My wife’s name is Neelima. I am going to narrate the incidents happened in our married life. While I looked for a bride for marriage, I always looked for someone on the plumper side.I liked curvy woman and big ass. My wife is 5.6 tall, fair in color and has thunder thighs and big round butt. She had decent education but not very fluent in English. Even though she was from a city, she was conservative and more like a small town girl. Before marriage we had a few dates and conversations had me worried that she may not be very sexual. I bought her a necklace, which I helped her wear on our first date. She was wearing a low cut salwar and that was the first time I saw her cleavage. She has small breasts, 32. That is a handful and if I can put her entire boobs into my mouth if I tried. We had a few more dates and eventually got married. We are in our native village, and our house has 2 rooms, but rooms are very open. They don’t have doors, only cloths covering one room from the other. In our customs, with the girl comes a lady from girl’s relatives for the initial few days, who will help the girl in various things. She is supposed to be with the girl all the time. She annoyed me because she never let me alone with my wife. During the afternoon I had very little time alone with her, with people walking around the house(the wedding crowd you know). So I started talking to her while she was folding the clothes. I asked her to come nearby. I put my hands around her hips, and I wanted to feel her body. This was around 3 pm in the afternoon. I pulled her towards me by grabbing her ass. Boy, the ass was so round and plump and felt very good in my hands. I started squeezing it a little bit. While I was doing that, suddenly the cook walked into the room. He kind of saw what I was doing, but he left overlooking us. That was a turn off that time.
During the night I was made to sleep on the bed, while she and the lady slept on the floor the first night in the same room. Again a big turn off. She told me this is how it is supposed to be. We can’t be having sex with all these people sleeping around and without doors. So I started sleeping. I woke up automatically around midnight, and I saw her sleeping. I slowly woke her up and asked her to come to bed. Surprisingly she came without hesitation, like she was also waiting for that. We started kissing, smooching and rubbing all over. I saw the lady was asleep and decided to take my chances. I unhooked her blouse, took her boobs out of the bra and started licking the nipples. She became very horny, but she cannot moan, because the people might hear and wake up. She had a hard time keeping it under control. She started kissing on my chest after removing my t shirt. Surprisingly she went down herself towards my cock. I was amazed, that a small town girl whom I thought very conservative is into cocks without hesitation the first time. I slightly got up and sat on the bed, to make it easy for her, so that she doesn’t have to go to all the way down on the bed to reach my cock. She took it out of my shorts and started playing with it. She shook it up and down and put it into her mouth. She started sucking it like a professional. I was on cloud nine as my wife sucking my cock so deliciously with lust. We were on the sideways and my cock was into her mouth, and I became high. I wanted her to drink the cum. I came into her mouth, all my hot juicy cum flowing into her mouth. I am a heavy cummer and had loads of cum, since I have not masturbated for a long time busy in marriage arrangements. She took everything and drank it. We didn’t want to go full throttle and fuck that night and avoided waking people up. This was very first experience with my beautiful and sex wife and I was happy I had an eternal cock sucker.
We decided to go to kerala for our honeymoon. I have stayed in USA for 3 years and during my tenure I developed a liking for women wearing modern dresses, specially tight jeans and t shirt. So I bought her a couple of jeans and she had a couple of salwar tops. While packing she asked if she should bring sarees and I said no need of sarees, I want you to wear modern dresses.
I didn’t book the houseboat and we reached kottayam by 12. Then we took a bus to Kumarakom for the house boats. By the time I reached I found that it was too late and I had to wait until the next day for a houseboat. So we decided to take a cottage in the locality. It was a nice cozy, cool surrounding and we had our private cottage. Once we settled down, we started smooching, she lifted her salwar top and I started licking her boobs. The thing about that was she covered me with her salwar, it was like I inserted myself into her salwar and licking her. She loved that feeling and started moaning very loudly. She was liberated that she could moan as much as she wants with the privacy. We spent a lot of time cuddling, talking getting to know each other better etc. She sucked my cock, we had a shower together, I licked her whole big round ass in circles, bit her ass etc. I still haven’t inserted my cock into her yet. We decided to save it for the house boat. We napped for a little while, got up in the evening and decided to go for shopping. We took at an auto and went to a near by locality for shopping. There was a big textile shop, a nice looking lady was at the counter. I wanted her to try some new clothes and see how it fits. She was wearing a salwar and jeans. We went to the first floor where the ladies section was there and they had a number of saleswoman and a couple of guys.
