Naked Saints at Varanasi

Hi, I am Rajesh; I am 19 yrs old, a student of class 12 in South Point , Kolkata. I am only son to my parents Vinod (42 yrs) and Vijaya (40 yrs). Our residence is at Salt Lake, Kolkata; a massive duplex. We are three only in that big house.
My parents are professors in Presidency College, Kolkata, having lot of holidays. We are affluent family. During my college holidays, my parents take me to different places for a change. In one of trip last February we went to Varanasi. We chose that time because of MAHAKUMBH, great time in this holy place.
During this time Varanasi is very crowded and in the bank of the holy river Ganga (called GHAT) generally many NAGA SADHU (Naked Saint) are visible in tents. They come from different part of India, mainly hill areas, they used to stay in caves in Himalayas even and they remain always naked. According to Hindu religion, the NAGA SADHUs’ blessings are very powerful. So, Hindus go to meet them, get blessings. Even ladies go to them without any hesitation, beg blessings for themselves, husband, and children.
My mom actually chose Varanasi to visit as a family and obviously to get blessed by naked saints.

Let me describe my parents. My father is 6 ft high and healthy with good structure. My mom is 5 ft 4 inch high, very curvy, her measurement is 36-33-38 as per her bra, and panty. I found the measurement when she told me to take out dresses from her wardrobe. Above all, she is such a lady men look for; in many marriage or birthday parties I observed that. She is always loyal to dad and very careful about me, my future.
We reached Varanasi by train and stayed very near to Prayag Ghat. The next morning we tried to take holy bath in the river. As there was no such dress changing room in the ghat and Prayag Ghat being very crowded, mom insisted to go to a Ghat far away from Prayag Ghat. As we reached there we found tent of the NAGA SADHUs. As usual they were all totally nude and ashes rubbed on their whole body.
Father and I went in water wearing short pants. Mom were bit hesitating to remove sari, near to us few aged ladies were also taking bath; seeing them mom started to untie her sari. Father being a good swimmer, started to swim and went quite far. I did not know swimming, so took support from a boat nearby and trying to float; hidden to almost all the people around.
In the mean time mom removed her sari, I was quite excited to see her in that outfit. Her blouse could not hide her big boobs, created long cleavage; round curvy ass was quite visible through petticoat, nice belly button. She went to water, after a couple of minutes she came out and started to change dress. She took her one dry petticoat, caught the top portion in her teeth; she started to undo dresses clinging on her body, one by one wet blouse/ bra/ petticoat/ panty hit the ground. Only petticoat was keeping her modesty intact. But through the cotton material I was able to see her silhouette. Suddenly I found few NAGA SADHUs were also enjoying her beauty, SADHUs winked each others. I felt disgusted looking at them but at the same time, I was getting an erection.
After we all got dressed up, put wet clothes in one plastic and went back to our hotel. For the whole day half naked body of my sultry mom was spinning in my head. I could not get rid of that.
In the evening parents planned to go to NAGA SADHUs because next morning we had to catch train to go back to Kolkata. Mom didn’t want to take me to that area; I believed because of the SADHUs’ nakedness she would feel uncomfortable in front of me. Dad supported her. They left for ghat just after sunset. I stayed in the hotel for half an hour; then somehow I could not stay inside. As if the ghat area started to call me there. I got dressed up quickly and left.
When I went near to the tent of NAGA SADHUs, it was dark and as such no human being was visible. The tent was closed, light was there inside. I looked through a slit in the curtain, there were five NAGA SADHUs, one quite aged around 70 yrs of age, others below 50yrs. Obviously, my parents were there, completely dressed; I could find them as five lanterns were giving lot of light inside the tent. They could not find me out as outside was very dark.
They all started to chat, discuss about religious matters. Mom was asking for their blessing eagerly.
Then senior SADHU replied,” We don’t have cloths on our body, first both of you remove your cloths”.
Parents got stunned, “Why?”
The aged person shared his knowledge, “Nakedness is natural, only men created dresses. God takes human being in naked condition only, either in birth or death time. If you remove clothes, then only you get blessing from us”.
Mom got confused, her modesty was restricting her; at the same time she looked for blessing for our family.
Then aged SADHU winked one his junior and the next moment that guy gave two glasses of drinks to my parents. My parents hesitated first.
Senior grey bearded SADHU advised,” It’s not poison, you understand, we only give blessing or pleasure, no problem, have a drink, suspicion is not good.”
His companions supported him shaking their heads. With bit hesitation both my parents emptied the glasses.
After a minute or so, my parents started to feel drowsy, because of the effect of the drink!! Both of them were in full sense, but bit dominated by the liquid they had.
