Naveen having New Year Eve sex with Tripti Bhabhi and Rita Didi

Hi I am Naveen, a guy in my mid twenties with good looks and health with above average height and this write up is not only about losing my Virginity but also about my experience of having sex with two females one after another on the same bed. Both the females were actually older than me and also married.
I know for most of readers it will be difficult to believe and they will consider all this bogus but to them I will just say trust me; things like this happen. When woman loses her control over her sexual desire she goes crazier than a man and break all bars of trust and loyalty and if they are two together; both starved, then certainly they can turn any sensible male going bizarre, like it happened to me.
To start writing my sex experience I will say from last more than a year I am working and living very far from my native place in one room accommodation in NCR, which has turned into a real heaven for me in last twenty days. Females I am talking about are Rita Didi and Tripti Bhabhi.
For brief intro of the first lady I will say that Rita Didi is my land lady and also comes in distant relation with my real Bhabhi and that is why I use to get very homely behavior from her side from the time I was here in this town to work and earn.
Same way because Rita Didi was in regular touch of my Bhabhi I never thought about trying anything weird around the place I live and always presented myself simple, shy and reserved to Rita Didi. While talking about Rita Didi I will say that she is a good looking woman in her late thirties, short in height with short hairs and petite body structure with medium sized milks.
She is married to Suresh Bhaiya I guess from last fifteen years with a 13-14 year old son and Tripti Bhabhi is another female who lives in my
neighborhood, she is also married and must be somewhere in her mid thirties. She lives with her mother in law and 8 year old son and her husband lives in gulf to earn livelihood.
I must mention that Rita Didi and Tripti Bhabhi are very good friends and I have often saw them together going for shopping in the weekends and also during evening or post dinner walks in the colony. Now if I will talk about facial and physical appearance of Tripti Bhabhi then first thing I will say that she is such a female that any guy like me would love to fuck her on the very slightest chance.
Although Tripti Bhabhi is not slender like Rita Didi, has bit of belly but she cannot be considered fat or plump and in gesture and in overall appearance, sexually she is much more inviting and luscious then Rita Didi.
First of all as compared to Rita Didi she is little taller and fairer and very good looking and she also has big milky jugs and nice fleshy thighs with ample and erotically spread ass which is jutting out of her body very sexily, although Rita Didi also has nice round ass but because of her petite and slender body structure it is not jutting out of her body significantly.
Apart from physical appearance in gesture Tripti Bhabhi is much bolder, frank and naughty in speaking with expressive eyes as compared to Rita Didi and I must say that it was she who actually made all this possible.
Anyway while talking about personal lives of the females I will say before all this happened to me I did knew about Tripti Bhabhi, once during casual conversation Rita Didi told me that her husband is working somewhere in gulf and comes here once or twice a year and because of this it could be easily assumed that she was really starved for physical love but for Rita Didi
I would say outwardly she always seemed happy with Suresh Bhaiya but that night I eventually came to knew that Suresh Bhaiya is a low desiring man and bit extra involved in drinking habit and because of this sex in Rita Didi’s life was almost vanished.
Now after bit of intro I would like to move straight to the incident. It happened just few days back, it was New Year eve and while carrying two cans of beers and couple of blue film DVD’s I was little late in reaching back to my accommodation and as usual I ranged the bell of Rita Didi’s flat to get my keys and it was Tripti Bhabhi who opened the door.
She was wearing formal yellow color sari with the whole makeup which every idol married Indian female do, I mean small dot on the forehead and red color line at the starting of hairs with a typical gold necklace of married woman commonly known as Bindi, Sindoor and Mangalsutra and seemed ready to go for the party.
I casually said hello to her and asked for my keys, Tripti Bhabhi addressed Rita Didi’s name from the door itself and told her that I am here and asked me if I am going somewhere for celebration. I said no to it and said instead of partying in this freezing weather I will prefer watching some movie in the night.
Just then Rita Didi also came in my vision and like Tripti Bhabhi she was also ready, she was wearing red color sari with all that make up which Tripti Bhabhi was having and for me it was very easy to guess that they have a plan to going out for a party and I asked that to Rita Didi casually by saying “aap log kisi party mein jaa rahe ho kya?”
“no…actually we are back from the party….aaj evening me colony mein ladies ki get together thi…. We are back from their” instead of Rita Didi Tripti Bhabhi replied to my question and moved back to the place she was sitting and picked up her glass of orange drink and gulped whatever was remaining in one go.
Rita Didi offered me my keys from bit of distance and to get them I went inside the house and felt that room was little cozy as at one corner hot air blower was on; certainly for me it was bit relieve from the chill outside and unintentionally while looking at blower I uttered “wow” as I felt hot air hitting me.
Next Rita Didi invited me for dinner casually by saying “aaj dinner humare saath kar low…” instead of accepting her invitation on the very first instant I asked her where is Suresh Bhaiya (her husband), she said he has gone to his friends place to celebrate New year eve and in continuation told me that her son has also gone to his cousin place to enjoy and then again invited me for the dinner by saying “tum fresh hokar aa jao …dinner is almost ready”.
I can say having dinner at Rita Didi’s place was not new thing happening to me and except this that I won’t be able to have beer as such there was no reason for me to avoid spending time with them, room was cozy and apart from this Suresh Bhaiya was also not there and above that both the females were looking stunning.
I must mention, at my end I often use to masturbate while thinking about both the ladies, especially Tripti Bhabhi who was now little free in talking with me since last few months. Anyway I was about to accept Rita Didi’s invitation by asking her what has she made in dinner, when next moment my problem that I cannot have alcohol also got solved as next second Tripti Bhabhi spoke or somewhat asked me if I have Vodka.
I looked at her she was pouring Vodka in her glass and then filled the remaining glass with Fanta and asked me again “Vodka piyoge na?” Certainly I wanted to especially when a female like Tripti Bhabhi was asking but I was hesitant to say yes because as I said Rita Didi was somewhere in distant relation with my Bhabhi and I did not wanted to get this fact that I drink into their notice.
I looked at Rita Bhabhi, she was smiling “come on have it I will not tell anything to Mona (my Bhabhi)” she spoke and next moment Tripti Bhabhi asked her for another glass and Rita Didi went inside the kitchen and came out with a fresh glass and the drink which she was having while preparing dinner and before giving empty glass to Tripti Bhabhi she too gulped whatever was left in her glass and spoke “mere liye bhi ek aur banna de”.
I dropped down my office bag in the living room itself and asked Rita Didi if I can use the washroom as now I did not wanted to go out in chilling climate and Rita Didi replied with “sure”. I came to their bedroom and entered into the washroom,
I was hard while peeing as I knew that I am going to have real good time with both the females which will help me to masturbate on their name later in the night but for me it was not a day to masturbate, I was about to get a real pleasure of fucking a female and from god’s grace I had my first sexual experience with two females at the same time one after another.
Anyway by the time I came back Tripti Bhabhi made two more drinks and gave one to me and looked into my eyes with a killing smile and did cheers by colliding glasses and in response I blushed a bit. Very soon Rita Didi also came back from kitchen and joined us in the living area and asked me about the status of my marriage.
She knew that my parents are looking for my match, “koi ladki pasand kari aapki mummy ne aapke liye?” “nahi abhi tak to nahi” she asked me and I replied back in timid tone “aapki koi girl friend nahi hai kya?” this time Tripti Bhabhi asked me and once again I blushed from the way she was smiling at me and said no to it.
At that time I could not guess that what was running in Tripti Bhabhi’s mind but certainly I was getting uncomfortable from the way she was looking and smiling at me, her lips were drenched with in some light shade of lipstick and deep inside I had a desire of licking and sucking her lips since long.
Basically her overall gesture towards me was always very concerned and I don’t know why from her gesture she always seemed impressed with me and my creative profession and whenever we both or I conversed with Rita Didi in her presence she always took keen interest in listening me and her concerned behavior towards me always aroused me and made me think about her while masturbating.
Anyway we all continued watching television and in a way it was just Rita Didi who was interested in seeing what all was coming in television because me and Tripti Bhabhi were somewhat busy in talking. She asked me few things about my job and then asked me how many females work in my office and like this we all finished our drink more or less at the same time.
Tripti Bhabhi got up to make another but Rita Didi tried to stop her by saying “Tripti bass kar…already do drink ho chuke hain” “arre yaar chhodo na…aaj to madhosh hone ki raat hai…Kyun Naveen?” Tripti Bhabhi replied back to her and in the end asked me to acknowledge her statement and in reply I just smiled back.
Tripti Bhabhi took my glass first and then asked Rita Didi for her glass. Rita Didi tried to stop Tripti Bhabhi one more time but that night Tripti Bhabhi was in really very strange mood and spoke something in which her intentions were somewhat spoken but at that time I could not make out what she actually meant with the words “thoda nasha chadega… tabhi asali New Year manane ka mazza aayega”
and in reply initially Rita Didi smiled back to her bit naughtily and then spoke “Ok this is last” and got up and went inside kitchen. By the time Tripti Bhabhi made three more drinks Rita Didi was back with few snack and served me in quarter plate.
Next Rita Didi offered snacks to Tripti Bhabhi in another plate but she said no to that and came beside me and said “main aur Naveen ek plate mein khaa lenge” for a moment I was shocked and my heart started pounding in strange rapture, physically Tripti Bhabhi was sitting closest of my life and her body odor was really very astonishing and for a virgin guy like me who was desperately waiting to get married it was erotic enough to aggravate his sex hormones.
Certainly I was hard in my lower and bit uneasy while being physically so close to the female like Tripti Bhabhi whose body was exploding sex from every corner above that she was looking into my eyes sexily while having snacks from my plate and smiled couple of times when I blushed. Next suddenly she offered me her half eaten portion.
Oh wow…I cannot forget the way she was looking into my eyes while waiting for me to open my mouth, eventually I opened my mouth and had whatever she was offering me. I looked at Rita Didi she was looking at us with a smile and as she saw I am looking at her she smiled even better and asked me did I liked her preparations and I responded with yes with bit of blush.