One of the ladies came forward to help us. I scanned her, she was wearing a saree. She had a big belly and draped her saree in typical kerala style. While she turned sideways, I noticed that she was showing her navel and I got excited. In that moment I realized that I would like to expose my wife to others. I never had such fantasies before. But now the thought of showing my wife to others made me very hot.
I asked neelima if she brought saree by any chance. She said she didn’t. I felt bad, even if I buy a saree at this store, she still wont have the blouse and it would not work out. Little disappointed.
She picked up a couple of jeans and t shirts to try them on. While she was trying the jean in the fitting room, she called my and opened the door a little. She showed me how the jean didn’t fit her at all. It was not moving above her thighs . I called the sales lady and asked her to take a look. She looked like a very horny lady, now she was staring at my wife’s body, thighs while neelima was showing her panty and how the jean didn’t move above the thighs. The very thought that another lady was seeing my wife in panties was exciting., we tried a couple of other things, didn’t like anything, so we left without buying anything. 
The next day we reached the houseboat in time, got one for ourselves, moved things inside and got settled down. She loves to wear flowers and we had jasmine in the room. We showered freshened up and we came outside admiring the scenery , eating foot etc. Then we moved inside and we were ready for the real deal. I finished the foreplay, I licked her pussy like a dog while she was heavily moaning and holding my hair very tightly encouraging me to lick hard. Then I took out my hard cock and try to insert her into her pussy. 
Her pussy was very tight, and I had a hard time inserting my cock. She was having a lot of pain. Fucking for the first time was harder than I thought. Neelima was very sensitive to pain. I insert my cock about an inch and she starts crying. I was horny, but at the same time tried to be sensible and didn’t really go for it. She was crying, I consoled her and said it is ok. Not everyone is successful the first time. We stayed in the houseboat for a couple of days and all our time went like this. I try to inset my cock, she cries, I console. She even felt bad and said, she is unable to satisfy me. I said don’t worry, you suck cock extremely well, the pussy will open up very soon don’t worry. It is funny when I think now that we may be the only couple in the whole world, went to a honeymoon and came back without technically fucking each other. Nevertheless we admired the beauty of kerala.
We vacated from the houseboat, I was fond of beaches and we went to the nearby beach. The beach was not crowded at all, 11 in the morning. It was not happening. We soaked our legs in the water. She started writing our name on the beach sand. She was bending and showing a whole lot of cleavage. I got a hard one. I started taking pictures. She didn’t realize I focused on the cleavage only. I said to myself, wow, my wife is showing her nice cleavage in the public without knowing and too bad no body is here to see it. I touched my cock at times, but kept encouraging her to do what she is doing, while I took nice snaps. Then we returned from Kerala
After our honeymoon, I went to Delhi and she stayed at my native. I was posted in delhi for a few months. I had to look for a fully furnished apartment, get things settled down and bring her to live with me. I got a 2 bedroom house from my colleague who was in USA. He had pretty much everything in the home and made it easier for me.
The house owners were living downstairs. It was a joint family with an old man, living with this 2 sons, who in turn had kids of wives and kids of their own. They had 2 teenagers one of them around 17, the elder son’s son and other one younger one’s son. The first daughter in law was about in the mid thirties and the second one in the late 20’s. Once we came from the airport, they welcomed us and we got settled down. The small boy started calling my wife as aunty and I felt erotic. 
During my first weekend I again tried to break my wife’s seal again. This time I tried harder and tried to be merciless. I didn’t care about her crying and inserted with full force. It took 10 minutes to complete the cock insertion mission. It was all downhill from there. I had lubricated condoms and fucked her like crazy after that. We fucked atleast 5 times in day in the weekend. On the weeknights, I get home I fuck her and then we freshen up and proceed to the nearby park and walked about 30 mins everyday. While coming back we bought vegetables in the market, and we had a routine setup.
I took her to movies in the weekend, she usually was wearing a short top and jeans. She used a dupatta to cover herself from the dust while driving. We went to Ansal mall near palam, to watch the movie love aaj kal. The movie was ok and then we went to pizza hut. We had a pizza and she felt thirsty. I went to pick water and while coming back I noticed that she was displayed her ass crack so elegantly. She was leaning forward and eating the pizza. While doing so, her tops went up and the backside of the jean opened up showing her ass crack about 2 inches, a little bit of her pink panties. I was so aroused seeing this sight. She was doing this unknowingly. Then I realised that she was showing the ass crack all the way from my home to the mall. It was about 25 minutes drive on my bike from the home to the mall. Her ass crack has been on the display on the road , in the theatre and now in the restaurent. Pizza hut waiters had a good day, some of them were standing behind my wife at times and taking a good peak of the top of her ass and her nice butt cleavage. I didn’t say a word to her on that and I was enjoying the attention she was getting.
