me like what I am doing here. Where are you from? What kind of job are you doing? However, in replied I did not ask any question to her. That was our third meeting. Two months passed like that meantime, she got her water connection repaired now there is no need to give key to her whenever I go to office.

At night, she came my home to inform me. Again I was having my drinks and door knocked at about 9 pm. I was sure that it was she. I opened the door after hiding my drink glass. She smiled at me and informed, her connection has repaired so now onwards I can keep my key with me and there is no need to give my key to her and thanked me.

She got sense that I was drunk as I could make this out from her behavior and the way she was looking at me and went back to her home but I was not bothered. After a week or so same situation has took place again as if I was drunk, she knocked my door I opened it. I looked at her and asked what happened? She looks tensed and hesitates to speak to me.

However, I was keeping silence, as I did not want to speak, because I was drunk. She uttered a word after a pause and asked me are you busy?. I said no. I asked her be comfortable, there is no need to hesitate you can ask me anything as I was thinking that she might need my house’s key again.

However, I was wrong, she told me that is there any vacancy in your company for her son as her son lost his job in bar as a waiter. I asked her his qualification for which she said that he does not have any education qualification just ninth passed. I told her that I will try and will inform you accordingly. She thanked me and went back to her house and I resumed my drink.

I checked in my office but there was no work for her son, as he does not have qualification. Moreover, my company does not recruit anyone without getting approval from management and I was aware of the fact still I tried. At 9 pm, I went to her house, as I know that she came home late from work. I knocked her door, as there was no ring bell in our apartments.

She opened the door, she invited me into her house but I refused and told her that I came to inform you that there is no job for her son. She was disappointed but still thanked me for my effort. I came back to my house and have my drink, as it was routine for me to have three pegs of drink everyday and then go for dinner in restaurant. Two week passed like that.

I was remembering it was Sunday and I was watching WWE and door was knocked again I knew who knocked my door. I opened it and she was there. I never asked her to come into my house as I think it was odd to ask her because I was living alone. Before I speak to her anything, she uttered words with unstable voice, can you lend me Rs.2000?

She had to pay exam fees for her daughter and Monday was the last day. I gave her money and she told me that she would return it after some days and I told her there is no emergency. She thanked me and went to her house.

After that incident, I had started thinking about her family and her financial status and started wondering about her husband as I never seen him with them. Somehow, I knew that her son is still inactive and sitting home idle.

Next day onwards, I started looking job for her son and really wanted to help her at least I should find a job for him. It was very difficult but I did not give up. Being a production engineer, I had to deal with various contractors who worked in our shipyard.

There was a contractor, who worked in Machinery system and I was looking after that department. Work had almost done by the contractor for all machinery for particular ship. They came to me for work done certificate and I started troubling them, and create out some query and asked them I would not sign work done certificate until they attended query.

Actually, I was very much aware that technically it would not possible to attend query being at final stage. I was in confidence that they will ask for my kindness and at that time, I shall ask them to return favor. As expected second day, they came to me, started convincing me technically, and asked me they will not repeat this mistake in next machinery compartment but I strictly denied for my support.

They are about to meet my seniors and I understand that. It was the right time, I should tell my demand to them. I asked them I would sign work done certificate and expedite process to send invoice in account department but in return, they have to give a job to one of my friend. They agreed as for them, it is not big issue to give a job to any person. as there is no need to give appointment letter or any other formality.

It was unsafe job and salary count on present days. They told me, in fact, they required a person in their store department to issue material but it was a night job. I said no problem. Finally, I arranged a work for her son and went direct to her home and I found that she did not come home from her job as her shift end by 8:30 pm.

Her son was there and I told him, I have arranged a job for you and you can join by tomorrow night. I explained his work and came back to my home. I kept my door opened deliberately as I know when she comes home; she would come to my house to meet me and apparently for thanked me. As expected, she came to my home around 9 pm. Door was open.

She saw me and directly come to drawing room where I was watching TV. I welcomed her and offered a chair to sit. I knew why she came; hence, I did not ask the reason and had waited her to speak. She begun by saying thank you for arranging a job for her son and I replied there is no need to thank me, as it was my duty to help you being a neighbor.

I asked her would you like to have tea or coffee. She denies anything to have as it was her dinnertime and dinner was almost ready. It was very awkward moments as she had nothing to speak nor I had. She kept sitting silently for 2 minutes or more and then I broke the silent. I asked her, ‘may I ask you something if you do not mind’.

She said you may ask, I asked her, where is your husband, I have never seen him with you. This question in my mind since long time but I did not ask her as I have had not got such a moment to ask her. Her mood change suddenly and I got hint that I hit where it hurt her. Immediately I told her it is okay if you do not want to talk about him.

She said it’s okay and started telling me her story as if she got married long time back and her marriage was not good and how her husband and his family torture her during the time when she was with them. How she took divorce after lots of efforts as her husband and his family did not want to divorce her. However, somehow they succeed in breaking the marriage with help of relatives and advocate.

I was listening, the way I used to listen, my teacher when I was in college. Meantime she became emotional and about to cry, I understand situation and changed the topic by saying it was not in your hand to keep the marriage happy and you are not alone in the world that faces such bad situation. I even encouraged her that how she bravely handles her family being single woman in city likes Mumbai.

Conversation was about 30 minutes long or so and she excuses me that now she should go as it was my dinnertime and I had to go to restaurant for the dinner. She went to her house and I went for dinner but I started keep thinking about her and her family problems through I did not want to think about her but somehow it strike my mind. My heart starts showing sympathetic for her and I slept thinking about her.

