Namita a housewife

Just a foot away his extremely beautiful wife Namita was sleeping
soundly. Her lovely globes were quiet a sight trying to escape out of
her night gown. There was a pure innocence on her beautiful face and she
was sleeping beside her husband without any worries what so ever. But
for Vikas, sleep was just out of sight he lit another cigarette and his
mind was on turmoil but his eyes never left the sight off Namita’s face.
“No it’s unbelievable, she can’t be!!”

Earlier during that day in the afternoon as Namita was out in the
market, Vikas suddenly required his property papers and after searching
everywhere he remembered that it was in his wife’s suitcase. So he
opened the suitcase and while getting his property papers he also got
the biggest shock of his life, he found three love letters written
anonymously by someone to his beloved wife Namita. He read every letter,
“Lovely Namita, the Sari you wore yesterday was really lovely and the
fitting of the blouse was really sexy.” And so on. He went on reading
and it seems that she daily wore her dresses of his choices and all
three letters were written just last week. “No it can’t be, its only one
way”. He thought lots of guys in India do this they don’t have the
courage to face women so they write love letters and take chance, if it
works all right and otherwise there is no harm to them.

But it can be harmful for some long happy married life. As after 8 years
of beautiful married life Vikas was in turmoil. Because they were having
a very frank relationship and they shared everything with each other –
even shared their wildest fantasies while in bed to boost their sex
life, then why on earth she didn’t tell him about these letters. Then he
heard some one on door and quickly put back all the letters in the suitcase.

Now she was sleeping soundly and his mind working very fast. The content
of the last letter suddenly came back in his mind, “Darling I am
successful in making friendship with your hubby and I think soon he will
invite me to your house and I am waiting eagerly for that moment when I
will be so close to you that I can smell the beautiful fragrance of your
lovely sexy body.” Friendship with me??? Oh yes – Now everything was
crystal clear in his mind. There is a house where few college students
lived together on rent and one of them named Sudesh had accidentally
became his friend – but now he knew that it was all planned by him.
hmmmm – he smiled, actually, he really was thinking of calling this guy
home this weekend – but now that he knew everything – he would never
call him home. But – on second thoughts, he now wanted to see how far
this guy will go and if Namita was also interested in him – that also
was something Vikas wanted to confirm. After all, it was a question of
faithfulness of his beautiful wife and mother of his 7-year-old son.

On Saturday Vikas invited Sudesh for dinner and told Namita about this.
He tried hard to read something out of her face but he couldn’t.
Namita’s face didn’t show any expression. At sharp 8 Sudesh arrived and
Vikas let himself inside the toilet and asked Namita to open the door
but kept watching them from a distance. As soon as Namita opened the
door – there standing was a very stylishly dressed with rough beard but
handsome looking Sudesh. When he saw Namita his face lit up like a 100
watt bulb – he brought nice flowers and said, “beautiful flowers for a
beautiful lady”.

Vikas could not see but it made Namita blush a little. She quietly let
him in. Vikas quickly went inside the toilet and closed the door but
hearing everything outside. “Boss kahan hai” (Sudesh always called Vikas
Boss)”, “Zara toilet gaye hain.” He heard Namita say. “Kaisi ho jaan?”
Vikas was shocked to hear him say this boldly. “Please, woh Aajayenge,
please chodo mera hath.” God this guy had grabbed her hand even while
knowing her hubby is inside. Vikas strangely got an automatic erection.
But with a loud sound he opened the door and came out. He saw both
standing in the drawing .

Sudesh greeted him and sat on the sofa, Namita quickly went inside the
kitchen. Vikas could clearly see that Sudesh’s eyes never left the great
view of Namita’s swinging ass till she went inside the kitchen. “Aur
Sudesh, kya loge thanda ya garam. “kuch bhi chalega” he promptly
replied. Namita came with water. She was wearing a very nice Violet
Saree and a sleeveless blouse, though at this time of the day she
normaly wore a nightgown, but as she knew that Sudesh was coming she
kept wearing her Saree on pretext of not exposing before a stranger.

But as Vikas knew it, She looked damn sexy in her Sarees and her
sleeveless low cut blouses and he was sure The Way Sudesh praised her in
his letters, he was also madly in love for her sexy Sarees. When she
bent to give water to Vikas, he could see her sexy cleavage and got an
immediate erection when he saw Sudesh eyes popped a little when She gave
water to him. “Sudesh aaj Saturday hai kal chhuti hai – kyon na dinner
se pehle drink ho jaye.” Sudesh was a bit shocked with this proposal but
smartly held his composure and said looking smilingly at Namita, “Sure,
par agar bhabhiji ko artraaz na ho to”. Namita smiled and said “mujhe
kyon aitraj hoga.” Actually, even if there was no guest it was Vikas’
routine to drink on Saturday before dinner, sometimes even Namita gave
him company for a few sips and they would have wild sex afterwards.

Namita brought a whisky bottle and glasses and put them on the table
between them. “Aap log shuru kijiye main Rahul ko sula kar aati hoon.”
They started their drink session chatting about the college life of
Sudesh. He was a student leader and had very arrogant attitude. He very
boldy told Vikas about his girlfriends, but ended the sentence, “lekin
boss aap bahut lucky ho – bhabhi itni mast hai.” Vikas looked up, but
smiled forcibly. “Sach keh raha hoon, Abhi bhi kai college ki ladkiyon
ko maat karti hain.” Vikas saw that this guy was acting very smart,
everytime Sudesh was making strong pegs for him but very light ones for
himself. But even after knowing this Vikas could not refuse and soon
alcohol was having an affect on him. Though Vikas wanted to run this
show as per his own wishes, this drinking session was soon going out of
his control.