Then four junior SADHUs directed mom to stand, she followed their instruction; the next moment one of them pulled her sari and sari got detached from her body. A funny little feeling ran through me as I saw. A hand glided over one of her big tits. Some morbid thing held me there, my eyes to the wide crack between the curtains. My mom was helpless to prevent the approach from all sides.
I saw one SADHU’s hand snaked under my mom’s petticoat, and my Mom stiffened, her face flaming. The SADHU was laughing and gave a nod with his eyes to others. They laughed again, and the hand continued to fondle my mom’s cunt under her petticoat, regardless of her struggles her arms and legs held tightly.
My mom gasped, squirming helplessly, the hand groping under her petticoat. But they had already unbuttoned my mom’s blouse showing a big chunk of her milky white breast meat. Then I heard
more giggling and chortling. Then aged SADHU came forward and unhooked my mom’s bra and took it off, it hit the ground. Mom choked out something as her blouse and bra were removed. Her huge-tits started to bounce into view, blue veins running here and there just under the milky skin, the big light brown nipples already erect and puckered from being pressed by the SADHUs; first time by somebody other than my dad, while dad was a silent spectator obviously due to the addiction.
A thrill streaked through my tummy as I watched, I had not seen Mom’s breasts before. The nudity of my mom was exciting me in an uncivilized way. Her milky white breasts looked as lovely to me as they were starting dangling in the commotion in that evening, just like headlight of Kolkata City Buses. I found one of them untied her petticoat and removed it. I saw the SADHU inserting his hand into my mom’s panties. He bent over, lowering mum’s knickers to the floor and suddenly my mom was stark naked…yes…naked….naked…naked.
More whoops and laughter as the woman blushed choking and twisting in their grip. I was staring, my heart pounding. I never knew that my mom looked like that. She was simply magnificent. My Mom was nothing but a bundle of curves and dimples. Her thighs and hips looked like they were made of cream-colored velvet. I saw her pussy swelling forward, nestled there at the juncture of her big thighs. Good grief, she had little trimmed hair on that thing! She was turned this way and that, giving me a view of all her charms, her plump ass with the long, deep cleft between the cheeks.
They were not hurting her at all. On the contrary, they were acting very gentle and careful with her even though Mom was embarrassed. But, it was plain that they intended to have some fun with the poor woman. There were hands roaming all over her naked body; up and down her thighs, across her belly, squeezing her big tits, tugging at her nipples, petting her back, her buttocks, gripping her pussy, fondling, fondling, fondling, Mom choked and twisted.
To my horror, I realized that my cock was also tottering violently. I took my virgin cock into my hands and started to stroke.
I saw them laughing and pulling my mom’s legs apart. They were trying to make my mom lay on the floor. Their eyes were glittering like an animal. Then I saw it happened, my mom suddenly lifted head high, her big legs forced apart, and a face was hidden between them. “Aaaaghaaa.” Mom whimpered softly, stiffening again, squirming, her pubic hair curled about the nose.
The elderly SADHU was eating my mom’s pussy! How nice to do that! His mouth seemed permanently fixed to my mom’s hairy cunt. I could imagine how much suffocating it would be for that SADHU to munch such a hairy lunch. Mom sure did not approve of it, though. She was still choking and gasping, trying to keep the older SADHU away. But, the happy mouth continued to do its work in her crotch. He was probably running her tongue in and out of mom’s vagina, much to her dismay. But I could not be any help to her. I knew that it was my mom’s first time. If you knew my father you could realize that he had not been a cunt-lapper, and Mom had been virginal on her wedding night. So, she had never been eaten before. My father was a puritan by nature and he could never do suck my mom’s pussy.
The SADHUs lowered my mom to the tent floor, placing her on her back, her feet toward me. Her knees were pushed wide apart and high into her chest, her huge tits wobbling heavily over her chest. I could see every feminine secret she had; her hairy big cunt, long rose coloured lips, the long crack between them, tightly parted because of her spread attitude. I could see her puckered little asshole peeking out at me, a few dark hairs surrounding it too.
Dimly, I could hear the laughing and chortling as they too admired her beauty, their hands continuing to roam all over my mom’s big tits here and there, caressing her thighs and munching her big pussy. One hand started fingers sliding in and out of my helpless mom’s cunt hole. I then saw elder SADHU giving a signal to others to proceed and I looked at them. With fear, I noticed that
they all had hard on; they had big cocks, 8-9 inch long. Unknown thrills quivered through me as I saw the long, thick cocks appearing into view, already erect and skinned back, mats of hair surrounded the roots, great wrinkled balls swinging there heavy with semen.