Still that very moment I have never think about sexually and never think about wrong way. Through she has sexy body. She has big pair of boobs but the sexiest part was her ass, what a big ass she possesses. Only minus point was, she was short heighted but not too short.

Next day evening her son joined a work. Her behavior started changing towards me and she became more open to me. Every night after coming home, she comes to my home to say formally hello to me and sometimes even spend time at my flat watching TV and chit chatting.

There were many incidents happened during that time which brings us closer as friends. We started teasing each other, amused and shared comic story. We were like friends. Many times, she comes to my flat with her daughter, as both were alone, as her son had to go for job at nighttime only. Two or three time she brings a food for me even after my disapproval for that.

Her daughter and she became very friendly with me after spending reasonable time and we were like family. Neither she nor her daughter hesitates to visit my flat as we were living alongside each other. However, her son was not that much friendly with me because he was working in my company for contractor and I was engineer there so he always used to address me sir.

One month passed like that. One fine night she came to my house to return me Rs.2000, which she borrowed from me for her daughter’s exam fees. She told me that today her son gave her a salary and it was quite good amount and asked me to take back my money. I told her there is no need to give me money back and I refused to take it back.

She asked me to take back but I was in no mood to take this back. Lastly, I convinced her that I gave this money for my family and I should not take this money back. She told me that you have already done so much for us; I told her it was okay. Nevertheless, she was in no mood to listen me. She keeps insisting me to take this money back.

I told her that I would not take this money back as you are like my family members. I asked her not to force me now as I am giving this money to my one of family member, which is her daughter. I assured her that I would take it back with interest whenever her daughter gets a job. She was speechless. She said okay and asked me, is it anything that she could do for me.

I said no there is no need to reward. Conversation ended there, she and her daughter went to their house and I went for dinner. That night I was thinking on her words ‘is it anything that she could do for me?’ First time I had started thinking about her sexually and thinking about her body on that night.

I do not how but I started developing sexually feeling for her and started thinking about her boobs, ass, thighs and her womanhood. I started imagining her nude in front of me and I became angry when thoughts came in mind that how her husband distressed her. I masturbate thinking that I am fucking her, after long time I ejaculated so huge amount of loads, and then slept.

Next day was Sunday thus I was at home and got up very late. I remembered that when I was brushing my teeth, door knocked. As I knew, there must be who. I opened the door, it was she and she asked me be ready, we made plan to go to visit gateway of India and they wanted to give me treat as I had not taken money back.

I told her there is no need to offer me treat. She was keep insisting me to come. I convinced her that I have some work to do for office through I did not have anything but I made excused. I told her I will later tell you want I want you to do for me. She was happy and expected that I would ask her to cook for me but I have another plan in my mind and I wanted to ask her to spend a night with me.

However, it was so difficult for me to ask her such indecent requirement and I was sure that she straight away refused it. Our relationship would become bitter and probably she would never see my face again as I was like her son.

One more month passed, all those days, I was thinking how to approach her. My desire to fuck her increased like no matter which. I stated masturbation two times a day thinking about her. Her ass mounds always keep on in front of my eyes. Every day I fantasized that, I am fucking her with different styles. Sometime I murmured her name while masturbating.

Frustration to fuck her rising in me each passing day but was not lucky in approaching her. Moreover, I had fear in me for approaching her. I was looking for ways to approach her and Google virtually helped me, as there were many suggestions how to approach mature woman for sex. Nevertheless, it was not an easy to put into practice it in actual life.

It is something different to read and to take steps on it. Meanwhile we became as if close friends and she shared more or less the whole thing that happened in her life. Many times she reminded me that when I will ask her for treat and what I want her to do. Every night I used to have more drinks than usual.

I was just thinking how to approach her for sex because for me it becomes dreadfully difficult to wait. I just wanted to fuck her at any cost. Whenever I see her, I used to gaze her boobs and when she faces away, I used to look intently at her full-size hips and then go for masturbation.

As a friend, she even warned me that she knows that I am drinking every night and strictly ask me to stop it, as it is not good for health since I am so young to drink every day. After two weeks at night she yet again reminded me that when I am going to ask for treat as she would loved to give me treat. I told her, I want especial treat from you. She asked me to tell her what I want.

I told her first you promise me, that you will not get angry on me. She assured me that I would not mind and request me to go ahead. I wanted to ask her, could you spend a night with me, but it was not an easy. She ongoing insisting me that you should tell me right now, what you want me to do for you.

I gathered all courage to tell her what really I want but at the end moment but I failed to tell her and asked her to make a tea for me in my flat. She laughed on my words and said that she was expecting that I might ask her to cook. I smiled back and did not sheer a word. She got up, went to kitchen but there was no milk or milk powder as well.

She came back, told me that there is nothing to make tea and asked me to wait, let me bring it from my house. Let me tell you that she had no difficulty to come to my house at anytime as her son had a night duty and her daughter had a tuition 8 pm to 10 pm in close proximity our flats.

Most of the time, she was alone at her home after coming home from her job so she used to visit me and we were very good friends by that time. I solicited her; there is no need to go to her home for milk. I asked if you do not have any problem than I would like to have my drinks and she says she has no problem.

I started my drink and she was watching TV, after about three pegs she stopped me and asked me go for dinner and she wanted to go her home to prepare dinner. I was under alcohol influence and I wanted to tell her what really I want from her.