I started riding home, now that I was consicious that my wife was displayed the ass crack, the drove slowly about 30 kms per hour. I bought her a cone ice in the mall, which she was licking all the way. Neelu asked me why you are riding so slow. I told her I want to enjoy this time, while you are enjoying the icecream. While coming back we had a couple of traffic jams, to help my cause. We stopped at the ridiculous traffic jams, lots of bikes, cars and couple of shared autos. I had stopped near a shared auto and people from the shared auto had a very nice view of my wife’s white ass display. It was all the more erotic as she was licking the ice cream. I cock was hard and pressing against the petrol tank. We reached home in about 45 minutes. So now I had a lot of excitement that my wife has successfully started exposing unknowingly and fucked her like crazy that night. I told her , Neelu, you look great in this jean. It is just perfect, does justice to the good shape of your thighs. And so our days went like that.
In the meantime, I worked on her visa to USA. We were all set to travel to the USA We arrived at USA, since I had already stayed for 3 years I was comfortable with the culture. She was new and she took her time adopting. She had a few cultural shocks then and there. Like girls doing the haircuts, girls wearing very skimpy shorts and skirts and roaming in the mall, even old ladies displaying their cleavage etc. She used to watch all hindi serials in the star plus, sony etc and belonged to that category. I asked her to start watching english sitcoms and get used to amercian english. I bought her a number of dvd’s, put the subtitles on and watched with her. I told her, Neelu , I know you are a small town girl. I want you to make independent and modern. Here in US, you can do whatever you want as long as we are not hurting anybody. The desi ladies here have changed a lot, they wear short skirts, they display outrageous clevages, they drink, they party etc. And I don’t mind you doing those things.
In fact that is what I want you to do. So please shed your small town mindset and change yourself and enjoy the new place. I can teach you driving and can buy you a car, you can go whereever you want all by yourself. 
To be honest, it was hard to change her. When she got bored she always resorted to Balika vadhu, which made me disappointed. I understood that this transformation is going to be painful. She is not going to change in days or weeks, it will take years. I asked her to cut her hair short and change to a new style. 
I bought her new clothes, dresses that displayed cleavages. Push up bra’s. Trust me, I had to learn a lot about women clothing to make my wife modern. I bought her all sorts of panties. G strings, micromini skirts, boy shorts, tube tops, satin dresses etc. I shelled out a lot of money. Until then she was wearing the granny type of underwear that she bought in india which used to turn me off.
So she was slowly changing. When I asked in a change for the haircut, she was little hesitant about it. I finally searched for a salon and booked an appointment. We went on time and there was guy called Mark who is the stylist. Let me describe him. He was a hunk, in every sense of the word. His biceps were the size of my thighs. A white guy in this late thirties. He welcomed us with a southern american accent. 
I thought he had built his body just to fuck the girls that fall for him. It was in a secluded place. We had a party to attend that day and hence she went only for the styling and not the hair cut. He made her look beautiful with the style. He held her hair, washed it, shampooed it.She had curly hair, and he created a lot of curls in her hair and created a new style. So now she was open to other men touching her in front of me and I felt that is a little bit of improvement. We stayed in a community where there were about 15 indian familes. We had parties often, some kids birthday, promotion parties etc. 
We had a party next week too. I had bought her a green dress with black flowers on it. If she wore it without a bra, her whole boobs will be visible, that’s how low it was. Considering that she had small boobs. We had an argument about the dress. She was reluctant to wear it. I told this is the age, see other ladies are older than you and they are not ashamed in displaying their beauty. I asked her to get comfortable, because she would not be able to do this at the age of 50.
Now she wanted to go to the stylist again. We made an appointment and while getting ready, she asked me what to wear. She had a huge confusion. She wanted to look the best before the guy Mark the hunk. I was surprised she displayed keen interest in dressing up, because she never did. I was turned on by the fact that she is opening up and liking other males. I wanted to build on it. So I took her and got her hair done. We went to the party, while she was wearing the green dress. She wore a black top inside the green dress. It revealed some cleavage when she is normal and when she bent down, most of her boobs was visible.
Other married ladies were also wearing summer dresses, one of them wearing a short skirt above knee, one of them a sleeveless dress with no cleavage. So it was not odd, not out of the place. She looked comfortable. Some bachelor guys started conversing with my wife. I was standing on the side, while they were taking a peek at her cleavage at times. I was very happy, that she is slowly easing into the lifestyle that I want to live. We took group photos, where her cleavage was visible clearly and other ladies also seemed to like her dressing style and got a lot of compliments.