Soon Namita came and saw Vikas had gone a bit far but still smiled, she
sat beside Vikas and said, “kya baat hai – aaj to kuch jyaada hi ho rahi
hai.” Vikas just managed to smile but Sudesh said, “ye to apni sangat ka
asar hai bhabhiji, kyon Boss.” “Bhabhiji – main boss se bol hi raha tha
ki aap abhi bhi mere college ki girls ko maat karti hai.” Namita blushed
at his bold comment – that too in front of her husband. Though many
times Sudesh had winked at her and passed romantic comments whenever she
passed him but she felt some kind of attraction towards Sudesh and she
loved the attention she was getting from this young college guy.
Sometimes she felt guilty as she had not told her husband about the
letters she had received written by Sudesh and when she heard her hubby
had invited Sudesh for dinner, her heart skipped a beat, but deep inside
it was exciting for her though she did not know why.

“Kahan kho gayi ho bhabhiji”. “ooohaan – arey nahin – tumhari girl
friends to bahut young aur sunder hongi.” “Nahin bhabhiji, aap jaisi ek
bhi nahin.” He made another large peg for Vikas but Vikas said no.
Sudesh smiled, “Kya hua Boss abhi se haar maan gaye. Just one more”.
Vikas was finding it difficult to open his eyes but he didn’t want to
loose all the control. Sudesh again insisted, “Kya Boss abh mera saath
aap nahin to kya bhabhiji dengi?” Even Sudesh had just said this
mockingly but he got the shock of his life when Vikas said “Theek hai
Namita will give you company.” Sudesh couldn’t believe that this lusty
lady drinks also. Namita on the other hand was a bit angry with Vikas
that he was bringing her into it. “Come on bhabhiji, Boss to haar maan
gaye.” “Main kewal ek peg hi loongi.” “Ok” Sudesh was more than
grateful. He knew that this peg was enough for her. “To batao kitni girl
friends hain tumhari?” She asked. “Kai hain”. “Date par le jaate ho?”
“Haan kai baar.” Vikas was enjoying the conversation, as he was
surprised that his otherwise reserved wife is talking so boldly with
this young stud. “Bhabhiji college days main to aap star hongi na” He
asked. Namita smiled and said sipping her drink, “Arre college ki batein
to ab bhool gayi.” Vikas was engrossed in this conversation though it
was difficult for him to open his eyes.

Namita was sipping the drink very slowly and loved the attention she was
getting from this young college guy. It was really flattering for her
being still compared with a young college girl. Sudesh was playing the
game slowly he already has won the battle when his letters were accepted
by her still he was not sure whether those letters have been torn away
or kept by her. Vikas trying to involve himself asked Sudesh, “Apni
Girlfriends ko kabhi love letters bhi likhte ho kya?” Just for a second
Sudesh and Namita’s eyes met and she lowered her eyes,.” Letters to kuch
khaas girls ko hi likhe jaate hain, maine bus ek girl ko letter likhe
hai.” “Achcha kise” Asked Vikas. Namita’s heart was beating very fast
she quickly emptied her glass of whisky. But Sudesh continuous referring
of her as a girl was making her feel good. “Ye main abhi nahin bata
sakta kyonki uska jawab nahin mila hai.” “Theek hai bhai jawab mile to
zaroor batana” “Zaroor”. He carefully winked at Namita. Vikas caught
that but acted otherwise.

Sudesh again made pegs for all three of them and asked Vikas “Just last
one for all”. The authority in his voice was such that they both took
their glasses. “Bhabhiji kisi din aap mere saath college chalna jeans T
shirt mein, dekhna saab aapko meri girlfriend samjhenge.” She quickly
looked at her husband hoping he would be angry with this, but Vikas was
smiling, “Idea bura nahin hai Namita ye bhi pata chalega ki abhi bhi
tumme wo baat hai ki nahin.” “Aab chodo bhi dono hi mere peeche pad
gaye.” Namita showing mock anger. Both men laughed. All of them sipping
their drinks and again for Vikas it was very difficult to control and
Namita was also getting the effect now. “Bhai ab main khana kaise serve
karoongi?”. “Are fikar nahin bhabhiji main help karoonga na.” Sudesh
again winked at her, which again made her blush. One thing was sure for
Sudesh that she is in his grip now. Vikas also feeling sad that his
faithful wife of 8 years is attracted towards this young lad he also got
the idea that this is the first time that both have come close and
nothing has gone between them before today and it was also giving him
some sort of pleasure he has never experienced earlier. Vikas feeling in
control now but was acting like he is out of his senses he just lay
there half closing his eyes. “Lagata hai inko jyada ho gayi hai, main
khana lagaati hoon.”. “Ok”.

Namita got up and went inside the kitchen. Sudesh did no attempt of
going behind . Vikas felt this strange as he was expecting him to go
with Namita and taking some advances in the kitchen, Sudesh was thinking
otherwise, he thought “jo mazza husband ke saamne flirt karne mein aa
raha hai wo wahan nahin, aur ye saala to ludak gaya lagta hai. Phir abhi
to puri raat baki hai.” Dinner was taken quietly by all of them. Vikas
was acting like he was drunk like never before but he was fully aware
that how his beautiful wife was being seduce every moment by this
college leader.