Still I had no courage to tell her, I told her that I did not want you to make tea for me but I wanted something else by that time my heart started beating fast but somehow I manage to tell her so. She casually asked me what else you wanted me to do. Exact words was ‘ aur kya chahiye’.

I told her ‘tum gussa ho jayogi’ being gujarati my Hindi was not that much good and being Bengali woman her Hindi was also not fluent. However, Hindi was the only medium between us to communicate and we were comfortable in Hindi. I had no courage to ask her face to face so I told her, give me your mobile number I would like to massage you.

After listening my words she got smell that I am going to ask her something unusual but still she gave me her number and told me ‘abhi massage karo, tumhe kya chahiye’. I said okay but first you go to your home. She went to her house and I could see disappointment on her face. I type text ‘I want you to spend a night with me, I love you’.

I had still not courage to send this massage as somehow I knew her answered, I would definitely make our relationship harsh by asking such craving. I decided to send it after having one more peg; I took out the bottle from locker and had vast peg. I was drunk like never before. I got her massage ‘I am waiting’ just three words.

I took my mobile in my hand and press send button thinking that ‘dekha jayega, jo bhi hoga’. I sent text and got delivery notification. My heart skips a beat. Immediately after sending a massage, I started realizing my mistake and I understand that I made a blunder. I should have not done what I did.

I was just thinking what would happen to me and she came in my home with red face, I did not bolt the door after she went. She came straight to me; I stood up from my chair. My legs were trembling before I say sorry, she slaps me tight. Tears in her eyes and she again slap me saying ‘aukad dikhadi naa, sab mard ko sirf bistar garam karna hai’.

I had no words and did not know what to speak. She went back to her house while crying and I just stood there like robot. I was facing most embarrassing time in my life and did not know what to do next. I regretted myself.

I did not go for dinner and even I do not know when I slept in night. I was like dead body just thinking, what has just happened and I still do not know from where I got courage to massage her my demand to fuck her. I think it might be because of heavy alcohol influenced.

Next day morning I went to office. Whole day I was thinking about the mess I did last night. I was not able to concentrate on my work because of fear that what would happen when she came in front of me. Office hours ended, fear rising in mind, thinking about that she might came to home.

With heavy hearted I went to home before entering in compound I searched whether she is there or not through I was quite sure that it was her job time but still I checked since I had no have the guts to face her. Sight was clear, I climbed steps very fast and went direct to my home without looking anywhere else and bolted the door from inside.

I took deep breath; I was scared because of last night incident. Nothing had happen on that night, she did not come to my flat otherwise most of days she visited my flat. Few days passed like that. I did not see her for few days and my fear overcome with the time.

Over again, I did not know how but I started fantasizing her. I started masturbate thinking about her. I had been picturing that I am fucking her very hard. I became normal and started doing my regular stuff (drinking) like nothing had happened few days back.

One day I was late in returning from office because of workload. I reached into campus of our apartments. I determined I should not face her, since it was her time to come home too. However, it was my bad fortune she came in front of me suddenly as she already in steps talking on phone, she saw me, and my heart started beating fast.

To ignore her I went back in campus and waited for ten minutes before going up to my home. After ten minutes, I checked in steps and found no one else. I had hastily climbed all steps, went inside my home, and bolted door from inside. I refresh myself and set down for my drink, as it was my routine to have drink before dinner.

When I was having my drinks, someone had knocked at door and you all know it was my vicinity auntie. While opening door I was praying that it should not be what I was thinking but it was she. I was drunk and because of the drink, I had courage to open door. I saw her and did not look into her eyes and she asked’ kya me andar aa sakti hoon?’ I said ‘haa please’.

I offer her chair to sit; she sat on chair and did not utter a word for two minutes neither I utter a word. Actually, I had no word to speak so I kept silence and waited her to speak. Finally, she broke silence and said ‘mujhe ignore karne ki zarurat nahi hai’. I looked at her but did not say anything even I did not say sorry to her.

She went again quiet and did not utter a word for few minutes nor was I. She again broke the ice ‘mein tumse expect nahi karti thi ke tum aesa kuch bolego’. She continue speaking as if you are like my son ‘tum mere bete jese ho’. I replied between her continue speaking ‘I love you’. She again went silent after hearing my words but I did not know how I got courage to say her I love you and my fear gone out completely.

I was speaking confidently, it might be due to alcohol influence or I might be ready to get two more slaps. However, I was confident on my position, I again spoke ‘kya me bura hoon?’ She kept silent and did not look at me. She was sitting on chair and I was at my bed. I had two small beds. Another was in bedroom.

I again spoke to her and that line strike her ‘mein tumhare liye kuch bhi kar sakta hoon I really love you more than my life’ the time was innocent; I was emotional and I pick my way. I do not know from where and how I choose such words to speak. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. I think she was weak at that moment and she wanted to surrender herself to me but I did not leave my place rather I was waiting her to move.

Finally, I got up from bed and went near to her where she was sitting on chair and I was standing so near to her. She looked at me while sitting on chair and I put my right hand on her left cheek, she literally rests her face on my palm and lean towards my palm.

I started caressing her cheek gently and still standing there. She did not utter a word and looked confusing. She hugged me while sitting on chair and she buried her face on my chest. I said her ‘I love you, me hamesha tumhare sath rahunga. Tumhe kabhi akela mehsoos nahi hone dunga’.