In next 5-10 minutes I had bit more snacks and eye full of Tripti Bhabhi and couple of times she offered me more half eaten eatable and looked into my eyes with very different way but without giving any hint of her intentions for night, she continued talking to me on casual subjects and kept on feeding me with her hands.
Anyway after snacks we were left with bit of our drink and soon we finished our drink too and now I was feeling bit relaxed, alcohol was doing its job and I could see same effect on Tripti Bhabhi too, with passing time she was getting more and more frank with me and eventually by saying “main kaisi lag rahi hun?” she asked me how is she looking and moved her hand over the border of her sari,
the way females roll their hand over from their breast till shoulder over the sari and my sight flew to her breasts. Even though her breasts were well covered and Pallu was pinned on her shoulder but still through translucency of the fabric I could feel the impression of her deep cleavage and for an instant my eyes got stuck there.
Oh wow Tripti Bhabhi was so fair and her blouse was so tight over her breasts that her milks were somewhat desperate to set themselves free from the cage. Eventually Tripti Bhabhi caught me staring at her cleavage and smiled a bit and asked me instantly “kya dekh rahe ho?” “Nothing…!” I fumbled in confusion and got up to use the toilet.
For couple of minutes when I was alone in the washroom I was in the state where I could not believe whatever was happening with me; Tripti Bhabhi was behaving really very erotic and from her gesture and acts she seemed inviting me, I could somewhat read her intentions but I was not sure and could not dare to think about approaching her or giving her even a hint in Rita Didi presence.
As far as Rita Didi’s behavior was concerned she was just smiling and somewhat ignoring whatever Tripti Bhabhi was doing with me and mainly that is why I was failing in reaching to any conclusion. Anyway I came out to the living room and got bit surprised to see my beer cans on the central table.
In my absence Tripti Bhabhi opened my bag and took out beers and as I reached there asked me, “so… aapka beer pine ka plan tha” “haan bas aise hi…” I replied in fumble, I can say now I was not much bothered about getting caught with beer cans,
I was thinking about the porn movie’s DVDs which were kept in the front pocket of my bag and before I would have reached to my bag to check those discs Tripti Bhabhi took them out from her behind and asked me with a smile “and what about this….hmmm….. aaj raat ko aap ye movies dekhnewaale the..?”
I was really very shocked and also embarrassed, Rita Didi was also standing there and both the females were smiling while looking at my timid gesture. Discs were in the cover with colorful attractive covers in which females were having thick and long monster either in their mouths or in their fuckholes.
Tripti Bhabhi saw the cover and back of both the discs in my presence, just to show me and smiled while looking at them and then looked up to me and asked me “tell me if you want to see these movies right now” I was really very embarrassed and I said no to it and moved bit forward and took them and kept back in my bag and thought about going to my room.
For a virgin guy like me whatever happened just now was too much and I could not decide how to react on that, I could not dare to act shamelessly like guys do and I often read here on this blog, rather I was trying to avoid looking at both the females directly as both of them were smiling at me. I packed my bag by keeping those discs and beer cans back and spoke to Rita Didi “Didi I think I should go now”.
“Dinner to karke jaao” Rita Didi replied back and just then Tripti Bhabhi also spoke or somewhat ordered “you are not going anywhere….and don’t feel embarrassed….this shows that you are normal….” I looked at Tripti Bhabhi she was smiling cunningly and looked into my eyes without a flick to sense my uneasiness and spoke again “for your kind information, I also watch all these…”
she paused and laughed a bit and spoke again “rather now I can get this kind stuff from you….mujhe bahut problem hoti hai iss type ki discs purchase karne mein….”. I was bit surprised to hear that, next I looked at Rita Didi as expected she once again smiled at my uneasiness and spoke
“relax…I will not speak even a single word to Mona (my Bhabhi) about all this….just be normal…you have not done any crime….” I smiled back but still with bit of uneasiness and just then Tripti Bhabhi spoke and this time her words were even more bizarre “aap to sirf movies hi dekhte ho…aapki age mein to ladke…room par ladkiyan laakar unke saath proper fucking karte hain….”
I was not at all expecting this from Tripti Bhabhi at that time and I was bit shocked with the word “fucking” which she used casually but she did not stopped there and asked Rita Didi in continuation by saying “kyun Rita am I saying anything wrong….?” “No you are absolutely right” Rita Didi somewhat acknowledge her statement to make me feel better and after that saying “main dinner serve karti hun” she went inside the kitchen.
Now I was alone with Tripti Bhabhi in the living room, I don’t know if it was done intentionally from Rita Didi’s side because as Rita Didi disappeared from there Tripti Bhabhi came closer to me and took my bag from my hand and took out discs and spoke “I will see these movies first….ek do din mein aapko wapis de dungi”, at my end I was in really very weird mind state,
my heart was pounding high with strange fear but somewhere deep inside I was feeling really very delighted with Tripti Bhabhi’s frank behavior and could not control uneasiness of my Penis and up to an extend intoxication of alcohol was adding fuel to my arousal.
Next Tripti Bhabhi asked me something which once again I was not expecting and her word to word statement was “so you are Virgin… Hmmm…. aapne kabhi kisi ladki ko fuck nahi kiya?” I was speechless but continued looking into her mischievous eyes and could see the effect of alcohol on her overall gesture too,
she smiled bit naughtily while asking me that and spoke again “let’s have another drink…..ek hi glass mein piyenge” once again I was speechless and could not utter anything, neither “yes” nor “no” from my end. Tripti Bhabhi made one more drink and took a sip to taste.
“Tripti enough …. This is your forth” just then once again Rita Didi appeared in the living room and spoke from distance, while putting the container in the microwave, Tripti Bhabhi smiled on her statement and replied by saying “ye main aur Naveen share kar rahe hain….” With that Tripti Bhabhi extended her hand to me and made me take a sip somewhat forcefully.
Rita Didi saw her doing that and stared at us with a smile and then uttered to Tripti Bhabhi “you are just impossible” “I know that and it is just me who can make things possible…. ye tere bass ke baat nahi hai” Tripti Bhabhi replied back instantly while looking at Rita Didi with a cunning smile and at that time I hardly understood exactly what she meant with her statement but somewhere I was getting strong intuitions of Tripti Bhabhi’s intentions.
Anyway while saying “main chapatti banati hun” Rita Didi once again walked towards the kitchen and just then Tripti Bhabhi spoke from behind “take your time…koi jaldi nahi hai” and next instant Rita Didi turned to see her friend and smiled back.
That was another hint in which Tripti Bhabhi’s intentions were somewhat clear but truly speaking at that time I was unaware of exactly what all is going to happen with me next. As Rita Didi went out of our vision Tripti Bhabhi pushed me lightly on the couch, just to make me sit and sat beside me very close and once again offered me glass of drink with her own hands and I took the sip.
At my end I was up with the drinking and I did not wanted to have it more and I could see that even Tripti Bhabhi was not indented to drink that as after sipping just few drops she once again tried to make me take a sip but I stopped her by saying “nahi Bhabhi….please main aur nahi piyunga…”
Tripti Bhabhi smiled a bit on my timid tone and kept the glass on the side table and turned to me with the clear intentions of breaking the bars this time and asked me “ye nahi piyoge to kya piyoge… hmmmm”? she looked intently into my eyes for couple of seconds and somewhat waited for me to reply but I did not uttered anything as I was really perplexed with whatever she
was doing and she spoke again with tiny but very naughty smile and it was something which any guy on this earth would love to hear from the female like Tripti Bhabhi and her words were “mere hothon ka ras piyoge…? ” (Want to have nectar of my lips?) And with that she came further close to me started leaning over me and we almost lied down on the three sitter couch.
I did not tried to show any protest and in a moment leaving her maximum weight she was somewhat over me and her soft and big melons were pressed against my chest. I don’t know what I was thinking at that time, my heart beat was high as for the first time in my life I was so close to any female like that and before I would have thought anything Tripti Bhabhi kissed me,
I felt her lips over mine, they felt just like soft rose petals and in a moment she started kissing me properly and opened her mouth to suck my lips. In spontaneous effect I also opened my lips and welcomed her in my mouth and within few more seconds Tripti Bhabhi started exploring my mouth hungrily.
At my end though it was good but also very eccentric feeling, I was going through strange tingling all over my body but somewhere in my subconscious mind I was little uneasy with Rita Didi’s presence in the kitchen but opposite to me Tripti Bhabhi was somewhat unstoppable and without bothering anything she continued kissing me and explored my mouth thoroughly and tried to pull
out my tongue with her lips to make me explore her mouth with my tongue and I too started doing that, I invaded my tongue in her mouth and tried to roam around her mouth and soon Tripti Bhabhi started sucking my tongue and like that we continued eating each other for next 4-5 minutes and exchanged our saliva.
Ultimately we stopped to catch the breath but after breaking the kiss while being partially on my top Tripti Bhabhi stared into my eyes with lustful expressions and I too continued looking at her shamelessly, bars were broken and as such I did not had any doubt about her intentions for me.
Tripti Bhabhi got up slowly from me and this time pallu of her sari did not moved up with her, neither she tried to pick it up. I don’t know when she unpinned her sari from her shoulder, may be when I was gone to use the washroom some time back. I was realizing that everything was planned, with this act he wanted to expose her cleavage to me and as expected my eyes were glued there.
As I said Tripti Bhabhi is fair and beautiful female with bit of plump sexual assets and her milks are big in size and she was wearing tight blouse and that is why her cleavage was very deep and arousing and I had eyeful her milky jugs packed in tight blouse and best part was that she was smiling when I was looking at them.
“Happy New Year” once again it was Tripti Bhabhi who broke the silence, I looked at the wall clock, still there was less than an hour left for the New Year and before I would have replied her I heard a noise from kitchen and it was none other than Rita Didi who addressed Tripti Bhabhi with her name and Tripti Bhabhi took her pallu back on her shoulder before getting up to go to the kitchen.
I remained on the couch and at that instant I don’t remember exactly what was running in my mind, certainly I was hard in my lower while feeling strange sensation over my lips and after a long kiss could taste flavor of Tripti Bhabhi’s saliva with mine.
