Nancy Aunt

This incident occurred before I have met my Smitha mommy. I am a breast loving man. I always craved for breast milk and I loved feeding moms. I had the opportunity to suck my aunts and my neighbour and I loved to be their son.
I had an encounter with one of my distant relative. Her name is Nancy. She lives nearby my house and was in good touch with my family. Her husband is working in Sharjah and they have 3 boys- first ones being twins.
Nancy aunty is fair complexioned. She is about 155cm and is having a nice figure, not so lean and not so plump. She had perfect breasts and I really adore them. I can see her from my own house and I always watched her while she was sweeping the premises and washing clothes. I craved for the glimpse of her breasts through her nighty. Those glimpses really turned me on. Those views dragged me closer to her chest.
Occasionally, I will be called to her house for some help or as a company during night. One day, the parish arranged a 3 day retreat for the children and the children had to stay in the church at night. So I was called to her home and I readily accepted it.
I walked to her house at nightfall. She was there in her dark green nighty. I noticed that it projected her assets nicely as it was tight. I sat on the sofa and she came out from the kitchen with tea. When she came infront of me and bent down to place the cup on the table, her nighty neck got lowered and I got a feast for my eyes. Wow… what a lovely breasts…I forcibly took my eyes off and took the cup. She talked with me and time passed.
My mind was aching. Should I ask her? I was a little tensed…What if she takes it negative? I couldn’t afford losing her. If it goes wrong, my mother will come to know about everything. God…help me…

Nancy aunty reached near me. She sat on the sofa next to me. She caressed my hair lovingly. This gave me a little courage.” Ah…, Aunty….”,She looked at me.”Can I ask you something?”
“Go on”.She replied. “please don’t take it in the negative sense…it’s been a long time desire…i mean no negatives…”. She was a bit confused. I couldn’t get the right words. My throat went dry.An odd Sound came out. I cleared my throat, asked:”Aunty, can I have some milk, please?”. She laughed and said ” Ofcourse, is this your problem? There is no negatives in it. Wait here till I come back”. She stood up and walked away.
I couldn’t believe it. Am I dreaming? I pinched myself. No I’m not. She agreed to give me milk. My God…
She came out with a glass in her hand and I thought of Sneha aunty doing the same thing. “There is always milk in the kitchen. If you want more you can have it”. Nancy aunty told. What? Packet milk? What the hell…I asked for her milk and she thought that I needed packet milk before going to bed. God..damn it. “Oh…Aunty…I wasn’t talking about this milk, actually…” “ Then what?”She asked.
I continued “I was asking for …..for….”. “For what?” She seemed to be tensed.” For your milk” I finished and put my head down.
She stood there with a perplexed expression. Her hands were slightly shaking. She didn’t say a word. She returned to the kitchen. Few minutes passed. She came back to me. I was in a situation no words can explain. I was in a doubt whether she accepted the request or rejected it. If rejected, everything will be a mess.
“Can you wait for some hours?” She asked? “what? “ I turned to her unbelieving the words I just heard. She was smiling. “Can you wait for some hours?” She repeated and I nodded my head, beaming at her. She smiled and took the towel and went to the bathroom.
I was in wonderland. I am hours away from fulfilling my dream. I felt like I am in the heaven. About 20 minutes passed. Nancy aunty came out of the bathroom. She had changed her dress and had wore a gorgeous white nighty with red spots on it. She looked elegant. She came to me straight, her hair still wet and a mind blowing aroma was filling the room from her body. She was like a full moon on a clear sky. She was gleaming.
“I will fullfill your wish right away. Otherwise as time pass by, you will become restless and you may tear away my chest. I wont allow that.” She said and I had no objections. She called me to her bedroom. The lights were dim. She sat on the bed and leaned to the wall. She pointed me to lie on her lap. I slowly entered the bed and lied on her lap. Her lap felt like a flower bed. My head was touching her stomach and was right beneath the treasure jars.
Nancy aunt fondled my head and face. Her eyes was full of love and her body was responding to my presence. I turned my mouth towards her and touched her stomach. She laughed. “You wont get any milk there”. She then pulled me up to her chest and my head peacefully toched her chest. She started breathing heavy. She waited for some seconds and I was sure that she was getting her mind ready and enjoying the feel. She placed her right hand around me and her left hand came between my face and her chest. It slowly unbuttoned the nighty and pulled the nighty from the left breast. A white bra was there and her hand gone back and unhooked the bra. She then slowly removed the bra cup from her left breast and I pulled my head a little back to see the bare breast. It was my first time I was seeing a bare breast from this close. She replaced her right hand holding me with her left hand. Her right hand got hold of the breast and positioned it . I looked up and Nancy aunty with a smile on her face nodded her head calling me to her.
I moved my head and my mouth touched her nipple. There was a sudden shivering on both of our bodies. I licked the *** for a while. Nancy aunty said ”licking will not give you what you want..start sucking”. Upon hearing this, wild sucking started. She was moaning. She held me tightly to her and my hand groped her waist.
I was having the *** only in my mouth. Nancy aunty was starting to pain and she told me to engulf a little more portion. My mouth covered the entire aerola and continued sucking. We continued in that position for nearly an hour. My hand was exploring her chest. My fingers was flowing through her cleavage and my hand slowly sneaked into the nighty and touched the hidden breast. I withdrew my fingers upon touching it and looked at her face. She was enjoying the feeling by closing her eyes and having a smile on her face. I then groped the breast firmly which didn’t seemed to bother her.
After an hour she told me to stop. I released her breast and looked at it. The *** got elongated and the breast became red. She got down from the bed and moved outside the room. I lied on the bed dreaming. Nancy aunty came back after locking the front door and switching off the lights in the house. She closed the door and came to bed she lied down and took her breast out. I snuggled to her and she offered her breast to me. I took it gratefully and started sucking
Entire night I was sucking her. She was asleep but I kept on working. That day the breasts didn’t lactate much. I’ve got only few drops of milk. Nancy aunty continued feeding me for the next two days and she began to lactate properly. She gave me enough time to suckle on her and I loved being with her.
When her children was with her it was difficult to feed me. Most of the time, we couldn’t be together and she had to pump her milk out to stop milk leakage. One day, when my family was away, she hurried to my house sat on the floor leaned back to the wall and placed me on her chest. She took her milk jug out and forcefully pushed the *** into my mouth and as it was full and leaking upon my touch there was a huge rush of milk.
We continued in this relationship for nearly a year till she and her kids were taken to Sharjah by her husband. They are settled there and I lost her forever.
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