She was literally crying on my chest as I could feel her tears and I was rubdown her face with one of my hand and other hand on her head kneading her hair. She did not have long hair. She wraps her hands on my back while still sitting on chair and I was standing. I went down to her face and kiss her forehead and again said I love you.

I asked her ‘ meri girlfriend banogi?’ She did not replied to my proposal just looked at me. Her silent was the acceptance of my proposal. I take hold of her shoulders and tried to make her stand, she oblige and stand up from chair. I again kissed her but this time was direct on her lips, I just place my lips on her, just gave little kiss on her lips, not a French type kiss.

I direct her to the bed, which was just four steps away from where she was, and she obliged as if she was my wife. We both sit down on the corner of bed. Bed was not big and it was like single bed. I understand that it was the right moment to grab the opportunity.

I took her face in my both hands, placed my lips on her lips, and started kissing her lips. She did not respond to my kiss for a minute, she broke kiss in fear. I suddenly pulled her towards me and planted a soft kiss on her pink lips.

She closed her eyes with shyness and I further pulled her touching her lips with mine. My tongue gently ran it all over her lips after sometime she opened her mouth, allowed me to explore her mouth. Finally, I felt her mouth open and her tongue came out to play with mine. I entered my tongue into her mouth and started kissing like crazy boy.

I was not new to kiss as I had girlfriend in my college time and I had plenty of experiment in kiss and sex both. I hold her face with my both hands but her hands still inactive, she just kissing me with full mutual aid as she was having kiss after many years.

She was in my control and I should not let this moment pass. I put my hand on her breast. She was in her office dress (salwar and kameez). As soon as, I put my hand on her breast she holds my hand and took away from her breast while kissing me. First time I had such a long kiss, as it was I think more than ten minutes. I again put my hand on her breast and this time she broke the kiss.

She looked at me and told me ‘ye galat hai’. I did not say a word, kissed her lips again, and put my hand on her breast. This time she did not react and allow me to press her breast. It was so soft and huge too.

I was in my short. I do know why but I was in hurry as my penis such a hard after so long time. I took her hand in my hand and put her hand on my crotch area over my short. She just kept her hand over there and I was in paradise. I was kissing her like there is no tomorrow and she was responding me in a same way.

I tried to enter my hand in her kameez through her neck area but it was difficult so I took my hand back and straight put my hand on her pussy area over her salwar moving aside her lower part of kameez and try to pull her salwar cord.

She immediately held my hand, broke the kiss and tries to go away to me but I was in no mood to leave her like this way. I short of her on bed and made her sleep and I slept alongside her so I can comfortably remove her lower half. She lay down facing my face but utter words ‘Disha ke aane ka time ho gaya hai, mujhe jane do’Disha is her daughter’s name(name changed) It was about 9:50pm and her daughter Disha used to come home after 10 pm finishing her tuition.

I told her ‘abhi time hai’ she said ‘mujhe dar lag raha hai wo kabhi bhi aa sakti hai’ I told her ‘10 baje chali jana’ And I started kissing her cheeks. She did not say anything. Allowed me to kiss and started moaning softly. I again put her hand on my crotch area over my short and kept kissing her.

This time she held my penis over short and started rubbing it. I opened clip of my short with one of my hand. I assist her hand to enter in my jockey and she did. She entered her hand in my jockey and held my penis with her soft hand; I have no words to explain my feeling. I lowered my short a bit to give her full space to hold my penis.

My penis springs it out, she held my penis and she started moving her hand back and forth. I again put my hand on salwar and try to pull her cord. She again stop me and told me ‘abhi nahi please’. I told her ‘ sirf touch karne do’. She allowed me to pull her string; I did it right away, and I entered my hand inside her panty. I touched her vagina it was fully wet.

There was little hair as I could get sense it although I feel affection for hairy pussy. I touch her G-spot with my middle finger and she moaned aha…She was giving me hand job and I was rubbing her pussy, in few minutes I was about to cum because of heavy excitement. I increasing my rubbing speed but I did not enter my finger in her pussy, I was just keep rubbing her G-spot.

I told her I am about to cum, she did not reply me but increase her stocking speed and I shoot my cum with bursting vigor. I moaned with satisfied voice. I shoot my sperms with the force that it hit her panty too as I lowered her salwar bit but did not remove her panty down. I kept her panty as it was. Her hand was full of my cum. I stopped rubbing her pussy; pull out my hand from her panty. I think she was satisfied too.

She got up and wiped her hand with her dupatta(a long piece of cloth worn around head, neck and shoulders) and my penis too with same cloth. I drag up my short. She too united her salwar cord. I was still laying there without speaking any word.

She got up and went out of my room. I did not stop her or tell her anything just laid there and watching her going out from my room. She went out of my sight without looking back to me. I was happy as my dream come true and finally she was mine. I went for dinner with smiling face and came back to sleep with great recollection.

I even did not believe what just happened between us but it was my fate that I achieved unachievable obsession in my life first time. It was around 11:30 pm if I am not wrong. I was thinking about her and our session, which took place sometime back. I wanted to masturbate myself as urge to fuck her rising in me, I removed my all cloth and become stark naked and just about to start masturbate.

I heard massage notification in my mobile. Mobile was in charging so I went straight there to see who massaged me; it was none another but my dream woman. The massage had contained just three magical words ‘I love you’. I replied to her ‘I love you too’.