After dinner they all made themselves comfortable on floor and after
dishes Namita went inside her bedroom and when she came out Sudesh’s
eyes almost popped out as she was in her nighty. It was a three piece
pink nighty. Her milky boobs her shapely smooth legs and her smooth arms
all were in decent expose in front of his hungry eyes Vikas also shocked
by her bold move but didn’t reacted as we was acting to dizzy and just
about to sleep She came and just sat beside Vikas in front of Sudesh.
They again started chatting whereas Vikas seems the least interested She
was asking Sudesh about his family and his native and he also telling
her everything never leaving his eyes from her shapely body. She is also
feeling his eyes roaming all over her body and loving exposing her body
to a stranger for a first time.

Vikas at the moment is getting the maximum pleasure watching his
beautiful wife exposing so much in front of him. He acted sleepy and
started making sounds of snoring. “Lo Boss to so gaye, inke kharrate
main aapko neend aa zaati hai bhabhi ji?” Namita bit embarrassed by this
said “thodi der mein band ho jayenge.” “Boss so gaye to mujhe chalna
chahiye?” he tested “Are baitho na abhi neend nahin aa rahi hai” Her
answer relieved both the men. “Actually khana kha kar pant mein baithna
bhari ho raha hai.” “Oh main inka night suit de deti hoon”. “Are nahin
koi lungi ho to de do” She brought a silk lungi of Vikas and handed him
Tum change karo main rahul ko dekh kar aati hoon. Sudesh in front of
Vikas changed into Lungi and Vikas got the shock of his life when he saw
from his half closed eyes that Sudesh after wearing Lungi has put down
his under wear and carefully put it inside his pants pocket and put the
pant on a sofa nearby and again made himself on the floor. He has also
opened few buttons of his shirt showing his broad hairy chest.

Namita came and sat beside Vikas but this time a little closer to
Sudesh. “to aap mere saath date par aaogi” He again asked “Kya karoge
date par le ja ke?” She asked “Ghumenge phirenge aish karenge aur kya?”
“Kya aish karoge” “jo possible hoga”. Sudesh and Vikas both men have
stiff dicks now. “Maine to jab se aapko dekha hai yehi tamanna ki hai”.
“Kya date par le jane ki?” “Nahin aapke saath aish karne ki”.

“Yeh kaisa sota hai” his tone suddenly changed about Vikas. “Abhi soye
to subah 10 bajetak nahin uthnewale.” “Chootiya hai saala”. Vikas
shocked at this sudden change. Namita was also shocked but was not as
angry as she should be. “Kya bol rahe ho” “Aur kya itni sexy wife ko ek
jawan ladke ke satth de kar so raha hai, ****iya nahi to aur kya hai,
Chootiya Gaandu hai?” He asked again. His sudden use of abusive words
had taken Namita by surprise Vikas also was getting the erection of his
life and he thought he would ejaculate very soon.

“Sun – tune mere letters ka jawab nahin diya?” He now using Tu instead
of AAP. “diya to tha, wohi saree pehni thi jo tumne likha tha pehn ne
ko.” Sudesh deliberately made the slit of his lungi open exposing his
hard dick and heavy balls but kept casually talking as is nothing had
happened. “par kuch jawab deti to mazaa aata na.” Namita was shocked
when she saw his dick and balls she lowered her eyes but couldn’t hide
her blushing face. “Ye bata is gaandu ke saath teri kaisi gujar rahi
hai?” “Theek hai” Vikas was surprised that she was not objecting when
Sudesh used the word “Gandu” for him. “Roz deti hai isse”. “Nahin”.
Namita’s pussy was also getting wet by this sexy atmosphere. She was
glancing at Sudesh’s huge dick and balls every minute. Sudesh seeing the
effect of his throbbing cock on this housewife started rubbing his cock
with his hand once in a while but making no further attempt, but just
kept talking. “To hafte mein ktni baar deti hai?” “ek” “Bas, main kehta
hoon na saala Gaandu hai..” “Tere ko jyada karne ka man nahin karta?”
She didn’t answer “Bol karta hai ki nahin” . “karta hai”. “kitni baar”

Vikas was shocked, his wife was telling every intimate details of them
to this guy and never once she objected humiliating words used for her
hubby. “Tere jaisi sexy maal ko bhukha rakh kar so raha hai ****iya
saala.” He opened his lungi and showed his rod to her and asked, “Aisa
lauda hai uska”. Her eyes popped out with shock and kept staring at his
throbbing hard cock for a while – it was twice as big as her hubby’s.
Vikas also admitted when he saw with his half close eyes. “bol aisa
lauda hai” “nahin” “phir kaisa hai dikha zara”. She looked questioningly
at him. Vikas also a bit shocked by this and in his fear his cock began
to shrink very fast. “haan saale ki pant khol kar dikha mujhe” “Agar uth
gaye to” “Darr mat agar utha to saale ki Gaand marroonga yahi tere
saamne” “chal khol kar dikha”. Namita very carefully opened his zip
stretched down his undie and bring out a limp cock in her hand it felt
like dead mouse. “Isse kaise chodta hai ye tujhko” Sudesh stood up with
his proud erection and came close to her “doosre hath se isko pakad le”
Namita hesitatingly put another hand on Sudesh’s big cock, it felt
burning hot in her soft hand.

