Namitha – Greek Goddess

Namitha was beautiful. Though her face was pale and looked somewhat of child, she had sometimes appeared sexy .I’d always loved her face and I adored her. Although she was a typical Malayalee girl, her face resembled the Greek goddess’s. . She was my class mate when I was doing my graduation and was very intelligent and she concentrated only on her studies. Many boys including me had tried in vain to get her as their friend. Sometimes it annoyed me the classical behavior of her towards the boys I liked her though. After the course, I’d not seen her anymore. But after 2 years I met her again in the city where I was working and she was too working there. She’d become really sexy.
Occasionally, we spent our spare time in a café or in the park and she used to share with me the affairs of her room mates.
I was about to adore her again and I was about like her presence. Once I invited her to my room where I lived alone though I didn’t expect that she would come. But she came. It was an evening and I was all at sea that I’d never been with a girl alone in that situation. As I was serving her tea and the snacks, a strange feeling passed through my nerves! It was kind of electricity! Somewhat of a sexual desire? But her personality was such splendid that I could not even think of it! So I was fine guy. But from that day on I’d slight sexual Feelings towards her, I guess. I started to look at her breast and buttock and try to get a look of cleavage and deliberately touched somewhere of her body. And I still don’t know whether s knew or not. Days passed and the tide of the ‘fantasy’ was about to fade away, one day I asked her when we were at a café without any deep thought that if she would like to spend that evening with me at my dwelling. That sounded a bit different that she could catch what I really meant. I don’t know remember exactly what we were speaking about then and how I managed ask that. I repeated it “do you think you would be fine.” I was really trembling. She smiled and said something. I couldn’t look at her face and I was reading some old messages in my mobile and try to change the subject. When we were walking along the road she said “I guess” she said. “Guess!! What?”
“Nothing” I knew what she really “guess” and I knew I’m going to have a great time! I felt to run like hell and I’d so ravished by it. I was thrilled at all that I thought I was going to have a great time in my life. I’d really wanted to extract the entire pleasure of that night, but had not any idea what was going to happen! Some scene of the romantic movies and stories and the color portion of my fantasy having sex with someone else just danced in my brain, and that excited me more and more! I bought the candles and jasmine so that I could litter the pieces of my fantasy there in my room and some other things too ;-)
That night was the spring of ecstasy. The Nymphet of paradise danced to the rhythm of love and the passion bashed over us with thunder! The consciousness of self smashed into many pieces and evaporated! Namitha was reluctant at first. She was losing the transparent guardian of her girlhood, but gradually, the burning desire of womanhood overlapped it. I too was uncertain how to start with. But there was a magnetic power between us that we enthralled each other the way want. The ‘enigma’ was playing and the moon was smiling and the candle was flickering and the fragrance of jasmine wafted along by the intense desire to clash each other and we stood by the window like the shadow of The Kiss of Gustave Klimt. I smelt her, the perfume of the heavens! I touched her, the poem of simplicity! She was rose and tender lips soft, the red mushroom of ecstasy! I nibbled its taste. It was a spark of fire that turned to be an inferno. I kissed her like hell and drank her like one who lost himself in the vast desert but found a fountain of water. First she was passive, but then she clasped her arms around me, tightly, helplessly! I touched the small of her back and rubbed, fondled wherever I could. And dipped my hand through her tight jeans into her buttock and spotted the hot point only to get her hotter. I cupped her breast and she was about to cry…
I stripped her and laid her on her back on the bed, naked. Her up and downs ‘shined’ in the candle light like the sphinx in the sunlight. Mysterious! Beautiful! And romantic! She had a perfect body that inspires ones imagination. Her eyes were the pot of passion and the trembling lips resembled the cherries swinging in the breeze. The most exciting parts of her body were the vagina; it was the moon light coming through the woods, and the smooth thighs of butter. I still remember its taste and aroma of her vagina! I stared her for minutes with full of passion in my heart or amazing how beautiful she is! I kissed on her forehead. I drew a hot line along her face down her neck, trough the channel to her belly button. I could see her resistance against the pleasure and she tried her best to control her self closing her eyes tightly and clenching her fists again I was uncertain. I kissed everywhere that I thought it would please her, on the breast and on the belly, on the thigh and on the buttock… and lick all over the body till she got wet completely and laid on her for a while feeling her hot breathing. It was music of wildness!
I think a girl should have a fine breast. A fine and beautiful breast always radiate the real beauty of a girl. Namitha had fine and beautiful breast. It was like mountain of golden clouds, but strong. I still remember the erected tit. It was beautiful, tender and fascinating and smelt great. I smelt it, savored it with an intoxicated sense and tried to be a vigorous child. For a while I heard nothing, saw nothing and forgot everything, even my existence, but the silky breast, oozing the excitement of blossom of the flower. I reached out to take the honey and started to apply it on her breast and drank and suck. Though it tasted fine, it destroyed the excitement a bit. I look at her. She was like a child whom the doctor was about to inject on its cheek. Her lips clamped together and closed eyes, tightly and it amused me a lot. I patted on her belly and squeezed the breast to rhythm of ‘beyond the invisible’. I heard her moaning… moaning like the owl, wisely and sweetly! And silent like the night. The moaning of the controlled passion gave me a strange feeling of ecstasy. I kissed the navel like the hell. And I knew I was getting mad hearing her moaning, it had become a bit louder, and smelling the aroma of her vagina, the pool of cream cheese. I’d happened to know that when having love, the simple way to get a girl mad is to lick & suck the clits. I did it exactly. And she was getting mad and I knew licking and sucking and smelling the vagina make mad not only the girl but the boy too. I buried my head into her, exploring thru every petals of her flower. It was wet. It was hot. But it was still tender. She seemed as uncertain of how to escape from the killing pleasure. She was like the insane.
She pushed my head down and pulled the hair and pressed my head against the deep Kicked on my shoulder and the back. Suddenly I’d an intuition and I looked at the face. The tears were rolling down. I could not understand what really happened to weep. I was about to think that I was stealing her virginity and it disappointed me a bit. I wiped the tears and tried to pacify her. But she pulled me towards her and hugged me tightly and kissed passionately. I felt her warm lips on my cheeks and on the neck. Though her silky and hot body instilled the electricity of lust into me, but strange and poignant feeling that infiltrated into my brain was enough to disperse the lust into nothing. Certainly we had a great sex later that night. And I think I can find the time to write about it soon.
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