So there is the transformation from small town desi gal, to a NRI flaunting her beauty with ease.
Our sex lives was normal. We were having vanilla sex most of the time. She wears a saree when she wants to have sex or I ask her to wear a saree, if I wanted to have sex. Friday nights and Saturday nights were drink , dance sex nights. I always liked a particular way of draping the saree and specific about it.
I ask her to wear it 2 inches below navel, so the onlooker knows it is a deliberate display not just accidental. Also the pallu on the sideways with a pin. So even if she wanted to cover the midriff she would not be able to. The pallu will be just covering the navel in the midress, if she turns sideways slightly , the navel will be open to see. I eased her into the habit of drinking vodka. She tried beer and vomitted, so beer is not her type. Vodka mixed with coke, was ok with her. Her threshhold was about 2 rounds and then she starts blabbering. I put songs like sheila ki jawani and ask her to dance. I sit on the couch and watch it like old hindi films villain stroking my cock. She comes near me, shows her navel, asks me to stand , then insert my cock into her navel, rub it against her, while she was dancing. It was quite erotic with the song. She throws me on to bed and sucks my cock. When she is drunk, her speed increases. She really sucks it like a horny bitch, who never had a cock in her whole life. She is pretty good at licking balls. She puts the balls one at a time, entirely into her mouth and sucks them real hard. To make it comfortable, I always trimmed that area and made it likeable for licking. We bought honey specially for pussy licking. Her favourite position was 69, with me on top. Once I get my face directly near pussy, I slowly touch the pussy, then open the honey bottle, then just pour one drop of honey.
Once she feels the sensation she starts moaning. Then I slowly lick the drop on to her vertical lips. I always start slowly and then switch gears. Make it faster and faster as the time moves on. I never stop it until she cries and begs me to stop. There were occasions where I didn’t stop even after she cried.
After the orgasm, I ask her how was it. She always replied, 80 %, 90 % I was there. It used to turn me off, that she was not that much of a orgasmic gal. Till date. It is always half way. While fucking, I cant hold it more than 5 minutes and it is not enough for her to orgasm. So I had this complex of not satisfying her to the maximum. She told me that it is her fault. Then I looked up on the internet,found some gals reach the orgasm rarely. So this is how my routine sex life was for about a few months.
I tried to spice it up a little. I shower her videos of wife cheating husband, group sex, doggy style,Double penetration, cum drinking facial videos etc. She watched them with keen interest, but never opened up to talk like, oh I like this guy’s cock etc. I asked her if she liked foreign xxx videos. She said she liked desi stuff. Desi gal and desi boy doing it. Ok, now that’s an improvement I thought, she likes something.
When we went to a departmental store, we found magazines near the billing counter. One of the front page, had a white gal with yellow bikini. That was super sexy. Perfect recipe for masturbation. She told me, wow that is so hot. I said what? She told the girl in the yellow bikini, even I am turned on by her.
As a guy who likes lesbians myself, I thought this might be agood thing. After a couple of weeks, I asked her if she was into girls. She said, no, never in her lifetime. I said if you are into gals it is ok, I can arrange that for you. Hearing this she got disappointed and head tears in her eyes in the span of a few minutes.
I said I just asked you and wanted to be frank about sex. If you are not into girls that is fine. She said what kind of husband asks his wife to have sex with another woman?. I somehow got out of the conversation and thought, this is not working. She is still the small town girl. How to spice it up I wanted to start a roleplay as an experiment and see if she is into it. If she is into it, then it could be a success.
While I was returning from the office, I told her to dress up for sex. Once I entered the house, I kept my bag, went to the bathroom, wore a dhoti and baniyan and came like a servant and started talking in hindi. She was amused.Even though we both know hindi, we never spoke in hindi. 
ME: Memsaab, ghar me kuch kaam hai? Saab ne mujhe bheja hai. (Ma’am you have some work, Sir has sent me to do the work)
Neelima: Acha theek hain. Saab nahi aayenge kya?
(is it? Sir wont come huh?) (I was surprised she is playing along with it)
Me: Sir ko kuch kaam hai, isilieye mujhe bheja (Sir has some work, that’s why he sent me)
Neelima: Acha , theek hai. Is chair pey bhaith jaavo, kya peeyoge coffee ya chaai?
(ok, sit on the chair, what you take coffee or tea?)
Me: Kuch nahi chaahiye ma’am. Kya kaam hai who bata deejiyega.
(I wont take anything, tell me what work you have to do)
Neelima: Haan yeh floor clean karna hai. Yelo cloth. (take this cloth and clean the floor)
Me : Theek hai jee
Then she entered into the bedroom, while I was cleaning the floor in the hall.