Sudesh getting the thrill of his life time, never in his dream he
thought that he will make this beauty his slave. Vikas again feeling
excited and his cock also beginning to grow in her hand. “Chal chhod uss
Gaandu ko aur le ise chakh.” He put his hand over her head and forced
her a bit to take his dick in her mouth. She opened her mouth a little
and he forced his dick inside – he kept rubbing her cheeks and said
“thoda aur khol saali pura lund lena hai tujhe” She opened her mouth
wide and he pushed his cock deep inside up to her throat. It gagged her
a bit but she kept sucking it. Vikas cock grew a little seeing his
lovely wife giving head so easily to this boy. He got this pleasure
hardly one or two times in this whole eight years. “Wah – ye hui na baat
mazaa aa gaya.” He then brought out his cock and made her sit right
beside her hubby and then he too sat down and then he said, “mujhe
chumma de” She without hesitation grabbed his face with both hand and
furiously French kissed him he also grabbed her body hard and they
kissed furiously for long just a few inches away from Vikas. Sudesh
grabbed her boobs over her nighty and squeezed them hard, She was
breathing heavily. Namita whispered, “Bedroom mein chalein”. But they
were so close to Vikas that he could hear then also. “Nahin – yahin
chodunga tujhe tere is gaandu husband ke paas.” “Bole to ise jagaa doon
aur phir chodu.” “Nahin please ise sone do”. She also put Vikas’s cock
which was considerably harder now inside his pants and zipped it. “kyon
pati ka lund dekh kar sharam aa rahi hai.” Sudesh smiled. Namita kept quiet.

He removed her nighty and soon they both were naked and lying beside
Vikas. Sudesh was so aroused by the fact that her hubby is sleeping
beside that he almost made her lay sticking with Vikas and Vikas whose
nasha was gone with these events was experiencing all this very closely.
Namita though afraid that her hubby might wake up still she was so wet
and desperate at the moment that she only think about a brutal ****
nothing less. Sudesh was laying naked over her body and kissing her
slowly all over her body.

“Saali kab se tujhe chodne ki soch raha tha aaj mauka hath laga hai wo
bhi is ****iye ki baazu mein. Bol tujhe kaun si position pasand hai?”
“yehi” “kisi aur position mein choda hai is gaandu ne?” “nahin” “phir
tujhe kaise pata chalega? Koi baat nahin aab to sab ka maja doonga
tujhe.” “karo jaldi” Namita got desperate. Sudesh enjoyed that, “karo
kya karo”. Namita understood that he is taking advantage of her deperate
situation. “Chodo Mujhe” She cried “Phir se bol , mera naam le kar bol.”
“Chodo mujhe Sudesh chodo jaldi daal do please **** me Sudesh **** me.”
This satisfied Sudesh’s ego and further humiliated Vikas and put is cock
over her dripping pussy and pushed hard. “aaahhhhhhh” It went inside
with a brutal force and reached the depth where she never experienced so
far. She pushed her hips upwards to meet his thrusts and soon they were
****ing in a rhythmic motion the rhythm also felt by Vikas. And he
ejaculated in his pants, to hide his vibrations during ejaculation he
immediately turn back towards them. Seeing her move Namita was afraid a
bit but Sudesh assured her, “Don’t worry ye nahin uthega aur utha to
gaand marwayega. Chal le le mera. Bol maza aa rha hai ki nahin?’ “haan
bahut mazaa aa rha hai please **** me hard zor se” “le saali zor se le
le”.” Is ****iye ne kabhi aisa choda hai?” “nahin kabhi nahin” he then
turned upside down and she was on top of him She has seen such poses in
movies and pics but never experienced this but soon she found the rhythm
and there ****ing went on smoothly he grabbed both her juggling boobs
and squeezed them hard. Namita has never experienced such wonderful
****ing earlier and she already has come twice but this stud is
unstoppable and ****ing her like a mad horse. She lovingly kissed him
again and keep bouncing her ass of his balls and was now verge of
another climax but Sudesh also has increased his thrusts and started
squeezing her boobs harder, She also increased the rhythm and both
breathing heavily came together he ejaculated tones of cum inside her
and due their position lot of cum dripping out of her cunt over his balls.

after the fucking was well over they were both resting in the same position. my wife had not bothered to cover herself. sudesh then asked my wife “kyon maza aaya ki nahi? ” my wife just nodded her head in affirmation.
he again asked her” is chutiye ki chudai se jyada maza aya na?’
my wife again just nodded. i was wondering myself about the nature of my wife , who just a few minutes back was acting just like a whore[when she was being fucked by sudesh] and now again she started behaving like a chaste woman.
Maybe sudesh was also tired then , so he wanted to go to his room for sleep and so while getting up he told my wife that he is going and will come back on next thursday [which was still five days away]. my wife looked quizzically towards him and asked “thursday ko kyon?’

i could not understand what she wanted to ask him. whether she was reffering to the long gap of five days or whether she was simply asking him that why he was coming on next thursday, indicating him that all was over between them, i.e. my wife and sudesh.
Sudesh also understood this and laughingly asked her”kyun nahi aaon kya thursday ko?”
and worst of my nightmarecame true when she hurriedly replied “nahi mera matlab tha ki thursday ko kyon, woh tau abhi 5 din ke baad hai”
Sudesh said “thursday ko isliye meri rani ki thursday ko holi hai aur us din colour lagane ke bahane tere is gaandu pati ke hi saamne tere mammme dabaunga aur teri chut chodunga, aur dekhna ki is 5 din ke wait period ke baad tu bhi kitna khul ker maze legi mere saath.”
my wife said “per mere pati ke samne kaise cho………. karoge, inhone dekh liya tau bahut musibat ho jaayegi.”