I sent another massage without waiting her to respond me ‘kyat tum gussa ho mujse?’ She replied in one word ‘nahi’. I texted her ‘ tum bahut beautiful ho, kash me tumse shadi kar pata’. I got her replied more sentimental ‘mere nasib me sirf pain hai’. ‘aesa mat bolo’ I replied to her. I again I sent massage without waiting her to reply me ‘mein tumhe pura pana chahta hu’.

I tangentially mean that I want to have sex with you. She replied ‘ab me nahi aaungi tumhare pass’. I massaged her immediately asking her why ‘kyu’? You loved me, do not you?’ She replied me ‘ tumhari drinking habit mujhe achchi nahi lagti’. I assured her ‘’ I will not drink any more. ‘ aaj se me drink nahi karunga’ but in reward I told her that you would allow me to have sex with you.

She agreed by saying she will think. I said to her I cannot live without you and made her to say yes for sex. She surrenders herself and accepts my proposal for sex. The whole conversation was in Hindi but as I am not good in Hindi so I am avoiding writing Hindi here but I would write whatever I remember when it essential.

To find out proper time for sex was difficult as her job time and mine were unequal. I gave her idea how can she come to my home at night. I was aware that sometime she had to go for night duty whenever there is short of staff. I used that opportunity to my personal gain. I asked her to make an excuse of emergency at hospital and come to my place.

Her son had a night duty regularly; as a result, there is no problem. The difficult part was her daughter as she could not leave her alone in house at nighttime but she somehow got convinced that she would make her daughter understand. I took assurance from her that she should come to me tomorrow night.

She told me that tomorrow night she appears to my home at 11pm by making excuse to her daughter of emergency. It was late night, she wished me good night and I too. I masturbate thinking that next night I am going to fuck my dream woman. I do not know when I slept at that night.

Next day I passed my entire time thinking and waiting for the night, let me tell you it was very hard time for me to wait in anticipation of the night. I was keep looking at watch but time was running very slow. As a final point, I ended my office hours and came to home. My mind was full of sex thought and my penis remains hard throughout the day. I should not drink as I promised her. I did not want to disappoint her by drinking.

Furthermore, I did not want spoil the time consequently I hold back myself not to drink through I wanted but sex thought was more powerful than my desire to drink. At around 9 pm I went for dinner it was early as I often went for dinner little late. After having dinner, I went to medical store to bring condom but at the last moment I did not purchase condom thinking that I would fuck her without condom.

I do not like condom, condom lessen skin-to-skin pleasure. I even decided if she asks for condoms I will force that at least one time allow me to enter my penis inside your vagina without condom. Thinking of this I drop the idea of purchasing condom and came back to home.

It was about 10pm and I was waiting for 11 pm as she might come by 11 pm making excuse of emergency at hospital so I have three hours to enjoy sex with her, she would not returned home before 1am. I was watching TV and keep looking at my watch but let me tell you time was running so slow and somehow I felt that time has just stopped.

I never waited so eagerly in my life for anything as if I was waiting for my dream woman to come. Even I did not wait my campus interview result like this way. I was desperate to fuck her and each passing split second my desperation was growing. To end with, it was around 11 pm, I sent her massage ‘Hi I am waiting’.

Within seconds replied has come ‘ mein nahi aa sakti, me Disha ko bol nahi paayi, sorry’. Reading such massage, I got angry as I waited for whole day like everything. I replied bluntly, ‘you promised me, you should come, I hate you, now I will not talk you, and you lied to me that you love me, bye forever’.

After sending massage, I waited her to reply but I did not get her reply for two minutes or so. I thought I lost her, I should have not written what I wrote in a massage. I was about to say sorry to her, I wrote another massage saying her sorry before I press sent button I got her reply. ‘Please do not say so, I love you, I will come tomorrow please wait for one more day’ throughout all her massages were in Hindi.

‘Take swears of me that you would come tomorrow’ I replied. She replied me optimistically by assuring that she would come tomorrow. It was towering disappointing for me but I left with no option except wait for tomorrow. We had long conversation through massages and discussed many topics over there.

Late night she told me that now, we should sleep. I told her that I am not getting sleep and I want to have sex. She asked me wait for a day; I will be with you tomorrow. I was still insisting her that I cannot help myself and I want you right now. At end she asked me to go for masturbate thinking about me.

I said okay and wished her good night. I masturbate thinking that I am fucking her extremely hard. I ejaculated my sperms with her name and then slept. Next day passed with same desperation and night came. I massaged her at 9 pm ‘kal tumne promise kiya tha kuch, do not forget’. I reiterate her promise. I got her replied in just one word ‘hmmm’.

My time passed with same desperation like the one I did yesterday. It was about to 11pm I sent another massage informing her that she does not need to knock the door as I kept it already open. I got delivery notification but did not get her reply confirming the same. It was ten past eleven. I was about to send another massage that why did you not come yet.

As soon as I sent the massage, she opened my door and here she comes with wearing her working dress (salwar and kameez), it was light blue in color. She looked tensed as I guess it from her appearance. As soon as she entered in my flat, she immediately bolted the door from inside. I stood up and went towards her, seeing me coming towards her she looked down on the floor. I was in full confidence as well as aroused largely.

I kissed on her forehead. I hold her hand and guide her to a bedroom. She followed me as if she had no other option or she mentally prepared for this. We did not speak anything in between. She sits on my small bed and I sit beside her. I hugged her and pushed her to make her lie down. She lies on her back and I climbed her. I looked into her eyes she looked tensed.