Neelima: Bhaiya, idhar aavona (come here)
Me: Haanji.
Neelima : Dekho, mere kamar pe dard ho raha hai. Massage karoge? (I have pain in the hips, will you massage me?) 
(I was turned on by the development)
Me: Jee, aise haise. Saab bhi ghar me nahi hai (How can I? Sir is not in the home)
Neelima: Saab ghar me nahi hai, isiliye tujhe bhula rahi hun, chalo
(sir is not in the house, that’s why I am asking you to do)
Me: Theek hai ji. Saab aajayenge to kya karenge? (What if sir comes)
Neelima: are kuch nahi hoga, chalo, us almaari se thael lelo(nothing will happen, now take oil from the cupboard)
Me: theek hai ji.
(Then she laid on the bed on the sideways, facing away from me , and put her hand in the side of the stomach)
Neelu: yahan pe dard ho raha, thoda massage karna chaalu karo. Thel kam daalo. Yaha se suru karo
(its paining her, use little oil and start)
ME: theek hai jee.
I pour a little oil and start rubbing her side stomach. 
Neelima: Haan, thoda jor se, haa… acha lag raha hai.. Aise hee karna. 
(Yes, little harder, yes, feeling very nice, do it like this)
Me: theek hai e.
Neelu: Raamu, is side pe aajana 
(Now she has given me a name, Raamu, I don’t know whether she had that in mind before, but I got excited)
Me: Theek hai ji
(Now I am facing her face, rubbing her side stomach, while her super sexy deep navel in on display to Raamu)
Neelima: Raamu, tera haath bahut acha lag raha hain. Aise he karna . 
(Raamu ur hands are good, keep doing like this)
(she wanted to become naughty and while I was massaging her, she brought her hands closer to my cock, I was already hard)
Neelu: Karo, karo acha karo. Zara zor se. Aur zor se. Mere gaand bhi massage karoge?(do it fast, will u massage my ass)
Me: Jii bahut dar lag raha hai. Saab aajayengo to(Im scared, what if sir comes?)
Neelu: are daro mat. Main hu na(don’t worry, Im here)
(she is facing down now)
Neelu: Chalo, meri gaand massage karo(Come on maasage my ass)
ME: theek hai ji
Neelu: Acha karo, ab kya zor kam ho gaya?(do it well, why are you slow now)
ME: theek hai ji
(I start squeezing her ass like crazy)
Neelu: Aaaah, haaaaaa…. Haaaa , zor se, bahut acha lag raha hai. (do it fast, I feel awesome)
(Then after a while she turns facing upwards and asks me to massage around her navel)
Neelu: Raamu, thoda naabi me massage karna (Raamu, massage my navel)
Me: theek hai ji ( I pour oil into her round fleshy navel and start massaging)
Neelu: Oh Raamu, kitna acha lag raha hai. Itne din kaha tha tu?(oh this is gud, where were you all these days?)
Me: Silence
(I was on the side of the bed , standing on doing the massage, her hands were too close to be cock, she loosened my dhoti, I didn’t wear anything inside, so my rock hard cock came out)
Neelu: Raamu, yeh kya hai? Bahut bada dikh raha hai. Dikhne me bahut yummy lag raha hai
(Raamu what is this, it is looking big, its looking yummy)
Me: Yummy matlab?(yummy means?)
Neelu: Ithar aao, dhikathi hun, yummy matlab kaya hota hai(Come here, I will show u what is yummy)
(She sits up on the bed, bends down and puts it into her mouth)
Me: oooooooooooohhhhh memsaab, aap kaya kar rahi ho? Mujhe dar lag raha hai(ma’am, what are you doing, Im scared)
Neelu: Yummy isko bolthe hai. (This is called as yummy)
( then she started sucking again)
Me: Ohhh memsaab… ohhhhh
Neelo: acha lag raha haina, chal teri baniyan uther the.(feeling good right. Remove your baniyan)
(She removed her saree and blouse and now only with bra and petticoat)
I get on top of her and start kissing her in the face
Me : memsaab, aap bahut sundar rag rahi ho. Aapko ye gora badhan mujhe bahut acha jag raha hai
Saab bahut lucky hai
(Ma’am, you are looking too beautiful, you white body is driving me crazy, Sir is very lucky)
Neelu: To lelo mereko. (then take me)
I start pressing her boobs
Neelu: zor ze dabhana Raamu, zor se. (fast, fast, rough)
I start crushing her books, like never before in my entire married life.