Poor Mom saw them too. “No! No…” she choked, her twisting helplessly, her eyes on stems, her big tits again were swinging. The old SADHU’s face was completely coated with my mom’s cunt juice. He appeared like just having a facial with gum. He was making more room for others to enjoy my mom. My mom understood that they were not going to harm her, she was not frightened. She was very pissed-off and indeed worried… that they were doing this, though. She knew she was going to get fucked, and there was nothing she could do about it. None was there to help her; even her son was watching secretly on her.
The old SADHU directed my father to strip, and just like a hypnotised person he followed him, removed all his cloths. He was stark naked, oh my God he too had a hard on, but it was maximum 6 inch; jerking a lot due to sudden freedom. A voluptuous naked woman was being fondled by five mature men; for her husband and son both that was arousing. Sex does not know age or relation. That is the beauty of sex, I knew!
“Fuck her!” I breathed to myself without realizing it, my eyes glued to the crack between the curtains.
“Please! Fuck her!” What was I thinking? That was my mom in there! And, she was being gang-fucked! Whose side was I on?
As though hearing my whispered request the elder SADHU lay down on top of my mom, settling his naked body between her wide open thighs, his massive cock aimed at her helpless vagina, great hairy balls jiggling heavy with semen. Mom saw it and knew what was in store for her. She sobbed softly, continuing to twist and squirm.
“Don’t! Please don’t…” she whimpered softly. There was more giggling laughter as they watched her discomfort, her awe and humiliation. The golf-ball sized head touched the parted slit and pushed gently, experimentally. I saw my mom stiffen yet again she felt it, too. She looked towards my father; he was shaking his cock.
“Nooooo…” my mom cried in a small voice. But, her big cunt opened itself like a flower opening itself to the morning sun. My mouth fell open again as I saw the big red top disappear into the
tight looking hole, saw the lips stretched near to the tearing point to accept him, her asshole twitching slight. Mom whimpered again as she felt the huge balls sliding into her, her hips pressed firmly against the floor in pitiful attempt to escape the penetration.
But, he went sliding right down into her, and she took in one long gulp. I heard her sob as she felt a round red ring conforming itself to the size and shape of its master, glutted with a cock other than my father for the first time. His monster penis was buried to the root in her. His big nuts were resting on the lower cheeks of her twisting ass, his mat of hair pressing hers.
My God, that head was clear up under her tits! It had to be! I somehow became aware that I was dribbling small amounts of warm pee and I could not seem to stop it. I wanted to scream or something! I had never seen people fuck before my eyes and I was learning that it was a beautiful thing to see. I was a terrible person, I know. My poor mom was being gang-fucked just a
foot away from me and I was enjoying it. But, what could I do to help her? Besides, she was not being harmed. She was just being screwed. Everybody likes to fuck, don’t they? Even moms.
My cock was jerking as I watched him pumping her. He was poking the long, deep strokes which are so dear to the feminine cunt, withdrawing until only it’s great head was between the stretching lips, then driving all the way back into her belly again. All I could see of poor Mom as her plump ass and the twitching puckered hole peeking out, her wide spread legs being held in tight grips, and her gulping pussy as it swallowed the length again and again, not that it had my choice in the matter.
I could see his huge balls thudding silently against her rear end each time he plunged into her. My mom’s naked body was being rocked by the violence of his downward lunges, the creamy flesh
of her thighs jiggling firmly in rhythm. Occasionally, I could hear his belly smacking against her soft me, her whimpering sounds filtering through the excited jabbering around her. “Here I go!”
“NOOooo…” Mom cried softly, hearing him too.
My eyes were on stems as I watched him climax into her body. I saw Mom go rigid under him, the muscles trembling in her thighs, goose pimples crawling over her flesh. He was coming in her and she could feel it, too. Her mind hated what was being done to her, but she was human and her body
was enjoying it. Mom was a lady, a decent woman, but she was warm and human and she was feeling a man shooting into her. She was crying softly as he withdraw his wilting cock, a drop of hot semen dripping on her belly, her vagina a gaping hole slowly closing itself.
I could not hold it further; shot jet of sperms in the curtains!
As I again looked through the gap, second man mounted her, ignoring her pleas, his dick as huge as the first. He, too, went sliding deeply into her. He pumped her hard and fast, his bouncing ass looking like it was spring driven, powerful muscles bulging in his thighs.
It was too much for my father. He started to beat his meat with two hands and within seconds he sprayed huge load and it landed very near to my mom’s ass. Father felt embarrassed, but the scene on the floor was so titillating that there was no way he could have controlled his sexual urge. He wanted to avoid his gaze so he turned his eyes. But nothing helped him as his eyes were again glued to the live fuck session on display. The aged SADHU laughed at his dilemma. “Hi…son…! Liked the show?” He pointed towards the floor where the younger SADHU was pounding my mom’s cunt.