On the other side Tripti Bhabhi and Rita Didi chit-chatted for a minute in the kitchen, I don’t know what they conversed, I just heard bit of giggle from them and then both came out to the living room and among two females of my first fucking night it was Tripti Bhabhi who uttered “let’s go to bedroom…. New Year celebrate karte hain” my heart was already beating bit high and as I heard that it went almost double.
Certainly after a wonderful kiss I was expecting all that I somewhat knew exactly what Tripti Bhabhi desires at this moment and I was not scared of that but still somewhere I was bit uneasy may be because I was unaware of Rita Didi’s mind state over this and as Tripti Bhabhi spoke again “come on get up….dinner baad mein karenge”.
I looked at Rita Didi; she was smiling while looking at my uneasiness “come on ab sharma kya rahe ho….Rita bhi chal rahi hai bedroom mein…..” Tripti Bhabhi spoke once again and before I would have realized what she has said she spoke again and this time her words were “hum dono raat bhar aapki izzat lutenge”.
I was shocked of my life and for a moment could not believe what I heard but it was true, both the females were looking at me and smiling and deep inside apart from feeling strange uneasiness I was feeling weird pleasure. I knew that Tripti Bhabhi was living alone since long,
last time her husband was here almost a year back and I could understand her desperation for manly love and also from her over all gesture I could expect that she can cheat her husband for physical satisfaction but truly speaking for me since then Rita Didi was happily married female and always looked like faithful Indian wife
but that moment I realized that like Tripti Bhabhi she is a also horny female and later came to knew that she was not at all satisfied with her sex life with Suresh Bhaiya. Anyway next instant Tripti Bhabhi came bit closer to me and took my hand in hand and pulled me to make me stand and as expected I stood up with a pounding heart to get into bedroom with her.
“blower lena hai” Rita Didi asked next “nahi chahiye… Naveen ke pass heater rod hai to sahi” Tripti Bhabhi replied back while looking at me with a naughty giggle, I smiled a bit on her wit while blushing and Rita Didi also laughed a bit. We, both the females and me entered into the guest room and now I could see that everything females did to me since I was here, to prepare me mentally for the night was well planned.
Bed was just ready to get laid with a partially covered double bed blanket with an aroma of some feminine perfume which was sprayed all over the room intentionally. Before I would have thought what is going to happen with me, Tripti Bhabhi rolled her hand over my broad chest sensually to feel the male body after a long time and hummed in low voice.
She pulled down the zipper of my jacket and tried to take it off. Rita Didi also came closer to me and helped her to take off that from behind and hanged my jacket on the handle of the wall mounted Elmira. Truly speaking friends, anyhow I cannot explain my feeling of that instant, it was strange happiness,
I knew that I am about to lose my virginity and I was expecting it will be Tripti Bhabhi who will take me inside her first, may be because she was looking more desperate to feel me as compared to Rita Didi. Anyway Tripti Bhabhi did not stopped even for a moment and before I got rid of my jacket she started undoing buttons of my shirt and in a moment once again it was Rita Didi who took of my shirt from behind.
For me it was bizarre feeling and I could not believe my luck, two homely females were taking off my cloths to seduce me, I was just standing and letting them do whatever they wanted to do. I was still wearing warm inner wear on my upper half but Tripti Bhabhi moved to my belt next and ultimately opened my trouser and made it raced down to my feet.
I took off my shoes instantly without opening laces and removed my socks too and came totally out of my trouser by stepping aside and next from bit behind Rita Didi lifted my inner and undershirt together and ultimately took it out from my neck. Oh…God I was standing just in my underwear and that is between two females and both the females were somewhat desperate to get me.
Tripti Bhabhi once again rolled her hand, this time over my bare chest and I shivered a bit with cold and in some new sensation of getting touched by a female. The room in which we were standing was not at all cozy like it was outside, sensing my state Rita Didi once again asked, this time to me “blower le aaun kya?” “nahi…abhi bahut garmi hone waali hai iss room mein……” it was Tripti Bhabhi who replied back with no again.
Heat was rising, especially in Tripti Bhabhi and next moment she took off pallu of her sari and pulled out all the pleats from her waist in one go, in a moment her sari was on the floor and like me she also came out of it by stepping aside. Next she held my hand and climbed to the bed on her knees and took me to the bed too and in an instant came over me and spoke to Rita Didi “sari uttar ke tu bhi aa jaa….. blouse or petticoat Naveen uttarega”.
Next moment Rita Didi also started taking of her sari by unpinning her pallu from her shoulder and before I would have saw her undressing herself Tripti Bhabhi came over me even more, straightened my face gently with her hand and started kissing me.
Once again we kissed well, we invaded our tongue in each other’s mouth and explored each other’s mouth thoroughly and while kissing Tripti Bhabhi, wearing just red color blouse and petticoat I saw Rita Didi rising on bed and in a moment she came beside me on my left and pulled the blanket over all three of us.
Finally Tripti Bhabhi broke the kiss and moved aside a bit on my right arm, somewhat held my jaw in her hand lightly and looked into my eyes for a moment and asked me in low lust laden tone “ready ho na….apni izzat lutwaane ke liye…..?”. I was puffing a bit and I did not responded to her question, I just kept on looking at her lustful gesture and smiled a bit.
Next Rita Didi moved a bit, she came closer to my body and kissed me around my cheek softly and spoke “Naveen we both need you….humen pyar karo…” her voice was soft and I could sense desperation in Rita Didi too. With that Rita Didi rolled her hand over my bare chest to feel a man and further came over me and started kissing me.
I responded to her kiss too and I must say that in kissing and overall love making she was just opposite to Tripti Bhabhi. Rita Didi sucked my lips gently and caressed my face and cheek along with kissing and gradually increased her speed of eating me and explored my mouth tenderly. We too exchanged saliva and eventually stopped after couple of minutes.
Seriously friends, I cannot forget that New Year eve till my death, for a instant while looking at each other I was somewhat buried under two females who were not only married but also mothers of the child but in intense need of manly love and for a guy like me who was somewhat desperate to lose his virginity nothing could be better than that.
I was just in my jockey under the blanket and both Rita Didi and Tripti Bhabhi were more or less over me wearing blouse and petticoat, still with the ornaments and makeup of the married female they were having some time back, red color mark at the edge of forehead called “maang mein sindoor” which only married woman wear was looking astonishing on both the females,
especially when they were lying on the bed with a man who was not their husband, small golden color dot on in the middle Tripti Bhabhi’s forehead and red color dot on Rita Didi’s forehead, commonly known as Bindi was making them look prettier and ornaments like multi color bangles which were making nice random noise, gold earrings,
finger rings which were probably their wedding rings given by their husbands and last but not the least proud symbol of their marriage and loyalty towards their husbands; black and gold beaded necklace around their neck called mangalsutra was adding up fuel to my arousal.
I was humming in pleasure and not at all in state to think to do anything on my own, it was Tripti Bhabhi and Rita Didi who were suppose to do everything and it was Tripti Bhabhi who rolled her hand first down to my lower half and straightaway slipped it into my jockey to get my hard Penis in her hand.
I moaned loud, it was first time my Penis was touched by any female and my pleasure was beyond any imagination, I started breathing bit heavy as in a moment Tripti Bhabhi was jerking me up and down. “Size to bahut achha hai aapke Penis ka…” Tripti Bhabhi spoke to me while handling my rod bit roughly and then spoke again “aap log issko LUND bolte ho na hmmm…..?”
Oh wow “LUND” Hindi slang word for Penis from Tripti Bhabhi’s mouth increased my erection even more and very next moment I felt one more hand reaching to my Penis and it was none other than Rita Didi who too wanted to feel the size of my rod. “Wow…Naveen this is really big” Rita Didi uttered as she felt size of my fully erect rod and now it was she who was jerking me up and down,
after drifting down my jockey to my feet in the same posture Tripti Bhabhi widened my thighs a bit and her hand went to my balls and she started caressing them to arouse me further and I continued moaning. My god what were they doing to me, I was not in state to sense anything except real heaven,
my pleasure was incredible and I was gasping with divine feeling of getting sexually used by two starved females at the same time, they were touching me over my naked body with their hands and the way they were handling me and my Penis was out of the world. “Tripti let me do it first…pahle mujhe andar dalwana hai” Rita Didi spoke to Tripti Bhabhi in lustful tone,
she wanted to get me inside her first and Tripti Bhabhi granted her wish by saying just “ok” and then spoke to me “Naveen…get up, jaldi se Nanga kar Rita ko aur shuru kar humara Happy New Year”. Tripti Bhabhi was really very aroused, I could feel the lust in her voice. As I moved a bit to get up Rita Didi went aside straight on her back from sideways posture and looked at me with a tiny smile.
Light was on and as I got up blanket went almost off from us, Ohh…I was stark naked and fully erect, for the first time both the females saw my hard Penis in the light as till now I was under the blanket and they were just handling my monster with their hands to make me harder and hornier and as it came in their vision I saw both Rita Didi and Tripti Bhabhi looking at my fully erect Penis
with delight and it was again Tripti Bhabhi who passed a comment on my size initially by humming and then saying “hmmmm….Naveen as compared to Sharad ( Tripti Bhabhi’s husband) aapka LUND lamba bhi hai…aur mota bhi hai….”
Once again Tripti Bhabhi used Hindi word LUND for penis, may be just to arouse me and along with that she got up a bit and extended her hand to hold my Penis and jerked me bit roughly and asked Rita Didi in continuation about the size of her husband’s Penis by asking “Suresh ka kaisa hai?”, “jaisa bhi hai… kisi kaam ka nahi hai…teen mahine se jayada ho gaye hain humen sex kiye hue”
Rita Didi replied back and avoided talking about her husband’s Penis and detailed her sex life with her husband in single sentence. Tripti Bhabhi was still holding my rod and jerking me hard and rough and anyhow I cannot explain the bliss I was going through, I gasped loud and stopped her from jerking me like that as her way of jerking me was setting my desire to blow and just to control myself
from immature withdrawal I got up to pee and came back to the bed and gave a glance to both the females. While lying on bed in yellow and red color blouse and petticoat both the females were looking like sex bombs and from god’s grace it was me who was sitting on my knees to explode these bombs one by one.