sudesh said “arre is baat ka hi tau maza hai, tumhare pati ka samne hi tumhare mamme dabane hain aur tumhari gand ke sath holi ka rang lagane ke bahane masti karni hai. nahi tau tum jaanti ho na tumhari padosan [neighour] bindu bhansali ko, woh bhi mere se chud chuki hai.aur meri tau chhodo us bindu bhabhi ne mere kehne per mere ek dost se bhi chudwa liya. bahut garam aurat hai woh aur bahut pyaar karti hai woh mere ko.usne tau mujhe apne ghar per holi khelne bulaya bhi hai.
my wife “kya bindu bhabhi ne. main nahi maan sakti woh tau kitni sedhi-sadi lady hai.woh aisi ho hi nahi sakti.
sudesh “sedhi-sadi [simple and plain} tau tum bhi ho na. phir tumne kaise chudwa liya mujhse. bas jaise tumne chudwaya waise hi usne bhi chudwa liya. waise ho woh bahut hi garm aurat. sali BBB.
my wife “BBB ka matalab kya hota hai?”
sudesh ” BBB ka matlab english mein hota hai BIG BREASTED BITCH aur hindi mein BADE BALLWALI BHABHI. samjhi, aur us bindu ka poora naam bhi BBB hai janti ho kaise
my wife asked “how’?
“uska pura naam hai, Bindu Bharat Bhansali, yani ki BBB.”
my wife” tum phir us BBB yani ki tumhari bindu bhabhi ke ghar kyon nahi jaa rahe ho holi khelne ke liye. 
sudesh “woh isliye ki main tumhare ghar per tumhare pati ki presence mein tumhare sath masti karna chahta hoon. Apni tau yeh ek fantasy hai ki kisi married aurat ko uske pati ki presence mein chodna. phir chahe uska pati hosh mein ho ya na ho. Aur bindu bhabhi ka pati rahega tau ghar per hi per saala bahut khadus hai. apni biwi ki taraf dekhne bhi nahi deta. phir uske saamne mein uski biwi ke sath holi khelne ki soch bhi nahi sakta. aur rahi baat tere pati ki tau dekh aaj bhi tera pati ghar per hi tha aur maine tujhe choda na. bas isi tarah se us din bhi chodunga. jee bhar ker daru pila dunga is gaandu ko aur phir jab yeh madhosh ho jaayega tau isi ke saamne iski biwi ke mamme dabaunga aur jab yeh poori tarah se tunnn ho jaayega tau isi ke bedroom mein isi ke bed per isi ki biwi ko chodunga. bol razi hai na?”.
again my wife just nodded and just said ” dekhna koi gadbad nahi ho jaaye”.
sudesh said “koi gadbad nahi hogi, aur by-chance aisa kuchh ho bhi gaya tau bahut achhha holi ka bahana hai, bol dunga ki holi ka din ahai aur main bhi nashe mein the tau galti ho gayi aur mafi mang lunga.ab theek hai na?
my wife said “haan theek tau hai per dhyan rakhna ki koi gadbad nahi ho jaaye nahi tau mein apne pati ko munh dikhnae layak nahi rahungi”.
sudesh said ” haan aur ek akhiri baat aur yeh bhi sun le ki holi ke din tum woh white sari aur white blouse hi pehanna aur ander bra pehanne ki koi jarurat nahi hai, jab tere mamme dabaunga tau nipple masalne ka maza bhi aana chahiye, saali bra ki wazah se mamme masalne ka sab maza hi kharab ho jata hai.aur mai theek 11 baze aa jaunga holi khelne ke liye. samajh gayi na” .
my wife said “per subah 9-9.30 baze tau bldg ki saari auraten jama hoker sath-sath holi khelti hain aur mujhe unke saath jaaker khelna padega, aur wahan se aate-aate 12. baz jaayegi”
sudesh said “tab tau aur bhi achha hai. main tumhare ghar 11.00 bbaze pahunch ker 12.00 bazne tak tumhare pati ko daru pila ker madhosh kar dunga aur phir isi chutiye ke saamne tumhe rang lagaoonga. aur phir holi ke bahane ise aur daru pilunga aur jab yeh tunn ho jaayega tab tumhare bed-room mein hum log chudai karenge. theek hai ab main chalta hun sweatheart. bye bye.”
my wife said “bye- bye and goddnight”
sudesh said” arre kya aisa dry bye bye bol rahi ho, jara pass aao kiss dekar good night bolo na.”
my wife went near him and kissed him on lips and and they were soon smooching each other very passionately . and sudesh was squeezing her naked boobs. this continued for 5 minutes then both of them moved away from each other although very reluctantly.
” achha aur ab ek final baat”
“woh bhi bolo”
“Monday ko 3- baje tum hamare naake ke paas se gujarana aur us din woh tumhari pink transparent saree aur blouse pehnana aur khyal rakhna ki bra nahi honi chahiye. i dont like beautifull and sexy lady like you wearing bras. Jawani aur husn tau dikhane ki cheez hai chhupaane ki nahi”.
” per bina bra ke tau mere nipple usme se saaf dikhyi denge, aur tum koi akele tau rehte nahi ho wahan per. Tumhare dost bhi rahenge, mujhe bina bra ke dekhenge tau sab saale fabtyiabn kasenge aur gande ishaare karenge. Na baba na, mujhe tau bahut sharam aayegi. woh sari blouse mein pehan lungi per bina bra ke nahi.”
“arre yehi tau mein chahta hu ki log tumhari jawani dekhe , aur unke lund garam ho jaaye aur mujhe yeh soch ker maza aaye ki yeh itnaa kararaa maal meri ran[d]i ka hai, jise dekh ker jawan aur budhe sabhi ka lund khada ho jata hai.Dhyan rakhna jab hamare paas se gujrogi tau saree ka pallu thoda sa hata ker apne nipple achhe se dikhana. samjhi kya?’
” na baba na mein tau aisa nahi kar sakti. haye kisi auer ne dekh liya tau phir kya sochega mere baare mein”
” tau phir apna rishta yahin per khatam samjho, agagr meri baat nahi maan sakti tau phir mujhse aaj ke baad milne ki sochna bhi mat”
Sudesh finally tried his last weapon threatening my wife of depriving heer of his cock.
” achha baba jo tum kahoge woh karungi, meri jaan ab tau khush” My wife also surrenderd meakly now. 
By now i was dead sure even she would also enjoy exibhiting her Jalwa to others but she protesting just to show her Nakhraas. 
Listening all this my prick which was loosing its erection suddenly again started saluting. 