A second time she went rigid as she felt the second SADHU squirting into her thus they were taking turns pumping her savagely, keeping her flesh jiggling. I have no idea how long they held her there and took turns penetrating her poor body and shooting.
As I stared at her at some point my hand was stroking my hard cock. Mom had fallen silent; she
had accepted her fate, waiting for them to fuck themselves out on her, her naked body continuing to rock gently from the force of the wild plunges. I have no way of knowing, of course, but she must be a terribly good piece of ass because none of them could seem to last long with her, even on their second go around. They pumped and gasped and smacked against her, shooting again and again into her warm, receptive belly. The SADHUs were queuing behind the others when their second erections were made.
I exploded into my own hand for second time, chewing my knuckles to suppress my screams enjoying my luck to view the scenes, my eyes glued to the spectacle going on before my eyes. Then I saw a drop of pearly semen slip past the driving cock. It paused for a moment and fall to the floor from her pussy. The man grunted something and went stiff, pumping jets of scalding juice into her. His entire load went down her blushing ass.
I turned my eyes towards my father, he had another cumshots!
Then I was staring at Moms ass again. It was still being rocked but it seemed to be sort of squirming in a different way as the big, hard cock pounded in and out. What was happening to her? She had not been moving like that until then. Suddenly her ass lifted an inch, her buttocks trying to draw themselves together, her asshole tightening itself like a rubber band, the muscles in her thighs straining and quivering. Yes, I stared, my finger presses to my mouth.
Mom was having an orgasm!!
Well how about that sweetheart? She had been fucked and squirted and teased until she simply could not stand it anymore, and her body had taken it upon itself to find relief. God, the shame the poor woman must have felt when she drifted back down to earth, she could not help it. I know she whispered a small prayer of thanks to her God that none of them noticed it. But her son sure did! I was grinning broadly as I stared at her, sloppy, gulping pussy and slowly relaxing asshole.
I exploded once again in my hand!
The men were laughing and were showing their limp penises, appreciating about the tight cunt. My mom kept her head down. She did not look around, and then brushed back a wisp of hair on her cunt. I felt a sudden rush of pride for mom. She had out-fucked them, not that she had a choice. She had taken everything they had thrown at her, swallowed them right down without any problem, she had done for total twelve times. The victorious woman sat back.
She reached down and gingerly felt her cunt still alright. She heaved a long sigh, and rose stiffly to her feet, red splotches all over her nude body, both nipples still erect, her pubic hair mussed and fluffy from all the fingers which had played with it.
How could she stand confidently after all that fucking? How could she possibly get her to moving
right? God, how they had fucked her! How they pumped and panted! She would feel those things going in out for weeks to come, I knew.
Then old SADHU came forward, blessed father and mom keeping his hands on their heads, “Be healthy and happy”. She bent and picked up her clothing, wrapped it around her. My father too did the same thing, and then turned away toward the hotel.

I crept out of the tent and rushed to hotel. Then parents knocked on the door. In moments I opened it, smiling at them. Instantly I could again see that big bare ass twitching and jerking, the tight puckered asshole, the wide spread legs, the glutted, gulping pussy, the gushing semen. I smiled back and embraced mom.
“Where were you, Mom?” I said, still holding the freshly fucked woman.
“You’re shaking like a leaf, Mom. What’s wrong?”, I asked her.
“Oh… nothing, darling. I am fine” she said. “I just went to the ghat.”
Mom still hasn’t admitted it even to herself, but she liked it. My God, she is human, and she was fucked some 12 times that summer morning, and she could not help but feel something, even
though she would be the last one to admit it. That does not make her a tramp!
She was going to the bathroom; I knew it’s a must after fucking and when obviously you have cum. That night she was crying in her sleep. I heard her sob in her sleep. She was shivering occasionally. Perhaps she was dreaming about her assault. But she was able to withstand five men fucking her.
Next morning we all boarded train, in the whole journey I could again see that big bare ass jerking, the wide spread legs, the gulping pussy, the gushing semen.
We reached home, next week I got chance in Engineering Entrance Exam, and father got promotion. I asked my mom “Is it due to blessing of NAGA SADHUs?”
Mom laughed casually, “May be!!”
I felt I am blessed with such a gorgeous mom. She takes care of her family, her household duties; outside in her college she is a high quality professor and if situation is created she can fuck men out at ease as I have observed in Varanasi! I knew my mom better and what a complete woman is!!!

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