Rita Didi’s blouse was also bit tight over her milks and like Tripti Bhabhi she was also having deep cleavage and while being in blanket for some time Tripti Bhabhi’s bright yellow color petticoat was drifted up to somewhere around her knees and along with her silky smooth legs I was getting good glimpse of her fair and fleshy thighs which was more than enough for me to get my erection back which was bit lost after passing the urine.
Anyway it was Rita Didi who was suppose to get me inside her first and she was somewhat waiting for me to take off her clothes. Without wasting much time I extended my hand to her melons and started unhooking her blouse first.
As for me it was first time I was doing anything like that, my hands trembled a bit and that is why initially I failed to unhook her blouse but somehow when I unhooked first hook, it went on going easily till last and in a moment Rita Didi was lying with an open blouse.
As I could feel it over the blouse her breasts were caged in tight white color Bra which seemed eager to set themselves free and along with that her breath was getting heavier with every passing second. Next moment Rita Didi got up a bit and took out blouse from her arms and lied down again. “petticoat bhi khol ke nikal do” Tripti Bhabhi told me to take off her petticoat and I did that,
after pulling a cord which was holding her lower around her waist I drifted down the cloth of her lower half and ultimately took it off from her legs. “Oh…wow” I hummed deep inside me, Rita Didi was lying just in bra and panty and in a moment Tripti Bhabhi reacted again, she got up a bit and took off Rita Didi’s bra from her arms without unhooking it from behind and told me to take off her panty by saying
“panty uttar ke…daal do ab jaldi se isske andar….”. The moment I extended my hand to her waist to take off her last cloth Rita Didi lifted her bottom and next instant Rita Didi was lying stark naked in front of me.
As I said earlier Rita Didi is 3-4 years older than Tripti Bhabhi and one could clearly see aging marks over her face but physically she is slender with a petite body with a flat belly and balanced flesh over her thighs and arms with medium sized milks which were having thick and long brown color nipples over them.
Can say Rita Didi is having perfect lump which can be taken in the mouth nicely while sucking her nipples but that instant I did not thought about sucking her milks may be because as I took off Rita Didi’s panty she widened her thighs a bit to show me her bare fuckhole and my sight got stuck there.
Hmmmmm….Wow Rita Didi was not having even a single mark of hair over her pleasure hole and as expected it was drenched into her own love juices and to my surprise within a moment I got aroma of Rita Didi’s pleasure juices from quite a distance.
I saw Rita Didi desperation increased within a second as next instant while rubbing her love opening with her finger tip Rita Didi told me to insert my hard Penis into her fuckhole in sensual way “Naveen…please come on… abb jaldi apna Penis iss mein daal do …. fuck me now” and with that she lifted her legs up in air and widened her thighs further apart and also widened her arms to invited me.
Without wasting even a second I leaned over Rita Didi and she herself took my rod in her hand and guided me between her thighs and next moment my monster touched and parted her fuck opening and finally I lost my virginity by slipping deep inside Rita Didi’s womb with a single jerk. “Ahhhh…..….” I moaned loud, what a feeling that was?
Weird but heavenly, it was something which can never be defined in words. Rita Didi was also in extreme pleasure and as I went inside her with a sudden jerk she also hummed in pleasure and tried to grab me into her arms and thighs and moaned loud and urged me again to fuck her by humming and saying “hmmm….yess…. fuck me…fuck me”.
Excitement rose in Tripti Bhabhi too and she came closer to us and spoke to me “Naveen Fuck karo issko achhe se”. I withdrew myself from Rita Didi but hardly an inch and went inside her fuckhole even deeper, Ohhh….. We both gasped in pleasure again. Wow Rita Didi was so hot and wet and I could feel the sticky mess down there and for me that mess was nothing less than a heaven.
I invaded Rita Didi fuckhole again and we moaned again and in a moment leaving myself over her I started fucking her properly with deep screwing strokes and covered her petite body completely under my broad shoulders and Rita Didi grabbed me tight in her arms and wrapped her legs around my pumping hip.
With in no time whole room was filled with our gasps as I was moving in and out of Rita Didi steadily and we both were roaming somewhere on cloud nine at the same time. Hardly after a minute of continues fucking I felt as if I have lost control over myself and my pace of screwing her pleasure hole increased significantly.
I was heading to my climax and while screwing her fuckhole as deep as possible my hips started rising and falling over Rita Didi very fast. Rita whimpered erotically with a pleasure she was getting from me and grabbed me firmly in her arms and demanded me to fuck her harder by saying “yess…fuck me..aur tez karo…”.
I tried my best to plunge her harder and went on going like that for couple of more strokes and felt as if I am going to burst now and on the very next moment things went beyond my imagination and I gasped loud and made one last stroke and buried my monster deep inside Rita Didi’s fuckhole and grunted like never before.
Finally I spewed out my gunk into the depth of her fuckhole and went through magnificent climax. Oh…wow…to enhance my pleasure of my first real climax, Rita Didi also orgasmed just after me and while being in grip of her arms and thighs I saw her humming strangely with bit of shivering and also felt bit of trembling of her fuckhole over my rod.
She hummed in rough voice with broken breath for few seconds and went normal. We both were spent and it took us a minute or two to get normal but Rita Didi kept on holding me into her arms and thighs for a while and caressed my hairs and then kissed me on my cheek lightly and finally spoke “thanks Naveen…thanks a lot….I was dying for this pleasure…. Suresh mere saath kuch nahi karte”
I was quiet and as such I was not thinking about replying Rita Didi for her statement but even if I would have thought about saying anything even then I would have failed to say because as Rita Didi said thanks, Tripti Bhabhi who was lying beside us spoke in somewhat sarcastic tone “Thanks for what….this is just give and take….rather inko to jayada mil raha hai….ek saath do-do pussy mil gayi hain fuck karne ke liye”.
We both, me and Rita Didi smiled on Tripti Bhabhi’s straight forward statement and got up slowly. Rita Didi cleaned my gunk from her fuckhole and passed me hand towel with a smile to clean myself. I got up and used the toilet and came out and saw Rita Didi walking to the washroom stark naked wearing just bangles, Mangalsutra and silver anklets, wow what was she looking,
her breasts were sagging very sexily and above that her black and gold beaded Mangalsutra was looking really very erotic. Initially Rita Didi passed a smile while crossing me but then stopped and kissed me lightly on my lips and walked away into the washroom. I saw her till she went inside and closed the door and what I can say by looking at her from behind,
she is not having even an extra ounce of flesh over her ass and thighs they are just perfect in shape. Anyway as expected there on the bed intentionally without covering herself with blanket and while showing her silky smooth legs with a glimpse of her fleshy thighs,
Tripti Bhabhi was waiting for me and as Rita Didi disappeared in washroom she called me on the bed with bit of smile by saying “bed par wapis aajao……ek baar mujhe bhi satisfy kar do”. I came to bed while looking at my desired female and once again Tripti Bhabhi took me under her nice fleshy body and eventually pulled the blanket over us.
I was naked with a limping rod and once again Tripti Bhabhi started with a kiss and explored my mouth like a thirsty animal. I too responded to her kiss equally well and grabbed her nicely from her back. By the time we broke the kiss Tripti Bhabhi was more excited and she continued kissing me all over my face gently and gradually reached around my neck and took one of my earlobe in her mouth and sucked it,
may be just to hear my moan and just then Rita Didi entered in the room from washroom and saying “thoda sa rest to karne de usko…jaan legi kya bache ki” she spoke to Tripti Bhabhi. Tripti Bhabhi turned to see her and replied her by saying “rest to innko aaj raat bhar nahi milega….tu please idhar aakar meri help kar innka LUND khada karne mein…”
with that Tripti Bhabhi slipped her hand to my lower half and took my partially erect rod in her grip and started jerking me nicely. Very soon Rita Didi also joined us on bed under the blanket and came closer to my naked body and took my rod in her hand and felt somewhat pity for me and saying “let’s have a coffee….I think he also need some time”
she spoke to Tripti Bhabhi one more time about giving me some rest and Tripti Bhabhi gave a thought to it and asked me “coffee piyoge?” “haan…” I replied with yes. Tripti Bhabhi looked at Rita Didi and just said ok to her and after wearing her panty and just a thick night gown over rest of her body Rita Didi went out of the room.
After kissing me lightly on my lips, leaving me in blanket Tripti Bhabhi also got up and used the toilet and after asking me she went out to get some water. Now I was all alone in the room and while being naked in the blanket I was little uneasy so I wore my underwear again and lied down on my back and for next few minutes I was lost in recalling my ultimate experience of losing my Virginity to Rita Didi
and also thought about the pleasure I was about to get in fucking Tripti Bhabhi and that mind state made me regain bit of my erection. Finally both the females came back in the room together with a tray having three half filled cups of coffee and once again we all were sitting on the bed partially under the blanket while having coffee.
First thing Tripti Bhabhi did after settling down in the blanket with a mug of coffee was extending her hand to my lower half to feel level of my erection and found me wearing my jockey and instantly spoke “underwear pahan liya?” “haan….actually it was leaking” I replied back with bit of smile “than what…?hone do leak….kya problem hai?” I just smiled back as a reply of her statement and sipped my coffee.
Just then Rita Didi realized and wished Happy New Year and we both, me and Tripti Bhabhi looked at the wall clock, time was bit passed to 12. In excitement we all missed exact new year moment but still wished each other happy New Year and just then Rita Didi spoke to me with a smile “Naveen I think you know ki ye celebration raat bhar chalega…you cannot sleep tonight” and then after a small pause she spoke again “don’t think about going to office tomorrow…”.
And before I would have thought about replying Rita Didi Tripti Bhabhi spoke “Raat bhar….? I think ye celebration ab rest of our life chalega…” and we both, me and Rita Didi smiled on her statement. “Naveen aap Shaadi mat karna….hum dono aapko hamesha satisfied rakhenge” once again Tripti Bhabhi spoke while looking into my eyes with a naughty smile and I replied back with just a smile again.