Without wasting time, I placed my lips on her lips and start kissing her lips. She responded to my kiss and we went for French kiss. I opened my mouth to enter my tongue in her mouth, she obedient and allowed me to enter my tongue into her mouth. I released a lot of saliva in her mouth and kissing her like there is no tomorrow.

She hugged me, started caressing my hair, and responded as if we were having kiss regularly. After having kiss for long time I put my hand on her boobs and started massaging her both boobs while coming down, I made her sleep to right side and we were facing each other. Her boobs were really big and soft. She gave me space to press her boobs comfortably. She was taking heavy breath. I could feel her breath on my face.

I wanted to remove her salwar (loose trouser) as my hand goes down there immediately. I found cord of her salwar and I pulled it. Her salwar turn out to be looser and she was anticipating me. I pull down her salwar, she raised her hips to let the salwar go down. I successfully removed her salwar and she became nude from lower half.

My hand went to touch her thighs and I touched her inner thighs. I was feeling warmed her inner thighs. I caressed her thighs for sometimes. What a wonderful moments, I was going through. I put my hand between her thighs near her pussy region. I was roaming my hand in between her thighs and she parted away her legs to give me full access for caressing it gladly.

She was cooperating with me as if she was my wife and we are lovers. Sometimes I touched her pussy over her panty. Her panty was wet at her pussy hole. I entered my hand inside her panty and found her wet pussy. I rubbed her pussy with my fingers and started rubbing her G-spot once again.

She was moaning softly and it was more exciting for me to hear her soft moan. I started removing her panty and once again she helping me out to remove her panty. I removed her panty and now she was bare exposed at her lower half. I try to enter my finger in her vagina ignoring her G-spot. I effectively entered my one finger inside her vagina and it was bit paining for her as she took something inside her vagina after long time.

She muttered in pain and tried to control my hand holding my hand with her hand. I went easy and made her relaxed. I kept my finger inside her vagina without movement, there was warmness inside her vagina and wet like the one she was releasing liquid in huge amount. She was breathing fast and kissing my cheek softly while moaning.

I pull my finger from her vagina, as I wanted to remove her kameez (a long shirt worn by woman with salwar). I looked at her, her eyes closed. I requested her ‘kameez utar do’. I utter a first word after she came to my flat. She looked at me and started removing her kameez. She removed it completely and I saw black bra.

She was about to remove her bra but I stopped her and drag her to me. She hugged me with only bra on her body. I started kissing her neck, as I know neck is the weak point for every woman as it is very sensitive part for woman. I took her top of me and my both hands went on her back to unhook he bra. I was searching hook but unable to find. She helped me and unhooked her bra.

I removed her bra, she was now bleak naked with me. She was top of me, we rolled out and I came top of her. I went down to her breasts and took her right boob in my mouth and start sucking it while massaging her left boob with my other hand. She moaned in ecstasy, I was circling my tongue around her nipple.

She has a big pair of boobs any man can die for that boobs. I switched my mouth to another boob. Her hands were caressing my hair as if mother roams her hands on her baby while her baby feeding. She started pressing my head hard towards her boobs as she might go through orgasm as I was getting sense from her moans. Her moans budding loud and sharp.

She shouted aahh… and after sometime loosens her grip. I was still sucking and caressing her boobs. After few seconds, she stopped me, made me look at her face and kissed on my forehead. I was fully clothed; she was under me fully unclothed. I looked her face and she smiled. I asked her to remove my cloths. She told me ‘niche utar jao’.

I followed her order and lied on my back. She made me sleep sideways facing her face. She holds my penis with her hand over my short and rubs it gently. I was feeling so excited. She entered her hand in my short and holds my penis with her soft hand, what a feeling it was. She started removing my short meanwhile I removed my t- shirt myself.

She removed my short along with jockey. We both were naked and I went near to her. I kept kissing her lips and sometimes cheeks. My penis was near to her pussy region. I found her pussy shaved on top, there was no hair on her pussy that two days back I found while rubbing her G-spot.

I looked her and told ‘shave kyu kiya? Mujhe hair achche lagte hai’ She did not reply anything just smiled at me and kissed my lips. I took her into my arms and guided her to come on top of me. She came on top of me; my penis was between her thighs, near her pussy vicinity. My penis was hard like very strong rod. Sometimes it touched her pussy and I felt I was in cloud nine.

She was on me and we were kissing our lips, she became mad and opened her mouth as much as she could and kissing me like it was her last kiss on this earth. I told her ‘mere pass condom nahi hai’ she replied ‘zarurat nahi hai condom ki’. I tried to keep my penis inside her pussy holding with my hand but it was very hard for me to find her love hole.

She was kissing me and I was searching for hole to enter my penis but I failed, as it was not comfortable while keeping her on me. I broke the kiss but she did not want to break the kiss, she again started kissing my lips enthusiastically, one more time I broke kiss and asked her ‘andar lelo penis ko’ ‘take my penis inside’.

She holds my penis with her hand, put on the opening of her hole, and tries to take it inside. I was in hurry since excitement level was top of the blot. I tried to push my penis inside her vagina with vigor, she screamed and asked me‘aese hi raho, kuch karo mat’. I understand that it was hard for her to take penis inside her vagina after so long time.

Through my penis size is not that much big like 8” or 9”. My penis size is normal and it is 6 inches not too much big or fat but it is logically fine to satisfy any woman. I was in still stand position, my penis was on the opening her love hole, I did not do anything to push inside her vagina and it slowly started going inside automatically without any effort. Within short time, I was totally inside her. I felt her warm vagina over me penis.