Neelu: haaa, raamu, Haaaaa, Aise hiii (just like that)
Me: Memsaab, saab aapki kaise karthe hai (Ma’am, how does sir do it?)
Neelu: saab , itna zor se nahi karthe hai. Tu karna. Aaj acha hua saab ghar ma nahi hain. Mujhe kiss karo. (Sir, never does it this hard, good that he is not at home, kiss me now)
Mujhe chaato. Uper se niche tak chaato. (lick me from top to bottom)
Me: theek hai memsaab….
I liberated her from the bra and start licking her nipples. Put her her whole left boob into my mouth and squeezed the right boob very hard)
Neelu: haaaa, haaaa, bahut acha lag raja hai raamu. Saab aise nahi kar paathe. Tu bahut acha kar raha hai ( feeling horny, Sir was never able to do like this, you are doing it well)
(I am super excited by the roleplay, here is my wife , opening up to have sex with a servant defying her husband, she is really getting ready to be fucked by others… She gave me a name and giving me commands, how to do her, the things she never asked me to do during our regular sex, I pressed her real hard. Now I was ready to go down town. I removed her petticoat and kissed on the triangle. She was wearing a g string, which covered only a little pussy and just a thread in the back, flauting her while ass)
Neelu: Uper aaja ( come up)
Me: theek hai
Neelu : tera lund mere moo pe dena. Bahut yummy lag raha hai tera lund.
(Put ur cock into my mouth, it is so yummy)
Me: theek hai
I insert my cock into her mouth and fuck her in the mouth. I increased my speed, up and down and up and down, fucked very fast and hard into her mouth. I never fucked her this hard. I was really fucking like a servant who got a golden chance to fuck his mistress. She was squeezing my ass with both hands. 
I fucked her in the mouth for 10 mins, she got up knelt down and sucked my cock, like a porn star.
Neelu: saab aise kabhi nahi karthe. Tu acha kaam kar raha hai. (Sir never does it like this)
Me: MMM… bahut acha lag raha hai memsaab. ( feeling very good)
Neelu: chalo saab ke aane se pehle kaam khatam karlo. (Finish the work before sir comes)
I lay her on the bed, Remove her panty and insrt my finger into her pussy.
Boy oh boy, her pussy was so wet. I have never seen her pussy this wet. Her juices were flowing already. Looks like she had a mini orgasm already. The thought that she was fucking with a servant has made her so hot and got her juices flowing like never before. I felt very good, that she is superhot now. Then I inserted my cock into her pussy and started fucking her really hard.
Neelu: mera boobs dabao, zor se (press my boobs, hard)
While I pounded her hard, I was squeezing her boobs with my one hand real hard. She lifted her hips and I was holding her hips with the other hand, moving in and out very fast.
Neelu: Oh Raamu… Raamu….. haaaa….. Raamuuu…. Bahut acha lag raha hai Raamu(awesome)
Me: Memsaab.. Oh memsaab, saab aise nahi kar payenga. Zor se kar raha hun saab kabhi nahi kar payenge itne zor se. (Ma’am, sir wont be able to fuck u like this, I can fuck u really hard like this)
Neelu: Karlo Raamu, Karlo, saab aane se pehle karlo…zor see. Oh raamu …. Kitna acha kar raha hai
Tera lund, oh raamu….
(Raamu, finish it before sir comes, you are so good)
I was praising her body and constantly reminding her that she is fucking a servant in the absence of her husband. She was so turned on and was playing along with me. She also constantly reminded me that the thought of a servant fucking her made very hott….
I poured my cum into her after furious pounding and kissed her on the lips.
After a couple of minutes, we had a deep breath. I asked her, how was it Neelu?
She smiled and said, it was good, she liked it.
So there goes our first roleplay story. First step into the extra marital amibitions of me.
We had to return to india as I am assignment abroad was over. Now In india I was working on a large campus, where there were plenty of chicks. My wife was housewife all the time. When I started going to the office, naturally I got turned on by the Indian beauties. My office gals were very young and hot. Wearing sexy clothes like tight jeans and salwars with sexy tight leggings. The tops were too short and some times u can easily see the panties that they are wearing. I got so horny seeing these things. My imagination started running wild, what If my wife also went to office like this and other guys start admiring her. I would love that. My cock started becoming erect imagining my wife in various dresses and situations in a crowded office. Hence I decided to act.

I started preparing her for attending interviews for call centers . Since she is not an engineer, she cannot work in an IT company, so Call centers are the best fit for her. Also I have heard about the work culture in these call centers. Where sex is prevalent. Naturally I thought I don’t even need help there. Some one will definitely start hitting on my wife and he will seduce her. Thinking all things, my cock was dancing all the time.