“Tell me was it your first time…? ya pahle kisi ladki ke saath kiya hua hai….? sach bolna…” Rita Didi asked me with a smiled while sipping her coffee, “obviously first time hi tha…” I replied back while looking into her eyes, “then I must say ki you are too good….as a first timer you fucked me really well” Rita Didi spoke back and somewhat praised the way I fucked her.
“let’s see mujhe satify kar paato ho ya nahi….” It was once again Tripti Bhabhi who spoke that and after a tiny pause she spoke again with a naughty smile “I want you to fuck me hard and fast…” I smiled back while looking into her eyes and replied with “poori koshish karunga…let’s see kar paata hun ya nahi”.
“waise aap log Hindi mein fucking ko kya bolte ho…? CHODNA?” once again it was Tripti Bhabhi who uttered, asked me what we call fucking in Hindi slang and herself replied with a right word and I just said yes to it with a smile by saying “haan” “aur humari Pussy ko….? CHUT?” “haan” once again it was same sort of question that what we call pussy in Hindi and once again she replied back with a right word on her own.
“Ok..then I should say ki ab aap…. mujhe CHODNE waale ho” she spoke again and used proper Hindi slang while looking at me with a smile and then spoke again “zara achhe se CHODNA meri CHUT ko… almost ek saal ho gaya hai isske andar LUND gaye hue…”. Wow…except me nobody can feel the pleasure of that moment when a female like Tripti Bhabhi was saying all those Hindi words to arouse me.
I smiled back while looking into Tripti Bhabhi’s eyes and I could feel the impact of her words as gradually I was getting erect again. By now coffee was also ending and in a moment Tripti Bhabhi took mug from my hand passed both the mugs to Rita Didi.
Rita Didi just extended her hand to keep all three mugs on the side table and before I would have thought that what Tripti Bhabhi will do next, she pushed me lightly on the bed to make me lie down and leaned over me and inserted her hand in my jockey to feel my erection and found me bit hard and hummed with a word “hmmm….good” and in continuation took out my underwear from my legs under the blanket and started jerking me again to make me harder.
Wearing a long gown Rita Didi was still sitting on the bed and next moment by saying “gown khol ke tu bhi aaja….” Tripti Bhabhi told her to come closer after taking off her gown and Rita Didi followed what her best friend said.
Along with a gown Rita Didi took off her Panty as well and came beside me and started caressing my bare chest and kissed me lightly on my cheek and around my neck and rubbed her soft and silky fuckhole with my thighs under the blanket. Oh…my god once again both the females were using my body to tranquilize their sexual urge and once again I was feeling real bliss of getting used sexually.
Tripti Bhabhi continued jerking me hard and rough and tried to kiss me and explored my mouth for a while and got up a bit after a minute and told me to take off her clothes by saying, “mujhe Nanga karo…”. I got up slowly and removed the blanket from our top and Tripti Bhabhi lied down. Like Rita Didi I started undressing Tripti Bhabhi from her blouse and unhooked her completely with bit of efforts.
Ohh…Wow Tripti Bhabhi’s breasts were really very heavy, must be of the size of good watermelon and very fair and seemed as if they are full of milk. As I could see her Bra was also very tight so like I saw Tripti Bhabhi taking off Rita Didi’s bra I tried to lift her bra and Bhabhi got up a bit to help me in that and ultimately I made her topless.
I cannot explain the pleasure I was going through by seeing Tripti Bhabhi topless, her breasts were much bigger then my assumption, they were sagging freely with fully erect long and brown nipples and above that her black and golden Mangalsutra was adding flair to her slutty appearance.
At my end it was impossible for me to resist and I started playing with her milky juggs by squeezing and caressing them. My breast play made Tripti Bhabhi moan and gasp nicely and she told me to squeeze them harder and suck them too by saying
“hmm…. Haannn…zor se dabbao inko… aur achhe se chuso….Naveen dudh piyo mera…” as she said I leaned and sucked her nipples and continued plying with her lumps like a child. Tripti Bhabhi took out cord of her petticoat and took my hand there and told me to open that by saying “issko bhi khol do” I pulled the cord which was holding her petticoat around her waist and took it out from her legs.
Hmmmm…. Bhabhi was just in panty and in a moment I took that off too. Like Rita Didi, Tripti Bhabhi was also clean shaven and I could see her fuckhole soaked in her own juices. I touché her there and rubbed her opening and she went crazy and stopped me by getting up instantly and extended her hand to hold my rod and started massaging my Penis along with balls with both the hands and in a moment I moaned loud and grew up in my full size.
Next Tripti Bhabhi told me to climb over and fuck her in Hindi by saying “Naveen… mere oopar chadd jaao aur CHODO mujhe….please fuck me now”. I did what Tripti Bhabhi told me to do, after pushing her on her back on the bed I widened her thighs and climbed over her,
Bhabhi instantly folded her legs to give me space and I tried to position my monster over her thirsty fuckhole and like Rita Didi; Tripti Bhabhi also guided my rod to her fuck opening and finally with a sudden jerk I slipped deep inside Tripti Bhabhi. Ohh…Wow I moaned loud and clear as my pleasure was incredible,
Tripti Bhabhi was so hot and wet that I felt her fuckhole oozing out fluid with my penetration which glued to my balls. On the other side of the bed while showing her fuckhole Rita Didi was lying stark naked without blanked and as such there was nothing which she could do except watching me fucking her best friend and I was on my way of doing that.
After holding myself deep inside Tripti Bhabhi for an instant I started fucking her and in a moment Tripti Bhabhi started grunting and tried to pull me closer to her body. I released bit of my weight over her and leaned over her to see her beautiful face while getting fucked but she tried to gulp my body between her arms and ample thighs tightly but I started screwing Tripti Bhabhi
deeply by running my monster into her pleasure hole repeatedly with a wicked roll of my powerful hips and retained my posture and she just looking into my eyes shamelessly while moaning and panting loudly and seemed as if she wants to die in this pleasure.
Her body was jerking and snapping back and forth slowly on the bed under me and her massive milks were jiggling with my steady thrusts deep inside her and like sometime back once again whole room was filled with our intense gasps. Certainly I was fucking Tripti Bhabhi much better as compared to my first fuck Rita Didi some time back.
In addition to that while riding over Tripti Bhabhi and plunging her wet and swollen fuckhole as deep as possible I could easily make out the difference of fucking a fleshy woman over a slim and slender female like Rita Didi and I must say that for me Tripti Bhabhi was much better fuck as compared to Rita Didi as Bhabhi’s body was soft and very spongy.
Though for me fucking Rita Didi was also very pleasurable but I feel because I was more attracted towards Tripti Bhabhi, I felt Tripti Bhabhi’s body sexually more satisfying. Because of her naughty gesture and exploding body for me Tripti Bhabhi was nothing less than a sex bomb,
I feel her silky smooth legs and soft fleshy thighs are mend just to curl around man’s pumping hips and fortunately that instant it was me who was doing that job. I rode over Bhabhi for pretty long and plunged her nicely and felt pressure building inside me after reasonably good time and like last time as with Rita Didi my pace of fucking Tripti Bhabhi rose unintentionally
and I started screwing her fuckhole furiously and next instant Tripti Bhabhi started crying rapturously and started speaking erotic to make me fuck her harder and faster “yesss… yes Ahhh… ohh… maa.. yes fuck me… Naveen fuck me hard….CHODO mujhe…. aur CHODO” I was pumping her hard and her body heaving and writhing and lurching under me erotically and we both were somewhat very close to our climax.
Suddenly Tripti Bhabhi widened her thighs and lifted her legs up in the air and somewhat freed my in and out movement of fucking her, maybe she wanted me to go deeper in her fuckhole but I was about to explode.
Once, twice, thrice finally I slammed myself furiously into her and stood still while moaning loud and once again Tripti Bhabhi gulped my entire body into her fleshy arms and thighs and squeezed me with her full strength while gasping erotically.
My monster jerked and quivered deep inside her fuckhole and once again I spewed out my thick white gunk but this time in Tripti Bhabhi’s womb and on the very next moment I felt Bhabhi trembling bit strangely and moaning differently. She also reached to her climax with bit of shivering of her body and pulsation deep inside her fuckhole.
Spent, we both were spent and in the cool freezing night we both were sweating and almost lifeless. I sank into her arms and Tripti Bhabhi took me in her arms lovingly. Very soon my Penis started to shrink and slipped out of Tripti Bhabhi’s fuckhole and I thought about getting up but Bhabhi kept on holding me and asked me for a kiss from her expressions.
We kissed gently and slipped our tongue into each other’s mouth and ate each other like true lovers. She held me tenderly while kissing and continued caressing my hairs and back for long. It was great sex, satisfying, hard and demanding, easily one of my best in last 20 days in which I have fucked both, Rita Didi and Tripti Bhabhi numerous times in all possible positions, mostly in their own bedrooms also couple of times in my single room accommodation.
Anyway while talking about that fucking New Year night I will say after that devastating fuck with Tripti Bhabhi I was dead and did not bothered about getting up and going to washroom to clean myself, I simply rolled from her top to her right and lied down. Tripti Bhabhi was also tired and she also remained in the same posture with spread thighs.
I don’t know how it came to my mind, hardly after a minute I got up to see her fuckhole and eventually saw Tripti Bhabhi oozing out bit of my white sticky cum from her fuckhole. “kya dekh rahe ho?” Tripti Bhabhi asked me with a smile, “nothing” I replied back casually with same sort of smile, “ye jo kuch bhi nikal raha hai…aapka hi daala hua hai” Bhabhi spoke again and replied with just “I know”.
Rita Didi gave Bhabhi hand towel to clean the gunk which was leaking down to the bed and Bhabhi got up with spread thighs and cleaned her fuckhole completely, “Just take care…kahin aap log pregnant na ho jaao” I spoke to both the females, “don’t worry…we are not collage going girl….we are big enough to handle all this” this time it was Rita Didi who replied back with a smile.
“aap bas issi tarah humari CHUT ko apne liquid se bharte raho…baaki sabb hum dekh lenge” as expected this time it was Tripti Bhabhi who uttered this while giving me towel to clean my sticky Penis and I giggled a bit on her statement.