I felt so nice and wanted to be in that position for rest of my life. I put my both hands on her big hips. She slowly started fucking me. She took penis out up to tip of my penis and then took inside her slowly. I said her I love you and she replied me I love you too.

She increases her speed. She took my penis whole out and push in with same speed. It was less than two minutes and I was about to cum as she fucking me with full speed. I told her that ‘mera paani nikal ne wala hai’ she did not say anything just increase her fucking speed more and become violent and I again said ‘mera pani nikal ne wala hai’. She told me ‘mere andar hi nakal do’.

With petite more hard stock, I busted inside her and released huge amount of load deep inside her vagina. She comprehend that I ejaculated, she stopped fucking me. My penis was deep inside her vagina and still releasing few drops of my cum. She was still on me .After catching my breadth to normal I asked her ‘sorry me tumhe satisfy nahi kar paya’ she told me ‘sorry mat bolo me bahut khush hoon’.

My penis started getting limp and my semen oozing out from her vagina and upcoming down on my balls. She came down and lay beside me facing towards me and I still was on my back and looking at fan. She kissed my cheek and rested her head on my chest. I was caressing her hair.

While looking at ceiling I utter ‘tumhe maza aaya?’. She replied in one word ‘ha’. I asked her ‘par tumhara pani to nahi chhuta’ she replied ‘ha par mene kafi saalo ke baad apne aap ko enjoy jiya’. I took her face in my hand and gave kiss on her forehead. I rolled her, make her lie on her back and started kissing her neck while putting my hand on her pussy.

Her pussy was so wet and my cum still coming out and falling on bed sheet. I entered my finger inside her vagina at the same time kissing her neck tenderly. She moaned aha…. I asked her ‘do ungli andar daal doon’ replied while muffing ‘ha daal do’ I entered my two fingers in vagina and started finger fucking her to make her orgasm.

I increase my speed of fucking her with my two fingers while still kissing her neckline. I took my fingers out with speed and then again pushed inside her vagina with full speed and force. I love to give finger fuck, as it is something out of the world to keep finger inside vagina.

She asked me ‘zor se karo mera pani nikal ne wala hai’ I increased my speed and her moan grow noisy, room packed with her pleasuring moans. She took more than five minutes since I started fucking her with my two fingers with full speed. She released her liquid with shattering voice and put together her both legs to stop me.

She was taking intense breath and I was still kissing her neck and sometimes her boobs. She was calmed and relaxed her legs to make my hand free. I kept my two fingers inside her deep vagina without moving in and out.

I told her ‘ab tumhara pani nikal gaya, meri dono ungliya gili ho gayi. While saying so I removed my fingers from her vagina and put both fingers on her lips and started applying her own cum on her lips. She said ‘thank you’ and I replied ‘it’s my pleasure’. She lend her hand to switch board to put light off as switch board is located near her sight.

She switched off the light but drawing room’s light was still on so I could noticeably see her body without putting extra effort. She asked me ‘meri panty do’ as her panty was near to me. I asked her ‘aese hi raho’. She told me ‘mujhe bathroom me jana hai’ I insited her ‘aese hi jao mujhe dekhna hai tumhe’ she try to convince me ‘baad me dekhna abhi mujhe panty do me yahi pe hoon’.

Saying so, she enlighten me her choice that she is not going home back right now, she has time to spend with me before going home back. I gave her panty and her kameez but did not give her salwar and bra. She wore it and went to use bathroom. I was naked laying there thinking what to do next when she come back.

I wanted her to suck my penis but I had no courage to tell her to do so but deep down I was longing for that. (During my college time, I had gf and she did not like to suck my penis but at the same time, she never refused me when I lick her vagina so I thought it is not worth to ask.

Moreover, I always wanted to use vulgar words during sex as I get excited my hearing and speaking those vulgar words lilke lund, chut, tange khol teri, me teri chut faad dunga and all that). She came back to me after using bathroom and asked me ‘tumhe bathroom use nahi karna’. I denied ‘tumhe chhod ne ka man nahi karta’. She lay beside me and kissed my cheek.

We discussed many topics in same position like how her husband used to torture and how she came to Mumbai and all. I was listening to her. Sometime I consoled her that, it calls life. Life is never easy but you are handling it extremely brilliantly.

She kissed my lips and parted away to keep discussing going on but I was kissed her and wanted to start another session. She understands what I want and she starts reciprocating me. We were kissing each other’s lips with same intensity, I put my hand straight inside her panty and started removing it, within no time I removed her panty and she became one more time stark naked from her lower half.

I did not remove her kameez as I wanted to concentrate on her vagina. She put her hand on my limb penis and started playing with it. I was rubbing her pussy. I stopped rubbing her pussy after sometime, get up and went direct to her pussy to lick it. She did not stop me as I think she was expecting that and she gave me access to give better view.

Without wasting time, I placed my lips on her plumb lips. I love to lick pussy for longtime as its weird odor make me excite. She spread her legs wide. I started liking her entire vagina with great passion and tried to penetrate my tongue inside her vagina. I was concentrating more on her G-spot. In ecstasy she was moaning and speaking something in low voice but I could not make it out what was she speaking.

She was moaning, I was licking and chewing her vertical lips with full affection. I kept licking it for quite long time and she started releasing her juice once again but she took long time and I was happy that I was licking her for such a long time. She engrossed my head in between her legs firmly as she fleeting through climax. It was difficult for me to take mouthful of air but I managed it as she was out of control.