She started appearing for interviews and she got through in one of the call centers. There was 2 weeks notice period to join. I wanted to buy her some nice clothes she could wear to work. She bought 4-5 tight leggings, one of them white, one in black and other in different colors. We bought her tops, which would be covering her hip. IT was cut in the hip area. So while she is walking one can easily figure out the panties that she is wearing. If there is wind, then the top goes up and her panties are there for everyone to see. Bought a couple of dangerously low jeans as well. My wish started coming true. Here is my wife with all these sexy outfits, going to be spending time with dudes. I was sure many of them would hit on her , talk behind her back etc.
We had to submit documents for verification in her office, and I accompanied her. There in the reception her team lead came and introduced himself. His name was siddarth. We got talking and kinda felt like we were friends. He said, don’t you worry, we will take good care of your wife. She is one of ours now. We have a good gang of dudes. My member is a 6 member team, im going to be her team lead. We will make her comfortable in her new workplace. We would do some fun activites where we get to know each other and start feeling like we are friends. I said, thanks for your help Siddarth. Its nice meeting you. Then he gave her his phone number and got hers. Neelima,Feel free to call me Anytime.
I said it was nice meeting you, im confident that my wife is in good hands. Then he shaked hands with her. And then tapped on her shoulder, welcome to our team. My cock started growing. It is a nice start. A new guy started touching my wife infront of me.
She started going to work and everything was going ok. Even after coming home, she would be checking her phone all the time. She started messaging all the time and giggling. Sometimes she used to share the jokes the guys were sending her on whatsapp. I was able to guess that they are getting close. She used to work in the general shift 8.30 to 6. Sometimes she started coming home late saying her shift got changed to evening shift which ends around 10. I started getting used to these things.
I was getting curious why she was on the phone all the time. I wanted to spy on her phone but never really got the time to check it. Meanwhile she started drawing her own salary and hence her own shopping. She bought a bunch of stuff which she used to show me in the weekends. I got really busy with my work in my company. I hardly started spending time with her during weekdays. It was all hectic..I used to reach home by 8 in the night. Usually I will wait for her.Her cab drops her at our door step and I know she is home. Usually she reaches by 10.15, but one day she didn’t come until 10.45. So I got a little bit anxious and called her up. She said she will reach in 5 minutes. I went to the terrace to call her up and just waited in the terrace after the call. After a few minutes she came with a guy on his Pulsar 220 cc bike. The backside of the bike was much higher than the frontside. IT is like she is sitting on the first floor. She was having her hands around his hips. He was driving it faster and quickly slowed down as my wife pointed my house. He put a sudden break and there was screeching noise coming from the wheels. She slowly got down from the bike, picked her handbag from the front side and waved good bye. That guy said See you tomorrow . Have a good night!!!
I rushed to groundfloor and pretended that I didn’t see anything. She came into the house and we started chatting like nothing happened. I asked her why is she so late and she said, her cab broke down today and a friend had to drop her since it was late. She said his name is Vinod and is a cool guy. He helps her a lot during work while she is struggling. She said Vinod and a few of his friends have become a gang in office and share nice rapport with each other. The workplace has become so much fun despite the stress that comes with the call center jobs. They have many fun at work activities like musical chair, dancing, kho kho etc which relieves the stress and brings a sense of team for them. I said nice to hear that you are having so much fun at your office. I was obviously worried about you these days that you may get stressed out. She said she is loving it.
Oneday she invited me to her office and told it is family day. Married people are bringing their spouses. I had to take half day off and went to her workplace. They had the usual welcome program and starters. She then introduced me to her colleagues Vinod, Siddharth, Nakul , Dev and few other guys whose names I don’t remember. She said they are her team as well as gang. She said there are lot of games planned and showed my her work place. She is sitting in the same cubicle as other 3 guys. They had taken some snaps in which my wife is sitting right in the middle of those guys. Guys besides her had their hands on her shoulders. She said then lets go to canteen where the fun activities are planned. First up was the musical chair. As usual lots of shouting and cheating etc. finally 2 chairs and 3 remaining, one is my wife and others Vinod and a guy from another team. They were running the music for along time and my wife kept running behind these guys and vice versa. She was wearing a saree that day and the way she was running her ass was shaking deliciously.suddenly the music stopped. My wife sat on a chair and vinod sat on her lap. There was a big fight as to who sat on the chair first. Obviously this debate was going on with Vinod sitting on my wife neelima’s lap. The argument lasted for 5 mins. Then Vinod gave up as the team supported my wife. Then when the final music stopped, my wife went and sat on the lap of the unknown guy. Again the same drama. I was not sure what was going on. They announced that the guy won. My wifey Neelima came to me with the laughter and said these guys are unbelievable. They cheated me. I said its ok honey, As long as you are having fun. That is more important.
