This time I had a great experience with my neighbour maid. In front of my room there is a big appartment. By opening the window of my room i can clearly see the flat wich is exactly opposite to my room. It too had a window & that window was almost everytime open & I was able to see everything. In between my room & appartment there is small street & no vehicle can pass through that street except cycles. I never cared about the window though it is open because in that flat there was a decent old couple whose son’s are in sec’bad. One day I sat on chair & was having my meals.

I was facing towards the side of that flat & was eating my food. After some time I saw a beautiful lady in an ole saree who was not so fair buit good enough to look. I noticed her carefully she was wearing an old blue coloured saree & red blouse. She was cleaning the room. After some time she throwed the seweeper down & slept on the bed which was of the old couple. She then took off her saree & was on her blouse & petticoat. I was able to see her big boobs. I stopped eating & watched her sincerely. She switched on the T.V & was dancing. May be a good song was coming in the T.V. She then took off her blouse & petticoat. Now she was on her bra & panties. She took a towel & went to have bath. After few minutes she came out with a towel wearing over her boobs.

I was able to see clearly her thunder thighs which were of good size. She then took off the towel & was completely nude. I was very happy to see her nude. She had big boobs & a sexy navel. She slept on the bed & cleaned herself with the towel. I saw that all her pussy was covered with a big forest i.e, hair. She was wheatish in colour & took out my binoclours & started noticing her. Now I was able to see her more clearly & her big boobs with black nipples which made me very much tempted. Now she went to the next room & came back with a costly saree in her hand. She then wore the saree & watched the T.V for more than 1 hour. Then she changed her dress again.

She wore her dress which she wore before. I was sure that she is back to her home now. So, I immediately got down & stood at the gate of that appartment. She came out as if she know nothing & her face was very innocent. I stopped her & said thet I’ve seen everything she had done from the window of my room. I also said that the oldcouple’s grandson is my friend & I’ll tell them what she had done. She started crying & I shouted at her to stop crying. Then I asked her what she was watching in the T.V. She said that she was watching songs & also a english picture in which a woman was having bath. She pleded me not to tell what she has done to her owners. She also said that it is only house in which she works.

Then I said her that I’ll not tell her owners if she do whatever I say. She agreed & I took her to my room without anyones notice. I asked to tell her name & about her family. She said that her name was Laxmi, she was married before three years & has a son of two years. I said her, “But U look so young!” she said, “My age is just 21 & I was married when I was 18.” I asked her about her husband & she said that he is a drunkard. I said her, “So, Ur husband is not satisfying U.” She was surprised on hearing this & asked me, “How do U know that?” I said, “By looking the activities U have done just before.” I then said her, “Ur very beautiful with sexy figure & big boobs.” I continued, “I want to fuck U.”

She was stunned when she heard this & did not agree. I said that I would tell to her owners what she has done if she did not agree to my condition. She had no other way & agreed to my condition. I pushed her, jumped on her & started kissing her lips pushing my toungue compltely. She slowly started giving me responce. I was biting her cheeks & chin & was pressing her big boobs with my hands. She was moaning softly aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm, oooooooooooofffffffffffff, oooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww, iiiiiiiiissssssssss. In few seconds I made her & myself nude. I then said her that I’ld clean her hair around her pussy. She feared, but I said her that I’ld do that neetly. I got my rasor & started cleaning her hair. She was giggling as it was tickling her & was playing with my tool & balls. She said that her husbands tool is very small when compared to mine & that she loved to be fucked with a big tool like mine.

I then started sucking her milky boobs which had a pure milk. I drank the milk for a long time & sucked them really hard. I made her nipples hard & hard. She made me sleep on her & was pulling my head to her boobs hardly & said me to suck her boobs very hard. While sucking her boobs she was moaning with pleasure, “aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm, inka tagu, na palu mottam nekosamay, taga ra.” {suck them hard & drink the whole milk, this milk is for u my dear.} I then made her suck her my big tool which was rock hard & in very short time I pumped a heavy load of cum in her mouth which she drank.

Then I made her part her legs & parted her pussy lips with my fingers & started licking her pussy with my toungue aaaaaahhhhhhh, she moaned & was very much hot. She was moaning, “Cheeku inka lopaliki, uuuuummmmmmm, na pooku chinchai ooooooohhhhhhhh.” {suck it more & deep & tear my pussy} This encouraged me. I made her sit on the bed. I was on my knees & kept her two legs on my shoulders & went close to her pussy & licked it really hard entering my whole toungue in it. I sent my toungue as inside as I can & was tasting her pussy. After few minutes she said that she is cumming. I said her to cum in my mouth & she pumped a heavy load of cum in my mouth whuich I drank happily. We hugged eachother really hard & kissed eachother till we became hot again.

Then I made her part her legs & entered two fingers in her pussy & started finger fucking. She was now moaning smoothly “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, oooooooohhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuummmmmmmm, oooooooffffffff & in short time she cummed again in my hands & I drank the cum. Then I made her stand to the wall & said her to open her pussy lips. I slowly entered my tool hugging her. She was between me & the wall. Her pussy was a bit loose & my tool entered very smoothly. I moved my tool in & out very hardly & she was moaning with pain & pleasure, “uuuuuuuummmmmmmmm, oooooooooffffffffff, oooooooooowwwwwwwwwww, aaaaaaaammmmmmmm,mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, inka lopaliki dengu, nannu dengi dengi champai, dengitay ila dengali.” {push Ur tool more inside, kill me by fucking me really hard, this is a nice fuck.}

After few minutes I pumped a very heavy load of cum in her pussy. I then made her sleep on me entering my tool in her pussy & made her move up & down. I cummed again & again in her pussy & fucked her in all the positions I know. She was very happy with my fucking & said me to fuck her again when there is time. I fucked her for more than 3 hours that day. The next time I slept entering my tool in her pussy & fucked her really hard & while fucking I pressed her boobs which she liked very much. From that day she daily made me drink her milk & said that Iam a very good fucker.

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