Once again we lied on the bed and before pulling the blanket both the females took me in the middle and it was Tripti Bhabhi who covered most of my body by lying over me sideways on my right and putting one of her fleshy thigh over my crotch. Rita Didi was in my arm on the left and she preferred caressing my bare chest with her soft hands under the blanket.
Wow what a moment that was, I was lying in the middle of two females who wanted to feel my manliness, it was something which I use to see very often in porn movies but never imagined that it might happen to me in real life.
I don’t know about the females but even after desiring a lot I was not in state to do anything now and both, Tripti Bhabhi and Rita Didi could see that from my body language, so we were just lying and chit chatting; “sach mein mazza aagaya…you were just amazing…aapne mujhe maar daala” Tripti Bhabhi uttered again while moving her hand over my dead Penis and balls under that.
“mujhe regret ho raha hai ki humne aapko pahle kyun nahi approach kiya?” this time Rita Didi spoke and after a pause she spoke again in continuation “we both are really very starved for physical love….” Once again Rita Didi gave a small pause and spoke again “Suresh (Rita Didi’s Husband) ko to sirf Whisky se pyar hai…” “aur Sharad(Tripti Bhabhi’s husband) ko sirf paise se….”
it was Tripti Bhabhi who completed the statement while talking about her husband and then she spoke again but this time to Rita Didi “anyway let them do whatever they want to….hum wo karenge jo humra mann hai” “tera kya karne ka maan kar raha hai…?” Rita Didi asked back to Tripti after getting up a bit with a smile, and Tripti Bhabhi smiled back,
her hand was already over my crouch and she was somewhat plying with my limping monster and she replied back to Rita Didi by saying “iss time mera mann Naveen ke LUND ko suck karne ka hai…”. As it can be assumed, I was regular watcher of porn movies and I was well aware of this way of making love but still as I heard that I went through strange sensation and I felt good.
After saying that Tripti Bhabhi kept on looking at me and unintentionally I smiled a bit while blushing, “isske bare mein aapka kya khayal hai” finally she asked me, “mujhe bhi suck karna padega?” instead of replying I asked her back, “haan…karna to padega….apni CHUT to hum aapse definitely suck karwayenge….. aaj nahi to kal…”
“Ok” I replied back with one word in perplexed mind state and then spoke again while looking at Rita Didi “I am bit hungry..kuch khaane ko milega?” “Ok” this time Rita Didi spoke that one word and got up slowly and told us to come out to the dining table and before we both, me and Tripti Bhabhi, would have thought about getting out of the blanket she wore her Panty and gown and went out to heat up the food.
I and Bhabhi also got up and started wearing our clothes and Tripti Bhabhi asked me somewhere in the middle of that “koi problem nahi hai na?” “Problem for what?” I asked her back, “humari sucking karne main?” she replied back and cleared what she meant, “let’s see…abhi to sun kar ajeeb lag raha hai” I replied back and Bhabhi responded to my statement by saying “believe me …ek-do baar karoge to achha lagne lagega”.
We came out and had dinner with casual conversation about their husband’s attitude towards them and I must mention that both the males, Suresh and Sharad were very egoistic and never bothered about their wives emotional and also physical demands, rather to add up that I will say Tripti Bhabhi was having evident clues and she was somewhat sure that her Husband Sharad is involved sexually with some other female in Gulf.
Anyway finally dinner ended and wearing just our undergarment on the lower half we all came to the bed again and discussed next day’s plan. Tripti Bhabhi was suppose to go back to her place in the morning maximum by 7 to attend her mother-in-law, Rita Didi’s son was suppose to come back home after lunch, and she was sure that Suresh Bhaiya will not turn back home before 4,
talking about me I was strictly instructed not to go to work next day and as such I was also not suppose to hurry up to get out of the house. Can say after that we did not had proper sex, but still our New Year celebration did not ended there, both Tripti Bhabhi and Rita Didi played with my monster, massage my balls nicely and also kissed me all over my bare chest,
back and ass to make me moan in divine pleasure and to repay them I squeezed their milks bit roughly, sucked there erect nipples and rubbed there fuck opening with my hand and also inserted my fingers into it to pleasure them under the blanket. We slept tight for some time and when my sleep broke I was Hard as I was desiring to pee, time was bit more than 5,
I got up and used the toilet and I think noise of water getting flushed broke Tripti Bhabhi’s sleep and she also got up to use the toilet and came to bed again beside me and asked me how I am feeling by asking “kaisa lag raha hai…” in low voice, she did not wanted to disturb Rita Didi who was sleeping while facing away from us, “good” I replied back in same fashion.
As I was expecting, next she inserted her hand in my jockey and took my semi erect Penis in her hand and spoke “let me suck you…apna LUND Chusne do mujhe” I hummed in pleasure as Tripti Bhabhi was behaving like real slut and her Hindi words were adding up fuel to her gesture, “mujhe bhi karna padega?”
I asked her back “forget it….we will see that later…may be next time” she replied back in rising lust “ok” I replied back and in a moment Tripti Bhabhi took out my jockey out off my legs and went inside blanket to suck my monster. Tripti Bhabhi was holding my rod and for a moment I felt her hot breath over the tip of my rod and next moment she took my monster inside her moth and sucked me nicely.
“Ahhh…” I grunted madly, what was that? Feeling I was going through was weird of weirdest and I tried to take off the blanket may be because I wanted to see her beautiful face filled with my rod, I often use to visualize her sucking me like that while masturbating and for me it was dream come true.
Wow what a sight that was, my throbbing Penis was appearing and disappearing into Tripti Bhabhi’s warm and wet mouth and she was trying her best to pleasure me by using her saliva as much as possible. Initially Tripti Bhabhi sucked me with the foreskin on over my Penis and pleasure I was getting was amazing and my monster continued growing harder and harder in her mouth and then she slowly took off foreskin of my rod and started sucking again.
I can say now I was in bit pain, though Bhabhi’s mouth was warm and wet and she was sucking me with her full affection even then it was paining and hardly after a minute that pain went beyond my tolerance and I stopped her. I was hard enough to fuck her again and as such there was nothing which I could say, Tripti Bhabhi instantly took off her panty and came in position,
she lied down on her back with widely stretched thighs and called me while spreading her arms. I moved between her thighs and thought about taking her legs over my shoulder and lifted them a bit to give her the hint about the position in which I wanted to fuck her and as she realized my desiring position she spoke “andar daalne mein problem hogi….mere hips bahut mote hain” “koi baat nahi….”
I replied in excitement, suddenly I was desperate to fuck Tripti Bhabhi in that posture may be because that was also my long time desire and after putting her fleshy thighs over my shoulder I bent down to reach to her fuckhole and tried to plunge her fuckhole with a jerk. Tripti Bhabhi was absolutely right, her ass was massive,
plump and widely spread because of which I failed couple of times and that really increased my passion to fuck her like that and making a big V from her legs I widen her thighs apart and looked down and ultimately plunged her fuckhole that way with a strong inward stroke which ultimately turned into a reason of Rita Didi’s getting up from sound sleep;
bed on which we all were sleeping quaked like anything and Rita Didi turned around and smiled as she saw us in fucking posture. We did not stopped, even she did not uttered anything in this regard and after penetrating Tripti Bhabhi I took her thighs over my shoulder to attain my desired position again and plunged her fuckhole thrice with powerful strokes in the same posture
and then took missionary position and once again went inside her arms and fleshy thighs to fuck her comfortably. Tripti Bhabhi moaned and gasped madly as I continued fucking her steadily for a while and gradually took momentum and fucked her hard. Bhabhi reached to her climax a fraction before me.
Once again we were spent and Bhabhi kept on holding me in her arms with affection which ultimately took us to kiss and explore each other’s mouth thoroughly. I got aside and Tripti Bhabhi got up and spoke to me “aap Rita ko iss Position mein easily fuck kar sakte ho” “Ok” I replied with just one word and looked at Rita Didi,
she was smiling and eventually spoke “thodi der mein try karte hain”, obviously I was not at all in the state to try anything with Rata Didi at that time. Next I spoke to Tripti Bhabhi “Bhabhi aapke hips bahut achhe hain” particularly when I uttered that showing her massive ass Tripti Bhabhi was facing away from me,
actually she was going to the washroom and my words took her attention and she instantly turned around to see me with smile and spoke “I know that…I have seen you many people staring at my ass….tumko bhi dekha hai inko ghurte hue”. I responded with a bushing smile cleaned myself with a towel there only and wore my jockey again,
Tripti Bhabhi used the toilet and started wearing clothes, even though she was having a lot more than an hour spare, she was going back to her place just to be in the safe side. “next time main aapko peechhe se fuck karunga” I spoke to Tripti Bhabhi again and she replied with just Ok and in next 5-10 minutes,
after wearing her sari she went out of the house after fixing a plan of meeting me in my single room accommodation in the night after 11, which as I mentioned was on top floor of Rita Didi’s house.
Finally it was just me and Rita Didi who were left in the house and we took a long nap while being almost naked in each other’s arms and got up around 9. Rita Didi called her husband to know about his program and as she was expecting, his friend told her that Suresh Bhaiya is heavily intoxicated and somewhat unconscious and might not get up in next 3-4 hours.
After disconnecting the line Rita Didi asked me if we can have a bath together by saying “aao saath mein nahate hain”. Wow after finishing our morning courses we both, I and Rita Didi were standing stark naked under warm flowing water and from her way of loving and kissing my naked body I was I could see that Rita Didi was really very starved for sexual pleasure.
She was kissing and brushing her lips over my chest and moving her hands up and down all over my body to feel my manliness and just like her I was exploring her feminine body with my hands by squeezing her melons and rubbing and caressing her fuckhole and perfect round ass.
We kissed like true lovers for a while in the flowing water and then slowly Rita Didi started to kneel down on her knees to give me oral pleasure. I already desired that but before she would have taken my monster in her lovely mouth I told her not to peel off foreskin of my Penis and she just said ok to it and then eventually I saw Rita Didi gradually took my rod in her mouth.
I grunted softly, and moaned couple of times; my monster was appearing and disappearing between her rosy lips and I must say that Rita Didi was looking even more beautiful while doing that naughty act, her mouth was incredibly hot and moist and slowly inch by inch Rita Didi took my whole length in her mouth and sucked me nicely.