Needless to say my cock was getting hard with her antics like these. She said drinks are on the other side and asked me to go and wait there and she would come in sometime. So I helped myself to the drinks area and there I saw guys chatting among themselves. I slowly myself eased into the group having a drink in the hand. The guys were a young bunch and hence the chat was also a bit dirty. They are talking about chicks in the office and a few mins later, my wife Neelima’s turn came up. They obviously didn’t know that I am her husband standing right there.
Guy 1: Guys did u check out that Neelima chick. Got a big round ass and it is swaying like anything.
Guy2: Yeah man, her husband must be a lucky guy, to eat that ass everyday
Guy1: Why husband, if you are in her team itself, you can enjoy a lot. I have seen many things.
Guy 3: What? You are just making this up.
Guy 1: no kidding man. I have seen her with Vinod and dev at a couple of places. 
Guy 3: So what they might have gone to eat food. 
Guy 1: not only that. I saw vinod driving her to a suburb on his bike. She was fully covered up with dubatta on her face. I was nearby. They went to a near by bush and started giggling.
Unknown guy: guys didn’t you see, during musical chair, she sat on my lap. Man her ass was so smooth, I got a immediate hard one. I was almost hitting her with my hard cock while arguing. But she pretended like nothing happened she is a real slut guys. She was also grinding my cock and I almost cummed.
Guy 4: yes man, she is a cock hungry horny slut. Behind our office there is a coffee shop. I have seen her with Dev and both were holding hands for a long time in the corner table. And while coming out I saw Dev secretly pinch on her round ass in the crowd.
Guy2: If you wanna fuck her, you just get into her team. You don’t need to be her husband.
All this conversation going on right infront of me and my cock is growing from strength to strength hearing this.
Guy 1: I guess these guys have some round robin deal with her. Every day of the week you can see her with a different guy in the team. She would leave office with Vinod on one day and Dev the other day and so on.
And you should see her dress. She dresses like a slut. 
Sometimes in those tight low hip jeans, Sometime in the jeggings showing her full ass shape faithfully.
Sometimes a short top with cut high enough to how her panties in her white leggings. If you go and stand by her side you can find out what colour and brand panties she is wearing. It is so obvious. 
In the low hip jeans she lifts her hands and her tops goes up, you can see her ass crack man.
Sometimes I feel like dropping a coin in there. Those guys are having too much fun with her.
Guy 4: One day I overheard them talking about how they smell her armpit everyday. They were talking about making her drink their juice in code language. I guess she sucks their cocks in private places
Guy 1: who knows man, these horny cock hungry sluts will do anything …
Then I interrupted. Hey guys, I am standing here for a long time. I just wanted to intro myself.
My name is Shiv. (My actual name is Naren).
Good conversation guys, looks like you guys are having a lot of fun around here.
Guys introduced themselves as Arvind, Rohit and some other names I don’t remember.
I said guys, if there is a slut like this, why cant you guys try her out. Is there any rule that only team mates should sleep with her?. If you have talent she can fuck with you also, right?
Those guys nodded in agreement. 
Arvind:You see it is a bit difficult, because we don’t get to talk to her like her team mates.
I said talk to her in the canteen or parking lot. If you are good enough you can also band her right.
Arvind: these things are easier said than done.
Me: Hmm. If you don’t try you wont get it. You have to give yourselves a chance.]
Rohit: He is right. Only if we try we will know. Once she is ours we can also share her between us, he winked
ME: I would love to know, how it goes. Keep me updated. Here is my number.
We exchanged our numbers.
Arvind: Atleast for the sake of Shiv we should try her and let Shiv sir know. And there was a big laughter.
Me: I would definitely love to bang a chick like her. And would be interesting to hear from you.
Arvind: Sure Yo. We wont disappoint you.
So here I am, giving ideas and suggestions to strangers to bang my wife. I have really gone crazy with my cuckold fantasies.
The fact that my wife is also roaming with guys is making me ask for more. But this could be nothing.All may be cooked up stories. I really wanted to see what my wife is doing with Vinod, Dev and other guys. For once I have seen her with Vinod on his bike. That too isn’t a big deal considering the circumstances.
ME being busy in office also doesn’t allow me to spy her as much as I like to.
Now with these strangers having my number and trying to seduce my wife, I think it will be interesting.
I would get direct updates from the guys who are trying. I am not sure what is going to happen…

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