On monday although i wanted to witness my wifes outing , but i cudnt since it was afternoon and i had to attend my office, but i the night i saw that she was extra horny and tried to arouse me saying “darling chalo naa aaj mood hai thodi masti karte hain.
I was alsso on fire since saturday so i didint waste the opportunity and made fierce lovewith her on monday night.
Afterwards when i thought about what sudesh had said about bindu i felt that Whatever sudesh was saying was not wrong. This bindu bhabhi was really a sexy bitch. she had very huge boobs.I always had an eye on her but due to my decent background could never dare to even think of fucking her. And my perverted mind immediately started thinking of encashing this opportunity. I knew that sudesh had this fetish or you can say fantasy of screwing some married lady in front of her husband. Ab biwi tau meri us maderchod sudesh se chud hi chuki thi , tau maine socha chalo kyon na sudesh ke samne bindu ki chut ke badle apni biwi ki chut ka sauda ker liya jaaye. Uski ek fantasy [to screw the wife in front of her husband with his consent } poori ho jaayegi aur mujhe dusri mast sexy chut chodne mil jaayegi
I just could not believe that beneath the simple and apparently shy face of my wife lies such a horny and sluuty wife who did not hesitate to cross all limits of decency to quench her sexual thirst.

Anyways we all were now waiting for that thursdayto come. i dont know who was more eager for the ultimate HOLI day. Me or my wife and sudesh .In between sudesh met me once on wednesday and during seemingly casual talk asked me what i was doing on holi and i very innocently told him that i will be at home and then he asked me whether he can come down to my place for some booze and celebrate holi.
obviously i showed a very high degree of willingness to him and very warmly invited him to my place for some drinks.
Last night was very difficult for me and i found that due to all the tension and anxiety sleep was elusive.somehow i managed to sleep by 3.00 a.m. when i woke up in the morning it was already 10a.m. and my wife had alraedy left to play holi with her neighours[womenfolks].
i very lazily got up from my bed and completed my daily routine and was looking again and again towards the watch. by the time it was 10.45 i was already having a mild erection in anticipation of things to come. sharp at 11.00 there was aknock at the door and as expected there was soodesh with a bottle of whisky in his hands.
we very warmly greeted each other and after formal wishes of holi sat down and started our programme of boozing. i noticed that soodesh was taking good care [like on previous occassion] to make very large pegs for me and comparatively smaller peg for himself. But today i was determined to have very cotrolled boozing and to retain all my senses so that i could enjoy the events fully and yet could pretend to be drunk.
After around half an hour’s drinking and almost three pegs down each to turn the topic towards the sex i very casually asked him ” kyun soodesh aaaj kisi girlfrnd ko colour lagaya ki nahi, ya yun hi sukhi-sukhi holi mana rahe ho”.
sudessh said” arre boss abhi kahan girlfriend ko colour lagane ka mauka mila hai, woh sali tau apne uncle ke ghar per gayi hui hai, aur mein yahan khali aapke sath baith ker daru peete hue holi mana raha hun” 

I said”tau colony ki kisi aur ladki ko pakad ker laga dete”{I deliberately didn’t say colour this time}
he said “arre kaun itni aasani se lagaane deti hai, jis kis ko bhi lagane ke liye pakdo wohi saali bhag jaati hai” 
{i noted that he had aslo replied in the same tone, as to confirm what i was saying]
I said “arre yaar sudesh tumhari age mein tau mujhe agar koi ladki nahi milti thi tau mein tau ados-pados ki bhabhiyon ko hi pakad ke JABARDASTI laga dalta tha, aur colour bhi aise waise nahi pure pyar se sare badan per lagata tha, tum samazh rahe ho na mein kya bol raha hun” and winked very wickedly looking at him.

Sudesh also smiled very wickedly and encouraged me further saying “iska matlab unki poori body pe colour lagate waqt unke mammae aur gand pe bhi lagate the kya”

I said “arre yaar uske bina lagane ka maza hi kya hai. aur meri ek do padosan bhabhiyan tau aisi thi ki colour lagate waqt khud hi mujhe chhedhati aur uksati thi aur jab mein unke mammon aur gand ko ji bhar ke daba ker unse laga hota tau woh mujhko rang lagane ke bahane se mera lund pakad leti thi”

sudesh said” kya baat hai boss iska matlab tau yeh hai ki aap to bahut hi rangeele raja rahe honge apne college ke dino mein”

I said ‘ college ke dinon mein hi kyun abhi bhi bahut rangeela hun mein , abhi bhi bahut man karta hai kisi ko pakad ke ZABARDASTI lagane ke liye, per sala kuchh tau age ho gayi hai aur kuchh shadi ke baad biwi ki problem bhi hai ki woh saali bura nahi maan jaaye aur phir sabse badi baat tau yeh hai ki agar jisko pakda hai wohi chillane lag jaaye tau izzat ki tau izzat ki tau maa hi chud jaayegi society mein. Isiliye mei tau tum se kehata hun ki yehi din hai aish karneke liye .abhi jitni maza kar sakte ho kar lo baad mein badi problem hoti hai”

