Neighbor Fucked And Made Me A Slave

I am Roshelle this is my first story ,hope you all like it. Let me briefly describe about myself I’m married to my lovely hubby(roshan) who satisfy me everyday with his big cock my bra size 36 vital size 32-28-36,fair in complexion with 5.6″ tall & life was smooth until this that day.
So lets start the story.I used to stay near a posh locality ,neighbors were friendly & helpful just next to my house they were suresh family 4 members his wife( nikitha) and his daughter(ramya) son (sampath)age 22.
One fine day my husband had to go to his home town because one of his close friend from childhood had met with a accident ,so he asked to pack his things & I did kept it ready.He left at night& in next day one of my best friend had sent an invitation for her marriage which was the next day.I was worried how do I reach there?(place was very far out of city) so I told my hubby immediately .He told me to take the car and go but I said I’m not sure of route & I’m not good in night driving so he told me to book a cab .
Next day I booked a cab at 4pm & it was at time for marriage .I wore saree which was grand and expensive one which my hubby had brought me for 25000 rs.
I sat in the cab & the car started to move & I could see the driver eyeing on me for every min I reached the place at 6:45 then all the respective formalities where finished & when I came out of the hall it was very dark then I realised I didn’t book the cab for return I took the phone and saw it was dead(battery out) I started to worry a lot and then I started walking towards the main road and waited for a auto I couldn’t find any vehicle moving ,it was 11:00 then a car stopped just before me I peeped through the windows for my surprise it was sampath I was happy and I asked him “can you drop me?”he said “sure” I sat in front & he started to go but I was not sure where he was going,it was dark & full of trees looked like a forest & he stopped the car I asked him”what happened” he said “that he had to pee?”so he went out and came back quickly the one thing that I noticed was his phone in shirt pocket half of his phone was out (camera was full on top) he stared to move the car in another 500mt car stopped.
I asked his what happened ? He said I wanna see your boobs.I was shocked I shouted at him saying I’m going to complain to your parents about this ? For which he replied “get out of the car” I was shocked &saw out side it was full dark, no light, full of trees he said I’ve fantasized you many times now this is the chance I was shocked dint know what to do I said no I wont he said get out bitch so got out and kept the door opened I pleaded him please don’t leave me I dont even no which side to go please please don’t do this he replied then just your boobs once & nothing more I said please no I thought you were a good guy he said I will not tell to any one so show but I refused & closed the door in a bang then at behind I saw a wild dog barking at me I was afraid and frightened so opened the door again & stood out side& pleaded him that i’m married & I cant do such things he said close the door bitch.
I could hear the barking sound more near and louder I was scared I told him please he said get in bitch I got in and sat he said this your last chance show or get out? I was silent he said that I wont tell it to anyone I thought several times & said ok with no option he said then lets get started I pulled my pallu down & showed him my blouse he said hurry so I started to unhook my blouse button full and removed it I was in my bra felt very shy and embarrassed I saw him he had a bulge in his pant
Then I covered my boobs with my hand he said open up fast I pleaded him again he said open that bitch then I started to unhook my bra & slowly pulled it up in a fraction of sec I covered it he said he dint even see it so show again again I pulled it up and showed him after a min of showing I thought to cover it so I was about to pull it down he pinched me very hard without my permission I left a moan ahhhha and I covered it immediately & put my blouse fast as I can and covered it with my pallu I saw him he had a naughty smile in his face then he started the car
We started moving then after 1/2 hr of ride he stopped the car near the highway I asked him what happened he said shut up bitch and start getting naked I shocking asked him what then he took the phone & showed me video of myself in which I showed my top naked I started begging him please delete he said shut up bitch & start removing nor i’ll show it to everyone I said no please he said what if I start now by showing the video I was silent dint move ,
Soon a man was walking next to the car sampath called him ‘hey you”he turned back & saw sampath called him & said come & see this in said please dont so this he said then remove I said I cant the came near him& sampath started to play the video exactly from where I pulled my pallu down the man saw me & gave a wicked smile then the video stopped the man started to walk towards my door then stood near my door & showed sign to open sampath asked me will you remove for me or for both I was silent so he opened the window I was scared the man was rough he put his hand on my boobs & started to pressing it very hard I said sampath please I will show you then he asked me again me or both I said you only,he started to move the car the man started to press me more hard & started running with the car & finally he left with a hard press on my boobs sampath said remove I understood & started to remove my cloths ,
Then again pushed my pallu unhooked my blouse and bra & I was topless then untied my knot & then removed my petticoat & panty at once I was stark naked & I was shivering in front of sampath he kept his hands in front of my pussy and started to rub it my heart beat was at random speed I closed my eyes then he stopped the car near a medical shop and left the door I saw a old man seeing me so I closed the door as fast as I can ,
Then sampath was back with a condom packet he started to move the car after 45min of drive he stopped side of the road & told me to go back and sit I was just wondering how to to go back sampath just opened the door & walked back & sat behind the he removed his cloths he was naked in 30 sec I saw his cock it was 5″inches & he was putting on the condom then he asked me what are you waiting for I said how can I come back he caught my hip & pulled me behind ,the way he pulled me was that my butt was straight to his cock soon as then he put his cock in my pussy hole from behind in one go his full cock was in I gave a moan very loudly ahhhaa sssslllowly .
He got excited & started to pump my left leg was on front seat & my right leg on the gear I was not even in proper position he started fucking me like a dog then he pulled my face & gave a liplock then my pre cum started to ooze out this made him even more wild he started to pump very fast then my moan started louder & louder aaahhhhaaa nnoo aha aha then I cummed on his cock he took his cock & made me to sleep in the backseat & started stroking in my pussy my moan became louder
We were sweating after 1 hr of front fuck I cummed several times & then he said he his going to cum so he got up removed the condom & started to stroke his cock in his hand in few seconds he cummed on my face & slept on my face & we were lying for 1/2hr then he got up & dressed ,opened the door took my cloths away from me and I didnt even see where he took it he came back and sat front he saw me & told you are my bitch from now I saw him and turned towards right I saw the door was open I immediately closed I was till scared if any one would see me the the car started I asked him my cloths he was silent I covered myself with my hand because the passer from the other car was eyeing on me I was ashamed I asked him my cloths again he said suck my cock I will give you I had no other option I jumped to the front seat & started sucking his cock he was crazy and started to scream aahhhaa bitchh
Then after 20 min he cummed in my mouth I spitted in in the car then I asked him cloths he stopped the car at side of the road & said the cloths are behind do take it fast before anyone could see I thought that he meant it I opened the door & ran behind I said sampath open the lock he came to me dropped his pant down I saw he had put a new condom I asked him what are you doing he came near me and inserted his cock & fucked me hard I told him someone will see he dint even bother to hear & fucked me hard then he took my left leg and kept it on the car & made my pussy more wide and open I was standing in one leg
Then he said he his going to cum so he pushed me down I fell on the road he cummed on my body he took me and slapped my ass very hard I shouted ahhaaa very loudly then he told to suck his cock I again bent down and started to suck he said suck my cock by walking with me so we went 2 rounds around the car and sat front while I was still sucking is cock he put his condom again and said come on me and ride my cock so I sat on him and fucked him while he started the car and moved .
This is the end of this part where there is more like how I escaped from him & joint other group & the list goes on so stay tuned & comment for my story if you want to know me more personal I’m ready & can contact me in & please rate my story.
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