She released her juice with good quantity, I drank it and did not leave single drop. (Friends try to lick your partner’s vagina and drink their fluid at the initial period you would not be keen on to do that but after certain time you start fondness for it. It is something out of the world believes me.)

She stopped me and made me lie down on my back. It was out of my expectation. She went to my penis. My penis was not hard but in semi hard position. She took tip of my penis in her mouth and gently started sucking it, within no time my penis got full erection. She was sucking so nicely that I could not explain my feeling, which I was passing through.

She took my whole penis inside her mouth and took it out while playing with my balls. She was so good in sucking and she knew how to regard men. She was rolling her tongue on my tip of penis. She released lots of saliva to make my penis so dripping.

She sucks me for quite longtime and then come to me and asked me ‘tumhe upar aana hai’ I repiled ‘nahi tum achhe se karti ho, tum hi upar raho’ She came on top of me and took my penis inside her. This time penis went inside her vagina effortless because she already made penis so drenched with her saliva.

She started fucking me as if she was slut and satisfying her customer for money. She was driving my tender erection in and out of her cut satisfactorily while out of breath erotically and I was also moaning non-stop and the whole room filled with pleasure moans. I was holding her waist and moving bit up and down.

Tip of my penis rubbing on her vaginal walls and my delight further than imagination. She increased her speed and moved back and forth furiously in infatuation. As I said, her bottom is weighty and her furious fucking started paining me a bit, holding her waist I tried to control her but she took my hands off from her waist. I asked me ‘please mujhe acche se karne do’

She was about to cum as I knew it from her moans and her fucking speed. Believes me for me it was painful to bear her last stocks. She became so violent and she literally gripped my penis in between her vaginal walls firmly.

This time I long lasted. She achieved her orgasm with screaming voice. She stops fucking me and laid on me like dead body while catching her breadth and asked me ‘ab tum upar aa jao mere pair dard karne lage hai’. We changed position and asked me ‘penis mat nikalna bahar’ since she did not want to remove my penis from her vagina and wanted rolled out while keeping penis inside but I remove it, as I want to enter it being top of her.

I came top of her she hold my penis, put at the opening of her vagina, and asked me ‘dhire se andar dalo’. I enter it with one shot, my penis slip inside her vagina with full force. She screamed in pain and requesting me ‘bahar naikal do bahut dard ho raha hai’ I did not pay attention to her words and started pumping her forcefully. She tightly hugged me to stop me but I was over powering.

After few seconds, she became comfortable and I was fucking her exceptionally hard. I was really last long for minutes. After continuing fucking with full speed and long hoard I was about to cum and I started telling her ‘tange dard kar rahi thi ya tune pani chhod diya tha’ while pumping her as I was about to cum.

First time in excitement, I used word ‘tune’ otherwise, I always address her with respected words ‘tumhara, tumne’. She did not reply to my words and continue reciprocating me. With few more stocks, I again came in her vagina. She also attained her climax while screaming. I stayed for a while like that keeping my penis deep inside her vagina and then I came down and lay on my back.

We both catches our breathing and then she again go to bathroom without collecting her panty, as I did not remove her kameez so she did not wear panty. She came out of bathroom and I asked her to stop there. I went near to her asked her to join me in bathroom. She came with me in bathroom and washed my penis with soap and we both came back to room.

She took her panty, bra and salwar and wore it and I wore my short but did not wear my t shirt. She asked me ‘chalo drawing room me jate hai’ I followed her. She sat on bad and I sat on the chair while looking her. She was smiling I asked her ‘bhukh lagi hai’ she relied me ‘tumhe lagi hai?’ I replied ‘hmm..’ she told me ‘megi hai?’ and pointed out where is the megi.

She cooked it for me, we both had it, and after finishing magi, she cleaned the dish. She looked at the watch and asked ‘mujhe jana chahiye, kafi der ho chuki hai, Disha akeli hai’ I allowed her to go but asked for her commitment to come tomorrow again. She told me that it would difficult for her to come daily but I convinced her that she should come whole this week later on she can come whenever she finds a time.

I asked her to tell her daughter that she is going to night duty entire this week as there is short of staff. She gave her nod. Later she informed her daughter and came tomorrow. She came whole week at 11pm to 1 am and we enjoyed sex session more passionately. I fucked her in various positions and I even made her ready to take my cum inside her mouth while sucking my penis.

She cooperate me fully. I was like her secrete husband. I had started helping her many ways as if husbands do for their family. Neither her son nor her daughter doubted our sexual relationship as we took care for that. It had been six months since we had been in relationship. Meanwhile, her daughter completed her CA with good marks.

Let me tell you interesting thing that her daughter became my girlfriend later on after completing her CA as she always likes me as a person. I fucked her daughter too without the knowledge her mother. My relationship was continuing with both mother daughter due. They both are unaware that I’m fucking both of them with different time. I fell in love with Disha, and she too.

I wanted to get married to Disha as she was really nice, sweat, caring and sexy girl I had in my life but for me it is not easy to marry her as I am already engaged to someone else. Disha knew that I have engaged myself with other girl, whom chosen by my parents.

Hence, she never asked me to marry her but at the same time she did not want to lose me. Anyway this is another story and lengthy as well. If you people like my story then do comment to encourage me. I would like to tell you my relationship with her daughter Disha based on your comment

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