Sudesh said” boss agar aap ko abhi maza karne ka chance mile, yani ki kisi ados padoski jawan maal ke sath aur usme koi problem nahi aaye tau kya aap us ke sath aish karoge”
I got mightily pleased seeing that our talks were heading in the right direction and very excitedly told him” kyun nahi yaar, agar koi lafda nahi ho tau sala aish karne mein kya problem hai”
Sudesh ” per boss ek baat bolun agar aap bura nahi maane tau?”
i said ” haan haan bolo na yaar aaj mei tumhari kisis baat ka bura nahi manunga, kyonki aaj tau hoil hai’
Sudesh ” boss aapne kabhi socha hai ki jin bhabhiyon ko aap color lagane ke bahane dabate the woh kisi aur ki biwi bhi hoti hogi, tau jaise aap unke sath maza kar rahe the un dino me jab ki aapki shadi nahi hui thi theek waise hi koi aapki biwi ko , yaani ki namita bhabhi ko bhi chhedne ki yah mauka mile tau chodne ki ichha rakhta hoga yah phir aapki biwi ke naam per apne lund ka paani girata hoga, masturbate karke, tau aapko kaisa lagega agar aap ko pata chale ki yeh particular aadmi jise aap apna dost ya maybe rishtedaar samajh rahe hai woh actually apne ghar per bhabhi ke yani ki aapki wife ke naam per roz bathroom ganda kar raha hai. 
I now understood where this basterd was trying to lead me. But playing a fool i deliberately fell into his trap and said” yaar sudesh tum nahi jaante per maine kisi aurat ke sath koi jabardasti nahi ki woh sab khud bade maze le lekar mujhse lagawti thi aur mujhe bhi lagati thi. ab agar unko bahar ke lund khane ka shauk hai tau mai kya karta . agar mein nahi maze leta unse tau koi aur leta phir mein hi kyon nahi. rahi baat namita ki tau phir koi bhi chahe woh jo bhi ho uske naam per muth maarega tau mein kya kar sakta hun in fact agar koi meri biwi ko chodna chaahe aur meri bibi bhi uske sath chudwane ke liye ready hai tau mein lakh koshish kar ke bhi unhe rok nahi paunga ,per tum yeh sub kuchh kyon pooch rahe ho. kya tumne kissi married maal ko pata rakha hai kya yah phir meri biwi per hi neeyat kharab kar li hai tumne?”.[i came to the ultimate question very straightforwardly and yet very innocently]

Soodesh said “woh jaane do boss per yeh batao ki agar aap ko mauka mile tau aap is colony ki kis maal ko lagaane ki tamnna hai, yah yun keh liziye ki aap ko is colony ki kaun si maal sab se jyada sexy lagti hai”

i decided now that it was ripe time to let the cat out of the bag and tell him directly of my intention to fuck bindu and i said “yun tau bahut saari jo bahut hi sexy hai per sab se jayada sexy tau mujhe woh 5 no. wali bindu bhabhi lagti hai. haiiiiiii yaar kya maal hai woh, yeh sali marwadin aurate bhi gajab ka maal hoti hai. sali kitni gori hai aur sali ke mamme kitne mote-mote hai aur kya chaal hai saali ki jab chalti hai tau lund pe chaku chala deti hai, itni moti gand hai uski agar woh meri biwi hoti tau dog shot hi marta rehta sali ko. kash ki woh mujhe apne college ke dinon me mili hoti tau aisa rang lagata us per ki sali randi jindagi bhar yaad rakhti mere ko.” Merely talking about bindu had made my cock very stiff and now it was clearly making a small tent of sort in my lungi. this thing didn’t go unnoticed from this horny basterd soodesh and looking at my crotch he understood that i really have hots for bindu bhabhi. 
He very lewdly told me [probabbly he also thought that he can fullfill his fantasy of fucking a housewfe in front of her hubby] boss aap ko ek baat bataun, can you will beleive me, that i have fucked the same bindu bhabhi at least 50 times.

Pretending to be shocked i said” ho nahi sakta, ya tau tum jhut bol rahe ho yah phir tumhe daru chadh gayi hai”

Sudesh said” boss na tau mein jhut bol raha hun aur na hi mujhe chadhi hai aur agar tumhe meri baat per vishwas nahi hai tau mein abhi ashok se tumhari baat karwa deta hun woh tumhe confirm ker dega ki hum dono ne us chhinaal bindu bhabhi ko choda hai ki nahi”

Again pretending to be over-shocked i asked “kya matlab hai taumhara ki HUM DONO NE usko choda hai ki nahi, yani ki ashok bhi us per chadh chuka hai”

Sudesh said, ” haan woh mera room partener bhi aur razdar bhi. jab mein bindu bhabhi ko apne room per bula ker chodta tha tab use baher bhejna padta tha. ek din usne baher jaane ke liye condition rakh di ki woh bhi bindu ko chodega iske baad hi baher jaayega, tau ultimately MAINE use bindu bhabhi ko chodne ka ek chance de diya” he unduly stressed on MAINE, i knew why he was stressing that word.

I asked him” aur us chhinal bindu ne tumhare sath-sath tumhare dost se chudwana bhi kabool ker liya.”