I won’t say I was completely enjoying, it was a strange feeling, with bit of pain but still it was pleasure, the softness of Rita Didi’s face over my pelvis and the delicate touch of her tongue on my rod felt wonderful, also may be because foreskin of my Penis was still on I was enjoying more.
Once again I concentrated and saw my rod was appearing and disappearing in Rita Didi’s mouth and after watching her sucking me like this for few seconds I grunted loudly, my head arched back. I held Rita Didi’s head gently and began moving it to and fro to suit my pleasure though it was strange and bit painful but lust was rising and as I pumped my hips back and forth,
fucking Rita Didi’s face my monster grew bit more and distended her face. Her cheeks billowed with my size as I was rubbing my tip of my rod on her inner cheeks. Rita Didi’s mouth was wonderfully warm and moist and there was an electric cunning in her tongue that took my breath away. I stopped her as apart from excitement pain was also rising.
She got up and we looked into each other’s eyes shamelessly. Rita Didi was looking very sexy while being totally drenched in the water, also I could still see the impressions of her last night’s make up, especially red color mark over the forehead known as “Maang mein Sindoor” also symbol of her marriage and loyalty towards her husband,
her black and gold beaded Mangalsutra was also around her neck, all this was making Rita Didi more beautiful. I cupped her face in my hands and I started kissing her as if she is my wife and I think Rita Didi responded to my kiss the way she would have responded to her husband.
We broke the kiss and saw each other closely, I could see Rita Didi was heavily aroused her lustful eyes were telling her state and I was thinking about taking her to the bed to fuck her but she spoke something which I was not at all expecting, by saying “Naveen….please meri pussy ko suck kar do” she asked me to suck her fuckhole in sensual and demanding fashion.
As it can be assumed I was also very excited and without giving a second thought I granted her wish by saying “ok”. We came out to the bedroom after drying our body and simply went under blanket and started with a kiss again and gradually I went down and suck Rita Didi’s soft and smooth milks one by one and went further down and licked her fuck opening lightly after parting her thighs and she moaned softly, I did that again and Rita Didi enjoyed again.
Slowly I folded her legs and started parting her fuck opening with my tongue and continued licking her under the blanket and Rita Didi started grunting and moving her body erotically. Can say within 1 minute Rita Didi was wet and warm over her fuckhole and I could taste her pleasure juices.
Certainly in the beginning for me it was bit creepy experience but somehow I continued doing that, I was enjoying Rita Didi’s state and within next couple of minutes saw myself gradually coming out of feeling bad about it, may be because excitement was rising in me too and eventually I threw the blanket totally away and started sucking Rita Didi with full affection
and within a minute my tongue was going in and out of Rita Didi’s fuckhole and with that act of mine Rita Didi went so high in excitement that she herself stopped me from sucking her fuckhole. “Fuck me Naveen…fuck me now” Rita Didi was demanding me and I was well in state to fuck her hard and as suggested by Tripti Bhabhi in the morning I thought about taking
my desired position with Rita Did and bought her slender legs over my shoulders and folded Didi’s petite body into her half bit forcibly, lifted her round bottom quite easily and placed my monster over her fuckhole and plunged her deep in a very first attempt. Rita Didi moaned loud as I went deep inside her with a sudden jerk and closed her eyes to feel the pleasure of getting fucked again.
Holding her thighs hard and wide I kept Rita Didi folded and fucked her with deep screwing thrusts for a while and then slowly took typical missionary position and fucked her for long time and really enjoyed releasing my seed in Rita Didi’s womb comfortably. Rita Didi also orgasmed well and trembled a bit with significant pulsations of her fuckhole and felt heavenly after getting fucked by me like that.
Later we had breakfast together and she thanked me for giving her oral pleasure and in response I requested her not to mention this fact to Tripti Bhabhi, may be because I was still perplexed whether I have to do nasty act with Tripti Bhabhi in the night.
Before leaving I asked her for Tripti Bhabhi’s mobile number and once again requested her not to tell her anything about the oral pleasure which I gave to her. I came back to my room and slept for some more time.
Rita Didi called me in the afternoon to ask me for lunch and eventually sent her son with a food, by that time Suresh Bhaiya was about to come back home from last night’s party and I did not thought about meeting Rita Didi again in the solitude.
As expected my new year celebration did not ended even there, I was eagerly waiting for the night, I desperately wanted to fuck my most desired female Tripti Bhabhi and couple of times I thought about calling her but somehow I stopped myself and enjoyed my aroused mind state while thinking about the pleasure I was suppose to get in the night with her on my bed.
Gradually day came to end and I came down in the evening and first met Suresh Bhaiya to wish him Happy New Year. He met me with a joy and wished me back; at that time Suresh Bhaiya was watching TV while sitting in his living room, totally unaware of this fact that in last 12 hours I have fucked her wife twice.
I met Rita Didi too and we greeted each other like we use to and had half cup of tea with them. Next I moved out of the house to roam and eat outside and fortunately met Tripti Bhabhi too on the street with her son and mother-in-law. On the first day of the year they all were gone to the temple for worship and I met them when they all were reaching back home.
I must mention that Tripti Bhabhi was having orange color spiritual Tilak on her forehead which was adding religious flair to her sluttyness and opportunely there on the street itself, somehow I managed to tell her to retain this Tilak till night and that instant she just passed a smile on my request.
I came back home after long time, somewhere around 9 and somehow spent 2 more hours in day dreaming. I wanted to masturbate but controlled my desire. Finally my desperation ended, wearing warm track suit I saw Tripti Bhabhi coming out of her house around 15 minutes passed to 11 and she climbed to my floor rapidly but as I saw her coming out of her house,
leaving the door of terrace and my room open I was back and silently stood behind Elmira and instantly thought about taking off all my cloths and before she would have reached to the room I was stark naked. After pushing the door lightly Tripti Bhabhi looked around, entered in the room slowly and uttered my name in low voice and just then I came out and grabbed her from behind.
Bhabhi screamed a bit but I was prepared to shut her mouth with my hand, she turned and got shocked to see me stark naked and fully hard and erect. I instantly threw her on my bed and started taking off her clothes quickly and Tripti Bhabhi somewhat helped me in that. Truly speaking by that time lust was driving me badly and I was not at all in my senses.
Throughout the day I was planning for this moment, I wanted to blast Tripti Bhabhi’s fleshy body completely and to do that I was well prepared to suck her luscious fuckhole too which I knew that she will never expect at all.
Anyway with in no time like me Tripti Bhabhi was also naked with just Mangalsutra around her neck and spiritual Tilak over her forehead and while being on her back she was expecting that I am going to fuck her now and as I opened and widened her fleshy thighs, she somewhat tried to hold my hard monster to guide it into her fuckhole but I started fisting her pleasure hole roughly and Tripti Bhabhi started trembling erotically.
As it can be assume lust was ruling her senses too since morning, and she was also desperately waiting for this moment and may be that is why within a minute of rough plunging of her fuckhole with 2-3 fingers made her fuckhole wet and hot and she tried to stop me and asked me to fuck her by saying “Naveen please fuck me now…”.
Once again I parted her thighs and once again Bhabhi expected that now I am going to fuck her but suddenly dipped my mouth over her pleasure zone and started sucking her madly from the very first moment. Tripti Bhabhi was not at all expecting that and she just went crazy in pleasure of getting sucked like that.
Truly speaking in a way I was gone mad and by that time as such I was not at all feeling embarrassed while doing that nasty act and I use to see in movies I completely chewed her opening with my lips and tried to suck thick and swollen flesh of her fuckhole like a hungry dog, my rough tongue explored her fuckhole thoroughly and Tripti Bhabhi once again started trembling erotically while releasing fresh streams of her love juices and I gulped it.
She desperately wanted to scream to express her pleasure but that place was not at all safe to do that as compared to Rita Didi’s bedroom and somehow she kept on controlling her voice. I continued diving deep in her fuckhole with my tongue while sucking her opening and soon pleasure went beyond her control and she stopped me forcibly and asked me “Naveen aap pagal ho gaye ho kya?” I did not bothered to reply her;
I pushed her again on her back and positioned myself over her and plunged her fuckhole with a jerk. Once again Tripti Bhabhi moaned erotically and took my whole length deep inside her swollen fuckhole easily. I started with steady fucking and hips rose and fall over her in rhythm and Bhabhi started grunting while controlling her voice.
She was looking beautiful while lying under me like that, her massive milks were jiggling here and there randomly in the way I was thrusting her fuckhole, her Mangalsutra was dancing over her fleshy milks and in addition to that spiritual Tilak in the middle of her forehead was making me go harder and harder over her and within a minute of steady fucking I started fucking her rapidly
and banged her as if I am raping her and Tripti Bhabhi really enjoyed my passion and finally exploded like I never imagined. As she reached to her climax she held me very tight and went breathless and started humming in strange voice bit loudly with that Bhabhi trembled erotically with sudden jerks over her pelvis and her whole body shivered feverishly for a while.
As I saw her going through such a shattering orgasm I also exploded instantly, my monster also quivered like never before and I too grunted loud as I started spewing out my seed deep inside in Tripti Bhabhi’s womb.
Still I cannot say that my New Year celebration ended here because we fucked again after some time, around 12 in doggy style. After quick and shattering fuck we both were tired and ultimately lied naked under the blanket, I was straight and Tripti Bhabhi was bit sideways on the pillow of my arm while resting her massive milks over my chest and keeping her one thigh over legs and we started chit-chatting.
It was Tripti Bhabhi who started by repeating her old statement “aapne maar daala mujhe” and then she spoke again “aap pagal ho gaye the kya?” “Haan…aisa hi samajh low…I was waiting for you since morning” I replied back “that’s true but still I was not expecting all this…and you sucked me so madly…aapko ho kya gaya tha…?”
She replied back while showing bit of surprise in her tone over my sucking and then uttered again “aap to mujhe doggy style mein fuck karne waale the?” I smiled a bit and then spoke “abhi karunga naa…pahle aapse apna LUND Chuswaaunga…” while saying that slowly I rubbed my hand from her back to her hips and spoke again “fir aapke ye mote mote hips pakad ke aapko pecche se CHODUNGA”.