“karti kaise nahi chut mein aag jo lagi hui thi, phir bhi jab nakhra karne lagi tau maine saaf keh diya ki agar tumhe mujh se chudwana hai tau mere dost ko bhi khush karna padega nahi tau hume chodne ka mauka bhi nahi milega aur yeh mera dost tumhari badnaami bhi ker dega aur phir mere is tagde lund se chudwane ke liye usne ashok se bhi chudwa liya.” sudesh said very proudly. 
I knew that he was trying to impress upon me that if he tells then bindu will not mind getting fucked by any of his friends. and i decided to toe along his line. I asked him quite eagerly” sudesh agar tum bindu ko bolo toh kya woh mujh se bhi chudwa legi”

“kyon nahi boss uski sali ki himmat hi nahi ho sakti hai ki woh meri baat per naa bol sake. per tum kyon use chodne ke liye mare jaa rahe ho boss, tumhari tau itni sunder aur sexy biwi hai phir us bindu mein aisi kya baat hai.”

“yaar sawal bindu ki baat ka nahi hai ,sawal hai change ka, manta hun ki meri wife bhi bahut sexy hai, uske mamme aur gand bindu jitne bade nahi hain per phir bhi kafi achhi size ke hai aur use dekh ker kisi shareef admi ka phir chahe woh jawan ho ya buddha, lund bhi usko chodne ke liye tadap jaayega, per roz-roz apni biwi ko chod ker mein tau bore ho gaya hun agar koi naya maal especially bindu jiasa maal mil jaaye chodne ke liye tau mein KUCHHHHHHHHH BHIII karne ko ready hun’ . I deliberately stressed the word kuchh bhi so much to to let him feel the highest degree of my desperation to fuck bindu bhabhi.

Kuchh bhi”. sudesh asked me with a very wicked grin.

“kuchhhhhhh bhi” i asserted very firmly

Tab tau boss tumhara kaam ho jaayega, tum mere dost ho tumhari tadap mujh se dekhi nahi jaa rahi hai mein bindu ko bol dunga ki woh tumhe bhi ek chance de de per meri ek condition hai boss”

“arre mere dost soodesh, tumhari her condition mujhe bina sune hi manjoor hai jo tum kahoge mein waisa hi karne ko ready hun per plz tum bas ek baar bindu ko mere niche sula do phir dekho mein kya karta hun”

“woh tau boss samjho ki chud gayi tum se , agar tum meri baat mano tau”

“bola na tumhari sabhi baaten mujhe kabool hain ab aur kya assurance chahte ho tum mere se chaho tau mahine bhar ki daru aur mutton ki booking karwa dun saamne wale ki hotel yah phir kuchhh cash wagairah jo bhi tum bolo.”

“boss bura mat man jana, per sawal cash ka yah phir daru mutton ka nahi hai. Woh tau aap bole tau mahine ka kya saal bhar ka mein aap ke liye book karwa dun usi hotel se But agaain i say that please dont feel bad but jaise aapki wish hai ki kuchh bhi karke ek baar bindu bhabhi ko chodne ka ,waise hi meri bhi ek wish hai ki bhabhiji ko , yani ki aapki wife ko,ek baar puri nangi karke uski chut mein rang lagane ka. iske badle mein ek baar tau kya mein das baar bindu ko aapke niche sulane ke liye ready hun”

“sirf chut mein rang hi lagana hai ya lund bhi lagana chahte ho” i asked him

“sach poochho tau lagana tau lund hi hai per kahin aap bura nahi man jaaye isliye rang hi kaha” sudesh said.

“yaar idea tau tumhara bad nahi hai, aur meri biwi ko tau waise hi mein itna chod chuka hun ki agar use koi aur bhi chode tau mujhe jyada tension nahi hai, agar iske badle mein mujhe naya maal milta hai chodne ke liye tau. per problem yeh hai ki meri biwi bhi tau ready honi chahiye tumhare se chudwane ke liye. us ko kaun manayega.” i showed my [false] helplessness.

Sudesh now literally jumped on the opportunity and said’ boss aap bhabhiji ki tension mat karo un ko tau hum dono mil ker sambhal lenge, aur jyada kuchh bolengi tau holi ka aur drinks ka do-do excuse hai hamare paas.”

“baat tau tumhari theek hai dost” i pretnded to be thinking over his proposition.

“so are you ready for our little fun game boss” sudesh asked me

I looked at the watch which was now showing that it was almost 12.05 . which means that namitha could be home any moment. i hastily asked him “per hum log meri biwi se bolenge kaise ki woh tum se chudwaye, yaar woh bura maan gayi tau mera tau divorce hi ho jaayega.’

” woh sab tum mere per chhod do , mein sab kuchh manage kar lunga , bas tum bhabhiji ko thodi si drink pila dena aur phir colour lagane ke bahaane daboch ker pakad lena aur phir hum dono mil ker usko colour lagayenge aur tum colour lagate-lagate unke jitne ho sake kapde utar dena baaki ka kaam mein manage ker lunga”

{Tau maderchod ek husband se hi uski biwi ko nanga karwa ke use chodne ka plan bana raha hai. chod tau tu usko chuka hi hai, ab chahe jaise maze le le, per iske badle mein mujhe bhi ek naya maal mil raha hai tau mujh ko kya objection ho sakta hai} i thought to myself. Apparently i asked him “per yaar tum us bindu se mera kaam kaise fit karwaoge yeh bhi tau bata do”

“woh tau bahut simple hai ek baar jara bhabhiji ke sath thoda sa maza kar lun phir bhabhiji ko hi bol dunga wohi koi excuse bana ker bindu ko yahan bulwa lengi aur phir ek room mein tum bindu ke saath aish karna aur dusre room mei main tumhari biwi ko chodunga.

I knew that this basterd was enjoying talking vulger things about my wife , and since i had alraedy given him permission to fuck my wife so i didnt object to his using foul language about her.

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