Bhabhi smiled on my use of Hindi slang as she could feel that by now I am out of my shyness and asked me back in same slangy tone “Hips!…Hindi mein bolen to CHUTTAD” I giggled a bit on her statement and before I would have said yes to her she spoke again “yaa fir GAND?” that was surprise to me,
I was not at all expecting the word “GAND” for ass from her side and I smiled on that and spoke “when you know…then why you ask?” “Just to arouse you” she replied back with a smile. “Ok…” I accepted and then spoke again “waise Hips ko CHUTTAD hi kahte hain….GAND asshole ko bolte hain….you know GAAND marna and all….!”
Bhabhi looked at me and initially replied with just “I know that…” for a moment she went silent but kept on looking into my eyes with a mild smile and from her gesture I could see that she wants to say something and she uttered on the very next moment, “I must tell you ki…mere husband meri GAAND maar chuke hain”.
I was really shocked with the piece of personal information she gave me about her sex life with her husband and I kept on looking at her lovely face and she spoke again “jab bhi India aate hain… meri ass achhe se fuck karke jaate hain” “aapko dard nahi hota?” I asked her back and she replied with “hota hai…lubricant daalne ke baad bhi dard hota hai…” “Then why you always agree…?”
I asked her again “I always try to avoid but kya karun…..last mein karwana hi padta hai….” She replied back with a casual smile and then spoke again “waise ab to mujhe bhi thoda thoda mazza aane lagga hai” in response of her last statement I also smiled back, “You know first time he did not even asked me…..he did it forcibly” Bhabhi paused for a fraction and then spoke again
“I remember without telling me anything Sharad ne mujhe ulta letta ke mere haath bandh diye the…aur fir mere oopar chhad kar meri ass ke andar daal diya tha”. Wow what a conversation I had at that time with Tripti Bhabhi, she detailed me her first anal experience with her husband in which she was fucked without her consent and I was feeling real good movement over my monster
since we were talking about anal sex and Tripti Bhabhi was also well aware of my arousal as her hand was resting over my crotch and in between she was massaging my balls and finally she uttered in that regard, “meri kahani sunkar aapka LUND to Khada ho gaya” “haan… aur ab ye pahle aapke muhn mein jaayega…aur fir aapki CHUT mein jaayega” I replied back in same fashion.
“to fir daal do jaldi se issko mere muhn ke andar…mera mann kar raha hai issko Chusne ka” Bhabhi replied back in sensual voice, told me to insert my monster in her mouth but I wanted to reach their gradually as I knew that after second fuck she will definitely go back to her place and I asked her to give me a kiss first by saying “pahle mujhe ek kiss to dedo” and soon after that we started kissing.
Like always it was a wonderful kiss and we explored each other’s mouth nicely. “Ohh…Bhabhi I love You” I spoke in a sensual voice after breaking the kiss and saying “Mujhe mera naam lekar bulaao…”Bhabhi told me to address her by name and I did that by saying “I love you Tripti” “I love you Too Naveen” she replied back and we started kissing again.
Certainly it was lust which drove Tripti Bhabhi to me and she convinced Rita Didi for this relation with me but particularly that moment was full of love and affection, we both were tied together into a deep kiss like husband and wife. “Abb main aapka Dudh Piyunga” I spoke again after breaking the kiss and massaging her milks with my hand.
Tripti Bhabhi replied by saying “Peelo…Jitna peena hai peelo…sab aapka hai” and next moment I started sucking Tripti Bhabhi’s luscious melons. I chewed her long erect nipples to make her moan and she started caressing my hairs and bare back and extended her hand to my monster and started jerking me somehow.
“abb Chuso mera LUND” next I asked her to suck my Penis and in reply she said “ooth kar Daal do mere muhn mein”. I got up and came beside her on my knees and bought my monster close to her mouth and told her not to peel my foreskin off while sucking and she accepted and in a moment Tripti Bhabhi herself guided my monster into her mouth and started giving me oral pleasure.
Ohh… Wow she was lying on bed with uncovered breasts as rest of her body was under blanket and while being on my knees I was fucking her beautiful face by lurching my bottom slowly. I must say that there is something in Tripti Bhabhi’s face and gesture that whenever I see her sucking me I go crazy, she was looking amazing while doing that nasty thing with a spiritual Tilak over her forehead.
Gradually excitement rose in my body and I threw the blanket away to see her luscious body. Tripti Bhabhi’s thighs were wide apart under the blanket and her thick swollen fuckhole was wet and dripping. I tried to extend my hand to touch her fuckhole and somehow reached there but not comfortably and in a moment I decided to get into 69 with her.
I lied over her upside down and told her to spread her thighs wider and she did that. Once again I was licking Tripti Bhabhi’s luscious fuckhole and down there she was sucking my monster with her full affection. We did not retained 69 for very long as we both were desperate for a real fuck and hardly after a minute I told her to get up and turn around and Bhabhi got up instantly and went on her four.
Oh…Wow her ass was so fair and plump, I slapped her fleshy mound lightly to feel the pleasure of making her fair skin turn red and she asked me to slap her hard by saying “thoda tez maaro…jaise ladkiyon movies mein maarte hain” I slapped her again, bit harder this time and Tripti Bhabhi hummed in pleasure of getting treated like a slut and I saw the impact of my slap over her fair skinned ass lump,
I slapped her other mound too and she moaned in pleasure again. I held her massive ass with both the hands and tried to play with it by squeezing them together and just then though about seeing her asshole about which we wre taking some time back, which was fucked by her husband forcibly.
And to do that once again I squeezed her ample hips together and tried to part them with my hands to get a view of her asshole. Tripti Bhabhi sensed my intentions instantly and asked me “kya dekh rahe ho hmmm….?…Naughty boy!” “kuch nahi” I replied back “I know…aap meri GAAND ka chhed dhundh rahe ho….”
She replied back and then spoke again “khol ke dekh low….lekin ussmein daalne ki mat sochna….” Ohh… Wow I cannot explain what kind of female Tripti Bhabhi is, I must say she is just mind blowing and for a guy like me it is really very difficult to believe that a simple homely lady can be so slutty and horny.
I parted Tripti Bhabhi’s ass mounds one more time and got a glimpse of her asshole and in the third attempt I succeeded to see her asshole clearly. Wow…even though it was fucked numerous times, it was very tiny and I could not imagine the level of pleasure I will get by fucking her tiny ass hole.
“Dekh liya naa…? Bass ab daal do CHUT mein” Tripti Bhabhi spoke again, she was getting desperate to get me inside her fuckhole. I moved my hand under her and rubbed her fuckhole to feel the exact opening and realized that it is really very difficult to penetrate her fuckhole from behind. Couple of times I tried to insert my Penis in her fuckhole in that posture but failed.
Once she guided my monster into her fuckhole with her own hands and took me inside her but I failed to retain myself in her fuckhole. As I mentioned so many times Tripti Bhabhi has a massive ass and for an amateur like me it seemed impossible to fuck her in that posture.
Finally Tripti Bhabhi came out with a practical solution, she lied down on the bed with widely spread thighs on her front with Pillow and a roll of blanket under her belly and told me to climb over her and fuck her by saying “abb chhad jaao mere oopar…aur daal do”.
Now in this posture, her bottom was lifted up I could see her fuckhole clearly, as she told me to do I climbed over Tripti Bhabhi and placed my monster tip over her opening and finally squeezed tip of my rod into her pleasure hole with my hand and went inside her slowly. “Ahhh….mazza aagaya” Tripti Bhabhi grunted erotically, I too moaned in pleasure and finally started fucking her in that posture.
Holding her nice fleshy body from her shoulders, I was riding on Tripti Bhabhi for the fourth time in last 24 hours and my pleasure was beyond any description. But I must mention that I really failed to fuck her for long in that posture, this position was so good and pleasurable that very soon I started feeling pressure building inside me,
at that time Bhabhi was no way near her climax so I stopped and told her to lie down straight and Tripti Bhabhi instantly went on her back and once again I started riding on her but in typical missionary position. Like always Tripti Bhabhi grabbed me in her arms and thighs nicely and I fucked her comfortably.
Fortunately I bought Tripti Bhabhi to her climax too before exploding inside her fuckhole and once again we remained tied in each other’s arm for bit long. Here I can say that after this fuck with Tripti Bhabhi I got a break from my New Year celebration because I spent next 24 hours in solitude as none among two females succeeded in making my next day a fucking day too.
Suresh Bhaiya was on leave that day and because of acute cold weather Tripti Bhabhi’s mother-in-law was going through bad time. But next morning once again it happened; Tripti Bhabhi called me on my mobile very early in the morning and told me to open the door.
Time was bit more than 5 and sun was yet to rise but we were not bothered about anything like that and very soon once again after taking off other’s clothes I was riding on Tripti Bhabhi on my bed like a mad and she was enjoying my passion for her fleshy body.
And on the same evening somehow Rita Didi also managed to take out an hour for me at my place and I fucked her too and realized that like Tripti Bhabhi she is also very demanding in bed as in the beginning itself she told me to fuck her like I always fuck Tripti Bhabhi; hard and fast. I tried my best but I myself sensed that I was not same with Rita Didi as I use to be with Tripti Bhabhi.
Anyway while ending my write up here I Promise I will write again if readers will say so but before that I would love to read comments of readers of this wonderful blog. No doubt that in future while being with Rita Didi and Tripti Bhabhi I will be having a lot to share on this blog as I could not see end of this heavenly time in my life soon because Sharad (Tripti Bhabhi’s Husband)
has a plan to come back India in May and as such I am not expecting any positive change in Suresh Bhaiya’s sex hormones, so for both the females it will be just me who can tranquilize their sexual urge, especially Tripti Bhabhi who is looking forward to spend whole night with me in the last week of Feb, on her birthday.
I must mention that I am planning an expensive gift for her on for this occasion and going to ask for her asshole as a return gift. Let’s hope I get her ass and I write again for this wonderful blog.

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